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(Retired) Stock Market Rebel Reveals…

How To Get Filthy Rich In The

“Forbidden” World Of Penny Stocks,
Small Stocks, Downtrodden Stocks and Stocks You’ll Never Hear About on CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg and Fox
News… Until You’ve Long Since Jumped In And Cashed Out With Gobs of Profits. Even In “Bear” Markets.
The High-Profit Stock Market Secrets Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To Know.
An Open Letter To Any I just want you to understand that I’ve been patterns are your keys as to when to buy you’ll ever discover.
If you like making money. If you want
Investor Who Wants To Make around the block a time or two. I know the
market better than most. I know how the
and when to sell. — See page 39.
to change your life forever and have your
Outrageous Profits In A Class Of game is played by the big boys.
When you see THIS— following a rosy

earnings and guidance report--- you know portfolio grow and grow and grow, order this
Stocks Which Are Constantly I’m here to tell you, flat out… you can it’s time to unload those stocks. It’s an right now.
Bad-Mouthed By The Talking make some serious money in the “forbidden” indicator that those rosy reports are bogus. If you’re going to be successful at this
game, you’re going to fall in love with a down
Heads On The Business world of penny stocks…. Small stocks… and
overlooked stocks.
— See page 41.
market. Bear Markets! There is money to be
Channels and Analysts in the First of all, I need to be
This Works Even In “Ugly” made… gobs and gobs of money when there is
Financial Press, Who Would perfectly honest with you…
Bear Markets “blood in the streets.”
Rather Keep These High-Profit Please note: This method works even when  Want to know the BEST DAY to buy
This is not for everyone.. You must be a “the market” falls. For example just a few years stocks... and the amazing tool that confirms
Situations A Secret. stubborn, independent thinker who refuses to ago on Monday Feb 26th 2007 when the market it—See page 146
follow the lemmings over a cliff. You must be fell 400 points… a surveillance company was  Want a “retracement” stock ready to
Dear Investor, the guy who can make up his own mind. holding its own at $1.41 and climbed to $2.29 by skyrocket in price? I’ll show you a simple
You can’t let yourself be fooled by those the end of the week. math formula that tells you the pinpoint
My name is George Angell. Before I retired talking heads on TV. You must be skeptical. time this stock is at its bottom. Anyone with
And, following the 9/11 attacks I think every
I was called “A Stock Market Rebel.” Why? Why? Because you’re about to go where Wall a calculator can do this. — See page 150.
mutual fund listed fell through the floor. But
Because I didn’t follow the Wall Street Crowd. Street does not want you to go. You’re about to there were small stocks that grew like wildfire.
I figured out their game. And believe me, the go into the land of rich profits from the world It’s not enough to find winning stocks.
ICTS went up 113%... Viisage Tech up 142%... 
game is rigged against you, the individual of overlooked gems and hidden treasures that On page 235 I reveal something that is so
Olympic Cascade up 52% Aviostar up 100% and
investor. the big boys in Wall Street can’t touch. And important, no investor should buy or sell
InVision up 165%.
But if you know the game. And if you’re they don’t want YOU to touch them either... without it. I’ve given hot tips to friends
If you’re money is being handled (lost?) by
willing to learn a few simple rules… you can What you’re looking for are stocks that for years and years… but they crash and
a mutual fund in a 401K, perhaps now is the
find stocks that explode in value…. Skyrocket match a given set of patterns, formula and burn because they are missing this one little
time to get my book… and switch over to a
in price… and deliver a consistent payload of “tells”. item. It’s so important, that when you get
“self-directed” account. 85 years of stock market
profits to you, week after week, month after Then, if you’re like me, you will love the the book, turn right away to page 235 and
history (since 1925) proves you can do better.
month, year after year. thrill of beating those highly paid, highly discover for yourself this amazing secret.
How do I know? Because I’ve done it visible so-called Wall Street analysts.  The only drawback… to my system…
over and over again in my career as a “Stock
Market Rebel”.
WHY WALL STREET DOESN’T is this: if you’re going to buy and sell  Finally, I give you perhaps the most
WANT YOU TO DO THIS CORRECTLY… it’s a “lonely” process. But complete INVESTORS CHECKLIST every
For example: The reason you never hear about these you can laugh all the way to the bank at this created. It consists of 15 questions and
I bought First Quantum Minerals at $1.68
 kind of “loneliness”. Why? Because you’ll strategies you can use to make sure your
small-cap opportunities is this: Wall Street
per share. Before I knew it, it skyrocketed be buying when everyone else is selling. stock picks are going to be winners. Follow
caters to institutions with BIG MONEY. And,
to $69.82 per share. I sold out with over And you’ll be selling when everyone else is this checklist and you’ll soon be writing to
no hedge fund or pension fund wants to be the
6,000% profits. buying. So what, “joke ‘em if they can’t take me from your vacation home in Hawaii. It
REALLY BIG, FAT, fish in a small-cap pond.
I bought Virginia Gold Mines at $0.76 and
 a fleecing.” starts on page 238.
watch with excitement as it climbed to  Come closer… I need to tell you how to You could risk millions of dollars and
$15.28. That’s 20 TIMES my money. KEY PROFIT FACT ABOUT LOW spot a “key reversal” day. I’ll show you the waste years of time trying to come up with a
I bought Biomira when it was just a mere
 PRICED STOCKS: chart patterns to look for. I’ll show you the better system… but I swear to you on Oprah
$0.80. One week later, it was $3.50 and I sold Listen: Since 1925… small cap stocks have confirmation move. I’ll show you when to Winfery’s ever changing pant size… you’d
for a 437% profit. out preformed large stocks better than ten to start buying with both hands as fast as you give up long before you figured it out. This
I doubled my money on Abraxas Petroleum
 one. No one in the major financial media will can. What I’ll show you is the indicators will take you to a whole new level of investing.
as it was going from $1.50 to $9.25 per share. tell you this. They are all just paid mouth- that a final low has been established. And it This will stuff your pockets with huge amounts
I bought Taser when it was below $5 and
 pieces for big money. But if you’re willing to won’t be long until an EXPLOSIVE RALLY of cash you never thought possible… more
watched it climb, climb, climb to $30.00. dig in and get your hands dirty, you can make occurs. And you don’t want to miss it. You’ll money than you’ll ever get out of 30 years of
I jumped in when Sirius was under $2 and
 whopping gains, over and over again, in the see it in the price chart AND you’ll see it in your 9-to-5 job.
rode it to the $9 high… I made some 1800% “penny stock” universe. the volume chart. This is a new trend.—See For all the secrets and power-pack
along the way. Why settle for meager 5%--10% or even page 73. information it contains… I could charge $500
I picked up a debt-free company called
 15% gains in so-called “safe” stocks in BULL  Next, I want to show you VOLUME or more for this guidebook… and it would still
Futuremedia for 30¢ a share and within 18 MARKETS, when you can have 100%-- 200% SECRETS not one investor in a thousand be a bargain.
months I sold it for $2.18. That’s over 726% even 300% UP TO 6,000% gains in the same knows about. It’s one thing to read the price But I’m not going to do that. While they
on my money. time period from low-priced stocks… EVEN chart. But the volume chart tells you secrets last… I’m only going to ask $79.95 plus
I got in on Northern Orion between its $0.15
 IN BEAR MARKETS. about the price that you simply MUST shipping. This is a bargain. Remember, I
bottom and its $4.00 rise. And get this--- The question is… how to you find the KNOW in order to make a “killing” in the use to get thousands of dollars for hand-on
during that time, it had a 10 to 1 “reverse small caps ready to explode in triple digit world of small stocks. — See page 110. personal stock market training. And guess
stock split”… so my gains were ever bigger profits? And when do you jump in, when to do  Here’s the UNFORGIVABLE SIN when what? Everything I taught in those “live”
than I first thought. you sell off? buying small stocks: Taking Small Profits classes… is right here in this guidebook.
I got into Best Buy when it was being
 That’s what you’re When Big Profits Are Available. Master this The publisher will even give you
ignored by Wall Street at $27 a share… and secret on page 119. a complete 100% ONE-YEAR NO-
watched it climb to nearly $80 a share… I about to discover.  Don’t buy any stock, until you can answer QUESTIONS-ASKED refund on your
sold out at a tidy profit before the boys on Before I retired, I compiled every trick, these 8 questions about the stock, the purchase price. I love happy customers. I get
CNBC started saying it was a good buy. technique, method and strategy I used that market, the story and the potential. — See a thrill out of people who write to me about
I spotted a Fibonacci pullback on Qwest at
 made me big money in small stocks. It’s a page 120. the money they’ve made thanks to the tips and
about $3.50… Jumped in and cashed out special report called SMALL STOCKS, BIG  I love this technique… look for a stock that methods I taught them.
on it’s one-year new high in the $7 range. PROFITS. Stop what you’re doing and make simply CANNOT RETREAT in the face HERE’S ONE MORE THING… I’ve got
That’s double my money in a year. sure you get a copy of this life-changing guide. of “bearish” news. When you see that, you a list of 28 stocks I’m watching now. (You’re
I used to own a utility company called
 Don’t think for a moment you can buy know it’s headed to the moon.—See page right, it’s hard to walk away totally.) Some
Aquilla. I bought it cheap and sold it on its just any penny stock and make money. Oh no. 120. of them are BUY NOW. Others on the list are
rise up to $35. Then, I watched it slide back Most low priced stocks are low priced for a  Use this strategy to lower your risk: Look rising to the top. This WATCHLIST will be
down to $3.50. I was laughing all the way to reason. But if you know what to look for-- for an amazing kind of breakout, revealed my FREE GIFT TO YOU… if you stop what
the bank and back.  There are three key elements I look at to on page 124. There, I’ll even show you you’re doing and order your copy of SMALL
determine if a stock is worth a second look. I the ultimate signal that a stock is ripe for STOCKS, BIG PROFITS… right now.
I think you get the idea. I’ve made double, get right into it on page 7. skyrocketing profits. It has to do with a new Give yourself the gift of skyrocketing
triple, and quadruple my money and more. I’ve  There is one kind of low priced stock I one day low… with an unusual twist. profits. Get my book today. Small Stocks, Big

made gains of 300%... 500%... 1,000%... all NEVER CONSIDER. And you shouldn’t  Here’s a “trick” that can add as much Profits.
the way up to 6,000 per cent on hidden gems, either. Why? Because this kind of stock as 30% to your investing power: It’s a Sincerely Yours,
overlooked treasures and “diamonds in the doesn’t reveal anything you can use to make secret about finding “support” in your
rough”. If you give me permission…. Right an intelligent decision on. Don’t touch it. price charts. There are actually 3 kinds of
here… right now… I’ll reveal the secrets to you You’ll likely loose your shirt. See why on “support” and depending on the kind of George Angell
too. page 8. support you see, it could add new elements Retired “Stock Market Rebel”.
 Here is a “Value Investing” technique of safety and profits to your investment
TAKE THIS POP QUIZ: almost no one uses, but if you use it, you can game plan. — See page 128. P.S. Remember—Since 1925 small stocks
Which is more likely to happen… find hidden stocks that have explosive gains  Never, never, never… buy a stock when have actually beat large stocks by ten to one.
A: a $1 stock shooting up to $2? written all over them. It’s so powerful, you you see this obvious but dangerous price Read that again—TEN TO ONE!!! Don’t you
B: or, a $100 stock clawing it’s way up to $200? might only have to use it once a year to find movement. This is a mistake far too many think it’s worth your time and effort to learn
You got it. One-dollar stocks double and triple in a stock that funds your kids entire college investors make, and they get immediately everything you can about the “forbidden”
price far more than large stocks double in price. education.—See page 13. “killed” for it. I’ll show you how to control world of small stocks? Stop what you’re doing
 “News” plays an important part of stock your excitement here and avoid a collapse of and order this powerful TELL ALL book:
Here’s the deal… If you’ve got the guts to market activity. But what do you look for in stock prices at this exact point. — See page SMALL STOCKS BIG PROFITS. Your
change your life… I’ll show you the way… step the news? I’ll show you on page 16. 129. life is about to change forever. You’ll never
by step… line by line. And you’ll never look  Does a stock need earnings to give you great I’ll also show you “timing” tricks that can again have to be subjected to the whims of
back. You’ll never look at the stock market with returns on your money? No. No. Triple NO. literally make you rich. Seasonality tricks. losing money in mutual funds, pension funds
fear again. Why? Because you’ll see the stock I’ll show you the rule you need to follow. “Bullish” consensus tricks. Oscillator tricks. and 401K’s. This is a way to guarantee your
market as an opportunity to find one stock after And two stocks that gave me WHOPPING Fibonacci tricks. Momentum Analysis tricks. retirement years. Start now--- while there is
another… that has the potential to give you PROFITS and yet both companies had no Trading filter tricks. Stop loss tricks. Tricks “blood in the streets”.
profits others can only dream about. earnings until I had long cashed out of them. using “moving averages” that are the closely SMALL STOCK, BIG PROFITS—
You see, I spent nearly 40 years as a private — See page 18.
 Every stock has a story. Your goal is the find
guarded secrets of the wealthiest investors. To order Call
investor and trader. I even spent 10 years as Next, I’ll show you tricks on how to read
a floor trader in the exchange pits. Along the the profit-rich “story” BEFORE it makes “insider buying” information. There are
way I wrote ten books about the market and it to CNBC. Discover the kinds of story you at least 6 things you should know about
investing. It was my passion. I made a lot of want to find in a stock on page 22. “insider buying”. Insider knowledge about Order Now and the WATCHLIST is FREE
money along the way. I figured out the game  You’ll want to know my “3-day” rule. This “insider buying” will put you way ahead of $79.95 (Plus $19.95 Shipping and Handling.)
rules and I played the game to win. rule allows you to take your profits before the investment crowd. It’s a strategy you can (Total: $99.90) NY State residents please add 8.625%
The game is rigged against the average the “sell off” really starts. And it will allow use to slingshot your profits way beyond the sales tax. - $6.89 ($106.79 total)
investor. But not the investor who “knows the you to buy more stock after the sell off is cornfield. Or keep you safe when others will
Or send your check/money order/Credit

rules”… and plays to win. finished.—See page 35. get clobbered.

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Think about this: I’ve been a trading  My system is simple. I’ll reveal to you the 6
most reliable chart patterns you’ll see over
You will “get it”. The market will no longer Market Publications
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