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Katherine Rabik 06190870 April 16, 2018

Professional Learning Plan

Please find below 4 professional learning goals I am currently working

towards. Note that the last one is also an ongoing personal goal that aligns with my
desire to work in the US in the future.

Professional Learning Resources and Strategies Evidence for portfolio

Develop skills in  Investigate available  Completed Global
integrating cultural resources (UN, Aga Khan Citizenship Workshop
diversity in my Foundation)
classroom  Completion of the
Educators Abroad course
 Discussions with peers and
Increase my  Seek out opportunities to  Completed alternative
understanding of attend international practicum in West
different educational conferences when I am Africa
systems around the working in Saudi Arabia  Volunteered with 1
world  Join professional learning Million Teachers to
communities to connect create professional
with teachers around the development resources
world for teachers in Africa
 Continue to volunteer with
1 Million Teachers to star
connected with teachers in
Africa and to learn more
about the challenges they
Improve my ability to  Seek out professional
create cross-curricular, mentors to learn from their
integrated lessons experiences
 Work closely with my co-
teacher in Saudi Arabia to
integrate science/math and
literacy/the arts as much as
Improve knowledge of  Complete massively open
education system in online course “The Past,
the US Present and Future of U.S.
Education Policy” (ongoing)
 Additional professional
reading from a variety of
Katherine Rabik 06190870 April 16, 2018

 Discussions with family and

friends who are
America/live in the U.S.