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LATEST – Former AG Anil Nandlall Special officers being trained to monitor metered oil production by Exxon Mobil – GRA Boss

Sedition clause was inserted by Govt. – Former

AG Anil Nandlall
 Apr 30, 2018  News 0 Comments

“Sedition has been abolished in England and no one has been charged for sedition for nearly
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130 years prior to its abolition”
Stanton Rose and Shane Webster...
 Apr 30, 2018
Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall has labelled the sedition clause in the 2016 Cybercrime Bill
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as a colossal attack on freedom of speech and the press.
place win There wasn’t an accolade available for
The clause was not part of the 2015 version of the draft Bill, which was circulated by the A
the Finals MVP but Bounty Colts’ Stanton Rose
Partnership for National Unity (APNU) +Alliance For Change (AFC) Government. The clause was
would’ve been the clear cut winner for that award...
subsequently inserted in the 2016 Bill, which is now before the National Assembly to be debated at
the next sitting.
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“Sedition is one of those offences that are archaic, anachronistic and is really a relic of the past. An
offence like sedition has no place in modern society and certainly in a society where there is a
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constitution that is the supreme law which guarantees free speech, freedom of expression and ceremony hosted by...
freedom of NEWS
the press EDITORIAL
as a fundamental right.”
The former Attorney General noted that sedition has been abolished in England and no one has
been charged for sedition for nearly 130 years prior to its abolition.

The overall thrust of the Bill is to make illegal, certain activities KMPA congratulates
undertaken using a computer and the internet, such as child Natricia Hooper on her
pornography, cyber bullying, theft of data, and revenge porn among
 Apr 30, 2018
However, there are concerns about aspects of the Bill, which was
tabled by Attorney General, Basil Williams. The most contentious is
Archery Guyana’s
Section 18 (1) (a) of the Bill which indicates that a person commits the Inaugural Level 1
offence of sedition if he brings or attempts to bring into hatred or Coaching...
contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards the  Apr 30, 2018
Government established by law in Guyana.
According to Section 18 (1), a person can commit the offence whether
in or out of Guyana by intentionally publishing, transmitting or Hand-in-Hand Inter-
circulating by use of a computer system or any other means, a County 50-over U-19...
 Apr 30, 2018
statement or words, either spoken or written, a text, video, image, sign,
Former Attorney General,
visible representation, or other thing.
Anil Nandlall
The penalty ranges from four months in prison to a life sentence where
death occurs.
Grant-Stuart wins UCI
Nandlall sat on the bipartisan parliamentary select committee, which reviewed the Bill. The clause C1 Para-Cycling event
survived the review. Nandlall noted that unfortunately, every time the committee sat it conflicted with in...
his commitment to the court and as a result, he does not recall attending any of the seven committee  Apr 30, 2018
meetings held over a two-year period.
He explained that in the current clause, there is no definition for what sedition is, but it is very broad,
which makes it dangerous.
“We don’t need sedition in our country. In fact, sedition should be removed from the law books. In the Features/Columnists
year 2018, to be passing a law that contains sedition is a retrograde step. What that means is that
the net is cast very wide; therefore almost anything that you say which would amount to causing A page in Comey’s book saddened
disloyalty in a government, disaffection or causing people to hate the government can be seditious
and it carries a life imprisonment or five year imprisonment,” Nandlall noted. me as a Guyanese
He explained that every day media houses broadcast and publish critical statements concerning the
James Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty:
government. According to Nandlall, if the Bill is passed, reporters and their entities will be exposed to
Truth, Lies and Leadership” came into
the peril of being hauled before the court, charged with the offence of sedition.
According to Nandlall, everyday opposition politicians as part of their political responsibilities are duty
bound to expose Government excesses, corruption and incompetence. He stated that when this is the country for me Saturday afternoon. I
done, naturally persons will have disaffection for the government. completed... more
“What we say will not excite love for the government. What we say will not excite affection; if
anything, it will excite something that is hatred or close to hatred. It will excite ridicule. It will excite
Section 18 of the Cybercrime Bill
disloyalty, but that is what we have a freedom and responsibility to do, and that is what every citizen
of this country has a right to do. Every news agency has a responsibility to expose corruption, does not restrict criticisms of the
executive lawlessness, maladministration and incompetence in a government. That is what we are
doing in Parliament every time we sit in the Parliament,” Nandlall stated.
He noted that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) will challenge the constitutionality of the Bill if it We are getting ahead of ourselves in
is allowed to go through Parliament. It will not withstand the debate over Section 18 of the
“Someone will have to challenge it in court because this can become a dangerous weapon to be Cybercrime Bill. It seems that most of
used by politicians in Government against fellow politicians and against anyone who criticizes the those persons... more
government, including the press. This here is an assault.”
Local transparency watchdog, Transparency Institute Guyana Inc. (TIGI), and social activist Ruel
Johnson have called for the scrapping of the clause in the Bill. Welcome Prince Charles by Royal
wish and better sense
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Domestic violence is so unnecessary
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There seems to be no end to the

          
shocking things that are happening in
Guyana at this time. There is an
increase in domestic... more

Is Chris Ram right about trade
Sedition clause in cybercrime Section 18 of the Cybercrime Cybercrime Bill clause sparks unions, its leadership?
bill must be scrapped - TIGI Bill does not restrict criticisms public outcry - - Persons
President of the government believe it could be used to By Lincoln Lewis The trade union is a
April 29, 2018 April 30, 2018 silence Govt. critics public institution and, like every
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