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Build 195

Application Changes:

- Fixed an issue with Mentor's Mask causing a crash when selecting spells with
Force F.
- Fixed translation for weapon availability in the Select Weapon table.
- Fixed optional values for Foci not being saved properly.
- Fixes an issue in which editing basic lifestyles wouldn't reselect previous
- Fixes an issue in which changing Priority selection causes a double-up of
attribute costs. Existing characters with this issue should reopen the Change
Priority Selection menu again.
- Reducing a skill's learned rating to 0 in create mode will now remove any
specialisations that had been added.
- Fixed a crash caused by other applications querying Chummer's windows, such as
narration tools.

Data Changes:

- Fixed modification slots for the Hyundai Shin-Hyung and GMC Bulldog.
- Fixed an underbarrel mount for the Steyr Aug-CSL III that caused a stack
- Removed AffectBase modifiers from the Daredrenaline bioware and Improved Physical
Attribute power, which caused increased karma costs. Existing characters with these
items should remove and re-add the item in order to regenerate the relevant
- Critter Body Armor now properly grants armor equal to the Rating.
- Added German-exclusives vehicles from Aspahltkreiger (german Rigger 5.0).

New Strings:
- Label_Options_SpellShapingFocus
- Label_Options_RitualSpellcastingFocus
- Label_Options_QiFocus
- Label_Options_FlexibleSignatureFocus
- Label_Options_DisenchantingFocus
- Label_Options_AlchemicalFocus

Build 194

Application Changes:

- Implemented the Prototype Transhuman quality in a manner that's closer to RAW.

Existing characters in career mode will need to be ported manually. Please contact
me via for assistance with this.
- Fixed behaviour of the Group condition to properly report when one or more groups
qualifies for a forbidden/required restriction.
- Fixed behaviour of the condition monitors to properly be checked and unchecked.
- Fixed behaviour of basic lifestyles to properly manage base-only multipliers.
- Converted UpdateCharacterInfo to be triggered by Application.Idle. This should
reduce some latency caused by loading components of the interface, at the cost of a
slightly deferred update of character details. In practice this should not be
noticable under standard operating conditions.
- Fixed unused translation strings in the Armour, Weapon and Priority selection
- Fixed an issue when selecting the Aware priority type that prevented it from
properly receiving the correct skill bonus.
- HMHVV Strain II and III characters can now properly improve their Magic rating
and should suffer the appropriate Magic penalty if taken in career mode.
- Implemented an ImprovementType to support replacing your base movement speed
entirely, used for the Satyr Legs quality.
- Converted the save formats for decimal and integer values to not use the local
culture. This should prevent issues with decimals not saving in a safe manner for
non-English users.
- Updated the Build Summary tab to properly show the spell limits in create mode.
Fixes #1662
- Implemented the Free Spell bonus type for Dedicated Spellslinger.
- Fixed behaviour of the Draconic Tradition when printing it to not cause a crash.
- Fixed behaviour of the Select Mentor Spirit window to not rely on names. Fixes an
issue with the duplicate Oak mentors.
- Cleaned up some minor issues with the Select Vehicle Mod window.
- Added a SourceID to Vehicles.
- Fixed display of attribute Value to not include metatype minimum multiple times
- Implemented the Mentor's Mask from Forbidden Arcana, accessed through the Select
Mentor Spirit window. Existing characters should remove and re-add the quality to
choose this property.
- Added missing dice and multipliers for basic lifestyles. Existing characters
should open any current lifestyles in order to refresh the values.
- Implemented the AddSpell improvement type for the Alchemical Armorer quality.
- Fixed an issue with cyberware decreasing to Rating 0 in create mode.
- Fixed a legacy issue in which an attribute's Base value also included the
Metatype Minimum value.
- Changed the way Cyber-/Bioware Requirements are implemented.
- Implemented a selectcyberware improvement for use by the Soft Nanohive cyberware.
- Fixed behaviour of contact control to properly manage Family and Blackmail
settings between Save/Load.
- Fixed support for AIs adding cyberware to vehicles.
- Added the ability to add the Underbarrel weapons from Hard Targets to other
weapons via the Add Underbarrel Weapon menu option.
- Fixed an issue with vehicle fire modes not being enabled when using languages
other than English.
- Fixed a crash when attempting to add mods to a vehicle in carer mode.
- Hid the option to create spells, as it's not supported in 5e.
- Fixed ordering behaviour that prevented qualities that don't contribute to your
limit from being taken if the quality's karma would go over the quality limit.
- Fixed an issue in which French language clients would crash while loading their
magic tradition.
- Improved create method for qualities to properly use the ContributeToLimit field.
- Fixed an issue with loading characters that would cause all equipment to become
- Removed Omae character sheets if Omae is not enabled in the Options menu.
- Fixed a version check issue that caused non-release builds to think characters
were created in 0.0.
- Fixed behaviour of the house rule to have Essence Loss only reduce your Maximum
attribute value.
- Removed the character property OverrideSpecialAttributeEssenceLoss as it's
redundant in 5E.
- Fixed behaviour of update method to not mangle filenames with non-English accent
- Fixed cost discount for Dedicated Spellslinger when using the Aspected Magician
- Fixed cost calculation of Dedicated Spellslinger to apply to all spells.
- Dedicates Spellslinger now properly provides free spells based on your
Spellcasting skill.
- Fixed implementations of FreeSpellsATT and FreeSpellsSkill improvements to not
require updating the improvements manually.
- Adept powers created before the powers refresh will now properly add the relevant
bonus node for the adept way discount.
- Adept powers now store the source id for use in searching and such.
- Fixed rounding behaviour when using cyberlimbs to use Ceiling instead of Floor.
- Implemented support for knowledge skills in the selectskill improvement. Supports
the Death Mentor Spirit.
- Crash reporter now creates a text file on the desktop, making recovery of
submitted Crash-IDs easy.
- Exposed original English names and categories to the Print Methods for Qualities,
Spirits, Spells, Metamagics, Arts, Enhancements, Complex Forms, Martial Arts, Limit
Modifiers and Critter Powers.
- Added missing adept way discount for the Traceless Walk and Improves Reflexes
- Fixed an incorrect skill linked to the Racing Bike PACK that caused a crash.
- Character sheets are now loaded by a manifest file (sheets.xml) stored in the
data directory. This file follows the same restrictions and usage as other data
files, so use custom_sheets.xml for custom content.
- This allows for ensuring the use of characters that can't be reliably read by
Chummer's updater process, and provides some room in the future for credits,
instructions for use, etc.
- Fixed a crash when selecting spells with a positive Drain value and pre-existing
modifiers from improvements.
- Fixed a crash when selecting the Implant Medic cyberware.
- Fixed removing Metatype qualities to work properly in create mode.
- Fixed display of Extra value for Critter Powers that don't have a bonus or

Data Changes:

- Fixed qualities.xml node layout to properly reflect XSD structure. Fixed issues
with qualities that would not show up due to a lack of category.
- Refactored XSDs to use a common conditions.xsd file in order to prevent incorrect
data entry.
- Fixed a typo in the Giger Spit spell.
- Fixed incorrect requirements for spells that require Initiate Arts.
- Fixed missing quality requirements/restrictions for the Apprentice quality.
- The Athlete's Way can now properly allow discounting the Skate power.
- Added missing bonuses for the Raven (Alt) Mentor Spirit.
- Fixed the drain attributes for the Red Magic tradition.
- Fixed the movement modification of the Satyr quality.
- Fixed a typo in the Spells template for character sheets that made Rituals show
up as an Unknown category.
- Fixed issues with the Holy Text and Death mentor spirits that prevented them from
being added.
- Added Content from 'State of the Art ADL' and its german translation (excluding
critters and life modules).
- Removed a redundant selecttext improvement for the Hard Nanohive cyberware.
- Cyberwares with Capacity can now install the Hard Nanohive in the Nanocybernetics
- Fixed the Attribute Boost power to be selectable up to four times.
- Fixed one of the requirements for the Imbue Item spell that caused a crash.
- Added Translations for the Improved Reflexes Power after the Power Update.
- Added Underbarrel Weapons from Hard Targets as weapons. Set the Underbarrel
Weapon accessories to Hidden.
- Hard Nanohives can now add Hard Nanoware as a gear item to themselves.
- Removed the Latent Source property from qualities, as it's redundant in 5E.
- Qualities now add notoriety, per SR5 368.
- Implemented the Death Mentor Spirit.
- Updated incorrect modifications for the Dodge General Trailer
- Added missing special equipment mod entries to vehicles from R5.
- Fixed behaviour of the Satyr Legs quality and Flight critter power to properly
provide movement speed increases.
- Removed Uneducated from the Naga metasapient. Sorry sneks, not sure how that
crept in there.
- Adepts with the Adept Spell power can now take the Focused Concentration quality.
- Implemented content from The Complete Trog. NB: Black Forest Native doesn't
provide the skill bonus, Community Connection doesn't provide the housing cost
discount, and Nasty Trog/Trog Leader don't have conditionals for their skill bonus
so always apply.
- Added missing bonuses for the special tires from Rigger 5.0.
- Fixed cost formula for Handling Enhancement.

New Strings:

- String_Metatype
- String_Metavariant
- String_MartialArt
- String_SpellCategory
- String_Tradition
- String_DamageResistance
- String_Quality
- Label_SummaryRituals
- Label_SummaryPreparations

Build 193

Application Changes:

- Tweaked the KnowledgeSkill control to provide autocomplete in the skill textbox.

- Fixed the AttributeLevel improvement to work properly for improvements that
provide a choice. Fixes the Drifter and Celebrity Life Modules.
- Fixed behaviour of the Select Vehicle Mod window to prevent a crash caused by
invalid Ratings.
- Fixed TotalCost of cyberware to properly account for gear that is connected to a
child of other cyberware.
- Fixed behaviour of the houserule to treat metatype minimums as 1 for Karma costs.
- Fixed an issue that prevented knowledge skills from selecting their proper
default attribute.
- Fixed the behaviour of spirits for mystic adepts to not have their force based on
power points.
- Added code to prevent attempting to load or save a character with invalid XML.
- AddWeapon and AddVehicle bonuses can now use the GUID of the weapon they're
adding instead of relying on the name.
- Cleaned up the Cyberware selection window to process Availability properly.
- Fixed behaviour of selecting vehicle weapons to not leave weapon-related buttons
and labels active when a weapon is not selected.
- Fixed behaviour of removing cyberware that consumes Capacity from parent
cyberware in career mode (Prevents Essence Hole creation)
- Added a warning when using the Enforce Capacity option while selecting Cyberware.
- Fixed interaction with the additional Essence discount numericupdown and
discounts from things like Biocompatibility.
- Fixed behaviour of weapon Damage to properly show damage values for weapons like
flashbang grenades.
- Added code to remove the need for different versions of the Armor mod for Drones
based on Availability.
- If a character has the Ambidextrous improvement from cyberware or qualities,
their handedness/dominant hand will not be shown as such on the Character Info tab.
- Fixed a Bug where Chummer would show 0 Availability on every weapon without F or
R Availability.
- Fixed a crash caused by deleting root-level nodes on the Character Roster window.
- Refactored RequirementsMet code to be more consitent in approach and behave in a
similar manner to AddImprovementCollection. Some weird behaviour may crop up from
this, but initial testing seems okay.
- Fixed an issue with naming armour objects in career mode.
- Fixed behaviour of the main Chummer window to not launch on disconnected
- Altered the formula for Essence calculations to effectively provide -0.1 per
reductive source. Seems to be correct per Word of Freelancer, but I'm not
particularly happy with it.
- Minor quality of life tweaks to cyberware selection form when changing grades.
- Fixed a potential crash from attempting to add plugins to Custom Items.
- Added support for filtering gear based on the requirement to have a specific
- Fixed behaviour of the Watch folder in the Character Roster to load properly if
Watched characters are in the Recent or Sticky list.
- Improved support for Drone Arms and Legs to allow installing cyberware
modifications that consume Capacity.
- Fixed an issue with the house rule to have Metatype Minimums count as 1 for the
purposes of Karma cost.
- Fixed incorrect cost discount of the Submersion Task for Technomancers (20%
instead of 10%).
- Properly removed ineligible Submersion discounts in create mode for
- Fixed an issue with Vehicle Mod category selection that prevented items from
being updated.
- Added a source Label for Magic Traditions.
- Implemented that <doublecareer> tag in data files can prevent doubling quality
cost in Career Mode.

Data Changes:

- Fixed a naming issue with the 2050 Cyberspur weapons that caused a crash.
- Updated de_data.xml with changes by Noraser.
- Removed the Armor Restricted (Drone) and Armor Forbidden (Drone) vehicle
modifications from vehicles.xml as they're now redundant. Existing drones with the
modifications will be unaffected.
- Fixed incorrect prerequisite arts for the Efficient Ritual and Greater Ritual
- Fixed an incorrect bonus applied to the Loup-Garou quality that prevented it from
being added.
- Enabled the Smart Firing Platform weapon accessory to add Autosofts to its gear
- Added content from Forbidden Arcana.
- Added missing Mentor Spirit from Book of the Lost.
- Fixed the specialisation bonus of the LeMat 2072.
- Restored Adapsin to being a set of separate Grades in order to support getting it
at a later point and/or removing it while preserving the previous rating.
- Polychromatic Lenses can now only be added to Contacts.
- Adept Ways no longer cost double in Career Mode.

New Strings:

- Message_FailedLoad
- MessageTitle_FailedLoad
- Message_FailedSave
- MessageTitle_FailedSave
- Message_OverCapacityLimit
- MessageTitle_OverCapacityLimit
- String_Ambidextrous
Changed Strings:

- Label_SelectCyberware_ESSDiscount

Build 192

Application Changes:

- Fixed an issue loading characters with lifestyle qualities that have been
- Added functionality for Working for the People/Man to automatically exchange
Karma for Nuyen.
- Fixed the career mode weapons list stretching outside the visible area.
- Fixed behaviour of the Enable Special Attribute improvement in the Improvement
creation form to work properly.
- Fixed an issue tyhat prevented lifestyle qualities like Extra Secure from
working. Fixes #1506
- Fixed behaviour of the Free checkbox when selecting armour and gear in create
- Fixed an issue with calculation of attributes when using the optional rule to
treat Metatype Attribute Values as 1.
- Added a house rule to spend Karma on Attributes before Priority Points.
- Fixed the rounding behaviour of the MaxArmor property to prevent crashing for
drones with 0 BOD/Armor.
- Fixed an issue with the Stun Condition Monitor that caused it not to update
- Fixed behaviour of custom improvements to refresh Skill Pools on toggle.
- Fixed an issue with the house-rule for cyberleg movement causing the movement
rate to show as 0 if the character has no cyberlegs.
- Fixed an interaction between the Enhanced Accuracy power and multiple instances
of the Exotic weapon skills.
- Fixed an incorrect doubling of costs for modifications attached to Vintage
- Redesigned the Select Armor and Select Weapon forms to make the item browser more
- Fixed behaviour of the ArmorRating attribute to properly account for High-Fashion
Armor Clothing.
- Applied a filter to the JSON Export to properly save files as JSON.
- Added a warning message when loading an XML file if duplicate IDs exist.
- Fixed a stack overflow when selecting vehicle mods.
- When creating a new knowledge skill, the Type combobox will attempt to populate
- Renamed the AdeptLinguistics Improvement to NativeLanguageLimit.

Data Changes:

- Fixed incorrect reach for the Frying Pan and Chair improvised weapons. Fixes
- Fixed incorrect bonuses for the Dracoform qualities that prevented them from
being added.
- Fixed incorrect costing for the Workshop vehicle modfication.
- Restored missing Physical Active group to the Improved Ability power.
- Fixed incorrect requirement filtering for the Nosferatu quality.
- Fixed an incorrect Category for the Dracoform Mastery power that prevented it
from being shown.
- Fixed missing specialisations for several throwing weapons.
- Removed duplicate GUIDs for a lot of items. This should not have any noticeable
effect if you already have the item, but if you notice odd behaviour please remove
and re-add the object:
- Lifestyle Qualities
- Cramped Workshop/Facility
- Bioware
- Severe Biosculpting Modification
- Books
- Data Trails (Dissonant Echoes)
- Shadowrun 2050 (5th Edition)<
- Critter Powers
- Vestigial Wings
- Underwater Adapation
- Magical Flight
- Cyberware
- Remote Cyberhand
- Gear
- Detonator, Blasting Cap
- Smartsoft
- AR Nails
- Ultrasound (Sensor Function)
- Nova Scorpion Venom
- Cyberdeck Form Factor, Non-Standard
- Grenade: Shock (2050)
- Powers
- Commanding Voice
- Qualities
- Infected: Dzoo-Noo-Qua
- Pilot Origins (Rating 1)
- Easily Exploitable
- Real World Naiveté
- One of Them
- Impassive
- Faceless
- Chaser
- Dealer Connection
- Grease Monkey
- Speed Demon
- Stunt Driver
- Accident Prone
- Motion Sickness
- Too Much Data
- Skills
- Alchemy
- Drones
- Fashion Design
- Mathematics
- Tir Military Vehicles
- Foster System
- Lone Star Procedures
- Vehicles
- Ares Garuda
- Clockwork Greyhound
- Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit (2050)
- Handling Downgrade (Drone)
- Speed Downngrade (Drone)
- Acceleration Downgrade (Drone)
- Body Downgrade (Drone)
- Sensor Downgrade (Drone)
- Weapons
- Stun Dongle
- Bite (Naga)
- Junkyard Jaw
- Claws (Bio-Weapon)
- Retractable Claws (Bio-Weapon)
- Electrical Discharge
- Fangs (Bio-Weapon)
- Horns (Bio-Weapon)
- Large Stinger
- Medium Stinger
- Horns (Bio-Weapon)
- Large Tusk(s)
- Raptor Foot
- Grapple Fist
- Uzi III (2050)
- Corrected insect spirit naming conventions to resolve a crash when selecting the
Insect Shaman tradition
- Fixed the weapon mount categories for the Heavy Weapon Mount
- Added content from Book of the Lost (2 Mentor Spirits, 1 Commlink)
- Renamed the Cyclopean metavariant to Cyclops. Existing character should rename
themselves properly.
- Removed ReplaceAttribute bonuses for the various dracoforms that caused an
override of Magic attributes.
- Removed ReplaceAttribute bonuses for the various dracoforms that caused an
override of Magic attributes. Fixes #1516
- Updated the State University/Medicine life module to remove the Biotechnology
skill and increase the Biotech skill group, per errata.
- Updated the Street Magic/Street Mage life module to move 1 point in Conjuring
into Sorcery.
- Renamed the Cyclopean Metavariant to the Cyclops.
- Updated the Movement speed for the Naga metatype.
- Increased the Lifestyle Cost for the Centaur metatype.
- Altered the selecttext for the Bandersnatch quality's dietary requirement to
Metathuman Flesh.
- Increase the karma cost of the Gnawer quality to 35 and added the Animal Control
(Vermin) power.
- Fixed an incorrect bonus type for the monotip arrowhead that prevented it from
being added.

New Strings:

- String_CannotFindLifestyleQuality
- Checkbox_Spirit_Fettered
- String_ExpenseFetteredSpirit
- Checkbox_Options_ReverseAttributePriorityOrder
- Title_ListView
- Title_Browse
- Checkbox_Option_HideItemsOverAvailLimit

- Added the NativeLanguageLimit improvement bonus to the Linguistics Power and

Bilingual Quality.

New Strings:

- String_PowerFilterAll
- Power_SortAction
- String_PowerFilterRatingAboveZero
- String_PowerFilterRatingZero
Build 191
Application Changes:

- Fixed an issue with Restricted Gear not correctly applying to weapons with
- Fixed an issue with the Sensor (Drone) vehicle modification that caused a crash.
- Removed the controls for creating Stacked Foci, as their rules aren't currently
in SR5.
- Refactored some Lifestyle calculations and properties to not read from XML;
created a shim to save these values into the lifestyle and assosicated qualities
during the load process for old characters.
- Removed the ability to add Roommates to a lifestyle that's allocated as a Trust
Fund lifestyle. This will not affect existing characters.
- Added reminder text to the LP and Cost labels for Lifestyle qualities to indicate
whether a quality is Free from something or other (Usually just the Free checkbox)
- Per errata for Run Faster, the following changes have been made:
- The default value for maximum Nuyen -> Karma conversion in Point Buy is now
235. Existing characters in create mode will need to use the Change Build Method
menu option in the Special menu.
- Point Buy and Life Modules now benefit from free Knowledge Points and Contact
Points. Due to this, the optional rules enabling these options have been removed.
- Fixed an issue with moving Changelings into career mode.
- Brought all projects to the same, .NET 4.5.2 target sku.
- Fixed an issue where changing selections in Priority or Sum-to-Ten mode would
unnecessarily reset the selected values for talents and skills within talents.
- Made a mass attempt to remove unconditional try-catch blocks because they make
debugging a pain and are slower if they can be replaced by a simple conditional.
- Updated the program's icon with 128x128 and 256x256 versions.
- Introduced extra helper functions for options retrieval from registry values and
for fast fetching of certain variable types from XML nodes.
- Added a house rule where priority points for spells on Mystic Adepts can also be
used to gain power points.
- Added an option to allow live updating of custom data from the customdata
directory. Enabling this option allows the program to load custom data from the
customdata directory in a way identical that actually does not reset cached copies,
but it increases load times significantly.
- Fixed a bug where cancelling the option saving confirmation message would still
save options.
- Made performance improvements, thanks primarily to static code analysis, mainly
to the load speed of characters and the skills tab (load times reduced by ca. 10-
20% depending on the screen/tab).
- Fixed a crash related to loading characters with no mugshots.
- Fixed the bug where flipping through mugshots in career mode would change the
default mugshot.
- Updated the Updated control with code tweaks and separate buttons for downloading
the latest version and installing it (the latter restarts the program).
- Unified controls for the Most Recently Used characters lists and optimized some
of the code behind maintaining them.
- Fixed Chummer5 updater not actually updating properly for many systems.
- Unified Attribute handling for characters into a dictionary.
- Increased use of static functions for increased portability and performance.
- Removed attributes and controls that were holdovers from SR4e (e.g. Response,
Signal, Initiative as a separate attribute, etc.).
- Fixed multiple minor possible crashes if data was entered in an incorrect format.
- Removed some 4e references to Mystic Adepts having to split their magic between
being an Adept and a Magician. Fixed some weird behaviour with Spirit Force
maximums related to this.
- Fixed some issues related to localized number formats.
- Added a basic Autosave feature to save backup files to the saves\autosave folder.
By default this will save every five minutes, if the character is 'dirty', ie has
had non-saved changes made.
- Removed redundant code that caused duplication of costs for Advanced Lifestyle
- Essence costs are now properly displayed in all forms using both the computer's
localisation and rounded to the decimal points set in the options menu.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the creation of metavariant critters.
- Suppressed a crash when attempting to load characters marked as UTF-16 Encoded.
- Fixed problems related to the calculation of lifestyle quality costs for advanced
- Added the ability for life module 'versions' to be filtered based on their
source. Specifically, this hides the Trade School Shop version of Community College
in Rigger 5 if you don't have the book enabled.
- Fixed a logic issue with the skillgrouplevel improvement that prevented the value
from defaulting to 1.
- Added the ability for critters to receive skill groups when created.
- Altered the Availability Check method when moving to Career mode to show the item
that Restricted Gear was used on, if any.
- Fixed the behaviour of FixedValues on the SelectCyberware form to work with
career mode markups.
- Fixed the basic lifestyle form to properly populate the names.
- Fixed possible crashes caused by critters, metavariants, or metatypes not
properly having all attributes defined.
- Fixed cases where Essence loss would affect Depth rating in Career mode.
- Fixed possible crash caused by changing to a metatype without a Depth rating.
- Lifestyle Qualities now cache their source tooltip
- Basic quality of life improvements in the Advanced Lifestyle window, such as
indications for built-in qualities, displaying if a quality's cost is discounted by
the lifestyle type, and disabled the delete button for free qualities.
- Fixed behaviour of the critter creator to properly handle knowledge skills. Fixes
- Added method (selectquality) to provide Prototype Transhuman with the required
- Renamed the print strings matrixinit, matrixinitdice and matrixinitvalues to
matrixarinit, matrixarinitdice and matrixarinitvalue, respectively.
- Added the PrimaryArm character attribute to the
- Altered the houserule 'Knucks Use Unarmed Combat Bonuses' to apply to any weapon
that uses the Unarmed Combat skill. The houserule has been renamed and will be
disabled by default. Please note that this currently effects ALL weapons that are
in that category; exclusion for weapons like Shock Gloves will come in a later
- Fixed behaviour of Lifestyle Names to properly show the name of the lifestyle
type and the given lifestyle name.
- UI Improvement: Control-clicking on a TreeNode will cause the node to expand or
collapse all the treenodes below it.
- Added a ConditionMonitor property to vehicle mods, used for Drone Arm
ConditionMonitor improvements. Vehicles with existing drone arms will need to have
the arms removed and replaced.
- Fixed a bug causing qualities that discount knowledge point costs to also apply
the discount to levels obtained with karma. Added a new house rule that re-enables
this behavior.
- Selecting a skill specialization with no points spent in the skill automatically
checks the "buy specialization with karma" box.
- Fixed an issue with the cost calculation for knowledge skills in career mode with
Jack of All Trades.
- Refactored the Tradition drain logic to be consolidated into a single method,
shared between technomancers and magicians in career and create.
- Added technomancer drain attribute calculation.
Data Changes:

- Removed incorrect (per RAW) Distinctive Style qualities for the Dwarf
- Applied missing lifestyle cost increases for the Dwarf metavariants.
- Fixed a crash when selecting the Pirate Captain and Urban Brawler Life Modules.
- Fixed the Capacity of the Directional Microphone Sensor Function to be based on
- Fixed the Addon Category of the Bug Promotional Pen to be Sensors, instead of
Sensor Functions.
- Corrected the allowed subsystems for the Chemical Gland bioware.
- Per errata for Run Faster, the following changes have been made:
- The Infected: Banshee quality's CHA minimum has been set to 3, instead of 1.
- Nartaki and Wakyambi have had their EDG values updated to match their
metatype. 2/7 and 1/6, respectively.
- The Private Investigator/Detective Life Module has In Debt V instead of
Sinner (National). Note that you will need to remove the Life Module and re-add it
for this to take effect for existing characters.
- Added SINner (National) to the Tour of Duty (NAN) and Tour of Duty (Tir
Tairngire) Life Modules. Note that you will need to remove the Life Module and re-
add it for this to take effect for existing characters.
- Removed Cost and Availability from the Pistol and Rifle Butt Improved Weapons.
- Fixed the Ares Briefcase Shield not properly adding an entry in the weapons list.
- Fixed various arrow types from Run and Gun not properly applying their weapon
stat modifications.
- Fixed in incorrect ESS cost for the Stirrup Interface cyberware.
- Remote Cyberhand cyberware now adds a Remote Cyberhand drone, similar to the
Ocular Drone.
- Fixed incorrect useskill settings for several exotic weapons.
- Fixed cost discount syntax for the Wendigo and Mutaqua qualities.
- Added a missing metagenic flag for the Greasy Skin quality.
- Removed Undeducated quality from Centaurs, per undocumented Run Faster changes.
- Fixed incorrect pricing for the Lion's Roar cologne.
- Added missing Road Strips from Rigger 5.0.
- Added a choice between BioCompatibility (Cyberware) and BioCompatibility
(Bioware) to the Test Subject life module.
- Added Spell Resistance improvement type to qualities and powers that required it.
Characters with the Spell Resistance power, Magic Resistance or Arcane Arrester
qualities should use the Reapply Improvements menu option to gain these bonuses.
- Localised all references to d6 in tooltips and such.

New Strings:

- Checkbox_Option_PrioritySpellsAsAdeptPowers
- Checkbox_Options_Live_CustomData
- Label_SelectAdvancedLifestyle_UnusedLP
- String_LifestyleFreeNuyen
- Message_SelectQuality_RequireESSBelow
- Message_SelectQuality_RequireESSAbove
- Message_SelectQuality_RequireESSGradeBelow
- Message_SelectQuality_RequireESSGradeAbove
- Tip_OptionsUnarmedSkillImprovements
- Checkbox_Options_UnarmedSkillImprovements
- Checkbox_Option_EducationQualitiesApplyOnChargenKarma

Changed Strings:

- Message_NoExtraKarma
Changes Sheets:

- Removed a sort for Expanses that caused incorrect sorting behaviour in 'Shadowrun
5' sheets.
- Added/replaced translated character sheets, created by Lochabar.

Build 190

Application Changes:

- Fixed an issue with the Spirit Control that prevented all spirits from being
- Fixed an issue with Vehicle Mod pricing for drones with 0 BOD being charged as
though their body was 2, rather than 0.5.
- Fixed missing Karma summaries for skills in Create Mode.
- Fixed an issue with Custom magical traditions.
- Fixed an issue with creating an Ally Spirit. Fixes #1308.
- Added logic to suppress some warnings about missing books for objects that don't
have a Source entry.
- Suppressed an error when rendering the skills display.
- Fixed the configuration of the discountcost quality node to properly work for
negative qualities and allow selecting Adept Powers for discounts.
- Fixed an issue with searching for qualities using both the text and numerical
- Fixed a calculation issue with Armour Encumbrance that prevented Custom Fit
(Stack) items from counting properly.
- Added support for critter powers to cost karma.
- Renaming an item will now prepopulate the current name.
- Added proper quantity listings for child items attached to gear, such as ammo in
a duffel bag.
- Fixed an issue with checking character quality limits in Karmagen.
- Altered the LanguageManager GetString method to return the key string in case of
failure. Should assist with troubleshooting language faults without causing hard
- Added a dropdown on the Character Info tab to set your character's left/right-
- Added the ability for characters to have multiple mugshots.
- Fixed an issue where integrated cyberware/bioware subsystems and the field to
determine what subsystems can be added used the same set of XML tags. This also re-
allows cyberware and bioware to come with integrated subsystems.
- Added the ability for cyberware/bioware to derive attributes from its children.
- Added the ability for cyberlimbs to count as more than one slot (e.g. liminal
body counts as two slots for Legs).
- Corrected handling of Redliner for Liminal Body, especially Liminal Body Centaur.
- Fixed an issue where the cost of cyberware/bioware grandchildren subsystems had
their costs ignored.
- Added code to prevent a crash if the PDF application/web browser has not been
- Fixed an issue with Depth not updating properly when changing to and/or from a
Depth-enabled metatype.
- Fixed the metatype cost label in the sidebar not updating properly when loading
characters with non-karma build methods and creating characters in life module
build methods.
- Fixed an issue with some Depth-linked improvements not being handled properly.
- Improvements now have a "target" member string.
- Optimized the improvement removal code for size, readability, and portability.
- Fixed the improvement for swapping the attributes of a skill. The results of such
an improvement show up in the skill's dice tooltip.
- Added an improvement for the swapping of attributes of a skill for a particular
specialization. The results of such an improvement show up in the skill's dice
- Corrected the Condition Monitors of vehicles to use modified values for Body and
Device Rating instead of only base values.
- Corrected the Speed and Handling of vehicles to use modified values for Body
instead of only base values.
- Corrected the Device Rating of vehicles to be generated from Pilot rating instead
of a base value of 3.
- Optimized away some leftovers from SR4a that were taking up CPU time and lines.
- Performed minor speed optimizations related to rounding of integer division
- Fixed a crash when creating a piece of cyberware at a rating above its maximum or
below its minimum.
- Fixed some validation issues when moving a character to career mode if they own
items that have built-in accessories or mods that exceed the availability limit.
- Fixed the behaviour of the Knowledge Skill custom Improvement type to properly
load existing knowledge skills.
- Changed the VehicleMod class to properly have a Parent Vehicle for modding
purposes. In practical terms, this prevents an issue with Drone Attribute
modifications not having their minimum rating set to Attribute +1.
- Fixed the behaviour of the SelectSkill improvement to allow filtering based on
multiple categories. Properly filters the behaviour of the Improved Ability power
to not show Magical Active skills.
- Added a proof-of-concept Print-to-PDF functionality into the Print window. TODO:
Progress bar for saving, configurable options for margins and such.
- Fixed an error that caused missing custom books to not show their code if the
book was not found.
- Increased functionality for the Export Window; there is now a window shown that
contains the exported text. You can copy this text directly into wherever you need
to export it, rather than saving the file and exporting.
- Suppressed a crash if a character is printed that has an Exotic weapon but does
not have the relevant skill for that weapon.

Data Changes:

- Added missing SpellCategory improvements for the various Spellcasting foci.

- Altered the Sense Link critter/spirit power to properly refer to SR5 instead of
Street Magic.
- Added missing Depth minimums for all critters.
- Corrected missing Capacity for the Sensor Collar from Howling Shadows.
- Corrected machine pistols and submachineguns to not have Under mounts.
- Added a missing detonator cap gear item.
- Added missing restrictions for the Vampire and Sukuyan infected qualities.
- Re-added the Headware category to all cyberlimbs, per RAW.
- Removed the Radar Sensor gear item, as there's no RAW that Radar is a valid
Sensor Function in 5th Edition.
- Corrected issues with the sourcebooks of the Keratin Control and Living Focus
- Allowed Partial Cyberskull to receive the same cyberware subsystems as a full
- Liminal Body Centaur now comes with four full cyberlegs.
- Fixed the Dual-Natured critter power to provide access to Assensing.
- Fixed incorrect cost discount for the Astral Hazing quality.
- Vintage quality now properly doubles accessory cost and is mutually exclusive
with electronic accessories.
- Peak-Discharge Battery Packs no longer appear in the list of available
accessories for weapons that cannot use them.
- Added an item for an Optical Imaging Scope, just like how there is one for
Optical Binoculars in the gear section.
- Improved Range Finder now properly requires a Smartgun accessory.
- Corrected Ammo Drone to come standard with a rating 2 Maneuvering Autosoft.
- Added a vehicle mod for the illegal Reloading Drone autosoft for reloading
forbidden weapons that costs 250.
- Added an entry for a Smart Wig with an integrated Trode Net that costs 100 extra.
- Added an improvement for the Intimidation limit bonus for Voice Warper.
- Master Debater and Empathic Listener now have their effects represented in skill
dice pool tooltips.
- Cybereyes and cyberears now come standard with Image Link and Sound Link
- Validated critters.xml against XSD style template, fixed an issue that caused
sprites to not load.
- Fixed the ability for cyberlimbs to install Cosmetic Cyberware.
- Fixed missing Capacity values for LED Tattoos.
- Fixed an incorrect book and page reference for the Great Mother mentor spirit.
- Fixed page references for the AI metatype and variants.
- Added an additional Export method for the JSON format; this is intended to
support integration with the Roll20 character sheet created by Darkxryo on Reddit's
/r/Shadowrun. For further details, please see this link:
- Added support for using HTML in tooltips. Currently only supported on labels, so
not accessible by most user content yet.

Custom Content Additions:

- Added the Radar Sensor gear item into an optional file called
custom_radarsensorfunction_gear.xml, as there's no RAW that Radar is a valid Sensor
Function in 5th Edition. Copy into the Data folder to use this.
- Added an override file for preventing cyberlimbs from having Headware, called
override_cyberlimbheadware_cyberware.xml. Copy into the Data folder to use this.

Sheet Changes:

- Added proper quantity listings for child items attached to gear in the basic
Shadowrun character sheets.
- Added a section to the basic Shadowrun and Fancy Blocks character sheets for
additional mugshots.

New Strings:

- String_SkillFilterNoSkillGroup
- String_SkillFilterBrokenSkillGroup
- String_ExpensePurchaseCritterPower
- Label_Handedness
- Label_MugshotDimensions
- Label_InitiativeDice

Changed Strings:

- Label_OtherIP

Build 189

Application Changes:

- Fixed an issue caused by missing Depth values for certain metatypes.

- Fixed an issue with default specialisations not translating properly.
- Fixed an issue that caused drones using the modification rules from Rigger 5 to
lose their Armour Rating.
- Fixed an issue with priority selection that prevented magically active characters
from selecting Arcana as a bonus.
- Fixed an issue with printing skills not correctly showing translated strings.
- Added a metatype filter for selecting cyberware that will prevent Pixies from
taking Customised Strength on their cyberlimbs, as it breaks everything awfully.
- Fixed an issue with Spell Defence Tooltips.
- Fixed behaviour of the Change Priority Selection menu to properly preserve
metavariant settings.
- Made minor performance improvements to the Select Gear screen.
- Added a dedicated class, screen tab, character sheet boxes, option menu entries,
a bunch of extra helper functions, and supplements to existing methods to handle AI
programs and advanced programs.
- Corrected the karma cost for increasing Depth rating to 10 + (new rating x 5)
from (new rating x5).
- Fixed an oversight where reducing essence would also lower Depth.
- Added the ability for Talents priorities to forbid or require a specific talent
entry by selected metatype, metatype category, and/or metavariant.
- Added the ability to create AIs with priority generation.
- Corrected a bug where critter Matrix entities would not have their physical
attribute maximums forced to 0.
- Matrix entities can now only add Essence Hole and Essence Antihole cyberware, and
cannot add any other type of 'ware.
- Added the ability for any metatype or critter to use the quality restrictions
system that is used for AIs.
- The Priority selection screen will now display the selected metatype qualities if
no metavarient is selected.
- The MainController class now inherits the CharacterShared class.
- Added the ability for an improvement to remove the cyberware tab through the
disabletab bonus (currently unused).
- Added the ability for an improvement to add an AI program.
- Added the ability for an improvement to add either a Common Program or a Hacking
Program as an AI program.
- Added the ability for a metatype to receive only half points from attribute
- Added the enableattribute, replaceattribute, enabletab, cyberseeker,
blockskillgroupdefaulting, attributelevel, skilllevel, knowsoft and specificpower
to the Custom Improvement Manager.
- Fixed an issue in which vehicles and weapons in creation mode wouldn't properly
be marked as free. if selected to do so.
- Removed a segment of code from the attribute load method that caused MAG burnouts
to load their base value from karma for some reason.
- Added a reminder to the knowledge skills section that custom skills and
specializations can always be written in.
- Implemented Drone Attribute Downgrades.
- Fixed an issue in which skill group points would not populate properly on load
for life modules.
- Added display logic to show how many slots a given vehicle mod will consume.
- Fixed a bug where Handling Downgrade would increase OffroadHandling instead of
- Fixed a Bug where Off-Road Suspension wouldn't increase OffroadHandling.
- Added missing qualities allowed for A.I.s.
- Restricted Quality search for A.I. characters to qualities allowed for A.I.s.
- Added automatic typo correction for the Corrupter quality.
- Fixed a bug, where Chummer would crash when adding an AI program with a different
category selected.
- Fixed a bug, where Karma costs for Ai programs weren't saved.
- Gave all advanced AI programs unique UUIDs instead of all sharing one with the
browse common program.
- Added a new operation to XML node filtering, "exists", which simply checks
whether a specific node exists.
- Using Swap Quality in Career Mode now allows the use of the Don't Double
Purchase/Refund optional rules for qualities.
- Basic lifestyle qualities are now filtered based on selected books.
- Added filter and sort options for knowledge skills.
- Added some logic to prevent crashes if the Character Roster watch folder is
- Added drag-drop functionality to the character roster to enable more easily
marking a character as a favourite.
- Fixed an issue with life modules not properly adding qualities.
- Fixed vehicle mod cost modifiers not being taken into account in Create mode.
- Slighlty increased performance and portability for code related to vehicle mod
- Added a new lifestyle quality enum for Contracts and added handling code of
lifestyle qualities of this enum.
- Fixed a bug where non-Contract lifestyle qualities with a flat cost (e.g. Special
Work Area) would not have their costs affected by cost multipliers (note: Extra
Secure is the only multiplier that does not affect asset costs, as it is explicitly
stated so in Run Faster).
- Fixed issues related to Trust Fund covering the incorrect amount of lifestyle
costs in certain scenarios involving multipliers.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the last knowledgskill in the Skills tab from being
- Added an optional rule to allow martial arts to automatically grant a free
- Implemented maximum Attributes for drones.
- Added optional rule for using the maximum drone attribute rule for Pilot.
- Variable costs are now properly supported on Armor Mods, Weapons, and Weapon
- Added the ability for a lifestyle quality to only modify the base cost of the
lifestyle, i.e. the cost without extra entertainment assets, instead of the extra
asset costs factored in.
- Fixed a bug, where Chummer would crash when trying to add a Lifestyle quality to
an advanced lifestyle on an A.I. character.
- Added the ability to add contacts via improvements that are not read-only at
character generation.
- Gear can now have a cost based on the total cost of its children.
- Modified the Commlink class so that it always executes the methods of its parent
Gear class in its overriden methods wherever applicable (greatly improves code
portability, as any changes to Gear's methods will be used by Commlink's methods).
- Fixed a crash caused by searching for a weapon to attach to a vehicle weapon
- Corrected A.I. quality restrictions.
Data Changes:

- Added several cosmetic standard upgrades to vehicles from Rigger 5.0.

- Fixed default specialisations for the Small Unit Tactics skills.
- Fixed the ability for Pixies to receive the Assensing skill without requiring a
quality like Magician.
- Corrected the name of the Decryption and Crash hacking programs from Decrypt and
- Separated Autosofts into the different types detailed in the core rulebook and
Rigger 5.0 instead of having them all covered under one entry.
- Corrected the identification of complex forms for some character sheets.
- Reconfigured programs.xml to be used for AI programs and advanced programs
instead of SR4 complex forms.
- Fixed Exceptional Entity; its "no limit on X attribute" is implemented by
increasing the maximum value of that attribute by 100 (hacky, but it works).
- Corrected Persnickety Renter to have a text field where the home device type for
the quality can be specified.
- Added AI quality restrictions to the protosapient critter entries.
- Added entries for the AI programs and advanced programs that protosapient
critters come with by default.
- Removed the duplicate entry for the Chatty quality.
- Updated Inherent Program quality so that it allows the player to choose a program
from a list rather than type one in.
- Updated Fragmentation quality so that it allows the player to specify the
negative psychological quality that it exhibits.
- Fixed an issue with the Santeria and Obeah traditions from Hard Targets.
- Altered the naming convention for traditions.xml to explicitly refer to the
spirit type instead of using array enumeration to figure out what they're supposed
to be.
- Added added MCT Roto-Drone with new stats from german Rigger 5.0
- Added Expanded Ammunition Bay Weapon Mount addons.
- Removed duplicate entries for the Corporation: Ares Macrotechnology and Shadow
Community knowledge skills.
- Added entries for the following languages based on Run Faster: Yiddish,
Athabaskan, Anishinaabe, Iroquoian, Eskimo-Aleut, Uto-Aztecan, Zuni, Salish,
Tlingit, and Tsimshianic.
- Corrected all Corporate knowledge skills to Academic, as per Run Faster.
- Corrected Military knowledge skill to Professional, as per core rulebook and Run
- Added entries for the following knowledge skills from Run Faster: Farming, Foster
System, Critters, Strategy, DIY, Mechanics, Fashion Design (the Professional
version of Fashion), Crook Hangouts, Administration, Magical Law, Drones (removed
the spec from Vehicles), Law Enforcement Procedures (separate from Security
Procedures), Lone Star Procedures, Codes, Black Markets, National Threats,
Government Procedures, Security Procedures, Smuggler Safehouses, Smuggler Routes,
Blade Design, Gun Trivia, Magical Theory (Street), Magical Security, Megacorp Law
(Street), Charity Shelters, Alchemy (Professional), Telesma, Foreign Military, NAN
Military, Peacekeepers, Military Vehicles, Tir Military Vehicles, Matrix Threats,
Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Journalism.
- Fixed incorrect references to the Pilot Anthroform skill.
- Fixed missing skill bonuses for the High School life module.
- Fixed weapon mods with useskill-reliant filtering not working for weapons without
a useskill tag, but whose weapon category would be covered by the skill specified
in useskill.
- Fixed most Improvised Weapons using the Exotic Melee Weapon skill instead of the
Clubs or Blades skills (Blades for weapons that can only be used by stabbing), and
also fixed the Hammer/Sledgehammer and Pool Cue improvised weapons not being
eligible for the Hammers and Staves specializations respectively within Clubs.
- Implemented the Latent Dracomorphosis quality from Howling Shadows. This is
achieved by using the Swap Quality function in Career Mode.
- Added an underbarrel grenade launcher to weapons.xml, and to the Matilda drone.
- Added contact types, knowledge skill specializations, and critters from Hard
- Added entries for Fab Sensor, Fab Sensor Upkeep, Infected: Sukuyan, Corps Cadavre
ritual, Zombie ritual, Máquina Conversion vehicle mod, Dynamic Tension Bow, and
Collapsible Traditional Bow accessory from Hard Targets.
- Added a weapon entry for Stimtouch Hosiery similar to how Grapple Gun adds a
weapon entry.
- Added extra filtering conditions to all Advanced Safety System accessories, Shock
Pad, Concealed Quick-Draw Holster, Trigger Removal, and Smartgun System (both
Internal and External) so that they do show up in even fewer invalid cases.
- Added selection text fields to the following qualities: My Country Right or
Wrong, Scorched, Social Stress, Disgraced, Sensei, Big Regret, Day Job, Driven,
Emotional Attachment, Flashbacks, and Signature. Also added a contact selection
field for Sensei.
- Added content from Cutting Aces.
- Altered the behaviour of martial arts to only grant a free specialization if an
optional rule is enabled.
- Added missing Active Skill specializations based on SR4a20th and rules for
specializing for specific actions.
- Added knowledge skills and knowledge skill specializations based on Market Panic
and Chrome Flesh.
- Fixed Accessories for the new Cutting Aces Weapons.

New Strings:

- Tip_RemainingModCapacity
- Message_DroneIllegalDowngrade
- String_ExpenseLearnProgram
- Message_DeleteAIProgram
- Checkbox_SelectAIProgram_LimitList
- MessageTitle_SelectAIProgram_AdvancedProgramRequirement
- Message_SelectAIProgram_AdvancedProgramRequirement
- Title_SelectAIProgram
- Node_SelectedAIPrograms
- String_Requires
- Button_AddProgram
- Label_AIProgramsAdvancedPrograms
- Tab_AdvancedPrograms
- Label_Options_NewAIAdvancedProgram
- Label_Options_NewAIProgram
- Label_SummaryAIAdvancedPrograms
- Label_SummaryAINormalPrograms
- String_KnowledgeSkillFilterAll
- String_KnowledgeSkillFilterRatingAboveZero
- String_KnowledgeSkillFilterTotalRatingAboveZero
- String_KnowledgeSkillFilterRatingZero
- Treenode_Roster_FavouriteCharacters
- Treenode_Roster_RecentCharacters
- Treenode_Roster_WatchFolder
- Checkbox_Option_FreeMartialArtSpecialization
- Checkbox_Options_Dronemods_Pilot

Build 188

Application Changes:
- Fixed an issue that prevented Gear items from showing their Capacity usage while
attached to Armor items.
- Fixed the implementation of the Incompetent quality to prevent defaulting in the
selected skillgroup.
- Added the <blockskillgroupdefaulting> node, used for the above.
- Altered the calculation of movement speeds to exclude cyberlimb stats, with the
exception of Swimming and/or the Houserule to have your cyberlegs serve as the
total agility for the test. tl;dr cyberarms don't make you fast anymore.
- Added an Ambidextrous Improvement to manage whether to show a cyberlimb's
dicepool as offhand or not.
- Fixed an issue with the use of Restricted Gear that caused it to incorrectly flag
child items as the parent.
- Fixed an issue with the update mechanism that would prevent the Chummer
executable from restarting properly until the application is closed.
- Fixed a crash caused by cancelling out of text selection bonus nodes such as when
creating a Fake SIN.
- Fixed an issue that caused Essence loss in priority creation mode to revert
MAG/RES metatype minimums to 1.
- Fixed a crash caused by adding a a new knowledge skill after adding the PUSHeD
- Fixed a crash when loading the character roster caused by unreadable character
- Added the ability for qualities to qualify for discounts based on the presence of
other qualities.
- Added the ability for weapon accessories to occupy multiple slots simultaneously.
- Fixed a crash when browsing Negative qualities for an Advanced Lifestyle caused
by the way Thrifty quality was set up.
- Recategorized SkillSoft Networks into a new Lifestyle quality category called
"Contracts", which can now be taken by Basic Lifestyles too.
- Renamed the "DocWagon Contracts" Gear category to "Contracts/Upkeep", which now
houses every type of advance payment for contracts, 'ware upkeep, and the like.
- Added the ability for cyberware to add vehicles the same way it can add weapons
(e.g. for Ocular Drone).
- Added the ability for vehicles, vehicle mods, and gear to be hidden from their
browsing menus, just like cyberweapons are in the weapons menu.
- Weapon accessories can now come with gear pre-included.
- Fixed a crash issue when restarting Chummer through updates or the Restart menu
option. Fixes #1223.
- Fixed an issue with deleting Armour items that add Weapons. Fixes #1222.
- Removed the automatic creation of Gear Locations for Cyberware and Weapon
commlinks, as it's now redundant.
- Removed Running Wild requirement for creating Critters, so it should now be
possible to create a Critter through the menu or by clicking the Link Character
Sheet button on the appropriate control. At present, only Spirits should be
available for use. Sprites and other critters will be enabled in a later patch.
Fixes #1225
- Fixed the implementation of the Stock Remova/Shortbarrel mods. Current technical
limitations prevent the penalty to accuracy if both mods are installed from
working, so another modification that rolls both mods in together has been added.
- Added the ability to forbid/require weapon accessories based on the presence of
other accessories.
- Altered the behaviour of the Weapon Focus to avoid some silly behaviour like
letting your fists be a weapon focus.
- Added the ability for weapons with built-in accessories to attach extra gear to
said built-in accessories.
- Corrected the issue where weapons would receive +4 concealability for each
underbarrel weapon.
- Fixed the issue where changing metatypes under priority or sum-to-ten generation
would save the incorrect amount of points spent on an attribute if it also had
karma spent on it.
- Fixed the issue where the magic dropdown menu and the metatype selection list
would not update properly when the priority selection screen was initialised.
- Fixed the issue where Edge was not properly re-adjusted when changing metatypes
during character creation.
- Fixed a crash issue where changing metatypes or the magic priority mid-creation
would not take essence loss into account when setting new values for magic or
resonance. Fixes #1229.
- Fixed the filtering behaviour of cyberware subsystems to properly filter down to
those subsystems. This shouldn't impact existing cyberware in any noticeable way,
but this will allow adding subsystems to bioware.
- Weapon accessories now only need to contain "Expanded Clip" in their name for the
application to recognize the accessory as an expanded clip.
- Added a prototypical, custom, XML node filtering system that checks raw XML.
Currently, this is only used for weapon accessories and vehicle/drone mods to hide
ineligible ones from the selection menu, but it should be flexible enough to
support anything.
- Added the ability to distinguish between primary and offroad speed and
acceleration, in addition to primary and offroad handling.
- Added the ability for vehicle mods to alter seat count.
- Added the ability for vehicle mods that alter speed, handling, and/or
acceleration to properly subtract values and also to support percentage
modifications instead of just flat ones.
- Added a label for seats to the vehicle selection screen.
- Vehicle mods can now be configured to be mutually exclusive with other vehicle
- Vehicles now properly show their total Seats, rather than their base Seats.
- New Improvement Type: UnarmedReach. Used for granting bonuses to the Unarmed
Attack weapon.
- Fixed the bug where Matrix entities would have SR4 stats in career mode.
- Depth is now properly handled in ways similar to Resonance and Magic. While this
currently only affects critters, it should be a precursor to AI chargen.
- Fixed a bug where setting the metatype maximum of an attribute to a value lower
than the current value would lower the current value, even if the current value was
not higher than the total maximum.
- Removed SR4 labels from Matrix entities in Create mode.
- Added the ability for priorities to add to Depth.
- Added the AddSkillSpecialisation bonus type, which allows for adding a free
specialisation to a skill.
- Changes to the condition monitor now immediately refresh skill dicepools.
- The cost label for qualities in create mode now shows as Current/Maximum (Total)
to assist with calculating quality values.
-The total value is mostly going to be seen for Changelings and Point-Buy
characters, as it shows qualities that don't contribute to your limit.

Data Changes:

- Added a missing Foregrip for the Ares SIGMA-3.

- Changed the P93 Praetor to a standard Stock.
- Fixed the Aspected Magician to properly grant their Magic attribute.
- Fixed an issue with the Safety Third lifestyle quality that caused a crash.
- Fixed missing/incorrect Mods for various pieces of Armour. Specifically the Ares
Victory set, Vashon Island Synergist and Sleeping Tiger.
- Added the Ambidextrous bonus node to the Ambidextrous quality.
- Fixed a missing weapon category for the Huge Weapon Mount.
- Fixed a missing damage reduction from the Sawed Off shotgun mod.
- Reduced the cost for YNT Softweave to the cost of the Armour rather than double.
- Removed redundant copies of the Mutaqua, Wendigo, Nosferatu, Blind, and Astral
Hazing qualities.
- Removed redundant copies of the Infection power from Wendigo and Vampires.
- Corrected the Fichetti Security 600 to a Folding Stock.
- Renamed the old Gecko Grip item to "Gecko Grip (for Weapon without Stock Slot)"
and added a new Gecko Grip entry for weapons with a Stock slot that takes up the
Stock slot.
- Corrected the reference to the Vintage quality to GH3 page 3 instead of 53.
- Corrected Ammo Skip weapon modification to require an Underbarrel slot.
- Corrected Chameleon Coating weapon modification to require a Side slot.
- Corrected Electronic Firing weapon modification to require a Barrel slot.
- Corrected Mounted Crossbow and Underbarrel Laser weapon modifications to take up
two weapon modification slots (Top & Underbarrel and Side & Underbarrel
- Changed tasers have a concealability of -4. RAW justification includes indirect
references to smaller size by Hidden Gun Arm Slide size restrictions, the Reach
stat of Defiance EX-Shocker's contacts, and the essence/capacity cost of implanted
- Added a pair of drone arms and drone legs to the Ares Duelyst.
- Added a pair of drone arms to the Transys Office Maid (fluff text makes reference
to arms but not to legs).
- Added a pair of drone arms and drone legs to the Modified Renraku Manservant-3
and recategorized it to Anthropomorphic, as per the original being a similar model
to the Criado Juan.
- Added a pair of drone arms, a pair of drone legs, and the Snake Fingers cyberware
to the Caduceus CAD and recategorized it to Anthropomorphic.
- Added a pair of synthetic drone arms and a pair of synthetic drone legs to the
Mitsuhama Akiyama.
- Added a pair of drone arms, a pair of drone legs, and all three R1 close combat
tutorsofts to the Sparring Drone.
- Added the following missing categories to the vehicle weapon mounts found in the
core rulebook: Blades, Clubs, Exotic Melee Weapons, Crossbows, and Sporting Rifles
to Standard Mounts, and Blades, Clubs, Exotic Melee Weapons, Crossbows, and Exotic
Ranged Weapons for Heavy Mounts.
- Removed the Sniper Rifle category from the Standard Weapon Mount found in the
core rulebook (it is bigger than an Assault Rifle).
- Gecko Tips vehicle modification will no longer show up for vehicles with a higher
body than 6.
- Removed the Melee, Machine Pistols, and Submachine Guns categories from the
Rigger 5.0 Standard and Heavy Vehicle Weapon Mounts, but added a note to add them
back once errata has been released.
- Corrected Winch (Enhanced) to require 2 body slot mods instead of 1.
- Added two new items for drone weapon mounts: blow-away panels and pop-out mods.
Pop-out mod rating serves as the modified MP of the weapon mount in question.
- Added entries for the Daihatsu-Caterpillar Horseman ModPods.
- Added missing Holster to Sleeping Tiger.
- Added entries to the Contracts lifestyle quality category for monthly payment of
DocWagon contracts.
- Added entries to the Contracts lifestyle quality category and the
Contracts/Upkeep gear category for Datahost Subscription (e.g. Library of
Alexandria), Shopsoft Network Subscription (e.g. Shoppazulu), and Mapping System
Subscription (e.g. Ares' Getting Network) as found in Chrome Flesh.
- Added entries to the Contracts/Upkeep gear category for pre-paid Skillsoft
Network subscriptions.
- Added the "Shadow Spirits" pre-written specialization to the Magical Threats
knowledge skill.
- Added the "Mathematics" academic knowledge skill and populated it with a few
specializations, as per Math SPU in Chrome Flesh.
- Corrected Math SPU to properly give +4 dice pool to the Mathematics knowledge
skill and +1 mental limit for scientific and technical knowledge skills.
- Corrected Limbic Neural Amplifier nanoware to properly give +1 dice pool bonus to
all Intuition-linked skills.
- Corrected Neocortical Neural Amplifier nanoware to properly give +1 dice pool
bonus to all Logic-linked skills and to give +Rating bonus to mental limit when
using those skills instead of +1.
- Added the Immunization genemod from Chrome Flesh.
- Added the Phenotypic Variations positive qualities as per the optional rule in
Chrome Flesh (can be ignored just like Omegaware/Gammaware).
- Added entries for commlink and cyberdeck form factor modifications from Data
- Stun Dongle commlink accessory now gives a free "Stun Dongle" weapon entry in the
weapons tab.
- Added entries for commlink apps from Data Trails. Since their prices aren't
specified, they have customizable pricing from 0 to 50, 50 being the cost of the
most expensive entertainment software listed in Run Faster.
- Corrected the bug where Camera, Micro could not be added to armor.
- Added an entry for Microphone, Omni-Directional, Micro.
- Added entries for 1-month Symbiotes Upkeep and 6-month Hard Nanohive Upkeep to
the Contracts/Upkeep gear category.
- Added an entry for the Shiawase Arms Simoom to Specialty Armor (it adds a
corresponding entry in the weapons tab).
- Corrected the bug where Riot Shield and Ballistic Shield would charge players
twice (once for the armor, once for the weapon entry that was added with the
armor). Riot Shield and Ballistic Shield can no longer be directly added from the
weapons tab.
- Hid all weapons entries for cyberweapons and gear items so that they cannot be
mistakenly added for free (the player needs to buy the item through its main tab).
- Added missing Stock and Side weapon accessory slots to all tasers, light pistols,
and heavy pistols, as per HeroLab, as well as a few SMGs and a sniper rifle that
was missing these slots.
- Added missing Top and Underbarrel weapon accessory slots to the Ares Armatus.
- Added built-in Vision Magnification and Camera, Micro to the Imaging Scope weapon
- Feedback Clothing can now be added to armor as an armor mod with a capacity cost
of 3, as per Herolab.
- Defiance EX-Shocker now gives a free "Defiance EX-Shocker Contacts" weapon entry
for its melee contacts.
- Ocular Drone cyberware now gives a free "Ocular Drone" vehicle entry in the
vehicle tab.
- Altered the Smartgun weapon accessories so that they now come pre-included with a
Laser Range Finder and a Camera, Micro that takes vision enhancements, instead of
the accessory allowing for the addition of vision enhancements.
- Added a text field to Program Carrier so that its cyberprogram can be specified.
- Added missing explosives from Run and Gun.
- Added missing skill unlocks for the Mutaqua, Wendigo and Nosferatu. NOTE: This
introduces a bug where characters that are already magically active will receive a
duplicate skill control. A Nosferatu Magician will have a second Banishing skill,
for example. This is a known limitation of the current skill system and will be
resolved in a later patch.
- Added missing Carrier qualities from Run Faster.
- Reorganised the critters.xml file to support creating Spirits in Chummer.
- Fixed an issue with the Defiance EX-Shocker that caused a crash.
- Fixed an issue that allowed the troll's natural arumour to stack with things that
replace their skin.
- Added commlink gear to the built-in weapon commlinks of the Ogre Hammer SWS
Assault Cannon and the Terracotta Arms AM-47
- Added missing Imaging Scope addons for the Imaging Scopes that are built into the
Ogre Hammer SWS Assault Cannon, the Krupp Arms Kriegfaust, the Ultimax Rain Forest
Carbine, the Terracotta Arms AM-47, the Marlin X71, and the Springfield M1A.
- Added a category for Chemical Gland bioware modifications.
- Added the Chemical Gland Modifications subsystem to the Chemical Gland bioware.
- Tweaked the behaviour of the Sensitive Skin bioware to be more descriptive.
- Fixed the Thickened Digestive Tract Lining bioware to properly reduce lifestyle
- Fixed the magical unlock behaviour of the mutaqua, wendigo and nosferatu.
- Fixed the ability for metsapients and shapeshifters to take the Technomancer
quality incorrectly.
- Fixed the Otaku to Technomancer quality not having a Technomancer prerequisite.
- Fixed the mount location for the Easy Breakdown weapon mods.
- Corrected Explosive Magazine not lowering ammo count by 2.
- Added an entry for the Rating 2-only Expanded Clip for Machine Pistols that are
considered to have an R1 Expanded Clip by default.
- Added custom filters to the following accessories to make sure they only show up
for weapons that are eligible: Ares Light Fire 70 Silencer, Ares Light Fire 75
Silencer, Airburst Link, Concealable Holster, Hidden Gun Arm Slide, Quick-Draw
Holster, Silencer, Sound Suppressor, Spare Clip, Speed Loader, PSK-3 Collapsible
Heavy Pistol Silencer, Collapsed Frame, Ares Executioner Extra Case, Vindicator
200-Round Belt, Bayonet, Foregrip, Gecko Grip, most Underbarrel Weapon accessories,
Ammo Skip, Explosive Magazine, Extended Clip, Chameleon Coating, Overclocked, Sawed
Off/Shortbarrel, and Stock Removal.
- Made the Ceramic/Plasteel Components modification mutually exclusive with the
Chameleon Coating modifications and both Smartgun accessories.
- Made the Advanced Safety System accessories mutually exclusive with one another.
- Made the Safe Target System addons require the Safe Target System, Base
- Made the Sawed Off/Shortbarrel and Stock Removal accessory entry mutually
exclusive with both the Sawed Off/Shortbarrel accessory and the Stock Removal
- Added the Coriolis complex form from Chrome Flesh.
- Added vehicle entries for the Cocotaxi and the Camellos from Hard Targets and the
Ares Garuda and the Evo Aquavida 2 from Rigger 5.0.
- Added stats for secondary acceleration and speed (i.e. offroad acceleration and
speed for ground vehicles, alternate locomotion for all others) where they were
missing, e.g. from the Evo Falcon-EX, the Corsair Trident, and the Evo Krokodil.
- Corrected the seats for all vehicles that have separate front/back sections so
that Chummer always displays the total seat count, not just the seat count for the
larger section.
- Corrected the availability of most vehicles from Stolen Souls (to 4) and the Ares
Roadmaster (to 8).
- Added custom filters to relevant vehicle/drone mods to stop them from showing up
in the list of vehicle/drone mods unless specific conditions are fulfilled (e.g.
drone mods only appear when modifying drones, Horseman modpods only appear when
modifying a Horseman, etc.).
- Added a variety of knowledge skills, courtesy of Lochabar.
- Added a bonus node to the Kick Attack martial art technique that grants
additional Reach to the Unarmed Attack weapon.
- Added and/or updated all critter powers to SR5, complete with proper references.
- Added the Flight skill as described by the core rulebook. It will only show up
for characters with a non-zero Fly speed.
- Added and/or updated the following critter types from SR5: mundane critters from
both CRB and HS, paracritters from both CRB and HS, technocritters from HS, insect
spirits from SG, sprites from CRB, protosapients from HS, infected critters from
HS, toxic spirits from SG, shadow spirits from SG, shedim from SG, and blood
spirits from SG. Currently, the following entries are missing: toxic critters from
HS, otherworldly beings from HS, and the Manananggal and Engkanto from SG.
- Added all missing Critter Gear from HS.
- Added Specialized Biodrone Cyberware from HS.
- Certain Martial Arts will now automatically add a free skill specialisation, per
Run and Gun page 135. Characters that already have these martial arts will need to
remove and re-add the martial art for it to take effect.

Sheet Changes:

- Fixed an issue with the Fancy Blocks character sheet not preserving linebreaks

Build 187

Application Changes:

- Fixed an issue that prevented characters in karmagen from unlocking special

attributes by taking the relevant qualities.
- Renamed the addattribute improvement to enableattribute.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Enable/Disable Sourcebook button from actually
changing the settings.
- Fixed an issue with the display of calculated Limit modifiers. Fixes #1175.
- Removed the ability to mark an item as Hacked.
- Made some minor tweaks to the calculation of whether a quality contributes to the
limit during chargen.
- Fixed an issue that prevented initiation in create mode from allowing MAG or RES
to exceed the Metatype Maximum.
- Added code to preserve the window position of the main form on exit. Looking for
feedback on if this is a useful feature that should carry through to the rest of
the application's forms.
- Fixed a missing binding for PDF offsets in the Options menu.
- Fixed an issue with custom knowledge skills that could cause a crash when not
using English strings.
- Fixed an issue where Priority Aspected Magicians didn't get their unlocked skill
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Blackmail and Family options from forcing a
cost refresh for contacts in Create mode.
- Fixed the addweapon node for Armour to actually add the weapon to the character.
- Added support for <required/oneof/lifestyle> to lifestyle qualities.

Data Changes:

- Removed most existing addattribute elements to be enableattribute instead.

Affects the Pixie, Centaur, Sasquatch, Naga and Drake qualities.
- Fixed an issue that prevented metavariants with a karma cost from properly
charging the Karma cost.
- Fixed an issue that caused a crash when searching for certain strings in the
weapon selection form.
- Hid a bunch of weapons that shouldn't normally be visible.
- Added a missing Sensor Function to the gear category. Fixes #1176.
- Added Blood Magic metamagics from Street Grimoire.
- Added an Under mod slot for the Shiawase Incinerator flamethrower.
- Removed the mod slots from the Shiawase Blazer.
- Fixed the implementation of Mutaqua, Wendigo and Nosferatu to not require adding
a Mystic Adept quality.
- Updated the Thrifty negative lifestyle quality to properly require the Traveler

Sheet Changes:

- Character sheets now default to displaying the Alias of a character as a header

in preference to their Name attribute when printing.

Build 186:

Application Changes:

- Fixed missing values for Metahuman adjustment on several vehicles.

- Properly applied localisation to the character roster form.
- Fixed the karma costs for new knowledge skills in career mode to not improperly
charge twice.
- Added a missing Seats label for vehicles.
- Set the Astral Initiative label to be invisible if the character is not Awakened.
- Altered the SelectWeapon improvement to allow excluding a specific weapon type.
Prevents spare clips from trying to select melee weapons.
- Fixed the Expense Log entry for Knowledge Skill increases to properly indicate
it's a Knowledge Skill entry. Removed an accidental double-charge for creating
- Slightly refactored weapon selection to use GUIDs instead of names.
- Altered the underbarrel weapon node to allow multiple child items.
- Added the ability to hide weapons from being visible in the selection window.
- Added a File Path label to the Character Roster.
- Added the ability to delete items from the Character Roster by pressing the
Delete button. This will ONLY remove the file from the relevant MRU lists, no
.chum5 files will be deleted.
- Suppressed the ability to attempt to add a Nexus to vehicle or gear items.
- Added the ability to filter qualities by their karma values, applying a minimum,
maximum and value boundary to the quality list.
- Made some alterations to the display of characters in the Roster. Added the Game
Notes field, removed the ability to edit the text (It wasn't saving anyway.)
- Fixed the calculation method of Custom Fit (Stack) mods to work more reliably.
- Fixed the implementation of Awakened Infected (Mutaqua, Wendigo, etc.) to not add
the relevant qualities.
- Added logic to prevent weapon accessories from applying their bonuses while
- Added naming logic to the Create Mode form, similar to the behaviour for Career
Mode. In order of precedence, characters will use their Alias, Real Name or the
localised string for Unnamed Character.
- Fixed the 'Increase Qty' button in career mode to properly select the currently
selected item.
- Altered the crash handler logic to jump directly into the crash handler form.
Important note: We still only receive the report if you click Send Error Report.
- Nightly builds are now configured as Release, fixing an issue with launching the
Crash Handler.
- Added a warning that porevents creating invalid Custom Item names.
- Added missing 'dirty' flags for changing options in the Options menu. Ensures
that changing any option in the Options menu properly flags it as dirty and
requests a restart.
- Added Restart Chummer menu option to Tools menu.
- Did some general UI cleanup for the Options menu, ensuring that the full text of
a book is always visible.
- Fixed an error caused by users not entering Drain attributes for their Custom
- Added logic to check whether a character was saved in a later version of Chummer
than the current one.

Data Changes:

- Fixed an incorrect spelling for the Personafix gear item.

- Added Dissonant Echoes from Data Trails, courtesy of gamingharry. As it's not
normally possible to become a dissonant technomancer, these echoes have been
attached to the Data Trails (Dissonant Echoes) book, and will need to be enabled in
the Options menu.
- Added content from Lockdown, Shadows in Focus: San Francisco, and the Hong Kong
- Added a range category for Shotgun (flechette).
- Added the Shotgun (Flechette) weapon range.
- Added missing weapons from the Schattenhandbuch, courtesy of gamingharry.
- Fixed the display of magic traditions in the core character sheets.
- Moved the selecttext method back out of AddImprovementCollection.
- Altered the Magician, Adept, Mystic Adept, and Technomancer to not need special
treatment when adding their special tabs.
- Added code to prevent Bone Density and Bone Lacing from being taken together.
- Added code to prevent Orthoskin and Dermal Plating from being taken together.

New Strings:

- Label_VehicleSeats
- Label_Biography
- Label_File_Path
- Label_Roster_File_Name
- Tab_Roster_Description
- Tab_Roster_Concept
- Tab_Roster_Background
- Tab_Roster_CharacterNotes
- Tab_Roster_GameNotes
- Message_Options_Restart
- Message_OutdatedChummerSave

Changed Strings:

- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseKnowledgeSkill
- Message_Options_CloseForms

Build 185:
Application Changes:
- Fixed an issue with Sprint distance calculations for Movement.
- Fixed a precedence issue with Infected initiative values.
- Fixed an issue that prevented lifestyle qualities from being exposed to the
character sheets.
- Fixed a crash when Chummer hasn't had PDF arguments assigned.
- Relocated the ChangeText bonus node to be its own improvement type. No real
impact for users, but there may be some associated weirdness.
- Moved the CritterPower improvement nodes for qualities into the Bonus node. This
shouldn't affect existing characters, but custom content will need to be adjusted
to reflect the change.
- Moved the AddQualities improvement nodes for qualities, cyberware and such into
the Bonus node. This shouldn't affect existing characters, but custom content will
need to be adjusted to reflect the change.
- Moved the method for the SelectText improvement. I don't EXPECT that this will
cause any issues, but if you encounter any odd behaviour please let us know.
- Fixed a bunch of code relating to the addition of qualities by other sources. A
side effect of this is that some existing quality pairs may not be removed
properly. In most cases this should not present an issue, but if you encounter any
odd behaviour please contact us.
- Altered the code for the OptionalPowers improvement to prevent the selected value
from attaching to the associated quality, ie Infected: Vampire (Human) (Enhanced
- Added a movement speed bonus for the liminal centaur body.
- Applied a filter to the mugshot selector that prevents attempting to load things
like icons or document files.
- Added code to the Vehicle Mod Selection Form that enables preventing mods from
being listed if they don't match certain requirements.
- Amended the tooltip for Damage Resistance in Career Mode to display the correct
values when not affected by a Damage Resistance Improvement.
- Fixed an issue with knowledge skills in Career Mode that prevented changing the
skill's Type. Existing characters will have to be manually modified outside of
Chummer or refund their expense history to resolve it.
- Fixed a setting that prevented the SelectVehicleMod form from returning to the
previously selected Category when adding items.
- Fixed an issue that prevented Penetrating Strike from applying to Knucks with the
optional rule for such enabled.
- Added a workaround for AIs not being able to increase skills linked to physical
- Added an option to allow Mystic Adepts to increase power points during career
mode. Fixes #1121.
- Fixed an issue with Awakened characters not gaining their free skills in Priority
mode for non-English users.
- Added a cached displayname to the print method for loaded clips. Accessed via
- Altered the calculation and display of Limit modifiers that come from
- Fixed an issue with the Print method for cyberware that caused it to show
irrelevant stats for some cyberware. Fixes #1133.
- Fixed an issue with loading characters that prevented cyberlimbs from correctly
adding to attribute displays.
- Fixed an issue with linguasofts contributing to point costs for knowledge skills.
- Fixed an issue with the Print Expenses option not disabling properly.
- Fixed a crash caused by adding lifestyle qualities that don't have a free
- Fixed an issue with the character roster not properly showing career karma. Takes
effect on next save of the character.
- Fixed a problem with Laser Weapon ammunition not being properly usable in career
- Altered the behaviour of the addqualities bonus node to default to having child
qualities contribute to karma expenditure.

Data Changes:
- Fixed the LP cost for the Indoor Arboretum lifestyle quality.
- Renamed the Sparring Drone from Hard Targets to Sparring Drone(Large).
- Fixed missing optional powers for the Banshee.
- Fixed a missing SINNER quality for the Private Investigator/Detective life
- Moved all instances of the addqualities xmlnode into the bonus node.
- Fixed an issue with the Gamber Mentor Spirit's skill choice bonus.
- Added a filter to the Metahuman Adjustment vehicle mod that prevents it from
being visible for vehicles and drones that don't have a seat.
- Fixed an incorrect cost for the Saeder-Krupp MK-170 Neptune (Large).
- Fixed missing attribute choices for the Banshee quality.
- Added missing content from Howling Shadows, Battle Of Manhattan, The Vladivostok
Gauntlet, Splintered State and Shadows In Focus: Butte courtesy of GamingHarry.
- Added a missing offroadhandling bonus to the Handling Enhancement vehicle mod.

New Strings:
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseKnowledgeSkill
- Checkbox_Option_AllowMysadPowerPointCareer
- String_MetamagicSkills
Build 184:
Application Changes:
- New ImprovementType: ReplaceAttribute. This allows you to replace the
metatypeminimum or metatypemaximum with another value. Intended to be used for
- Fixed an issue where Chummer warned about free Knowledge Skills still being
available instead of Active Skills.
- Fixed incorrect rounding for Weapon Ranges.
- Fixed incorrect rounding for Armor capacity.
- Fixed incorrect rounding for Armor Mod capacity.
- Fixed incorrect rounding for Gear capacity.
- Properly allowed the 'free item' checkbox to be visible even in character
creation. Fixes #1059.
- Added an option to toggle all sourcebooks on and off in the Options menu. Fixes
- Attempting to add gear with the 'Stack' checkbox selected in career mode will
only cause items to stack if they have the same child items by default. This
prevents loaded spare clips from duplicating, for example. Fixes #1015.
- Fixed an incorrect label for skill improvements in the Karma/Nuyen Expense
History. Fixes #1046.
- Fixed an issue that caused knowledge skills to revert their type to Interest.
Fixes #1056.
- Added an option to treat arms and legs as the only limbs to average cyberlimb
stats off, instead of the skull and torso that are suggested by RAW. As part of
this, the options have been broken out into a new XML file, options.xml. Minor
design note, I intend to eventually have every calculation variable kept outside of
the application logic itself; this will allow GMs to configure their characters as
they wish.
- Fixed an issue with Adept Powers with multiple levels granted by a Mentor Spirit
not apply properly. If your character is affected by this, you should be able to
use the Reapply Improvements option in the Special menu to recalculate it properly.
Fixes #1057.
- Added an option to give cyberware a markup cost in career mode. Fixes #1072.
- Fixed an issue that prevented knowledge skill ratings from updating correctly
when adding bonuses from sources like cyberware. Fixes #1073.
- Fixed a rare issue where the Metagenetic Improvement quality could cause crashes
when reapplying Improvements. Fixes #1038.
- Added a menu option in the Special menu to confirm that a character is ready to
move into Career mode. Fixes #1053.
- Fixed an issue that prevented more than one Spare Clip from adding additional
Ammo slots.
- Fixed an issue that prevented dicepool/rating modifiers from being visible to
character sheets.
- Added a Display Category for skill categories. In practice, this means that
printouts will use the localised name for skill categories instead of the default
English. If you need to use the English string in a character sheet for some
reason, use the value skillcategory_english instead.
- Fixed an issue with adept powers that have specified maximum ranks causing a
- Fixed an issue where changing your priority selection would remove MAG/RES-linked
- Fixed a issue where Chummer would crash if, while searching for a spell, no
matches was found.
- Added a character roster to manage characters. There is an option to specify a
folder to monitor in the Options menu, under Character and Printing.
- Fixed a crash issue for characters that have cyberlimbs.
- Fixed some crash issues with custom PACKs kits with lifestyles.
- Fixed some issues with adding multiple non-Ammunition items to other items, ie
adding trauma patches to a medkit. May have some issues, but should be functional.
Fixes #814.
- Fixed a crash issue caused by adding too many Enemies in creation mode.
- Added some code to suppress errors caused by faulty XSL transforms in character
- Implemented the Blackmail and Family options for contacts.
- Removed some code from the SelectAttributes improvement that caused it to pass
the selected value up to the bonus source. Generally speaking, prevents Infected
qualities from getting (BOD) or whatever added to their treenode.
- Added a new Improvement Type: MovementMultiplier. This is used to increase or
decrease the multiplier for Running and Sprinting from x2/x4.
- Fixed a UI issue that prevented attribute bonuses from showing properly if the
value made it into double digits.
- Changed the code to calculate character movement rates. To do this, I've added
three attributes to the metatype: Walk, Run and Sprint. Each of these is split into
three number (Walk, Swim and Fly in order).
- Temporarily removed the CalculatedMovementSpeed tooltip from caeer and creation
mode until it gets refacted.
- Added a workaround to prevent crashes when loading characters with empty
knowledge skills. Fixes #1099.
- Refactored how the PDF options work; instead of being hard-coded with a bunch of
check-boxes, it's now possible to generate your own parameters. Standard parameters
have already been included in options.xml, but the default options are not
necessarily a match for your previous settings.
- The "ignoreprecedence" improvement attribute has been renamed to "precedence-1".
- The initiativepass and initiativepassadd improvements now utilise precedence
values to manage their stacking; this allows adding Improvements that will always
apply, such as the Infected Initiative die bonuses.
- Fixed an issue with Cyberlimbs that caused a crash when printing.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Knowledge/Contact multiplier house rules from
enabling correctly.
- Changed the string Tip_SkillsKnowledgeSkills to display the correct multiplier
- SHOULD have fixed an issue where Active Skill controls would overlap the Skill
Group controls while in higher-DPI settings, blocking the karma numericupdown in
creation mode.
- Added proper translation for the quality nodes in the Select Advanced Lifestyles
- Fixed an issue with the Matrix condition monitor.

Data Changes:
- Fixed the Infected qualities to work according to the rules. Characters with
previous versions of the quality should reapply their improvements, characters that
used the terrible metavariant idea will not load properly and should be rebuilt
from scratch. If you've been affected by this, please get in contact with me and
I'll fix your character for you. Mostly fixes #689.
- Removed the Infected metavariants.
- Added a missing bonus node to the YNT Softweave armour mod.
- New XML file, options.xml. Used to store values for configurable default
- Fixed missing statistic weaknesses for various Infected qualities. Fixes #689.
- Fixed an issue with the Deformity(Quasimodo) quality that caused it to affect
Perception incorrectly. Fixes #1087.
- Added Naga Venom, and corrected page references for Hard Targets Toxins.
- Corrected the fire mode for the Ares Vigorous Assault Cannon.
- Fixed an issue with the Reaction Optimization bioware not applying its initiative
- Added a requirement for the Reaction Enhancers cyberware in order to take
Reaction Optimization.
- Fixed an issue with the Infected: Vampire quality that caused a crash.
- Removed old Metavariant entries for Infected metavariants from the Priority
- Added the appropriate Initiative and Movement Multiplier bonuses for the
Bandersnatch, Dzoo-Noo-Qua, Goblin, Harvester, Loup-Garou, Mutaqua, Nosferatu,
Vampire and Wendigo.

New Strings:
- Button_ToggleSourcebooks
- String_LimbCount4
- Menu_ValidCharacter
- Message_ValidCharacter
- MessageTitle_ValidCharacter
- String_CharacterRoster
- Label_Options_CharacterRoster
- Node_SelectAdvancedLifestyle_FreeMatrixGrids
- Node_SelectAdvancedLifestyle_Entertainments

Changed strings:
- Tip_IncreaseGearQty
- Tip_SkillsKnowledgeSkills
New Sheet:
- Added a new character sheet, only showing Skills with Rating greater than 0.

Build 183:
Application Changes:
- Fixed the dolphin mentor spirit not giving a bonus on spells of the Health
- Added a selector for the maximum karma spent on Nuyen in Karma and Life Modules.
Fixes #999.
- Fixed an issue with the Priority D Aspected Magician. Fixes #992.
- Set the Create Backstory button to be invisible for character generation methods
other than Life Modules. Fixes #987.
- Added a missing bonus for the Impassive quality. Fixes #984.
- Removed an extraneous Recoil Group from the Electronic Firing Accessory. Fixes
- Added the ability to modify user-created LimitModifiers. Closes #979.
- Fixed an issue with the D-priority adept. Fixes #1005.
- Added some basic error handling to prevent a crash if trying to update Chummer
from behind a firewall or proxy. Fixes #989.
- Re-enabled the house-rule to treat metahuman minimums as 1 for karma costs. Fixes
- Fixed a crash caused by removing life modules,
- Fixed an issue with loading Priority characters caused by an incorrectly saved
maximum nuyen value.
- Fixed the ability for adpets with the Adept Spell power to increase their
Spellcasting skill rank. Fixes #990.
- Changed the Adept Spell power to prompt for the spell instead of a text value.
- Altered the Select Spell form to allow ignoring requirements such as being
magician-enabled to support this.
- Altered the UnlockSkills improvement to allow for specifying the Spellcasting
skill, rather than the full compliment of magical skills.
- Fixed a crash caused by removing life modules while in creation mode.
- Added support for the free matrix grid connections added by Hard Tatrgets to
advanced lifestyles. Fixes #963.
- Fixed an issue with lifestyle qualities crashing if they don't have a
restriction. Fixes #1012.
- Set the Adept Way Discount numericupdown control in creation mode to be invisible
if the character is not MAG-enabled. Fixes #836.
- Updated the Capacity calculation for cyberware to include any attached Gear
items. Fixes #896.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the MCT-Nissan Rotodrone from getting the three
extra modification slots expected when not using the vehicle modification rules
intrroduced in Rigger 5.0. Fixes #943.
- Skill Filter names is now read from data files instead of hardcoded.
- Added an option to download Nightly updates via the Update system instead of just
default releases.
- The changelog will now filter itself based on the most recent build version, so
Release builds won't see updated text from the Nightlies. Fixes #1013.
- Fixed an issue with Essence Loss that caused characters to burn out their Magic
or Resonance when hitting 0 value, rather than 0 maximum. Fixes #801.
- Altered the functionality of the optional rule to reduce Karma costs based on
Essence Loss to reflect the above change.
- Fixed an issue that prevented Aspected Magicians taking the Conjuring skill group
from actually receiving the skills.
- Fixed an issue with undoing expense entries for skills. Fixes #988, fixes #1028.
- Fixed an issue that prevented page offsets from being saved properly. Existing
options files may need to be reconfigured. Fixes #1027.
- Fixed an issue with application locations causing some problems with accessing
data files. Fixes #597.
- Improved the tooltip indications for when a skill is affected by cyberlimb stats.
Fixes #1009.
- Fixed a parsing error when verifying data files that caused a crash. Fixes #935.
- Fixed an error that prevented Cyber-weapoons such as spurs from being properly
flagged as such. Fixes #382.
- Added a filter to show/hide free karma and nuyen entries from the expense log
list in career mode. Fixes #952.
- Fixed the implementation of the Custom Fit (Stack) rule to support stacking
properly, including the creation of armor encumbrance penalties. May still not work
properly, but seems to be per RAW. Partially implements #944.
- Implemented an ignoreprecedence uniquename for Improvements. If present, this
will ignore the standard behavior of precedence0 improvements that would normally
ignore other sources. Fixes #944.
- Fixed an uncalculated armor rating label on the condition monitor in career mode.
Fixes #1043.
- Added the "Pilot Exotic Vehicle" skill. TODO: Ensure spelling and page reference.

Data Changes:
- Fixed an incorrect page reference for the Metatype Reduction biowares.
- Removed an extraneous bonus node from the Ork Metatype Reduction cyberware that
made it cost karma.
- Added life modules from Rigger 5.0, courtesy of SeanPGorman. Fixes #960.
- Fixed an issue that caused the Suprathyroid gland and Muscle Augmentation
biowares to stack. Fixes #913.
- Added the allowed gear-categories for Sensors to cyberlimbs. Fixes #896.
- Fixed the Essence cost for the German version of the Skilljack to be 0.1 Essence.
- Changed the source for Reagents to be the Shadowrun core book instead of Shadow
- Fixed an issue that prevented the standard Weapon Mount from Shadowrun 5 from
taking Machine Pistols and Submachine Guns.
- Altered the Precedence setting for the following bioware, cyberware, powers and
qualities, as they were stacking improperly.
-- Muscle Augmentation bioware
-- Suprathyroid Gland bioware
-- Synaptic Booster bioware
-- Boosted Reflexes bioware
-- Synaptic Acceleration bioware
-- Muscle Replacement cyberware
-- Reaction Enhancers cyberware
-- Wired Reflexes cyberware
-- Move-by-Wire System bioware
-- Improved Reflexes 1,2,3 power
-- Lightning Reflexes quality
- Added a missing MAG attribute to the Drake qualities. Fixes #1034.
- Added the Portable Chemical Injectors from Chrome Flesh's sidebar on page 176.
CGL, if you're going to use tables then please please PLEASE include all your
things in them! Fixes #176.
- Added the missing Off-Road Tires from Rigger 5.0. Fixes #1039.
- Fixed incorrect weapon category limitations for the weapon mounts from Rigger
5.0. Fixes #1048.
- Fixed the Improved Potential powers to properly increase their associated Limits.
Fixes #1047.
- Fixed an incorect source setting for the Periscope gear item. Fixes #1050.

New Strings:
- Warning_NoLimitFound
- String_No_Update_Found
- Warning_Update_CouldNotConnect
- Skill_SortAlphabetical
- Skill_SortRating
- Skill_SortDicepool
- Skill_SortLowerDicepool
- Skill_SortAttributeValue
- Skill_SortAttributeName
- Skill_SortGroupName
- Skill_SortGroupRating
- Skill_SortCategory
- Checkbox_ShowFreeEntries

Changed Strings:
- Checkbox_Options_UseTotalValueForFreeContacts. Fixes #981.
- Checkbox_Options_SpecialKarmaCost

Build 182:
Application Changes:
- Fixed a crash when creating MAG/RES characters using Priority/Sum-to_Ten. Fixes
- Added Cyberlimbs as Plugins for Modular Connectors.
- Fixed an issue where Chummer would crash when loading a Life Module character.
Fixes #925.
- Fixed an issue with taking specialisations in karmagen without the house rule for
free karma points enabled. Fixes #929.
- Fixed the total cost of vehicles to include discounts from the Dealer Connection
quality. Fixes #934.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Prototype transhuman improvements from being
removed. This fix does not apply to older characters.
- Fixed an issue that prevented knowledge skills from loading properly.
- The Crash Handler form's Crash ID is now selectable.
- The Crash Handler now requests permission from the user before submitting a crash
- Added a validation option to prevent characters from having multiple Native
Language skills from entering career mode. Fixes #947.
- Fixed a crash issue caused by improvements with selectskill trying to use an
Exotic skill. Fixes #921.
- Fixed a rendering issue that prevented Exotic Skills from showing up in sorted
- Fixed a misleading reference to Special Attributes when validating your
- Fixed a crash issue with the Incompetent quality. Fixes #959.
- Added code to allow override XML files to use the ID node instead of the Name tag
when finding an item to replace. Fixes #957.
- Improved the Options form to only prompt for saving if changes were made.
- Added a handler to check if there's a mismatch between a loaded character's used
sourcebooks and the application's selected sourcebooks. Won't affect characters
that haven't been loaded before now, changes may also be overwritten by loading the
character in older versions. Closes #884.
- Increase knowledge skill rating and add knowledge skill specialization now has
the right point
- All knowledge skills don't cost -1 karma anymore.
- Active Hardwires work again.
- Now promts for a name for new knowledge skills in career mode, instead of them
being unnameable.
- Added onClick link for Skill-List.
- Gear that adds bonuses to skills now show up as a name instead of an id.
- Omae hid behind an options menu as the other end is outside our control and is
starting to give errors. Unless a large amount of intrest is shown, a replacement
won't be forthcomming.
- Fixed a Bug, where Knowledge Skill Specializations would not cost Knowledge Skill
Points, even with activated house rule.
- Fixed a bug where mixed points and karma in skill groups would pay for one more
karma level than intended
- Fixed a bug where changes to cyberware wouldn't update skill dicepools
- Fixed a bug where spending any karma on a skill prevented getting a
specialization with skillpoints
- Fixed a weird bug where German knowledge skill types would appear sorted but
would actually use the English order.
- Fixed a bug where deleting a knowledge skill would not restore the spent points/

Data Changes:
- Fixed a crash when creating an e-ghost AI. Fixes #918.
- Added the missing Nausea Gas toxin SR5. Fixes #940.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Voice Warper gear from Hard Tartgets from being
available. Fixes #962.
- Hawk eye now gives an 1 dice bonus to perception
- The Armor tab under gear has been renamed to "Clothing and Armor" to match the
core rulebook
- Added several German translations provided by HaukeW.

New Strings:
- String_AttributeESSShort
- String_AttributeESSLong
- Message_OverLanguageLimit
- Tip_Omae_Warning
- Checkbox_Options_OmaeEnabled

Changelog Changes:
changelog build numbers after build 178 now match the build they are for.

Build 181:
Application Changes:
- Fixed an issue with skills not rendering in a localized language when selecting
skill groups for Aspected Magicians. Fixes #867.
- Fixed a crash caused by adding an exotic weapon without having the relevant
exotic weapons skill. Fixes #888.
- Fixed a crash caused when loading a character that has a tradition that isn't
being used. Fixes #893.
- Changed the HTML doctype of all existing character sheets to support CSS3. Fixes
- Changed the button string for adding an initiate grade in creation mode.
- Skills can now have notes applied to their tooltip. To do this, right-click on
the skill name and click the Add Notes button.
- Fixed a bug where skill improvements could stack if using the Change Priority
Selection menu. Note: characters that have already been affected by this bug will
have to be edited manually to remove the improvements, which will have a sourcename
of Heritage and an improvedname of whatever the skill is. Fixes #880.
- Fixed a bug where changing between technomancers and mages would leave both
resonance and magical skills available. Fixes #890.
- Altered the uniquename for the Damage Resistance improvement to allow stacking,
instead of using the highest single bonus. This may be wrong, but I can't find any
RAW statements against it. Fixes #879.
- Fixes a UI localization issue where skill attributes defaulted to BOD. Fixes
- Fixed a UI issue that stopped a character as needing to be saved if the skills
were updated in career mode. Fixes #899.
- Added Option for not showing metagenetic qualities. Fixes #889.
- Added Physical Limit as accuracy for infected natural weapons.
- Fixed freezing when removing a Specialization and Skill Dicepools now refresh
when changing the Specialization. Fixes #876.
- Now shows Source when selecting a normal lifestyle.
- Fixed a bug where Knowledge Specializations didn't cost Knowledge Skill Pints.
Fixed #902.
- Fixed a bug where the attribute tooltip would show qualities that didn't alter
the attribute value or augment it. Fixed #901.
- Added different PDF-Opening parameters for Linux/Unix/etc.
- Fixed a Bug where Specializations had no Karma costs in Karma build mode. Fixes
- Fixed a Bug where Karma cost of Magic/Resonance were calculated wrongly when
Essence Loss occurred. Fixes #912.
- Improved the update method to prevent update check loops.
- Improved the handling of changing priority selections to remember previous
selections. Not all settings will be immediately available for existing characters.
Fixes #709.

Data Changes:
- Fixed an issue with mystic adepts not unlocking the appropriate magical skills.
Fixes #869.
- Changed how existing character sheets render mugshots when saved as HTML. Fixes
- Added Textfield when selecting Grid Subscription Lifestyle quality. Fixes #875.
- Corrected limit note for vision enhancement cyberware. Fixes #887.
- Added missing karma values for infected metatypes in priority selection.
- Added Reach for all infected metatypes to prevent crashes.
- Reorganized Data Trails AI Qualities and added missing ones.
- Added Chrome Flesh BTLs. Fixes #885.
- Fixed an incorrect limitation on the Home Ground quality. Fixes #904.

Translation Changes:
- Updated the German translation files, courtesy of HaukeW.

Build 180:
Application Change:
- Total rewrite of skills.
* Eliminated a lot (all?) old bugs
* Opening the skills tab first time is now signifigantly faster
* Searchbox for skills
* Custom sorting of skills. Sort by Rating, Dicepool, Category and more
* Skill tooltip now display dicepools for cyberarms
* In Career mode, it is possible to calculate the dicepool using another
attribute that the default one.
* Some minor UI changes to acomodate new skill features
* Skills that cannot be defaulted has their name in italics.
* Easier maintainance
* Reduced file size
- First things first, good news bad news. Good news, automatic updates will be
functional again for updates after 179. Bad news, due to a change in implementation
of the automatic updates this brings an end to .Net 4.0 support. Chummer will no
longer launch without .Net 4.5 or higher installed on your system.
- Rewrote crash handling. Now dumps most/all internal state, making debugging
- Built-in weapon accessories are automatically assigned to the Internal accessory
slot by default. If a weapon accessory should take up a slot naturally, just add a
<mount> value to the accessory. This change only affects newly created/purchased
weapons, so any existing weapons will need to be altered manually or deleted and
re-added. Fixes #566.
- Ammunition can now add and replace the fire modes of weapons, using the firemode
and firemodereplace nodes of weaponbonus. This change only takes effect during
career mode, and is currently used exclusively for the Taurus Omni-6's heavy ammo
type. Fixes #577.
- Fixed a crash issue caused by changing priority selection in Sum to Ten mode.
Fixes #572.
- Qualities can have their Limit assigned as either 'no' or a numeric value. This
is intended as something of a placeholder until proper levels for qualities are
implemented at a later date.
- Support for AI characters added. Xeno/Protosapients and E-Ghosts are treated as
- Weapon Accessories can now modify the AP, Damage and FireMode of weapons using
the damage, damagereplace, damagetype, ap, apreplace, firemode and firemodereplace
keys. Currently this is used exclusively for the Overclocked mod (Okay technically
it's currently an accessory, but there's no practical difference between the two at
the moment so it goes where I say it goes.) Fixes #472
- Handling for vehicles has been split up into normal and offroad handling. The
implementation method should prevent any issues from cropping up, but I've eaten my
hat on that before.
- Calendar entries can now be removed. Fixes #552.
- The optional rule to have Essence Loss only reduce RES/MAG maximums has been re-
enabled. Fixes #596.
- Each spare clip added to a weapon now tracks ammo individually rather than the
previous hard-coded limit of four active slots. As a result of this change, Spare
Clips no longer have the ability to directly store ammunition as a child item; they
will be updated to display their currently loaded ammunition as an Extra value
- New key node for Weapon Accessories: ammoslot. ammoslot is an integer that adds
the associated number of 'spare clip' items to the parent weapon. In most cases
this will be 1 (Spare Clip, Speed Loader, etc.), but someone will probably come up
with banana magazines that count as two mags or something eventually. Future
- Qualities can now add natural weapons directly using the naturalweapons node.
Mostly this is for the infected, because "Bite (Infected) 2" offends me.
- Fixed a string formatting issue that prevented Accuracy modifications from adept
powers from working properly for translated Chummer.
- Fixed an issue that prevented priority/sum-to-ten from using the gameplay options
for their nuyen limit.
- Sum to Ten and Priority now use the same form for character generation. Doesn't
mean anything particularly interesting for you guys, but may reduce or introduce
some interesting new bugs.
- Contacts can now be dragged around and reordered according to your whims. It's
only really easy to do when the control you want to move is expanded.
- Armor can now have a Rating; currently this is used exclusively for the cloaks
from Hard Targets.
- Fixed the percentage discount for basic lifestyles.
- Fixed a translation issue for licences.
- Fixed a translation issue for basic lifestyles. Fixes #608.
- Armor improvements can now use Precedence attributes; this means that we can
prevent a group of armour improvements from stacking with each other. Currently
this is used for a small selection of skin-related qualities and biowares. See the
Data Changes for more details. Fixes #602.
- Fixed an issue with advanced lifestyles that created zombie qualities. Fun for
the vodoun and shedim, everyone else not so much. Fixes #583.
- Fixed an issue that prevented infected from moving to career mode.
- Added a tooltip for the Movement label in the Other Info tab to show the
calculated movement speed in meters per combat turn or Kilometres per Hour.
Implements #574.
- Note tooltips now have a maximum with of 100 pixels. Prevents the tooltips for
contact descriptions and such from running across the whole screen. There's a good
chance I missed one or two, so let me know if you see any. Fixes #581.
- Fixed an issue relating to the Improved Ability power causing other powers to
revert to 0 ranks. Fixes #488, fixes #436, fixes #378.
- Fixed an issue with Improved Ability and exotic weapon skills not working
together. Fixes #492.
- Fixed adept powers to stack properly with free levels from qi foci and mentor
spirits. May break in interesting ways. Should fix #615.
- Matrix initiative can now benefit from the MatrixIniaitivePass improvement. Fixes
- Added support for FixedValues for vehicle mods. Fixes #622.
- Exotic Weapon skills without any karma spent on them can now be removed once
you've entered career mode.
- Exotic Weapon skills can now properly have their karma costs refunded in career
- Exotic Weapon skills can't change their specialisation dynamically anymore once
you're in career mode, because it breaks the karma refund. This is intentional and
is unlikely to be changed unless you can present me with better-implemented code or
a reason it shouldn't be like it is.
- Skill specializations will now save their value as the English string if possible
rather than whatever the user enters; this should fix #595. Note that this fix is
PROBABLY not retroactive.
- Fixed some issues with lifestyle qualities not saving properly if they contained
an extra value. Fixes #623.
- Active Hardwires now implemented according to the rules, fixes #617. They're
effectively similar to skillwires, but you select the affected skill at the time of
purchase. They're currently mutually exclusive, so you can't have skillwires and
hardwires affecting the same skill. As with skillwires, the character's actual
rating and their hardwire rating don't stack.
- Fixed an issue that prevented accessories that came with a weapon from being
flagged as Internal.
- Fixed some calculation issues for priority metatypes not showing the correct
karma value when changing from a metavariant to a base metatype. Fixes #537.
- Fixed a crash with metavariants in Priority/Sum to Ten. Fixes #647.
- Fixed a crash caused by weapon accessories that have a cost based on rating.
Fixes #650, fixes #656.
- Added spell defence calculations in a tab on the right side of the career and
creation windows. Closes #573.
- Changed the Improved Potential powers to use the limit modifier bonus instead of
selectlimit; makes it a bit neater.
- Did some stuff to enable selecting multiple powers through the selectpower bonus
node. This shouldn't affect any existing characters, but if you're using the Chaos
Mentor Spirit I'd recommend deleting it and removing it. This miiiiight also break
existing characters with Qi Foci. Probably not though. Like 70/30 at most.
- Did various shenanigans with the karma selection form to make it show qualities
and karma costs properly.
- Rebuilt the functionality for Black Market Pipeline nad the Dealer Connection
quality. Both should now work properly; there's a teeny tiny chance that existing
characters that have the qualities might break, please raise a ticket if so.
- Fixed a crash caused by adding Genemods to a character with the Burnout's Way.
Fixes #674.
- Fixed a UI issue that left the dropdown null when switching between genemods and
bioware. Fixes #674.
- Enabled Vehicle Modifications to gain flat increases to Speed,Handling or
Acceleration based on the Rating of the mod. Partial fix for #675.
- Fixed a visual bug with Limit Modifiers in creation mode. Fixes #665.
- Expanded the category selection mechanism to support falling back to default
values. The general idea is that for each priority category loaded, it will attempt
to load nodes that have a gameplayoptions node. If it can't do that, it'll load the
Standard settings instead. This is intended to support alternate gameplay options
as requested by #357. The actual data will need to be added for the appropriate
categories, which I really can't be bothered transcribing.
- New Feature: Weapon Mounts will now limit the available weapons based on a
predefined list of weapon categories. This also enables the weapon mounts added in
Rigger 5.0 for adding weapons. I'm not particularly happy with how this looks in
the XML so the underlying code might get changed over time. For now it's all good
- Fixed an issue that prevented magic- or reseonance-enabled karma-created
characters from moving to Career mode.
- New Feature: Added a bunch of prompts to warn the user if they still have free
contact points, knowledge points, skill points and such before moving to Career
- Fixed an issue that caused a crash when adding armour to vehicles and drones.
- Partially implemented the Overclocker feature for Career mode. Code works, but I
haven't added it on for Vehicles yet. Fixes #198.
- Added support for CTRL-A in the Notes forms. Slim chance I've missed other
multiline forms Fixes #693.
- Fixed a crash caused by loading custom Critters related to movement strings.
- Fixed the display of Locations created by cybewrware or weapons with AllowGear
properties. Fixes #536.
- Added some support for creating an Ally Spirit, per #244. Not 100% RAW yet, but
it doesn't crash so that's a start.
- Added support for enabling calculated Public Awareness, per the rules from SR4.
Hides the tooltips and calculations if not in use.
- Fixed the creation method for custom packs kits to not treat included mods as
being purchased. Should fix #707 and fix #691.
- Save files is now in UTF-8 instead of UTF-16. This should not have any visible
impact but it is more tool frindly and leads to smaller files
- Fixed an issue where qualities that add other qualities for free didn't discount
properly. Fixes #762.
- Fixed an issue where default build methods other than Karma would cause a crash
while launching the Options menu. Fixes #796.
- Fixed an issue with the Acceleration Enhancement modification causing a crash
when printing. Fixes #772.
- Fixed an occasional issue in the Options menu where a null default character
sheet caused a crash. Fixes #774.
- Added house rules to gain free contacts and knowledge skills based on the total
value of your CHA or LOG+INT. Fixes #783.
- Fixed a bonus point calculation issue for YNT Softweave and Cloaks.
- Fixed a crash issue related to the Overclocker quality in career mode.
- Fixed a loading issue for commlinks with armor capacity values.
- Fixed an issue where removing a Foci before unbonding it would leave the
Improvement enabled. Fixes #660. Note: Characters that have already been affected
by this bug will need to manually remove the improvement.
- Fixed the ability to switch between adepts, magicians or technomancers when
changing priority selections. Fixes #745.
- Added a method for grouping armour value improvements with the 'group' attribute.
Fixes #758.
- Fixed an issue that prevented some old characters from being saved. Fixes #806.
- Added and consolidated some code to update initiation costs and discounts
properly. Fixes #810.
- Implemented a minor quality of life update; the most recently used folder
location is not stored for mugshots, per character. Fixes #458.
- Contacts, spirits and pets can now be linked to non-Chummer files; when clicking
on the Open Character Sheet button, the file will be opened in the default
application for that extension. Fixes #636.
- Prime runners now get twice the amount of free contacts compared to standard
- Essence Hole value is not impacted by grade or ware essence cost reductions. You
don't get a little essence back each time now. Fixes #673
- "Test Subject" and "Factory Child Worker" life modules now give bonus nuyen.
Fixes #811
- Fixed a crash caused when saving characters without mugshots.
- Fixed an incorrect value for binding spirit services. Fixes #827.
- Fixed karma costs for the Inspired quality from Sail Away, Sweet Sister in
karmagen. Fixes #828.
- Added a close icon for the Options window, allows you to cancel out of saving any
changes you make. Should fix #700.
- Chummer now correctly uses the "Characters don't gain Karma after Quality Limit"
option in Karma and Life Module mode.
- Removing the "MEtagenetic Improvement" quality now works correctly in Karma and
Life Module mode. Fixes #234.
- Myostatin Inhibitor now correctly reduces Karma Cost of raising Strength. Fixes
- Chummer now correctly uses the "Ignore Art requirement" option for showing
metamagics. Fixes #614.
- Fixed crash when checking "Limited Spell" without selecting a Spell.
- All Armors, Cyberware, Bioware, and Gear should now add correct limit modifiers.
Fixes #625.
- Added Attribute Display for Cyberlimbs.
- Added option to not use Cyberlimbs for augmented Attribute calculation.
- Rewrote RedlinerCheck
- Added Redliner/Cyber-Singularity Seeker Quality names to ToolTip
- Added Redliner bonus to cyberlimbs
- Added backwards Compability with old Redliner implementation (Only need to load
once with the new Version to remove artifacts)
- Fixed crashes when adding a PACK. Fixes #843.
- Fixed Black Market Discount not decreasing Gear/Cyberware/Armor/Weapon/Vehicle
Cost. Fixes #845.
- Fixed Hanuman agility and changed Low-Light to thermographic vision. Fixes #847.
Fixes #848.
- Fixed limitation on Karma to nuyen when ignoring character creation rules. Fixes
- Fixed crash when loading a character with more than 200 Karma to Nuyen. Fixes
- Fixed issue where cyberlimb stats were increased with cyber-singularity seeker.
Fixes #857.

Data Change:
- Added missing required values for the Hospitalized lifestyles.
- The quality Practice, Practice, Practice now excludes Combat Active skills from
being selected.
- The Foregrip accessory has both an Under and Barrel slot.
- Fixed the Range for the spell Knockout to be Touch.
- Included Life Modules from Rigger 5.0, courtesy of Eric Dufurrena.
- Included content from Rigger 5.0, courtesy of Fweeba. Note: Most modifications do
the things they're supposed to, with the exception of Sensor. New modification
point system won't be done for a while.
- Addweapon nodes removed from the Infected.
- SumtoTen.xml is no longer required by the project and can be removed from
existing installs.
- Minimum MAG/RES/DEP levels have been set to 0 for the appropriate metatypes.
- Removed the quality "Natural Weapon: Claws" for the Sasquatch.
- Added ammoslots entries for Speed Loader, Spare Clip, Explosive Magazine and
Extended Clip.
- Fixed a stupid error with the toxin/pathogen resistance qualities, dwarves and
translation files. Fixes #590.
- Cloaks now have Ratings and calculated values instead of the initial
- Fixed a formatting issue for the German version of the Shadowrun 5 Base character
- The following armour improvements can no longer stack with each other:
* Dermal Deposit changeling qualities
* Troll metatype dermal plating
* Orthoskin bioware
* Dermal Plating cyberware
- Fixed a crash for the Mutaqua infected qualities.
- Fixed an incorrect limit modifier value for the Audio Analyser and Balance Tail
cyberware that made some weird stuff happen. Fixes #616.
- Did some boring admin stuff with armour and bioware.
- Removed extraneous quality requirements from the Flexible Signature, Masking,
Flux and Efficient Ritual metamagics.
- Added <matrixinitiativepass>1</matrixinitiativepass> to the Multidimensional
- Fixed crashes for the Festo pidgeon and Shiawase i-Doll.
- Renamed the Chameleon Coating from Stolen Souls to prevent conflicts with the
Rigger 5.0 version.
- Removed a couple of redundant lifestyle qualities.
- Altered the bonus for toolkits, facilities and workshops to be selectskill
instead of selecttext. No real effect, just sets the extra value to the skill in
- Fixed some stat issues for the Hanuman metavariant. Fixes #537.
- Removed the skill bonus from the Combat Focus formula again. Mixup with a
previous merge.
- Removed Fangs from Oni.
- Customised Agility and Strength for cyberlimbs now increase based on the rating.
Fixes #654.
- Added the necessary qualities for the Metasapient A.I. Fixes #668.
- Fixed an issue with the Faceless quality not being visible.
- Restricted initiative improvements to the highest value. Will probably be broken
in some way I haven't considered. Fixes #194.
- Removed gameplayoptions from the priorities file.
- Added a new mod for vehicles, Paraplegic Modification. This is intended to
support the Paraplegic Negative Quality, which increases the cost of vehicles by
five percent.
- Fixed the lifestylecost improvement for the Paraplegic quality to affect Advanced
- Fixed incorrect costs for Move-By-Wire.
- Fixed an incorrect value for the UCAS (Seattle) Life Module. Fixes #699.
- Fixed the karma cost for the Loss of confidence quality. Fixes #706.
- Fixed the name for Poor Self Control (Sadistic). Fixes #737.
- Fixed the calculation for Street Cred. Fixes #735.
- Contact archetypes are now sorted alphabetically; mostly affects custom files.
Fixes #733.
- Added woogy woogy cyberfingers from Chrome Flesh.
- Fixed an incorrect Limit value for the Chameleon Skin bioware.
- Removed the Distinctive Style quality from the Gnome metavariant.
- Removed an extra Victorinox Collapsible Hatchet from the weapons XML.
- Fixed incorrect capacity values for the Responsive Interface Gear.
- Added missing GUIDs for some AI qualities.
- Fixed missing quality restrictions for AIs.
- Added a missing concealment bonus for the Hidden Gun Arm Slide. Fixes #723.
- Fixed cost and availability for Monofilament Chainsaw, Blast Shield, and
Battering Rams. Fixes #808.
- Reverted precedence 0 settings for dermal plating cyberware.
- Reverted precedence 0 settings for orthoskin bioware.
- Reverted precedence 0 settings for dermal alteration SURGE qualities.
- Added a missing skillwire rating to Move-By-Wire.
- Fixed an incorrect AP value for Stick-n-Shock ammo. Fixes #818.
- Added an unarmed AP value equal to rating for the adept power Penetrating Strike.
Fixes #829.
- Fixed incorrect Essence values for bio-tattoos. Fixes #834.
- Altered the improvements for the Missile Mastery power. Fixes #832.
- Fixed a typo in the name for LED tattoos.
- Fixed an incorrect ammo value for the RPK HMG.
- Added German Street Grimoire to books List. Fixes #841.

New Strings:
- Message_DeleteCalendarWeek
- Button_DeleteWeek
- Tip_CalculatedMovement
- Message_ConfirmExoticSkillRemove
- MessageTitle_ExtraPoints
- Message_ExtraPoints
- Tip_OptionsDontDoubleQualityRefunds
- Tip_OptionsDontDoubleQualityPurchases
- Checkbox_Options_DontDoubleQualityPurchases
- Checkbox_Options_DontDoubleNegativeQualityRefunds
- String_Attack
- String_Sleaze
- String_DataProcessing
- Checkbox_Options_UseCalculatedPublicAwareness
- Checkbox_Options_UseTotalValueForFreeKnowledge
- Checkbox_Options_UseTotalValueForFreeContacts
- Message_Options_SaveForms
- Checkbox_Options_UseCyberlimbCalculation
Removed Strings:
- Checkbox_Options_DontDoubleQualities
- Tip_OptionsDontDoubleQualities

Changed Strings:
- Tip_StreetCred

Build 178:
Application Change:
- Fixed a calculation issue for the Edge attribute when using Sum-To-Ten or
- Fixed a crash issue caused when adding commlinks and cyberdecks.
- Standard Knowledge Skills are suffixed with the Category they're a part of.
There's a minor issue that preserves the skill name until the character is next
loaded that will be fixed later.
- Clicking Add Again on the Spell Selection menu will preserve the currently opened
spell categories. This is more or less just a proof of concept and will be expanded
to other forms in later patches.

Build 177:
Application Change:
- Fixed a crash when selecting positive lifestyle qualities.
- Life Module backstories are now generated by a button press on the Character Info
- Print Preview mode is accessible from a context menu in the Character Print
- Vehicles, Cyberware and Drones now have a Matrix Condition Monitor tracker. Note;
the cyberware CM is effectively limited to 'root' devices, as in cyberlimbs, Wired
Reflexes, things you wouldn't normally expect to be attached to other things. While
I can fiddle with this setting easily enough, a bit of internal testing just left
my testers confused as to whether they were bricking the parent device or not.
Looking for feedback on this.
- Refactored a chunk of the Improvements code to use the new Log formatting. Mostly
just stops it from throwing warnings at me during builds, but is a bit more human-
- Fixed a bug that stopped lifestyle qualities from loading properly when edited.
- Fixed an incorrectly calculated Drain value.
- The Create Natural Weapon form can now select STR in addition to the current
STR/2 option.
- Fixed an issue that caused the prompt for adding an enhancement metamagic to show
the wrong value.
- Fixed an issue with Basic Lifestyles not being editable.
- Fixed an issue with Lifestyle costs not calculating correctly for metatypes and
some other edge cases.
- The Adept Powers panel now includes an automatic scroll button that triggers when
the list of powers exceeds the panel height.
- Fixed some issues with genemods being able to benefit from cyber/bioware grades.
- Gear and Cyberware can now use the variable value Parent Cost in a similar manner
to Weapon Cost for weapon accessories. Currently this is used exclusively for the
Implant Medic Hard Nanoware.
- Concealability modifiers for Gear can now be based on Rating. Currently used for
the Extended Clip modifier.
- Fixed a calculation issue for lifestyle qualities.
- Fixed some issues that cropped up for 'ware that adds qualities (Daredrenaline,
Metatype Reduction, etc.)
- Implemented support for selecting the slot that a weapon modiciation occupies.
May break in interesting ways, but should allow holdouts and such to attach spare
clips again.
- Commlinks and cyberdecks can now switch their ASDF attributes around. This
capability will be properly segregated out into Cyberdecks in a later patch.
- Previous Priority selections are preserved when you use the Change Priority
Selection button in Create Mode. Fixes #497.
- Fixed an issue that stopped Sum to Ten from completing properly.
- Fixed some calculation and appearance issues for special attributes.
- Build Summary for Primary and Special Attributes during Priority/Sum to Ten now
shows Karma cost in addition to point cost expenditure.
- Fixed a crash in the Spell Selection window caused by clicking the Accept Form
button with a Category node selected.

Data Change:
- Fixed an issue with Cloaks from HT that caused a crash.
- Fixed missing data values for discounted adept powers.
- Adept Way Discount values enabled for all eligible powers (IE, anything except
powers that cost .25.)
- Fixed an issue with gas-vents that caused a crash.
- Renamed the Low-Light Vision metagenetic quality to prevent it from clashing with
the metatype quality.
- Renamed the Magic Sense metagenetic quality to prevent it from clashing with the
metatype quality.
- Fixed incorrect data values for the Extreme Cyber-Implant weapon.
- Hard Nanoware from Chrome Flesh has been added. Because of the way it interacts
with cyberware, the Implant Medic is listed as a piece of cyberware.
- Altered the way Weapon Accessories are handled to enable pre-configured Ratings.
Custom-made weapons with built-in accessories will need to have their format
changed to <accessories><accessory<name>Whatever</name></accessory></accessories>.
Existing characters should load properly; please contact me if you run into any
issues with this.
- Fixed a crash caused by the Extended Clip.
- Added Nanoware from Chrome Flesh.
- Proper bonuses added for most of the genetech from Chrome Flesh. Myostatin
Inhibitor still doesn't have the karma discount, because it's tedious to implement.
- Fixed the minimum INT for Wakyambi to 2.
- Holdouts have had the <allowaccessory> tag set to true as a result of code
changes to how accessories can be attached to a weapon. May not take effect on
existing weapons; if not, remove and re-add the weapon.
- Renamed the description for the Cat Mentor to not refer to Infiltration.
- Removed the Sail Away, Sweet Sister version of the Personalised Grip, as it's
replaced by the Hard Targets version.

New String:
- Menu_FilePrintPreview

Renamed String:
- String_OverContactPoints renamed to String_OverPriorityPoints

Build 176:
Application Change:
- Gauss Ammo is now considered ammo for heavy weapons instead of normal guns.
- Free contacts don't violate the (C+L)>7 limit when creating a character. This
allows prime dataheaven membership to pass inspection...
- Changed the default value for maritial art techniques to cost 5 instead or 4
karma, to conform with official rules. For older instalations, delete the settings
file or change this in options.
- When selecting life modules that brings an attribute above chargen limit, chummer
don't crash anymore.
- Reflex recorder now properbly affects skills linked to a physical attribute
instead of the physical skill group.
- Redliner and Cyber Singularity Seeker now grant the proper bonuses.
- Fixed a crash caused by double-clicking Spell Categories.
- Implemented an Improvement node for Public Awareness increases.
- Fixed Jack of All Trades (The Career and Create versions were switched.)
- Lifestyle Qualities can now check for character qualities. Currently used for the
Corporate Limited SIN.
- If the Ignore Rules option is checked, Skills and Skill Groups can exceed the 6
point limit enforced by standard character creation.
- Fixed an issue that stopped rulebook selections from saving properly.
- Fixed an issue in Life Modules if trying to add more than one Real Life Module.
- Prototype Transhuman works. Personal new metric: if I get more than twenty
requests for a quality to be implemented within a month of the book coming out,
that quality is broken.
- Made some changes to the calculation method for a character's Metagenetic Limit.
Fixes an issue with the changeling limit being set incorrectly to 0 or making
certain metagenetic qualities flag as standard.
- Weapon Accessories can have Ratings. Currently for things like Ceramic Components
that have multiple levels.
- Fixed an issue with Weapon Costs caused by Ceramic Components.
- Fixed an error caused by Life Modules trying to give you attribute points over
your metatype limit.
- Qualities that are not yet implemented in code will now have an
<implemented>no</implemented> key that highlights them in red.
- New improvement node type: <selectimprovements>. This allows us to perform the
selectattribute improvement more than once for a particular quality. This is mostly
used for the Infected pseudo-quality.
- Fixed the method for generating Advanced Lifestyle LP.

Data Change:
- Poor Self Control (Attention Seeking, Sadistic) now properly grant karma.
- First-pass addition of Hard Targets content has been added. Big thanks to
Reddit's /u/Fweeba and HaikenEdge.
Some provisional issues:
- Adept Spell does not work properly.
- There are a few items that use Ratings in ways that haven't previously been
required (Ie, the cloaks), so they're not as clean as I'd otherwise like.
- Ares Thuderstruck Gauss Rifle renamed to Ares Thunderstruck Gauss Rifle.
- The Fame qualities provide the associated Public Awareness increases.
- Added prompts for sides (Left, Right) for most cyberware that could reasonably be
expected to need it.
- The Improved Potential power has been split up into three different powers, due
to the way it works. Characters that have the existing power should work fine.
- Bioware Limbs from Chrome Flesh added.
- Additional Life Modules added. Most Life Modules now have a random story
attached. The bulk of these stories are jokes, because it's good to laugh. Note:
Checking and unchecking the Automatic Backstory checkbox on the Character Info page
will select new random values, if they're present.
- Removed the Extravagant Eyes metagenetic quality.
- Fixed Karma values for the Cyclops Eye, Vestigial Tail and Feathers metagenetic
- The Extended Masking Metamagic has been enabled as a power Adepts can take, as
it's functionally identical to the Improved Masking power.
- Added the Body Sculpt power from Bloody Business.
- Fixed a crash caused by lifestyles with qualities.
- Fixed a crash when selecting the drug Snuff.

Build 175:
Application Change:
- Removed extraneous code for the Infirm quality.
- Minor quality of life update; if you have no Settings file present when creating
a new character, Chummer will prompt you to launch the Options menu.
- You can now press Ctrl-W to close a character file.
- Fixed an issue with purchasing additional months of a lifestyle in career mode.
- Fixed an issue with lifestyle qualities that had the selecttext bonus.
- The Quality selector will show negative metagenetic qualities by default, but
hide positive ones unless you're a Changeling.
- Support for the Trust Fund quality added.
- The Technomancer registered sprite limit is now based on LOG instead of CHA.
- Fixed an issue with the cyberware selection screen not showing Essence costs.
- Complex Forms show their translated name properly.
- Redid how basic lifestyles work. Should make them behave better, should prevent
crashes for older characters.
- Fixed an issue that caused initiation schooling to show as a nuyen gain in the
karma/nuyen log.

Data Change:
- Nanohive crash issue fixed.
- Ratings for the Expanded Volume and Amplified Immune System bioware fixed to 4.
- Fixed incorrect category for certain rituals.
- Missing drugs from Chrome Flesh added. Custom drugs aren't implemented yet. As an
interim, you can use Custom Item to emulate the drugs.
- Fixed incorrect data for the Nitama Sporter.

String Changes:
- Message_CharacterOptions_OpenOptions
- MessageTitle_CharacterOptions_OpenOptions

Build 174:
Application Change:
- Calculation of Essence discounts is now multiplicative instead of additive. I am
assured this is a good thing.
- Fixed the default values for free karma knowledge. If you have an existing
settings file, please reset to defaults by clicking Tools > Options > Karma Costs >
Reset to Default.
- Issues with Sum to Ten character generation artifically granting a MAG value
higher than the metatype maximum should be fixed. I expect it'll break again in a
week or so somehow, so please let me know if you experience any issues.
- Chummer's main window now shows the current version in the title to aid
- Fixed a crash issue with Dwarves and the Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins
metaquality, courtesy of Argo2445.
- Fixed a crash caused by missing information in SURGE qualities.
- Fixed a crash when trying to add items that include the selecttext bonus to
- Public Awareness is no longer an automatically calculated value.
- Positive Metagenetic Qualities are hidden by default UNLESS you have one of the
Changeling qualities, or disable the 'hide qualities I can't take' checkbox. Not
particularly happy with the implementation for this; feedback appreciated.

Data Change:
- Magical Education Life Module now has a proper karma cost; prevents crashes.
- Myostatin Inhibitor genemod now adds 1 Strength. The karma cost needs additional
code support and hasn't been implemented properly yet.
- Fixed skill usage for cyber implant weapons.
- Fixed missing categories for the Attention-Seeking and Sadistic variants of Poor
Self Control.
- Fixed an issue with the Net weapon that caused a crash.
- Fixed a crash issue with the Trauma Damper, courtesy of SolitarySky.
- Changed the Priority B Elf's Special points to 6.

Translation Changes:
- Added French translations courtesy of sethsatan.

Build 173:
Application Change:
- Dumpshock link changed to issue tracker.
- A First-pass effort at adding a filter for Missions-restricted items has been
added to the Options menu. Will be getting a later review to enable better
filtering of the qualities, but for now it's just a global option.
- Fixed a bug with life modules where Tír Tairngire wouldn't show demographics.
- Chummer now handles essence holes automatically. Old items may need to be re-
- College Education/School of Hard Knocks/Linguist and Jack of All Trades work
properly for knowledge skills during character creation. Again.
- Most of the functionality for Infected has been implemented. Todo: Fix up the
free attribute gain to not use qualities because it's ugly, and put in the data
files content.
- N of M contact points in priority build works again.
- Fixed an issue where chummer failed to open when clicking on a .chum5 file.
- Implemented functionality for the quality "Friends in High Places".
- Save/Load methods for Advanced Lifestyles should actually work properly now, but
it's still a bit fragile. Bugs are to be expected, particularly if you change your
mind a lot.
- Most issues with adepts getting levels of powers from multiple sources should be
resolved. (Mentor Spirits, Foci, etc.)
- Rounding issue for Recoil Compensation from Strength resolved.
- Variable costs for Qualities enabled to support the Rank quality. May eventually
lead into redoing the way Qualities with multiple ratings work, because High Pain
Tolerance (Rating 6) offends me every time I scroll past it.

Data Change:
- Organising data file contents into regions to keep things easy to work with.
- Rank Quality added.
- The Debug Lifestyle has been hidden.
- Lifemodules no longer contains a "Magical Education (Archetype)".
- Tír is now spelled correctly a few more places.
- Equipment, Weapon and Ammo PACKs from run faster added.
There are a couple of important caveats with this:
First, we generally haven't bothered to input PACKs that are a single item. If
someone would like to write them up then that's fine, but there's only so many
hours of data entry one can do.
Second, items that don't currently exist haven't been added in, like backpacks.
Again, mostly a tedium thing but the PACKs code doesn't play nice with Custom Item
and I don't like littering up the data files with fluff items.
Items not added include:
- Backpack.
- Sound-link on the earbuds.
- Disposable inhaler from Cheap Soldier Pack.
- Orange vest from Sportsman Pack.
- Reusable Syringe from Tranq Darter Pack and Tranq Pistol Darter Pack.
- Bug-out bag's dufflebag.
- Mechanic Shop's duct-tape.
- Surveillance pack's Periscope.
- Infiltration Kit contains a Micro-Transceiver on the assumption that that's
the correct item.
- Medium Machine gunner pack doesn't contain ammo belts, but does come with
the ammo.
- Ammo packs not added as stacks split among multiple types of weapons is not
possible in Chummer5a.
- Rigger Pack gets Reaction Enhancers instead of the mythical reflex enhancers.
Come on guys, it's a list of items. Seriously, if you need an editor I'm sure
there's tons of people who'd be happy to sign an NDA.
- Big Boom Pistoleer pack has 190 rounds of heavy regular amunition, because
Chummer doesn't care about your brass.
- Most lifestyles ignored, per the 'we can't be bothered adding single items'
policy mentioned above.
- Gunbunny pack not added as it contains unattached accessories, which Chummer
doesn't currently like handling. To be added in a future patch.
- Some custom packs added from reddit's shadowrun comunitieswith permission
from /u/NotB0b and ShadowNET SysOp.
- Fixed an issue with the Extreme Cyberimplant and Junkyard Jaw from Chrome
- Pulse Weave costs Rating * 3000.

New strings:
- Message_HighContact
- Checkbox_Options_Missions

Build 172:
Application Change:
- Due to the return of Move-By-Wire, Initiative is no longer capped to your
REA+INT's augmented maximum.
- Fixed an issue with lifestyle quality costs that caused a crash on print.
- The cap for Qualities is now based on your Gameplay Option. For example, a Prime
Runner can spend up to 35 Karma on Positive qualities, and gain 35 from Negative
- Compability mode added. Chummer should now **run** on .NET 4.0, but some stuff
might not work, and we (the Chummer5a team) won't provide support.
- Fixed a bug where advanced (and normal?) lifestyles would crash on other
- More specific spirit data is available for charsheets to use.
- Chummer now has a crash reporter. If Chummer encounters an error it can't recover
from, it will (if given permision) send a data package (hopefully) identifying the
source of the crash.
- Chummer now won't pretend you have 25 BP in SumToTen/Priority build modes
- Fixed edge case where Sum To Ten would ask for a karma amount like Karma/Life
Module builds
- Prime Data Haven now automatically creates/removes an appropriate 5C/3L contact.
- Cyberware can now add qualities. Not particularly happy with the implementation,
but it works.
- Cyberware can have a metatype restriction.
- Born Rich quality works properly.
- The Select Bioware/Cyberware form can now display a special notes text field to
indicate weird workaroundy stuff that I can't be bothered fixing with code.
- For example, Striking Calluses are treated as a Rating item, with the Notes
field explaining why. Currently has no support for translations.
- Essence Discount house rule enabled. Can be used to emulate the Prototype
Transhuman quality for you munchkin mages that need your pain editors and whatnot
until I get around to implementing it properly.
- Fixed an issue with the incorrect cap being used for spell selection. There's
still a couple of UI failures that need to be resolved, but they're a relatively
low priority.

Data Change:
- The Water Sprite quality confers +2 to Diving and Swimming, instead of prompting
you to select one of them.
- Machine Pistols were missing a few accessory slots; they can now mount stocks and
- Cyberware Holdout Pistol typo fixed.
- Gameplay Options have been moved into their own XML file, gameplayoptions.xml.
- Added the missing qualities "Poor Self Control (Sadistic)" and "Poor Self Control
- Lifestyles.xml GUIDs populated to support the language fix.
- Adapsin bioware properly discounts cyberware costs.
- Fire Modes for the Colt Inception have been fixed.
- Metatype Reduction has been added. Due to the differing benefits, it is split up
into two different items for Orks and Trolls, respectively.
- Troll Reduction has been added.
- Assorted bits of cosmetic bioware and bio-weapons from Chrome Flesh have been
- Life Modules have been added from all existing source books, courtesy of joha4270
and angelforest. Functionality is complete-ish, but there are some awkward modules
in Further Education and such that may not quite work as expected. Feedback and
suggestions for this is greatly appreciated.
- Fixed an issue that stopped Aspected Magicians from gaining access to the Spells
and Spirits tab. Replace-all is nobody's friend.

String Changes:
- Checkbox_Options_ExceedNegativeQualitiesLimit
- Checkbox_Options_ExceedPositiveQualities
- Checkbox_Options_ExceedNegativeQualities
- Message_SpellLimit

- MessageBox_NoValidContactFound

Build 171:
Application Change:
- Fixed an issue with Priority characters not loading properly. Malformed XML file.

Data Change:
- Accuracy for the Cougar Fine Blades altered.
- Chakram weapon added.
- The PPSK-4 has had a Collapsed Frame accessory added to it that confers -6
Concealability to represent the collapsible box thing you can put it in. Accessory
mods can also no longer be installed on the gun.
- Blowgun range changed.
- Sound suppressor added to the Barret.
- Missing Ammo from Run and Gun added.
- Skilljacks and Skillwires have had their costs adjusted to match Chrome Flesh
values, because apparently errata isn't a thing that's done these days.
- Wireless Skillsoft Networks have been added as Lifestyle Qualities. Yes, Advanced
Lifestyles are still a little broken. It's on the list.



Build 170:
Application Change:
- Metasapient cost is properly counted in Sum to Ten and Priority.
- Fixed an issue with the default Free Contact Multiplier value. Existing
installations may still have a Contact Multiplier value of 1. To fix this, open
Tools > Options > House Rules and enable/disable the "Free Contact Points equal to
Charisma times X" rule.
- Fixed an issue with the Critical Strike power that caused a crash, due to the
name being changed.
- Jack of All Trades shows the proper tooltip value.
- Variable Sum to X character creation enabled. Changing Build Methods still
doesn't work quite right, so it's recommended to make a new character if you want
to do this.
- Genemods and Symbionts are locked to Standard grade properly.
- Internal changes to how some values are stored. Shouldn't affect characters.
- Added support for building characters with Life Modules.
| If a character has multiple knowledge skills with the same name, they can
optionally be folded in to one another by clicking the Collapse button on the right
side of the skill.
| Only debug life modules have been created thus far; any assistance in writing
up the data for this would be greatly appreciated.
| Selecting Life Modules will pre-generate a Background for your character.
This can still be edited normally, but makes for a useful springboard. Development
is still in the early stages, but is more or less functional. Full thanks to
joha4270 for implementing this.

Data Change:
- Priviliged Family Name's SIN requirement changed to National or Corporate, rather
than Corporate (Limited).
- Ambidextrous quality is now enabled for multiple limbs. Shine on, you crazy
Indian diamonds.
- Dragonslayer Mentor Spirit fixed to give +2 to Combat Spells instead of
- Fixed a missing value for the Linguist property that was preventing its bonus
from working.
- Casemods can be removed from Cyberware.
- Living Focus and Keratin Control have been added to the Street Grimoire book. The
Shadowrun Forum Post 1 book has been removed.
- German Language files from Haekel on Reddit have been included.

New Strings:
- Label_SelectBP_StartingKarma
- Label_SelectBP_SumToX
- String_Improvement_SelectOptionalPower
- String_All
- String_LifeModule
- String_Life_Module
- Label_Stage
- Tip_CombineItems
- Tip_SplitItems

Build 169:
Application Change:
- Fixed an issue with skill and karma values defaulting to 0 in character creation.
- Fiddled with Auto-update a bit, might work better. Please test and advise.

Data Change:
- New book: Chrome Flesh.
- Content for Chrome Flesh added. Data provided courtesy of Fweeba.

Build 168:
Application Change:
- Did some stuff to make spell descriptors show up in character sheets.
- Karma carry-over for build methods other than Point Buy fixed to 7. You may need
to reset your options to defaults for this to take effect. Tools > Options > Karma
- Fixed an issue with skills changing their values incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue with discounts for knowledge skills not working properly.

Data Change:
- Fixed a fault with the calculation of Net ranges that caused a crash.
- Data Trails content added. Some additional functionality for commlink dongles and
such is still required, so they haven't been included yet. Much thanks to Iridios
for his work with this.

Build 167:
New collaborator on the project acquired! joha4270 has been assisting with a
variety of issues, and is currently tackling the implementation of Life Modules,
along with several other tricky problems. Huzzah!

Application Change:
- Changes made to the Contact controls; most features of a contact are now only
visible on hover. Makes things a bit neater. Looking for feedback on implementation
of this. Good? Not good?
- Support for free contacts enabled.
- Support for group contacts from Run Faster implemented.
- Support for the Made Man quality from Run Faster implemented.
- Karma and Nuyen graphs now scale with time.
- Fixed a bug with calculation of Street Cred.
- Fixed a bug with Nuyen and Karma graphs being in order of addition instead of
date. Also makes neat plateus and valleys.
- Fixed an issue in which the Maximum Modified Rating rule could not be disabled.
- Fixed issues with Limit Enhancements not saving.
- Technical School, College Education, Linguist qualities do the discounty things
they're supposed to.
- Fixed issues with the optional rule to re-group skill groups if the skills were
balanced when the character was saved.
- Fixed an embarassing issue with broken skill groups levelling themselves back
down to the grouped rating.
- Fixed the behaviour of Custom Fit so that it only counts if the Custom Fitted
item is also equipped. Not super happy with the code, but I'm also tired of looking
at it, so eh.
- Undocumented inherited feature of the day: the <armoroverride> key supports
Custom Fit. If an item with the Custom Fit (Stack) mod is equipped, and has an
Extra value that matches another equipped piece of armour, the armour value of the
item will be changed to the override value.
- Character creation validation now checks for Betaware/Deltaware and stops you
from having nice things.
- Firemodes now work properly for languages other than English. (Original code
didn't expect that someone would actually change the string for the firemode
abbreviations, so kudos to you, random German guy who translated everything!)
- Made some alterations to the appearance and function of contacts. Outstanding
issues: Made Man and karma costs don't update properly.

Data Change:
- Fixed a big with Colt Agent Special not using Heavy Pistol ammunition.
- Fixed incorrect calculation for varieties of Indomitable.
- Hanuman name fixed again. Frankly CGL should take the initiative of spelling the
name correctly, for I am incapable of spelling errors.
- Enhanced Articulation no longer prompts for the skill bonus.
- Keen-eared and Balance Receptor are properly marked as Metagenetic qualities.
- Digital Doppelganger now prompts for a text entry, and requires that you be a

New strings:

Build 166
Application Change:
- Fixed an issue with Point Buy characters transitioning to career mode causing an
exception error for skills.
- Values for Contact and Knowledge Multipliers will now reset to their default
values if the relevant house rules are disabled.
- Value for Contact and Knowledge Multipliers reset to proper defaults.
- Fixed several magic traditions to use valid spirit names. 'Spirit of Plant'.
- Fixed an issue with Spirit Bane being available to non-magic users.
- Fixed an issue that enabled the free knowledge skills for point buy if the free
contact point house rule was enabled.

Build 165
Application Change:
- Knowledge skills actually fixed now. Is now completely buildmethod-agnostic, so
won't break when you look at it funny.

Data Change:
- Fixed an issue with Hanuman in Sum-to-Ten/Priority.

Build 164
Application Change:
- Martial Arts are no longer included in the calculations for positive quality
limits at chargen.
- Fixed an issue in which point-buy characters weren't having points removed after
patch 162.
- Fixed an issue with characters that had Middle/Medium lifestyles causing a crash.
- Fixed a number of stupid errors with knowledge skill and contact calculation.
Knowledge skills still need an errata to confirm whether/how they're supposed to
interact with karma and free points in point buym but should otherwise work
- House rules enabled to provide for a different contact and knowledge skill
- House rules to override quality limits without otherwise breaking chargen rules

Data Change:
- Fixed an incorrect Category for the Obscure/Difficult to Find lifestyle quality.
- Nitama Sportier uses heavy pistol ranges.

New Strings:
- Checkbox_Options_ContactMultiplier
- Checkbox_Options_KnowledgeMultiplier

Administrative Change:
- Changelog.txt, Manifestdata.xml and manifestlang.xml added to the Admin folder.
Not included in the client files; used for pushing automatic updates.

Build 163
Administrative Change:
- Controls (Skills, groups, etc.) moved into a separate folder because I'm tired of
looking for them and can't be bothered prefixing. Organisation is love.
Organisation is life.

Application Change:
- AUTOMATIC UPDATES ENABLED. Now I just have to not forget to update the version
metadata every time I fiddle with something...
- To use automatic updates, open the Tools window and click on Check For
Updates. Any new file versions should be available for download. Select the files,
hit the download button and cross your fingers.
- Fix for Friends in High Places causing a crash due to invalid bounds.
- Fixed an issue with free karma knowledge reverting values to 0.
- Rewrite of Knowledge Skill BP calculation to support free points. Needs some
logic validation.
- Fixed an issue with the Blind (Mage) quality causing an exception.
- Added functionality for the Jack of All Trades, Master of None quality.
- Added functionality for the College Education quality from Run Faster.

Data Change:
- Updated some spells with correct ranges, from the errata.
- Updated some martial arts, courtesy of Urs Zeidler.

Build 162
Application Change:
- Points for free Contacts include Karma values.
- Amended an issue where the first point of Connection or Loyalty was free for
Contacts. Basing this off the example text on page 99, but I'm moderately sure that
there was a falling out between the development team and the writers at some point,
so they may not have been talking at that point.
- Added an optional rule to generate free contacts during Point Buy. Currently
working on adding free contact points during Point Buy. Shouldn't be much longer to
- Refixed an issue with skill groups adding points to the Priority number counters.
Will also clean up karmagen characters that were built accidentally using Points
instead of just Karma.
- Fixed issues with the Uneducated, Infirm, and Uncouth qualities during chargen.
(Additional karma costs, wrong karma costs, just generally broken.)
- Support added for the School of Hard Knocks quality.
- Build Summary now reports the Karma used by Contacts if you exceed the free

Data Change:
- Blind (Mage) quality is now available for Adepts that have the Astral Perception

New Strings:
- String_OverContactPoints

Build 161 (Reverting things that weren't broken Hotfix)

Application Change:
- So it turns out that the default options don't actually populate from where
they're defined, but are an entirely separate int. Todo: buy scotch. Try not to
cry. Cry deeply.
- Fixed the issue with skills doubling their rating on load. Commenting out code
without explaining why you did it is dangerous, kiddies. Don't uncomment things you
don't know the purpose of.

Build 160
Application Change:
- When using Point Buy, karma can no longer be carried over into Career Mode,
because Point Buy cannot have nice things.
- Sum to Ten now validates over/under limits.
- Nuyen cost for Martial Arts and styles removed, because I'm an idiot and didn't
pay attention to what Instruction Cost meant.
- Revalidated default karma options again, default value for contacts changed.
- Added a prompt to close open characters when changing Options. Will look at this
again properly later to support saving the characters and reloading them, but for
now it just closes, prompting the user to save any modified characters.
- Did some fiddling with the UI for Point Buy and the optional 'Free Knowledge
Skills like Priority' rule. Buy With Karma is enabled by default, etc.
- Removing Rituals should no longer cause terrible crashes in chargen mode.
- Complex Forms limited to the correct amounts during Chargen and Career mode.
- Drone Condition Monitor assigned to correct value, courtesy of BodieSullivan.

New Strings:
- Message_Options_CloseForms
- MessageTitle_Options_CloseForms
- Message_ComplexFormLimitCareer

Data Changes:
- Dwarf metavariants are tagged as Run Faster again.
- Formatting typo in de_data.xml resolved, courtesy of UrsZeidler.
- Several issues with the German character sheet resovled, courtesy of Zwixx.

Build 5.159.1
Application Change:
- Reset the cost for Complex Forms to the proper value again.
- Removed some needless return values for including percentages in lifestyle costs.
- Lifestyle Qualities will no longer add a blank node if you hit the Cancel button.

Build 5.159
Application Change:
- Issue with Initiation/Submersion in chargen forgetting Ordeals and Schooling
- Martial Arts and Maneuvers cost Nuyen to learn.
- Contact Connection rating limited to 6 during Character generation, 12 Connection
during Career mode. TODO: Validate contacts during completion stage; contacts
should not exceed 7 Karma.
- Improved Ability (Skill) now has a maximum value of (Skill + (Skill/2)). Note:
Exotic Weapon skills aren't working properly just yet.
- Base Recoil Compensation increased to 1. Recoil granted by Strength reduced to
- Default state of the rule "Allow broken skillgroups to be regrouped if they have
an equal value." changed to enabled.
- Improvements generated by Foci binding (Improved Physical Attribute, for example)
are now removed when a Focus is unbound. Should fix edge cases that were effected
in a similar manner.
- Negative Metavariant karma points count towards the Negative Quality limit. (Ie,
a priority C hobgoblin can only take 20 Karma worth of Negative Qualities.)
- Limited support for using web-browsers (Chrome, Firefox) as your PDF application
added. IE doesn't work, and I'm not interested in figuring out why.
- Power Point limits are re-calculated when Karma values are changed.
- Essence Loss during Karmagen correctly pulls from Karma.
- PACKs validated for functionality. They should work, but TERRIBLE HORRIBLE
of PACKs will be created in the near future.
- Advanced Lifestyles are enabled in creation mode. Basic lifestyles have currently
been disabled, because I am lazy and haven't remade it. I've only done limited
testing with this, so please report any issues that you come across.

Data Change:
- Concealed Quick-Draw Holster: Concealment value set to -1.
- Custom Ballistic Mask: Social Limit increased to 2.
- Uniform (Disguise) crash fixed.
- Maglock with Anti-Tamper Circuits crash fixed.
- Full Body Armour Helmet capacity fixed.
- New book: Nothing Personal.
- The ridiculous F-B Bumblebee from Nothing Personal has been added.

New Strings:

Build 5.158
Application Change:
- Qualities now capped at 25 points instead of 35.
- Knowledge Skills calculated based on proper value (Was metatype base, is now
actual value.)
- New House Rule: Point Buy grants free Knowledge Skills. Todo: enable free
knowledge multiplier as a house rule variable.
- SURGE qualities are free if a character has the Changeling qualities.
- 1 Karma will be subtracted from free karma if Positive and Negative Changeling
qualities are unbalanced.
- Deleting Submersion properly decrements augmented maximum. Also fixes being able
to remove earlier initiate grades.
- Default value for purchasing a Complex Form set to 4.
Data Change:
- Technomancer, Adept, Mystic Adept, Magician, Aspected Magician and Changeling
qualities no longer contribute towards quality limit during karmagen.
- SURGE qualities all tagged as metagenetic improvements to support the new way
SURGE works. Also should have been done from the start, but that's neither here nor
- Colt New Model Revolver amended to use proper statistics.

New Strings:

Build 5.157
Application Change:
- Karma calculation issue fixed in karmagen for special attributes. (Sure, let's
include a specific handler for priority gen and nothing else. Makes sense.)

Build 5.156.1
Application Change:
- Karma calculation issue fixed in karmagen. (Wasn't counting metatype minimmums.)
- Default value for nudKarmaQuality changed to 1x.

Data Change:
- Special Attributes for Priority-Gen and Sum-to-Ten fixed to proper values. Got a
bit lazy copying the data.

Build 5.156
Application Change:
- Karma Costs tab re-enabled in Options. This will allow the user to change
character generation details without file editing directly. The Nuyen Per BP field
has also been relocated into this tab.

Data Change:
- Metavariant/Metasapient BP costs and karma values shifted into
Priorities/SumtoTen.xml files because Hobgoblins are terrible.
- Ares HVAR book reference altered to proper book (Run and Gun)

- Metavariants that confer bonus karma (Hobgoblin, Oni at Priority C) currently are
not counted against the maximum limit for Negative Qualities.

Build 5.155
Application Change:
- Settings.xml default values validated against what they're actually supposed to
be. Fixes some issues with Quality prices, fixes the 5000 Nuyen per Build Point
issue AGAIN.
- Metasapients partially added. (They're in, but prices are largely incorrect)

Build 5.154
Application Change:
- Change Metatype/Priority Selection special menu fixed to remove and disable
Special attributes if you no longer have the relevant Talent. Needs some extra
things done later to clean it up, but it works.
- Fixed a Nuyen calculation issue that stopped starting nuyen from being included.
Data Change:
- Restored a fix to Elf metavariants that caused a crash.
- Settings.xml will no longer be published in builds, to prevent issues with
debugging data.

Build 5.153.2
Application Change:
- Fixed typo in SelectSkill.cs that caused a crash (Case sensitivity is fun)
- Removed needless, broken validation that stopped karma-nuyen conversion from
working in priority/sum-to-ten builds.

Build 5.153.1
Application Change:
- Fixed skills so that they don't cause terrible, horrible crashes. (Was using the
wrong method to verify Build method.)

Build 5.153
Application Change:
- Submersion Grades can now be deleted properly during chargen.
- Quality list available for Priority and Sum-to-Ten.
- Special Qualities of Metavariants are enumerated properly.

Build 5.152
Application Change:
- Metavariants fixed for Sum to Ten and Priority.
- Karma costs of metavariants are now deducted properly.
- Purchased Nuyen no longer defaults to maximum value.
- Submersion during karmagen fixed to not refer to metamagics, arts, etc.
- Removing the Adept, Technomancer, Magician, or Mystic Adept refunds any allocated
MAG or RES before disabling the controls.

Build 5.151
Application Change:
- Saved Nuyen values resetting to 0 on load
- Variable Nuyen per build point values not updating properly if changed from 2000

Build 5.150
Data change:
- Nocturna and Xapiri Thëpë quality-related crash fixed.
Application Change:
- Lazy workaround fix for karmagen attributes not increasing properly.

Build 5.149
Application Change:
- Skill groups no longer cost BP when using Sum-to-Ten (Or in one weird case,
- Maximum Contact Connection rating increased to 12, per p386, SR5 Core. Todo:
Limit Connection to 6 during character creation.

Build 5.148a
Application Change:
- Condition Monitor for vehicles corrected to use the correct formula (12+ 1/2

Build 5.148
Application change:
- Fixed "Special" qualities not enabling resonance, magic, etc. if the talent was
selected from a search filter.

Build 5.147
Application change:
- Fix for Chummer ignoring changes to the Nuyen per BP option.
Data change:
- Typo in Sum-to-Ten generation fixed that stopped Adepts from working properly.
(More like 4depts, amirite?)

Build 5.146
Application change:
- Qualities with text input (SINner, Allergy, etc.) fixed to not attempt and fail
language validation. No more Error text in the field, basically.

Build 5.145
Administrative change:
- Data files now embedded in the solution, rather than maintained separately.

Build 5.144
Data changes:
- "Resistance to Pathogens and Toxins" renamed to "Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins"
due to weird dwarf racism issue.
Application changes:
- The base statistics can no longer be modified during karmagen due to a counting
fault. Shouldn't be necessary anyway.
Administrative changes:
- frmMetatype renamed to frmKarmaMetatype for organisational purposes.
Mea culpa changes:
- SVN/Backup issue forced a rollback of 5.141's Submersion fix.

Build 5.143
- Metavariant statistics fixed to update properly.

Build 5.142
- Weapons.xml validated to permit Stocks, Internal components, etc.

Build 5.141
- 'Special' qualities such as technomancer restricted so that you can't be a
technomancer adept.
- Attribute count not counting current values in Sum-to-Ten fixed.
- Submersion fixed; Echoes are now purchasable.

Build 5.140
- Fixed the tooltip showing the karma values for raising magic in career mode.
- Added a new Dwarven racial quality to include the resistance to pathogens and
toxins rather than using the Resistance to Pathogens and Toxins positive quality.
This will only impact characters created with this version or later.

Build 5.139
- Added in the ability to multi-specialize in skills post character creation.
- Updated Mnemonic Enhancer to provide its bonus to the Mental Limit and Memory
- Updated Tailored Pheromones to provide a flat bonus to the social limit instead
of a limit modifier.
- Fixed a bug with Qi Foci that could prevent it from showing the power it provides
in the bound foci list.
- Updated Martial Arts so that it prevents taking the same Technique via the same
Martial Art so you can have stacked bonuses.
- Fixed the Advanced Safety System from Run and Gun so that it would be available
for use.
- Added the new spirits from Spirit Grimoire to the specialization lists for each
of the Summoning skils.
- Fixed a bug that would occur when undoing adding a submersion grade in Career
mode that was preventing it from correctly removing echoes attached to that
submersion grade.
- Fixed a bug that was causing vehicles to show a Signal rating which was an
artifact from 4th Edition.
- Fixed a bug that was failing to calculate the available contact points.
- Fixed a bug that was allowing multiple attributes at maximum during character
creation if the character had the Exceptional Attribute positive quality.

Build 5.138 (beta)

- Fixed the spelling on the name of the Evo Armadillo Armored Spacesuit.
- Fixed the calculation of the Mortimer of London coats when dealing with
unequipped armor.
- Updated Chem Seal and Environmental Adaptation for Full Body Armor to be mods for
Full Body Armor rather than armors themselves.
- For the Translator: Fixed both the Page and Translated columns so that they
correctly save changes.

Build 5.137 (beta)

- Before anything else, I want to thank Geg ( for going above
and beyond working on the German translation for Chummer. A very large part of
Chummer's data files have been translated into German by Geg over the last week and
I cannot thank him enough for taking it upon himself to do this.
- In order to resolve differences between the English and German printings, I've
added a new book entitled "Shadowrun 5th Edition (German)". I've attached to this
book the German versions of the Raven Mentor Spirit and Skilljack Cyberware. This
should allow German players to use the versions printed in their books and other
players to use them if their group is treating those rules as errata to the English
- Updated Contacts by splitting the Name field into three fields: Name, Location,
and Archetype. The dropdown has been moved to Archetype. Any existing Contacts will
show any existing info under Name. The character sheets have been updated to show
the new Contact fields.
- Updated the Ultimax Rain Forest Carbine to use the updated stats provided in the
Missions FAQ Update version 1.1.1.
- Removed the Restrictive quality from SWAT Armor that was there in error.
- Fixed a bad tooltip for the Cyberlegs house rule.
- Fixed the price for the Horizon Flying Eye with the Flash Pak and Smoke Grenade
- Fixed a bug that was ignoring book selections when showing the list of mentor
- Fixed the AP modifier for Gel Rounds.
- Changed the Gecko Grip weapon modification to not require that the weapon have a
Stock slot.
- Added the missing Strike the Darkness and Neijia Martial Art Techniques.
- Fixed the price of the Armanté Suit and Dress.
- Fixed a formatting problem with the skills list so that the list should now
scroll properly.
- Fixed a bug preventing leftover nuyen from being carried over after character
- Added the ability to enter notes for Martial Art Techniques which are also shown
on the character sheet.
- Added the Custom Tradition to Career mode.
- Fixed the Drain Resist dice pool for limited spells.
- Fixed the armor calculation for stacking armor including occasionally stacking
items like the Mortimer's High-Fashion armor.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent adding the free adept powers granted by a mentor
spirit if in Career mode.

Build 5.136 (beta)

- Due to popular request, Enemies are back again. These are not part of 5th Edition
(at least not yet) so using them is a house rule.
- The Contacts/Enemies UI has been updated to use tabs rather than being stacked.
This gives a little more room for both contacts and enemies.
- Contacts now show a dropdown list for the name allowing you to enter your own
contact information or select one from a list. As of yet, Enemies have no options
in the list but this will be added at a later date (suggestions welcome).
- Added logging to the update function. Hopefully this will be helpful in tracking
down issues when downloading updates.
- Removed a possible bug that could cause the update to go into a loop.
- Added a new Buy With Karma checkbox to each of the Active and Knowledge skills in
Creation mode that allows you to buy the specialization with karma instead of skill
- Added tooltips to the house rules on the options dialog to help explain which
each house rule does.
- Added a house rule to the Options dialog that will allow Initiation and
Submersion during Create mode.
- As it was pointed out to me that I missed the sentence on page 66 that explicitly
allows spending Attribute Points on the bonus point granted by Exceptional
Attribute or Lucky, I've removed the house rules relating to Exceptional Attribute
and am now following the rules as specified. Sorry for any confusion.

Build 5.135 (beta)

- Minor fix to enable downloading the translator app via Chummer update.

Build 5.134 (beta)

- Now includes a translator application (Translator.exe). This app allows you to
create and edit the language files to translate Chummer into non-English languages.
If you're interested in doing a translation for distribution with Chummer, please
let me know via and we'll make arrangements for you to send me
updated language files. This is the first release of this translator app so please
let me know if you run into problems using it. There's a bit more to come for
handling translation, this was just the first big step.
- To resolve an issue with Exotic weapon skills, special weapons were moved into
the appropriate Exotic weapon category.
- Fixed a bug that could cause Adept Power Points to be miscalculated in Career
mode when adding cyber/bioware.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when printing your character.
- Removed the Enemies section as this was a leftover from 4th Edition.
- Removed the duplicate Narcoject entry.
- Added the low-light and infrared flashlights from the core book.

Build 5.133 (beta)

- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when adding adept powers.

Build 5.132 (beta)

- Added a House Rule "Use Skill Points on broken groups" that allows you to spend
Active Skill Points in Creation mode on skills belonging to broken skill groups.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent raising Edge, Magic, or Resonance to maximum.
- Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if a skill group was raised which included a
skill that had free levels.
- Fixed the page numbers for a handful of Illusion Spells.
- Removed a duplicate entry for Gamma-Scopolamine.
- Removed the button to add Adept Power Points in Career mode for Mystic Adepts.
- Fixed a bug that would erroneously charge a special attribute point when
puchasing cyberware or bioware.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing the range values for a number of thrown weapons
from being shown.
- Fixed a bug causing new spirits added in Create mode being added by a Mystic
Adept to have the wrong Force value.
- Fixed a spelling error on the Shadowrun Forum Post 1.
- Added Advanced Medkits from Bullets & Bandages. No availability is listed for
Advanced Medkits in B&B so I just used the availability for standard Medkits.
- Updated the validation warning message concerning having gear over capacity so
that it now specifies exactly which items are over capacity.
- Fixed a bug that would throw up a validation error on characters using Prime
Runner stats that have more than 25 karma in positive or negative qualities.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing Prime Runners from converting to Career mode.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the character load to fail if it was a Prime Runner
with more than 10 karma spent on nuyen.
- Updated the Missile Mastery Adept Power to include the +1DV and +1 Dice on Thrown
Weapons. Not sure this is the correct fix though as this is only supposed to apply
to non-explosive thrown weapons.
- Fixed a bug allowing purchase of more levels than should be allowed on
Flexibility, Stillness, and Penetrating Strike. This fix will only apply on powers
added after this update.
- Fixed a bug with the Ares Giantslayer Slingshot that was causing a crash when
selecting it.

Build 5.131 (beta)

A quick shout out... I had programming help on this build from a friend of mine
named Ed. Thank you Ed!

- Completely rebuilt how karma is spent on Attributes, Special Attributes, Skill

Groups, Active Skills, and Knowledge Skills to reflect the RAW on the steps in
character creation. All existing characters should load up just fine but karma
costs may have changed to reflect applying the RAW. Each of these now have separate
entry boxes for applying points from your Priority selection and for buying up with
Karma. Validation now checks to see if you've overspent on your points. I believe
I've been able to correctly handle the steps as written while giving a UI that
allows you to treat it as a single step (rather than going through a gateway
similar to "Mark as Created"). The only thing I haven't updated as part of this is
whether skill specialization is paid for with skill points or karma... at this time
it automatically uses skill points to pay for skill specialization but I'll update
this in a future enhancement when I will also tackle being able to have multiple
specializations per skill. There are two new house rules to allow you to tailor
how these rules are applied to some degree. If others are needed, send along a
request and I'll take a look.
- Added custom Traditions. If you select the Custom Tradition from the dropdown, it
will enable additional fields for you to provide your tradition name, select your
drain attributes, and select your spirits for each school. This information is
saved with the character and is portable with it.
- Fixed the skill bonus from the Cat Mentor Spirit so that it will apply to
Sneaking (the English core book says Infiltration on page 321).
- Spell dice pools should now pull from the correct skill (Spellcasting, Ritual
Spellcasting, Alchemy, Artificing) for each spell.
- Corrected the drain value for the Resist Pain Spell.
- Fixed the values on the Build Summary tab for Spells, Complex Forms, and Contacts
which under some conditions might show the wrong value.
- Fixed the Armor value on the Condition Monitor tab in Career Mode to show the
correct value.
- Added the armor encumberance rule from page 169 so that it applies to armor
accessories such as helmets and shields.
- Removed the duplicate Astral Powder gear entry.
- Fixed the missing availability and price for Fetishes.
- Clicking on a blank area within the Contacts, Skill Groups, Active Skills, or
Knowledge Skills regions will allow you to scroll them with the scroll wheel.
- Removed the tooltips that were showing the wrong text on the labels on the Limits
- Added a house rule to allow paying only the standard cost for Qualities in Career
Mode instead of double as per RAW.
- Removed the option to buy a vehicle used as this was from 4th Edition and has not
been carried over into 5th.

Build 5.130 (beta)

- Removed some duplicate specialties from the Politics Knowledge Skill.
- Made the Adept Way Qualities not available for non-adepts.
- Added the Astral Limit to the Limits tab and the character sheets. Keep in mind
that limit modifiers to either your mental limit or social limit that can apply in
the astral might conditionally apply to your astral limit during play.
- Fixed Enhanced Articulation Bioware so that it applies the correct skill bonuses.
- Fixed several issues surrounding full Cyberlimbs. Attribute averaging has been
removed as it was a 4th Edition rule. The limb on the character sheet now shows the
limb's total Strength, Agility, and its Physical Limit.
- Movement rate now uses the augmented Agility value.
- Added an option under House Rules to use derived Attributes from Cyberlegs when
calculating movement speed.
- Added all that lovely Qi Foci code from build 5.129 to Career Mode as well.
Completely missed that one.
- Now correctly charges double for positive qualities added or negative qualities
deleted after character creation.
- When selecting YNT Softweave in the Select Armor Mod dialog, it will now show
"+50%" in the capacity field.
- Removed the button in Career mode that allowed adding more Mystic Adept Power
Points. You're not actually allowed to add points this way after character
- Added Custom Ballistic Mask.
- Added the specialized silencer for the Ares Light Fire 75 and added it to the
Ares Light Fire 75.
- Added some very minor fixes for the underbarrel weapons from Run and Gun so at
least they won't cause a crash. They still don't behave the way I want them to
though so I'll be revisiting this "soon".

Build 5.129 (beta)

- Qi Foci will now ask what power they're providing when you bind the foci and that
power will now show up on your list of powers with the appropriate free levels if
any and the name of the Qi Foci will be updated to show the power it is providing.
For Improved Reflexes, select the level you want your character to have and the
foci rating, it will reduce the power point cost accordingly.
- Fixed a bug preventing weapons from being added to Heavy Weapon Mounts.
- Updated firearms that come stock with a Smartgun System to have the internal
- Added the Gas-Vent 2 System that the Ares Crusader II should have.
- Fixed the AP on the Colt M23.
- Manabolt is now correctly a Mana based spell.

Build 5.128 (beta)

- First and foremost, recent builds (including this one) have been getting updates
to the French translation files courtesy of Lous_59. Thank you for your amazing
- Fixed a bug preventing loading bows or crossbows with ammunition in Career mode.
- Cleaned up the former Commlinks section on the Character Sheet. It now is the
Device section and each Commlink, RCC, or Cyberdeck shows itself as such. Fixed a
few problem items that were showing their stats incorrectly.
- Added device stat labels to cyberware, armor, weapon, gear, and vehicle tabs so
that you can see the stats for selected commlinks, cyberdecks, or rigger command
- For newly created characters only, limit modifiers will now inlcude the condition
under which they operate. I'd make this retroactive but it would be a nightmare to
- Fixed the Quality Indomitable and the Adept Power Improved Potential to add
directly to the calculated limits rather than add limit modifiers as these bonuses
apply at all times. This also resolved the issue with the Chaos Mentor Spirit
where it was not applying the bonus from the granted Improved Potential power.
- Fixed a bug where in some cases carry-over karma from character creation would
not be carried over.
- Will now automatically remove the Allergy when removing the Eagle Mentor Spirit.
- Fixed the Initiation/Submersion tab so that it will allow adding multiple
instances of metamagics and echoes that allow it.
- Updated the Infusion of [Matrix Attribute] and Defusion of [Matrix Attribute] so
that they will ask for you to enter the name of the attribute being adjusted. For
now it is a text entry, at some later date it may become a drop down.
- Fixed a bug that was breaking the karma calculation when increasing skills
belonging to a broken skill group in creation mode.
- Updated the Select a Mentor Spirit dialog to not show choices you're not eligible
for. So Magician options won't show up for Adepts and Adept options won't show up
for Magicians. Mystic Adepts still see all options.

Build 5.127 (beta)

- Fixed a bug where it was not rounding Essence up when calculating your Social
- Fixed a bug which would prevent adding Sensor Functions to Sensors.
- Fixed a bug which would prevent any metamagics from being shown when selecting a
new metamagic.

Build 5.126 (beta)

- Completely replaced the Initiation tab. It now should correctly handle Initiation
(with discounts), Arts, Enchantments, Enhancements, Metamagics, and Rituals. Add an
Initiation grade and then right click on the grade to add Arts, Enchantments,
Enhancements, Metamagics, and Rituals. In case you're not using Street Grimoire or
choose not to use the Arts system, there is a new item on the House Rules tab of
the Options dialog that you can use to ignore the Art requirements for metamagics
and the like.
- Fixing the above item led to two powers referenced in Street Grimoire that
haven't previously been published. These have only been provided via a forum post
by one of the designers. So that post is now a source (SFP1) that can be enabled
in order to provide those powers (Keratin Control and Living Focus).
- Updated all "Source" labels on all dialogs to open the linked PDF to that page if
you have linked the book to the PDF in the Options dialog. Also linked the names
of skills and powers as they don't show a "Source" label in their listings. And
finally, the above mentioned forum post will open in your default browser if a
Source pointing to it is clicked.
- Added the Small Unit Tactics Knowledge Skill from Run and Gun.
- Fixed a bug allowing the Seducer's Adept ability to allow any skill. It now
restricts to the correct list. Thank you Ariketh for the solution!
- Fixed the Voice Control Adept power to allow for multiple levels.
- Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when using YNT Softweave on an armor with an
odd armor value.
- Added a variable price to Personalized Grip to reflect that it probably should
cost something.
- Removed cyber-weapons from the Select a Weapon dialog. These can only be
purchased now on the Select Cyberware dialog.
- Fixed a bug preventing the Respirator from being available to add to armor.
- Fixed a bug causing newly added Knowledge Skills to cap at 6 in career mode.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the tooltip on the button to increase your skill
level to show the wrong value when in career mode and at rating 6.
- Fixed a bug that prevented adding Sensor Arrays (and quite a few other things) to
vehicles while in Career mode.
- Adjusted the Select Weapon and Select Armor dialogs so that they'll have better
- Fixed the price of the Monofilament Chainsaw.
- Fixed a multitude of bugs with the Complex Forms and Sprites tab in Career mode
for Technomancers.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the wrong cost to be calculated for binding
Counterspelling, Ritual Spellcasting, Spellcasting, or Sustaining Foci in Career

Build 5.125 (beta)

- Fixed Damage and AP value for EXplosive Ammo
- Fixed a bug which would prevent the Dragonslayer Mentor Spirit from getting the
bonus to a social skill.
- Added a separator between gear items attached to armor on the "Shadowrun 5"
character sheets.
- Fixed a bug preventing refunding of Complex Form points when deleting a Complex
- Weapons will now correctly inherit availability modifiers from accessories which
should increase the weapon's availability.
- Removed 4th Edition artifact where Improved Physical Attribute was charging
double for attributes raised above metatype max.
- Fixed a bug which could cause the movement formula to give incorrect values (it
wasn't using the total value including augmentations).

Build 5.124 (beta)

- Fixed the crash non-US users were having when adding a Mentor Spirit.

Build 5.123 (beta)

- Fixed Security Armor: Heavy's armor rating.
- Added debug logging. By default this is turned off for performance reasons but if
you encounter a significant error, I may ask you to turn it on so that the error
can be captured and logged which will make my fixing the problem much easier. If
you do need to turn it on, you'll find it on the Options dialog listed as "Use
Debug Logging". For space reasons, if the log is turned on it will automatically
clear itself each time you start Chummer. At this time, only a small portion of
Chummer's code is set up for debug logging but I'll be expanding this as I can.

Build 5.122 (beta)

- Fixed a number of bugs relating to Mentor Spirits and as best as I can tell,
they're all working as intended. If you find otherwise, please email me a copy of
your character sheet with a brief explanation of what's going wrong.
- Mountain Mentor Spirit now provides its bonus to Counterspelling
- Doom Mentor Spirit now correctly provides a +2 to the combat skill of your choice
if you choose that option.
- Mutation Mentor Spirit now correctly asks for which ability to apply Attribute
- Eagle Mentor Spirit now automatically applies "Polutants" as the trigger of your
- Dog Mentor Spirit now asks which senses are being improved.
- Moved the Smartgun System on the Savalette Guardian to be Internal.

Build 5.121 (beta)

- Fixed a bug that was preventing purchase of Binoculars (both digital and
- Fixed a bug that was causing a soft crash when clicking on a weapon accessory.

Build 5.120 (beta)

- Updated the counters on the Build Summary tab to go into negative values if you
use karma to overspend. So if you have 3 contact points and add a 2/2 contact,
it'll show "-1 of 3".
- Replaced the karma calculation for over-spending on Knowledge Skills. In short,
the old mechanism was what was built in original Chummer and made you pay for the
most expensive Knowledge Skill point from any of your Knowledge Skills when you
went over. The new mechanism works just as the Active Skills (and Attributes) does
meaning it looks for the cheapest possible option. So if you had four points of
Knowledge skills available and put 4 in skill A and 1 in skill B, the old method
would charge you for raising skill A from 3 to 4 while the new method charges you
to raise skill B to 1 (figuring out that the cheapest method is to put those four
free points in skill A and pay karma for B). This means that if you have an
existing character still in character creation mode that spent karma on Knowledge
Skills, you'll likely get some karma back.
- Fixed a bug that was incorrectly calculating your spent contact points.
- Fixing an issue with auto-update. I think this will stabilize auto-update and
handle broken downloads better but I won't know for sure until we try.
- Fixed the price of the Redundant Power Supply.
- Changed Ares Predator V from External to Internal Smartgun System. This change
will only apply on newly purchased Predators.

Build 5.119 (beta)

- Added Alchemical Preparations.
- Fixed a bug causing a crash when using Weapon Commlinks and Commlink Accessories.
- Fixed a bug that would improperly load adept powers if the character has more
than one instance of that power.
- Fixed a bug with the Wolf Mentor Spirit that would cause a crash when selecting
the Adept power.
- Fixed the capacity cost of Trodes.
- Fixed a bug that would excessively reduce the attribute minimum for Magic or
Resonance when taking on an Essence reduction. This would cause Chummer to attempt
to raise the attribute back to where it was by spending karma if need be.
- Fixed a bug that prevented Hand Blades from being available for purchase.
- Added a few more license options (based on Third Edition SR with the help of
- Fixed a bug with audio enhancements (specifically the Audio Enhancement and
Select Sound Filter) that weren't consuming capacity.

Build 5.118 (beta)

- Auto-update is back! For builds after 5.118 you'll be able to use the auto-update
and check for update functionality to get new builds.
- Really fixed the Awaken spell so that it only appears once and has the correct
book and page. Honestly, I got it this time!
- Removed the alternate Leadership and Arcana skills from 4th Edition.
- Fixed the weapon mounts on the Ares Duelist drone.
- Resolved the error on the Options dialog by setting the Shadowrun 5 sheet as the
default if one isn't present.
- Adept powers will now sort by name when you load the character.
- Updated vehicles to allow adding any gear. This resolves several issues... First,
being able to replace the standard sensors. Second, until we have vehicle capacity
rules, there's really no programmatic means to say what does and does not belong in
a car.

Build 5.117 (beta)

- Fixed a bug that could cause a bug while browsing weapons.

Build 5.116 (beta)

- Updated how Limit Modifiers work. In short, there are now two kinds. First,
there's those provided by a specific source... for example the Indomitable quality.
When you add the quality to or remove the quality from your character, it will
automatically add or remove the limit modifier for you. Second, there's custom
modifiers. These you add and remove yourself from the Limits tab. I'm leaving this
in place because there's always going to be some limit modifier I've left off and
this gives one handy place to view and adjust your modifiers. Unfortunately this
does mean that limit modifiers on existing characters are going to be a problem.
You can however delete the existing limit modifiers, and then remove and re-add the
items, qualities, powers, and so on that provide limit modifiers and this will add
them back in correctly.
- Added a new Browse feature to the select Weapons and Armor dialogs. In the upper
right corner of the dialog, there's a button marked "Browse". If you click it,
you'll be shown a grid showing the items belonging to the selected category. You
can sort the grid by clicking on the column headers. Otherwise it works the same as
the list and you can switch back and forth as you like.
- Added a new Custom Item in Gear under the Custom category. This item will ask
you for a name and a price. You will be charged the amount you specify and the item
will take on the name you give it, showing in your inventory as that name. This
should allow for any odd custom or table/campaign specifc item you may need.
- Added the content from Sail Away, Sweet Sister (SASS).
- Added the content from Stolen Souls (SS).
- Added the option to create Prime Runner and Street Level characters.
- Fixed the Demolitions bonus to the Doom mentor spirit.
- Updated the Exceptional Attribute quality to allow selection of Magic and
- Fixed the availability calculation for Alpha/Beta/Deltaware for certain pieces of
cyber and bioware.
- Removed the Throwing Weapons category from the Select Weapon dialog because these
are all purchased as Gear.
- Added priority selection to the Text-Only character sheet. This information will
only appear for new characters created with version 5.116 or later.
- Fixed my own fix for limited spells. When I enabled limited spells to modify the
DV of the spell, I accidentally broke the spells with drain greater than their
force, for example Element Aura with its F+1 DV. This is now fixed properly.
- Removed the text entry when purchasing reagents.
- In light of the Personalized Grip, various holsters, and Spare Clips, I've
updated all weapons to allow accessories. I may in the future add some more
specialized handling of weapon accessories to be more specific to the weapon in
question but for now this will at least allow usage of standard accessories. In
the end, while it's good if Chummer helps you follow the rules, it shouldn't
prevent you from doing something that is legal within the rules.
- Fixed Social Modifiers for Voice Control (power), Tailored Pheromones (bioware),
and Sleeping Tiger (armor).
- Fixed the karma costs of Foci during character advancement.
- Removed the Special menu item that would allow you to change your BP as it
doesn't really make sense in 5th Edition.
- Reverted The Beast's Way and The Spiritual Way back to costing 20 karma AND added
code so that if you have either of these qualities, you will not be charged to add
a Mentor Spirit. In Creation mode, you will be refunded the cost of your Mentor
Spirit if you already have one. In Career mode you won't (you've already spent that
- Updated the adept way qualities so that you may only pick one.
- During Career mode and as a Mystic Adept, taking Essence loss sufficient that it
reduces your Magic score will also reduce your points allocated to Adept if they
exceed your new Magic score.
- Fixed a bug which prevented a cyber weapon from using the Strength of the
cyberlimb it is implanted within.
- Added Biotechnology to the Biotech skill group per the errata.
- Fixed Forgery by making it use Logic instead of Agility.
- Updated the character validator to not include the availability of Armor mods
marked as "included in base armor" when determining the acceptability of the
availability of the character's gear.
- Added Fetishes to Gear in the Magical Supplies category. They have no cost (and
per the rules your character must create them) but this addition will enable you to
show them in your inventory.
- Fixed a bug causing a character in Creation mode to show their starting nuyen
instead of available nuyen on their character sheet.

Build 5.115 (beta)

- Added all of the remaining Street Grimoire content including Toxic Mentor
Spirits, Blood Rituals, Insect Shaman tradition, Spirit Champion and Spirit Pariah
Qualities, and Magical Items and Compounds. If you find something that is missing,
please let me know.
- Fixed Mentor Spirits with the Improved Ability adept power bonus which were
causing a crash.
- Fixed a string bug that would cause a crash on Rituals using an Organic Link
- Fixed the Ares Alpha by making its Smartgun System Internal rather than External.
- Fixed the various Cyber Implanted Guns by making their Smartgun System Internal
rather than External.
- Fixed an error in the Select an Armor Mod dialog where some items allowed
selecting a zero rating.
- Fixed an error in the Select an Armor Mod dialog where some items would cause a
crash because they could be given a zero rating.
- Fixed Handheld Housing, Wall-Mounted Housing, Grenade-Cam, and Periscope Cam so
that they can be purchased. Once purchased, you should be able to add a single
sensor or sensor array (if you have enough capacity) and then populate the single
sensor or sensor array with sensor functions. As best as I understand pages 445 and
446, this looks like how this is intended to function.
- Fixed an issue with vehicle sensors. Again, going by pages 445 and 446 and
specifically the line "Most vehicles and drones come factory-equipped with a sensor
array (at a rating listed with their stats)." I've set the rating of the Sensor
Arrays for each vehicle equal to their sensor rating (or 2 if the vehicle/drone has
a sensor rating of 1). If I got this wrong, please explain where I went wrong so I
can correct it.
- Fixed the calculation for Unarmed Combat damage. Existing characters should
delete and re-add their Unarmed Attack on the weapons list.
- Updated the license dialog to suggest more useful options. If you prefer the old
method, you can turn it back on in the Options dialog on the Miscellaneous tab.
Either way, you can enter your own values by typing into the dropdown box. For the
XML inclined, you can add your own entries in licenses.xml. If you have suggestions
for licenses to be included in the dropdown, send them to me.
- Updated Cool Resolve to provide its bonus to each of the Social skills.
- Fixed several bugs with the Enhanced Accuracy (skill) Adept Power. It was adding
to the dice pool in error and not adding to the accuracy of weapons tied to that
skill. Both of these issues have been resolved.
- Fixed a bug which would cause a weapon to not benefit from the correct skill.
- Cleaned up the tooltip for Initiative on the Other Information tab.
- Fixed the Matrix Initiative (Cold) calculated value.
- Fixed Limited spells so that they calculate the Drain Value correctly.
- Added 5th Edition Initiative values to the Other Info tab when in Career Mode.
- Removing the One Trick Pony quality will also remove the Martial Art. Removing
the One Trick Pony Martial Art will also remove the Quality.

Build 5.114 (beta)

- Renamed the character sheets from "Shadowrun 4" to "Shadowrun 5". If you're just
copying the new version into the same directory, you'll want to delete the files in
the \sheets subdirectory named "Shadowrun 4" with the .xsl or .xslt extention.
- Added new book Bullets & Bandages and its contents (BB).
- Fixed a bug that prevented karma from being charged if points were added to Magic
in excess of the character's Special Attribute points.
- Updated the cost of The Beast's Way and The Spiritual Way to 15 points to reflect
the free mentor spirit these qualities grant.
- Added a discount field below the Bonded Foci listing on the Gear tab that can be
used to enter the number of foci qualifying for your Adept Way's foci bonding
discount. This was the simplest and most straightforward way to handle the Adept
Ways and the foci bonding discounts they might provide.
- Added a new Standard (Burnout's Way) cyberware/bioware grade that is enabled if
you take the Burnout's Way quality. It is always available on the Cyberware and
Bioware tab on the grade dropdown to handle cases where an Adept had the Burnout's
Way, got cyber/bio, and later dropped the Burnout's Way in favor of another Way.
- Fixed a bug preventing the Suprathyroid Gland from increasing your lifestyle
- Fixed Skills and Skill Groups so that if Ignore Rules was selected they cap at
- Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when selecting the Adept power for the
Thunderbird Mentor Spirit.
- Fixed several bugs causing errors with the Urban Tribe Tomahawk.
- Fixed an artifact from 4th edition where Chummer was including Martial Arts when
calculating the number of points spent on Positve Qualities.
- Fixed the missing Ingram Valiant.
- Fixed Unarmed Attack so that it is automatically added.
- Fixed the price of the SecureTech Vitals Kit.
- Fixed a bug preventing commlinks, rigger command consoles, and cyberdecks from
showing on the character sheet. Unfortunately you will need to remove and re-add
the item to have it show correctly.
- Updated the "Shadowrun 5" character sheets, cleaning up the skills section
slightly to reflect numbers needed in 5th Edition.
- Updated the "Commlinks" character sheet to show Shadowrun 5 specific values. Also
now shows Cyberdecks and Rigger Command Consoles.
- Updated the "Vehicle Block" character sheet to show Shadowrun 5 specific values.
Also now shows Seats on vehicles added with 5.114 or later versions and Accuracy on
vehicle mounted weapons.
- Updated the "Game Master Summary" character sheet to show skill limits, the full
set of initiatives, weapon accuracy, and single armor ratings.
- Updated the "Text Only" character sheet to show skill limits, the full set of
initiatives, weapon accuracy, and single armor ratings.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing usable ammunition (Grenades, Minigrenades,
Missiles, and Rockets) from appearing on the Weapons list.
- Added the missing Minigrenade: Flash-Bang.
- Added the missing Biomonitor to the Urban Explorer Jumpsuit.

Build 5.113 (beta)

- Added a fix to enable backward compatibility in reading characters created before

Build 5.112 (beta)

- Added Rituals from Street Grimoire (SG).
- Added Metamagics from SG.
- Added Adept Ways from SG. I've included the discounts but just like Original
Chummer, it's up to the player not to take more discounted powers than the 1 per 2
Magic. I will do a 2nd pass on the ways in the near future to restrict the
discounts and to take a stab at adding the small bonuses the ways have like the
karma discounts that some ways have as well as the cyberware essence discount that
the Burnout's Way has and the skill bonus the Beast's Way has. For now, I was happy
just getting the discounts working correctly.
- Fixed the price of the Yamaha Growler.
- Enabled the Spells and Spirits tab for Adepts. This allows Adepts to see the
stats associated with their Mentor Spirit and to purchase Rituals. I'm currently
omitting Rituals with the Spell keyword from the list they can purchase but will
change this if it is appropriate to do so. I'm also omitting Rituals with the Adept
keyword from the list for Magicians and Aspected Magicians.
- Updated the Add Spell dialog for use by Adepts by restricting selection to
Rituals with the Adept keyword.
- Fixed the Taurus Omni-6 so that it gets the Revolver specialization in addition
to Automatics.
- Fixed the Enhanced Accuracy Adept Power so that it asks which combat skill to
- Fixed a bug which allowed characters with more than 25 points in Negative
Qualities to validate.
- Fixed a bug with YNT Softweave Armor which would cause it to show more capacity
remaining than it should.
- Fixed a bug with broken Skill Groups during character creation not loading
correctly from a save file.

Build 5.111 (beta)

- Added Rigger Control Consoles.
- Added a tooltip for weapon Recoil Compensation that shows the sources of RC and
their values.
- Fixed Priority D Aspected Magician so that it still requires a skill group
- Fixed a bug that caused an unhandled exception when adding a skill group that
includes a skill given free ranks from a priority selection.
- Fixed the Negative Quality Incompetent to require selecting a skill group, not a
single skill.
- Fixed the cost of the Positive Quality Strive for Perfection.
- Changed the name of the Natural Immunity qualities to Natural Immunity (Natural)
and Natural Immunity (Synthetic). In addition, these qualities are no longer
limited to selecting only one of them once. Whether these should be restricted as
such is a GM call.
- Fixed qualities available at multiple ratings so that once that quality is
selected at whatever rating, all ratings of that quality no longer appear available
for selection.
- Made Resistance to Toxins, Resistance to Pathogens, and Resistance to Pathogens
and Toxins mutually exclusive.
- Corrected Positive Quality Agile Defender's karma cost.
- Corrected Positive Quality Resistance to Toxins' karma cost.
- Changed the Positive Qualities Lucky and Exceptional Attribute so that they are
no longer compatible.
- Changed the Positive Qualities Rad-Tolerant and Radiation Sponge so that they are
no longer compatible.
- Fixed Positive Qualities which grant a bonus to a skill so that they grant that
bonus even when defaulting.
- Removed the 4th edition limitation upon skills that limited skill bonuses to half
of the skill rating.
- Fixed the Positive Quality Spirit Affinity to require that the character is an
Aspected Magician, Magician, or Mystic Adept.
- Cleaned up the Priorities dialog and reordered the fields to match the Priority
table on page 65.
- Removed two options from the Options dialog that no longer apply in 5th edition.
- Fixed a book reference on the Options dialog.
- Fixed the Critical Strike Power by correcting its price, making it ask for a
weapon category, and applying a +1 DV bonus to the selected category.
- Fixed the spells that were missing the text entry dialog such as Corrode
- Fixed the powers that were missing the text entry dialog such as Elemental
- Fixed Skill Groups so that they use a maximum rating of 6 during character
creation and a maximum rating of 12 during character advancement.
- Fixed the priority selection dialog so that it shows the correct augmented
- Fixed a case where your Magic and Resonance priority could be given an "E"
priority and it wasn't auto-selecting Mundane.
- Fixed an issue preventing spare clips from being added as gear to firearms and
preventing adding ammunition to spare clips.
- Fixed a lot of bugs relating to sensors, vehicle sensors, and sensor functions. I
think I've got it right but please feel free to tell me how wrong I am.
- Fixed skill rating calculation for Mystic Adepts for skills based on Magic.
- Fixed a bug preventing bonus skill selection from appearing for Mystic Adepts
while selecting priorities.
- Updated Mystic Adept Power Point cost to use the Errata value of 5 karma. I will
add this as an option at a later date when I'm able to flesh out the Options
- Fixed the Wise Warrior Mentor Spirit so that the Improved Ability (skill) applies
- Fixed the Dragonslayer Mentor Spirit so that the Enhanced Accuracy (skill)
applies correctly.

Build 5.110 (beta)

- Added the entry for Street Grimoire (SG).
- Added the Traditions from SG.
- Added the Mentor Spirits from SG.
- Added the Spells from SG.
- Added the Adept Powers from SG.
- Trimmed the text displayed for Mentor Spirit choices so the text would fit
better. You may need to delete and re-add the Mentor Spirit Quality on existing
- Adjusted the position and size of the Mentor Spirit choice dropdowns to give them
more room.
- Fixed an error on the Wise Warrior Mentor Spirit that would prevent it from
offering its choices.
- Fixed an error where a cyberlimb would apply modifiers to BOD.
- Fixed a bug which would prevent adding a commlink to an implanted commlink.
- Fixed a bug which would prevent increasing a skill above 6 during character
creation if Ignore Rules was chosen.
- Fixed an error preventing several of the common allergy negative qualities from
being available.
- Fixed a bug preventing sensors (Sensor Array and Single Sensor) from being
available to add to armor.
- Fixed the calculation for augmented maximum attribute cap.
- Fixed a bug preventing Focused Concentration from being available to Aspected
Magicians and Technomancers.
- Fixed a bug preventing Cyberdecks from being added to a Cyberware Head Cyberdeck.
- Fixed a bug with the Horizon Flying Eye so that the variant with the Flash Pak
and Smoke Grenade is correctly listed.
- Fixed a bug granting more Knowledge Skill points than proper. Was figuring on
(INT + LOG) x 3 instead of x 2.
- Fixed the qualities that have ratings (Focused Concentration, High Pain
Tolerance, etc...) to be listed in the Select Qualities dialog for each rating
value. Previously it was only allowing you to select the quality once, preventing
reaching higher ratings. Unfortunately this means that if you pick Focused
Concentration (Rating 2), rating 1 and 3 are still there in the list. This isn't
my optimal fix for this and I'm going to try to find something better. Suggestions
are welcome.
- Updated Electrochromic Clothing to be an allowed mod for armor.
Build 5.109 (beta) MILESTONE BUILD
- Fixed a bug with Kinesics that was causing an error when selected.
- Updated career mode (post creation character advancement) to handle purchasing
additional power points for Mystic Adepts.

Build 5.108 (alpha)

- Fixed the tooltip for social skill limits to show the correct Essence value.
- Fixed the Yamaha Growler by using its on road speed within Chummer.
- Fixed a bug which prevented raising skills above 6 during character advancement.
- Fixed a bug in adding a gear-based weapon counterpart when adding a grapple gun
as gear.
- Fixed the pricing on Software Agents.
- Updated the Taurus Omni-6 Light Pistol to show 6P damage, the damage value when
using light pistol rounds.
- Fixed an error which was preventing limit modifiers from populating during
character advancement.
- Fixed an error in the talent priority dropdown that was listing technomancer as
an option with a "D" priority.
- Fixed a bug in which selecting the Additional Power Point metamagic was not
adding an additional power point.
- Updated the skills and skill groups to reduce the maximum rating to 0 for magical
skills and skill groups outside of the chosen skill group. This happens when the
priorities are selected and will not update existing characters.
- Fixed a bug which could cause the karma cost of Magic to be calculated
incorrectly when the character has Bioware or Cyberware.
- Removed the limit of single skill at 6 or two at 5 during character creation.

Build 5.107 (alpha) MILESTONE BUILD

- Fixed the karma cost for Martial Arts during character advancement.
- Fixed nuyen entry so that it will correctly load karma spent on nuyen.
- Fixed a bug preventing gear with ratings from being addeed to armor.
- Fixed a bug allowing characters to carry over more karma than they should from
character creation.
- Fixed a bug which would sometimes show the Starting Nuyen dialog even if the
character failed validation.
- Added the Limits tab for created characters. Remember that limit modifiers are
not added directly to the calculated limits but are shown on the character sheet.
- Fixed how Martial Arts are handled during character advancement.
- Removed discounts (group, ordeal) from Initiation and Submersion.
- Removed fields related to joining a group or network.
- Updated how lifestyles are handled during character advancement.
- Fixed how armor values are displayed during character advancement.
- Fixed how values were displayed on the Other Information tab during character
- Added weapon accuracy to the Weapons tab.

Build 5.106 (alpha)

- Fixed a bug which could cause an error when loading a character that has a
- Fixed a bug which could cause an error when loading a character with a martial

Build 5.105 (alpha) MILESTONE BUILD

- Fixed the starting MAG and RES for Talent priority A selections.
- Added support for Technomancers including Complex Forms, Living Persona, and
Sprites. Submersion and Echoes will be added as character advancement support is
added back in.
- Now shows Cyberdecks on the character sheet with stats.
- Now correctly shows Commlinks on the character sheet with stats.
Build 5.104 (alpha)
- Fixed a bug which could cause completed character files not to load.
- Fixed an issue preventing Synthacardium from appearing.
- Fixed a bug preventing gear plugins with ratings from being added to other gear.
- Changed the Code of Honor negative quality to all the user to enter text for
their code.
- Fixed the costs for skill specialization. Per pages 89 and 107, skill
specialization uses one skill point during character creation and 7 karma as part
of character advancement.
- Fixed an issue causing skill group points (and the resulting karma costs) to be
handled incorrectly.

Build 5.103 (alpha)

- Moved registry settings for Chummer to a new Chummer5 key to better support side-
by-side installation.
- Now calculates karma cost when overspending on Primary Attributes and auto-
calculates the cheapest option.
- Now calculates karma cost when overspending on Special Attributes and auto-
calculates the cheapest option.
- Now allows purchasing Nuyen for Karma at a rate of 2000 Nuyen per Karma, max 10.
- Fixed karma cost calculation when getting free skill ratings from the character's
talent priority selection.
- Fixed karma costs for spirits.
- Fixed karma costs for contacts including free contact points from CHA.
- Fixed karma costs for bound foci.
- Now charges karma correctly both when selecting spells provided by your talent
selection and when purchasing extra spells.
- Fixed karma costs for skill groups when buying more than your priority selection
- Fixed karma costs for skills when buying more than your priority selection
- Fixed karma costs for knowledge skills when buying more than your attributes
grant. This uses the original code for calculating these costs which forces the
player to pay for the most expensive points rather than what might be the most
optimal. As an example, if you have two knowledge skills named A and B and have 6
free knowledge skill points. If you set A at a value of 4 and B at 3, you'll use
your 6 free points to raise them each to three and then pay karma to raise A to 4
costing you 4 karma. The optimal path would raise A to 4, B to 2, and then pay
karma to raise B to 3 costing you 3 karma. I've coded everything else (active
skills, skill groups, and both primary and special attributes) to use the optimal
path for paying karma for items raised beyond what your priorities provide for and
wonder if it might be the right thing to do that here as well.
- Fixed character loading so that it loads the total available primary and special
attributes per priority selection.
- Now ignores armor encumbrance (was a holdover from 4th edition).
- Fixed an issue where gear standard to a piece of armor wasn't showing up.
- Added the missing Home Ground positive quality.
- Added the missing Uneducated, Unsteady Hands, and Weak Immune System negative
- Fixed an error with the High Pain Tolerance positive quality.
- Removed the ability to add the Ambidextrous positive quality multiple times (this
was a holdover from 4th edition where there was the ability to have more than 2
- Fixed the suprathyroid bioware so that it doesn't cause an error. There is a
remaining issue where it isn't updating the lifestyle cost accordingly. This will
be fixed in a future release.

Build 5.102 (alpha)

- Added bonus skills during priority selection that are based on the character's
talent priority selection.
- Made a change which now auto-selects the first available metatype on the list
when selecting metatype
- Fixed the broken weapon accessories that was causing UI errors
- Fixed errors when selecting certain gear that was causing UI errors
- Fixed issues with vehicle acceleration that was causing UI errors
- Fixed issues with quality selection that was causing UI errors
- Fixed movement rates to calculate using augmented AGI
- Fixed an issue with there being two dropdowns when selecting a mentor spirit
- Fixed an issue with armor and armor mod capacity calculation
- Fixed an issue preventing the select spell dialog from being shown
- Fixed an issue preventing the complex form dialog from being shown
- Fixed an issue causing the karma cost for the code of honor negative qualities to
be shown incorrectly
- Fixed an issue causing the Social Limit to use the wrong Essence value for
- Fixed an issue allowing Low-Light Vision and Thermographic Vision to be
selectable qualities.
- Fixed an issue which allowed armor enhancements which should not be user-
selectable to show up in the armor mod dialog.

Build 5.101 (alpha)

- Chummer5 alpha initial release

Build 490
- corrected how Essence information is stored in regions that use something other
than "." to separate decimal places would cause an error to be thrown
- fixed an issue where ammoreplace values for Weapons were not being handled
- added an Option on the Miscellaneous tab: Karma cost for increasing Special
Attributes is reduced with Essence Loss (see below)

Karma cost for increasing Special Attributes is reduced with Essence Loss
When the option is enabled, the Essence cost to improve MAG or RES is affected by
Essence Loss. For example, the character an Essence Penalty of 1 and MAG of 3.
Normally, Chummer calculates the cost based on its perceived MAG value of 4 (MAG 4
- Essence Penalty 1 = 3), meaning the cost of improving MAG would be for going from
MAG 4 to MAG 5. With this option enabled, Chummer instead calculates the cost based
on the shown value of 3, meaning the cost of improving MAG would be for going from
MAG 3 to MAG 4. This only impacts Career Mode.

New Strings
- Checkbox_Options_SpecialKarmaCost

Build 489
- fixed an issue where the Mystic Adept MAG split would apply Essence Penalties to
the Adept portion of MAG a second time
- fixed an issue where using Save As would not fix MAG/RES correctly before moving
to Career Mode; Save and Save As now use the same code

Build 488
- corrected an issue where saving the character would not take regional number
settings into consideration, causing Essence Penalties to be calculated incorrectly
in regions that do not use "." to indicate decimal places

Build 487
- changed when MAG/RES value is calculated when saving to Career Mode to hopefully
get this working properly
Build 486
- Essence value when access to MAG/RES is gained is now only recorded in Career
Mode as intended

Build 485
- fixed an issue where MAG/RES values are not saved correctly if the character has
an Essence Penalty when moving to Career Mode
- fixed an issue in Career Mode where the Magician/Adept MAG split was calculated
based on Maximum MAG instead of actual MAG

Build 484
- added support for <essencemax /> to the Improvement Manager which increases the
character's maximum Essence
- changed the Essence Custom Improvement to only affect the current value of the
character's Essence as intended
- characters now record their Essence when MAG/RES is added to them and use that
point to determine Essence Penalties instead of basing it on the Metatype's maximum
Essence value (corrects issues for Latent Technomancer/Latent Awakening)
- fixed an issue where Melee Weapons would incorrectly believe they contained
splash damage in their DVs and showed their DV formula instead of their calculated
- changed how Weapons calculate their Ammo capacity to correct an issue with adding
the Extended Clip Weapon Mod to Weapons that have multiple clips

Build 483
- undoing a Removed Negative Quality Expense now adds the Quality back to the
- only Skills from currently active sourcebooks are shown in the Skills list
- hopefully fixed the issue with MAG/RES, Essence penalties, and the Essence Loss
Only Reduces MAG/RES Maximum house rule status
- MAG and RES should no longer show values less than 0 in Career Mode
- fixed an issue that caused non-Exotic Weapons that use an Exotic Weapon Skill to
not appear properly in the Exotic Weapon Skill Specialization list
- Nexi can now be marked as being a Home Node for an A.I.
- added Vehicles Notes to the Vehicle Block sheet

Build 480
- added support for <cyborgessence /> to the Improvement Manager which permanently
reduces a character's Essence to 0.1.
- Weapons that deal splash damage such as Grenades now have their bonus damage from
More Lethal Gameplay and Weapon Mods calculated properly

Build 478
- Gear now retains its given name when moved between a character's Gear and Vehicle
- when moving Gear between the character's Gear and Vehicles, items must also have
matching custom/assigned names and notes in order to be considered a match and
- fixed an issue where Martial Art Advantages would show their ID instead of their
Name in tooltips
- fixed an issue where purchasing a Spell Formula would cause the Select Spell
window to throw an error
- changed how Essence Loss is calculated when the Essence Loss Only Reduces MAG/RES
Maximum house rule is turned on in Career Mode
- changed when Essence Loss is calculated when updating displayed Attribute values
in Career Mode

Build 476
- added an option to only download language updates for your chosen language
instead of all languages
- fixed an issue where Armor Mods that cost a percentage of the base Armor's cost
may cause an error to be thrown when their final cost resulted in a decimal
- Power Foci and Spellcasting Foci now have a precedence set so that only the
highest active value of each is used (must select Special > Re-apply Improvements
to fix existing Foci)
- Skills now properly handled Skill Attribute precedence

New Strings
- Checkbox_Options_LocalisedUpdatesOnly

Build 473
- Default Character Sheet option is now saved correctly
- added a Apply Linux printing fix option to the Character and Printing tab in the
Options window (see below)
- fixed an issue with printing character sheets when running Chummer through Wine
(see below)

Printing with Linux/Wine

This update introduces a fix to allow machines using Wine to load Chummer on a non-
Windows OS to print character sheets if they were previously crashing. To fix the
printing issue, go to Tools > Options > General Tab > Character and Printing sub-
tab. Turn on the Apply Linux printing fix checkbox, then click OK. You should now
be able to print without crashing.

New Strings
- Checkbox_Option_PrintToFileFirst

Build 472
- save files now include <gameedition /> to indicate which edition of Shadowrun
they are for
- <gameedition /> is now checked when loading a save file to ensure the edition of
Chummer and the save file match
- fixed an issue where a failed roll with 0 Hits and not enough 1s to cause a
Glitch would incorrectly show a Glitch
- fixed an issue where increasing the quantity of Ammo using the Qty + button or
the Buy Additional Ammo button would incorrectly multiply the total cost of the
- fixed an issue where removing an item that gave the character access to the
Initiation/Submersion tab in Create Mode would not properly refund the cost of any
Initiation/Submersion Grades that were purchased
- Underbarrel Weapons now show their Dice Pools on the SR4 character sheet

New Strings
- Message_IncorrectGameVersion_SR4
- Message_IncorrectGameVersion_SR5
- MessageTitle_IncorrectGameVersion

Build 467
- added a Threshold field to the Dice Roller window which will tell you if the roll
was a success or failure
- Karma and Nuyen tab now display charts to show the character's total Karma and
Nuyen over time
- fixed an issue where the Karma cost for increasing Initiation/Submersion Grade
would not round correctly in the tooltip with Group and/or Ordeal checked
- when selected, Armor Bundles now show the Ballistic and Impact Ratings of their
equipped pieces
- added support for <damageresistance /> to Quality requirements which requires a
character's total Damage Resistance Pool to meet or exceed the specified size
- Panzer Quality now requires Damage Resistance Pool of 5 instead of BOD 5
- Paragons that offer a choice of bonuses now display their selected bonus on the
Complex Forms and Sprites tab
- Paragons that offer a choice of bonuses no longer prompt for a value to be
entered in a textbox
- fixed an issue where undoing an Nuyen Expense for an Armor Mod would not properly
remove it from the list until reloading
- removed the Concealable Holster from the Mortimer of London: Berwick Suit Jacket
- purchasing plugins for Gear with a quantity higher than 1 now costs the correct
amount of Nuyen (plugin's cost x parent's quantity)
- fixed an issue where Gear that is added as a plugin to another piece of Gear
plugged into a piece of Armor could not be deleted until reloading the save file
- increased maximum Rating for Wireless Negating Paint and Wallpaper from 6 to 10
to correspond to the Ratings of Jammers
- changed Target Autosoft on Dragonfly Minidrone to Exotic Melee Weapon as per
Arsenal Errata
- corrected the Capacity for Clothing Ensembles
- corrected the Avail for Firewall and System Vehicle Mods (0)
- corrected the cost of Pelagos, Mediterranean

New Strings
- Label_DiceRoller_Threshold
- String_DiceRoller_Success
- String_DiceRoller_Failure

Build 458
- added support for Anaconda Shifters from Corporate Intrigue
- added an optional rule to allow any Detection Spell to be taken as an Extended
version (see below)
- fixed an issue where Adept Powers that affected the base Rating of an Attribute
would not be properly reflected in the Attribute's Augmented value on the Common
- fixed an issue where adding a Cyberware Commlink would not automatically create
the Headerware: Commlink Location on the Gear tab
- added support for Aerodynamic Grenades which appears as a checkbox in the Select
Gear window when a throwable Grenade is selected
- SR4 character sheet now shows the Power Point cost and total Power Point cost for
each Adept Power

Extended range Spells Optional Rule

When the Allow any Detection Spell to be taken as Extended range version (SM 165)
optional rule is enabled, the Extended versions of Spells are no longer shown in
the Spell list. Instead, an Extended version of each Detection Spell can now be
selected by checking the Extended Spell checkbox. If this optional rule is
disabled, the Extended versions of the Spells still appear in the list as normal.

New Strings
- Checkbox_Aerodynamic
- Checkbox_SelectSpell_ExtendedSpell
- Checkbox_Options_ExtendAnyDetectionSpell
- Tip_SelectSpell_ExtendedSpell
- String_SpellExtended

Build 456
- fixed an issue where adjusting individual Skill Ratings with the Allow Skill
Groups to be broken during character creation rule turned on would calculate the BP
cost incorrectly
- fixed an issue where attempting to undo an Expense for a piece of Gear that has
been moved to the non-default Location would throw an error

Build 455
- fixed an issue where the Select Weapon Accessory window would display items from
all sourcebooks instead of only the ones selected in the Options window
- added an optional rule to enable the breaking of Skill Groups while in Create
- added support for purchasing Cyberware Suites in Career Mode (see below)

Cyberware Suites in Career Mode

Cyberware Suites can now be purchased for a character while in Career Mode.
However, please note that it is not possible to undo the Nuyen Expense for the
Cyberware Suite as it is a collection of multiple pieces of Cyberware. If you're
uncertain about a Cyberware Suite, please save your character before adding one to
them in Career Mode.

New Strings
- Checkbox_Options_BreakSkillGroupsInCreateMode
- String_ExpensePurchaseCyberwareSuite

Build 453
- added support for linking to PDF files (see below)
- fixed an issue where the More Lethal Gameplay optional rule was not applying its
bonus to Weapons loaded with Ammo that replaces the Weapon's DV, such as Stick-N-
Shock Ammo
- fixed an issue where undoing a Karma Expense for a Focus would not remove the
appropriate Focus from the list of Bondable Foci
- Sideways Genetic Infusion (Bioware) now affects Combat Active Skills
- added an option to control whether or not times need to be entered when creating
a new Expense (they are still shown in the list to provide proper sorting)
- Expenses no longer show the seconds of the time since they are not relevant

PDF Support
PDF support has been tested with both Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader. Clicking on a
sourcebook field (such as SR4 324) will open the linked PDF to the appropriate
page. PDF links can be configured in the Options window. There are a few things to
note with each application in terms of behaviour. With Adobe Reader, a new instance
of the application is opened each time you click on a PDF link in Chummer. If you
have the SR4 book open already then click on another SR4 link, a new copy of Adobe
Reader is opened to the appropriate page, meaning you will have multiple copies of
the SR4 book open at the same time. With Foxit Reader, if you already have the SR4
book open and click on an SR4 link, Foxit Reader will gain focus but will not jump
to the appropriate page. Foxit Reader will only jump to the appropriate page if you
do not already have a copy of that PDF open. Unfortunately these are not things I
can control; they are how these reader applications have been setup to behave.

New Strings
- Label_Options_PDFApplicationPath
- Label_Options_PDFLocation
- Label_Options_PDFOffset
- Button_Options_PDFTest
- Checkbox_Options_DatesIncludeTime

Build 449
- added support for <ignorecmpenaltystun /> and <ignorecmpenaltyphysical /> to the
Improvement Manager which ignore the character's Stun and Physical Condition
Monitor Penalties respectively
- added Restore Defaults buttons to the BP Cost and Karma Cost tabs in the Options
window to restore the default values
- fixed an issue where the Special Attributes do not count towards 50% Karma limit
during character creation house rule would not work correctly if a Special
Attribute put the character over the 50% Karma threshold
- added support for relative file paths to Contacts and Spirits (see below)
- changed how the total values of Cyberware is calculated in an attempt to avoid
crashes on non-Windows computers using Wine
- fixed an issue where adding a Weapon Focus to a Weapon would throw an error
- Adept Power requirements can now filter on <allof /> and <oneof />
- Shadowrun 4 sheets now display any entered notes for Cyberware/Bioware
- Update is now prevent from running if there is more than one instance of Chummer
open at the time to prevent errors
- corrected the costs for the Gentlemen's Cane Sword variations
- Gentlemen's Cane with Sword options now creates a Gentlemen's Cane Sword Weapon
- marking a Nuyen Expense as being a Refund now records the Refund correctly and no
longer counts towards the character's Career Nuyen total

Relative File Paths for Contacts and Spirits

Contacts and Spirits now support relative file paths for improved portability
between computers. Chummer first looks for the exact file name that was linked. If
it cannot be found, it falls back to using the relative path that was stored when
the save file was linked to it. This will only work with save files that are linked
in this and later versions of the application. In order to get this behaviour with
previous save files, you will need to remove the link and re-link the save file to
the Contact or Spirit.

New Strings
- Button_Options_RestoreDefaults
- Message_Options_RestoreDefaults
- MessageTitle_Options_RestoreDefaults
- Message_Update_MultipleInstances

Build 445
- Qualities that require Street Cred to be equal to or greater than Notoriety now
meet the requirements when Street Cred and Notoriety are the same value (previously
had to be greater which was wrong)
- Monofilament Chainsaw now adds a Weapon to the character when selected
- fixed an issue where Weapons that did not belong to an Exotic Category but used
an Exotic Active Skill would only calculate their Dice Pools correctly if the
character had a non-Specialized Exotic Active Skill
- added True Drake Qualities from The Clutch of Dragons
- the break Skill Group confirmation window now correctly shows the name of the
Skill Group the Active Skill is a member of instead of the name of the Active Skill
- swapping a Latent Quality for its fully-realised version now allows the character
to start with MAG/RES of 1 and has the same effect as turning on the "Essence loss
only reduces MAG/RES maximum" house rule
- Convert to Cyberzombie now marks the character as having unsaved changes
- Reduce Attribute now marks the character as having unsaved changes
- fixed an issue where a Metavariant could be selected before selecting a Metatype
which causes an error to be thrown
- added a link to the current Dumpshock Thread to the Help menu
- corrected the DV for the Fangs Weapon created by the Positive Quality
- corrected the sourcebook for the Body Glove Spell
- changed how the OK button positions itself in the Settings window in an attempt
to keep its text being cutoff by the bottom of the window
- Exotic Active Skills now populate their Specialization lists with the names of
Weapons that make use of the Active Skill
- added an option to select the default character sheet that will be used when
opening the print view for a character
New Strings
- String_Break
- Label_Options_DefaultCharacterSheet

Build 441
- fixed an issue where the default plugins that come with Cyberware (such as Image
Link for Cybereyes) would not have their parent associated to them until loading a
saved file, allowing their Grade to be changed
- fixed an issue where clicking the Add & More button in the Select Cyberware
window would cause plugins to be added to the last added item instead of the item
originally selected
- changed how the Select a Cyberware Suite calculates the total Nuyen and Essence
- Cyberware Suites allow plugins up to any depth (recursive to any number)
- Improvement Manager now supports forcing an item to use a specific side of the
- adding a Cyberware Suite now marks the character as having unsaved changes
- Qualities can now have Essence, combined Attribute values, total Attribute value,
Cyberware, Bioware, Cyberware categories, combined Skill Group values, Active
Skills, and Street Cred being higher than Notoriety as prerequisites for selecting
them to support the new Way of the Samurai Qualities
- changed how the total values of Lifestyles are calculated in an attempt to avoid
crashes on non-Windows computers using Wine
- changed a number of items to use OS-independent path strings
- Active Commlink checkbox no longer appears when a Commlink Upgrade is selected
- Gear with Signal, Response, Firewall, and System can now be affected by Commlink
Upgrade and Commlink Operating System Upgrade items to improve their Ratings

Build 439
- Cyberware attached to the character can now have plugins attached to plugins
(recursive to any number)
- Cyberware now supports items that both grant and consume capacity (X/[Y])
- Commlinks on the Gear tab can now be marked as being the character's Active
Commlink which automatically updates Matrix Initiative to use the proper Response
- Program Packages and Software Suites can now be Hacked
- added support for deleting Custom PACKS Kits through the Add PACKS Kits window
- fixed an issue where Commlinks that came with plugins would create multiple
copies of them when purchased
- items in Custom PACKS Kits no longer include all of their default plugins and
instead only add the plugins that were attached to them when the Kit was saved
- added a "Generic Mod" Vehicle Mod to allow one-off Mods for Vehicles (typically
Drones) more easily
- fixed an issue where Gear with a <selecttext /> Improvement would not prompt for
a value when added to a Vehicle
- undoing a Nuyen Expense for a piece of Cyberware now removes any Weapons that the
Cyberware created
- added an Essence Consumption section to the Cyberware and Bioware tab that show
the character's total values for Cyberware, Bioware, and Essence Hole deductions
- added an option to control the number of decimal places that Essence is rounded
to (2 by default)
- a Complex Form's Rating can now be selected when in Career Mode with the Use
alternate Complex Form cost optional rule turned on to see what the Dice Pool would
be for the desired Rating

New Strings
- Label_EssenceConsumption
- Label_Cyberware
- Label_Bioware
- Label_EssenceHole
- Label_Options_EssenceDecimals

Build 434
- Improvements can now use division and will round resulting fractions downs
- fixed an issue where deleting a piece of Cyberware could cause the next item in
the list to suddenly change its Grade

Build 433
- added support for custom Cyberware and Bioware Grades
- removing the last Adapsin-enabling Improvement now changes the Grade of all
Cyberware to their non-Adapsin Grades
- Cyberware and Bioware Grades on the printouts now show their full, translated
- save files now include the application build number they were last saved with

Build 432
- added an Add & More button to the Select Critter Power window
- Notes window no longer appears in the Windows Taskbar
- Attributes should now only show their Augmented value when they have Improvements
that affect their actual value
- Vehicle Weapon information is now shown in Create Mode
- Sai (and any Weapon whose DV type is "P or S") now displays its calculated DV
properly instead of the formula
- Gear data file now supports recursive use of <usegear /> to add plugins to other
- Gear category is now recorded when creating a new custom PACKS Kit
- adding a PACKS Kit now uses the recorded category (if available) to add the
correct piece of Gear
- Update window now moves the archived copy of the application back if downloading
an updated version fails to hopefully prevent the app from being unusable

Build 430
- added support for <rangebonus /> to Gear for Ammo to affect a Weapon's Range
- added support for Geomancy Rituals to Spells
- Vehicle Nexi Plugins are no longer restricted to only Commlink Module category
- Physical Attributes now show their Augmented value and tooltips if the character
has a Cyberlimb

New Strings
- String_SpellRangeLineOfInfluence
- Node_SelectedGeomancyRituals

Build 429
- fixed an issue where attempting to add a plugin to a Nexus on a Vehicle would
throw an error
- added support for creating custom Improvements for Knowledge Skills
- fixed an issue where deleting a piece of Cyberware would not refresh the
character's displayed Attribute totals immediately
- Attributes now show their augmented value any time the Attribute has one or more
modifiers instead of when the natural and augmented values do not match so that
tooltips are always visible to explain how the value was calculated
- Vehicles now allow any System or Firewall instead of being limited to Device
Rating +2 which is a limitation that is only applied to Hardware properties
- fixed an issue where Weapons that did not have at least one Accessory or
Modification would not receive their STR bonus to RC if the optional rule for it
was enabled
- Armor no longer includes Avail modifiers from Armor Mods that come included with
it by default
- Armor no longer includes Avail modifiers from Gear that comes included with it by
- added Change BP/Avail Limit to the Special menu to change the maximum BP (or
Karma) and Avail the character is allowed in Create Mode
- Commlinks now add any Gear that is attached to the in the data files, such as the
plugins that should come with all military spec Commlinks
- fixed an issue where newly created Gear that is moved to a new container would
cause duplicate items to be created in the save file
- added support for Free Sprites (see below)

Free Sprites
Any Sprite can now be converted to a Free Sprite by selecting Special > Convert to
Free Sprite. Free Sprites gain the Denial Power and access to Echoes Critter Powers
as per UN 157.

New Strings
- Menu_SpecialBPAvailLimit
- Menu_SpecialConvertToFreeSprite

Build 426
- fixed an issue where Cyberware Plugins were attempting to use their parent's Gear
properties instead of their own and would throw an error when trying to bulid a
list of Locations used by Cyberware
- Gear Capacity now factors in the Quantity of each plugin

Build 425
- Create Mode tooltips that refer to BP values now use the BP values set in the
Options window
- fixed an issue where increasing a Skill Group Rating would also increase the
Rating of an associated Active Skill that was affected by the Incompetence Negative
- fixed an issue where loading a character that had Incompetence Negative Quality
applied to an Active Skill that belonged to a Skill Group with a Rating would throw
an error
- fixed an issue where adding a new Knowledge Skill and attempting to give it a
Specialization while in Career Mode without saving and reloading the character
would throw an exception
- Mentor Spirits now show their player-selected bonuses on the Spells and Spirits
tab in Career Mode in the same way they do in Create Mode
- added an option to toggle whether or not Ergonomic Programs count towards a
Commlink's effective Response value (enabled by default)
- Commlink Operating Systems now allow any System or Firewall instead of being
limited to +2 which is a limitation that is only applied to Hardware properties
- added support for <metagenetic /> to qualities.xml to easily mark additional
Qualities that count was Metagenetic Qualities
- deleting an Emotitoy from a character now removes the bonuses for its Empathy
- Weapons with only FA Firing Mode can now fire Short Bursts as described on SR4

New Strings
- Checkbox_Commlinks
- Checkbox_ActiveCommlink
- Tip_ActiveCommlink

Modified Strings
- Tip_CommonContacts
- Tip_CommonNuyen
- Tip_SkillsSkillGroups
- Tip_SkillsActiveSkills
- Tip_SkillsKnowledgeSkills
- Tip_SpellsSelectedSpells
- Tip_SpellsSpirits
- Tip_TechnomancerSprites
- Tip_BuildFoci
- Tip_TechnomancerComplexForms
- Tip_BuildManeuvers
- Checkbox_Options_ErgonomicProgramLimit

Build 423
- added a house rule to allow Technomancers to select Autosofts as Complex Forms
- fixed an issue where an error would be thrown when attempting to load a character
that (somehow) possessed an Adept Power at Rating 1 (now assumes it should be
Rating 1)
- fixed an issue where attempting to create a Critter that had a starting Skill
Group Rating higher than 6 would throw an error
- corrected the rounding method for calculating Street Cred
- Programs with the Ergonomic Program Option no longer count towards the number of
Programs running on the Commlink to affect its Response

New Strings
- Checkbox_Option_TechnomancerAllowAutosoft

Build 420
- fixed an issue where plugins would not be properly added to a Commlink when
adding a PACKS Kit and selecting them would throw an error
- when adding Armor to a Vehicle, the Vehicle now reduces the selected Rating to
the maximum allowed value before accepting the Mod to avoid invalid configurations
and throwing errors when the misconfigured Mod is selected
- fixed an issue where Weapons that did not specify an ammo type after their number
(such as 4 instead of 4(cy)) that received the Additional Clip Weapon Mod would
believe it had more Ammo slots than it actually should
- fixed an issue where Underbarrel Weapons that had more than one Ammo slot could
not select anything beyond Ammo Slot 1
- Spirits that Possess/Inhabit an Inanimate Vessel now receive the Immunity
(Natural Weapons) Critter Power
- Spirits Possessing/Inhabiting a Vessel now correctly add their MAG to the
Vessel's Physical Attributes instead of adding the Spirit's own Physical Attributes

Build 418
- raising INT with Karma in Career Mode no longer causes the character's Career
Karma to increase
- all Gear is now added to a PACKS Kit, regardless of its depth in the list
- updated the Select PACKS Kit window to show all Gear, regardless of its depth in
the list
- adding a PACKS Kit now adds all Gear, regardless of its depth in the list
- Gear attached to Armor, Weapon Accessories, and Cyberware are now added to PACKS
- Bonded Foci are now properly translated and display the translated "Bonded Foci"
string when using a non-English language
- added English versions of some XML tags to accommodate exporting to Squad Manager
- Weapon Accessories now support <dicepool /> which can modify the Weapon's Dice
- added Martial Arts to the Game Master Summary sheet

New Strings
- Message_DeletePACKSKit

Build 416
- Weapons now support <spec /> which allows them to match an Active Skill
Specialization (see below)
- Technocritters now have their correct Attributes
- Technocritters now calculate their Matrix Attributes based on their RES
- Notes can now be attached to Vehicle Sensors and their plugins
- Blood Spirit checkbox is no longer visible after choosing a non-Spirit Metatype
category in the Select Metatype window
- added a Change Starting Week button to the Calendar tab which lets characters
change the date that the calendar should start on
- corrected the cost of the PPP ensemble (without helmet)
- Fashion Armor now has access to Clothing Armor Mods
- added a house rule to indicate that Special Attributes do not count towards the
50% Karma spending limit on Attributes

Weapon Specializations and <spec />

Up until now, Specializations required that the Weapon's name or Category match the
Specialization given to their corresponding Active Skill. With this update, the
Weapons data file now supports a <spec /> tag. This now allows Specializations such
as Blades (Swords), Automatics (Carbines), and Heavy Weapons (Machine Guns) to work

New Strings
- Button_ChangeStartWeek
- Checkbox_Option_SpecialAttributeKarmaLimit

Build 413
- added support for <throwstr /> to the Improvement Manager which effectively
raises a character's STR for the purpose of determining the DV of Thrown Weapons
- Copy, Paste, Create Bioware Suite, and Add Bioware Suite menu items are now
properly translated
- when updating, if a file fails to decompress properly (usually because of a
downloading error), the update window will attempt to re-download the file
- added an option to show only Active Skills whose Rating is 0
- added <dicepool /> to Weapons in the printout XML
- Shadowrun 4, Game Master, and Text-Only sheets now show the Dice Pool for
character Weapons
- Weapon Dice Pool tooltip now only shows Weapon Mods that affect the Dice Pool
instead of all Weapon Mods
- Dice Pool Modifiers portion of a Skill's tooltip has been replaced by the full
list of items that affect the Skill's Dice Pool Modifier
- corrected Commlinks to have a Processor limit equal to their total System Rating
- added a Rushed Job checkbox to the Dice Roller window (see SR4 65)

New Strings
- String_SkillFilterRatingZero
- Checkbox_DiceRoller_RushedJob

Build 409
- fixed an issue where the Update window attempted to download translation files in
a compressed format

Build 408
- Vehicle Mods now support variable Costs
- selecting a Cyberware or Bioware Suite that contains an item with a variable Cost
no longer throws an error
- added a house rule to allow Free Spirit Power Points to be based on MAG instead
of EDG
- data files are now downloaded in a compressed format and decompressed locally to
greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for them to be downloaded
- removed the Include Smartlink bonus in Active Skills option since it is no longer
necessary (see below)

Include Smartlink bonus in Active Skills option removed

Weapons have displayed their own calculated Dice Pools since build 314. As a
result, showing the Smartlink bonus in an Active Skill has become redundant and
rather misleading since it is applied on a per-Weapon basis instead of the Active
Skill as a whole. The Weapon Dice Pool accurately reflects any Smartlink bonuses
the character receives.

New Strings
- Checkbox_Option_FreeSpiritPowerPointsMAG

Deleted Strings
- Checkbox_Options_IncludeSmartlink

Build 407
- Weapon Mods that use a Total Cost multiplier now use the full multiplier instead
of multiplier - 1
- Weapon Dice Pool now shows the same tooltip in Create Mode as it does in Career
- Weapons now include their modified firing mode in the printout XML
- fixed an issue where Vehicle Mods that included Vehicle Cost in their cost could
throw an error when attempting to add it to a Vehicle
- Complex Form total on the Build Point Summary tab calculates its value correctly
- Advanced Lifestyles that had the Street - Z-zones/Barrens or Luxury-AAA
Neighborhoods no longer throw an error when attempting to edit them
- fixed an issue that prevented Advanced Lifestyles from showing the list of
Qualities when editing them
- Spirit and Sprite names are now translated on the printout when using a non-
English language
- Weapons created by Gear (such as Missiles) now use the <avail />, <cost />, and
<owncost /> of the Gear that created them in the printout XML

Build 405
- added support for naming Gear
- fixed an issue where clicking the +/- buttons for Lifestyles without a Lifestyle
selected would throw an error
- Improvements can now include an Attribute name (see below)
- Qualities can now be marked as Free in Create Mode, reducing their cost to 0
- Cyberware can no longer have an Avail lower than 0

Attribute Names in Improvements

Attribute names (such as RES and STR) can now be used in an Improvement's value
XML, such as <movementpercent>MAG * 50</movementpercent>. This will not change when
the character's Attribute changes; it will only use the Attribute's value at the
time the Improvement is added. If the character's Attribute changes after this
Improvement has been added, you will need to select Re-Apply Improvements from the
Special menu.

New Strings
- Menu_NameGear
- Message_SelectGearName
- String_GearName

Build 403
- added a house rule to allow the creation and addition of Bioware Suites
- added support for adding and creating Bioware Suites
- added <owncost /> to printout XML for equipment which contains just the cost of
the individual item
- fixed an issue that prevented Weapons in the Weapons list from being reordered
using drag-and-drop
- added support for Locations within Weapons

New Strings
- Menu_SpecialAddBiowareSuite
- Menu_SpecialCreateBiowareSuite
- Checkbox_Option_AllowBiowareSuites
- Title_SelectBiowareSuite
- Label_SelectBiowareSuite_PartsInSuite
- Title_CreateBiowareSuite
- Message_DeleteWeaponLocation

Modified Strings
- Message_CyberwareSuite_InvalidFileName
- Message_CyberwareSuite_DuplicateName
- MessageTitle_CyberwareSuite_DuplicateName
- Message_CyberwareSuite_SuiteCreated
- MessageTitle_CyberwareSuite_SuiteCreated

Build 401
- added support for <quickeningmetamagic /> to the Improvement Manager which grants
the character access to the Quicken Spell button
- added support for <basiclifestylecost /> to the Improvement Manager which adjusts
the cost of only basic Lifestyles by a percentage
- added a house rule to allow Obsolescent to be upgraded/removed in the same way as
- added support for Quicken Spell Expenses
- fixed an issue where canceling the Select Martial Arts window when adding a PACKS
Kit would throw an error
- maximum MAG split for Mystic Adepts now increases properly when MAG is increased
- maximum MAG split for Mystic Adepts now decreases when a MAG increase Expense is
- clicking Delete on the Cyberware tab with nothing selected no longer throws an
- clicking Delete on the Vehicles tab with nothing selected no longer throws an
- selecting a Complex Form in Career Mode now automatically selects its commonly-
used Active Skill for the Dice Pool
- Karma Expenses for Spells can now be undone
- Exotic Melee Weapons that use the Unarmed Active Skill (such as Hardliner Gloves)
now properly show their Dice Pool size
- Obsolescent and Obsolete now affect a Vehicle's Device Rating
- fixed an issue where the displayed monthly Nuyen cost for a Lifestyle was
including Lifestyle discounts a second time

New Strings
- Checkbox_Option_AllowObsolescentUpgrade
- Button_QuickenSpell
- String_QuickeningKarma
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseQuickeningMetamagic
- String_ExpenseQuickenMetamagic

Build 399
- added support for <complexformlimit /> to the Improvement Manager which affects
the number of Complex Forms a character can know in Create Mode
- added support for <spelllimit /> to the Improvement Manager which affects the
number of Spells a character can know in Create Mode
- fixed an issue where pressing the backspace key while in the search field within
the Select Spell or Select Complex Form windows would throw an error if the list of
items was empty and the search word should cause the list to be re-populated
- starting Nuyen and starting Karma Expenses can now be modified (not retroactively
applied to previous saves)
- Vehicles can now be retrofitted as per the rules found on UCL 15 by attempting to
delete the Obsolete Vehicle Mod
- increased the height of the Select Weapon window so that the list of included
Weapon Accessories/Mods is no longer concealed when there are more than 4 items
- fixed an issue where deleting a Knowledge Skill could cause the other Knowledge
Skills below it to also be deleted from the character
- Weapons now use their modified Firing Mode which includes Weapon Mods instead of
their base Firing Mode to determine which firing options are available in the FIRE!
button menu
- fixed an issue where the Bonding cost for Stacked Foci would not be calculated
correctly if one of the Foci contained parenthesis in its name

New Strings
- String_ExpenseVehicleRetrofit
- String_Retrofit

Build 398
- Ammo that is in a container such as a Spare Clip and loaded into a Weapon now
correctly affects the Weapon's DV, AP, and RC
- clicking the Buy Ammo button for the selected Weapon no longer throws an error if
a piece of Gear was not already selected in the Gear list

Build 396
- fixed an issue where selecting Armor that granted Improvements or whose Mods
granted Improvements would immediately add them to the character when selected in
the Select Armor window
- added a Part of base Armor checkbox to indicate whether or not an Armor Mod is
part of a piece of Armor by default in the same manner as the Part of base Weapon
checkbox for Weapons
- added <included /> tag to printout XML for Armor Mods which indicates whether or
not they are included as part of the base Armor
- all equipment now puts its total cost in the <cost /> tag in the printout XML
instead of its cost formula
- removed <cost3 />, <cost6 />, <cost10 />, <avail3 />, <avail6 />, and <avail10 />
tags from printout XML since they were not useful
- Reduce Attribute now includes MAG and RES if the character has access to these
- Reduce Attribute now includes a checkbox to determine whether or not the Metatype
Maximum should also be reduced

New Strings
- Checkbox_BaseArmor
- Checkbox_DoNotAffectMaximum

Build 394
- Reduce Attribute in the Special menu is now available to all characters in Career
Mode, nod just Cyberzombies
- Gear that has a Rating of +(Rating) now shows its calculated Rating instead when
it is on its own and not attached to a parent item
- Gear that has a Rating of +(Rating) that is on its own and not attached to a
parent item no longer throws an error when attempting to move a character to Career
Build 393
- modified how the Language Manager stores information to make loading and finding
strings slightly faster
- added a text field to Spirits/Sprites next to the Metatype list to allow a name
to be assigned to them
- fixed an issue where deleting newly-added Gear plugins on a Vehicle would throw
an error until the character was saved and reloaded
- changing the Bonded status of a Stacked Focus no longer throws an error
- added support for <requireammo /> to Weapons which denotes whether or not a
Weapon needs Ammo to actually be reloaded (for special exceptions like battery
powered Weapons)
- Weapon Dice Pool now only applies an Active Skill's Specialization bonus when it
exactly matches the Weapon's name or category as intended
- fixed an issue where clicking on Armor Mods that come with a piece of Armor would
throw an error until the file has been saved and reloaded
- fixed an issue where attempting to Bond a Stacked Focus that included additional
text (such as from a Weapon Focus) could throw an error

Build 388
- fixed an issue where clicking the Enable All or Delete All buttons on the
Improvements tab with a group selected would throw an error
- fixed an issue where Underbarrel Grenade Launchers that come as part of a Weapon
were not being properly marked as Underbarrel Weapons which caused errors to be
thrown when adding Weapon Accessories and Mods until the file has been saved and
- Equip All and Unequip All buttons for Armor Bundles now correctly add and remove
Improvements for Armor Mods and Gear
- Underbarrel Weapons that come as part of a base Weapon (such as the Ares Alpha
Grenade Launcher) no longer have their Ammo cut in half when loading a save file
- Underbarrel Weapons now set their available options under the FIRE! button
- added a checkbox to the Critter Powers tab to control whether or not each Critter
Power counts towards the Critter's Power Point limit
- changed how Spirits calculate their number of used Power Points
- added a Blood Spirit checkbox to the Select Critter window when the Spirits
category is selected which automatically adds the additional Critter Powers a Blood
Spirit receives for free
- added tooltips to the Fading, Drain Resistance, and Spell Dice Pool fields
- Attributes now include <bp /> in their printout XML to indicate the amount of
BP/Karma that has been spent on them (only accurate for characters that have not
yet spent Karma on improving Attributes after starting their career)
- Skills now include <bp /> in their printout XML to indicate the amount of
BP/Karma that has been spent on them (only accurate for characters that have not
yet spent Karma on improving Skills after starting their career)
- adding a Fake License to a character that only has one Restricted item no longer
automatically selects the item and instead keeps the Select Item window open,
letting you choose the one item or enter a custom name

New Strings
- Checkbox_Metatype_BloodSpirit
- Tip_Metatype_BloodSpirit
- Checkbox_CritterPowerCount

Build 386
- fixed an issue where the cost of plugins was not calculated correct for Ammo that
is sold in quantities greater than 1
- Ally Spirits now get their correct number of Critter Power Points
- added support for <dvbonus> and <apbonus> to Weapon Mods
- High-Power Chambering Weapon Mod now grants the Weapon bonuses instead of the
High-Power Ammo so that Weapon stats are properly represented when empty
- High-Power Ammo now correctly applies a -2 Dice Pool modifier instead of a -2 RC
- clicking OK in the Select Spell window without having a Spell selected no longer
throws an error
- clicking OK in the Select Complex Form window without having a Complex Form
selected no longer throws an error
- fixed an issue where the FIRE! options became disabled when using a language that
has translated values for the different firing modes for a Weapon
- Underbarrel Weapons now correctly show their own Ammo remaining and Range
information instead of the information for the parent Weapon
- added a tooltip to the Dice Pool on the Weapons tab in Career Mode to show how
the Dice Pool is being calculated

Build 385
- added support for Ammo affecting the Dice Pool of the Weapon they've been loaded
- fixed an issue where selecting a Weapon attached to a Vehicle Weapon Mount would
occasionally throw an error

Build 384
- fixed an issue where the Spirit/Sprite control would throw an error when loading
a saved character or attempting to add a new Spirit/Sprite

Build 383
- when creating a character with Karma, the cost for Special Attributes is now
included in the maximum cost calculation as per RC 42
- fixed an issue where Spells were not being translated when loading a saved
- Spirit and Sprite names are now properly translated when adding a new Spirit or
Sprite to a character and use the proper Critter Metatype when creating a linked
- fixed an issue where clicking the Add & More button in the Select Weapon
Accessory window would throw an error when trying to add additional Accessory to a
non-Vehicle-mounted Weapon
- fixed an issue where the Advanced Lifestyles window would put some Lifestyles
into the High category instead of Middle if their LP fell within a certain range
- corrected a stupid mistake where Limited Spells were adding +2 to their DV
instead of +2 to the Resistance Dice Pool

Build 380
- added support for <selectweapon /> to the Improvement Manager which asks the
character to select one of the Weapons (or enter text if being applied to a
- print window (when open) automatically refreshes when the character is modified
in Create Mode
- Weapon printout XML now includes <ammoslot1 />, <ammoslot2 />, <ammoslot3 />, and
<ammoslot4 /> to show which Ammo is loaded in each Ammo slot
- Weapon printout XML now correctly looks for Ammo anywhere on the
- characters that are built with unlimited BP/Karma and have the Character can
spend any number of points on Nuyen House Rule enabled are no longer forced to
having 0 points in Nuyen
- Limited Spells now include their +2 DV bonus in their displayed DV when selected
- fixed an issue where canceling a Skill Specialization for a Grouped Skill in
Career Mode then re-entering it would cause the Skill Group to remain intact and
the Specialization to cost 0 Karma
- Gear that require a value to be selected now correctly ask for this information
when added to a Vehicle
- Complex Forms now enforce the number of Program Options they can have

New Strings
- Message_ConntAddComplexFormOptionLimit

Build 377
- Ammo in a container such as a Spare Clip now shows its container's name and
Location (if applicable) in the Reload window
- added a Pets and Cohorts tab to the Street Gear section so that character can
create links to any pets or other companions they might have
- Gear such as Ammo that is typically sold in stacks of 10 can now be purchased at
a quantity lower than its stack size (must enter the number manually - the up/down
arrows increase/decrease by the stack size)

New Strings
- Tab_Pets
- Button_AddPet

Build 376
- dates for Expenses are now saved in a standardised format, regardless of system
settings, to make them easier to load and move between systems that may have
different date settings
- list items with Notes (such as Qualities and Gear) now show their Notes in a
tooltip when hovered over
- Gear that use a formula to calculate their price now show their total price
instead of the formula used when selected on the Armor tab
- fixed an issue where Armor Mods with a Rating would throw an error when trying to
calculate their cost
- added support for <forcegrade /> to Cyberware since certain items (namely all
Transgenics) are limited to a single Grade
- Armor Gear and Weapon Gear are no longer limited to how many layers deep they can
- Gear can now be added to Vehicle Weapon Accessories

Build 375
- Qualities can now add Weapons to the character when selected
- added Create Natural Weapon to the context menu for the Weapons button which
allows character to create Natural Weapons that can come from other sources such as
Critter Powers
- added an option to print Notes as part of the printout XML
- Shadowrun 4 Base and Commlink sheets now print Notes for most major items when
the option is enabled
- Gear can now be copied from Armor, Weapons, and Vehicles
- Weapons can now be copied from Vehicles
- Armor Mods, Weapon Mods, Weapon Accessories, and Gear Plugins are now responsible
for calculating their own total cost
- cost of selected Weapon Accessories and Weapon Mods should now be correct when
their cost is based on a formula including the Weapon's cost
- Armor Mods that use a formula to calculate their price now show their total price
when selected instead of the formula used
- Weapon Accessories now include any Gear plugins in their total cost
- Cyberware Plugins now include any Gear plugins in their total cost
- equipping Armor now only re-creates Improvements for Armor Mods and Armor Gear
that are equipped
- equipping Armor Mods and Armor Gear now only re-creates Improvements if the Armor
they're attached to is also equipped
- Enter and Escape keys now work in the Select Martial Art Advantage window
- characters that ignore rules and move to Career Mode will now start with 0 Nuyen
instead of a large negative number
- added Black Market Pipeline Discount checkboxes to the Cyberware, Armor, Weapons,
Gear, and Vehicle tab in Create Mode which reduce the cost of the selected item by
10% which appear when the character gains the Black Market Pipeline Quality

New Strings
- Message_CannotRemoveQualityWeapon
- MessageTitle_CannotRemoveQualityWeapon
- Label_ActiveSkill
- Menu_AddNaturalWeapon
- Checkbox_Option_PrintNotes
- Checkbox_BlackMarketDiscount

Build 371
- added a tooltip to all Source fields in Select windows which show the full name
of the sourcebook
- Underbarrel Weapons that have a Cost of 0 Nuyen no longer consume Mod slots (so
Weapons such as the Ares Alpha can now properly attach their Grenade Launcher as an
Underbarrel Weapon without consuming Mod slots)
- Weapons that come with an Underbarrel Weapon as part of their initial
configuration now receive them automatically
- Select Armor window now creates the Armor to determine its correct Avail with any
Armor Mods it comes equipped with by default instead of relying only on the Armor's
own Avail
- added support for Copying and Pasting in Create Mode (see below)
- the default Unarmed Attack is no longer exported when creating a PACKS Kit

Copying and Pasting

Copying and pasting is currently only available in Create Mode until everything is
figured out. At the moment only Lifestyles, Armor, Weapons, Gear, and Vehicles can
be copied. Lifestyles, Armor, Gear, and Vehicles can only be copied to their own
tabs. Weapons can be copied to the Weapons and Vehicles tabs. Gear can be copied to
the Armor, Weapons, Gear, and Vehicles tabs where Gear is normally allowed. These
items can be copied between characters, so you can copy a Vehicle that Character A
has and paste it into the Vehicles tab for Character B. The Copy and Paste toolbar
buttons and menu items are only enabled when the operations are allowed.

New Strings
- Menu_Main_Edit
- Menu_EditCopy
- Menu_EditPaste

Build 368
- Adept Powers now check an Attribute's total Metatype maximum including any
bonuses such as those from Exceptional Attribute to determine when the Power Point
cost should be increased
- fixed an issue where adding or selecting a piece of Gear attached to Armor would
occasionally throw an error
- Skills no longer double the bonus from Improvements that have a precedence
- Improvements that increase or decrease a Skill's maximum Rating now unlocks or
locks the Skill control as appropriate if it is already at its maximum in Career
- added support for more Improvement options to the Create Improvement window
- advanced versions of Leadership and Arcana now set their Category to the base
Skill's Category instead of its Skill Group
- when reloading from a Spare Clip, the quantity of the Clip is reduced instead of
the amount of Ammo in each one (leftover Ammo is dropped into the Selected Gear
container as a new piece of Gear)
Build 365
- pressing the up and down arrows while the search field has focus now selects the
next/previous item in the list in the Select Spell and Select Complex Form windows
- fixed an issue where selecting Gear that is a Cyberware plugin could occasionally
result in an error being thrown
- deleting a Vehicle Location no longer asks you to confirm deleting the item twice
- all buttons that delete items are now simply labeled as Delete since the tab and
selected item provide the context (and were never consistently applied using their
old ones)

Delete Strings
- Button_DeleteQuality
- Button_DeleteSpell
- Button_DeleteComplexForm
- Button_DeleteCritterPower
- Button_DeleteMetamagic
- Button_DeleteEcho
- Button_DeleteLifestyle
- Button_DeleteArmor
- Button_DeleteWeapon
- Button_DeleteGear
- Button_DeleteVehicle
- Button_DeleteMod
- Button_DeleteAccessory
- Button_DeleteImprovement

Build 363
- <safehousecosts /> in lifestyles.xml is now ignored when validating the contents
of data file translations
- Hacked Skillsofts are now correctly applied to Skills
- character Gear and Vehicle Gear are no longer limited to being 4 layers deep
- attempting to move Gear to one of its plugins now prevents the attempt instead of
throwing an error
- added support for Locations within Vehicles (Gear can be moved to Locations by
dragging and dropping with the right mouse button in the same manner as the Gear
- setting MAG or RES to 0 when it is not forced to this value because of burnout
now reduces its BP/Karma cost to 0
- added a Re-Roll Misses button to the Dice Roller window to re-roll all dice that
did not score a Hit
- corrected the tab order in all windows

New Strings
- Button_DiceRoller_RollMisses

Build 360
- fixed an issue where equipping a Hacked Skillsoft would throw an error
- Drain Resistance and Fading Resistance values in the printout XML now include
their bonuses
- fixed an issue where selecting a Vehicle Weapon Accessory in Career Mode would
believe it was Gear and throw an error
- adding Gear to a Weapon Accessory in Career Mode now adds the proper context menu
to the newly-created item so that plugins can be added without having to save and
reload the file
- Weapons are no longer limited to one Underbarrel Weapon
- Underbarrel Weapons can now be marked as Installed
- new Lifestyles added in Career Mode are now correctly set to 0 months pre-paid
- when manually selecting updates in the Update window, selecting either Chummer or
English (US) language file automatically selects the other since they require each
other to work properly

New Strings
- Message_SelectVehicleLocation
- Message_DeleteVehicleLocation

Deleted Strings
- Message_WeaponUnderbarrelLimit

Build 358
- selecting the blank Magic Tradition or Technomancer Stream after already having
one selected no longer throws an error
- Gear that has a cost multiplier that includes a decimal no longer causes the
program to throw an error when a odd numbered Rating is selected
- added options to print alternate uses for the Leadership and Arcana Skills on the
character sheet (from War! and Street Magic respectively)
- reorganised the General tab in the options window to reduce clutter and make
their grouping more logical
- fixed an issue where RES may not be reduced to 0 even when the character's
Essence penalty indicates that it should

New Strings
- String_SkillCommand
- String_SkillDirectFire
- String_SkillArtificing
- String_SkillMetamagic
- Tab_Options_Global
- Tab_Options_Character
- Tab_Options_Miscellaneous

Build 356
- Skill Specializations can now be set when an Active Skill is Grouped in Career
Mode, though doing so breaks the Skill Group
- fixed an issue where breaking a Skill Group in Career Mode would unlock the Skill
Specialization fields for the now-independent Active Skills
- Skill Groups can no longer be re-combined if any of their Active Skills have a
- Dice Pool for the selected Spell now includes any Spellcasting Specialization
bonus if applicable
- added a Dice Roller button for Spells, Drain, Complex Form, Fading, Weapon, and
Vehicle Weapon dice pools that appear if the Dice Roller option is enabled
- added an option to save a backup copy of a character before moving them to Career
Mode (disable by default) (see below)
- fixed an issue where the programs added from a Program Package would not be
correctly associated with their parent and would throw an error when selected until
the character was saved and re-loaded
- fixed an issue where adding Gear from a custom PACKS Kit could cause packaged
items such as Program Packages to create their plugins twice
- selecting a Cyberware Plugin attached to a Vehicle Mod no longer throws an error
- validating a character when moving to Career Mode now includes checking Cyberware
- Gear can now be added to Cyberware and Weapon Commlinks (see below)
- windows and controls should now be more large font friendly
- Skill tooltips now show all Rating and Dice Pool modifiers instead of only
positive modifiers
- fixed an issue where undoing the Nuyen Expense for a Bioware purchase would not
remove the Bioware's Improvements properly

Changed Strings
- Checkbox_Option_AllowSkillDiceRolling

New Strings
- Checkbox_Option_CreateBackupOnCareer
- Title_CreateMode
- Message_CyberwareGear
- MessageTitle_CyberwareGear
- String_ExpensePurchaseCyberwearGear
- String_ExpenseSoldCyberwareGear
- Message_WeaponGear
- String_ExpensePurchaseWeaponGear
- String_ExpenseSoldWeaponGear

Creating pre-Career Mode Backups

When enabled, the Create backup of character before moving them to Career Mode
option saves a copy of the character to your Chummer\saves\backup directory before
they are actually placed into Career Mode, allowing you to go back and make changes
to them in case they were placed into Career Mode prematurely.

Cyberware and Weapon Commlinks

Commlinks can now be added to the Commlink Cyberware and Weapon Commlink Weapon Mod
items. This is still a little experimental, so please save a backup copy of your
character before playing with these. These can only be applied to character-held
devices; this behaviour will not be applied to Vehicles.

Build 353
- fixed an issue where Gear that had an Avail of Rating + X would cause an error to
be thrown when selecting its parent
- adding Gear to a Vehicle no longer causes the character to incorrectly receive
the Gear's Improvements
- transferring Gear to a Vehicle now properly removes Improvements from the
- transferring Gear from a Vehicle now properly adds Improvements to the character
- Select Metatype window no longer shows Categories that have no items for its
current context

Build 352
- added support for <selectsprite /> to the Improvement Manager which lets the
character select an additional Sprite that they can compile
- added a Create Critter item to the link Spirit/Sprite menu (see below)
- fixed an issue where deleting a piece of Gear would not remove the Improvements
created by any of its plugins
- fixed an issue where selling a piece of Gear would not remove the Improvements
created by any of its plugins
- fixed a rounding error where the cost to purchase an Initiation/Submersion Rating
could be off by 1 point

New Strings
- MenuItem_CreateCritter
- Message_SelectCritterType
- Message_UnknownCritterType
- MessageTitle_SelectCritterType

Create Critter for Spirits and Sprites

Spirits and Sprites now have a Create Critter item in their link menu when they are
not currently linked to another save file. Selecting this automatically creates the
Critter at the appropriate Force, puts it in Career Mode, saves it, links it to the
Spirit/Sprite, and opens the file in one click.
Build 350
- plugins that add to their parent's Avail are no longer considered as being
outside of the character's Avail when attempting to move the character to Career
Mode, resulting in 2 items over Avail instead of 1
- confirm Karma Expense messages are now more verbose and include what the item's
new Rating will be and the amount of Karma that needs to be spent
- added support for Roommates to both Standard and Advanced Lifestyles
- Standard Lifestyles can now be edited to change their % to Pay and number of
- Vehicles now write their total Pilot Rating instead of base Pilot Rating in the
printout XML
- added <maneuver /> tag to Vehicles in the printout XML to make getting a
Vehicle's Maneuver Autosoft Rating easier
- added support for <childcostmultiplier /> and <childavailmodifier /> to Gear
which multiplies the Cost and increases the Avail of all plugins attached to it
- added Spare Clip (HK Urban Fighter) to Gear which properly handles the increased
Cost and Avail for Ammo for the HK Urban Fighter

Changed Strings
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpense
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseSpecialization
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseEnemy
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseSpend
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseRemove
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseComplexFormOption
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseFocus
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseJoinGroup
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseLeaveGroup
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseJoinNetwork
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseLeaveNetwork

New Strings
- Label_SelectLifestyle_Roommates
- Menu_EditLifestyle

Build 347
- selecting Possesion or Inhabiatation in the Select Metatype window when creating
a Spirit Critter now always adds the selected Power instead of trying to replace
the Materialization Power which they might not have
- the number of Spells a character can know is now correctly limited to
Spellcasting/Ritual Spellcasting Rating + Rating Modifiers instead of just the
Skill's Rating
- all Spirits now show the number of additional Powers they can take on the Critter
Powers tab
- fixed an issue where undoing a Cyberware/Bioware expense for a character that has
MAG/RES would not restore their MAG/RES to its previous value
- fixed an issue where the character's Starting Nuyen Expense Entry would be lost
if the character was not saved again after making the initial transition to Career
- moving a character to Career Mode now uses the standard load character method
instead of re-opening the character as-is in the Career Mode window
- renaming a Group or Armor Bundle now marks the character as having unsaved
- added support for grouping Custom Improvements

New Strings
- Button_AddGroup
- Message_DeleteImprovementGroup
- Button_EnableAll
- Button_DisableAll
- String_Roommates

Changed Strings
- Message_DeleteArmorLocation

Build 345
- possessed Living Vessels now change their Alias to [Vessel's Alias] (Possessed)
- possessed Inanimate Vessels now change their Alias to [Vessel Type] (Possessed)
- added a checkbox to the Select Metatype window to replace Materialization with
Possession or Inhabitation when creating a Spirit
- Select Critter Power window now shows any Critter Powers that the Critter comes
with by default that have been deleted
- Select Critter Power window now includes Possession and Inhabitation if the
Critter's Manifestation Critter Power has been removed
- printout no longer automatically adds an Unarmed Attack Weapon to the character
(replaced by the new Unarmed Attack Weapon that can be added and removed)
- new characters automatically receive the new Unarmed Attack Weapon that can be
added and removed as desired
- fixed an issue where attempting to add Critter Powers to the non-Critter Free
Spirit would throw an error

New Strings
- Checkbox_Metatype_PossessionTradition
- Tip_Metatype_PossessionTradition

Build 342
- added a checkbox to the Dice Roller window to Hit on 4, 5, or 6 as per the
Cinematic Gameplay optional rule (SR4 75)
- added support for Possession and Inhabitation by Spirits (Possess/Inhabit Living
Vessel and Possess/Inhabit Inanimate Vessel options in the Special menu if the
Spirit has the Possession or Inhabitation Power)

New Strings
- Checkbox_DiceRoller_CinematicGameplay
- Menu_SpecialPossessLiving
- Menu_SpecialPossessInanimate
- MessageTitle_Possession
- Message_VesselInCareerMode
- Message_PossessionSave
- String_Possessed

Build 340
- fixed an issue that prevented Knowledge Skills from saving their selected
Category (hopefully for the last time)

Build 337
- fixed an issue that caused Melee Weapons to always use the STR of a Vehicle's
limb, even when being wielded by the character
- Upload Language button shows its text again

Build 336
- added support for the alternate Matrix Attribute optional rule from UN 39
- added support for <dicepool /> to Weapon Mod bonuses which affect the dice pool
for the Weapon the Mod is attached to
- added <dicepool /> to the Weapon Foci Weapon Mod to affect the Weapon's dice pool
- fixed an issue where Weapons added directly to a Vehicle (Cyberware or Gear
Weapons) would not be loaded correctly from a save file
- fixed an issue where trying to print a character whose Vehicle had a Cyberware
Weapon would throw an error
- increased the maximum upload size for characters to 500 KB (compressed)
- Upload Character window in Omae no longer lists types of files that cannot be
uploaded using the window
- Character now correctly checks if their <skillsoftaccess /> Improvement is
enabled before deciding whether or not they can use Knowsofts and Linguasofts
- added a house rule to treat the Metatype Attribute Minimum as 1 for the purpose
of calculating Karma costs
- fixed an issue where buying Ammo for a Weapon using the Buy Additional Ammo
button without having any Gear selected would throw an error
- fixed an issue where buying Ammo for a Weapon using the Buy Additional Ammo
button while having certain Gear seleted would limit the selection to that Gear's
category instead of the to the Ammunition category
- added processorlimit, ispersona, isos, and issin to the list of items a Commlink
includes in its printout data
- added a Commlinks sheet that prints out information for all of the character's
Commlinks including Living Persona (also Nexi but limited to English only)
- fixed an issue where Qualities and Spells would wait to translate their names
after asking for Improvement information
- added support for language-specific character sheets (stored in sheets\[language
- Character View window now lists the character sheets in the language-specific
directory if a non-English language is selected
- fixed an issue where Spells were printing their Category a second time instead of
selected Improvement values such as Attributes
- Complex Forms no longer show their Rating if the alternate Complex Form cost
optional rule is enabled since they do not use Ratings
- fixed an issue where Weapons were adding their Smartgun bonus to their dice pool
even if the Smartgun Accessory or Weapon Mod was marked as not installed
- Language Manager now uses a recursive method to translate windows and controls to
make it more efficient and more easily accommodate future growth
- fixed an issue where Knowledge Skills would incorrectly change their Category if
the Skill's name existed in the pre-defined Knowledge Skill list
- tabs now correctly show the character's name when moving from Create Mode to
Career Mode when more than 1 character is currently open

New Strings
- Checkbox_Option_AlternateMetatypeAttributeKarma
- Checkbox_Options_AlternateMatrixAttribute

Build 332
- added support for <skillsoftaccess /> to the Improvement Manager which grants the
character the ability to use Knowsofts and Linguasofts
- Knowsofts and Linguasofts now correctly require Datajacks, Sim Modules, or any
item that grants <skillsoftaccess /> to be used (no longer limited to only
- all Gear can now be marked as Equipped
- Armor Bundles now show a list of the currently equipped items they contain when
- Knowledge Skill Specializations now correctly consume Karma when build a
character with Karma in Create Mode
- all controls in the Dice Roller window now reposition themselves based on string
- Modular Cyberlimb Plugins can now be added to Vehicle Mods if they have the a
plugin that grants access to them
- Vehicle Mods can now use <selecttext /> in their bonus information
- fixed an issue where the context menu for Vehicle Sensor Plugins would not appear
when loading a saved file
- fixed an issue where a category could appear twice in the Gear category list when
adding a plugin
- added the ability to search for Adept Powers in the Select Adept Power window

Build 330
- fixed an issue where uploading a character to Omae would incorrectly try to
truncate the character's name to the first 100 characters
- unarmed attacks now include an Adept's Penetrating Strike AP bonus in their AP
- fixed an issue where Weapons that used the Unarmed Combat Active Skill would not
calculate their dice pool size correctly
- fixed an issue where Armor Mods for specific pieces of Armor were not being shown
in the Select Armor Mod window when appropriate
- added an option to use a single instance of the Dice Roller window (enabled by

New Strings
- Checkbox_Options_SingleDiceRoller

Build 327
- Omae character uploads now require an Alias (on the Common tab) instead of Name
(on the Character Info tab)
- when uploading a character to Omae, you can choose to display either the
character's Alias or Name (if filled in)
- added an option for Allow dice rolling for Skills which adds a button to each
Skill to open the Dice Roller window with the Skill's dice pool already set
(disabled by default)
- Dice Roller window is now limited to a single instance to reduce confusion (all
Dice Roller clicks bring this window into focus)
- fixed an issue where the child window icon was not properly being set to the
Chummer icon until it was resized

New Strings
- Message_Omae_NPCPackDownloaded
- Checkbox_Option_AllowSkillDiceRolling
- Tip_DiceRoller

Build 325
- added support for <throwrange /> to the Improvement Manager which increases the
character's effective STR for determining the range of Throwing Weapons
- added Dice Pool to the Sprites and Complex Forms tab in Career Mode
- Weapons now support <useskill /> which forces them to use a particular Active
Skill when calculating their Dice Pool
- fixed an issue where Missile: Mine would cause an error to be thrown when trying
to print the character

Build 324
- fixed an issue where attempting to print a character without having the
sheets\omae directory would throw an error
- current and maximum Edge now appear beneath Remaining Edge on the Condition
Monitor tab in Career Mode

Build 323
- XML Manager now actively filters out duplicate items found in custom data files
based on their name
- sourcebook list in the Options window is now correctly sorted in alphabetical
order when including custom books
- Adept Powers now include a notice that their cost is being doubled when
applicable in their tooltip to clarify why their cost has increased
- fixed an issue where Vehicle Gear defined in the data file would not correctly
set its quantity if one was provided
- added support for Armor Bundles (Locations for Armor)
- added support for sharing Custom and Override data through Omae
- added support for sharing custom Character Sheets through Omae

New Strings
- String_Omae_NoData
- Message_Omae_CannotFindData
- MessageTitle_Omae_CannotFindData
- Message_Omae_CannotFindSheet
- MessageTitle_Omae_CannotFindSheet
- MessageTitle_Omae_DeleteData
- Message_Omae_ConfirmData
- Message_Omae_DataDeleted
- Message_Omae_DataDeleteError
- Message_Omae_DataDownloaded
- MessageTitle_Omae_DataDownloaded
- MessageTitle_Omae_DeleteSheet
- Message_Omae_ConfirmSheet
- Message_Omae_SheetDeleted
- Message_Omae_SheetDeleteError
- Message_Omae_SheetDownloaded
- MessageTitle_Omae_SheetDownloaded
- Message_OmaeUpload_DataName
- MessageTitle_OmaeUpload_DataName
- Message_OameUpload_DataDescription
- MessageTitle_OmaeUpload_DataDescription
- Message_OmaeUpload_DataSelectFiles
- Message_OmaeUpload_CannotUploadSheet
- Message_OmaeUpload_SheetName
- MessageTitle_OmaeUpload_SheetName
- Message_OameUpload_SheetDescription
- MessageTitle_OmaeUpload_SheetDescription
- Title_OmaeUploadData
- Title_OmaeUploadSheet
- Button_Omae_UploadData
- Message_DeleteArmorLocation
- Button_AddBundle
- Button_EquipAll
- Button_UnEquipAll
- Tip_Power_DoublePoints

Changed Strings
- Message_OmaeUpload_UploadFailed
- Message_OmaeUpload_UploadComplete
- MessageTitle_OmaeUpload_UploadComplete

Build 321
- maximum Rating for all Skill Groups and Skills are now set to match the Critter's
highest maximum Skill Rating when Force or D6 is a selectable value in the Select
Metatype window
- added support for the alternate Complex Form cost optional rule from UN 39
- added support for the optional rule to allow any Bioware to be converted to
Transgenics with the GM's approval from AU 93
- characters are now correctly limited to a number of Metamagics/Echoes equal to
their Attribute + Initiate or Submersion Grade
- Gear on the Gear tab can now be transferred between other Gear (move a plugin
from one device to another, move a device to become another device's plugin, or
move a plugin to a location to become its own device) by dragging-and-dropping
using the right mouse button
- added a house rule to allow players/GMs to custom mark Weapon Accessories and
Mods as being part of the base Weapon
- Cyberweapons now show their calculated damage using their limbs STR when selected
on the Weapons tab

New Strings
- Message_AdditionalMetamagicLimit
- Message_AdditionalEchoLimit
- Checkbox_Options_AlternateComplexFormCost
- Checkbox_Options_AllowCustomTransgenics
- Checkbox_Option_AllowEditPartOfBaseWeapon
- Checkbox_Transgenic

Build 320
- fixed an issue where Re-Apply Improvements would throw an error when checking
Gear plugins whose parent item could no longer be found because of changed Gear
- Re-Apply Improvements now records any selected values in the same manner as
selecting them for the first time
- pressing the up and down arrows while the search field has focus now selects the
next/previous item in the list in most windows
- added support for Large Dice Pool and Really Large Dice Pool rolling option from
War! to the Dice Roller window
- Cost/Month in the Advanced Lifestyle window when working on a Safehouse is now
correctly changed to Cost/Week
- maximum Power Level for Mystic Adept Powers is now correctly limited by their
total MAG
- custom Improvements now appear in a tree
- custom Improvements can now be sorted using drag-and-drop
- added support for editing custom Improvements
- Active Skills now show their tooltips when grouped
- fixed an issue where broken Skill Groups would no longer show their tooltip in
Career Mode
- reloading a Weapon can now draw ammo from secondary containers such as Spare

New Strings
- String_DiceRoller_Standard
- String_DiceRoller_Large
- String_DiceRoller_ReallyLarge
- Node_SelectedImprovements
- Button_EditImprovement
- Button_DeleteImprovement

Build 317
- Improvements can now contain multiple <spellcategory /> tags
- added support for Bolt Holes and Safehouses from the new Safehouses sourcebook
- Advanced Lifestyle window now filters Qualities based on the selected sourcebooks
- fixed an issue where selecting an Underbarrel Weapon that had no Accessories or
Modifications in Career Mode would throw an error
- fixed an issue where undoing the Karma Expense for increasing an Active Skill
would not re-enable the Skill Group control when appropriate
- Select Gear window now shows a checkbox for Inherent Program for selected
software for Metasapients that can select Inherent Programs

New Strings
- Menu_BoltHole
- Menu_Safehouse
- Label_SelectLifestyle_CostPerWeek
- Label_SelectGear_InherentProgram

Build 314
- added support for <spellcategory /> to the Improvement Manager which adjusts the
size of a character's Spellcasting Dice Pool for Spells of the specified Category
- selecting a Spell now shows the Dice Pool the character receives for casting the
- added Dice Pool to the Weapons tab in Create Mode
- added Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness to the Character Info tab in
Create Mode to see how Qualities are affecting their values during character
- added Re-apply Improvements to the Special menu which attempts to update the
Improvement information for all of the applicable items on a character
- added Limited Spell checkbox to the Create Spell window
- entering 0 BP or Karma in the Choose BP Amount window creates the character in a
free-style creation mode (see below)
- fixed an issue where the first category in the Select Metatype window was not
selected when creating a Critter
- fixed an issue where Attributes whose Metatype minimum and maximum were the same
would incorrectly add the 15 additional BP as though they had been purchased up to
the Metatype's maximum, resulting in incorrect costs for A.I. and Free Spirit
- burning out in Create Mode now reduces the Attribute's cost to 0 since no points
would have realistically been put into it (you've essentially burned away the 1
free point from your Quality gave you or the points your Metatype gave you)
- Reflex Recorders now only apply their bonus to Combat Active and Physical Active
- added a Donate button to the About window (see below)
- Sensor Software now counts as Software for Commlinks (can be marked as running,
counts towards Total Response, etc.)
- fixed an issue where Metamagics/Echoes would incorrectly believe they do not meet
Metatype or Quality requirements

New Strings
- Menu_SpecialReapplyImprovements
- Message_ConfirmReapplyImprovements
- MessageTitle_ConfirmReapplyImprovements
- Title_SelectSpellCategory

Free-Style Create Mode

When 0 BP or 0 Karma is entered in the Choose BP Amount window, the Create window
now lets you create a character with an unknown amount of BP/Karma. As BP/Karma is
spent, the character's point total is automatically calculated. This also tracks
the minimum amount of points the character must be based on the Primary Attributes
in an attempt to enforce the rule of no more than 1/2 of the character's points
total may be spent on Primary Attributes. The BP/Karma field will turn red when the
character's Primary Attributes are forcing the character to be calculated at a
higher point total than the number of points that have actually been spent.

Donate Button
Enough people have asked for it, so a Donate button has been added to the About
window. Please remember that you're not buying a license, the software, or priority
support. All donations go towards purchasing additional Shadowrun books as they're
released which means more content for Chummer. ;)

Build 311
- added support for <notoriety /> to the Improvement Manager which adjusts the
character's Notoriety rating
- Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness now automatically calculate based on
the formulas from SR4 265 in addition to using the GM-awarded bonus fields that are
already present
- fixed an issue where Cyberware Essence costs would occasionally round to 3
decimal places instead of 2
- fixed an issue where Cyberware would always be added as Standard Grade when in
Create Mode, regardless of the Grade that was selected in the Add Cyberware window
- standard Gear can now include <system>, <response>, and <firewall> to assign
these attributes for non-Commlink devices
- fixed an issue where MAG/RES cost was not being calculated correct in Create Mode
when building with Karma and the character has reduced their essence through

New Strings
- Message_BurnStreetCred
- MessageTitle_BurnStreetCred
- Label_StreetCred
- Label_Notoriety
- Label_PublicAwareness
- Tip_BurnStreetCred
- String_CareerKarma
- String_StreetCred
- String_BurntStreetCred
- String_Notoriety

Build 307
- corrected the logic for checking for Metamagic/Echo Metatype and Quality
- Spell category is correctly cached when using non-English languages
- Adept Powers have their Maximum Rating set properly when added in Career Mode
- highlight from Vehicles is removed when drag-and-drop is no longer floating over
- fixed an issue where Skill Groups would be incorrectly limited to Rating 4 for
characters that have just moved to Career Mode and not yet purchased a Rating in
another Skill Group
- fixed an issue where undoing the Karma Expense for purchasing the maximum Rating
for a Skill Group would not re-enable the Improve Skill Group button
- fixed an issue where undoing the Karma Expense for purchasing the maximum Rating
for a Skill would not re-enable the Improve Skill button
- Validating a character now breaks any Skill Group if any of their associated
Active Skills' Ratings do not match the Group's Rating
- Custom Improvements are now stacked on top of all other Improvements, meaning
that they are no longer suppressed by Improvements that have a precedence (so REA
can be modified even if the character has taken the Improved Reflexes Adept Power
or Wired Reflexes)

Build 303
- placing a negative number in <flyspeed /> now gives a character a Fly speed equal
to their Movement x [number x -1] which allows the Drake Quality to give a
character a Fly speed of twice their Movement rate
- Update window now creates any directories it needs for downloaded files instead
of relying on them being created by previous versions of the application
- corrected the maximum Rating for Sprites in Career Mode to RES x 2
- added an option to calculate Commlink Response based on the number of running
programs (enabled by default)
- Programs attached to Commlinks can now be marked as Running which impacts the
Commlink's Response value if the option is enabled (as per Processor Limit on SR4
- added support for translating Spell DV
- Spells now show their translated DV on character sheets
- adding a Spell in Career Mode now asks you to confirm the Karma expense
- added support for creating Spells (as per SM 159), accessed through the dropdown
menu on the Add Spell button
- names of items that are over the character's Avail limit are now shown when
attempting to move a character to Career Mode to make identifying them easier
- Stacked Foci are now limited to a combined Force of 6
- added a house rule to allow the combined Force of Stacked Foci to exceed 6

New Strings
- Message_StackedFocusForce
- String_SpellOverflowDamage
- String_SpellDamageValue
- String_SpellToxinDV
- String_SpellDiseaseDV
- String_SpellRadiationPower
- Checkbox_SoftwareRunning
- Checkbox_Option_CalculateCommlinkResponse
- String_SpellDurationPermanentLong
- Menu_CreateSpell
- Title_CreateSpell
- Label_SpellOptions
- Checkbox_RestrictedTarget
- Checkbox_VeryRestrictedTarget
- Checkbox_CombatSpell1
- Checkbox_CombatSpell2
- Checkbox_CombatSpell3
- Checkbox_CombatSpell4
- Checkbox_CombatSpell5
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell1
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell2
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell3
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell4
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell5
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell6
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell7
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell8
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell9
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell10
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell11
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell12
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell13
- Checkbox_DetectionSpell14
- Checkbox_HealthSpell1
- Checkbox_HealthSpell2
- Checkbox_HealthSpell3
- Checkbox_HealthSpell4
- Checkbox_HealthSpell5
- Checkbox_IllusionSpell1
- Checkbox_IllusionSpell2
- Checkbox_IllusionSpell3
- Checkbox_IllusionSpell4
- Checkbox_IllusionSpell5
- Checkbox_ManipulationSpell1
- Checkbox_ManipulationSpell2
- Checkbox_ManipulationSpell3
- Checkbox_ManipulationSpell4
- Checkbox_ManipulationSpell5
- Checkbox_ManipulationSpell6
- Message_SpellName
- Message_SpellRestricted
- Message_CombatSpellRequirement1
- Message_CombatSpellRequirement2
- Message_DetectionSpellRequirement1
- Message_DetectionSpellRequirement2
- Message_IllusionSpellRequirement1
- Message_IllusionSpellRequirement2
- Message_ManipulationSpellRequirement1
- Message_ManipulationSpellRequirement2

Build 300
- changed all references of to Chummer's new home:
- changed how item name translations are handled which should result in save files
loading about twice as fast when using a language other than English
- changes to how controls subscribe to events and memory management

Build 299
- added support for Stacked Foci
- Move to Vehicle button on the Weapons tab is no longer enabled if the character
does not have any Vehicles
- Active Skill filter list now includes options for filtering by Attribute and
Skill Group
- added Career Nuyen to Other Info tab in Career Mode which tracks how much Nuyen
the character has gained over their career
- Nuyen Expense window now shows the Refund checkbox to mark an income as not
counting towards the character's career Nuyen total
- fixed an issue where Power Focus was adding its Improvements to a character when
added, before it is marked as Bonded (resulting in the same bonus being applied
- Skill Groups now show their tooltips when disabled

New Strings
- Label_OtherCareerNuyen
- Checkbox_Expense_RefundNuyen
- Button_CreateStackedFocus
- Message_CannotStackFoci
- Message_StackedFocusMinimum
- MessageTitle_CannotStackFoci
- Message_DeleteStackedFocus
- String_StackedFocus
- String_SelectItemFocus

Build 297
- fixed an issue with some strings incorrectly containing
"String_Attribute[xxxx]Short" in their name

Build 296
- Ammo qty is now properly labeled as "Qty" in the Reload window
- expanding the Ammo dropdown in the Reload window no longer throws an error
- Cloning Machine now uses the Select Number window instead of Select Text
- Nexi now include the cost of their Signal component
- fixed an issue where re-sorting the list of Cyberware/Bioware would cause the
item to become deselected, making the Add & More button no longer work
- added support for renaming Locations
- added <iscommlink /> tag to Gear in the printout XML so Commlinks can be
identified by their tag instead of by their string content
- added <isnexus /> tag to Gear in the printout XML so Nexi can be identified by
their tag instead of by their string content
- added <isammo /> tag to Gear in the printout XML so Ammunition can be identified
by their tag instead of by their string content
- added <isprogram /> tag to Gear in the printout XML so Programs can be identified
by their tag instead of by their string content
- added <islanguage /> tag to Skills in the printout XML so Languages can be
identified by their tag instead of by their string content

Build 294
- attempting to improve a Skill when the character does not have enough Karma no
longer throws an error
- Complex Forms list is now grouped by type, similar to the Spells list
- Spells added by a PACKS Kit are now placed into to the correct category in the
Spells list
- Cyberware list is now sorted in alphabetical order
- fixed an issue where Program Options may not be removed from the Complex Forms
list when undoing their Karma Expense
- Reload Weapon window now shows the current quantity and Location of each Ammo to
make identifying which stack the Ammo is coming from easier
- list of Ammo in the Reload Weapon window now set its dropdown width to
accommodate the longest string
- added a BP Costs tab to the Options window where the BP costs for character
creation can be modified (BP costs of Qualities must be done by overriding the
qualities.xml file - see Chummer Wiki for more information)
- revised Mentor Spirits and Paragons so that characters can select which of their
"choose one" benefits they want
- added support for exporting characters to Squad Manager (http://stauder-, found under File > Export for characters in Career Mode

New Strings
- Node_SelectedAdvancedComplexForms
- Node_SelectedAREComplexForms
- Node_SelectedAutosoftComplexForms
- Node_SelectedCommonUseComplexForms
- Node_SelectedHackingComplexForms
- Node_SelectedMalwareComplexForms
- Node_SelectedSensorComplexForms
- Node_SelectedSkillsoftsComplexForms
- Node_SelectedTacticalARComplexForms
- Tab_Options_BPCosts
- Label_Options_BPAttribute
- Label_Options_BPAttributeMax
- Label_Options_BPContact
- Label_Options_BPMartialArt
- Label_Options_BPMartialArtManeuver
- Label_Options_BPSkillGroup
- Label_Options_BPActiveSkill
- Label_Options_BPSkillSpecialization
- Label_Options_BPKnowledgeSkill
- Label_Options_BPSpell
- Label_Options_BPFocus
- Label_Options_BPSpirit
- Label_Options_BPComplexForm
- Label_Options_BPComplexFormOption
- Label_SelectMentor_ChooseOne
- Title_ExportCharacter
- Label_ExportTo
- Menu_FileExport
- Menu_RenameLocation
Deleted Strings
- Node_SelectedComplexForms

Build 292
- fixed an issue where entering custom text in the Select Item window would throw
an error
- added <include /> tag to Weapon Mod, Weapon Accessory, and Vehicle Mods in
printout XML
- added <firewall />, <signal />, <response />, <system />, and <devicerating /> to
Vehicles in printout XML
- added <min />, <max />, and <aug /> to Attributes in printout XML
- Essence loss only reduces MAG/RES maximum House Rule works properly again
- Select Cyberware window now uses the category of the selected item instead of the
category selected in the category list to determine Essence and Nuyen cost
discounts based on item category
- fixed an issue where Setting names in the Select Setting window could map to the
wrong file

Build 291
- buttons on the Calendar tab now reposition themselves based on string lengths
- Note tooltips now show the item's Notes, removing the need to open the window to
read them
- added an Improvements tab (see below)

New Strings
- Button_AddImproevment
- Title_SelectSkillCategory
- Title_CreateImprovement
- Label_ImprovementType
- Label_CreateImprovementValue
- Label_CreateImprovementMinimum
- Label_CreateImprovementMaximum
- Label_CreateImprovementAugmented
- Label_CreateImprovementSelectedValue
- Button_ChangeSelection
- Message_SelectItem
- MessageTitle_SelectItem
- Message_ImprovementName
- MessageTitle_ImprovementName
- Checkbox_Active
- Message_DeleteImprovement
- Tip_Improvement_EditNotes

Improvements Tab
The Improvements tab allows players to create Custom Improvements to their
character that can be turned on and off as needed. This finally adds support for
conditional/situational modifiers! For example, if your character has the Attribute
Boost (STR) Adept Power at Rating 3, you can now create a Custom Improvement that
will allow you to boost your STR when the Power is active, then set it back when
you've deactivated it. See the Creating Custom Improvements page on the Chummer
Wiki for more information.

Build 289
- added support for <selectrestricted /> to the Improvement Manager which lets the
character pick from a list of Restricted items they have or enter their own value
(used for Fake Licenses)
- improved the way in which unsaved changes to characters are detected
- Power Point cost for Adept Powers are no longer rounded to 2 decimal places to
ensure Adepts are not being cheated out of Power Points when using discounts
- added support for a weekly calendar to track weekly Tests, runs, when rent is
due, etc.
- fixed an issue where adding Commlink Upgrades or Commlink Operating System
Upgrades directly to the character's or a Vehicle's Gear instead of as a plugin
would cause the save file to become unusable
- adding Improved Sensor Array Vehicle Mod to a Vehicle now automatically adjusts
the current Sensor to the appropriate size
- Vehicles and Drones now have their Armor Ratings limited as per AR 132 unless
Ignore Rules is turned on
- adding Cyberware plugins to a Vehicle Mod no longer causes an error to be thrown
when attempting to print
- Specialization list for non-Exotic Active Skills is now disabled if the Skill is
part of a Skill Group or its Rating is 0

New Strings
- Tab_Calendar
- Button_AddWeek
- Button_EditWeek
- String_WeekDisplay
- Title_CalendarStart
- Label_CalendarStart
- Label_Year
- Label_Month
- Label_Week

Build 283
- Options window now resizes to fit the widest string in the window for the current
- Group Name and Notes on the Initiation tab are now properly saved and loaded
- application no longer throws an error if it cannot find a string because of an
out-of-date language file and instead displays the ID of the string it is looking
- progress bars in the Update window re-appear when it attempts to re-download
failed files
- Update process now verifies that an executable update it has just downloaded is
valid and will re-attempt failures, leaving the original file in place to prevent
the application from becoming unusable

Build 280
- <specificskill /> now allows for a precedence to be set
- added an Edit Expense button to the Karma and Nuyen tab
- added Edit Expense to the context menu for Karma and Nuyen Expenses
- MAG and RES can now be reduced to 0 in Create Mode if the character's Essence has
been reduced
- Sapient Critters now use the Uneducated Quality instead of the Uneducated Critter
- Metatypes can now mark Qualities as removable and remove them in both Create and
Career Modes (see below)
- Genetic Infusions are no longer affected by Biocompatability (Bioware)
- Karma costs for Foci are now set on the Karma tab in the Options window
- Cyberware Modular Plugins are now restricted to only those with the Modular
Cyberlimb or Modular Adaptation plugins
- added a house rule for Allow characters to exceed 50% of points in Attributes
- added a house rule for Characters can spend any number of points on Nuyen
- fixed an issue where attempting to calculate the Avail Test for an item with "+"
in its Availability would throw an error
- fixed an issue where Gear with "+(Rating)" in its Availability would not have its
correct Availability shown in the Select Gear window
New Strings
- Button_EditExpense
- Message_DeleteMetatypeQuality
- Label_Options_Force
- Label_Options_AnchoringFocus
- Label_Options_BanishingFocus
- Label_Options_BindingFocus
- Label_Options_CenteringFocus
- Label_Options_CounterspellingFocus
- Label_Options_DiviningFocus
- Label_Options_DowsingFocus
- Label_Options_InfusionFocus
- Label_Options_MaskingFocus
- Label_Options_PowerFocus
- Label_Options_ShieldingFocus
- Label_Options_SpellcastingFocus
- Label_Options_SummoningFocus
- Label_Options_SustainingFocus
- Label_Options_SymbolicLinkFocus
- Label_Options_WeaponFocus
- Checkbox_Option_AllowExceedAttributeBP
- Checkbox_Option_UnrestrictedNuyen

Removable Metatype Qualities

Metatypes now have the ability to mark their starting Qualities as removable by
setting the removable attribute to "true". These Qualities can be removed in Create
Mode and Career Mode by selecting them and clicking the Delete Quality button.
Removing these Qualities will cost the appropriate amount of BP or Karma. This is
to allow Sapient Critters to buy off the Uncouth and Uneducated Qualities that they
start with. This can be applied to older save files by locating the appropriate
Quality and changing its <qualitysource> to MetatypeRemovable.

Build 277
- added support for <unarmedap /> to the Improvement Manager which improves the
Armor Penetration of Unarmed attacks
- added support for <thresholdoffset /> to the Improvement Manager which modifies
the number of additional boxes that appear before the character's first Condition
Monitor penalty
- added support for <affectbase /> to the Improvement Manager which marks an
Improvement as affecting an Attribute's actual value
- Damage Code for Unarmed attacks are now translated on printouts
- added <cmthresholdoffset /> to printout XML
- fixed an issue where Adept Powers were not affecting an Attribute's value
properly (see below)
- non-standard Flechette Ammo which does not explicitly add +5 to AP now reduce a
Flechette Weapon's AP appropriately (which assume +5 AP from standard Flechette
Ammo in their stats)
- name of the Settings File in use now appears in the window's title bar
- fixed an issue where Weapons with a Foregrip and Sling were not receiving their
proper RC bonus
- buttons in the Update window show correctly reposition themselves when using
longer strings
- failing to load a data translation file no longer throws an error and renders the
application unusable
- selected Mentor Spirits and Paragons are now correctly translated in the list of
selected Qualities and on printouts
- added an Installed option for Vehicle Mods to show that they are currently in use
on the Vehicle and are contributing to the Vehicle's stats
- fixed an issue where attempting to sort Expenses by amount in regions that use
something other than "." to separate decimal places would cause an error to be
- fixed an issue where purchasing Gear that stacked in Career Mode would deduct the
cost of the items already in the stack instead of the cost for the quantity
- increased the width of the Condition Monitor labels so that longer strings are
not truncated
- save files can now be opened using drag-and-drop

Adept Powers that Affect Base Attribute Scores

There has been a rather significant change (correction) to how a few Powers work in
terms of affecting Attributes; namely Creative Eye, Improved Physical Attribute,
and Keen Wits. The cost of these Powers were not being calculated correctly as they
were not correctly modifying their Attributes' actual value, nor were they properly
increasing the Karma cost of improving them in Career Mode. If your characters have
any of these three Powers, you will need to remove them and re-add them so that
things are calculated correctly.

Build 274
- corrected the positioning of items in the Other Info tab in Create Mode
- Metavariant Qualities are now translated in the Select Metatype window
- tooltip for the Advanced Contact Options button is now properly translated
- number of real world Initiative Passes is correctly calculated for printout XML
- Ballistic Encumbrance and Impact Encumbrance are now translated in tooltips
- all Search labels now reposition themselves based on string lengths
- added a new Karma value for Complex Form Skillsoft (default 1)
- Skillsoft Complex Forms now cost an amount of Karma equal to the amount set in
the Options window

New Strings
- String_BallisticEncumbrance
- String_ImpactEncumbrance
- Label_Options_ComplexFormSkillsoft

Build 272
- all controls now reposition themselves to accommodate longer strings for non-
English languages

Build 271
- added support for uploading language files through the application (translators,
see for
- Expense Entries can now be sorted by clicking on the column headings
- fixed an issue where trying to edit old Expense Entries that cannot be edited
would throw an error
- removed the ability to select multiple Expense Entries from the same list as once
as this had no use
- "level" is now correctly translated in the Select Adept Power window
- fixed an issue where the selected value for a Complex Form would appear twice
after adding it to the character
- fixed an issue that prevented Technomancers with the Biowire Echo from being able
to add Skillsofts as Complex Forms
- Skills now check Complex Forms for Skillsoft Ratings

Build 269
- fixed an issue where the Equipped checkbox on the Gear tab in Career Mode would
never get enabled
- Living Persona Attributes show on the Complex Forms tab are now correctly limited
by the character's RES Attribute
- added an option for enforce Capacity limits (enabled by default)
- Capacity limits are now checked when attempting to move a character from Create
Mode to Career Mode when enforcing Capacity limits is enabled
- Capacity limits are now checked when attempting to add items in Career Mode when
enforcing Capacity limits is enabled
- fixed an issue where trying to change the Rating of a Hacked Skillsoft in Create
Mode would throw an error
- Skillsoft Clusters can now be Hacked
- moving Gear between a Vehicle and inventory now re-creates the proper plugins
- added an optional for Use Restrictions to Recoil Compensation (AR 148) (enabled
by default)
- fixed an issue where language files were not mapped to the proper language in the
Options window

New Strings
- Checkbox_Options_UseRestrictionsToRecoilCompensation

Build 265
- Biowires Echo now creates a Skillwire Improvement so that Technomancers with this
Echo can thread Skillsofts
- fixed an issue where Skillsofts were not being properly limited by the
character's Skillwire Rating
- quickly opening/closing groups in the Select Complex Form and Select Spell
windows without an item selected no longer throws an error
- Advanced Lifestyles can now be renamed when editing them
- fixed an issue where selecting a custom PACKS Kit that contained custom Knowledge
Skills would throw an error
- Bonded Foci no longer attempt to re-create their Improvements when a character's
Gear is updated
- Improvement Manager now only removes access to Special Attributes, tabs, Uncouth,
Uneducated, and Infirm if the Improvement being removed is the only remaining item
granting access to that item
- removing Critter Powers now correctly removes any Improvements it created
- Critter Powers no longer show selected values twice
- Active Skill tooltip now includes the Skill's Category
- items with notes now appear in brown text for easier identification
- Foci that should ask for a selected value now ask for and remember it when they
are first added to the character instead of when their Rating changes
- Foci now show their selected value when appropriate
- Shock and Stun Weapons now have Ammo information and can be reloaded using Ammo:
Stun Charge
- added support for Override Data Files (see below)

Override Data Files

Similar to Custom Data Files, Override Data Files let you override individual
items, replacing the base data with your own version (for example, changing the
cost and damage for a Weapon). These follow the same naming rules as Custom Data
Files but use "override" as their prefix (such as override_weapons.xml). Multiple
Override files can exist for the same type (such as multiple Override files for
Weapons), and the files are loaded in alphabetical order after loading the base
data files. The item in the Override file completely replaces the base item. This
is not intended to be used for holding your new custom data as the XML Manager will
only overwrite existing items; it will not add items that do not exist in the base
data files. Use at your own risk.

New Strings
- Checkbox_Option_EnforceCapacity
- Message_CapacityReached
- Message_CapacityReachedValidate

Deleted Strings
- Message_CapacityReachedCyberware
- Message_CapacityReachedGear

Build 263
- fixed an issue where deleting a Vehicle Mod could cause other items to be deleted
from the Vehicle at the same time
- added <modcategories /> to vehicles.xml to allow support for translating Vehicle
Modification Categories
- added <limits /> to vehicles.xml to allow support for translating Vehicle
Modification Limiters
- added house rules for multiplying the cost of Restricted and Forbidden items
(applies to Career Mode only)
- fixed an issue where quotation marks in custom names for items could result in an
error being thrown
- Move to Vehicle button tooltip on the Weapons tab is now correctly translated
- Complex Forms that use a device attribute for their Common Skill (System,
Response, Firewall, Signal) no longer throw an error when selected
- Commonly Used Skill on the Select Program Options tab is now translated properly
- fixed an issue that prevented Spell Category names from being translated

New Strings
- Checkbox_Options_MultiplyRestrictedCost
- Checkbox_Options_MultiplyForbiddenCost

Build 262
- fixed an issue where Adept Powers over Rating 6 would cause an error to be thrown
when loading a saved character
- Adept Powers now have their maximum Rating properly set when being added to a
character with a MAG higher than 6
- added <rawdamage /> to the printout XML for Weapons which writes out the formula
(not calculated) Damage for a Weapon
- Update window now checks the downloaded files and re-downloads files that are
accidentally written as 0 bytes in an attempt to avoid errors
- added support for Protosapients and Technocritters Critters
- purchase windows now include a Test field to show the Extended Availability Test
for items
- added support for editing the amount for manually-created Expense Entries

New Strings
- String_Day
- String_Days
- String_Week
- String_Weeks
- String_Hour
- String_Hours

Build 259
- added support for <composure /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a
character's Composure Special Attribute Test
- added support for <max /> to <specificskill /> in the Improvement Manager which
improves a Skill's maximum Rating
- when loading a saved character, Weapons, Skills, and Gear now replace "Hold-Outs"
with "Holdouts" to match the SR4A errata
- added a Close item to the File menu
- default message for Expense Entries now reads from the translation file
- double quotes in Knowledge Skill names should no longer cause an error to be
thrown when loading a save file
- automatically-created Copy Protection and Optimization plugins now have their
Rating correctly set to 1 if their parents do not have a Rating
- added Code of Conduct Qualities from Runner's Companion
- fixed an issue where attempting to move a character to Career Mode could throw an
error if the character had a Weapon with a Forbidden Avail while using a non-
English language
- fixed an issue where attempting to print a Critter with an Exotic Active Skill
could throw an error
- Cyberware now translates Attribute and Skill names as needed
- Complex Forms and their Options now show their selected Rating in the Complex
Forms list
- Critter Powers, Complex Forms, and Complex Form Options now show their extra
selection text if applicable
- added an optional rule to use calculated Vehicle Sensor Ratings which uses the
average Rating for all Sensor Functions plugins in the Vehicle's Sensor (disabled
by default)
- Weapons now support <allowmod /> which, when set to false, prevents them from
being able to add Weapon Modifications
- SR4 sheet now shows Lifestyle Name
- Game Master Summary sheet now shows Critter Powers and Movement
- Text-Only sheet now shows Lifestyles and Movement
- added support for Armor Mods adding Cyberweapons (MilSpec Armor)
- correct the Reach for Shapeshifters
- Foot Anchor now creates a Foot Anchor Weapon

Modified Strings
- MessageTitle_CannotModifyWeapon

New Strings
- Menu_FileClose
- String_ExpenseDefault
- Tab_Improvements
- Checkbox_Options_UseCalculatedVehicleSensorRatings
- Message_CannotModifyWeaponMod

Build 254
- added support for <matrixinitiativepassadd /> to the Improvement Manager which
stacks additional Matrix Initiative Pass bonuses on top of the highest value
- added support for <initiativepassadd /> to the Improvement Manager which stacks
additional Initiative Pass bonuses on top of the highest value
- added <matrixinitiativepassadd /> to Simsense Booster and Simsense Accelerator
- added <initiativepassadd /> to Acceleration
- editing an Advanced Lifestyle no longer resets its number of pre-paid months to 1
- added support for naming standard Lifestyles
- melee Weapons mounted in Cyberlimbs now use the limb's STR for calculating their
- reverted the change to Mystic Adept Power levels: as per the FAQ, their maximum
level is based on your Adept MAG, not total MAG
- updated the Max. Spirit Force House Rule to also encompass Mystic Adept Power
- Adept Powers now show their source and page information in a tooltip
- added support for transferring Weapons between a character's Inventory and
- fixed an issue where purchasing additional Ammo could result in a divide by zero
- Critter Powers tab is now properly cleared when access to Critter Powers has been
Modified Strings
- Checkbox_Options_MaxSpiritForce

New Strings
- Message_CannotMoveWeapons
- MessageTitle_CannotMoveWeapons
- Message_SelectLifestyleName
- MessageTitle_SelectLifestyle
- String_LifestyleName

Build 251
- added an optional rule for Armor Degradation (disabled by default)
- added support for Armor Degradation in Career Mode
- added support for transferring Gear between a character's Inventory and Vehicles
- fixed an issue where removing the last of a Gear that also created a Weapon entry
would not remove the appropriate Weapon
- fixed an issue where adding Gear that resulted in a stack would create a
duplicate copy of its Weapon
- attempting to move a character to Career Mode no longer throws an error when
checking item Availability using a non-English language

New Strings
- String_MoveGear
- Tip_ArmorDegradationBPlus
- Tip_ArmorDegradationBMinus
- Tip_ArmorDegradationIPlus
- Tip_ArmorDegradationIMinus
- Tip_TransferToVehicle
- Tip_TransferToInventory

Build 250
- A.I.s can now select Commlink and Vehicles as their Home Node
- corrected the tooltip for Career Karma
- printout XML no longer includes object GUIDs
- Gear now includes <bonded /> and <equipped /> in the printout XML
- Gear and Vehicles now include <homenode /> in the printout XML
- Adept Powers are now correctly limited by the character's total MAG instead of
the MAG allocated only to the character's Adept aspect
- Settings File list is now sorted correctly to prevent file mismatches
- Hacked and Do It Yourself Gear now apply the correct cost modifiers to Gear when
added as plugins to Vehicles
- Autsofts and Skillsofts can now be Hacked
- fixed an issue that caused a Technomancer's Biofeedback Filter to never be given
a Rating on printouts
- fixed an issue that caused newly added Cyberware to select Standard Grade
immediately after being added
- fixed an issue that could cause Gear quantities to be incorrectly updated when
selecting an item for the first time in Create Mode
- fixed an issue where adding Gear as a plugin could cause the quantity of the
parent item to be modified
- added the ability to search for Complex Forms in the Select Complex Form window
- added options to automatically add Copy Protection and Registration plugins
individually to Matrix Programs (enabled by default)
- added house rules for allowing a character to exceed 35 BP worth of Positive and
Negative Qualities
- added an option to start the application in fullscreen mode (disabled by default)
- added a conext menu entry to edit Advanced Lifestyles
- Search field is now selected by default when opening windows with the ability to
- Gear Capacity should now calculate correctly when dealing with decimals in
regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places
- removed redundant "Chummer" from the window title and put character Alias before
the current operating mode
- changing the number of months for a Lifestyle in Career Mode now marks the
character as having unsaved changes
- Skills now include <source /> and <page /> information on the printout XML when
- Active Skills now show their source and page information in a tooltip
- removed the close box from a number of limited-selection windows that require a
value to be selected
- Gear now displays the correct quantity when added as a plugin
- added a Buy Ammo button to the Weapons tab in Career Mode which allows you to
select a type of Ammo and automatically assigns the correct Weapon Category for the
currently-selected Weapon
- ampersand characters in Category and item names should no longer confuse the XML
Manager when trying to match translated items
- Drain and Fading Attributes are now translated
- Ammo Category is now translated in the Out of Ammo message
- Quality names are now translated in the Swap Quality message
- Martial Art name is now translated in the Martial Art Advantage limit message
- Complex Form and Quality names are now translated in the Confirm Karma Expense
- Attribute, Skill, Skill Group, Martial Art, Complex Form, and Program Option
names are now translated when creating Karma Expenses messages
- all Improvement dialogues should now show translated item names when appropriate
- Skill name is now translated in the Break Skill Group message
- Radius in Weapon Damage is now translated
- Skills now show the translated Attribute abbreviation
- Weapon Mount is now translated for Weapon Accessories
- Weapon Firing Modes now read from the translation file
- Spell Descriptors, Type, Range, Damage, Duration, and DV are now translated
- Critter Power Type, Action, Range, and Duration are now translated
- Cyberware, Bioware, and Gear Weapons now have their Category name translated on
the Weapons tab
- included plugins that come with Cyberware (such as Cybereyes) are now properly
translated when added to the character
- Commonly Used Skill on the Complex Forms tab are now translated

New Strings
- Tip_OtherCareerKarma
- Tip_BuyAmmo
- Checkbox_HomeNode
- Menu_NameLifestyle
- Menu_EditAdvancedLifestyle
- Checkbox_Options_AutomaticCopyProtection
- Checkbox_Options_AutomaticRegistration
- Checkbox_Options_ExceedPositiveQualities
- Checkbox_Options_ExceedNegativeQualities
- Checkbox_Options_ExceedNegativeQualitiesLimit
- Checkbox_Options_StartupFullscreen
- String_DamageRadius
- String_ModeSingleShot
- String_ModeSemiAutomatic
- String_ModeBurstFire
- String_ModeFullAutomatic
- String_ModeSpecial
- String_SpellForce
- String_SpellSpecial
- String_SpellTypePhysical
- String_SpellTypeMana
- String_SpellDurationInstant
- String_SpellDurationInstantLong
- String_SpellDurationPermanent
- String_SpellDurationSustained
- String_SpellDurationSustainedLong
- String_SpellDurationAlways
- String_SpellDurationSpecial
- String_SpellRangeLineOfSight
- String_SpellRangeArea
- String_SpellRangeTouch
- String_SpellRangeTouchLong
- String_SpellRangeSelf
- String_DescActive
- String_DescArea
- String_DescDirect
- String_DescDirectional
- String_DescElemental
- String_DescEnvironmental
- String_DescExtendedArea
- String_DescIndirect
- String_DescMana
- String_DescMental
- String_DescMultiSense
- String_DescNegative
- String_DescObvious
- String_DescPassive
- String_DescPhysical
- String_DescPsychic
- String_DescRealistic
- String_DescSingleSense
- String_DescTouch
- String_ActionAutomatic
- String_ActionFree
- String_ActionSimple
- String_ActionComplex

Build 247
- character Alias is now shown in the prompt to save a character when exiting the
application to make identifying which characters to save easier
- Quality names are now translated in the error message when trying to change your
- Add Sprite button now reads from the translation file
- required and forbidden items are now translated in the Select Quality and Select
Metamagic/Echo windows
- Adept Powers now have their Ratings properly reduced if a character's MAG is
- Adept Powers can now go above Rating 6 based on the character's MAG Attribute
- added <ratingmax /> to the printout XML for Skills to show the maximum Rating the
character would be able to acquire for the Skill
- Firewall and System Ratings are now properly restricted when adding a Commlink
Operating System Upgrade to a Commlink Operating System
- fixed an issue where adding a Firewall Commlink Operating System Upgrade to a
Commlink Operating System would cause a Commlink to believe its new Firewall Rating
to be 0
- all non-Suite, non-Hacked Matrix Programs now come with Copy Protection and
Modified Strings
- Message_UnsavedChanges

New Strings
- Button_AddSprite

Build 246
- Weapon reloading methods are now read from the translation file
- Weapon Accessories now show their mount points when selected
- Weapon Mods now show their mod slots when selected
- selecting a Weapon Accessory or Weapon Mod now updates the Range information to
match the Weapon it's attached to
- loading a character with a Commlink Operating System Upgrade attached to a
Commlink Operating System no longer throws an error
- Commlinks now check for Operating System Upgrades within their Commlink Operating
Systems in addition to within the Commlink itself
- added <currentammo /> to the Weapon information in the printout XML which gives
the name of the Ammo currently loaded in the Weapon
- Skills affected by Incompetent are now correctly marked as not allowing
- Quality type is now translated in the printout XML
- Contact type is now translated in the printout XML
- Weapon RC now always displays as a whole number (no brackets) since it always
shows the Weapon's RC based on the currently installed plugins (the brackets just
made things more confusing)
- XML indenting/formatting is preserved when adding a custom Cyberware Suite or
PACKS Kit to an existing custom file
- FIRE! and Reload buttons and Ammo selection list are now only enabled when an
appropriate Weapon is selected
- Vehicle Weapons now show their Dice Pool (Targeting Autosofts must be given a
value that matches the Weapon's Category, otherwise it assumes that the highest-
rated Targeting Autosoft should be used)
- Increased Cylinder Weapon Mod now properly changes the Weapon's Ammo to 8(cy)
- added Hollow Cyberlimb and Hollow Cybertorso to the Post-Mortem Modifications
Category in Gear
- Save As now uses the character's Alias instead of their Name
- fixed an issue where converting the Metatype of an older character would throw an
error if their MAG or RES were set to 0

New Strings
- String_Or
- String_AmmoBreakAction
- String_AmmoBelt
- String_AmmoBox
- String_AmmoClip
- String_AmmoCylinder
- String_AmmoDrum
- String_AmmoEnergy
- String_AmmoExternalSource
- String_AmmoMagazine
- String_AmmoMuzzleLoad
- String_AmmoSpecial
- String_Contact
- String_Enemy

Build 244
- Character Name has been shortened to Name and moved to the Character Info tab
(swapping places with Alias which now appears on the Common tab)
- editing a Nuyen Expense now properly shows the Nuyen labels instead of Karma ones
- Skillsofts and Autosofts now come with the Copy Protection and Registration
Program Options when added
- Weapon Modifications and Accessories now show their calculated cost instead of
"Weapon Cost"
- options in the FIRE menu are now translated names
- Gear now shows its translated Category properly
- Metatype and Metavariant are now translated in the printout XML
- Weapon Modification Category name in the Select Weapon Mod window is now
- Avail fields now show their translated Avail code
- Expense Entries that are created automatically now use the translated names of
the items affected/added
- added missing tooltip for Metatype Source
- Notes can now be added to Bioware
- Gear, Armor, and Cyberware now support items that have a variable Cost that is
not tied to Rating
- Select Weapon Category message when purchasing Ammo now reads from the
translation file
- Weapon Damage and AP codes now read from the translation file
- Edit Expense window now uses the system's current date and time format for
displaying date and time information
- editing an Expense with an amount of 0 no longer throws an error

Modified Strings
- Label_CharacterName

New Strings
- String_WeaponCost
- String_VehicleCost
- String_SingleShot
- String_ShortBurst
- String_LongBurst
- String_FullBurst
- String_SuppressiveFire
- String_AvailRestricted
- String_AvailForbidden
- String_DamageStun
- String_DamagePhysical
- String_SelectVariableCost
- String_SelectWeaponCategoryAmmo
- String_APHalf
- String_DamageChemical
- String_DamageSpecial
- String_DamageElectric
- String_DamageFlechette
- String_DamagePOrS
- String_DamageGrenade
- String_DamageMissile
- String_DamageMortar
- String_DamageRocket
- String_DamageAsDrugToxin
- String_DamageAsRound
- String_DamageMeter

Build 242
- attempting to Bond Foci that do not provide Improvements no longer throws an
- Improvement Manager now ignores all attempts to create Improvements when no
Improvement information is provided
- verify data file process now correctly ignores all custom data files
- Skill Specializations no longer allow a value of all spaces
- fixed the way that discounted Adept Powers are calculated and rounded (Points x
Rating x Discount, rounded instead of (Points x Discount, rounded) x Rating)
- time on Expense Entries can now be modified
- Vehicles now show their System Rating

Build 241
- Cyberware Weapons can now be reloaded using the appropriate Ammo type
- Knowledge Skills list is now populated using the selected language if possible
- Skill Specialization list is now populated using the selected language if
- select text window now reads from the language file
- attempting to add an Echo no longer throws an error when the window opens
- Notes window can now be resized
- editing Notes now marks a character as having changes
- added Living Persona information to the Complex Forms tab
- A.I.s no longer add a Rating to the Ergonomic Program Option since it doesn't
actually have one
- reorganised Gear Categories to more closely match those found in the Runner's
Toolkit Compiled Tables booklet
- removed most Gear Category restrictions from items since components can be
purchased on their own and combined later and allow greater flexibility
- selecting Undo Karma Expense or Undo Nuyen Expense without an item selected no
longer throws an error
- Essence Holes no longer count towards Bioware and Cyberware Essence totals and
just affect the character overall
- the Delete key now does the same thing as pressing the Delete button when a list
item is selected (Qualities, Critter Powers, Metamagics/Echoes)
- Metatypes and Metavariants now show their translated names in the Create and
Career windows
- Metatype and Metavariant source information is now shown below the Metatype label
in the Create and Career window
- Maximum Armor Modification and Armor Suit Capacity (both found on AR 44) are now
Optional Rules (disabled by default)
- Armor Capacity is now calculated properly for Armors without an inherent Capacity
value according to the Maximum Armor Modification rule found on AR 44
- tabs now show the character's Alias instead of their Name if they have an Alias
- Weapon Dice Pool total in Career Mode now includes the bonus for the Smartgun
System if the Weapon has a Smartgun System Accessory or Modification and the
character has an item that provides a Smartlink
- Select Gear window no longer shows Categories that have no items for its current
- Vehicle Mods now support <pilot /> to change a Vehicle's Pilot Rating
- Vehicles now show their Firewall, Signal, and Response Ratings
- added <movementwalk />, <movementswim />, and <movementfly /> to the printout XML
to make displaying the Movement, Swim, and Fly speed easier
- Skills in the printout XML now output their translated Attribute, Skill Group,
and Skill Category

New Strings
- String_Improvement_SelectText
- Label_BiofeedbackFilter
- Tip_TechnomancerResponse
- Tip_TechnomancerSignal
- Tip_TechnomancerSystem
- Tip_TechnomancerFirewall
- Tip_TechnomancerBiofeedbackFilter
- Checkbox_Options_MaximumArmorModifications
- Checkbox_Options_ArmorSuitCapacity
- Checkbox_Options_ArmorDegradation

Build 238
- A.I.s now use the correct Optimization plugin
- Gear plugins now properly use their Rating when applying Improvements when added
to a character
- changing a Gear's Rating now correctly updates any Improvements they apply to the
- searching should now work with accented characters
- augmented Attribute tooltips now use the translated object names when appropriate
- advanced Contact option strings now read from the language file
- fixed an issue where Critters with Skill Groups higher than Rating 6 would cause
an error when being saved as Created and loaded in Career Mode
- Commlinks and Commlink Operating Systems are now saved, loaded, and printed
properly when added to a Vehicle

New Strings
- String_SelectContactConnection_Members
- String_SelectContactConnection_AreaDistrict
- String_SelectContactConnection_AreaSprawlwide
- String_SelectContactConnection_AreaNational
- String_SelectContactConnection_AreaGlobal
- String_SelectContactConnection_MagicalMinority
- String_SelectContactConnection_MagicalMost
- String_SelectContactConnection_MagicalVast
- String_SelectContactConnection_MatrixActive
- String_SelectContactConnection_MatrixBroad
- String_SelectContactConnection_MatrixPervasive

Build 236
- fixed an issue that caused a Metatype's BP cost to be multiplied by the Karma
multiplier when building a character with BP
- Echoes and Metamagics now support Quality requirements
- added a checkbox to the Select Metamagic window to show only Metamagics/Echoes
the character can take
- Knowledge Skills no longer ask for a Karma expense confirmation if the cost is 0
Karma (improving a Language with the Linguistics Adept Power)
- A.I.s now have the Ergonomic and Optimization Program Options added to Matrix
Programs for free
- Markup field is now correctly hidden in the Select Vehicle window in Create Mode
- fixed an issue that could prevent the Gear Qty field from being refreshed
properly when selecting a different item in Create Mode
- Enemy BP is no longer included in the Negative Qualities BP total on the Build
Point Summary tab since it already has its own field
- Update window no longer stays open if automatic updates are enabled and there are
optional languages that are not installed but can be downloaded

New Strings
- Checkbox_SelectMetamagic_LimitList
- Checkbox_SelectEcho_LimitList

Build 234
- all items should now output their data in the selected language
- translation file verification no longer compares against Ranges data file
- translation file verification no longer checks for missing <code /> tags
- translation file verification no longer checks <costs /> when checking Lifestyles
- Language Manager now attempts to translate selected Weapon Categories, Skills,
and Skill Groups when displaying Qualities, Gear, and other items that ask for this
information to be selected
- added support for translating Advantages and Disadvantages for Mentor Spirits and
Paragons (<advantage /> and <disadvantage /> in the translation file)
- Weapon Mounts are now properly detected when trying to add a Weapon while using a
non-English language
- Advanced Lifestyle window now uses translated names
- Advanced Lifestyle window now shows the source information for the currently
selected Quality
- Mechanical Arm Vehicle Mod can now be given a Weapon
- Skills now only check for Skillsofts if the character has something that gives
them access to Skillwires
- added drag-and-drop support for re-ordering Lifestyles, Armor, Weapons, and
Vehicles (base items only)
- added support for the Recoil and Strength Optional Rule which adjusts a Weapon's
RC based on the character's Strength (disabled by default)
- Knowledge Skills are sorted in alphabetical order when a character is loaded
- Additional Discount field in the Select Cyberware window (enabled by House Rule)
now allows a negative modifier for glitched implant jobs
- fixed an issue that caused the content of custom data files to be cached when
attempting to cache content from the core data files, resulting in multiple copies
of custom items

New Strings
- Checkbox_Options_StrengthAffectsRecoil

Build 231
- adding free Qualities in Career Mode no longer asks you to confirm the Expense
for 0 Karma
- fixed an issue that prevented Lifestyles from being modified after being added to
a character when using a non-English language
- Enter key now rolls the dice when pressed in the Roll Dice window
- included Accessories and Mods are now translated in the Select Weapon window
- mount points are now translated in the Select Weapon window
- added Arsenal French Content to list of sourcebooks
- added additional Vehicles from the French version of Arsenal
- added missing MicroWeave Spider and Medusa Extensions Drones from Attitude
- Vehicles that come pre-equipped with multiple Weapons now place one Weapon on
each Weapon Mount if possible
- Advanced Lifestyles can now be modified by double-clicking on them
- main character and general information sections can now be resized with a
- fixed an issue that would cause Bonding a Focus to attempt to create Improvements
for the incorrect piece of Gear
- translation file verification no longer compares against PACKS Kit data files
- corrected the logic for verifying Metavariant translations
- added a Notes tab in Career Mode to record general gameplay notes

New Strings
- String_MountTop
- String_MountUnder
- String_MountBarrel
- Tab_Notes

Build 229
- XmlManager now caches base data files and merged translation information which
should reduce character load times by 50%-70% and make everything else a little
- added support for <drainresist /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a
character's Drain Resistance pool
- added support for <fadingresist /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a
character's Fading Resistance pool
- added a Verify Data File button to the Options window to verify the contents of
data translation files (verifies only the content from selected books; like the
Verify button, this is not needed unless you're working on translations)
- added support for <rangebonus /> to Weapon Mods which increase or decreases a
Weapon's Range by the specified percent
- added <rangebonus /> to Barrel Extension and Barrel Reduction Weapon Mods
- fixed an issue that caused Gear to assume that plugins should always consume
Capacity, even when they do not contain square brackets to indicate that they
- Spell list is now sorted alphabetically within each Category
- Complex Form list is now sorted alphabetically within each Category
- Martial Arts list is now sorted alphabetically within each Category
- Active Skills are now sorted in alphabetical order in non-English languages
- Skill Groups are now sorted in alphabetical order in non-English languages
- added Device field to the Vehicles tab to show the selected Vehicle's Device
- added <drainresist /> to Focused Concentration (Rating 1) and Focused
Concentration (Rating 2) Qualities
- fixed an issue with translations that had &amp; in their names or translated
values throwing errors when attempting to load them
- Bioware Grade list in Create Mode now reads from the Bioware data file and
presents only Grades that are actually available to them
- Cultured Bioware is now properly limited to non-Second-Hand Grades
- Symbionts and Genetic Infusions are properly limited to Standard Grade only
- added support for naming Armor

New Strings
- Label_Device
- Menu_NameArmor
- Message_SelectArmorName
- String_ArmorName

Build 225
- fixed an issue where the plugins for Pre-Packaged Nexi were not given an
Availability which would cause an error to be thrown when selected
- added missing Evo Mobile Terminus Nexus to the Roving Hub Drone
- Nexi now have access to the Commlink Modules Category as plugins
- custom Nexi now have their context menus when added
- fixed an issue where calculating Gear Capacity in regions that use something
other than "." to separate decimal places would cause an error to be thrown
- cost adding Gear to Armor now correctly includes the selected markup
- added support for Markup to Select Armor, Select Armor Mod, Select Weapon, Select
Vehicle Mod, Select Weapon Mod, and Select Weapon Accessory windows in Career Mode
- added support for Markup to Select Vehicle window in Career Mode which applies
the markup percentage AFTER any Used Vehicle discounts since they affect the
Vehicle's base price
- Technomancer Networks no longer cost Karma to join

Build 223
- loaded Ammo now uses the translated Ammo names
- loaded Ammo now shows the names of plugins attached to the Ammo
- Reload window now uses the translated Ammo names
- Reload window now shows the names of plugins attached to each Ammo
- added a Stack checkbox to the Select Gear window in Career Mode
- adding Gear no longer stacks with existing items unless the Stack checkbox is
checked when the item is added (see below)
- purchasing additional quantity of Gear that has plugins deducts the correct
amount of Nuyen
- added support for splitting and merging Gear stacks
- fixed an issue where adding certain Gear would incorrectly add Gear of the same
name from a different Category
- added support for Hacked Program Options
- Gear Capacity is now rounded down to a minimum of 1 if the expression results in
a non-whole number
- added Capacity to Matrix Program, Simsense, and Program Options
- the free Copy Protection and Registration Program Options are no longer
automatically added to Matrix Program that do not have access to them (such as IC)
- added support for loading individual clips in multiple-clip Weapons (see below)

Stacking Notes
When Stacking, Gear is matched by the combination of Name, Category, Rating, and
selected values (such as selected Weapon Category or text). When clicking the +
button next to Qty on the Gear tab, the selected item is the stack you will be
adding to. When clicking the Add Gear button, the application adds the item to the
first matching instance of Gear it can find.

Multiple-Clip Weapons
Career Mode now supports loading each clip of a multiple-clip Weapon (like the
Yamaha Sakura Fubuki) individually. Each can have its own type of Ammo loaded and
their counts and stats are tracked individually. When an Ammo slot is selected, the
Ammo count, Weapon AP, Weapon Damage, and Weapon RC are updated to reflect the
currently-selected Ammo. Clicking the Fire and Reload buttons affect the currently-
selected Ammo slot.

New Strings
- Title_SelectNumber
- Title_SelectItem
- Label_SelectGear_Stack
- Tip_SplitGearQty
- Tip_MergeGearQty
- String_SplitGear
- String_MergeGear
- Message_CannotSplitGear
- MessageTitle_CannotSplitGear
- Message_CannotMergeGear
- MessageTitle_CannotMergeGear
- String_SlotNumber
- String_Empty

Build 221
- added support for <swapskillattribute /> to the Improvement Manager which
replaces the selected Physical Attribute with the appropriate Mental Attribute for
all Active Skills
- added support for <exclude /> to the skillattribute Improvement
- Commlinks and Operating Systems now properly save and load their Location
- plugins are correctly listed under their parent items after being moved back to
the default Gear location as a result of deleting their current Location
- Gear Weapon bonus information is now written to the print XML if available
(weaponbonusdamage and weaponbonusap)
- Ammo now displays its Weapon Damage and AP modifiers when selected if applicable
- the total Rating field for Active Skills is always enabled, even when the Skill
is a part of a Group, so that its tooltip information is always available
- Gear in the Foci and Metamagic Foci Categories only apply their bonuses when
Bound to the character and are removed if the Focus is removed for Unbound
- Power Focus now improves all MAG-related Active Skills when Bound except for
Counterspelling since it is a situational modifier
- added <swapskillattribute /> to the Mind Over Matter Adept Power
- Viewer window now only shows files that end in .xsl
- corrected Total Cost to only modify the cost of the base Weapon and its
Modifications excluding Accessories
- fixed an issue that prevented Gear from being deleted if it was not part of the
Selected Gear Location
- fixed an issue where new Knowledge Skills showed their Category as being Academic
but the Skill believed its Category was blank
- Knowledge Skills that were accidentally saved with a blank Category now assume
they are Academic to avoid errors
- Skill Filter dropdown now repositions itself to avoid overlapping with other
- Dice Pool size is shown for the selected Weapon's Active Skill in Career Mode
- Locations in the Gear list can now be reorganised using drag and drop (Selected
Gear cannot be moved and is always the first Location in the list)
- added tracking highlight when drag-and-dropping Gear and Locations

New Strings
- Label_DicePool

Build 219
- added <categories /> to skills.xml
- Knowledge Skill Categories now populate from the Category list
- Active Skills can now be filtered in Create Mode
- added the ability to filter Active Skills based on their Category
- clicking Add & More in the Select Cyberware window when adding Cyberware to a
Vehicle Mod now properly opens the Select Cyberware window again
- added support for forcing Qualities to be added through other Qualities
- fixed an issue where binding Foci in a particular order would throw and error
- fixed an issue where reducing a Gear's quantity when it belongs to the non-
default container would occasionally throw an error
- moved Arrowheads to their own Category which can now be attached to standard
Arrows and Bolts
- added Payload Tip from Arsenal (German) to Arrowheads
- moved Mortar Heads to their own Category which can now be attached to Mortars
- moved Heavy Mortar Heads to their own Category which can now be attached to Heavy
- moved Missile & Rocket Heads to their own Category which can now be attached to
Missiles and Rockets

Build 217
- fixed an issue where selecting a PACKS Kit that had Cyberware with plugins would
throw an error
- Enemy Group Rating now contributes to Enemy BP total
- Enemy Group Rating is now correctly populated when loading a character
- rewrote how Gear is written to custom PACKS Kits so that things are nested
properly and no longer results in having only 1 item
- added support for Total Cost multiplier to Weapon Mod costs which multiply the
total value of the Weapon
- Select Weapon Accessory and Select Weapon Mod windows now include the Weapon's
Accessory and Modification multipliers to show correct cost information
- fixed an error that caused the Cyberware Grade list to not populate correctly
when loading certain characters with Cyberware

Build 216
- fixed an issue that would cause some Category lists to throw errors when using a
non-English language
Build 215
- added support for <concealability /> to the Improvement Manager which improves
the Concealability of all Weapons
- fixed an issue where a Foci's Force was not being properly evaluated and caused
an error to be thrown when attempting to populate the Bonded Foci list
- print viewer window now hides files ending in the .xslt extension which can be
used for reference files that are not complete XSL sheets on their own
- added Shadowrun 4 (Skills Grouped by Rating) and Shadowrun 4 (Skills Grouped by
Name) character sheets created by KeyMasterOfGozer
- Cyberware/Bioware Grade list in Create Mode now reads from the data translation
- fixed issues with non-English languages and the Select Quality, Select Skill
Group, and Select Gear windows

Build 214
- added <location /> to the list of Gear elements generated for printouts
- Advanced Lifestyle should no longer throw an error when selected after being
- Program Suites no longer add the Copy Protection and Registration Options to
themselves (they are still created for the individual programs)
- the Selected Gear default Location can no longer be deleted
- fixed an issue with dragging and dropping Gear that caused the application to
- fixed an issue that caused printing a character with a Martial Art to throw an

Build 213
- added support for translating core data
- Smartlink bonus should always appear in an Active Skill's tooltip if applicable
- Smartlink bonus is included in Dice Pool and Total for Active Skills on printouts
if applicable
- checking and unchecking Foci in the Bonded Foci list should no longer throw
- fixed an issue where attempting to select or add a Cyberware Suite that contained
anything with Second-Hand or Adapsin in its Grade would throw an error
- selecting a Martial Art Advantage or Martial Art Maneuver now show the sourcebook
and page number for the item

New Strings
- String_WeaponAccessory
- String_WeaponModification
- String_ExternalSource
- String_VehicleModification
- String_VehicleWeapon
- String_VehicleWeaponAccessory
- String_VehicleWeaponModification
- String_UnnamedCharacter
- String_UnarmedAttack
- String_Unarmed
- String_LivingPersona
- String_BiofeedbackFilter
- String_Commlink
- String_CommlinkOperatingSystem
- String_LivingPersonaGear

Build 211
- added support for <judgeintentions /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a
character's Judge Intentions Special Attribute Test
- added support for <liftandcarry /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a
character's Lift and Carry Special Attribute Test
- added support for <memory /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a
character's Memory Special Attribute Test
- added Judge Intentions bonus to Kinesics Adept Power
- Gear items no longer lose their context menus as a result of drag-and-drop
- entering a blank name when adding a new Location is now treated in the same
manner as clicking Cancel
- moving a piece of Gear using drag-and-drop now marks a character as having
unsaved changes
- adding a Location now marks a character as having unsaved changes
- +/- now appear next to Locations when they have Gear to allow them to be expanded
and collapsed as desired
- Free Spirit Critter Powers are now only available for Free Spirits
- Emergent Critter Powers are now only available to Sprites and A.I.s
- Shapeshifter Critter Powers are now only available to Shapeshifters
- Select PACKS Kit window now displays Negative Qualities that are a part of the
selected Kit
- Hacked software no longer adds the Copy Protection and Registration plugins
- Add Location button now repositions itself to avoid overlapping with other
- corrected the logic for calculating Essence Loss and maximum Essence which was
causing characters with an Infected Quality to incorrectly report spending BP on
their first point of MAG and Cyberzombies from receiving the correct
bonuses/penalties to their Attributes
- Initiation/Submersion Grade names now read from the language file

New Strings
- String_Varies
- String_Grade
- String_Network
- String_Group
- String_Task
- String_Ordeal

Build 207
- added support for <swimpercent /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a
character's Swim speed
- added support for <flypercent /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a
character's Fly speed
- added support for <flyspeed /> to the Improvement Manager which gives a character
a Fly speed if they do not already have one
- fixed an issue that prevented the proper Gear Categories from being available to
Armor and Career Mode
- added swimpercent information to Cyberfins and Functional Tail (Paddle)
- added swimpercent information to Power Swimming
- added flyspeed to Wingsuit Jetpack
- opening a save file with no Movement information no longer throws an error and
instead reads the missing information from the Metatypes/Critters file, adds it to
the character, and saves the updated file
- A.I. characters should no longer throw an error when creating or loading due to
their "Special" Movement rate
- fixed an issue that caused the list of books being used to filter content in
Select windows to be based on the Settings file of the first character loaded
instead of the current character
- Exotic Active Skills are no longer hard-coded and have been moved to the
skills.xml data file to allow custom Exotic Active Skills to be defined
- Select Side window now shows the name of the item being installed to reduce
confusion, especially when adding a Cyberware Suite with multiple limbs
- added a house rule for Allow Cyberware Essence costs to be discounted (see below)
- Rating and Gear Rating on the Vehicles tab have been merged into one field since
they both reflect the selected item's Rating and only one was ever used at a time
- Matrix Programs now have the Copy Protection and Registration plugins attached to
them for free if Unwired is selected in the character's Book Options
- added support for Gear Locations to keep track of where stuff is stored

Allow Cyberware Essence costs to be discounted House Rule

When enabled, an Additional Discount field appears next to Essence Cost in the
Select Cyberware window. This percentage is in addition to any Essence cost
discounts from Grade and other Improvements. Remember that all discounts are
cumulative. For example, if a Discount of 10% is selected along with the Alphaware
Grade, the total Essence cost discount will be 30%: 20% from Alphaware and 10% from
the selected Discount amount.

Modified Strings
- Label_SelectSide

New Strings
- Checkbox_Options_AllowCyberwareESSDiscounts
- Label_SelectCyberware_ESSDiscount
- Button_AddLocation
- String_AddLocation
- Message_DeleteGearLocation

Build 203
- added support for multipliers to the Metatypes cost Karma equal to their BP
Optional Rule (default 1)
- added Limbs for Standard Characters option to pick which limbs count towards the
limb count total
- average Attributes are now calculated across the chosen number of Cyberlimbs
- tagged all Skull Cyberlimbs as occupying the head limb slot
- fixed an issue that caused the Select Armor Mod window to allow Military Grade
Armor Mods to be added to standard Armor
- added Swim speeds to Metahumans (see below)
- broke Movement out into separate fields for Movement, Swim, and Fly

Movement Changes
New Metahuman characters will automatically pick up their Swim speed information.
If you want to apply this to saved characters, you must manually edit the save
file. Open your save file in any text editor such as Notepad. Look for the tag
called <movement> (it will be very close to the top). Using a Human as an example,
it should read <movement>10/25</movement>. Change this to read <movement>10/25,
Swim 5</movement> (you can find your Metatype's correct Swim speed below). Make
sure to include the comma and spaces as shown. Save the file and you're set.
Dwarf: 4
Elf: 6
Human/Ork: 5
Troll: 7

New Strings
- Label_OtherSwim
- Label_OtherFly
- Tip_OtherSwim
- Tip_OtherFly
- Label_Options_CyberlimbCount
- String_LimbCount6
- String_LimbCount5Torso
- String_LimbCount5Skull
Build 200
- added Cloning Machine to the Special menu in Career Mode (see below)
- put Armor Encumbrance calculation back to the correct method (Helmets and Shields
and SecureTech PPP System DO count towards Armor Encumbrance but do not apply to
- Metavariant Improvements are now correctly removed from a character when changing
their Metatype

Cloning Machine
The Cloning Machine is only available in Career Mode and is designed to make
working with multiple copies of the same grunt/fodder NPC easier (which means you
can now track their individual Condition Monitors and Ammo). After selecting
Cloning Machine, enter the number of clones you would like to create. A new copy of
the character file is opened and a number is added to their name to make
identification easier. The cloned copies break their links to the original save
file so that the source file is not accidentally overwritten by any one clone,
though their individual files can still be saved. It should be noted that clones
are created from the save file of the currently-selected character rather than from
the state of the currently selected character (meaning that unsaved changes will
not be cloned).

New Strings
- String_CloningMachineNumber
- Message_CloningMachineNumberRequired
- MessageTitle_CloningMachineNumberRequired

Build 198
- Buy Ammo button is now properly disabled when non-Ammo Gear is selected in Career
- Vehicles can now come pre-equipped with Weapons
- added Stoner-Ares M202 to Edgecrusher
- Skillsofts Complex Forms can now select their appropriate Program Options
- added support for Hacked Programs and Software
- added support for Gremlins to the Dice Roller window
- Attribute tooltip now shows when the Attribute is being affected by a Cyberlimb
- fixed an issue where "BP" being translated in the selected language to throw
errors when adding certain Qualities in Create Mode
- Armor from Helmets and Shields and SecureTech PPP System Categories no longer
count towards Armor Encumbrance
- fixed an issue that prevented Active Skills from display at the proper width in
Career Mode
- clicking the Change Specialization button for an Active or Knowledge Skill now
puts the focus on the Specialization field
- rejecting the Karma cost or not having enough Karma when changing an Active or
Knowledge Skill Specialization now puts it back to its old value instead of erasing
it entirely
- Metatype no longer inherit bonuses from their parent Metatype

New Strings
- Label_SelectGear_Hacked
- Label_DiceRoller_Gremlins
- String_CyberlimbAttributeModifier

Build 197
- Sell Item window title now populates from the selected language
- Character Name field now repositions and resizes itself to avoid overlapping with
the Character Name label
- tooltips for Gear + and - buttons are now populated from the selected language
- Attribute names are now populated from the selected language
- changing the Equipped status of Armor now removes or re-adds any Improvements for
the Armor and its Armor Mods and Gear
- changing the Equipped status of Armor Mods or Armor Gear now removes or re-adds
any Improvements for them
- added a button to speed up the process of purchasing more Ammo of the selected
type in Career Mode
- context menu for Underbarrel Weapons is now set properly when loading a saved
- added support for adding Underbarrel Weapons to Vehicle Weapons
- loading a saved character that has joined a Group/Network is no longer asked to
spend Karma on joining the group again
- controls should resize better when using a font size larger than the Windows
- Enter and Escape keys now work in the Advanced Lifestyle window
- changed how the lists in Select Armor, Select Armor Mod, Select Weapon, Select
Weapon Accessory, and Select Gear windows work (should not see any difference in
how this works hopefully, but it this is the first step towards allowing data to be
- Metavariants no longer inherit Qualities from their parent Metatype
- Metatypes now have their vision Qualities as free Positive Qualities

New Strings
- Tab_IncreaseLifestyleMonths
- Tab_DecreaseLifestyleMonths
- Tip_IncreaseGearQty
- Tip_DecreaseGearQty
- String_AttributeBODLong
- String_AttributeBODShort
- String_AttributeAGILong
- String_AttributeAGIShort
- String_AttributeREALong
- String_AttributeREAShort
- String_AttributeSTRLong
- String_AttributeSTRShort
- String_AttributeCHALong
- String_AttributeCHAShort
- String_AttributeINTLong
- String_AttributeINTShort
- String_AttributeLOGLong
- String_AttributeLOGShort
- String_AttributeWILLong
- String_AttributeWILShort
- String_AttributeEDGLong
- String_AttributeEDGShort
- String_AttributeMAGLong
- String_AttributeMAGShort
- String_AttributeRESLong
- String_AttributeRESShort
- String_AttributeINILong
- String_AttributeINIShort

Build 195
- Tip_OtherCMPhysical and Tip_OtherCMStun are now bound to the proper fields
- Label_DiceRoller_Result now displays for all results an intended, not just
Critical Glitches
- fixed a number of text alignment issues
- buttons now resize and reposition themselves based on their string length
- String_SelectBP_BPSummary properly initialises in the selected language
- Ignore Rules checkbox now reads its tooltip from the language file
- Physical and Stun labels on the Condition Monitor tab are now translated
- tooltips for the tool bar are now populated from the selected language
- tooltips for the Armor Equipped and Weapon Installed checkboxes now come from the
language file
- menus are now merged properly when using the non-default language
- added support for setting markup amount when purchasing Gear in Career Mode

New Strings:
- Tip_SelectBP_IgnoreRules
- Tip_ArmorEquipped
- Tip_WeaponInstalled
- Label_SelectGear_Markup

Build 193
- corrected the tooltip information for improving Skill Groups
- corrected the tooltip information for Knowledge Skills when loading a saved
character in Career Mode
- \n in language strings is now parsed properly
- Matrix Initiative on printouts now uses the character's proper Matrix Initiative
and Initiative Passes
- Cyberware Plugins can now be added to Vehicle Mods that are marked to allow them
(currently only Mechanical Arms)

New Strings:
- Menu_AddCyberwarePlugin
- Message_VehicleCyberwarePlugin
- String_ExpensePurchaseVehicleCyberware
- String_ExpenseSoldVehicleCyberware

Build 192
- Roll button in the Dice Roller window now reads from the language file
- clicking Remove Character in the Print Multiple window with no character selected
no longer throws an error
- Build Method lists now read BP/Karma strings from the language file
- Omae login and filtering fields are now properly translated
- Select a Side window now reads from the language file
- corrected the translation tag for Impact on the Armor tab so it no longer
incorrectly appears as "Ballistic Armor"
- Matrix Initiative now compares using a Commlinks total Response instead of its
base Response so Custom Commlinks will now affect Matrix Initiative properly
- added missing Matrix IP information to Sim Module Cyberware
- added Join Group/Network Karma cost to Options window (default 5)
- added Leave Group/Network Karma cost to Options window (default 1)
- added support for joining and leaving Groups/Networks

New Strings:
- Button_DiceRoller_Roll
- String_Improvement_SideLeft
- String_Improvement_SideRight
- Label_SelectSide
- Label_Options_JoinGroup
- Label_Options_LeaveGroup
- Label_Group
- Label_Network
- Checkbox_JoinedGroup
- Checkbox_JoinedNetwork
- String_ExpenseJoinGroup
- String_ExpenseLeaveGroup
- String_ExpenseJoinNetwork
- String_ExpenseLeaveNetwork
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseJoinGroup
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseLeaveGroup
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseJoinNetwork
- Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseLeaveNetwork

Build 191
- fixed an issue that caused the Lifestyle Nuyen window to throw an error when
moving a character to Career Mode

Build 190
- all language information now comes from language files which can be found in the
lang directory
- attempting to bind a Power Focus in Career Mode no longer throws an error

Build 184
- corrected an issue with Spirits and Sprites that had any Attribute, Skill, or
Complex Form with a Rating expression that involved division
- window contents should no longer be affected by the selected text size in Windows
- setting a Credstick's Rating to 0 no longer throws an error
- added support for specifying Program Options for Complex Forms to metatypes.xml
and critters.xml
- added support for specifying a Program Category for Optional Complex Forms to
metatypes.xml and critters.xml
- plugins are now saved when creating a custom Cyberware Suite

Build 182
- added support for <adeptlinguistics /> to Improvement Manager which lets a
character buy Rating 1 for Language Knowledge Skills for free
- updated the SR4 character sheet to include the page breaking solution by
- Armor that has a Ballistic or Impact starting with "+" no longer doubles its
value if it is the only piece of Armor the character is wearing
- added support for <fullburst /> and <suppressive /> to Weapons and Weapon Mods
which changes the number of rounds fired in Full Burst and Suppressive firing modes
- Miniguns, High Velocity Weapons, and Weapons with the High Velocity Weapon Mod
now consume their correct ammo amounts when firing in Full Burst and Suppressive
firing modes
- added support for creating custom Cyberware Suites based on a character through
Special > Create Cyberware Suite menu item in Create Mode (all Cyberware must be of
the same Grade)
- added a house rule for No Armor Encumbrance (disabled by default)
- added a house rule to use BOD+STR as the Armor Encumbrance Threshold (disabled by
- selecting Free! in the Select a Quality window without having a Quality selected
no longer throws an error
- fixed a logic error where Condition Monitor tooltips would only show if the total
modifier was greater than zero instead of not equal to zero
- fixed a logic error where Movement Speed was only printed if the character had
Movement Speed Improvements
- Armor Capacity for Armor is now calculated in the Select Armor window

Build 180
- added support for <ammocategory /> for Weapons which overrides the type of Ammo a
Weapon uses (typically for Grenade Launchers that are found in the Assault Rifles
- marked Grenade Launchers for Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles as using Grenade
Launchers Ammo (minigrenades)
- added support for <careerkarma /> requirement condition for Qualities which
requires a character to have earned an amount of Career Karma before the Quality
can be selected
- added Legendary Quality from Street Legends
- added support for naming Vehicles
- corrected a logic error in the Essence cost calculation for Basic Bioware when a
character has both the Type O System and Biocompatibility (bioware) Qualities
- increasing Submersion Grade in Create Mode now costs the correct amount of Karma
and puts the proper Grade number in the list
- added Tradition and Stream information to printouts
- Movement Speed Improvements no longer affect Fly or Swim Movement Speeds which
throw errors (and shouldn't be modified)
- Vehicles now show their Sensor's Signal Rating (next to the Sensor field when a
Vehicle is selected)
- added the ability to search for Weapon and Vehicles Mods in the Select Mod window
- broke Reality Amplifiers into their individual types
- Reality Amplifiers can now be added as Plugins for Commlinks

Build 177
- Drain tooltips no longer throw an error for spells that contain a formula not
based on the Spell's Force
- Drain tooltips now calculate the Drain correctly in regions that use "," to
separate decimal places
- added Redmond to list of specializations for Area Knowledge: Seattle
- Black Market Quality now prompts for additional information when added
- Sapient Education no longer counts towards the Positive Quality total since it is
not technically a Quality in RC
- Weapons now show their total Ammo value which includes Modifications and
Underbarrel Weapon adjustments on printouts
- Supernatural Toughness Adept Power has been broken out into Supernatural
Toughness (Physical) and Supernaturall Toughness (Stun)
- added missing Emergency Field Dressing Gear from War!
- Chaser Autosoft can now go up to Rating 4
- added Greater Forms for Spirits from Street Magic

Build 176
- Weapon Modifications and Accessories can now be added to Underbarrel Weapons
- Vehicle Mods that come pre-installed with a Vehicle are no longer considered for
Availability restrictions when marking a character as Created
- Weapon Modifications and Accessories are no longer considered for Availability
restrictions when marking a character as Created

Build 175
- reducing a character's Initiate/Submersion Grade in Career Mode now reduces the
Attribute's Maximum accordingly
- Skills now properly use their Skillsoft's Rating when printing
- revised Vehicle context menu so that Add Gear and Add Weapon appear in the Gear
and Weapons menus respectively and is more intuitive
- added a tooltip to DV on the Spells tab which shows the base DV for the selected
Spell at all of the Forces the Magician can cast the Spell at
- increasing a Skill to Rating 7 now correctly doubles the cost in Create Mode
- Foci with <selecttext /> now appear in the Focus list properly
- fixed an issue where attempting to bond a Weapon Focus in Career Mode would throw
an error
- added missing Vehicles from War!
- added Grenade Plugin: Gecko from War!
- added missing Heavy Mortar and Howitzer Ammo from War!
- added range information for Heavy Mortar and Howitzer
- new Contacts are placed in the correct location when the list is scrolled
- new Enemies are placed in the correct location when the list is scrolled
- date can now be changed when editing an Expense Entry
- added support for Cyberzombies (Special > Convert to Cyberzombie)
- added an optional rule for Metatypes cost Karma equal to their BP (disabled by
default) to accommodate the German books which say that Metatypes cost Karma when
creating a character with Karma

Build 172
- Expense Entry Undo information is now part of the save files
- correct a logic error in Gear Availability calculations that was checking to see
if it contained "+" instead of starting with "+"

Build 171
- settings are now saved to an XML file which can be used to keep application
configurations identical across multiple computers (see below)
- added preferred build method (BP/Karma), Build Points, and maximum Availability
to the Options window
- Choose BP Amount window now reads preferred build method, Build Points, and
maximum Availability from Options and uses those as the default values in the
- Reload button is now properly disabled when no Weapon is selected
- corrected Karma costs for improving Martial Arts in Career Mode
- SR4 character sheet now shows the Rating and selected values for Vehicle Gear
- Select Skill window now includes any appropriate Exotic Active Skills the
character has already selected
- Armor now supports the <addoncategory /> tag to include Gear that is normally
only available as plugins
- Ally Spirit Critter now properly uses the Attribute values from the data file
instead of being limited by its Force like a traditional Spirit

Settings Files
Chances are, most people are just going to stick with the default one and modify it
as needed. For those who take part in multiple games where the sourcebooks allowed
and optional rules used varies, you can create additional Settings files to keep
all of this information separate. To create a new Setting, copy the default.xml
file in the settings directory, rename the new copy to whatever you like, then
modify it using the Options window. When you create a new character, Chummer asks
you which Setting you would like to use (if more than 1 file exists). The name
Settings file used is saved as part of the character file. You can change the
Settings file a character uses by opening the save file in a text editor and
changing the <settings /> tag to match the name of the desired file. These files
can be given to players to make sure that everyone has the same set of options

Build 169
- added support for <restricteditemcount /> to Improvement Manager which increase
the number of items over the set Availability the character is allowed to start
- added Max Avail field to the Select BP window which sets the maximum Availability
of items a character can start the game with (only checked when a character
attempts to enter Career Mode)
- added the ability to search for Qualities in the Select Quality window
- Augmented Attribute calculations now properly adhere to Improvement Precedence

Build 167
- Adept Powers that affect an Attribute can now be marked as not doubling the Power
Point cost when the affected Attribute exceeds its Metatype Maximum
- Improved Reflexes Adept Powers no longer double the Power Point cost when raising
REA above its Metatype Maximum

Build 166
- Spirits and Sprites now have their Bound checkbox set correctly when loading a
- renamed Select Contact Connection Modifiers window to Advanced Contact Options
- added Free Contact checkbox to Advanced Contact Options
- clicking Cancel while selling a Weapon Accessory or Weapon Mod no longer sells
the item
- Armor Mods now display their calculated Availability when applicable
- opening a linked Contact or Spirit now uses the same loading mechanism as other
characters and properly sets the tab's title
- added support for adding Notes to any item by right-clicking on an item and
choosing Notes from the context menu (window can be quickly closed by pressing Esc
which also saves the contents)

Build 164
- added support for <damageresistance /> to Improvement Manager which grants a
character additional dice for Damage Resistance Tests
- added Ballistic Armor and Impact Armor fields to the Condition Monitor tab in
Career Mode
- added Dmg Resistance Pool field to the Condition Monitor tab in Career Mode which
shows the total number of dice the character gets for Damage Resistance Tests
- Advanced Lifestyle Qualities are now properly cleared when moving from one
Advanced Lifestyle to another in Career Mode
- Spirits and Sprites no longer have their number of services owed limited by an
Active Skill in Career Mode
- Adept Powers that improve Attributes now double the Power Points cost when going
over the Attribute's Metatype Maximum
- Armor now displays the selected value for its Improvement when applicable
- Armor and Armor Mods now show their name instead of internal ID when asking for
values to be selected for an Improvement
- Metamagics and Echoes now show their name instead of internal ID when asking for
values to be selected for an Improvement
- Mentor Spirits and Paragons now show their name instead of internal ID when
asking for values to be selected for an Improvement
- Martial Arts Advantages now show their name instead of internal ID when asking
for values to be selected for an Improvement
- Metatypes and Metavariants now show their name instead of internal ID when asking
for values to be selected for an Improvement
- Improvement dialogues now show the name of the item adding the Improvement for
clarification if it's provided
- canceling an Improvement dialogue when selecting a Mentor Spirit or Paragon now
properly cancels the Quality being added
- fixed an issue where deleting the last existing Weapon Accessory on a Weapon
would also delete the first Weapon Mod
- Advanced Lifestyles now print their Comforts, Entertainment, Necessities,
Neighborhood, Security, and Qualities
- binding a Focus in Career Mode now creates a Karma Expense Entry instead of
requiring a manual Karma Expense Entry to be made
- un-binding a Focus in Career Mode now asks for confirmation
- added ability to filter Active Skills by All, Rating > 0, and Total Rating > 0 in
Career Mode
- special path characters are now ignored by Omae when attempting to save the
downloaded file

Build 160
- fixed a logic error with Essence Loss and MAG/RES Attribute costs in Create Mode
- fixed an issue where deleting an Adept Power would cause all other Powers below
it to be delete as well
- Metamagic and Echoes now show their sourcebook information when selected on the
Initiation/Submersion tab
- Mentor Spirit and Paragon information now appear on the Spells and Spirits and
Sprites and Complex Forms tabs if a Mentor Spirit or Paragon has been selected
- Armor now calculates its Armor Capacity if a value is not provided
- Advanced Lifestyles can no longer go below 0 LP which would cause the application
to throw an error
- Advanced Lifestyle information is now properly cleared when selecting another
Lifestyle from the list in Career Mode
- Gear now supports items having a cost of Gear Cost * X

Build 157
- losing access to the Adept Powers tab now properly clears the list of the Adept
- losing access to the Spells and Spirits tab now properly clears all of the spells
from the Spell list
- losing access to the Initiation tab now properly removes any Improvements from
- Attribute Modifiers can no longer take a character's minimum value below 1 unless
they are a Critter (previously applied to anyone with access to the Critters tab)
- only installed Weapon Mods and Accessories count towards Concealability
- fixed an issue that could cause Maximum and Augmented Maximum Attribute values to
display a value less than 0
- ESS Loss now decreases MAG/RES directly instead of lowering its effective value
(in Create mode, this only lowers the Maximum Attribute value)
- if MAG/RES ever drop to 0 from ESS Loss from Cyberware/Bioware in Career Mode,
the character suffers burnout, losing access to all of their MAG/RES abilities and
Attribute-linked Skills become Knowledge Skills
- removing a Focus/Metamagic Focus from Gear properly removes the matching Bound
Focus from the character
- all Critters can now add Critter Powers from the Weakness category, even if
they're not usually allowed to select additional Critter Powers
- added tooltips for Augmented Attribute values to show how the Augmented value is
being calculated
- Omae now displays a message if a character cannot be downloaded instead of
throwing an error
- Omae now ignores special pathing characters in character names to avoid errors
- Omae window can now be resized vertically to fit more characters in the window on
larger displays
- DV Improvements now affect Weapons created by Cyberware

Build 155
- added support for <avail3 /> and <avail6 /> to Gear
- revised how searching for Gear works so that only items from the selectable
Categories are searched for, and works when adding plugins
- Weapon Mods now save their Rating and appear with the Mod's name when added to a
- Gear now shows its Armor Capacity instead of standard Capacity when selected in
the Armor list
- Armor now adds any Armor Mods and Gear that comes with it by default
- underbarrel Weapons now have 6 slots instead of 3
- fixed an issue that prevented the Sensors category from being available to
Vehicle Sensors in Career Mode
- added Group Name to the list of fields for a Contact's Connection Modifiers
- background Colour of Contacts can now be changed through the Contact's Connection
Modifiers window

Build 153
- fixed an issue with the Improvement Manager that forced values to be selected
after changing the Rating of an Adept Power
- character's Created status is now sent as part of their upload information for
- added support for filtering characters in Career or Create Mode to Omae
- added a My Account button to Omae that appears after you are logged in which lets
you add or change the email address for your account
- added support for resetting your Omae password which emails your new password
(must have an email address set for your account)

Build 152
- fixed an issue that caused non-numeric Cyberware Plugin costs to throw an error
when selected in the Select Cyberware window
- fixed an issue where users who were not logged into Omae could impersonate an
existing user

Build 151
- Omae no longer allows blank user names or passwords
- fixed an issue that caused non-numeric Armor Mod costs to throw an error when
selected after being added to a character

Build 150
- Contact Notes window can now scroll
- initial release of Omae (found in Tools > Omae) (see below)

About Omae
Omae is an online character repository where players and GMs can upload their
creations to share with others who are looking for Contacts, Enemies, and Critters
for their games. Anyone can download characters, but you must have a registered
Omae account in order to upload characters. Registration is required so that people
can see who put the effort into the character, search for other creations by that
person, as well as allowing only the author to update a revised version of the
character or delete it entirely. Registration is free and only asks for a user name
and password. No other information is asked for or recorded. I have no use for that
stuff. Password are encoded and stored in the online database. You may also choose
to save your user name and password information locally so that you can log into
Omae automatically when you open the window. Password are stored in an encoded
format within the Windows Registry along with the other Chummer settings. When a
character is downloaded, it is saved to your [Chummer path]\saves\omae directory.

Build 149
- clicking Download Updates with nothing selected in the update window now displays
an error message and does not attempt to download nothing
- Select Gear window no longer disables Search when adding Gear to a Vehicle
- clicking the Delete Vehicle button without having a Vehicle selected no longer
throws an error
- Attributes on the Build Point Summary tab in Create Mode has been broken out into
Primary Attributes and Special Attributes to make Attribute BP totals easier to
- added tooltips for Primary Attributes and Special Attributes to show the BP cost
for all of the character's Attributes
- canceling an Improvement dialogue when adding Gear to a Vehicle no longer causes
an irremovable piece of Gear to be added
- canceling an Improvement dialogue when adding a Martial Arts Advantage no longer
causes an irremovable Advantage to be added
- Contacts can now have their Connection set to 0 if this Rating is unknown
- adjusted the size of Contacts and Enemies so they no longer get a horizontal
scroll bar when the list can be scrolled vertically
- Specializations no longer cause Free Knowledge Skills in Karma Create Mode to get
stuck in an infinite loop while calculating totals
- 0-Rating Knowledge Skills no longer cost 2 Karma in Karma Create Mode
- Armor Mod information is now refreshed as the Rating changes
- added support for Armor Capacity
- added support for adding Gear to Armor
- Vehicle Category list is now sorted in alphabetical order

Build 147
- added support for <skillwire /> to Improvement Manager which limits the effective
Rating of Skillsofts
- added appropriate <skillwire /> Improvements to Cyberware
- Complex Forms now include the name of their commonly-used Skill
- Complex Form commonly-used Skill now appears on the printout
- Gear Plugins can now have Plugins of their own, meaning that Program Options can
be added to Matrix Programs attached to a Commlink
- added support for multiple-capacity Gear
- increasing an Active Skill from Rating 0 to Rating 1 in Career Mode now breaks
the Skill Group
- added an option to allow Active Skills to be re-Grouped if all of their Ratings
are the same (disabled by default)
- free Knowledge Skills in Karma Create Mode are now spread as evenly as possible
amongst the lowest Ratings
- Vehicle Gear and Weapons are now properly exported when the Vehicle has no
Vehicle Mods while creating a PACKS Kit

Build 145
- added support for <infirm /> to Improvement Manager which impacts the cost of
Physical Active Skills
- passing a save file as a command line argument no longer throws an error
- Expense Entries are now printed in the correct order and date format for
computers that are using a non-US date format
- re-added support for converting Qualities in saved in the old format since it
seems there ae a number of character still floating around with them
- loading a character with the old Quality format immdiately saves the file with
the new Quality format
- Sensitive System Negative Quality now correctly only affects the Essence cost of

Build 142
- added support for <uncouth /> to Improvement Manager which impacts the cost of
Social Active Skills
- added support for <initiation /> to Improvement Manager which adjusts a
character's Initiation Grade
- added support for <submersion /> to Improvement Manager which adjusts a
character's Submersion Grade
- list of Qualities in the Select a Quality window is now sorted alphabetically
- Fading Resistance total is now correctly updated when modifying an Attribute in
Career Mode
- Skillsofts now affect Active Skills and Knowledge Skills (for
Knowsoft/Linguasoft, you must create a Knowledge Skill with the same value you
chose for the Skillsoft, such as "Spanish")
- Uncouth now properly affects the cost of Social Active Skills and locks Skill
Groups that are made up of Social Active Skills
- double-clicking on a Critter Power in the Select Critter Power window now accepts
the selected Critter Power as though the OK button was clicked
- list of Critter Powers that the character has is now sorted in alphabetical order
- Critters can now raise their Skill Rating to their standard maximum Rating rather
than just the starting Rating
- added support for convering Mundane Critters into Mutant Critters (Special menu >
Convert to Mutant Critter)
- added support for convering Mutant Critters into Toxic Critters (Special menu >
Convert to Toxic Critter)
- added an option for a flat number of free Contact BP (disabled by default)
- renamed Online Help in the Help menu to Chummer Wiki
- added a checkbox to the Select a Quality window to show only Metagenetic
Qualities (only appears when the character can select Metagenetic Qualities)

Build 140
- Technomancer Sprites can now have a Rating higher than 6

Build 139
- corrected the Essence cost formula for Cyberware Suites
- RES improvement button in Career Mode now considers the character's Submersion
Grade (instead of Initiation Grade) to determine if it should be enabled or not

Build 138
- Qualities marked as not contributing towards the Positive/Negative Quality BP
limit properly deduct their cost from the character's BP/Karma total
- Print window in Create Mode no longer prevents you from continuing to work in the
main application window
- characters now remember they have a Print window open and bring it to the
- Print windows now refresh automatically when they are open and a change is made
to the character in Career Mode
- creating a PACKS Kit with Bioware/Cyberware no longer creates multiple copies of
each item
- added a basic Dice Roller to the Tools menu
- added support for adding notes to Contacts and Enemies

Build 137
- update window now displays the changelog for the application when an application
update is being downloaded
- update window now updates a File Progress progress bar to show that work is
actually being done instead of appearing as though the update has stopped

Build 136
- added support for <armorencumbrancepenalty /> to Improvement Manager which
adjusts the AGI and REA penalties by the number specified
- Nuyen totals are correctly updated after adding an Advanced Lifestyle
- added Expense Undo support for manually created Karma and Nuyen Expenses
- Skill Groups are disabled if you do not have access to at least one of the
Group's Active Skills
- adding a Negative Quality in Career Mode now creates a Karma Expense Entry which
can be undone
- added a Free! checkbox to the Select a Quality window in Career Mode which
changes a Quality's cost to 0 Karma
- Metatypes with a natural Essence of 0 can now be marked as Created
- Armor Mods now create their Improvements using their selected Rating instead of
Rating 1
- Armor Mods now update their Improvements when their Rating changes
- added Military-Grade Armor Enhancements from Arsenal
- Nuyen Expenses now have a % adjustment field that modifies the total value of the
- when deleting Enemies in Career Mode, you can choose between removing them for
free or removing them with Karma
- special Attribute-only tests (Composure, Judge Intentions, Lift/Carry, and
Memory) now appear on the Other Info tab and on the character sheets
- Living Persona Attributes are now properly limited by the RES Attribute
Build 133
- Select PACKS Kit window now shows Staring Nuyen BP if a value is given
- clicking in an empty space of the Kits list in the Select PACKS Kit window no
longer throws an error
- Gear plugins now have their Quantity set correctly when being added through a
- added support for Complex Form Options to PACKS
- added support for fully-defined Martial Arts to PACKS
- added support for underbarrel Weapons to PACKS
- added support for Vehicle Gear plugins to PACKS
- added support for creating custom PACKS Kits based on a character through Special
> Create PACKS Kit menu item in Create Mode
- Text-Only character sheet now prints Description, Background, Concept, and Notes
sections when applicable
- added Signal to the Build Nexus window
- adding a Complex Form in Career Mode now asks for confirmation
- Submersion History is now recorded properly
- Undo for Submersion Grade Karma Expenses now works properly
- Bound/Registered checkbox for Spirits/Sprites is now enabled in Career Mode
- Vehicle Mods that come with a Vehicle can now be removed
- Vehicles are no longer slowed down by the Armor they come equipped with by
default (Armor Mods must exceed the Vehicle's standard Armor Rating to affect its
Speed and Accel)
- Free! and Do It Yourself now show the adjusted price in the Select windows
- Enemies now allow for Connection Groups
- A.I.s now have access to all of the Unwired A.I. Qualities, including those
without BP values
- unchecking Show only Qualities I can take in the Select a Quality window now
works with A.I. characters
- Physical and Mental Attributes can now be raised to their total maximum (Metatype
Maximum + modifiers) instead of just their Metatype Maximum in Career Mode
- Sprites now have access to the Sprites and Complex Forms tab
- Sprites can now properly set their Complex Form Ratings to match their own Rating
- individual character tabs now show just the character's name to make them easier
to find

Build 130
- multiple windows now appear as a series of tabs to make finding and switching
between open character easier
- Condition Monitor penalties are now applied to all Initiative scores in Career
- losing access to the MAG or RES special Attributes now resets their values back
to the Metatype minimum in Create Mode
- canceling an Improvement dialogue now rolls back all of the Improvements that
would have been created by the selected item and prevents the triggering item from
being added to the character
- added System to list of Vehicle Modifications
- Vehicles are now limited to +2 improvements to Response, System, Firewall, and
Signal unless they have the Modular Electronics Vehicle Modification
- added support for <selectmartialart /> to PACKS
- added support for <lifestyles /> to PACKS

Build 128
- added support for <adeptpowerpoints /> to Improvement Manager which grants
additional Power Points to Adepts/Mystic Adepts
- added Additional Power Point Metamagic to cover the optional rule for
Adepts/Mystic Adepts gaining Power Points in place of a Metamagic ability
- melee Weapons no longer throw an error when selecting them
- fixed an issue that caused the application to restrict underbarrel weapons to one
per character instead of one per Weapon
- Weapon Mods can now be added to Cyberweapons
- added tooltip for the Contact Connection Modifiers button
- added tooltips for the link icons for Contacts/Enemies and Spirits/Sprites
- MAG/RES are now correctly affected by ESS loss
- added support for the optional rule to limit dice pools to 20 dice or 2 x
(Natural Attribute + Skill Rating), whichever is higher (disabled by default)
- added a house rule that only reduces MAG/RES maximum from ESS loss

Build 127
- Knowledge Skill list is properly populated again

Build 126
- added Expense Undo support for Nuyen: Armor Mod, Nuyen: Weapon Accessory, Nuyen:
Weapon Mod, Nuyen: Vehicle Mod, Nuyen: Vehicle Gear, Nuyen: Vehicle Weapon, Nuyen:
Vehicle Weapon Accessory, Nuyen: Vehicle Weapon Mod, Nuyen: Increase Lifestyle,
Karma: Add Spell, Karma: Skill Specialization, Karma: Skill Group Rating, Karma:
Skill Rating, Karma: Metamagic/Echo, Karma: Initiate Grade, Karma: Add Martial Art,
Karma: Martial Art Rating, Karma: Martial Art Maneuver, Karma: Add Complex Form,
Karma: Improve Complex Form, Karma: Add Complex Form Option, Karma: Improve Complex
Form Option
- reorganised Options window into tabs so it is less cluttered
- fixed an issue that prevented Technomancers from improving their Complex Forms
when the maximum Rating equaled their RES Attribute
- deleting a Complex Form Option now actually removes it from the Complex Form
- Skillsofts Complex Forms and Complex Form Options now only cost an amount of
Karma equal to the Complex Form Improvement cost (default 1)
- Skillsofts Complex Forms now require the character to have the Biowire Echo
- Select Quality window now lets any Quality be selected when Ignore Rules is
turned on
- selecting the Selected Vehicle item when any Vehicle has a Sensor Plugin no
longer throws an error
- added support for the optional rule to ignore Armor Encumbrance when only a
single piece of Armor is worn (disabled by default)
- list of sourcebooks in the Options window no longer requires the book to be
selected before it can be checked/unchecked
- Update window now appears when updates are downloading and Automatic Updates are
enabled so it doesn't appear as though the application has hung
- added support for changing a character's Metatype while in Create Mode (found in
the Special menu)
- Free Contacts and Free Knowledge Skills options now show the proper checked
status after saving options
- right-clicking on a file name in the most recently used list now makes it sticky
so it always appears in the menu (right-click again to un-sticky)
- Source labels now show the full book name in a tooltip when you hover over them
- Qualities no longer add their Improvements to the character if they cannot be
added because of BP/Karma limitations
- Bioware, Cyberware, Gear, Armor, and Armor Mods no longer add their Improvements
to the character if they do not have enough Nuyen to purchase them in Career Mode
- Used Vehicles no longer throw an error when trying to add them to a character in
regions that use "," to separate decimal places
- Condition Monitor penalties have been corrected to use the highest value, not
- Weapons now use the total ammo bonus modifier for all Mods instead of applying
each bonus separately
- added support for Additional Clip adding a second clip to the Weapon
- Firing Selection Weapon Mods are now a separate item for each Mode that can be
selected and add their Mode to the Weapon
- Complex Form Options have been added to printout XML
- Complex Form Options now appear on character sheets
- Text-Only character sheet now prints Complex Forms when applicable
- all Critter Powers are removed from the character if access to the Critters tab
is lost
- Infected Qualities now grant access to the Critters tab and add the appropriate
Critter Powers

Build 123
- added Expense Undo support for Nuyen: Armor, Nuyen: Weapon, Nuyen: Vehicle
- 2 x CHA Free Contacts Option now applies to both BP and Karma build modes
- fixed an issue that caused Free Contacts points to calculate per-contact instead
of for the character as a whole
- changed Free Contacts Option to allow the multiplier value to be specified
- fixed an issue that caused precedence 0 Improvements to stack with others
- High Pain Tolerance Positive Quality no longer stacks with other Condition
Monitor Threshold Improvements
- Impaired Attribute Negative Quality no longer allows EDG, MAG, or RES to be
- Text-Only character sheet now prints EDG with the rest of the Attributes
- Text-Only character sheet now prints Armor Mod Ratings when applicable
- character sheets no longer display Rating 1 for Adept Powers that do not have a
- Advance Lifestyle Qualities list now clears when a different Advanced Lifestyle
is selected
- Weapons with AP -half no longer throw an error when selected in Career Mode
- Armor Rating stacking modifiers from items like Form-Fitting Armor are now
calculated separately and added to the highest Armor/Clothing Armor Ratings instead
of being rolled into the highest Armor Rating

Build 121
- removed temporary support for converting Qualities from the old format to the
current format
- removed the RES Attribute from A.I.
- Metatypes that have an Attribute whose maximum is 0 (typically A.I.s) can now set
any other Attribute to their Metatype maximum
- Physical Attribute controls are disabled when creating an A.I.
- free Positive Quality BP and free Negative Quality BP Improvements are now
correctly loaded from saved characters
- clicking on Add Metamagic/Add Echo in Career Mode when the character does not yet
have an Initiate Grade no longer throws an error
- added Ruger Thunderbolt w/ Smartgun Weapon (Laser Sight version was not added
since the Mod can be purchased for the same price)
- Camera, Trideo and Microphone now consume 1 slot instead of a number of slots
equal to their Rating
- underbarrel Weapons now show their halved Ammo capacity when selected, not just
when reloading them
- Complex Form Options now cost BP/Karma
- Complex Form Options can now be improved in Career Mode
- changing a character's RES now changes the maximum value for the Complex Form
field without having to re-select a Complex Form
- MAG and RES Active Skills are now disabled when a character does not have access
to those special Attributes
- Uneducated Negative Quality should now impact Skills and Skill Groups properly
- added support for selecting individual aspects of Contact Connection Modifiers
- began adding support for Expense Undo entries (see below)

Expense Undo Entries

This will be an ongoing project. By right-clicking on a Karma or Nuyen Expense, you
can choose to undo the purchase. This will only be for Expenses that were created
during the current session. They will not be saved with your character information,
so once you have closed the character, the undo history is lost (largely to prevent
undoing something done 10 game sessions ago without undoing anything else).
Currently supported items - Karma: Attribute, Karma: Add Quality, Nuyen:
Cyberware/Bioware, Nuyen: Gear. This only undoes the expense for the item you have
selected. If you later added child items you should undo these expenses first - the
undo function strictly undoes the single item that is selected, meaning anything
that was added after and not undone will not be refunded. This is intended to undo
your most recent few transactions only.

Build 118
- A.I.s now have their missing Rating, System, Firewall, Signal, and Response
- A.I. Condition Monitor, Matrix Initiative, and Initiative Passes are now
calculated correctly
- Commlink Software Suites, Program Packages, Software Suites, and Skillsoft
Clusters now have their Programs added as Gear
- added Martial Art variants from Runner's Companion
- adding missing Software from War!
- added support for Software going to Rating 10 from War!
- added support for Rating 10 Nexi Components
- Nexi Components now populate their Availability when added
- Gear marked as Free! now correctly sets the price to 0 when in Create Mode
- removed Biofeedback Filter and Program Packages from list of Complex Forms
- Vehicle Speed and Acceleration can no longer go below 0
- corrected an error where discounted Adept Powers got progressively cheaper after
saving and loading
- there is now a distinction between Dice Pool modifiers and Rating modifiers for
Skills with only Rating modifiers being subject to the maximum modified Rating rule
- Skill tooltips now provide a distinction between Rating modifiers and Dice Pool
modifiers and report "X of Y" of the character's total Rating modifiers being used
because of the maximum modified Rating rule

Build 117
- added support for <freespiritpowerpoints /> to Improvement Manager which grants
additional Power Points to Free Spirit characters
- added support for Free Spirit characters (see below)
- added support for A.I. character (see below)
- added A.I. Critters from Unwired
- added Sprite Critters (big thanks to ShadowWalker for providing these)
- added support for <gears /> to critters.xml so A.I. Critters can come pre-
equipped with their Programs
- Military Grade Armor now uses the proper BOD X 3 limit for Armor Encumbrance
(having a single piece of Military Grade Armor equipped raises a character's
Encumbrance limit, regardless of any additional Armor they may be wearing)
- Shapeshifters now have access to the Critters tab and have been given their
Critter Powers (which also lets them add/remove Vulnerability and Allergy Critter
Powers for their Untouched By Silver optional rule)
- Shapeshifters now have Metavariants which let them select a Metatype for their
Not Quite Always Human optional rule
- Select Critter Powers window now groups Powers by Category
- unarmed damage now correctly rounds up instead of down
- added an option to allow free Knowledge Skills for characters in Karma Build Mode
(disabled by default)
- added an option to allow CHA x 2 free points of Contacts for characters in Karma
Build Mode (disabled by default)
- Career Mode correctly uses the Metatype's maximum Essence as the baseline for
determining Essence Loss penalties
- Exotic Active Skills no longer eat up points for selecting their Specialization
- added support for <inherited /> Quality Requirement which indicates the Quality
can only be gained when it is part of a Metatype
- Skill Ratings in critters.xml now support expressions

Free Spirit Characters

Magic replaces Force since they are the same Attribute for the Free Spirit. When
you first create a Free Spirit character, your Attribute BP total will be very high
but is technically correct. All of the character's Attribute start at 2 and have a
Metatype Maximum of 2 (the Free Spirit's starting Force/Magic). This means that all
of your Attribute costs are being calculated at their Metatype Maximum which adds
+15BP per Attribute. (This technically breaks all of the other written rules saying
only 1 Physical/Mental Attribute can be at it's Metatype Maximum.) When MAG 3 or
higher is selected, this number drops back down since they are all no longer at
their Metatype Maximum. (And who would play a Force 2 Free Spirit anyways?)

A.I. Characters
Resonance replaces Rating. Their free Programs can be purchased through Gear by
selecting the Free! checkbox when purchasing.

Build 114
- added support for <overflow /> to the Improvement Manager which improves the
number of Overflow Condition Monitor boxes the character has
- Physical Condition Monitor in Career Mode now includes boxes for Overflow
- added Overflow to the Condition Monitor on the Shadowrun 4 Character Sheet
- Other Info tab now shows a character's Career Karma (Career Mode only) and
- corrected how the maximum modified Skill Rating is calculated (total maximum
modified Rating = 1.5X the skill's base Rating)
- added support for the special Vintage Weapon Mod from Gun Heaven which doubles
the cost of all Accessories and Modifications
- Initiation/Submersion Grades now record if a Group/Network and Ordeal/Task was
used for each Grade
- added a list to the Initiation tab which shows which options were used for each
- fixed an issue that caused the Weapon created by the Drone Mortar Gear to throw
an error when selected or attempting to print
- Elemental Strike and Elemental Resistance Adept Powers now ask for a value to be
- <specificattribute /> Improvements now include support for precedence attribute
which determines how they stack with other Improvements to the same Attribute (see

specificattribute precedence
This has been included to (and should only be used for) Cyberware, Bioware, and
Powers that affect Initiative and/or Reaction which either does not allow it to
stack with any other enhancement, or only certain ones. A precedence of 1 ignore
all other Improvements and uses the COMBINED value of all other precedence 1 items
(Wired Reflexes, Move-by-Wire, and Reaction Enhancers). A precedence of 0 ignore
all other Improvements and uses the single highest precedence 0 Improvement the
character has (Synaptic Booster). Short version: nothing you need to actually worry
about - the necessary items have already been updated and Chummer figures out what
it should use. :)

Build 112
- added a bunch of <forbidden /> elements to Qualities
- Swap Quality excludes the selected Quality from Forbidden checks which prevented
a Quality from being upgraded/downgraded to a different Rating
- fixed an issue that caused Cyberware with bundled subsystems to throw an error
when being added when the <bonus /> nodes between parent and child didn't match or
- Born Rich Positive Quality now correctly affects characters built using Karma
- removing the Born Rich Positive Quality now removes its bonus from the character
when the Quality is removed
- resizing the window no longer causes the BP/Karma and Source fields on the Common
tab to jump into the Quality list

Build 111
- Metavariant is once again populated
- Bioware now shows its Rating and selected values when loading a character
- added an option to include Karma and Nuyen Expenses on the character sheets
(disabled by default)
- Persona Limit for Nexi can now be manually set
- added Pre-Packaged Nexi to Gear
- corrected an issue that caused custom Commlinks to limit Firewall and System
options once one of them had been added to the Commlink
- added a Do It Yourself checkbox for Commlink Upgrades
- Impaired Attribute Negative Quality now decreases the Augmented Maximum value by
the correct amount
- added Dissonant Echoes, Programs, and Program Options
- removed redundant Empathy Software from the Vision Enhancement Gear category and
gave Vision Sensors access to the Sensors category for plugins
- Group Initiation/Network Submersion and Initiation Ordeals/Submersion Tasks can
now be selected when creating a character
- added support for Group Contacts

Build 109
- Qualities now show their selected text values on the character sheets
- Martial Arts now correctly checks the BP cost of only Qualities that count
towards a character's Quality BP limit
- ammo that has a Recoil modifier no longer throws an error when you attempt to
reload a Weapon with it

Build 108
- corrected the Response calculation for Nexi
- adding a Quality now correctly check each Quality to see if it counts towards the
BP limit, not just the Quality that is being added
- changing any of the information on the Character Info tab now causes the changes
made flag to be set
- corrected the formula for determining a Starting Nuyen amount based on the Nuyen
they have remaining
- Metagenetic Improvement correctly sets the character's Attribute value to its new
minimum after selecting your Metatype/Metavariant
- when adding a new Quality, the free Quality BP gained through SURGE is now
included when determining if you have exceeded the allowed BP amounts
- dragging and dropping a piece of Gear now properly re-creates any accessories it

Build 106
- added support for <fresspositivequalities /> to Improvement Manager which allows
a number of BP in free Positive Qualities
- added support for <fressnegativequalities /> to Improvement Manager which allows
a number of BP in free Negative Qualities
- replaced the Changeling BP Adjustment Qualities with <freepositivequalities />
and <freenegativequalities /> Improvements as needed
- Enforce Skill Rating Maximum option now saves its value to the correct place
instead of overwriting the value for the Skill Defaulting Includes Modifiers option
- adding Gear to a Vehicle now gives you the Free! option
- adding Nexi to a Vehicle now gives you the Free! option
- item 10 in the File menu's most recently used list now uses 0 as its mnemonic and
loads correctly
- Condition Monitor penalties now affect Defaulted Active Skills when the option to
include Modifiers in Defaulted Skills is diabled
- Character is now responsible for calculating its own Initiatives/Initiative
Passes, Condition Monitors, and Armor Encumbrance instead of the Create and Career
windows doing it
- Active and Knowledge Skills no longer show a negative number for the dice pool
since they cannot go lower than 0
- added a button to the Gear tab to reduce the selected piece of Gear's Quantity by
- Adepts are no longer required to have a Magic Tradition selected when moving to
Career Mode
- character sheet now shows the correct number for Nuyen
- dates can now be selected when creating Karma and Nuyen Rewards/Expenses
- returned Improved Physical Attribute Adept Power back to its SR4A cost since the
cost Powers in the Runner's Tool Kit are apparently wrong
- re-wrote Qualities to be a class instead of a series of strings (see below)
- added support for swapping Qualities in Career Mode
- Minigrenades now add a Minigrenade Weapon instead of Grenade which have the
correct Grenade Launcher ranges
- added Skillsofts and Activesofts to Vehicles where appropriate
- Gear in the Gear list can now be reorganised using drag and drop

Changes to Qualities
Qualities have undergone a complete re-write. Existing character will convert their
Qualities over to the new format when they are loaded. It is recommended that you
immediately save your character after opening it to keep these Quality changes. The
code to convert these Qualities will be removed around June 20 (update notes will
be posted to inform of the change). Qualities are now handled like other items in
that they can be added/removed using the Add and Delete buttons and are listed in a
single tree. The Select a Quality window by default lists only the Qualities that
the character may take - a checkbox is provided to show all Qualities, regardless
of qualification.

Build 103
- delete confirmation messages now confirm the type of object they are asking to
- Karma Expense confirmation messages now confirm the type of object they are going
to affect
- Adept Powers now include support for discounts from Geasa
- fixed an issue that kept Knowledge Skills with a Rating of 0 (namely native
Languages) from being printed
- added a Text-Only character sheet
- corrected Sensors for Vehicles with the Improved Sensor Array Vehicle Mod

Build 102
- changed Options to a single instance class which to speed up execution and
reduces memory usage
- changed XmlManager to a single instance class to speed up execution time and
reduces memory usage
- minor change to how XmlManager handles files to work with non-Windows operating
- validation check when moving a character to Career Mode now checks that a
Tradition or Stream has been selected if MAG or RES Attributes are enabled
- passing a save file as a command line argument now opens the save file in the
correct mode instead of forcing it to Create Mode
- corrected the number of extra Matrix IPs that Advanced Overclocking grants to 1
since it stacks with Overclocking
- fixed an issue that caused non-Clothing Armor with a +X Armor Rating to counts
its bonus twice
- Karma and Nuyen Expenses can now be renamed by double-clicking on an Expense
- Advanced Lifestyles now have Starting Nuyen information populated when they are
added to the character based on their LP cost (not including Qualities)
- characters that do not have a Lifestyle when attempting to enter Career Mode are
given the Street Lifestyle
- added an option to include Modifiers in Skills even when Defaulting (disabled by
- added an option to change the amount of Nuyen gained per BP (default 5000)
- added an option to enforce the maximum modified rating for Skills (enabled by
- added an option to confirm Karma Expenses (enabled by default)
- added an option to set the Karma cost for additional Metamagics/Echoes
- added support for purchasing additional Metamagics/Echoes with Karma
- updated the Game Master Summary sheet to put all combat-relevant information
- Complex Forms now support Program Options (thanks for ShadowWalker for getting
all of the data entered)
- added Signal, Response, and Firewall Vehicle Mods (thanks for ShadowWalker for
getting those entered as well)
- added buttons to spend and regain Edge to the Condition Monitors tab in Career
- Adept Powers with a Quality requirement now enforce them
- added Custom Commlink and Custom Commlink OS items to Commlinks and Commlink
Operating Systems in Gear which let you assemble custom Commlinks
- added support for Used Vehicles
- Vehicles can now have any Gear added to them (Add Sensor and Add Ammunition have
all been rolled into this)
- Vehicles now come pre-equipped with non-Weapon Gear
- added appropriate ECCM and Sensors to Vehicles
- added Minigrenades to Gear
- Grenade Launchers now use Minigrenades as Ammo in Career Mode
- adding missing Range information for Battle Rifles
- added support for Weapon Concealability
- added Weapon Concealability information to Weapons
- Tradition and Stream are now drop down lists in Career Mode to allow characters
to change their Tradition/Stream during play or select a new Tradition/Stream
because of a Latent Quality
- Technomancers no longer benefit from Gear-based Matrix Initiative Pass modifiers
(Sim Modules)
- added support for Nexi

Build 98
- put Improved Reflexes Adept Power costs to their SR4A values which have been
confirmed as being the correct values by the SR product line manager
- applied Street Magic errata to Traditions
- applied Arsenal errata to Martial Arts
- removed Deformity Qualities (10 BP - 20 BP) which should not have existed
- corrected duplicate categories of Weapons (should have been their range instead
of a duplicate category)
- corrected reach for Rock Lizard
- added Elemental Attack (Fire) for Scintillant Albatross
- added Biomonitor to Armor Mods
- removed Agent and IC Complex Forms
- changed Chatty Positive Quality BP cost back to 10 as per Unwired errata
- corrected BP cost of Vomeronasal Organ
- Weapons installed on Weapon Mounts that are a part of a Vehicle's base
configuration now count towards its total cost
- Technomancer Stream field is properly populated after loading a character
- learning a new Complex Form in Career Mode now creates a Karma Expense
- Karma and Nuyen Expense Entries no longer throw an error when the computer's date
setting are not set to en-US
- selecting a piece of Cyberware/Bioware as Free in Career Mode is now actually
- fixed the anchoring for the splitter panels on the Skills tab in Career Mode
- Ignore Character Rules no longer prevents the Starting Nuyen window from
appearing when moving a character to Career Mode
- saving a new character that is marked to move to Career Mode no longer causes the
character to be opened twice after saving

Build 97
- Karma cost for Submersion is now based on the current Submersion Rating instead
of Initiate Rating
- Karma discount for Submersion is now based on the Submersion cost instead of
Initiation cost
- Cyberware/Bioware is no longer believed to be free when the Free checkbox is
- added an option to base a Spirit's maximum Force on the character's total MAG
Attribute for Mystic Adepts which is disabled by default
- Camera Upgrade Weapon Mods no longer consume Weapon Mod Slots

Build 96
- added support for <selectparagon /> to Improvement Manager which allows a
character to select a Paragon
- Sprite list now populates based on the selected Stream in the same was a Spirits
and Magic Traditions (big thanks to ShadowWalker for providing the Streams/Sprites
- added support for Paragons (another big thanks to ShadowWalker for providing the
list of Paragons)
- added Clean Car Coating to Vehicle Mods which was missing its information in the
Spy Games book
- added support for multiple custom data files of the same type (see below)
- Genetic Heritage now shows the Free item for any Genetech selected, not just
- Nuyen BP is now correctly populated when loading a character that has spent more
than 50 BP on Nuyen
- moved the Advanced Complex Forms from Unwired out of the Autosoft category and
into the Advanced category
- corrected the Shield Complex Form to be marked as allowed for Complex Forms
- adding a Weapon Accessory to a Weapon with a name no longer throws an error
- Extended Clip Weapon Mods now affect the Weapon's Ammo Capacity
- corrected an issue that prevented Vehicle Sensors from only being able to add
Sensor plugins
- adding missing Sensor Software from Arsenal
- all items in programs.xml can now be taken as Complex Forms
- added Skillsofts, ARE Software, Sensor Software, and Tactical AR Software to
Complex Forms
- Complex Forms now save/load source book and page number
- added support for Technomancer Streams
- only worn Armor now counts towards Armor Encumbrance
- maximum Force of a Sprite during character creation is properly set
- loading a character with RES higher than 6 and a Sprite during character creation
no longer throws an error
- added Critters from Parazoology
- added a splitter to the Skills tab to allow the Active Skills and Knowledge
Skills sections to be resized as needed
- added a splitter to the Common tab to allow the Contacts and Enemies sections to
be resized as needed
- changed the colour of the splitter bar on the Karma and Nuyen tab to make it
- added missing Barrel Extension Weapon Mod to Ares Desert Strike
- Vehicle Weapon Mounts have their context menu restored when loading a saved file
- Weapon Mounts that come as part of a Vehicle now have their context menu attached
- added support for Group Intiation/Network Submersion and Initiation
Ordeal/Submersion Tasks to Career Mode to discount the Karma cost of
- added missing Gear from Unwired
- added missing Drones from Unwired
- moved helmets and shields out of Armor Mods and into the Helmets and Shields
Armor Category
- fixed an issue that caused the maximum Rating for Vehicle Mods to be set to the
Rating that was selected when the Mod was first added
- Condition Monitors on the printout are now correctly calculated based on the
total value of the Attributes
- Skill Groups in Career Mode can now be raised above 4 without throwing an error

Support for Multiple Custom Data Files

Rather than making people merge multiple XML documents on their own any time
someone makes a change to a custom file, Chummer now supports multiple custom data
files for each source. Custom files must start with "custom" and end with
"_[filename.xml]". Using books.xml as an example, "custom_books.xml",
"custom_Nebular_books.xml", and "custom_ThatGuy_books.xml" are all valid names. The
base file (books.xml) is loaded first, then the contents of the other files are
merged in one-by-one.

Build 91
- Drain Value for a Tradition now uses the total value of the Attribute instead of
its base value
- Karma and Nuyen Expenses in Career Mode are now properly sorted in reverse
chronological order
- Vehicles that should have additional slots now have them included in their slots
- Adapsin now has its own set of Cyberware Grades
- added Skinlink as a Bodyware so it can be added as a plugin to pieces of
- Genetic Heritage Positive Quality now affects Nuyen cost instead of Essence cost
- Bioware cost multipliers are now correctly set before being given to the Select
Bioware window so prices should now be accurate when these modifiers exist
- added missing Shield, Simrig, and Smartlink Complex Forms
- only Weapon Mods marked as Installed that are not included with the Weapon
consume Mod Slots
- added support for Underbarrel Weapons
- Armor from Adept Powers no longer count towards Armor Encumbrance in Career Mode
- Weapon Damage should no longer appear as "NaN" if it is a non-numeric value

Build 89
- clicking Add Metamagic/Add Echo when a character has not Initiation Grade no
longer causes an error
- adding a Spirit when creating a character with Karma whose MAG is above 6 no
longer causes an error
- Sprites now have their maximum Rating set properly when loading a saved character
in Career Mode
- Active Skills no longer show the Active Skill Modifiers in their tool tip if the
Active Skill is being Defaulted to prevent confusion
- corrected an issue with Active Skills that caused the Aptitude and Incompetent
Qualities to compound the maximum Skill Rating each time the character was saved
- selected values for Qualities are now properly re-populated when the character is
loaded so that removing the Quality now also resets the Quality's text

Build 88
- added support for <selectside /> to Improvement Manager which allows a character
to select which side of the body a piece of Cyberware is implanted on
- Critter Power list is now sorted in alphabetical order
- Spirits can now be linked to save files in the same way as Contacts and Enemies
- fixed an error that cause improving an Active Skill that is a part of a Skill
Group to not properly remove the remaining Active Skills from the Group
- the 10 most recently opened/saved character files are now displayed in the File
- adding a Spirit after improving your MAG through Initiation no longer causes an
- Spirits can have a Force up to twice the character's MAG Attribute in Career Mode
- printout now shows the correct Essence value for a character when they have both
Cyberware and Bioware
- total remaining ESS and total value for Attributes and Skills have been added to
the character save to make importing Chummer files with external applications
- added an option for automatic updates which is enabled by default
- adding an Enemy in Career Mode no longer attempts to check how many BP/Karma have
been spent on Negative Qualities and cause an error
- Ignore Rules option should now ignore all character creation rules and
- Metamagic now supports requirements in the same way as Echoes
- Karma cost for Knowledge Skills in Build Mode is now calculated correctly
- Armor from Adept Powers no longer count towards Armor Encumbrance since they are
considered to be a magical source
- fixed an issue that caused character to become unable to select a Skill or
Attribute for Adept Powers and Qualities after improving an Adept Power's Rating
- removed the Category restriction on Cyberware plugins so things like Datajacks
can be added to Cyberlimbs
- added Spoof Chip to the General Category in gear.xml
- Gear Rating on the Gear tab is now a read-only field in Career Mode
- added support for naming Weapons
- added Cyberware to the list of Weapon Categories in the Select a Weapon Category
window so ammo can be used by Cyberware Weapons
- added the ability to mark Karma Gained as a Refund which will not count towards
the character's Career Karma
- Injection Ammunition and chemical weapons can now accept Drugs/Toxins/Chemicals
plugins as appropriate
- Vehicle and Drone Sensors can now accept Audio and Visual Enhancements and
Accessories as plugins
- Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness can now be set on the Character Info
tab in Career Mode

Build 86
- Weapon Mods and Accessories can now be removed from Vehicle Weapons

Build 85
- added support for <movementpercent /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a
character's Movement speed
- additional support for Critters
- all Critters from Running Wild and SR4A are now entered
- Personalized Grip Weapon Mod now provides its RC bonus
- Unseen Hands Adept Power now applies its bonus to the Stealth Skill Group
- Unseen Hands Adept Power now has levels enabled
- Celerity Positive Quality now provides its Movement bonus
- Condition Monitors now correctly calculate based on the Attribute's total value
and not just its augmented value
- number of Spells, Spirits, Complex Forms, and Sprites a character can have is no
longer capped in Career Mode
- RES now properly limits the maximum Rating for Complex Forms

Build 84
- added Movement values to Metatypes (this will only be applied to new characters)
- added Movement to character sheets
- maximum MAG and RES are now based on the Metatype's maximum ESS instead of 6
- added support for Critters

Build 82
- added AP, RC, and Damage information for Ammunition in gear.xml
- loading a Weapon with Ammunition now updates the Weapon's AP, RC, and Damage by
applying the Ammunition's properties to it (Ammunition needs to be removed and re-
added to existing characters)
- creating a new character using a Metavariant that comes with Negative Qualities
no longer throws an error

Build 81
- added support for <selectspell /> to Improvement Manager which asks the character
to select a Spell
- added Revision History to the Help menu to view the revision history of the
- added Spells, Gear, Traditions, and Powers from Digital Grimoire
- added Empathy Software and Emotitoys from Arsenal
- added Lifestyle Drones from Runner's Companion
- broke Counterspelling, Spellcasting, and Sustaining Foci into multiple items for
each Spell Category
- Combat, Detection, Health, Illusion, and Manipulation Spell Formulae now ask for
a Spell to be selected
- window contents immediately resize when the Create and Career windows open to
accommodate smaller screen sizes and eliminate the need for manually resizing the
window to trigger this
- loading a character with Qualities gained through a Metatype no longer cause the
application to complain about spending too much on Positive/Negative Qualities
- Active and Knowledge Skills are no longer limited by the character creation rules
in Career Mode
- adding Enemies during Career Mode no longer attempts to check that you are within
Negative Quality BP limits
- Magic Traditions list now filters on source book

Build 79
- Vehicles now have a Condition Monitor in Career Mode
- Burst Fire Mode no longer allows Full Bursts since this requires Full Auto Mode
- Vehicle Weapons now limit the Firing Modes they can used based on the Weapon's
Firing Modes
- Vehicle Weapons now show their correct Ammo Source in Career Mode
- total number of Drain Resistance dice now appears next to the Drain Attributes on
the Spells and Spirits tab
- Initiative and Initiative Passes now show both their base and Augmented values in
the same way as the character sheet
- Weapon Ranges are now displayed on the Weapons and Vehicles tabs when a Weapon is
selected (Vehicle Weapons in Career Mode only)
- Critical Strike Adept Power now increases Unarmed Damage
- Killing Hands Adept Power now changes the character's Unarmed Damage to Physical
- Kinesics Adept Power now improves Social Active Skills
- corrected Natural Immunity and Mystic Armor Adept Powers (Natural Immunity had
Mystic Armor's Armor bonus by mistake)

Build 78
- added support for <sensitivesystem /> to Improvement Manager since Sensitive
System explicity doubles the final Essence cost rather than applying a +100% cost
- Essence modifiers are now added together to determine a total percentage which is
then deducted from an item's Essence cost
- linked Contacts and Enemies now open in their correct mode (either Build or
- clicking Add & More when adding a Weapon Mod to a standard Weapon now correctly
goes through the process again instead of trying add a Mod to a Vehicle Weapon
- PACKS Kits now support the new Exotic Skill setup
- updated Exotic PACKS Kits to include all Exotic Skills
- Essence Loss now correctly impacts MAG and RES
- added an option to support the More Lethal Gameplay optional rule (off by
- added support for Weapon Ranges
- added support for SoftWeave Armor Mod
- resizing the window no longer causes the Notes field on the Character Info tab to
slide behind other fields
- opening the Metamagic window as a non-Technomancer no longer causes an error
- Armor Mods with no Rating no longer have the Rating field enabled
- Weapon Mods and Accessories that come with a Weapon can now be removed
- removed Weapon Accessory Mount tracking since Accessories can be swapped and
removed during play and places too much restriction on Accessory selection
- Melee Weapons now show the damage they will do and their full Reach based on the
character's Attributes in the Select a Weapon window
- added an Installed option for Weapon Mods and Accessories to show that they are
currently in use on the Weapon and are contributing to the Weapon's stats
- re-wrote how Weapon RC is calculated (see below)
- fixed an issue that could cause data and character sheet files to be saved to the
wrong location during an update
- added a Condition Monitor tab in Career Mode which records the character's
Condition Monitors and applies penalties to Skills

Weapon Recoil Changes

Since Weapons can now have their Mods and Accessories added and removed, the
Weapon's RC now shows what it is with the items currently attached to it. When
selecting a Weapon, the Select a Weapon window may show the lower RC number as
being slightly different than it appears in the source book, however the number IS
CORRECT since it comes with all of the attachments already installed. This happens
because in SR4A, some Stocks were removable and some were not. With the addition of
the Stock Accessory in Arsenal, they all effectively became removable items.

Build 75
- Power Level for Mystic Adepts is now correctly tied to their total MAG Attribute
and not just the MAG assigned to their Adept Powers
- Search in the Select a Weapon window no longer lets you add Gear Weapons (such as
Grenades) since these must be added through the Gear tab to work properly
- added support for Advanced Lifestyles
- added support for Magic Traditions
- removed Exotic Active Skills from skills.xml
- Exotic Skills are now added by clicking the Add Exotic Skill button on the Skills
tab since multiple copies of the Skill can exist for a character
- added fields to record Alias and Player Name on the Character Info tab
Build 74
- Adept Powers now save the correct Power Point cost in regions that use "," to
separate decimal places
- added an option to include Active Skills with a Rating of 0 on the character
sheet (on by default)
- Datasoft, Mapsoft, and Tutorsoft now ask for specific values
- removed Fomori's Dermal Armor bonus
- saving a character as Created no longer causes the Save and Print toolbar icons
to disappear
- Total Karma is now calculated and displayed on the character sheet
- when buying items, they can now be marked as free which will add the item to the
character without deducting from Nuyen

Build 73
- Active and Knowledge Skill Specializations no longer become disabled after they
lose focus in Create Mode

Build 72
- added Career Mode which lets you maintain a character through their career (see
- canceling a dialogue after selecting a Quality no longer adds the Quality to the
- opening multiple characters no longer causes invalid object references which can
come up after selecting items
- Spells are now grouped by Category on the Spells and Spirits tab
- Services Owed by Spirit and Sprites are automatically corrected if a character's
Summoning or Compiling Active Skill is lowered
- Qualities that can be taken multiple times now display the correct Karma cost
when building a character with Karma
- Quantity can now be selected in the Select Gear window
- PACKS Kits now support adding Gear to Vehicles
- adding Ammunition of the same type for the same Weapon Category now stacks
instead of creating a new item
- Ammunition can now be added directly to Vehicles
- Martial Art Maneuvers names are now displayed correct after being added to the

Career Mode
Once your character is ready to run, you can put them into Career Mode. Career Mode
lets you maintain your character using Karma throughout their running career.
Career Mode lets you keep track of your Karma and Nuyen expenses, buy and sell
Gear, and even keep track of Ammo in each Weapon. To put your character in Career
Mode, go to the Character Info tab, check the Mark character as Created box, then
click Save. The save process makes sure that your character meets all BP/Karma and
Nuyen total rules before saving. Once the character has been saved, they are re-
opened in Career Mode. Once a character has been put into Career Mode, you cannot
go back to Build Mode.

Build 69
- File > Open now allows multiple characters to be opened at once
- Armor Mods now correctly update the character's remaining Nuyen amount as its
Rating is changed
- Select Cyberware window now remembers the last Grade that was selected
- Gear with a quantity added from a PACKS Kit now displays its quantity information
in its name immediately instead of after it is selected for the first time
- added support for Knowledge Skills to PACKS

Build 68
- fixed a critical issue that prevented the Select Spell window from loading Spells
- selecting Ammo after another piece of Gear has been selected no longer causes the
Ammo's Quantity to be reset to 10
- added support for Limited Spells

Build 67
- added support for <basicbiowareessencecost /> to the Improvement Manager which
adjusts the Essence cost of Basic Bioware only
- added support for <transgenicsgenetechesscost /> to the Improvement Manager which
adjusts the Essence cost of Genetech: Transgenetics Bioware only
- corrected the Essence cost calculation for Cyberware and Bioware when multiple
Essence cost Improvements are present
- pressing Esc in the Select a PACKS Kit window now cancels
- Rating of Armor Modifications can now be changed after they're added to Armor
- items now display their Quantity and Rating in their names in lists when
- mugshots on character sheets should now render on machines that do not have
Internet Explorer 9 installed
- added missing Capacity to Audio Enhancements and Vision Enhancements
- corrected names of Spells in PACKS Kits
- source book filtering now uses exact matches on codes
- Armor Mods are now filtered by source book
- Weapon Accessories are now filtered by source book
- Weapon Mod list works again
- adding a PACKS Kit now makes sure the Rating for a Skill or Skill Group does not
exceed the maximum value and throw an error
- Select a PACKS Kit window now remembers the last selected category
- Select a PACKS Kit now only adds Spells that the character does not already have
- PACKS now supports Spirits
- PACKS Kit correctly set extra item information instead of prompting for a value
to be selected when applicable
- added a check box to the Select Bioware window to mark an item as free to handle
Genetic Heritage's free item (only appears when a Genetech: Transgenics item is
selected and the character has the Genetic Heritage Positive Quality)
- Options window now opens in the same position instead of in a random position so
the OK button is always accessible
- Select Lifestyle and the Lifestyle tab now show the Starting Nuyen amount for the
selected Lifestyle

Build 66
- Armor and ArmorMods can now create Improvements
- Weapons now correctly ignore the cost of Weapon Modifications that are included
in their base configuration
- fixed a bug that prevented Cyberware from adding plugins that come with it
- Attributes display in the Select PACKS Kit window now automatically adjust for
the character's Metatype
- both character sheets now work for printing both single and multiple characters
- added Vehicles from This Old Drone
- added Vehicles from MilSpechTech
- added Weapons from MilSpechTech
- added Spell, Powers, Echoes, Armor Mods, Weapons, Ammunition, Gear, Vehicle
Weapons, Vehicle Mods, and Vehicles from War!
- added Gear, Armor, and Weapons from Attitude
- added the missing extra slots to the Thundercloud Contrail, Hyundai Shin-Hyung,
and Cascade Skraacha
- added Qualities and Powers from The Way of the Adept

Build 64
- added PACKS content viewer
- Add & More button in PACKS window now works
Build 63
- rewrote all object creation code so that they're entirely responsible for
creating themselves and all child objects
- moved Add Cyberware Suite to the new Special menu
- added support for PACKS from the Runner's Toolkit which can be found in the
Special menu
- Form-Fitting is no longer considered when looking for the highest Armor Rating
and correctly stacks with the highest worn Armor Ratings
- Weapon Accessories that come with Weapons are no longer calculated into the
Weapon's RC since these are already factored into the base Weapon's stats
- Skills now have enough room to display their total Rating and Specialization
Rating without overlapping the Specialization field
- changing the Rating for Gear now properly update the character information and
Nuyen remaining
- character sheet no longer specifies an image type to hopefully allow any mugshot
image format to be displayed properly
- Cyberware/Bioware Essence Cost Multipliers are now stack correctly
- Attributes are now responsible for managing their resptive Cyberlimb Enhancements
which fixes the incorrect Armor Encumbrance and a high BOD through Cyberlimb
Enhancements bug
- added Programs from Unwired
- added missing bonus for Racing Tires
- Matrix Programs can now be added as standard Gear instead of just plugins again
- Matrix Programs are listed separately after the last Commlink on the character
- Vehicle Mod Accel Bonus now supports +X/+Y add to Accel
- Credsticks now have a maximum Rating of 1,000,000 to represent the amount they
- removed under barrel mounts for Pistols
- Vehicle Sensor and Sensor Plugins can now be deleted
- adding and removing Sensor Plugins, Weapons, Weapon Accessories, and Weapon Mods
to a Vehicle now immediately update the character's remaining Nuyen amount

Build 61
- added <biowareessmultiplier /> support to the Improvement Manager which
multiplies the ESS cost of Bioware (Genetech is exempt from this bonus)
- added <genetechcostmultiplier /> support to the Improvement Manager which
multiplies the Nuyen cost of Genetech
- Spirits and Sprites now have their Force/Rating and Bound/Registered properties
- character sheets now display the correct Spirits and Sprites information
- Clothing Armor Ratings are now only applied if they are marked as Equipped
- Form-Fitting Armor now properly stacks with other worn Armor
- added missing Qualities from Augmentation
- corrected the name for Adapsin
- added missing bonus for Adapsin
- added Bulk Modification plugin for Cyberlimbs
- added Optimized Cyberlimb plugins for Cyberlimbs
- Weapon Accessories and Modifications with a value of Weapon Cost no longer cause
an error when selected in the Weapon list
- Vehicle Weapon Accessories and Modifications with a value of Weapon Cost no
longer cause an error when selected in the Vehicle list
- added support for Cyberware Suites

Build 60
- Gear now calculates and displays its Capacity and Capacity Remaining
- Cyberware plugins that are added when selecting a base item now have their
category populated
- added the ability to search for Cyberware/Bioware in the Select Cyberware/Bioware
- added the ability to search for Armor in the Select Armor window
- fiexd a bug that prevented Metavariants from receiving their Qualities when
creating a new character
- Metavariants now only cost the Metavariant BP, not Metatype BP + Metavariant BP
- clicking Add & More when adding Bioware now correctly opens up Bioware instead of
- fixed a bug that cause Gear plugins to be limited to a Rating of 1
- Initiation and Submersion information now appear on the character sheet when
- added Spare Clip to the Ammunition Category in Gear so that multiple clips can be
- Vehicle Mods that affect Acceleration no longer cause an error
- all Cyberlimb Armor is now added to the character's total Armor Ratings instead
of just using the highest valued Armor plugin
- Cyberlimb Attributes are now factored into the character's Augmented Attributes
- Cyberlimbs now show their Attribute values on the character sheet
- Complex Forms now appear on the character sheet
- clicking OK in the Select Metamagic window no longer causes an error
- Add & More button in the Select Metamagic window now works
- Select windows now only load their data once instead of each time it needs to
look at something which should slightly improve performance and cut down on disk
- Skills now show the Specialization dice total in the application and not just on
the character sheet
- attempting to add Enemies while building a character with Karma now longer causes
an error
- Sensors can now be added to Vehicles
- Weapons now show the number of Slots they have remaining
- selecting a Weapon Accessory or Modification now shows its information
- Vehicle Weapons now show the number of Slots they have remaining
- selecting a Vehicle Weapon Accessory or Modification now shows its information
- added Print Multiple to the file menu which allows Game Masters to print multiple
characters off in a summary format
- added Game Master Summary printout sheet which displays a summary version of
selected characters

Build 57
- added support for Initiation and Submersion (only enabled when bulding with Karma
since these require Karma to select)
- added support for <livingpersona /> to the Improvement Manager which adjust a
Living Persona's Attributes
- corrected the Improved Attribute Adept Power's bonus
- Attributes are now capped at the Metatype's Augmented Maximum with any modifiers
to that value instead of the base Metatype Augmented Maximum
- added Print to the File menu
- character sheet now includes Description, Background, and Concept if they were
filled in on the Character Info tab
- Qualities now display their sourcebook and page number on the character sheet
- Essence is now correctly calculated with the the higher of Cyberware and Bioware
deducting the full amount and the lesser only deducting half
- corrected the Essence cost for Cybereyes Rating 4
- removed the empty Edit menu which restores the ability to Cut, Copy, Paste, and
Undo in a text field
- Martial Arts cost now calculates correctly when building a character with Karma
- added support for FixedValue to be speicifed for Cyberware Capacity, Avail, and
Cost which allows it to use values that do not follow a standard formula
- merged Cybereyes Basic System, Eyeband, Single Cybereye, Cyberears, Dermal
Sheath, Move-by-Wire, Wired Reflexes, and Stirrup Interface into a single pieces of
Cyberware instead one for each Rating
- removed the Martial Arts Positive Quality and made the Martial Arts tab always
- total cost for each piece of Cyberware now correctly ignores free plugins and
deducts the right amount from character's Nuyen total
- add Custom Placeholder to gear.xml to act as placeholders
- Adept Power Points Remaining text has been changed to match the format for
Cyberware Capacity Remaining to make it easier to understand
- character sheet now includes Lifestyles

Build 55
- Metagenetic Improvement Positive Quality now correctly increase the selected
Attribute's minimum value by 1
- removed the <aug /> tag from Genetic Optimization since the Augmented Maximum is
now correctly calculated on its own
- Cyberware and Bioware now write their page information to the printout
- loading a character with a Commlink Upgrade or Commlink Operating System Upgrade
no longer causes the load to fail
- number of bonded Foci is now limited to the character's MAG Attribute value
- Ignore Rules character option now lets any number of Active and Knowledge Skills
be at Rating 5 or higher
- Ignore Rules character option now raises the Skill Group Rating maximum to 6
- Attribute values are now easier to read: number beside the numeric field now
shows the total Augmented value (if any) while Metatype Minimum / Maximum
(Augmented Maximum) have been pushed to the side
- added support for <print /> to qualities.xml which, when set to "no", suppresses
the Quality from being printed
- added support for <forcecheck /> to qualities.xml which forcefully selects
additional Qualities when the Quality in question is selected
- put SURGE Quality BP cost back to standard value and added Positive and Negative
Qualities to compensate for the BP spent when selecting the Qualities SURGE
- Save As now pre-populates the file name if one is available
- moved Bonded Foci list to the Gear tab
- Bonded Foci list is now usable by anyone with a MAG Attribute

Build 54
- fixed a critical issue that caused non-Human Metatypes to reset some of their
Atrribute scores when loading a save file
- added ability to build characters using Karma instead of Build Points (this is
selected in the same window where you normally select your BP amount)
- added Karma cost options to Options window to override the default values

Build 53
- added <initiative /> support to the Improvement Manager which adjusts the
character's Initiative
- added <min /> support to <selectattribute /> and <specificattribute /> which
adjust an Attribute's Minimum value
- added support for <contributetolimit /> to qualities.xml which marks a Quality as
not counting towards the BP limit for Positive or Negative Qualities
- added <qualities /> support to metatypes.xml
- moved <uneducated /> support to the Improvement Manager
- <initiativepass /> now defines it own unique group in the Improvement Manager,
meaning only the highest single <initiativepass /> Improvement is used as defined
by the game rules
- restructured the <forbidden /> element in qualities.xml to have work in the same
way at <required />
- sourcebook and page information is now shown in all Select windows and when items
are selected in lists
- character mugshots can now be added on the Character Info tab
- added a notes field to the Character info tab to store notes about the character,
gear, and any other desired information
- added missing bonus information to Genetic Optimization Genetech
- Bioware now correctly identifies itself as Bioware in the Improvement Manager
- Technomancer Living Persona "Commlink" now appears in the Commlink section of the
- Technomancer Matrix Initiative and Matrix Initiative Passes are now calculated
- corrected Metatype minimum MAG and RES values to 1 so that taking Qualities that
grant these Attributes do not also cost 10 Attribute BP
- Attribute Augmented Maximum values are now automatically calculated based on the
Attribute's total Maximum value plus any bonuses, removing the need to specify <aug
/> for the <specificattribute /> bonus tag which was technically incorrect and
could lead to inaccurate Maximum Augmented totals
- added Category filter to the Select Metatype window
- added Sapient Critter and Shapeshifter Metatypes
- updated BP cost of SURGE Qualities to compensate for the BP expendatures for
their "free" Positive and Negative Qualities
- Qualities that do not count towards the Positive or Negative Quality BP limit are
coloured dark red
- added Drake and Infected Positive and Negative Qualities

Build 51
- added <weaponcategorydv /> support to the Improvement Manager which adjusts the
Damage of all Weapons in a Category
- added <cyberwareessmultiplier /> support to the Improvement Manager which
multiplies the ESS cost of Cyberware
- added <selectmentorspirit /> support to the Improvement Manager which prompts for
a Mentor Spirit and applies its bonuses
- moved <addattribute /> support to the Improvement Manager so anything can add MAG
or RES to a character
- moved <enabletab /> support to the Improvement Manager so anything can enable the
special ability tabs for a character
- added "limittoskill" support to <selectskill /> which limits the Skill list to
only the Skills specified
- added "excludeattribute" support to <selectattribute /> which excludes the listed
Attributes from the Select Attribute window
- EDG, MAG, and RES are no long subject to the one Physical or Mental Attribute at
maximum rule
- Lucky Positive Quality now affects EDG
- EDG cannot be the selected Attribute for the Exceptional Attribute Positive
- Uneducated Negative Quality now prevents characters from putting BP into
Technical Active Skills
- Uneducated Negative Quality now removes access to Academic and Profesionally
Knowledge Skills
- added support for Martial Arts
- added support for Mentor Spirits
- added support for Bonded Foci
- Select windows with Search now remember the Category of the item selected if a
Search was performed
- marked Rigger Adaptation and Weapon Mount (Normal, External, Fixed, Manual)
Vehicle Mods as being from SR4
- areas expand and contract with window size to play nicely in lower resolutions
and maximized windows
- adding an Enemy now updates the BP totals immeidately
- Add Enemy now checks to make sure adding a new Enemy will not take you over the
-35 BP for Qualities or -25 BP for Enemies limits
- added Vehicle Weapons and Vehicle Missiles from Arsenal
- Language Knowledge Skills are now correctly linked to INT instead of LOG
- added support for Knowledge Skills to skills.xml (big thanks to whatevs for
providing the content for it and pointing me in the right direction)
- appropriate pieces of Arsenal Clothing now stack with each other for determining
total Armor Ratings
- Form-Fitting Armor now stacks
- armors that start with "Form-Fitting" only contributes half of its values towards
Armor Encumbrance
- corrected an error that occured when selecting Adept Powers that affect an Active
- fixed an issue where Cyberware/Bioware with Ratings was calcuating ESS cost
incorrectly in regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places
- added page number references to all item entries
- page number is now shown on the character sheet (applies to items added to a
character after this update)
- added "Character Information" tab to enter general character information such as
sex, age, height, weight, etc.
- added general character information to character sheet
- Nuyen amounts up to 999,999,999 are now properly formatted
- new Knowledge Skills are placed in the correct location when the list is scrolled
- added Essence and Nuyen Remaining information to the status bar
- Gear can now have multiple <addoncategory /> entries
- moved Sim Modules into their own Gear Category which can only be added to
Commlinks and other devices that explicity refer to them in <addoncategory />
- Matrix Programs can now only be added to Commlinks and other devices that
explicity refer to them in <addoncategory />
- Commlink Operating Systems can now only be added to Commlinks and other devices
that explicity refer to them in <addoncategory />
- added Basic User, Basic+, and Pro User Suites to Matrix Programs
- added support for Commlink Response, Signal, Firewall and System upgrades
- Commlinks now display their Reeponse, Signal, Firewall, and System values when
selected in the Select Gear window
- Commlinks now display their Response, Signal, Firewall, and System totals when
selected on the Gear tab
- Commlinks now display their Plugins on printouts
- save files can now be linked to Contacts and Enemies
- Weapon Modifications can now be added to standard Weapons
- Vehicle Weapon Modifications now use Weapon Cost correctly for determine their
own cost when applicable
- adding Ammunition that starts with "Ammo:" now asks for a Weapon Category to be
linked to
- the Grade list is now properly disabled when adding a Cyberware plugin

Build 43
- added Nanocybernetics to Cyberware
- added Transgenic and Nanotech Gear
- added Genetech to Bioware
- Armor Mods that add to Avail can now include R or F
- Gear Accessories can no longer downgrade their parent's Avail from Forbidden to
- added <skillarticulation /> support to the Improvement Manager to properly
support the Enhanced Articulation piece of Bioware
- all Select windows now remember the last Category selected and re-open with it as
the currently selected Category
- Qualities that prompt for a value are now correctly removed from the character
when the Quality is removed
- selected values for Qualities now appear on the character sheet printout
Build 42
*** in order to download and install the character sheet properly, please follow
one of the follow two steps:
* download the zip again from
* run Chummer's Update but only update the application. Once it restarts, you can
safely run the update again and grab the character sheet

- update now supports updating XSL character sheets

- Spells now support selecting custom text and Attributes for those that require a
choice (those with [] in their name)
- multiple instance of Qualities like Addiction are no longer combined into one
when loading a character
- Vehicles now support Vehicle Modifications
- Vehicles now support Vehicle Weapons and Weapon Modifications
- added Cancel button to Choose BP window
- added Cancel button to Select Metatype window
- Armor Mods are now considered when checking for Armor Encumbrance
- corrected Armor Encumbrance rounding error being over BOD x 2 impacts AGI and REA
- Cyberware with a Capacity of [*] can now be removed from a character if it is not
a Cyberware plugin
- select Cyberware/Bioware window now shows the correct title when selecting
- removed Undo and Redo items from the Edit menu since they didn't do anything
- ESS and ESS costs now correctly round to 2 decimal places
- select item lists in Select X windows are now sorted
- added support for custom data files (see below)
- added Exotic Melee and Exotic Ranged Weapons from Arsenal
- added Ammo to Gear
- added all Grenades, Rockets, Missiles, Explosives and Demolitions equipment from
SR4A and Arsenal
- Gear that is also a Weapon (such as Grenades) also adds the appropriate Weapon
(similar to Cyberware and Cyberweapons)
- Gear can now have a minimum Rating
- added Custom Cyberware plugins to Cyberware Enhancements category
- reorganised the Skill Groups and Active Skills to display more information
- added key mnemonics for Add buttons (Alt+A for the first Add button on a tab,
Alt+D for the second)
- right-clicking on items now displays a context menu identical to the one for the
associated Add button
- added a tooltip to each Skill Group that list the Skills within that Group
- added missing tooltips to all fields on the Build Point Summary and Other Info
- window now closes after successfuly saving a character when Close Window is
- regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places no longer
causes errors when using numbers with decimals
- increased the size of some fields and lists so that names do not get cut off or
overlap with other information
- Armor and Armor Mods can now be marked as Equipped. Armor/Armor Mods not Equipped
are not factored into Armor Encumbrance or highest Armor Ratings
- added Online Help to the Help menu which takes you to the Chummer Wiki
- the BP used for Sprites now appears in the correct location instead of replacing
the Sprites heading
- added "Ask for confirmation when deleting" to the Options window (on by default)
- application now asks for confirmation when deleting objects if "Ask for
confirmation when deleting" is turned on
- the Delete key now does the same thing as pressing the Delete button when a list
item is selected (Spells, Cyberware/Bioware, Gear, Vehicles)
- added "Add & New" buttons to all Select windows which adds the current item to
the character then re-opens the window so you can add another item

Custom Data Files

You can create custom data for each of the data files. To being, create a copy of
an existing file and add "custom_" to its name. For example, to create custom
Cyberware date, you would create a copy of cyberware.xml and rename it
custom_cyberware.xml. This will give you the structure that the application
expects. You can then create your custom items using the custom data file. The
<version> information can be safely removed since it does not apply. Your custom
information will be shown along with the application's own data where applicable.

Build 36
*** most saves from previous builds will not work with this build due to a number
of underlying changes ***
- added Cyberware from Augmentation
- added support for +X to Avail for Cyberware
- added support for cost multipliers for Cyberware
- added full support for Gear
- Save button in the toolbar now goes away after closing a the last character
- added tooltips for Armor Ratings to show how they are being calculated
- removed the ability to tile and cascade windows since this caused rendering
issues and confusion
- only the highest value for each type of Cyberware Enhancement now applies to
Attributes and Armor Ratings
- Spells in the Select a Spell window are now listed in alpahbetical order for each
- added the ability to search for Spells in the Select a Spell window
- added the ability to search for Weapons in the Select a Weapon window
- Weapon Ammo is now populated when adding a new Weapon
- added basic Vehicle/Drone support

Build 32
- added Save button to the toolbar
- added Weapons from Arsenal
- added support for Armor Modifications
- added support for Cyberweapons
- added support for Weapon Accessories