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Booked on : 29 May 2016 03:52 PM

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AirIndia CustomerCare
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Return Flight Details *P le as e ve rify flig ht time s with the airline s prio r to
de parture

Flight 1 Departing Arriving

AirIndia Amritsar (ATQ) Delhi (DEL) Non Stop

AI-454 Mon, 4 Jul 2016, 06:55 AM Terminal 3 01:00 Hrs
Cabin: Economy Mon, 4 Jul 2016, 07:55 AM Refundable

Flight 2 Departing Arriving

AirIndia Delhi (DEL) Hyderabad (HYD) Non Stop

AI-542 Terminal 3 Mon, 4 Jul 2016, 12:00 PM 02:10 Hrs
Cabin: Economy Mon, 4 Jul 2016, 09:50 AM Refundable

Passenger(s) Details

Sr No. Pas s eng er(s ) Name Type E-ticket No

1 Mr Amritpal Singh Adult 0982212280773

Payment Details Amount (INR) Flight Inclusions

Baggage Adult Child Infant

Air Fare 4,524.00
Taxes, Surcharge & Fees 651.00 Cabin Baggage 7 Kg 7 Kg 0 Kg
Service Tax 0.00 Check-in Baggage 25 Kg 25 Kg 10 Kg

Total 5,175.00 * Flig ht inclus io ns are s ubje ct to chang e with Airline s .

Important Information
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All Guests, including children and infants, must present valid identification at check-in.
Check-in beg ins 2 hours prior to the flig ht for seat assig nment and closes 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.
Carriag e and other services provided by the carrier are subject to conditions of carriag e, which are hereby incorporated by reference.
These conditions may be obtained from the issuing carrier.
In case of cancellations less than 6 hours before departure please cancel with the airlines directly. We are not responsible for any losses if
the request is received less than 6 hours before departure.
Please contact airlines for Terminal Queries.
Due to security reasons / Government reg ulations, passeng ers travelling on flig hts from certain station like Jammu, Srinag ar, etc. are not
allowed to carry any Hand Bag g ag e. charg es a service fee of Rs. 200.0 per ticket/passeng er for all cancellations
We are not be responsible for any Flig ht delay/Cancellation from airline's end.
Kindly contact the airline at least 24 hrs before to reconfirm your flig ht detail g iving reference of Airline PNR Number.
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modifications,cancellations and refunds of the airline tickets shall be strictly in accordance with the policy of the concerned airlines and
we disclaim all liability in connection thereof.

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