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Module Title: School Placement 4

LESSON PLAN (2017-2018)

Topic: Army Tank

Student Name: Shane Murphy
Date: 2/2/18
Duration of Lesson: 80mins


The main aims of this lesson are to:

 Ensure students are comfortable using a hammer.
 Ensure students can use the hammer comfortably and safely.


Learning Outcomes (LOs) Assessment of LOs

At the end of this lesson the students will be (Note: each LO has an assessment. Include a variety
enabled to… of types.)
 Comfortably attach two pieces of timber  Give the students two pieces of waste
using panel pins and a hammer. timber to practice on.
 Identify all of the parts of the hammer and  Constantly ask the students what the parts
its particular uses. of the hammer are.




0-15mins  Welcome in the class. Let  Students will enter the

them take their seats classroom in an orderly
and begin calling a role. fashion and take their
 Announce what will be seats accordingly.
covered in the lesson  As the role is being
and do a quick recap of called, the students will
previous learning. listen attentively and will O
respond when their
name is called.
 The students will answer
the questions that are L
being asked in the recap.
Module Title: School Placement 4


15-40mins  Require students to  As students retrieve their O

retrieve their pieces. pieces, they can follow
When pieces are instructions from the
received, ask them to teacher. Students can
wait for further work on their pieces until
instructions. they are ready to move
 When students are on to the next stage.
ready for the next step in  When ready to move on,
the project, call them up the students can stop
for a demo on working and gather O
hammering. around the top bench for
a demo.
40-50mins  Making sure the  Watching and listening
students can both see attentively, the students
and hear you clearly, can follow the steps of
begin the demo.
the hammering that is
 Name parts of the
required. They can take
hammer, the uses of it,
and particular types. down notes on the
Also health and safety. hammer if they wish, G
helping them get a full
grasp on the hammer
and its uses.
50-65mins  Let the students return  As the demo comes to
to their desks with some an end, the students can
waste pieces and let collect waste pieces G
them practice on them. from the waste bin to
 Correct any bad practice practice on.
and also help any  Any students who
students that require become unsure of what
assistance. to do may put up their
hand to seek assistance O
during this time.


65-70mins  Ask the students to stop  The students can put

working and take their their tools down for a
seats for a short few few minutes and engage L
minutes. in the recap that is
 Begin a short recap of taking place.
what was learned in the  Students are required to
lesson, e.g. parts of the have the knowledge that
hammer etc. was already explained in
70-80mins  After the recap, instruct the demo and can
the students to begin a
Module Title: School Placement 4

tidy up. Notifying them answer these questions

that the classroom is to by raising their hands.
be left spotless.  After they recap, they
can begin a tidy up.
Everyone is to have a job
and they can work
together to ensure the
room is clean.
L= Literacy, N= Numeracy, O= Oracy, G= Graphicacy, SEN= Special Educational Needs, MA=
Mixed Ability, CL= Cooperative Learning, GI = Gender Inclusion, MI = Multicultural Inclusion,
ET = Educational Technology, and C&I= Creativity and Innovation.


 Timber
 Marking out tools
 Panel pins
 Hammer
 Blackboard
 Visualiser

5. POST LESSON CRITICAL REFLECTION (bullet points- 3-5 points)



Suggestions for Improvement

Module Title: School Placement 4

Notes for the Preparation of the Next Lesson