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the Pharmacentric white paper
English edition Volume 1
Autumn 2010 iPhone?
The next pharma

The Key points of SFE implementation at

emerging markets

Sales Productivity : The key to Sales

management effectiveness
Supported by

ADAM: The table PC for Pharma? + ROCHE: New social media rules!?

 VOICE ACTIONS FOR Touch Screens replaces old

ANDOIRD whiteboards at hospitals in
Control your Android phone just by
speaking using Voice Actions. This

could be a very useful feature for t Hillerød Hospital in surgical, emergency
the Capital Region of departments and the patient
the reps on the field. View maps,
Denmark, the old wards.
send sms or emails, establish calls
whiteboards have been moved
via the new function o Andoird.
to the museum and been The screens have been placed
You can downlaod it from Google. replaced by new interactive all over the department in
screens. These touch screens strategic places, so doctors and
+IS APPLE WORKING ON are better at giving the nurses nurses always can get a real-
and doctors the overview of time information on in-coming
A TV?! the patients, the personnel and patients, waiting patients,
If you are reading this message on the whole department that diagnostics, available beds, lab
your iMac, speaking on the iPhone they need. tests, personnel and many
with your sales rep who uses the The Emergency Department at
Hillerød Hospital is the first in
Sales Vision iTouch CRM on the
the Capital Region to use large
iPad, know that the “i” familly is screens with the most
expanding. Acording to some advanced touch technology
romours Apple Inc. plans to developed on top of Cetrea's
clinical logistic systems for the
rebrand the Apple TV
Either way, it's reason enough to
expect that while iTV may well be Otsaku Pharma set to buy 1,300 iPads!
Apple's internal, even preferred, It’s only a matter of time before the big pharma
name, they're an ocean away from companies in the US follow suit by buying iPads in
being able to actually call it that. bulk.
Lets see what Apple will bring.



The cheapest model, of ADAM the tsuka Pharma, the the company is also
LCD Wi-Fi only one will cost $399, pharmaceutical considering implementing this
or $449 for the 3G version. Over to company responsible strategy in other
for the blockbuster drug countries. They plan on
the Pixel Qi model, which will cost
Abilify, is in the process of spending up to $2.5 million on
$449 for Wi-Fi only, or $498 for the purchasing 1,300 iPads for its the iPads, including service
3G one. All models will apparently sales reps in Japan for fees. It’s the perfect tool if
come with an iTunes-like download marketing purposes. The you’re a sales rep, especially if
iPads will be used to give you have 3G connectivity –
store called Genesis pre-loaded,
presentations to physicians allowing you to get updated
which will sell ebooks, music, and for the sales force to study news and data to your iPad
movies and apps. company material. According while you’re in the field.
to the Businessweek article, sales.visioner 02



T he Swiss pharma compa-

ny ROCHE publishes its
Social Media Principles,
a four-page document of operat-
landscape,” says the guidelines.
“If you come across positive or
negative remarks about Roche or
its products online that you be-
guidelines for personal and pro-
fessional use for social networks
like FB, LinkedIn or Twitter.
Some of the rules are: be con-
ing procedures for employees. lieve are important, consider scious about mixing personal
One of the standout points is a sharing them by forwarding and business lives, to follow the
requirement for its global work- them to your local communica- group code of conduct, be care-
force of more than 80,000 to be tions department.” ful when talking about Roche
on the lookout for “sentiment The publication of its social me- etc.
and critical issues” when they dia guidelines sees Roche break We like the idea and decently
use social media websites. new ground in the industry, by they can impact on their percep-
“Even if you are not an official becoming the first pharmaceuti- tion on a global level. Roche has
online spokesperson, you are cal company to make its operat- showed that they are ready for
one of our most vital assets for ing procedures publicly availa- social media responsibility and
monitoring the social media ble. In the document we can find usage.

change will impact the

GSK will
sales force. The move
Sanofi-Aventis to takover
implement new
Rep Compensation appeared to be in line Genzyme?
with the company’s
model !? effort to pare down its Reuters reports that pharmaceutical giant Sanofi-
sales force so that most Aventis has approached the board of Genzyme
physicians only see a with a takeover bid of US$19 billion (€14.6
single GSK medical
representative. Last billion) for the company.

tarting in 2011, month the company cut
bonuses for most 700 sales and Best iPhone Pharma apps
members of its marketing positions,
sales force will no according to the Wall St. 1. Sales Vision Pharma CRM
longer be based on Journal Health Blog. 2. Skyscape Medical Resources
targeted sales numbers. Well, sales are not the 3. MedPage Today
Instead, GSK reps will only indicator of
be evaluated “by
4. Medical Radio
success. Ironic, but one
customer feedback, and 5. MedCalc
CM from GSK has once
by a sales professional's said to us, we hope that 6. Drug Trials
adherence to the in the future Pharma
company values of
transparency, integrity,
CRM solutions will be Topic in next sales.visioner.
m ore re la ted to
respect and patient- qualitative indicators In the next edition of the sales.visioner we will
focus,” the company like relationships and
explained in a analyse the situation on emerging markets like
not just on quantitative
statement. like sales. Russia, Mexico, South Africa etc. Is this the new
The larger question, Eldorado for the pharma business? How SFE is
however, is how the working there?

03 sales.visioner

Sales Productivity : The key to Sales management

Are you frustrated managing sales people who seem to be content to just “cruise
along” and do not achieve the numbers you expect? Have you tried applying the
newest theories of sales productivity management to your local or multi-cultural sales
force “engine” with less than the outstanding results? Sales leadership is both an art
and science- and depends heavily on how well your sales managers can execute.

fter working with many different
organizations and sales cultures, I’ve
developed a simple and practical
approach to improve sales productivity via the
sales management team, which I call “1+1+1=4!™”
I believe the first and foremost mission of a sales
manager is to create all the conditions for their
reps to succeed
Here are some highlights of this sales
methodology: If you have ever run a consulting
business or a Professional services business, your
revenue forecast was based on your people
production: your delivery organization was living By: Philippe Le Baron
by the following ratios: chargeability, billability, salespeople based on simple ratios specific to their
average price per day, per person, average number sales cycle that tells you in advance whether or not
of bid investment days, etc.. the sales person is on the right track (before the
Sales productivity boils down to creating the same month/quarter is over). Regardless of what he/
kind of “people based forecast,” but for sales she tells you. By providing these two “hard facts,
people only. If you use a regular sales forecast that data analytics”-based reports early enough to your
is opportunity/account based, the sales volume sales manager, he/she can then use this extra
total should be the same on both reports. But what information to inspect business in a better, more
your sales productivity forecast brings to the table informed and more predictable way. In order to
are two extra items: 1) A past/present/future calculate and understand these two extra
picture for each of your salespeople that adds variables, you need to consider the set of outputs
value to your opportunity based forecast and and inputs that are specific to your business on
therefore to your “forecast confidence factor”. both the Rep level and Sales Manager Level. Here
2) An “early warning system” for each of your are some example. sales.visioner 04

Sales Productivity : The key to Sales management effectiveness

Sales Outputs & Inputs Motivation, company culture, company support

(management, functional), existing client base,
REP OUTPUTS: Sales volume is, of course, #1 on Market conditions, competition, offering, time.
the list, but you also want to consider how we get What is interesting here, is to consider who is
there. Here are some examples in the responsible for establishing most of these inputs to
pharmaceutical industry for instance: brand a sales person’s success.. it’s the Sales Manager(s)
image, leads, Sales cycle ratios (prospect calls, This is why the first and foremost mission of a
doctor meetings, hit ratio%), Doctor « loyalty », sales manager is to create all of the conditions for
market share per pharmaceutical, institution, their reps to succeed.
referrals, new customers, new market penetration Now sales managers are no magicians either, but
(pharmacies), activity, average deal size, deeper they should understand what pivotal role they
customer penetration (hospitals). play in their rep’s success, and failure… Let’s take
a look at what this production system looks like
...who is responsible for
for a sales manager :
establishing most of these inputs
SALES MANAGERS INPUTS are similar to the
to a sales person’s success.. it’s inputs for sales reps with one big add on : Your
the Sales Manager(s).... sales team (each and every one of your reps)
SALES MANAGER OUTPUTS focus on how the
You need to set objectives for the Sales Rep team performs…Sales volume, margin
outputs that are specific to your business, and achievement, growth targets, Forecast
measure results and progression such as; You predictability, Sales management cycle ratios,
expect your reps to produce W$ of sales- You Productivity ramp up/acceleration, Pipeline to
know that in your business, this represents X bids goal conversion#star reps low reps turnover
and Y meetings, that go over an average sale cycle (unless you are in a different business very rep
of X month. The inputs are like a staircasa, you consuming…)% of reps at goal
need to define how many steps, and which are The effective management of this set of outputs
they, that pave the way to success for an average and inputs can make the difference between
sales person in your business. That is how you growing sales and blowing away your quota
create the benchmark and the ramp up. versus, declining sales performance in a
REP INPUTS : Here is where you look at the challenging economy.
conditions that are fed to a sales person to help
him succeed. For example…Quota, Territory,
Compensation plan, Self (given) skills and

05 sales.visioner

Why is iPhone the next Pharma


doubt that Steve Jobs was think- that pharma companies have been very
ing about helping the pharma successful in the past doing things the
industry when his company cre- way they’ve always done them, so big
ated the iPhone, but he is a visionary, risks aren’t encouraged. However, it’s a
so you never know. Pharma marketers whole new world now and pharma
are always looking for the next big needs to do something different. Their
thing that they can be the first to try, traditional marketing model is failing,
that’s “innovative”, and that will put so now’s the time. The iPhone should
their products ahead of everyone else. I be the real pharma smartphone. Why?
have noticed, though, that it takes We will try to figure out what people Is Pharma ready
pharma quite a while in many cases to are saying and, of course, if iPhone can for the iPhone?
Is iPhone a strate-
catch up. beat and take over the place of the gic tool for the
Rarely is pharma the first to try any- pharma king, BlackBerry. sales field and
thing. In many cases, there’s a good BlackBerry is the most common
reason for this. It’s a highly regulated pharma smartphone now. If we take a
environment, as we all know, but it’s closer look at this fact, especially at the
also an environment where marketing structure of the users, we will see that
risks are generally not rewarded within BlackBerry is mostly used by top
the corporate structure. What I mean is management. But what about the sales.visioner 06
PLANET Why is iPhone the next Pharma smartphone?

The new iPhone 4 is a powerful


medical and sales reps in the Trends, added value and fancy most of them don’t know any
field? In most cases they use gadgets new trends or what is happening
nothing, which means that this is in the market, they are perfectly
a valuable market niche in the Let’s look at the situation ten happy with their own iPhone.
future. When I talk about the years back. The main added Ask them what their next
iPhone to the reps and mention value and motivation factor for smartphone will be and they will
all its advantages, they become every sales rep was to earn a answer, of course, it will be the
curious and more than 50% of the laptop. Today everybody has a new iPhone release.
reps agree that they need it! As laptop so they want to be The iPhone is also an image
we seek how to improve Sales smarter. Now they want booster. When the rep visits
Force Effectiveness, we see the smartphones. In smartphones doctors or medical institutions its
iPhone as an ideal solution for segment we are facing an open shows them that their companies
the pharma with direct benefits war between providers; take good care of their
like mobility, interactivity and a BlackBerry, Symbian, iPhone and employees, image and
great image booster. It’s not a the high potential BlackBerry are motivation.
secret that reps don’t like the old- fighting for any market share. Also, there are rumors that
fashioned laptops (ok, you have But is iPhone really the best? The pharma companies like Merck
netbooks, but still) because who answer is simple, it is. and Pfizer are already testing the
would like to carry it around I know many iPhone owners. iPhone for the compare solution.
when visiting doctors and They have many things in If this happens, we are sure that
pharmacies? Let’s talk for all common. First when you ask others will just follow their suit.
reps, buy them iPhones. them about other smartphones,

”BlackBerry is the most common pharma smartphone now.”

Some details of
the new iPhone 4

07 sales.visioner
PLANET Why is iPhone the next Pharma smartphone?

Some Pharma examples and SFE iPhone. Pharma CRM solutions native and offline app where you
as an internal process have exist on the iPhone for can work without an internet
many years. But the truth is that connection with a local database.
How can iPhone be used for none of them has been developed In the next issue of sales vision
pharma? Patient education, for the iPhone. It means that the we will take a closer look at the
patient compliance, physician app was not programmed in the app called Sales Vision iTouch.
education, detailing just to name X-code, the native code of Apple Also, we have got the
a few. Has anybody tried it developers. Does is make sense information that some other
yet? The answer is yes, Johnson to have an iPhone Pharma CRM CRM providers also want to
& Johnson created Care app if you can work and access it develop their own Pharma CRM
Connector app, which is aimed at only when you are online? If you solution. For now the Sales
patient caregivers to keep track ask us, it doesn’t. Vision iTouch app from the UK’s
of appointments, prescriptions as Sales and medical reps need company Media-Soft seems to be
well as to connect with other latest and timely information a good solution.
caregivers. Another example is about their clients. So with a web So it may be concluded that
Asthma-Charter application, app, they would need to search iPhone is a cult like Starbucks,
which is a disease management for a wireless internet access or VW Beetle, Rolling Stones or
application. be subscribed to an internet some other immortal product.
Our sales vision team is always package. Pharma is ready for such a big
focused on how to use something At beginning of this year, Media- step, but still there is the question
for the purpose of sales force Soft, a pharma CRM leader of time. The BlackBerry was also
effectiveness? We can talk about announced and launched their not a standard 3 years after the
Pharma CRM solutions on the Pharma CRM app. This is a launch.

”The BlackBerry was also not a standard 3 years after the launch.”

Who Is Jane
As many students will know, Johnny Appleseed was an 18th
century American pioneer, missionary, and gardener. He
was a kind-hearted folk hero with a penchant for apples,
which appears to be the only tenuous connection to Apple. sales.visioner 08
PLANET Why is iPhone the next Pharma smartphone?

How has the market changed? many killers but not a single
iPhone murder. The same
Until 2007 and the official launch example can be found in the car
of the iPhone 2G the trend in the industry and the VW Golf Solutions for Pharma:
mobile world was to launch segment. There are differences SFE, Pharma CRM, maybe BI

smart little mobile phones with between followers and

the best pixel camera. On 9th What's new with iPhone 4?
companies who set standards,
FaceTime, fast processor, many
January 2007 the iPhone was like Apple.
pharma apps, great touchscreen
introduced. First it was not a Well, there is the final question
serious player from the point of and explanation why we didn’t
What to say?
view of Nokia, Samsung etc. But give our opinion about the Well, iPhone will be the next
then, the mobile phonemarket newer iPad? The iPad is a Pharma smartphone. Its stylish,
has revolutionized forever. Now magnificent gadget but you fancy and really stable for medi-
the mission was to have a big 2.5 cannot phone or message like on cal reps and managers. A great

or 3 inch touchscreen on which the normal smartphones. There gadget for the sales field.

you download and control is also the question of price and

thousands of apps. So, to if you don’t have the more
summarize it, today we call the expensive 3G solution, honestly
complete segment and market of it doesn’t make much sense to
smartphones iPhone segment, buy it.
”However, they are many killers
and every new wannabe iPhone,
iPhone killer. However, they are
but not a single iPhone murder.”

09 sales.visioner

The key points of SFE implementation at emerging

In any sales force, you can get along without the vice president of sales, the regional
sales director, and the training manager, but you cannot get along without the district
(first-line) sales manager

hey are gossiping about SFE. This topic
is very popular either into a company or
in professional communities, at the
conferences and round tables discussions. Some
managers even try to implement different
components of this difficult integrated approach to
optimization of SF daily activities.
But how does competent to speak about the drugs
(medicines) promotion process optimization by SF
activities improvement only? The Company-to-
Client interaction processes include many and By: Maxim Lisitsyn
many different activities directed at Clients, at accordance with these regulations. And the result
Products, at Professionals who are working with of that processes should not depend on internal
this Product. Therefore, this work is not only with factors as it’s possible. The main focuses of
SF, but with all kind of processes and employees optimization should be the following processes:
of a company. This is ideal task to implement full  SF sizing and structuring (which includes
coverage of a company by innovation and also an efficient recruitment process, an
optimization processes. I know, that complicated initial training course improvement, staff
decisions have been the case at some companies, integration program implementation);
especially which HQs clear understands how  competency model implementation and
significant would be that complex processes at regular assessment of staff performance
emergency markets. Perhaps is more actual to (their ongoing professional development,
discuss the term “sale force & marketing the involvement, motivation and
excellence” this time. At least, the integration of incentivizing, corporate values and loyalty
marketing and sales divisions is becoming programs);
apparent much more.  territory potential assessment and SF
SFE. What does it mean? Many of processes in a alignment (implemented ETMS/CRM
company should be regulated and conducted in system, customers profiling, segmentation
and targeting processes, KPI’s system); sales.visioner 10

The key points of SFE implementation at emerging markets

 sales and marketing cooperation to And during this interdepartmental work

company strategy implementation (right motivation is a great point which mentioned above
regional planning and resource allocation, already. It should be clear, but in addition a KPI’s
effective communication and feed-back). system, which gives the controlling of approaches
and the understanding of motivation factors,
At the end the main targets should be the should be collaborated and distributed to all
development of competitive advantages, the involved into the process. Through these KPIs the
improvement of internal processes, optimizing changes should be accepted by each employee and
ROI and, of course, the achievements of goals. All settled tasks should be reformulated into a special
these things require the clear understanding of coordinate system of each level of managers and
these processes importance by all of involved especially for the main staff of a company – to
employees, understanding their roles and medical representatives. Therefore, ideological
support is needed. The Regional Managers
...Nobody shouldn’t be excluded (District-), as a First Line Sales Managers (FLSMs),
or not involved if his/her should help to their teams to perceive these
responsibility concerns with changes correctly.
SF... There is a fundamental principle of that, maybe

implement KPIs. Based on indicated above, it’s just correct one in the situation, flow of the

very important to take into account all success information. Each process of changes should be

factors of all changes, which will be implemented started with creation of communication channels

into SF structure and their activities. These with the SF. All approaches are acceptable, even

processes should cover all employees of a division “grey” methods of PR (an obligatory checking of

or even of a company. Nobody shouldn’t be an understanding correctness of each task should

excluded or not involved if his/her responsibility be included). And in the same time, during the

concerns with SF. A flag should proudly streams process of that changes implementation, the key

above a boat! TOP management should be not point is a creation of conditions to the arranged

only involved, but should be “a sponsor” of the changes importance would be understood and

project (and it’s not the question of the budget). perceived by involved employees. They should

This is point of right communication about and realize what these changes will give them at each

importance of the project for the company. The level. The main part of changes, which were

right point also is a project team, which should implemented at the last 5 years and will be in near

includes TOPs and members from each future, concerns with a structure and activities of

department involved into the process of changes. SF. Thereby, the factor of FLSMs role is so

11 sales.visioner

The key points of SFE implementation at emerging markets

SF. Thereby, the factor of FLSMs role is so of the process is: to assess how secure the
meaningful. Regional (District-) managers provide deal really is, and provide to your REPs
many tasks, apart from their work with the team. ideas and resources that will help them
The spread of these tasks depends on many close the deal safely.
factors. But the first thing which should be secured  The forecasting process (one-to-team
by FLSMs is daily work with the staff. This work process-high risk) is essential in terms of
includes the following types of activities: team assessment and team success. This is
 “the joined sales calls (one-to-many an interaction that usually takes place
process), where the purpose of ongoing between you (Sales Manager) and all of
sales call is not for sales manager to sell. It is your REPs. During this process you share
for them to observe, to support and to the collective view with your REPs. This is
coach.v And at the end, there is to improve opportunity to show all of them how well
REP. But make no mistake: this call should you listened to them, how smart you are at
be the best time for Manager add value to remembering what everyone told you about
both REP and the Customer, and to coach a individual deals, and how value is added
REP, not to lead the call. during the exercise, thank to the different
 The Customer (REP) calls (the one-to-one questions you ask during the forecast.
process). The outcome of these session  The Pizza Training Process (one-to-team
should be to elevate your partnership with process) is in addition to any training
this individual REP to a new level. To drive activities hat your REPs might be going
new activities out of the REP, to provoke through. It’s not so much about training but
behavior changes and to learn from the REP more about practicing. And it’s about team
(as much as s-/he will learn from the building. There is a Pizza Training Process
Manager). because you (as Sales Manager) want your
 The deal review process (one-to-many REPs focused n Customers during most of
process) focuses on your (this Manager) their days, working on proposal, going on
district hot deals, the top deals that can Customer calls. This process can only be
make or break your business in a specific effective if it happens regularly.”
quarter. This process should be facilitated To follow to all of these processes allow to Sales
by the Sales Manager, but the value you (as Manager make correct decisions, to lead his/er
a Manager) will create for your REP will people, better assess situations of their settled
come, from the question you ask, and the tasks and to reach right solutions, and solve the
answers the participants give. The purpose problems.

11 sales.visioner

Next edition BRANDAD SITES
Where is the future of pharma marketing
and sales at emarging markets... Branded websites are the most
effective form of pharmaceutical
marketing, and are highly
effective at generating new
patient starts and refills,
according to a study by
comScore, Inc.
The study evaluated the impact
of various online marketing
activities - including banner ads,
rich media, search marketing,
and visits to a brand website -
on a pharmaceutical brand’s
awareness, favorability and
sales results among both
patients and prospects.
FIND OUT FIRST! Existing patients who visited a
brand’s website increase their
If you want to receive notification that new
sales.visioner is out register by: refill rate nearly 25 percentage
1. Send a email at salesvision- points, compared with those or who did not visit the site.
2. Send a empty sms at +44 77 65 806 285
Patients who were new to a
treatment increased an
sales.visioner incremental 11.9 percentage
Contact us: points higher than the control.

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