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~MECHANICAL MOVEMENTS Mechanisms and Devices Cis @ HENRY T. BROWN DOVER SCIENCE BOOKS De Re MErALuca, Georgius Agricola, (0-486-60006-8) Choup Pivscs: A Porutan bvreonucrios To Arun Mereonovocy, Louis J, Battan. (0-486-42885-0) Tae Frest! Souution: Essaes ON Science, Hans Christian von Baeyer. (0486-41707-7) EXPERIMENTS AND OBSERVATIONS ON THE GASTRIC JUICE AND THE PHYSIOLOGY OF Dicesrion, William Beaumont, (0-496-69213-2) Chous iv & GLASS OF BEER: SIMPLE EXPERIMENTS IN ATMOSIHERIC PHYSICS, Craig F Bolen, (0-486-41738-7) Enestann’s Taeony or Rezariviry, Max Bern. (0-486-60769-0) SELECTED LETTERS ON EVOLUTION AND OniciN oF Spectes, Charles Darwin, (0-486-20479-0) ‘Tue NoTEBOOKS OF LEONARDO DA Vincl, Leonardo da Vinci. (Available in United States only.) (0-486-22572-0, 0-486-22573-9) Two-volume set ‘Tue Geomerky oF Rext Descacres, René Descartes. (0-486-60068-8) INVESTIGATIONS ON THE THEORY OF THE BROWNIAN MOVEMENT, Albert Einst (0-486-60304-0) ‘Tie Prncrie or Rixanviry, Albert Einstein, et al, (0-486-60081-5) Sienickts ox ReLavwrry, Albert Einstein, (0-486-24511-X) ‘The THIRTEEN Books oF Eucun's Exevenrs, translated with an introduction and commentary by Sir Thomas L. Heath, (0-486-60088-2, 0436-60089, 0-486-60090-4) Three-volume set Galo: AND-THE SciENTING REVOLUTION, Laura Fermi and Gilberto Bernardini, (0-486-43226-2) TitermapyNamics, Enrico Fermi, (0-186-6061-X) ON Dreams, Sigmund Freud (translated by M. D. Eder). (0-486-11595-3) War ano Ins Retrion 70 1He Unconscious, Sigmund Freud. (0-486-27742-9) DiaLosves Conceanina Two New Scences, Galileo Galil, (0-486-60099-8) ‘Tue TauMPy oF THe Dartwnuax MetHoo, Michael T, Ghiselin, (0-486-43274-2) De Maauere, William Gilbert. (0-486-26761-X) ‘Tee AnaromrcaL Exercises: De Moru Corns asp Dé CiRCULSTONE SANGUINIS IN Excush TRANSLATION, William Harvey. (0-486-488275) Piasaa Conner, RD, Hazeltine and J. D. Melss, ((i48643242.4) THE PHYSICAL PRINCIPLES OF THE QUANTUM THEORY, Werner Heisenberg. (0-486-60113-7) ON Ti: SensaTions oF Tone, Hermann L. F, Helmholtz. (0-486-60753-4) Man’s PLAce in Nature, Thomas H. Huxley. (0-486-43273-4) THE PRINCIPLES OF PsvcroLosy, William James, (0-486:20381-6, 0-486-20382-1). Two-volume set (continued on back flap) 307 MECHANICAL MOVEMENTS