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Vedic Astrology Predictions Related to


Vedic astrological predictions related to birth of a child may not always

work. Let us have a look at some Vedic astrological predictions
associated with various aspects of childbirth.

Bringing a new baby into the world is a very exhilarating and life-changing
decision, but it can also be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. So much to
consider: family support, financial capacity, lifestyle changes… It is essentially
a leap into the unknown. It is the biggest irreversible decision that you as a
Hindu Rashi Topics.. couple will ever make in each other’s life.
Hindu Rashi Signs No matter how varied and different India’s culture may be, prevailing norms
Birthstones for Hindu
amongst all Indians indicate the necessity of starting one’s family as soon as
Rashis possible. In the staunchly patriarchal society that we live in, the pressure to
get pregnant never lets up. No sooner than a couple gets hitched, “when are
Birth Stone for Aries
we getting good news?” is the question on every well-meaning yet annoyingly
(Mesha) - Diamond
intrusive aunt’s lips.
Birth Stones for Aquarius
(Kumbha) - Amethyst Difficulty or even a delay in getting pregnant can play havoc on a marriage.
Emerald - Birthstone for The stress can put excessive strain on relationships with your spouse, in-laws
Taurus (Vrushabha) and extended families.
Sapphire - Birthstone for
Virgo (Kanya) So before you start trying for that little bundle of joy, turn to Vedic astrology to
Birthstone for Cancer
know what destiny has in store for you and your future children.
(Karkat) - Ruby
Jyotish Shastra, or Vedic Astrology, meaning the science of light has its origin
Birthstone for Scorpio
in the ancient Indian scriptures known as the Vedas. The following are the
(Vrushchika) - Topaz
key Jyotisha indicators that are used to predict and enlighten us about the
Birthstone for Capricorn
(Makar) - Garnet
possibilities and the hindrances, if any, of having children:
Birthstone for Gemini
(Mithuna) - Pearl
Fifth House in Horoscope
Birthstone for Leo
(Simha) - Peridot This house in your horoscope shows the prospects of having children.
Birthstone for Libra (Tula) Association of good planets with the 5th house like Jupiter, Venus or Moon
- Opal support in the healthy development of the foetus, while dry and malefic
Birthstone for Pisces planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Sun may not be favourable for childbirth.
(Meena) - Aquamarine
Birthstone for Sagittarius
(Dhanu) - Turquoise Lord of the Fifth House
Different Types of Topaz
The fifth house lord is the ruler of the zodiac sign that falls on the cusp of the
fifth house. For instance, if Scorpio falls on the cusp of the fifth house, Mars
Related Articles for Hindu
will be the fifth house lord, since Mars rules the Scorpio sign. Since Mars is a
masculine planet, the first child could be a male. Also the placement of 5th
lord in the horoscope matters. If it is placed in malefic houses like 6th, 8th or
12th house, which represent sickness, sorrows, death and losses then
childbirth could be denied. If the 5th house lord is placed in an auspicious
house like the 9th house, i.e. the house of fortune, it would mean a favourable
position for childbirth.

Jupiter, The `Significator` For Children

Jupiter, which rules the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces, is the main
significator for children. If Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, being placed in a
malefic house (6th, 8th or 12th houses) or in conjunction with malefic planets
like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, it may deter the prospects of childbirth.

Placement of Moon Discussion Forum - Recent Posts

What is Vedic astrology? Can Vedic astrology
If your Moon is sitting in the 5th house, and gets favourable aspects and/or help in predicting childbirth? How accurate is
association of other planets, you may be blessed with many children.
Vedic astrology with respect to predicting
However, any influence of evil planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn may act as a
fertility and childbirth?
deterrent to childbirth.
afterall it is prediction and it is
Barren or Fruitful Zodiac Signs science of predicting so it may or
may not be true....
Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are considered fruitful signs for childbirth,
while signs Virgo, Aries and Leo are considered barren. The remaining signs
offer mixed results. So if your fifth house is at the cusp of a barren sign, you
may be denied the prospects of having a child. pankit
Dob-6 july 1985 7.58 am sonipat
haryana...trying 4 1 year...
D-7 or Saptamasha Chart

It is a continuation of the birth chart or the birth horoscope. It gives a deeper jelly29
insight into matters pertaining to children like, impregnation, gender of the how wld rahu in 5th in exalted
child, birth of the child, comforts from the child, grandchildren etc. In this chart produce results -30th june 1984 f
a zodiac sign is divided in 7 equal parts of 4 degrees 17 minutes 20:25 dibrugarh/how do u judge
Therefore, as per Vedic Astrology, the fifth house of your horoscope is the whether a planet is malefic or benefic
primary determinant of your children. Moreover, factors like strength and ...
placement of 5th house lord, the zodiac sign at the cusp of 5th house, strength
of Jupiter in horoscope and Saptamasha or D-7 chart can help us predict
about our children and happiness from them. Believers or followers should view more >>
consult expert or seasoned Vedic astrologers either before planning a
pregnancy or in cases of miscarriages, difficulty in conception, etc.
Hindu Rashi
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