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TheComparisonFiles A Guide to P&H Mining Equipment Inc. 4100XPC The AC Difference Summary This document
A Guide to P&H Mining Equipment Inc.
The AC Difference
This document highlights key similarities
and differences of the P&H ® 4100XPC DC
machine and P&H 4100XPC AC machine.
4100XPC AC Difference
AC Motors are brushless and have no commutator or exposed un-insulated conductors. These features support less
maintenance and eliminates commutation issues.
Drive System
Active Front End AC Drive system with active ISU and Inverters replaces
reduces power factor variation from unity and better IEEE-519 harmonic
Converter with RPC and Transfer Switch. This
compliance under varying mine power demand.
RH Room
AC Control Cabinet with updated MCC. The controls were changed to accommodate the AC drives, and the MCC updated
to provide more space for options.
Propel Slip Rings
3 AC rings plus one ground ring for each propel motor vs. 2 armature rings for each motor and 2 field rings for DC motors.
This is a requirement of the AC motors.
Transfer Cabinet
Removed. The AC machine has independent drives for each propel motor. This allows for “propel-on-demand.” The only
time required for a transfer from dig mode to propel mode and back is the time required for the motion brakes to set.
Main Transformer
4MVA single secondary transformer replaces the 3MVA dual secondary transformer with no increase in power demand. This
provides a simpler transformer, and the capacity to support operation of the Inverter Supply units to regulate power factor
and harmonics under a wide range of mine power system conditions.
Auxiliary Transformer
Windings for DC motor field exciter feeds removed, providing a simpler transformer.
High Voltage Cabinet
No change from DC model.
Lower HV Disconnect
No change from DC model.
Lower Control Cabinet
Expanded I/O to accommodate more options.
Auxiliary Panel Board
Expanded from 14 breaker capacity to 22 breaker capacity to allow for more options.
LH Room
Expanded I/O to accommodate more options.
Rear Room
New climate controlled rear room module houses the AC Drive Line-Up. The AC drives are enclosed in a temperature and
dust controlled environment.
Mechanical 4100XPC AC Difference Rollers and Roller Paths Roller width was increased to reduce operating
4100XPC AC Difference
Rollers and Roller Paths
Roller width was increased to reduce operating stresses and improve overall roller circle life.
Same outer geometry but built to accommodate wider roller and roller paths. This includes improved weld geometry intended to
improve overall structural fatigue life.
Revolving Frame
Heavier lugs for the rear gantry and hoist gear case, thicker internal stiffeners, and integrated one-piece bottom plate that
eliminates laminated roller path pad. This is designed to reduce operating stresses and improve structural fatigue life.
Boss plates eliminated to promote better structural fatigue lives. Also improved gantry platform for easier installation.
New lubed boom rub rails, thicker internal stiffeners, and upgraded boom wear bar construction designed to reduce handle to
boom wear, prevent wear box crush, and minimize shipper shaft adjustment requirements, as well as improve boom structural
fatigue life. Both AC and DC models have structurally improved boom point sheaves to help increase overall sheave life.
Dipper Handles
New handles on AC and DC, and improved rack termination joints for better structural performance. Handle and rack design
lives are better matched to help reduce the number of overall handle rebuilds.
Crawler Frames (including Front
Idlers and Tumblers)
New splined front idler assembly design is intended to provide a higher overall front idler assembly life, and help minimize idler
change outs.
Swing Transmissions
Improved thrust plate eliminates ball and wear plate design to help minimize transmission wear debris and promote longer
overall lives. This is now standard on both AC and DC models.
Propel Transmissions
Ratio increased in 1st reduction to match new AC motors. Also designed in improved thrust plates to help minimize wear debris.
Saddle Blocks
Both models have new adjustable saddle blocks which eliminate shimming on the vertical wear plate and allow for a more
robust bolting arrangement on the horizontal wear plates. These design changes are intended to help improve the adjustment
procedure to reduce maintenance associated with saddle block adjustments.
Hoist Drum Assembly
Larger bull gear and larger capacity bearings to match AC characteristics and promote longer drum assembly life.
Hoist Gear Case
Increased ratio to match AC characteristics and larger intermediate bearings with bearing capsules to promote longer lives and
reduce gearbox rebuild requirements.
Rear Room
New modular enclosed rear room design provides climate control and allows for a more efficient machine assembly and
machine relocation.
LH/RH Room
No change from DC model.
Ring Gear
AC ring gear has additional mounting holes. Interchangeable to DC; not vice versa.
Hoist Rope Tugger
Right angle gearbox, tugger location moved towards the rear of the house. Assembly better positioned to help provide more
efficient alignment when pulling in hoist ropes.
Hoist Drum Guards
Improved hoist drum guards intended to make hoist rope changes easier.
Counterweight Box
Designed to accommodate rear room. Both AC and DC CWT castings are now flush with the bottom of the CWT box increasing
cable reel clearance.
Shipper Shaft
No change from DC model.
Center Gudgeon
No change from DC model.
Propel Motor Base
New Design to accommodate AC Motors.
Machinery House
House design changed with addition of enclosed Rear Room.
Dipper Trip
No change from DC model.
Hatch Covers
Flat roof design with Mebac plate.
Swing Shafts
No change from DC model.
Operator Coop
No change from DC model.
Crawler Shoe
No change from DC model.
Crawler Rod Bolts
No change from DC model.
Hoist Ropes
No change from DC model.
Changed to accommodate AC requirements.
Upper stairways moved away from sidewalls. The other stairways are the same.
Air Compressor
No change from DC model.
Crowd Drive Assembly
New motor base, belt sheaves and redesigned/improved belt case.
Crowd/Swing XMSN Filter
Flow Sensor added, maintenance access improved
No change from DC model.
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