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Dear Madam, Sir,

I’m Irma Yunita, an engineering student in Universitas Brawijaya. I have two semesters
to finish my bachelor’s degree in water resources engineering. Currently, I’m busy both studying
and doing some student organization’s activities on campus, such as BEM and LPM SOLID.
When I was in junior high school, i wanted to become water engineer to help people in
Sumba Island. There is a popular country to study about water management, Netherland. But that
is not the only thing that motivates me to study abroad. My professor, Prof.Dr.Ir. Suhardjono,
MPd., Dipl.HE who is a humble, wise and smart person is also the reason why I want to follow
his step. He is an alumnus of UNESCO-IHE in Netherland, since that UNESCO-IHE in
Netherland becomes the next target to take my master’s degree. Continuing master’s degree
abroad, there’s some requirements and one of them is taking IELTS test.
Preparing my master’s degree, i starting to look forward on IELTS courses. I’ve been
studying IELTS by myself before, but I feel that is not enough to make my skill better. After I
saw a post on Instagram, it said that there was an English course in Malang which provided a
scholarship for those who were willing and passionate about studying IELTS with high quality
local expert teachers to improve IELTS learner skill, the materials they would give are specific
materials about IELTS, VIP English also provides extra times for 10 hours. The most complete
English course i’ve ever found with so many positive feedbacks makes me more determined to
enroll in VIP English’s scholarship.

“There is a will, There is a way”, that is how a quote describes me so well. I have clear
goals in mind and am determined to study IELTS. I understand that my English skills are not
perfect, but that motivates me to keep improving, especially in VIP English. I would be honoured
if you accept me to become one of the scholarship awardees. Through improving English skills,
particularly IELTS, it would be a very powerful first step to prepare my master’s degree in
UNESCO-IHE. That is why I would take this opportunity as best as i can.

My plan after finishing the course, I will improve my knowledge i got with taking online
or offline IELTS test. I would take VIP English’s speaking and writing materials to enroll
English debate and journalistic writing competitions. I will persuade my friends to register in
VIP English. I want to be a good example for other VIP English members and next VIP
English’s scholarship awardees through my achivement. I hope they also could be motivated to
compete in healthy way.

Sincerely yours,

Irma Yunita