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(Credit Approver & BM)

Date & Time of CPV 23/04/2018-12:14PM

Met by Srikant Kolkunda

CRO's Name Abdul Salam

Branch code and name 0227 - Hyderabad

Name of the applicant ashetty yadaiah

Same as Application form: Yes

Business address verified Yes

Person Met (Name) ashetty yadaiah

Relationship to the Business Self

Name of The Business SRI SAI MILK CENTER

Business Category No

Business Type

Business Place Ownership

Landline Number

Outside Branch Catchment No

Mobile Number 8801224655

Any other Branch/Gowdown No

Address 18/4/407/4/3/2,kandikal gate,hyderabad,chandrayangutta,HYDERABAD,Telangana,500005

If rented 4,000.00

Landlord name:

Property document of business place available ( if


Details if already financed

If partnership, -

Type of Business Activity (pls provide details) Good

No of months in Business 120

YIB proof collected and verified ( document type) Yes -

If less than 3 years , then earlier occupation and number Occupation –

of years in same Number of years -

Number of family members

Any Seasonality in business

Who are the Key Suppliers? Supplier Name Monthly Volumes Frequency of
Please include monthly volumes of business with purchase
Suppliers and dealing for how long?
Customer Details Customer Name Monthly Volumes


Payment Terms (Cash or Credit)

Credit Period (If Applicable)

Competition in the market Medium

Daily Turnover in Volumes and Value ( As stated by 14,000.00


Monthly Turnover in Volumes and Value ( As stated by 4,20,000.00


Key components of Expenses Transportation, Gas, Ec Bill

Margin Levels as told by customer 15

Margin levels as verified in with other traders in similar 20


Monthly Profits after all expenses as told by customer in 80,000.00


Does he have a bank account Yes

Banking Credits Month wise Bank Name:

Account Held Since:

Credit for last 12 months

Month Total Credits No of Transactions

No Of Cheque Bounces observed:

Reason for cheque bounce:

Properties purchased in the last 3 years ( Land/house/ Type ( LOV) Area Year of Value (Rs)
Gold ) Land/house/ purchase

Current investments/savings( LIC/RD/Chit/Pygmi etc Type Rs/Month

( Amount per month to be mentioned)

Vehicle/Machinery owned Non - Mandatory Vehicle/Machinery Make Registration/

Type Machinery No

Loans Taken Non - Mandatory Note: All loans appearing in CIBIL, High Mark, Bank Statements and Dedupe to be loans from Local
financiers, contribution to chit funds, pigmy accounts, 5% of credit considered

Type of Financier Loan Amt Tenure MOB EMI Loan remarksma

Loan Taken By
( LOV-
Name of

End use of the loan Working Capital__________________ Value

Business Asset creation:______________ Value

Debt Consolidation:__________________ Value

House Purchase:Value_____________ Value

House Construction_________________ Value

Others: _____________ Value

Purpose Details Value in La

W working Cpital 800000

End use direct Payment and part disbursement details One of the below is mandatory

Direct Payment Amount: 0.00

Part Disbursement Amount: 0.00

Comfortable Installment To Customer 25,000.00


Land mark near the office Near KANDIKAL GATE

Type of office building

Area of business place ( Sq ft) 750

Number of employees/Labours employes 1

Visibility Moderate

Office furnishing Med

Level of activity MED

Stocks ( This is business dependent )

a) Appearance of stock

b) Present stock level 1,20,000.00

c) Stock as per stock register ( if available) 0.00

From - To hours 08:00 - 08:00

Sales if available 0.00

Market Holiday No holiday

Business Dealings 0.00

Sales as per sales register( if available) 0.00

Market Holiday (Mention the day) No holiday

Business dealings (as seen) 0.00

Debtors detail as per debtor register –If available or as 0.00

stated by customer


Is co-applicant/co-applicant a relative of any employee

of Vistaar?

Is it residence cum Office

Market reputation as per neighbor hood feedback NA

Any other concerning issues noticed

CPV Observations : Also describe owner activity , Positive

employer activity seen

ROAD MAP ( from the branch to applicant’s office)

Reviewed by :

Reviewer’s comments-Observations , activity and stock level, reference checks and comments based on the visit to customer office /shop

Final Recommendation – Sanction/Rejection/Escalation

Date |Name of Reviewer -

|Employee Id –


CPV result : Positive

Done by : Name and Employee id and Signature