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Shoujo Senshi no Otomodachi

After returning to the town in order to buy panties, Female Warrior stumbled across
this girl during her shopping trip.

===Character Sheet===

In order to help her troubled friend buy underwear, she went to the capital in
order to make money by whoring herself out. Even though she‘s a priestess, she
enjoys being molested, and enjoys being violently raped even more – a truly
masochistic weirdo.
She lures in unsuspecting lolicons and gets them to rape her.

Fetishes: Likes:
- Rape - Dirty dicks
- Spanking - Huge dicks
- Constriction

Favorite Type:
- Someone who kidnaps me, drags me into a back alley and mercilessly rapes me while
I cry and beg for forgiveness.
- Someone who will touch me everywhere
- Dousei (male virgins)
- Hentai

[Dom Bitch Priestess

Height: 122cm
Lv9 Hp30 MP99]

Head: Ribbon
Clothes: Priestess clothing (one-piece)
Underwear: Lowleg panties
- Bodily restoration (Including the hymen)
- Regeneration (Countermeasure to constriction)

=Armorment Shop Mini Skit=

In a dark alleyway corner, there‘s a small armorment shop. Its inventory selection
is ridiculously small, and most of it is old and unusable. In fact, their entire
inventory consists of nothing but female underwear… what a weird shop.
The little girl who‘s just stopped by to take a look caught the owner‘s attention,
and he felt himself overcome with a sudden urge to get a taste of her.

[Looks like a cute, unexperienced adventurer came to my shop all alone. And she‘s
just a little kid, too! She was looking for underwear her size, but I lured her
behind the counter instead… she was so innocent, simply following me!
“I want to give my friend at the academy cute panties as a present!“
There‘s even been times when completely naked girls came into my shop, begging for
panties, but when I asked them to work ‚part time‘ for them, they just ran away.
This time, I‘ll be faster. Man, I really want to do lewd things to her!!
“W-well mister, please make sure to make her some cute ones! I-if you need
measurements for size, you can take mine, t-they‘re about equal...“
Halfway through her sentence, I dragged her towards me and forced her to sit on my

“Kyaah! T-that place has nothing to do with panties, m-mister!!“

“Hey, hey, keep quiet! I was just thinking, how about we make her a bra as well…
Though it seems this little missy here doesn‘t even have breasts yet.“


“Whoa! I‘ve only touched them for a bit, but they‘ve already turned hard…!“
“I-it hurts… Mister, it hurts! I t-told you, you don‘t need to measure my breasts…
W-why are you so interested in them~“


“Jeez, I told you to stop~“

“See? This is what I want you to make… Panties! So, please, examine them


“A...ahaha, that‘s right! S-so soft…! I see now…“

(Damn! It‘s a real kid‘s pussy! It‘s so soft and slippery, it feels like I‘m


“You‘re not done yet, are you, Mister? I… I need to pee… I can‘t take it much
“That‘s no good! I‘m still inspecting your pussy, don‘t you see? You‘ll have to put
up with it a little longer… If you pee inside my store and get it dirty, you‘ll
have to buy all my inventory, you know?“

“Nnnnn-! I-it‘s coming out...“

“What the fuck! All I did was play with your pussy for a little! My shop isn‘t a
goddamn toilet!“


“M-mister… I-I‘m sorry...“

“Aaahh, now my precious storefront goods are all gonna smell like piss… Why the
fuck did you have to do this? All this shit‘s expensive!“
“I-I‘m so sorry! I promise to buy all the things I‘ve ruined!“


“Missy… Do you know what this is?“

“A… a… willy?“
“That‘s right. And do you know what you do with it?“
“I-it‘s the thing boys use to pee… right?“


“Bzzzt – wrong!
The right answer is: It‘s the thing that will punish you for peeing on my floor,
and it‘ll go really deep right into your pussy!“
“Nnn- nnn!“
“Eh? I shouldn‘t put it in? You think it won‘t fit? Don‘t worry, Mister is strong
enough to do it!“


“Aaand it‘s in!“


“From now on, you‘ll be part of my store‘s inventory, you little slut who‘s just
pissing everywhere! How about I show you the feeling of becoming a toilet instead!
“Ugii-!! S-sho-!!“
„You know, if you apologize properly, I might just forgive you! Accept your duty as
a toilet already!“


„Aah, I‘m cumming, I‘m cumming! I‘m really cumming right into a little kid‘s
„Come on! Take it all inside your tiny belly! If you spill just one drop of it, I
won‘t accept your apology!!“


„Aah, that won‘t do at all! Look at how much you‘ve spilled… Even though I‘ve put
so much effort into giving your useless toilet pussy, you just went and spilled it
all! Honestly, it doesn‘t look like you‘re sorry at all...“
„U-uuehh… t-that‘s… not… true a-at all...“

„Whatever, let‘s continue your punishment!“

„ngyaa-! P-please… spare me… someone… help!!“


„Shut up! Toilets don‘t talk!

Haah… haah… Amazing…! I‘m raping a little girl…! I even came inside her…! I want to
violate her more… Cum inside her more!!“


„Here we go, second load!! Drink it all up with your womb!!“


„Aargh, useless, useless, useless! You spilled so much again! You know what, lemme
help you a little… Like… this! I‘m gonna push against your little womb even harder!
If I block up the entrance completely, I can cum as much as I want into your belly
and nothing will get wasted!“


„Aah, cumming, cumming…! For the third time! I‘m gonna paint this little girl‘s
womb with my semen again! Take it all in properly this time, you little kiddy

„Little girls are the beeeeest-!“


„A… aa...“


„You piece of shit! As if you have time to faint! Toilets like you need to hold
tight until the very last drop!“


„Aah, that‘s it… Such a good feeling! I think I‘m finally ready to forgive you for
peeing in my store.“
„Hahi… S-sanks...“
„No need to thank me. After all, I‘m gonna be peeing in my own store today, as


„Aaah, it‘s all coming out~ Hey, little lady! This old geezer is peeing right into
your belly now! Now you‘ve really become a toilet, haha! What a waste, peeing into
such a good toy, don‘t you think?“


“Fuck, I can‘t… stop moving! This… little toilet brat… she‘s making this the best
day of my life! No, actually… this is the worst day! Even though I‘ve forgiven her,
I‘ll make this girl part of my inventory! From today on, you‘ll work as my meat
toilet whenever I want! Day after day, you‘ll offer me your kid pussy as a free


“Answer me already if you understand!“

“Hahi… I… understhand...“


“Good girl~! You‘re still too low-level to do a job like this, though, so let‘s
keep this a secret from your parents, alright, missy?
Now, about your payment… I can‘t just pay you with my merchandise, or it‘ll all be
gone within days, but I‘m sure my highly nutricious milk will be payment enough,
right? It‘ll be perfect for you, in fact, since you‘re a toilet anyways!“


“Answer me already if you understand!“

“gahii- I understhaaand!“
“I‘m your boss now! Wonderful! And if you dare speak against me again, I‘ll
discipline you as harshly as necessary!“

“Well, with that out of the way, let‘s get into your training already! First off,
learn your new name!
‘My pussy is just for you!‘ [unsure]
‘It‘s nothing but a toilet!‘
Come on, say it already!“
“M-mai… pusshy is… ngghi-!“


“Wrong! It‘s ‚My little kid pussy is nothing but a toilet‘!“

“M-mai… little kid… pussy… is nothing but a toilet!“
“That‘s it! You‘re nothing but my personal toilet! Any day, anywhere, I‘ll use you
as my portable potty!“


“Uncle‘s dick…! His personal… little girl pussy…!

Please use it… anywhere… anytime…!
I‘m nothing but… your toilet bowl…!“


“Nghoooooooh! Well done!!!“


“A-amazing… Uncle, you‘re too… energetic… I thought I was gonna die… Please… use my
womb more <3“
(Being messed up by such a huge dick… Raping me like he wants to kill me...<3 This
completely rotten lolicon hentai uncle! I think I‘ll… be his toilet for just a
little longer~“


“Come on, smile! It‘s your favorite thing in the world, piss!“
“Ah <3 I‘m a toilet! I-it‘s already too late, isn‘t it… I‘ve… already completely
turned into a real toilet!“


“Alright, next up‘s the interview! I want to know more about the little missy
that‘s gonna become my private toilet~! Like, how old are you right now?“
“auu- l-level… nine-!“


“Nine! That‘s a surprise…! I suppose you do have a really tiny body… So that means…
this is a pussy that hasn‘t even seen its first decade yet… And to think I didn‘t
know…! Aaa, what the fuck...“


“Aah, what a waste! This little girl‘s pussy, not even 10 years old yet… and it‘s
already absolutely ruined! Not just the entrance, but all the way to the womb,
too…! The yet unripe body of such a tiny girl! A body noone has ever gotten a taste
of before!!“

“Say, you‘re going to the adventurer‘s academy, yeah? Are you in third grade?
Fourth grade? How big are you, even? Come on, answer me already!“
“hi… hi...“


“Answer me already, you shitty toilet! Do as I say!“

“ngi--! H-hundred… hundred and twenty-two centimeters… nuu-- aaaaahn~!“


“Level nine… i-in class 4B… 122 centimeters…“

“A fourth-grader?! You‘re kidding! You‘re already in fourth grade, yet you pee in
other people‘s stores! You should just go back to kindergarden already!“


“Alright then! Time to pump more of this stuff into my toilet! More work for you,
little girl toilet! Take it all right into your womb!“


“Aaa… Really, this kid toilet…! It‘s just too small to fit it all-!“


“Well then… I assume you‘ve learned how to use your little pussy as a toilet now.
You better have, since you‘ll be doing this every day now! You‘ll do your utmost
every day until you‘ve paid back all the shit you ruined, alright?“
“nku… I understand...“


“Alright! Next up is this hole!“

“Aaah, so tight…!“


“Whoooaa!! A fourth-grader‘s ass pussy… It feels so good! And it‘s in such perfect
condition, too!“


“Here‘s my first shot already! Gobble it all up with your stomach!“


“You‘ve already learned how to make me feel good with your asshole, good job! I
feel like doing it all over again already!“
“Uncle… p-please let‘s stop for a little…!“
“What‘re you saying?! You wanna quit or something?! Think you can rest after just
an hour of use? We‘re gonna be training your ass for another 2 hours, you know!“

“Hoho, I can go even deeper, look at that! This toilet‘s roomy!
Wahaha, I pushed so far into you, my semen‘s spouting back out of your pussy!“


“nnn, amazing! I thought I would only be able to get it in halfway, but look at
that, it‘s gone in all the way to the base! Fuck, I‘m coming again! I‘m shooting
inside this fourth-grader‘s ass pussy again!!“


“W-wait, t-this is too-“

“Too good!! This little girl feels too good!! Little girl toilets are the best!!!“


“Haah… haah… This little girl‘s ass pussy… it‘s completely worn out now… I suppose…
you‘ve passed the examinations without fail. You better be grateful that I‘m
willing to use your little ass toilet!“


“Amazing… Uncle‘s wild like a beast...<3 It‘s like being raped by a murderer… If… I
try to escape now, what would he do…? Would he punish me… even harder? Would he…
chase me down, pin me to the ground, and… I kinda wanna find out...<3“


“Fucking hell… you‘re too tight, you wrapped around me so hard it actually hurt to
pull it out…!“


“Looks like I got your panties all dirty while fucking you in the ass, so here‘s
some new ones as a gift… Wahaha, your asshole got stretched so much your panties
can‘t even hide it anymore! You really look like a toilet now! You better take care
of them this time, you hear me? They‘re expensive!“


“And of course, if you get them dirty, you‘ll have to pay me back for them…“
“Aa! Hahaha! Right as I say it, this shitty little brat! I only press down on your
belly a little and you go spill it everywhere!“


“I‘m shorry, I‘m shorry…“

“Not like I‘m gonna forgive you again, brat! This time, I‘m gonna punish you so
hard, your ass will break apart!“


“S-shit… This uncle‘s more dangerous than I thought… [Don‘t understand this
“Aaa, so good! Raping little girls is the best!!“
“It‘s alright, uncle… You can rape me more… I‘m a perverted little girl, so you can
rape me… as much as you like! Shoot your pent-up feelings right inside of me!“


“Cumming again! Savor the taste, you little shitty brat toilet!“
“You… you.. you annoying slut! All you‘re good for is making me feel good…! You
look like a little princess, but all you‘ve become now is my meat toilet!“ [unsure]

130 + 132

Grade-school 4th grader little girl toilet (9)

Before use

134 + 136

Grade-school 4th grader little girl toilet (9)

After use


“Right, your last duty here is becoming my mouth toilet! Bet noone‘s done this to
you before yet either, huh!“


“Come on! Move your mouth more! Get closer to me! If you don‘t work hard here, I‘m
gonna start choking you with this till you can‘t breathe!“


“Uaah, cumming, cumming!! Drink my milk up properly and we can finish today‘s


“nn-! B-bueh…! T-too much… cum… it hurts… can‘t… breathe… I‘m gonna… drown in
uncle‘s… cum...<3“


[5 minutes later]

“Come on, drink it all, right down to the last drop… Ah, you‘re a good girl,
missy….! So cute, so cute…!“


“You really did your best and drank it all, eh?“

“The smell of dick in my mouth… Feeling like throwing up, yet not even being
allowed to breathe… <3“


“Well done, well done! If you can keep doing what I say just like you did right
now, you‘re gonna be a great toilet! Just be a good girl, and I won‘t have to scold
or punish you anymore, alright?“
“n...<3 I-if you praise me this much, it‘s just gonna make me want to get punished


“Oho, will you look at that! Uncle‘s delicious, concentrated penis milk is all in
here now… just look at how much your stomach has blown up, it looks wonderful!“
“I-if you touch there too much...“
“You‘re just a little girl, yet your stomach is filled up to the brim~!“


“b-leh! N-no… I-if you touch it like this-!“


“You vomited out my milk! First you drink it up properly and now it makes you feel
“n-no…! Y-you played with my stomach too much…! Igiiii--! D-don‘t squash my boobs
like that <3“


“Shut up, toilet! You‘re gonna work overtime today! Can‘t even do paizuri with
these things, and you call them ‚boobs‘! They‘re only good for squashing and
nothing else!“


“Here‘s another load for you! You‘re gonna definitely drink it all now!“


“This time you‘re not gonna spill anything...“

“I-I can‘t drink it if you‘re choking me while cumming inside me...<3 Y-you‘re just
picking on me, right, uncle…?“


“Guess there‘s no other way… You‘ve been a bad, bad girl!“

“Ooohh, pissing inside a little girl‘s mouth feels amazing! Now look at that, your
mouth‘s become a toilet seat and your stomach‘s the bowl!“


“Urgh-! Bleh…! Sour… it tastes so sour! I don‘t… think I can keep this inside,
“Aaah, you‘re a fine toilet, aren‘t you!“


“Drink it! I‘ll cum again, so suck on it properly and then drink it all!“

“I told you to drink it, for fuck‘s sake!! If you hate drinking it that much, I‘m
just gonna give it to you directly!“


“Drown in my piss already…!“


“waah… amashing… it tastes so bad… t-this is such a disgusting fetish… My belly‘s

full of his pee… T-this isn‘t rape anymore, it‘s torture…! I‘m full of… his cum…
and his pee… this… this uncle is absolutely insane…!“


“So, how‘s it feel, having your stomach turned into nothing but a dirty toilet for
my piss? It should be filled to the brim with it by now!“
“uu… buu...“
“Since you‘re my toilet now, it should make you happy, shouldn‘t it? You wouldn‘t
think of wasting another drop of it, surely...“


“Ah… it looks like you do need harsher punishment after all…...“


“Look at you, it‘s like you‘re just an extension of my dick now! I‘ll show you just
what you do with a dick in front of a urinal like this!“


“Here! You point your dick at the urinal and piss into it! Come on, get it out


“Feels good, doesn‘t it?! That‘s the job of a toilet like you, relieving dicks of
their need to piss! Here comes more!“


“Good girl you are… You took it all in, eh? But a good toilet keeps it all in until
the very end, you know?“


“Now, let me show you something else…! Since you‘ve so eagerly been clamping down
on my cock… I wonder what happens if I push into your anal pussy like this…!“


“If I keep don‘t remove my cock, I wonder how much I can fill you up with...“
“My cock just loves raping little girls like you, so it‘s going to give this toilet
lots and lots of your beloved semen! Here it comes! Another load! Come on!!“

“Ohh…! It‘s coming out…! How‘s that, huh! Raping so much you‘re vomiting out my
sperm feels amazing! Just look at how it‘s all shooting out of your mouth pussy!“


“Fuu… fuu…! Ah, this is really out of this world… it‘s like being in a dream… haah…
You feelin‘ good as well, right missy? Vomiting out my semen into this urinal...“


“And look, when I continue pounding you, more of my semen comes shooting out of
your mouth with every thrust! Be sure to take it all in, up to the last drop!“


“Hehe! You pissed yourself just from me slapping your ass! Aaah, it‘s kinda cute,
actually… Good girl… Looks like I‘m actually really good at training little girls!“


“But wait, I forgot something… You are the toilet here, little lady, not the thing
in front of you. And since you just got rid of my piss...“


“W-wha… b-bueee!!“
“Haaaah…! Hm? This is weird… I‘m not pissing as much today… Maybe you‘ve gotten so
blown up, there‘s no space left and my dick is having a hard time getting anything


“Ah, that‘s right! If I slap your ass, you‘ll vomit it all out again! Come on, come
on!! Yeah, there we go, it‘s getting out! My piss is making it up all the way from
your ass to your mouth!“


“Aaahh, good shit…! So good…! I‘m feeling so good, you must be feeling it too,
right missy?! We‘ve practically become one now…! And when we‘re done with this,
your pussy‘s up next… I can‘t wait…!“


„Ugh… hurts…“


„Haah… haah...“


„Against my… womb…?“





„I-it hurts!! No… hurts…! L-let go!!!“


„Haah… haah… haah...“


„Aah… he‘s gonna rape my womb again...“


„Ah, pee… That‘s right… I‘m just a toilet, after all...“


„My insides… are breaking… too much pee…!!“


„There we go… What time is it, anyways? Hm, 6PM already? It‘s already been 10 hours
since I caught this girl, huh… Raping her made time pass like in a dream! I should
be closing up shop soon...“


„Aah, little girl toilets are the best… It seems weird, though… No matter how much
I rape and cum inside her, she doesn‘t seem to sustain any injuries… Like she‘s
using some kind of restoration magic. Well, it‘s a good thing though… means I can
use her as a toilet as much as I want!“


„HEY! No time to slack off! Toilets work 24/7 and don‘t take breaks! And that means
there‘s another 14 hours of work ahead of you!“


„Aah… no… m-my womb…“

Written on her:
- Loli Nipple
- Fuck her
- 1x 1000 Yen
- Little girl (for raping)
- Pussy toilet <3
- Elementary School 4th Grader

[A small building located a few minutes from the capital. A beautiful and skilled
elf pharmacist lives here. However, she prefers avoiding humans as much as
possible, and does nothing but develop medicines in secret, so many call her a

„Sensei, I‘m back!“

„Kyaa~! Welcome home, Hira-chan! You‘re really doing your best, aren‘t you! Made it
all the way here on your own~“

[Pharmacist (Succubus)
Lv823 168cm

A succubus who, long ago, crossed over from the demon world into the human world
in order to feast on men‘s desires. However, after having done this for many
thousands of years, she eventually became so bored, even disgusted with men that
she couldn‘t even stand touching them anymore. Basically, she‘s a failed succubus.

After she‘d gotten used to the human world, she turned herself into an elf and
started developing medicine as a hobby, but without the nutritious desires of males
to feed on, she progressively got weaker and, one day, just collapsed in front of
her house. She would surely have died if it hadn‘t been for a little priestess
who‘d found and rescued her that day.

However, it turned out the low-level priestess‘ restoration magic wasn‘t enough to
save her, and the little girl cried over her death so much that the heat of her
tears reached the Succubus‘ heart, giving her the experience of a pure, non-carnal
love for the first time. She revived, and longing for this new form of love, the
Succubus offered her to stay with her and become her student in return for the
experience of the girl‘s love.

That‘s why they now live together, and she will do everything it takes to help the
little girl on her quests. (All loosely translated, gomen)]


„Hey, lookie~<3 All that lewd energy from the scumbags who raped you… Just how many
were they? I‘ll kill them all for you <3“
„Mou~ You know I‘m ticklish~ Don‘t say such harsh things, either...“
„What‘s more important, I‘m so glad you‘re feeling better now, sensei… Is
everything alright now?“
„Yes, now that my little Hira-chan is collecting all that lewd energy for me, I
couldn‘t feel better… I‘m so grateful…!“
„That‘s why! I made some very special medicine to thank my hardworking little Hira-
chan… Now‘s just the right time to take it, come on, try it <3“
„Eeh… Medicine‘s yucky...“
„It‘s like candy! Strawberry-flavored, even!“
„Just look at how much restoration magic you had to use to fix all the damage those
dirty men did to your special place! But this medicine is the perfect cure for
that! It‘ll remove all the impurities those old men left inside you and clean every
last inch of your body!“
„H-hey… Y-you‘ll take this medicine, right?“
„Sure, whatever.“

„Sensei… My stomach… my stomach is…!“

„Looks like it‘s already taking effect… It‘s all right, you‘ll feel good soon <3“

„Oh look! That‘s the impurity <3 Those scars you sustained from the rape that
didn‘t heal on their own… <3 They‘re all being bound up together inside this egg by
the medicine so you can get rid of them easily. Now… be sure to properly give birth
to them <3“


„Slowly… don‘t break them~ Aha! It‘s out <3 Well done, Hira-chan!“


„Ahh, I can‘t take it! Hira-chan laying eggs <3 It looks like you got impregnated
by a monster <3“


„Ahaha, a big one...<3 Will you be fine? Sounds like your tiny vagina‘s screaming
for help...<3“


„Nice <3 Well done, Hira-chan! We‘re coming together~<3 Just seeing you lay eggs
like this makes me cum as well <3 <3“


„Haah… haah… Your womb almost turned inside out… That egg was clearly too big for


„Ahn<3 So cute…! I can‘t take it...<3“


„Come on<3 Lay those other eggs already<3 Force them out of your womb! Once you‘ve
gotten rid of all the impurity, you‘ll be my sweet, unused Hira-chan again~<3“


„And once you‘ve turned pure again, I‘m gonna be the first to rape my cute little
Hira-chan…! I‘ll make you dirty again <3 <3
Aah, I‘m looking forward to it...<3 Next up, you‘ll give birth to lots of my eggs
too, Hira-chan~<3“