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Recruitment and Employment

Miss Ellecia Smith

27B Rajah Road

Dear Miss Smith, Ref: PT/779869

I am pleased to advise that you are eligible for employment as a teacher with the NSW Department of Education. Please note
that this letter does not constitute a promise of employment.

Permanent employment - Full time X Part time X Priority Date 01-07-2017 Casual Approval X

The department has an automated casual teacher staffing service which is known as Casual.Direct. If you would like to register
with Casual.Direct in order to be considered for casual teaching employment please complete the Casual.Direct Registration
form available on the department’s website at
You should familiarise yourself with the casual teacher induction material and ensure that you read and comply with the
department's Code of Conduct.

Your ID number is 1324008 (This number is required each time you make contact with the department)

Approved teaching subjects Infants (K-2), Primary

Casual Teaching Salary Scale - Band 1

BOSTES Accreditation Accreditation Status

Conditional - Completion Req 16-06-2017
Status Commences

You have been granted Conditional - Completion Req accreditation under the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004 and for
continuing employment as a teacher you will need to meet the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards
(BOSTES) accreditation requirements including paying an annual fee to BOSTES. Further information on BOSTES accreditation
requirements is available at
Payment for casual teaching employment is made on a daily basis and credited directly into a bank account once per fortnight.
When lodging your first pay claim please supply:
1. A copy of this approval for employment.
2. Your banking details.
3. A Tax File Number Declaration form.
4. Details of your superannuation fund if not First State Super.
Bank authority forms, Tax File Number Declaration forms and more information about casual
teaching with the department are available on the department's website at
This teaching approval letter verifies your eligibility for employment with the NSW Department of Education. Please retain this
approval letter in a secure place. This approval to teach will lapse if you have a break from teaching in NSW public schools for a
period of five years or if you are appointed to a permanent teaching position.
Yours sincerely,

Kelly Edmunds
Director, Recruitment and Employment

22 Main Street, Blacktown NSW 2148 Locked Bag 3020, Blacktown NSW 2148
T 1300 300 498 email