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April 25, 2018 To Whom It May Concern: 1305 N. Martin Avenue P.O. Box 210203

April 25, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

1305 N. Martin Avenue P.O. Box 210203 Tucson, AZ 85721-0203 Tel: (520) 626-4913 Fax: (520) 626-2669 Email:

Janae Benson was my student during her 10-week psychiatric/mental health nursing clinical rotation in the Fall 2017 semester. As a clinical instructor/lecturer with thirty yearsexperience in various psych nursing areas, I have a unique opportunity to become acquainted with my students as individuals. Since they're learning to use their own personalities as a therapeutic tool, I try to help them get to know themselves more in depth and as members of a team; rotating to various units serving crisis intervention for all ages, psychiatric emergency care for all ages, and child/adolescent and adult inpatient populations. My goal for them is to practice interpersonal relationship skills that can be generalized and applied to any nursing endeavor they choose.

Janae is one of those nursing students whom I will remember as a "standout" even in a very competitive class of one of the better Colleges of Nursing in the nation. Janae thrives on challenging situations, and no matter what the task, she puts forth 100% effort. Janae is stimulated by the idea of caring for patients with complex co-morbidities within the context of difficult psychosocial problems. I experienced Janae to be caring, gentle, compassionate, conscientious, and professional at all times. In the clinical setting, Janae was enthusiastic, focused, eager to learn, displayed great initiative, and was an effective team player. Janae proved herself to be a natural leader and outstanding role model to her peers. Our faculty uniformly supports Janae's career goals in our nursing community, the Tucson nursing community, and beyond. We know that with her strong motivation, laser focus, and incredible time management skills, Janae can literally do it all because we've seen her do it and well!

Now the usual (but true) description of the strengths and attributes that Janae will bring to your organization: 1) a broad and in-depth nursing knowledge base; 2) highly developed technical/technology abilities; 3) excellent verbal/written communication skills, and finally; 4) an appreciation of the value of the continued application of evidence-based nursing practice.

Most important, Janae's maturity and organizational abilities are going to be the hallmarks of her career as a nurse leader maybe in administration, or education, or research maybe all three over time. Here is someone who has an interest in the details of her work, but always remembers the over-arching big picture, as well. Janae will be licensed shortly after her May convocation; be sure she's part of your healthcare organization by then!


Beth Lee

Beth Lee, MSN, RN-BC Course Co-Chair, Clinical Instructor