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Catherine Shea

Professor Suk
EDUC 230-01 Education Field Experience
Spring 2018
Rationale Statement

I. Education Field Experience, College Sophomores

II. Curriculum Standard

NJSLSA.SL2. Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats,

including visually, quantitatively, and orally.

NJSLSA.SL3. Evaluate a speaker’s point of view, reasoning, and use of evidence and


III. ​ ​Learning Objectives & Assessment

Learning Objectives Assessment

Students will be able to identify concepts, The teacher will be able to assess
understand, and have basic knowledge of knowledge by having the students form
the major components of Standards Based groups, observe their discussions, and
Grading systems. then verbally ask the groups their opinions
of the effectiveness of Standards Based

Students will be able to understand how The teacher will be able to assess
Standards Based Grading is utilized in knowledge by quizzing the students on a
schools across America today. They will Kahoot game. The teacher will see exactly
also know how students are graded, as how many students got which question
well as the pros and cons of the grading correct or incorrect.
system versus a traditional system.

IV. Materials

- Powerpoint presentation
- Students will need their cell phone or other electronic device for the Kahoot game

V. Pre lesson assignments and/or prior knowledge

The students will have had several other presentations from throughout the semester, but

their knowledge of Standards Based Grading is limited. I am going in to this lesson

assuming that the students have never been exposed to and/or heard of the grading system.

VI. Lesson Beginning/Hook

As I begin the powerpoint, I will ask them if they have ever sat through a class where

they have felt as if they knew everything, and conversely if they have ever sat through a

class where they knew nothing. I will ask them how they reacted in each situation. From

there, I will say, “What if they was a way to assess and teach students that would ensure

no student ever felt too bored or too overwhelmed?” Then, I will dive right in to

introducing the topic.

VII. Instructional Plan

a. Initial hook questions asked/discussed

b. Go through power point presentation, stopping to ask if there are any questions


c. Have students discuss their thoughts/concerns in small groups, then discussing as a class

d. Conclude powerpoint, address any concerns students might have about content

e. Assess students knowledge through a Kahoot game

VIII. Lesson Wrap Up

Once all answers are submitted to the Kahoot game, I will ask the students how they felt

about Standards Based Grading. I will ask if they ever would seek employment in a school

that graded and taught this way, and also if they ever planned on implementing these

techniques in their own classrooms.

IX. Culminating or Follow Up Activity

Thanking the students for their time and cooperation.

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