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April 11, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Elisabeth Siddons for a teaching position with your school
corporation. Miss Siddons possesses many characteristics that enable her to be a highly
effective teacher. I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Siddons in the spring 2016 semester
at Indiana University as part of our literacy practices field experience course. During this time,
Miss Siddons exhibited that she is an exemplary student and a wonderful addition to the
teaching profession.

During the literacy field experience course at a local elementary school, Mrs. Siddons was
responsible for administering formal and informal assessments to a 5th grade student. Mrs.
Siddons administered informal assessments, such as interest and literacy interviews and
observations. Additionally, she administered formal reading and writing assessments. She then
analyzed these data and constructed literacy activities to meet the student’s needs. Mrs.
Siddons carefully built a relationship with the student, determined the student’s strengths and
needs, and then created reading and writing activities to move the student along in literacy
development. In our debriefing sessions, Mrs. Siddons was able to clearly explain how she used
her assessment data to create her lessons.

In her work with this 5th grader, Mrs. Siddons chose materials based on the student’s interests.
The content of the lessons focused on comprehension, specifically the sequence of the events
in texts she read. In writing, Mrs. Siddons focused on sentence structure. Finally, Mrs. Siddons
created a hacked toy, centering on the student’s love of chicken, and together they created a
movie feature the chicken.

During her early field experience, Mrs. Siddons also interacted with other students and school
staff members. During my observations, Mrs. Siddons was always fully engaged with the
students and staff. She eagerly completed all assigned activities. In addition, Mrs. Siddons
showed initiative in assisting the cooperating teacher. She showed an ability to create a
respectful and productive relationship with her cooperating teacher.

W.W. Wright Education Building 3044 201 N. Rose Avenue Bloomington, IN 47405 (812) 856-8270
Mrs. Siddons demonstrated a high quality of work. She was engaged in written assignments
and group discussions during which she showed she thought deeply about a wide range of
educational issues. Many times, Mrs. Siddons contributed positively to group discussions. She
also synthesized her learning across many education courses and her classroom experiences to
further develop her thinking.

In addition to the qualifications I have detailed, Mrs. Siddons will also bring a unique set of
experiences to her teaching career. Mrs. Siddons completed part of her student teaching time
in New Zealand. I am certain the experiences she encountered during that time will contribute
to her skill as a teacher.

I highly recommend Mrs. Siddons for a teaching position with your school corporation. She
demonstrates the capability and disposition to provide effective instruction to students. Please
feel free to contact me if you need more information about Mrs. Siddons. I can be contacted by
email at .


Sharon Daley, Ph.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education
Indiana University

W.W. Wright Education Building 3044 201 N. Rose Avenue Bloomington, IN 47405 (812) 856-8270