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Habasit – Solutions in motion

Safe, secure and reliable

baggage handling

Habasit offers belting solutions that cover all areas of airport

baggage handling applications, from check-in to baggage claim

• Check-in systems
• Baggage screening systems
• Baggage handling systems
• Aircraft loading/unloading systems
Successful baggage handling

Habasit understands, that our success depends on the success of our customers. Application engineers, technicians
and joining specialists are at your disposal to provide professional consulting, superb customer service and excel-
lent support. Since its foundation in 1946, Habasit provides value-added solutions tailored exactly to meet customer
specifications. Here we will give an insight of Habasit products for applications in the Airport Industry.

For areas accessible to the public such as check-in and take-away
conveyors, the visual appearance of belting material is crucial.
Perfect belt tracking, wear-resistant belt edges and belt surfaces,
antistatic properties, clean joints and high-grip surfaces – high
quality Habasit conveyor belts ensure long-term trouble-free
operation of your check-in equipment.
Many of our belts for check-in and take-away conveyors meet flame
retardant properties according to ISO 340/DIN 22103 standards.
Specially designed belt surfaces ensure proper conveyance of all
goods including suitcases on wheels.

Baggage Screening
Baggage screening – from hand-luggage screening devices to the
most advanced explosives detection system, you will find the
right belt in our range.

For hand-luggage screening devices a non-scratch, light TPU belt

with excellent, long lasting surface properties is the right choice.
Excellent mechanical belt stability combined with a robust belt
surface and outstanding tracking behaviour are required if heavier
items such as suitcases and other baggage items are to be

Baggage handling systems

Depending on the degree of incline or decline the selected belt
must have the right degree of adhesion. In the wide range of
conveyor belts offered by Habasit with a variety of surface structures
and levels of adhesion, you will find the best belt solution to meet
your requirements. Other key features that include low noise
properties, wear resistance, mechanical stability and flame
retardant behaviour (in accordance with ISO 340/DIN 22103
standards) are part of the Habasit offering.

Curved conveyors
For directional changes, power turns offer high flexibility as
different angles and even changes of level can be realized.
Curved belts can be cut in one piece, alternatively they can be
tailored out of a number of segments. In the case of airport
applications, flame retardant properties according to ISO 340/DIN
22103 may be required. For proper belt functionality, accurate
belt tailoring is key.
Induction belts and sorter
For various induction and merge systems, selection of the
appropriate belt is of greatest importance in order to avoid jams
or missorting. Habasit offers a variety of belts with different
degrees of adhesion and surface structures.
Thanks to gentle handling combined with maximum sorting
precision and flexibility, cross belt and tilt tray sorters have
become very popular for use in baggage sorting. Habasit offers a
variety of high quality conveyor belts to ensure reliable and
precise system functionality for all sub-systems such as induction,
cross belt sorting and discharge steps.

Aircraft loading/unloading system

In the unloading and loading sections, goods have to be handed
on and off the belts. Due to this relative motion medium-adhesive
or non-adhesive belt surfaces are required. Low noise running
and anti-glare properties are especially important where people
are exposed to belt emissions. For telescopic loaders with
reversing belt movement, excellent belt tracking is critical.
For loading narrow-body aircrafts the sliding carpet loading system
provides the most efficient results. The sliding carpet consists of
a specially designed conveyor belt which features mechanical
strength, excellent wear resistance, low friction running side and
suitability for nose bars.

Features and benefits

• Flame retardant belts according to international standards (ISO
340/DIN 22103) that inhibit the spreading of fire and increase
the safety for people, buildings, machinery and installations.

Baggage care
• Lightweight belts for heavy-duty applications that allow high
speeds and rapid acceleration, however still guaranteeing gentle
baggage handling

• High-quality products with a long service life and a constant
• State-of-the-art technology that avoids loss or missorting

• A simple, quick joining system that allows on-site installations
with little or no downtime.

Working environment
• Conveyor belts with a low-noise operation that provide a
pleasant as well as less hazardous working environment.
Application table / belt selection guide


This application table / belt selection guide shall serve as indication of potential solutions. For detailed material and belt
selections please contact your local Habasit partner.

Selection of airports who rely on Habasit belts

At the following airports Habasit conveyor belts are running successfully and ensure a safe, reliable, and quick
handling of baggage:

America Europe Asia / Australia

• Boston Logan International • Athens Spata Airport / Greece • Chennai International Airport / India
Airport / USA • Basel Euro Airport / France • Guangzhou Baiyun International
• Buffalo Airport / USA • Brussels Airport / Belgium Airport / China
• Calgary Airport / Canada • Florence Airport / Italy • Hang Zhou Xiaoshan International
• Chicago O’Hare Airport / USA • London Heathrow Airport / UK Airport / China
• Dallas Fort Worth Airport / USA • Milan Linate Airport / Italy • Hong Kong Airport / China
• Denver Airport / USA • Rome Ciampino Airport / Italy • Kansai International Airport / Japan
• Detroit Metro Airport / USA • Rome Fuimicino Airport / Italy • Seoul Incheon Airport / South Korea
• Montreal Airport / Canada • Stockholm Airport / Sweden • Sidney Airport / Australia
• Newark Airport / USA • Strassbourg Airport / France • Tokyo Haneda Airport / Japan
• Philadelphia Airport / USA • Vienna Airport / Austria • Xi'an-Xianyang International
• Tampa Airport / USA • Warsaw Airport / Poland Airport / China
• Toronto Pearson International • Zurich Unique Airport /
Airport / Canada Switzerland
•Vancouver Airport / Canada
Services, customized services

Offering a comprehensive range of services is part of Habasit’s belting approach. We are committed partners of our
customers, and we consider the sharing of knowledge and providing of support as our task. And this we offer:

Consulting and technical support

Habasit offers the best consulting and technical support on the belting market for fabric
based belts and plastic modular belts founded on the experience and competence
acquired in more than 50 years.

Belt selection and calculation

For our customers we select and calculate the most suitable belt for a specific application.
However, customers may do it themselves thanks to the state-of-the-art Habasit selection
and calculation programs «SeleCalc». For ordering these programs free of charge simply
call the nearest Habasit partner or contact:
CONVEY-SeleCalc = Fabric conveyor belt selection and calculation
LINK-SeleCalc = Plastic modular belt selection and calculation

Shortest lead times and installing service at hand

Habasit owns 25 Affiliated Companies located in North America, Europe and Asia, each
with own inventory, fabrication, assembling and service facilities.
Together with our country managers, representative offices and large number of qualified
distributors we are in a position to react quickly, competently and reliably to customer’s
demands on an international scale.

Customized services

Habasit organizes training programs and provides supporting tools to ensure optimal
use of our products and prolonging their life cycle. Fabrication, installing, assembling,
maintenance and belt repair training is carried through at Habasit’s or at customer’s site.
Our mobile 40-ft service container is also available for on-site installations of airport
projects worldwide.

Designing the future «Partner in Design»

Habasit believes in partnership. For joint design developments our engineering team is
looking for strong cooperation with the customer’s engineering team, preferably at a
very early stage. We offer this cooperation to large customers.
Co-design: We work together for success.

Belt monitoring
A customized Habasit service that includes maintenance, regular belt monitoring reports,
regular review meetings with the responsible for process/production at customer’s site.

Customized service agreements

According to the specific needs of our customers we offer customized services like
inventory, emergency service, belt exchange services or order/re-order management.

Project management
We are experienced partners for belting project co-ordination on an international scale
for globally operating customers.
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