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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Essay Quiz: 100 points possible.

Directions: Using MLA formatting and quoting the novel at least twice in a well-structured thesis

driven essay, write a response to one of the prompts below (paragraphs, parenthetical page references,

proper grammar, structure, etc). Your essay should be no longer than two-full pages and no less than one

full page.

1) How does Mary Shelley use two characters to show contrasting views of the same thought or

idea? Is she successful in showing both points of view? If so, how? If not, why not? (littrell

writing project).

2) Appearances play a key role in this novel. The creature’s appearance frightens people and makes

them respond to him violently and out of fear. What impact does this have on the creature? On

Victor? How is it a theme within the novel?

3) Write about Victor’s relationships with his family and friends. In what way did he betray his

friends and their love and affection toward him? Is his guilt over his own behavior warranted? Is

there forgiveness for him? If so, how?

4) The age-old discussion of nature vs. nurture is relevant to your reading of Frankenstein. Who or

what is responsible for the creature’s behavior? Does society share some blame for his murderous

rampages? Is the fault Victor’s for creating him? Is it entirely his own as a living, breathing

creature with freewill? Or is there some combination of the three? Defend your answer.

5) Based on the novel’s overarching theme that science and technology can lead to unforeseeable

and dangerous consequences, do you believe the warning in Frankenstein is one that is being

ignored today in a specific scientific endeavor? If so, which one? Describe and explain.

6) Who is the real monster? Does Victor ultimately redeem himself in your eyes? At the novel’s

end, is there any hope given and is there sympathy for Victor Frankenstein? For the creature?

Defend your answer.