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yarnmaster ® zenit

Built to see more

The decisive factors are:

With the new YarnMaster Zenit generation ➜ Measuring principle

LOEPFE succeeded in raising the reliable LOEPFEs yarn clearers always used ­optical
technology of optical yarn clearers to a new technology.
level. It is intended for customers with the • Independent of the material
highest demands on yarn clearing and yarn • Measuring results are not affected
quality who want to be ensured of safety and by ambient conditions
reliability, even under the most problematic • Always constant conditions
ambient conditions.
➜ Flexibility
The yarn fault is illuminated from all The best yarn clearer for all applications!
sides in the optical mirror field. Special • For all staple fiber yarns and materials
pre­cautions ensure reliable measuring • A sensing head covering the following
results, irrespective of position and yarn count ranges:
color of the yarn fault, of the influence TK YM ZENIT Ne 2.4 – 320
of stray light, ageing and dust. TK YM ZENIT F(P) Ne 4.1 – 320
• For all splicer types
• Maximum investment security
• High economic efficiency
Pioneer in foreign matter

Loepfe is since 1991 pioneer in foreign matter detection.

The redesigned YarnMaster Zenit F sensor technology ensures

a ­unprecedented foreign matter clearing precision.

The yarn body is illuminated sequentially from several angles

in ­order to fully evaluate the faults. Signals resulting from reflection
and transmission are ­computed so that yarn diameter differences
“Seeing more is decisive”
are compensated and foreign matters made visible.

LOEPFE successfully implements the wide know-how for all sorts

of applications. Disturbing foreign matters are reliably detected
and cleared in raw-white, dyed as well as mélange staple yarns.

F Cluster
By using an additional clearer setting, off-standard bobbins are
reliably detected with regard to soiling (e.g.: oil spots) and elimi-
nated from production.
and polypropylene detection

ZENIT FP Colorless or with Identical Colors

Fine foreign matter is very difficult to see
Benefits to the User
➜ The industrially reliable clearing of syn-
with the naked eye. However, with the thetic foreign matter provides a decisive
LOEPFE P-sensor, it can be detected competitive advantage.
easily as proven already in various practical ➜ Hooking during sectional and beam
Consistently further applications. warping as well as yarn breaks in
developed and optimized, production are effectively reduced.
This increases productivity and quality
the P2 sensor sets new
at the same time.
standards. ➜ Very expensive faults in the dyed and
finished end product are reduced.
The result: Less complaints along with
In carded cotton Ne 28 better margins.

NSLT fault

foreign matter

In combed cotton Ne 40
white and transparent
synthetic fibers

In combed cotton Ne 155


➜ Channel Clearing ➜ Class Clearing
• Opto-electronic precision In addition, 128 optionally selectable
• Easy to operate classes are available. In combination
• Yarn clearing with clearer channels: with channel clearing, the desired qual-
ity is achieved with the highest possible
1 3
Neps machine usage. Even effects, for example
2 Short “defined flames”, can be classified as
3 4
Long non-disturbing (clearing window).
4 Thin
5 5
Splice ➜ Classification of Yarn Faults
6 Yarn count All cleared and remaining yarn faults are
7 Short count classified according to internationally ap-
plicable standards. The reference lengths
➜ Cluster Channel Clearing (for example per 100 000 m) can
Additional clearing curves ensure the reli- be freely selected. Classifi­cation is
able detection of: ­performed relative to groups and also 8
to spindles.
8 Periodic clusters 9
9 Non periodic clusters



LabPack is an extra option for LOEPFE – SFI/D– Off-Standard

YarnMaster Zenit: Bobbin Detection
Adapted to the situation in winding, it is
Online Evaluation of Quality Data possible to detect off-standard bobbins
In addition to diameter-related imperfec­tions simply and reliably with only one setting
such as with respect to the most important qual­­ity
• Neps + 200%, parameters
• Thick + 50%, 10
• Thin – 50% 10 Hairiness
the surface indices specially developed 11 Neppiness 11
by LOEPFE 12 Irregularity CV,
• ­SFI Diameter variations VCV 12
• SFI/D variably adjustable observation
• VCV length 13
are also monitored online 24 h/day. 13 Imperfections IPI

and take them out of production.

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