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Number 2

1. The failure of concrete in compression is:

a. Self accelerated;
b. Gradual;
c. spontaneous
2. The class Ca/b means:
a. a-compressive strength on cylinder, b -compressive strength on cube
b. a-tensile strength on cylinder, b -compressive strength on cube
c. a-compressive strength on cylinder, b –tensile strength on cube
3. At failure, the tensioned concrete has:
a. Crack perpendicular to the force direction
b. Crack parallel to the force direction
c. Crack parallel to the both sides
4. The split tensile strength is:
a. Compressive strength
b. Principal tensile strength
c. Tensile strength
5. Flexural strength is determined on:
a. cube
b. prism
c. cylinder
6. The relation for determining the flexural strength is:
a. Rti= 6M/h2
b. Rti=6M/bh2
c. Rti= M/bh2
7. Breaking of concrete in pure shear occurs under:
a. Principal tensile stresses
b. Principal compressive stresses
c. compressive stresses
8. The crushing of concrete under local compression is:
a. In the entire cube
b. With cracks parallel with the force
c. Produced in a nucleus that is completely destroyed
9. The relation for determining the modulus of elasticity is:
a. Eb= tgα
b. Eb= tgαo
c. Ebp= tgαr
10. The transversal elasticity modulus G is:
a. Gb=0,2 Eb;
b. Gb=0,3 Eb
c. Gb=0,4 Eb
11. Depending on chemical composition the types of steel are:
a. Soft, medium and hard steel
b. Soft, and hard steel
c. Soft and hard steel
12. For prestressed reinforcement the steel is type::
a. Wire and mesh
b. wire
c. mesh
13. The diagram σp-εp for prestressing steel has:
a. Visible yielding limit
b. Reduced yielding limit plateau
c. Conventional yielding limit
14. For axial tensioned reinforced concrete members in the 3rd stage the failure is
produced by:
a. Yielding of reinforcement
b. Yielding of reinforcement and crushing of concrete
c. partial cracking of concrete
15. In the second stage of working the cracks in a beam occur:
a. In both zone-
b. In the compressed zone
c. In the tensioned zone
16. The crushing of compressed concrete in a beam is produced by:
a. normal cracks
b. horizontal cracks
c. inclined cracks-
17. Designing of beams is made in:
a. Second stage of working
b. 3rd stage of working
c. First stage
18. The relation for fs is:
a. fs=fyk/γs
b. fs=afyk/γs
c. fs=fyd/γs
19. The distribution of compressive stresses can be:
a. Parabolic-rectangular
b. Bi-linear
c. Parabolic-rectangular, Bi-linear or rectangular
20. How many equations can be used for designing the steel Aa for a rectangular
singly reinforced section:
a. 2 equations
b. 3 equations
c. 4 equations-