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As of 25 February 2018





1.0 PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE ..................................................................... 2

2.0 SCOPE .................................................................................................................2

3.0 LOCATION......................................................................................................... 3
4.0 EMERGENCY SERVICE ................................................................................. 4
5.0 FIRE EXTINGUISHERS .................................................................................. 4
6.0 PROPERTY REMOVAL .................................................................................. 4
7.0 FUEL.…………………………………………………………………………. ..4

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As of 25 February 2018

Requirement: The Contractor shall deliver the type and quantity of equipment outlined in 1.1,
Description of Requirement, for the dates required. Equipment must be operational to withstand
multiple terrains similar to that of Ft. Irwin, CA and the National Training Center (NTC). All
additional components of the equipment must be operational in accordance with the operator’s
manual and contain a 5lb fire extinguisher. Contractor shall provide familiarization training
instruction to the Soldier operators. The Government reserves the right to extend or curtail the
lease/rental for each piece of equipment and the COR will notify the Contractor
within 24 hours if such a requirement is needed.

Point of Contact (POC): POC for delivery of all equipment is the Contracting Officer
Representative (COR).
Contracting Officer Representative is CPT Hargett, Anthony.
1.1 Period of Performance:

1.2 Rotation 18-09


0001 RUBA 20 FT REEFER TRUCK (20'X8') 6 AUG 24 Fort Irwin,CA

NOTE 1: Location(s) and/or quantity may be subject to change. Please note, due to the nature of
the training exercises conducted, the POP dates may shift slightly. In the event this happens, the
contracting Officer will notify contractor within 12- 24 hrs to make adjustments accordingly.
The U.S. Government shall not be charged for equipment returned early.

NOTE 2: The Government does reserve the option to vary quantities by+/- 30% due to
operational requirements and to make multiple awards to meet said requirements.


2.2 The contractor shall bear all costs associated with the pickup and delivery of the
requested number of 20 Foot (ft) Reefer Trucks with automatic transmission, which is
located on main post of the National Training Center (NTC), Fort Irwin, CA.

2.3 The 20ft Reefer Trucks must be a 20 feet x 8 feet box refrigerated truck with automatic

2.4 The 20’ Reefer Trucks must have the capability to maintain a temperature of not more
than 30 deg Fahrenheit for 24 hrs/7day for the required period of performance (POP). The

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As of 25 February 2018

Government reserves the right to alter the POP as well as the delivery and pickup locations for
this contract.

2.5 The 20’ Reefer Trucks must have a Generator for the refrigeration unit that can run on
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), please see appendix (A).

2.6 The Contractor shall ensure equipment is delivered with all necessary original
equipment parts IAW the operator’s manual and have a full tank of diesel fuel, if required. All
parts must be fully functional IAW the operator’s manual. The government will not be
responsible for returning equipment with a full tank of gas or paying to refuel the
equipment at the end of the Period of Performance

2.7 The 20’ Reefer Trucks must have a remote gauge to monitor temperature inside the
refrigeration unit.

2.6.1 Familiarization Training: The contractor shall provide familiarization training on the
delivered equipment. Soldiers to be trained will be licensed operators of similar equipment, but
not necessarily the same equipment.

2.7 The 20’ Reefer Trucks must have a loading ramp in the rear of the vehicle.

2.8 The 20, Reefer Trucks must be in sound working condition and fully mission
capable (FMC).

All pre- and post-inspection/acceptance sheets must be provided to the Contracting Specialist
and/or Contracting Officer. Pre & Post Inspection Sheets will be hard copies only and not that of
a vendor’s Portable Electronic Device (PED) or Portable Hand Held Device. The COR is not
authorized to sign any electronic device that the vendor wants them to sign.

2.9 Claims

2.9.1 The Contractor and the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) will conduct
a joint inspection of all equipment to ensure that equipment is serviceable prior to the start of
the period of performance. Additionally, the Contractor and the COR will conduct a joint
inspection of all equipment at the end of the period of performance. Failure to conduct a joint
inspection with the COR may hinder the vendor’s ability to receive a financial settlement
in the event a claim is submitted.

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As of 25 February 2018

The contractor must submit their claim invoice in the following format:

Item Vin/Serial Concise Damage Repair and Material Cost Authorizing

Description Number Descripti COR
on to

3.0 Location

The requested number of 20ft Reefer Trucks is required for each location listed.


Starting Locations Number of Trucks

CLIN 0001- Ft. Irwin Rotational Unit Bivouac Area (RUBA) 7

NOTE 1: Location(s) and/or quantity may be subject to change. Possible locations that
Reefers may (also subject to change) move to FOB YERMO, FASP, ATHP and the Brigade
Support Area.

4.1 Emergency Service

4.2 The contractor shall have 24 hour services and be capable of being onsite for repair
within 8 hours of an emergency call. All backup units utilized in the event of primary failure
shall be at no additional cost to the Government.

4.3 The 20’ Reefer Trucks be utilized in the locations specified in this PWS. Service
calls need to be available at each vehicle’s location.

5.0 Fire Extinguishers

The contractor shall be responsible for furnishing one (1) fire extinguisher per 20ft Reefer Truck.
The fire extinguishers shall be at least 10Lbs in size and meet all necessary Fort Irwin safety

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As of 25 February 2018

6.1 Property Removal

6.2 Contractor shall remove all contracted leased equipment from the specified
location(s) within 48 hours after the period of performance end date. Should contracted
leased equipment remain in place beyond the 48 hours, the Government is not liable for
usage, lost, theft, damages, or replacement cost due to the contractors negligence to take
possession of owned items.

7.0 Fuel

7.1 All internal combustion equipment supplied under this contract must operate on
ULSD fuel, IAW California Code of Regulations Title 13, Section 2477, Airborne Toxic
Control Measure for In-Use Diesel-Fueled Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRU) and TRU
Generator Sets, and Facilities Where TRUs Operate.

7.2 California Code of Regulations Title 1, Section 2281-2285, The California Diesel
Fuel Regulations and California Code of Regulations Title 17, Section 93114.

7.3 California Code of Regulations Title 13, Section 2540, Statewide Portable
Equipment Registration Program.

7.4 Vehicles and equipment applicable to these regulations, but not in compliance with
these regulations, shall not be leased to the Government under any circumstances. Vehicles
or equipment that was tested and determined to be in violation of the Title 1 and/or Title 13,
making that vehicle/equipment non-compliant, the contract will be modified or terminated.

Contracted equipment must have the wording, “Diesel Fuel Only”, labeled near the fuel tank.

7. 5 The aforementioned regulations are not all inclusive. It is the potential vendor’s
responsibility to ensure any vehicle and/or equipment that is proposed to be leased to the
Government is fully compliant.

7.6 All diesel engines other than that of military specification engines, must be fueled
with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel only as specified in The California Diesel Fuel Regulation and
the equipment specific CARB Regulation.

7.7 Each Reefer Van must have stenciled on the side of the truck an Air Resources
Board (ARB) number. Also, the vendor must produce a certificate bearing the ARB
number. Additionally, each generated piece of equipment (i.e. Light Set or 30/60k
generator) must have a decal affixed to the generator (See Appendix B). No diesel
powered equipment will not be allowed on post without a decal from the State of
California Air Resource Board.

7.8 It is the responsibility of the Government to provide Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel to the
leased equipment, excluding initial delivery, equipment must be full of fuel upon delivery.

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As of 25 February 2018

8.0 NTC Maneuver Area Control Plan

1. Purpose. The National Training Center (NTC) and Fort Irwin have established Maneuver
Area Control Operational Procedures and Activities within the NTC Training Area to ensure
training fidelity, safety and compliance with NTC and Army Regulations. The Maneuver Area
Control Operational Procedures ensure that NTC has control over personnel entering and using
the NTC maneuver area for tactical, training and support purposes.

2. Applicability. Maneuver area control procedures are applicable to all personnel

(both military and civilian) who enter the training area in a non-tactical vehicle.

3. Responsibility. Organizations and activities requiring military, civilians or contractors

access to the range complex are responsible for all approvals required by range regulations, SOPs
and this directive. Sponsors will ensure that users understand the requirements and have the
required equipment. Sponsors are the first source of Range Communications Systems (RCS)
radios. IF RCS radios are not available, Range Support will issue an RCS for the duration of the
requirement only.

4. Range Passes. Range Access passes will be issued only when the following criteria are met
and only for the duration of the requirement:

NOTE: Increased security may delay contractors’ delivery time. It is the

contractors’ responsibility to plan and prepare prior to the beginning of the period
of performance to gain access to the installation.

(a) Valid driver’s license for type vehicle used. (b)

Valid range briefing and safety card.
(c) Possession of training area access handbook.
(d) Proof of need to go down range contract number and period of
performance (not the contract, work order, etc.,)

5. Range Safety Briefings and Range Cards. All users of the training area are required to
have received the range safety briefing within the last year and must carry and present the
range card on demand. Range cards are valid for the calendar year from 1 January to 31
December. Personnel who do not have a range safety card must be escorted in the maneuver
area by a range safety card holder who accepts the responsibility for their control while down

6. NTC Vehicle Markings. All Non-Tactical Vehicles (NTV) that enter the training area
are required to have the required Physical Markings. Vehicles will be marked on the left and
right door and the front with markings that are clearly legible from 100 feet and indicate the
parent or sponsor of the vehicle. Markings can be permanent, magnetic or other type signs that
are temporarily used. Range Support will also have generic vehicle ID signs for vehicle not
having other required markings. Rotation markings (such as UN or IP) may be used in
addition to the identifying signs.

7. Range Communications. Range communications downrange must be maintained in one of

two ways. FM communication may be used on the Range control frequency (38.90). The
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As of 25 February 2018

Range Communications System (RCS) radio is the other permissible means. Cell phones are
not permissible communications means unless specifically approved by the NTC Chief of Staff.
NTVs will not be allowed into the training area without an operating RCS or an escort of a
vehicle with an operational RCS.

8. Checkpoints. Checkpoints will serve as the entry control points to the maneuver area for all
Non-Tactical Vehicles (NTV) entry into the maneuver area. The checkpoints may not be
bypassed by non-tactical vehicles. All NTVs will be physically checked for compliance
(marking, range pass, range safety card, and commo means) before admittance to the maneuver
area. All checkpoints will be clearly marked with warning signs and access instructions.
Common bypass routes will be clearly marked with instructions to use the nearest checkpoint.

a. Checkpoint Locations:
1.North -- Barstow Road at the water tower.
2.East -- Langford Lake Road east of the cantonment area.
3.West -- NASA Security Checkpoint
(on the tank trail)
4.South -- Fort Irwin Road tank trail
vicinity NU233967

9. Violators and Enforcement. Military personnel and range patrols are authorized
to require violators to leave the maneuver area. Other personnel are encouraged to
report violations to Range Support for action. The Range Control Officer will
withdraw or suspend installation training area privileges upon determination that any
person, organization or agency willfully violated this directive, local range regulations
and procedures; or from any person whose ability or conduct is incompatible with the
safe use of Government range facilities.

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As of 25 February 2018

Contractor’s Letterhead Date


G3 – TSD, ATTN: Range Officer (Bldg 6100, phone 380-4624)

FOR RANGE CONTROL OFFICE, ATTN: Range Operations Officer (Bldg 6100, phone

SUBJECT: Request for Rotation Support Range Access Pass

1. Requesting Organization: (MIL, GOV, Contractor/Address/Duty phone)

2. Purpose: (Type of support/units being supported)

3. Dates: (Dates passes will be needed for) Must have/know contract/award number and period
of performance.

4. Escort and Radios: (Unit vehicles will be escorted by [whom?]/unescorted and

have what type of radio equipment)

5. Vehicle/Personnel Roster: The following personnel have attended the Range

Safety Certification class and will be operating the indicated vehicle. Please approve
the following (organization) personnel an Annual./Rotation/Temporary Range
Access Pass for the duration of the rotation.
NOTE: License of the below will be provided to receive range access.


(name) (card #) (vehicle #1) (plate #1) (leave blank)
(name) (card #) (vehicle #2) (plate #2) (leave blank)
(name) (card #) (vehicle #3) (plate #3) (leave blank)

6. Emergency Points of Contact: (Name[s], Duty Position[s], 24-hour emergency phone


7. POC for this request is (name) @ (phone number).

Contractor’s Signature

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As of 25 February 2018


Contract Verification/Work Order

Driver’s License


Range Safety Card Number/ EXP

RCS or FM Radio



For rental generators being brought on post, the engine that powers the generator must have a
valid air permit issued from the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District (MQAQMD)
or a State registration issued by the California Air Resources Board
(CARB) if the engine has a rating of 50 brake horsepower (bhp) or greater.

Prior to bringing the equipment on post, a valid permit from the MDAQMD for each engine or a
valid CARB registration for each engine shall be provided to installations Air Quality Program
Manager and Contracting Officer. Upon arrival of the engine(s), the Air Program Manager will
reconcile the air permit or state registration against the engine(s) to ensure that the engines are in

Below is the Air Program Manager information for submission of documentations.

Contracting Officer’s information can be obtained from the contract and/or the
Contracting Officer.

Mark Burns,

Air Program Manager

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As of 25 February 2018

IMSW-IRW-PWE, Bldg 602

P.O. Box 105085

Fort Irwin, CA 92310-5085

Phone: (760) 380-3737

Fax: (760) 380-2677

In the event that you bring generators onto the installation without prior approval from the Air
Program Manager, your generators will be removed until certification can be validated. If at any
time during the performance period your generators are found to be without the proper permit or
approval, you will be considered non-compliance of your contractual obligation. You will be
subject to a daily deduction in accordance with the liquidation damage rates in FAR Part
52.211-11 until you provide the requisite number of properly permitted units.

Below is the sample of the information you are required to submit: Please include the award
number on this sample being submitted.

Equipment Generator Generator Serial Engine Serial Air Resource

Number Size Kva/Kw Number Number Board No.

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As of 25 February 2018


Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRU) and TRU Generator

Sets, and Facilities Where TRUs Operate.

All vendors looking to conduct business with the Government by leasing or renting vehicles
and equipment to the Government will ensure those vehicles have been reported to the
California Air Resources Board (CARB) by providing the installation contracting agency,
MICC, with a copy of the report or other valid documentation showing that the vehicles and
equipment being leased or rented to the Government have in fact been reported to CARB. In
addition, the vendor shall show proof that each vehicle and/or piece of equipment to be leased
or rented to the Government is compliance regulation(s) that is applicable to the vehicle or

1. CCR Title 13, Section 2477, Airborne Toxic Control Measure for In-Use Diesel-
Fueled Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRU) and TRU Generator Sets, and Facilities
Where TRUs Operate.

2. CCR Title 13, Section 2449, General Requirements for In-Use Off-Road Diesel- Fueled

3. CCR Title 13, Section 2025, Regulation to Reduce Emissions of Diesel Particulate Matter,
Oxides of Nitrogen and Other Criteria Pollutants, from In-Use Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled

4. CCR Title 13, Section 2275, Large Spark-Ignition (LSI) Engine Fleet Requirements.

5. CCR Title 17, Section 93116, Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Diesel Particulate
Matter from Portable Engines Rated at 50 Horsepower and Greater.

Equipment applicable to these regulations, but not in compliance with these regulations, shall not
be leased to the Government under any circumstances.

Upon inspections of equipment(s) and if found to be non-compliance, contract will be

modified or terminated at the convenience of the Government.

The contractor must label their equipment near the fuel tank with the wording “Diesel
Fuel Only”.

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As of 25 February 2018


Generator or Light Sets Decal

Air Resource Board (ARB) Serial Number For REEFER VANS

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