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A Simplified Method of Evocation:

The magician, standing in the circle, performs a banishing ritual. (For the evocation of an
elemental, the lesser Pentagram ritual will suffice. If evoking a more powerful spirit, use the
Supreme Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or Hexagram, as appropriate.)

" A suitable God is invoked. Assumption of God form, Vibratory Formula of the Middle
Pillar, and Mystic Circumambulation being employed. This is continued until presence of the
Divine Force is unmistakable; one ought to have the impression of acting on behalf of the God.

"The Sigil of the Spirit is now consecrated and placed in the Triangle outside the Circle.
The element, planetary, or zodiacal force consonant with the nature of the spirit is invoked using
the proper Pentagram or Hexagram, Divine Names, etc.

"Invocation of the God is recommenced and continued until identity with the God is
achieved. At this point the actual evocation may begin. (The Magician will hereafter be referred
to as the God.)

"The God extends His consciousness up to the spirit's plane (not unlike skrying),
formulates its sigil therein, calls its name.

"The Spirit is commanded to manifest in the Triangle, and as the God brings his
consciousness back into the body of the magician in the circle, the spirit manifests in the triangle.

"When he has sworn allegiance, and answered all questions put to him, he is commanded to
return to his own plane. The God again extends His consciousness up to the plane, bringing the
spirit with Him. When they have both arrived, the Sigil previously formulated is banished.

"He returns to the Circle, then partially withdraws from the magician, who again becomes
aware that he is acting on behalf of the God.

"The element, planetary or zodiacal force previously invoked, is now banished. The
magician then performs a general banishing ritual and quits the circle."

The writer of the above method adds a note, which in my opinion is worth paying close
attention to; it coincides with my own view as expressed elsewhere.

"There is reason for concern that some students may misinterpret certain of Crowley's
magical writings. For example in Magick in Theory and Practice, Chapter IX, p. 69, he writes:

`The peculiar mental excitement required may even be aroused by the perception of the
absurdity of the process, and the persistence in it, as when Frater Perdurabo...recited From
Greenland's Icy Mountains and obtained his result."'

"Now there is no doubt that the ego, excited to the proper pitch, is capable of placing such
a strain in the Astral Light as to cause some sort of manifestation, perhaps even that of the spirit it
was desired to evoke (but more likely a phantasm masquerading as such). But without the presence
of the Divine Force, such a being, once evoked, cannot be controlled, and there is no effective
means of banishing it.

"Depending on the nature of the spirit, and the degree of its manifestation, it is likely that
the spiritual progress of the magician is at an end - at least as far as his current incarnation is