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The Total Testing Center™

What is Think Quality™?
It is ‘managing your spinning mill with quality in mind’.

In today’s competitive markets, spinning mills need to deliver yarn of the

right quality every time. The yarn must meet the expectations of customers,
be free of unacceptable defects, and be produced with optimum use of
resources. And all this has to be achieved in an extremely challenging
business environment!

Take control of your quality – Think Quality™

USTER’s unique Think Quality™ approach is the way to ‘manage your
spinning mill with quality in mind’. It combines the many aspects of
our products and services to ensure the right quality is produced every
time. Think Quality™ the USTER way means helping textile producers to
improve their control of quality, with the ultimate aim of turning quality
into profitability. To achieve predictable profits for long-term business

Control Think Quality™ Specify Sustain Control

Measure Control Measure
Think Quality™ Specify Specify Improve Measure Sustain

Specify Measure Control Improve Sustain Think Quality™

Sustain Improve Think Quality™ Measure Think Quality™ Control
Improve Sustain Specify
Measure Control Sustain Think Quality™ Specify Improve

1. Specify 2 . Measure 3 . Control 4 . Improve 5 . Sustain

The principles are simple. Priorities include: a clear specification; the right
measuring systems; a ‘fast response’ control of production; a good
understanding of improvement options; and optimization of processes
for business sustainability.

USTER® TESTER 6 – the vital link to Think Quality™

The USTER® TESTER 6 is the heart of the laboratory in mills around the
world. It provides the key to many of the principles of USTER’s unique
Think Quality™ approach. With the USTER® TESTER 6 the role of the
USTER® TESTER is expanding beyond ‘laboratory testing’ to ‘Total Testing’.

The intelligent and powerful new USTER® QUALITY EXPERT provides vital

information for effective mill management. Assistant Q is an expert with
65 years of experience. Together, they enable USTER® TESTER 6 to support
and guide spinners in their objective of ‘managing a spinning mill with
quality in mind’.
Innovation: the starting point for superb quality and
optimized productivity in the spinning mill

USTER customers will anticipate some significant innovations in the

USTER® TESTER 6 generation. Those expectations are now surpassed, with a
range of completely new features. For a start, there is a brand new Capacitive
Sensor, which measures with more accuracy and reliability than ever.

– The new global standard from the leading name in yarn testing
– Swiss accuracy: your guarantee of reliable measurements at top testing speeds
– Direct correlation with the world’s textile quality benchmarks, the USTER ® STATISTICS

New global standard

The USTER ® TESTER  6 is acknowledged throughout
textiles as the new global standard in evenness
testing. Its new Capacitive Sensor and Optical
Sensor options give spinners the power to control
yarn quality levels precisely and guarantee the
quality is right first time.
– Automatic and semi-automatic models available
– Upgradeable for all sensor options and
automatic function

Swiss accuracy inside, reliability at top speed

All models operate at the testing speed of 800 m/min
with greater accuracy and reliability than ever. Set
to automatic, the high sample throughput rates give
even better detection of quality exceptions. That
cuts down the risk of claims, reduces labor costs
and ensures customers get the quality they expect.

It’s also a vital part of the USTER ® ‘Total Testing’


Direct link with USTER ® STATISTICS

Founded on 60 years of textile expertise, the USTER ® 
STATISTICS benchmarking tool is the worldwide
standard for objective quality comparisons. It
provides a sure basis for yarn trading and certified

Only the USTER ® TESTER produces data which links

directly to USTER ® STATISTICS standards.
Welcome to the Total Testing Center™…
integrated quality throughout the mill with USTER  TESTER 6

The Total Testing Center™ – incorporated in the USTER® TESTER 6 – integrates

data from precise laboratory tests and online monitoring systems covering
all spinning mill processes. It is a unique combination, transforming data
into practical choices for quality yarns and profitable production.

– USTER ® TESTER  6 – the gateway to Total Testing

– USTER ® QUALITY EXPERT – built-in essential tool for quality management
– Assistant Q, the new ‘staff member’ with 65 years’ know-how

USTER ® TESTER  6 – the gateway to

the Total Testing Center™
It’s the pulse of a new generation, destined to be
the beating heart of every textile laboratory. The
new USTER ® TESTER  6 is the latest and greatest in
a technology series that is known by everybody in
textiles, worldwide. It’s laboratory testing beyond
all expectations and the starting point for Total

USTER ® QUALITY EXPERT – getting connected with

all the options
The assurance of 100  % online monitoring, with
the precision of laboratory testing: it’s a powerful
quality package for fiber-to-yarn engineering. Every
comparison possible, every quality measure, and
every management report – all the options are here,
automated and interactive.
– One-stop shop for quality management
– Accessible 24/7 from everywhere

Assistant Q – a new helper with all the know-how

Quality managers no longer need to waste time
on trivial tasks. The Assistant Q is like a well-
qualified and highly-experienced new ‘staff
member’. Working tirelessly to present spinners
with exactly the information they need, for the
ultimate goal of ‘managing the spinning mill with
quality in mind…’
Innovation at the core: latest sensor technology has
all the answers with USTER  TESTER 6

Sensors are the powerful brains inside the world-renowned USTER® TESTER

family. A completely new and unique Capacitive Sensor has been developed
specifically for USTER® TESTER 6. Along with the integrated Hairiness Length
Classification Sensor, it means spinners will have all the answers in testing.

– Brand-new: the latest USTER ® Capacitive Sensor (Sensor CS )

– Product Consistency Alert – a real breakthrough, flagging up potential problems
– The new Sensor HL for Hairiness Length Classification at up to 800 m/min

Sensor CS , more accurate, more features

This is USTER ®’s new digital Capacitive Sensor,
bringing even greater accuracy and reliability,
with scope for additional future capabilities.
– Accurate, trusted results, including the famous
‘USTER ® value’ CV m
– Easy-reference graphical presentations with
diagrams, spectrograms, length variation curves
and histograms
– Highlighting quality issues with periodic faults,
for reduced customer claims

Product Consistency Alert

The new Sensor CS can provide alerts for every
product, indicating any apparent abnormalities.
This is the new Product Consistency Alert feature,
customized for each spinning mill to allow for
specific materials and conditions. Significant
changes in raw material, fiber parameters, blend
variations, yarn structure or yarn count, for
example, are potential triggers for these alerts.

Sensor HL – hairiness at high-speed

Complete evaluation of the vital hairiness parameter
is now possible, thanks to the new Sensor HL for
Hairiness Length Classification. Its new measuring
principle focuses on the real length of the protruding
fibers, for the ultimate in useful data. Combined
with the established Sensor OH , spinners now
have the full picture of yarn hairiness, the ultimate
assurance against quality claims.
Yarn hairiness: the full story, for the first time

With USTER® HAIRINESS technology, spinners have the full story, so they can
manage every hairiness testing need, for absolute customer satisfaction. USTER® 
TESTER 6 is the definitive hairiness solution, its unrivaled combination of Sensor HL
and Sensor OH providing the key values for precise yarn specifications.

– Sensor OH measures the H-value, acknowledged worldwide for use in yarn contracts
– Sensor HL provides the S3 u value for protruding fibers – a key indicator of fabric durability
– Together, the Sensors HL and OH form the unique USTER ® HAIRINESS solution

Sensor OH
The H-value is the globally-recognized hairiness
benchmark. It is used in yarn trading, and as an
early-warning mechanism during production. The
Sensor OH offers reproducible and objective
hairiness measurement at 800 m/min. It provides
the USTER ® HAIRINESS value, directly comparable
with USTER ® STATISTICS benchmarks. Hairiness
variations may show up in a fabric only after
dyeing – just one example of how unmonitored
yarn hairiness can have a negative and costly

Sensor HL
With its new measuring principle based on the real
length of the protruding fibers, this sensor provides
the results of protruding fibers longer than 3  mm.
Yarn color doesn’t matter: the sensor allows yarns
of different colors to be compared.

Sensor HL has the highsensitivity needed for use

in yarn engineering, in identifying long protruding
fibers likely to cause pilling, and for machine
checks, especially on compact spinning machines.

Sensors OH and HL – the complete package

Yarn hairiness has a huge impact on fabric
appearance and durability. The ultimate two-sensor
package brings together all hairiness data for
a yarn at the same time. Mills can react faster, to
improve quality or prevent expensive claims.

1 5
Precision control, for productivity and optimum fabric appearance

Along with mass and hairiness problems, spinners know that variations in yarn
diameter can also lead to color inconsistencies, potentially ruining the
finished fabric. USTER® TESTER 6 deals with all these threats, with a range of
sensors dedicated to optimizing fabric appearance by controlling the yarn.

– Avoid claims for color variation and shadowing (Sensor OM )

– Assess the likely impact of impurities (Sensor OI )

Sensor OM
Color variations and shadowing can be traced
back to irregularities in yarn diameter, density and
shape. This sensor‘s data provides vital quality
information on how the yarn will look in the
finished fabric. The CV FS (fine structure) parameter
helps to prevent ‘cloudiness’ in knitgoods. For
compact spinners, Sensor OM is a must – offering
better structure and smoothness information for
their yarns.

Sensor OI
Dust and trash particles can cause serious problems
in subsequent fabric manufacturing processes.
Sensor OI prevents this, by accurately measuring
trash and dust particles in the yarn. The benefits:
less downtime in weaving; knitting needles last
longer; enhanced cleaning efficiency in an open-
end spinbox.
Built-in knowledge: USTER expertise in problem-solving
makes yarns and fabrics better, faster, simpler

USTER’s detailed know-how, underpinned by 65 years of experience, is all

available to USTER® TESTER 6 users. Three special features draw on this
expertise to help spinners trace faults and implement fast quality management
remedies, for minimal downtime and ideal quality in both yarns and fabrics.

– Knowledge Based System (KBS ) needs no extra settings

– Improved fabric simulation – a clear visual representation
– Smart view of exceptions and limits

Expert knowledge at a click

The new Knowledge Based System (KBS ) quickly
traces the cause of a quality problem on the
spinning machine, with no need for extra settings
or input from the machine supplier. A single click
on the spectrogram display brings up the defective
component on the screen. Time saved, quality
improved and expensive claims avoided…

Fabric simulation, a clear view in advance

Yarn results are displayed on blackboards, giving
a clear view, in advance, of how the knitted or
woven fabric will look.
– Yarn board
– Knitted fabric
– Woven fabric (plain)
– Woven fabrics displayed in reflected and
transmitted light
– Magnified yarn board view for yarn hairiness

Low quality High quality

Smart view of exceptions

A new feature with USTER ® TESTER  6 is ‘Smart View’.
At one click, customers can focus on test
exceptions and outliers. Or switch quickly to the
USTER ® STATISTICS function, to compare results
with worldwide benchmarks. Smart View is a
valuable time-saver, as a quick check on whether
a yarn meets specifications.
Easy to learn, easy to use: a fresh approach to
textile laboratory testing

Laboratory staff will appreciate the benefits of the new USTER® TESTER 6.

Designed-in ergonomics, and a superb graphical user interface, make it
exceptionally user-friendly. Even more complex tasks such as slub yarn
testing are made simple, thanks to the new USTER® Fancy Yarn Profile.

– Touchscreen monitor, easy to learn and efficient in use

– Intelligent user interface able to mirror textile processes in the mill
– USTER ® Fancy Yarn Profile (FYP ) for automatic slub yarn analysis

Intuitive touchscreen
The USTER ® TESTER  6 has a touchscreen monitor, with
full HD and two USB ports. It is easy to use, even
for untrained staff, so operators can stay focused
on test results, guaranteeing higher efficiency and
optimum user satisfaction.

Mirroring textile processes

With test samples coming in from various spinning
mill departments, the USTER ® TESTER  6 is able to
mirror the different processes in its user interface.
This makes the entire test procedure simple and
intuitive for the operator.
– Process routes are selectable: short staple,
long staple or raw silk
– Automatically follows logical sequence from
carding to winding

% Mass incr.
USTER ® Fancy Yarn Profile ( FYP )
400 The FYP is the standard for precise slub yarn
measurement. USTER knowledge is the key,
300 enabling an automatic first evaluation – quick
and easy for all users.

The USTER ® Fancy Yarn Profile measures quality

100 data for: number of slubs, mass increase and slub
length, and mass decrease after a slub.
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 An extended range of reports give quality
Slub length (m)
information and prevent unwanted patterns.
0 –20 % 20 – 40 % 40 – 60 % 60 – 80 % 80 –10 0 %
Total Testing Center™: get connected for comprehensive
quality management

USTER® TESTER 6 opens new horizons for quality analysis and targeted

improvement with the introduction of USTER® QUALITY EXPERT. Laboratory
testing is now interlinked with online monitoring at the winder, for total
coverage of the spinning mill.

– Quality analysis tailored to individual mills, based on the new USTER ® TESTER  6
– Practical data analysis – way beyond data collection alone
– A simple, fast and powerful reference system for managers

Quality analysis evolves with the mill

USTER ® QUALITY EXPERT adapts to the changing
needs of the mills, so that spinners can create a
tailored quality system. Each instrument automatically
extends the analytical possibilities as it connects.
Vital properties – from fiber, yarn and tensile
testing – are matched from lab tests and yarn
clearer data, and compared against quality and
productivity options.

Beyond data collection

Automated quality data collection is essential. But
the next stage, data analysis, can be problematic,
even for experienced quality managers. That’s
where USTER ® QUALITY EXPERT comes in. It allows
managers to focus on quality optimization, instead
of number crunching. Through quick status updates,
quality issues are flagged, and possible causes

Simplifying quality management

In quality management, timing is everything. Late
reactions to quality problems can be very costly
to spinning mills. The intuitive alerting system of
USTER ® QUALITY EXPERT not only identifies quality
problems but also ensures that the right people
have continuous access to information.
– Direct access from the USTER ® TESTER  6 operating
– On-screen notification immediately an issue
needing attention is detected
– Installation on multiple client computers
– Remote access to the system from mobile devices
Comprehensive alerts against quality shortfalls

USTER® QUALITY EXPERT has a new range of defenses against quality issues,

powerful enough to cover individual processes and also the entire production
sequence. All measurements are scanned and any quality issues are notified
via a rule set based on USTER knowledge and experience.

– Alarms for each process step are triggered automatically, defending against costly claims
– Mill-specific limits can be applied for each quality attribute
– A notification and alert management system automates the whole concept

Wide-ranging quality alerts

USTER ® QUALITY EXPERT takes in data from all
production processes, so its defence mechanisms
can go beyond individual processes. The USTER
knowledge base for this is backed by years of
specialist experience – so it needs no special
configuration by the spinner.
– Earlier warning of potential quality problems
– Possibility to save valuable raw material

Quality exceptions for mill-specific limits

An extra safety measure allows spinners to set their
own limits for specific quality attributes they need to
control. When monitored values exceed these limits,
they are clearly marked as outliers in the system

Alert management and reporting

Following the alarm trends is easy through a
comprehensive dashboard that displays the alarms
by process and machine. Key indicators are the
numbers of active, acknowledged and fixed alarms.
Central control and optimization – linking several instruments
across multiple production units

USTER® QUALITY EXPERT has the power to combine and analyze data from a
number of production units, covering all relevant instruments. Information is
condensed and presented in an easy-to-read format that can be interpreted
to help the user target areas for optimization.

– Quality analysis covers all the fiber-to-yarn processes, correlated to USTER ® STATISTICS
– Comparison of yarn quality using data from multiple instruments
– Optimized laboratory workload makes testing more efficient and reliable

Fiber-to-yarn quality diagrams

This feature harnesses the power of USTER ® 
STATISTICS to evaluate the performance of each
process in yarn spinning. With USTER ® QUALITY
EXPERT , a single graph highlights weak spots in each
process and signposts improvements. The simple
graphic format means that even inexperienced users
can quickly understand quality ups and downs.

Intuitive yarn quality comparisons

Yarn quality comparisons integrate laboratory and
online data. They point up differences between
production lots or even machine-by-machine.
In each case, optimization proposals are clearly
identified in comprehensive reports. Side-by-side
comparisons show where improvements have been
made and point to areas for further optimization.

Laboratory utilization graph

A good standard test plan helps mills manage their
resources and use laboratory equipment in the best
way to keep quality under control. USTER ® QUALITY
EXPERT caters for this with a range of routine
test plans, suited to the mill’s existing equipment.
Performance reports then provide updates on how
the completion test routines are progressing.
Yarn prognosis – a new perspective on quality from the
customer viewpoint

Spinners are increasingly keen to see issues from the perspective of their
customer, the yarn user. What issues are causing most concern for weavers
and knitters? Now, with USTER® QUALITY EXPERT, three new yarn-grading
options are introduced, giving an accurate prognosis for customer satisfaction.

– Fabric appearance: a vital preview of fabric quality, especially for garments

– Pilling resistance: most important for knitted fabrics
– Weaving performance: very important for production efficiency in weaving mills

Fabric appearance
The yarn is evaluated for fabric appearance using a
series of parameters and a grading system of 1 – 5 .
Yarns graded 5 are expected to be top of their class
in fabric appearance. USTER ’s vast application
knowledge and years of sample testing underpin
the grading system. For the spinner, it’s another
important tool in the quest for complete customer

Pilling resistance
For knitted fabrics, pilling is a key issue. Poor pilling
resistance can ruin fabric appearance, resulting in
rejected material and customer claims. The new
grading system here capitalizes on both of the new
hairiness values provided by the USTER ® TESTER  6 –
as well as other parameters affecting pilling

Weaving performance
For the first time, a combination of data from USTER ® 
reliably detect weak places and predict the weaving
behavior of the yarn. The weaving performance
grade allows spinners to identify batches with a
high risk of yarn breaks during weaving.
Assistant Q: a new ‘employee’ with 65 years of know-how…

With USTER® QUALITY EXPERT, spinning mills acquire a valuable new ‘employee’,

with Think Quality™ genes and 65 years of USTER application experience.
Assistant Q offers 24-hour attendance, guaranteed reliability and an unlimited
capacity for work.

– Immediate notifications about quality issues, possible causes and best remedies
– Evaluates yarn performance based on built-in application experience
– Provides tutorial sessions for USTER ® QUALITY EXPERT users

Always alert for quality issues

Assistant Q checks every measurement – whether
from the laboratory or online instruments. Where
quality issues arise, Assistant Q proposes a
checklist of actions to solve the problem. User
feedback is then requested and outcomes are
recorded – an intuitive learning function which
helps correct future issues.

Yarn grading by a true expert

The experience of Assistant Q is unmatched in
allocating the new yarn grades. Assistant Q not only
grades the yarn, but also gives details of the
prognosis for appearance, pilling and weaving.
If any special attribute needs to be improved,
Assistant Q will propose it.
– Clear guidance on yarn suitability for a
particular end-use
– Helping spinners make critical decisions

User training and tutorials

USTER ® QUALITY EXPERT is already easy to navigate
and use, providing managers with top-class
information. If more training is needed, Assistant Q
provides tutorials to make it even easier for anyone
to understand and operate the system.
Key benefits at a glance

USTER® TESTER 6 – The Total Testing Center™

It is exactly what you expect from USTER: the very latest sensor technology,
the highest accuracy, innovative measurements. Everything you need for an
integrated approach to ‘managing a spinning mill with quality in mind’.

– Ultimate sensor technology – the basis for maximum performance

– Built-in knowledge from 65 years of experience
– Unique combination of laboratory and online data

Sensor technology for top performance

For 65 years, USTER has been synonymous with
quality control sensors for textiles. The new
Capacitive Sensor CS with USTER ® TESTER  6
represents the summit of current technology,
heralding a new age of innovative measurement
capability for the future.

The integration of the latest Sensor HL for the complete

yarn hairiness testing is another key element, taking
this vital quality parameter into new territory.

Built-in knowledge to support mills

USTER shares the knowledge of several decades
through Assistant Q. Making customers’ working
tasks simpler, so they can focus on the ideal quality-
cost ratio. Add to this the new Knowledge Based
System for detecting faulty machine elements, and
Assistant Q the Smart View feature for pinpoint exceptions.
“ I am actively monitoring
information coming in from
all USTER ® systems across the Everything is here, ready to deliver constant quality
mill. Detecting exceptions
early, and addressing them, and utmost efficiency.
has prevented quality
claims in several cases.

The Total Testing Center™

Integration of laboratory test results with
online data creates the Total Testing Center™.
The ultimate safeguard for quality yarns.

USTER ® TESTER  6 will do it all: setting up the mill,

optimizing quality and guaranteeing standards in
the finished yarn. With quality secured by final
monitoring of 100  % of production, protecting
against exceptions.

The Total Testing Center™: meeting quality

expectations every day.
The standard from fiber to fabric USTER ® STATISTICS – the textile industry standards

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USTER is the world’s leading supplier of total quality We set the standards for quality control in the global textile
solutions from fiber to fabric. USTER ® standards and industry. With USTER ® STATISTICS , we provide the bench-
precise measurement provide unparalleled advantages marks that are the basis for the trading of textile products
for producing best quality at minimum cost. at assured levels of quality across global markets.

Think quality USTERIZED® – brand your products with quality

Our commitment to state  -   o f  -   t he  -   art technology ensures the USTERIZED® stands for ‘defined quality assured’ within
comfort and feel of the finished product – satisfying the the textile chain. We invite selected customers to join
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to think quality, think USTER.
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