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Marisol Portillo

English 4

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me: true or false?

Bullying is very negative and and creates major problems for our society. Nothing good ever
comes out of it and it can affect someone for the rest of their life. Kids can be mentally scarred if
they are teased and made front of quite often. In this article I found that was called Bullying
Victims: The effects Last into College, it stated “Until a violent act occurs to focus attention on
bullying it has generally receives little attention from educators”. I think this means that until
someone whos being bullied actually gets hurt physically only then will teachers and staff be
able to do something about it. To many people words just roll off their shoulders and they can
just move on with their day, but not everyone especially those who are more insecure about
themselves. This point of view is from students that are in college that have been bullied before
and how it follows them even through college.

Bullying happens all over The United States it’s not like this is a local issue because it’s
everywhere. It shouldn’t matter the type of person that is being bullied or whether it’s
cyberbullying, teasing or harassment the students issues should be brought to attention and it’s
all some form of bullying. I feel like it depends on the kind of person you are when it comes to
this issue and how you approach the situation. This article I found was called Bullying and
Harassment In The United States. It had said “Schools have a legal and ethical responsibility to
prevent and respond to bullying and harassment” this being said I would agree with this because
not only will students want to count on staff or any adult to be there for them, but they expect
them to be able to resolve the situation. People with disabilities for example, they are the ones
who tend to get picked on the most and bullies usually target those who are defenseless. They are
the ones who usually do get hurt by words that anyone says to them.

In conclusion, teachers play a big role when it comes to bullying just as much as the students do.
They are depended on and the ones who are supposed to help the students approach any situation
and should be able to recognize when there is an issue with any student. I found this article that’s
called Pre-Service Teachers Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding School-Based Bullying it stated
“Teachers who reported previous personal experience with bullying were more sensitive and
aware of the natural bullying, watched for signs of covert bullying, and encouraged students to
disclose victimization in their classroom.” This shows that not all teachers will be as aware of
bullying then those teachers who have experienced that first hand. Although all teachers should
be aware of bullying regardless I think that they don’t want anyone being bullied regardless of
the situations they are being put in.
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