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Instruction for CTS-30A/B Data Transmission Software

Chapter 1 Installation

Before using the data transmission function of the ultrasonic thickness gauge, please connect the

ultrasonic thickness gauge with the PC via the configured USB communication connecting cable.

Operate the ultrasonic thickness gauge by following the instruction below:

1) Press key to enter the menu.

2) Press key or key to select Communication.

3) Press key to enter the menu.

4) Press key or key to select Data or Parameter.

5) Press key to confirm transmission. At this time, the LCD screen will prompt

Open Device Manager in My Computer, click Human Interface Devices. If the connection is

successful, a group of HID-compliant device and USB Human Interface Device will be

displayed, as shown below:

This indicates that the ultrasonic thickness gauge and the PC is well connected via USB

port and it is entering the data transmission standby mode.

Chapter 2 Function Instruction

The Data transmission Software Interface is as below:

Transmit: In transmit standby mode,click this button,and the instrument stored data will

Be transmitted to the PC.

Communication Data List: displays the data list that will be transmitted to the PC

Clear: Click this button and the data in the communication data list will be cleared.

Save: Click this button and the transmitted data will be saved.

Exit: Click this button to exit the application.

ENGLISH /中文 : Click this button to change language interface between English and


Click Transmit button to transmit the data.When data sets are transmitted,the software

Interface will be shown like this:

When parameters are transmitted,the software interface will be shown like this:

After transmission,click Save button and a data storage dialog will show up and the data

can be saved in TXT file format.

Select the storage location and input the file name.Click Save and the data can be saved.

Note: To save a new file ,the suffix “.TXT” shall be added to the file name.