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Works Cited

Biography Of Susan B. Anthony. Accessed 22

Mar. 2018. In this webpage, it gives a brief background history about Susan B. Anthony.

The author talks about her family who were active in the anti-slavery movement. In 1846,

at age 26, Susan B. Anthony took position of head of the girls’ department. in 1868,

Anthony encouraged working women from printing and sewing trades in New York, who

ere excluded from men’s trade unions, to form Working Women Association. Overall,

this webpage would really help me with my project because it gives credible information

about Susan B. Anthony’s background and what she has done leading her up to the

Women’s Suffrage.

“Lucy Burns Photography.” Women’s Suffrage Videos, produced by Matthew Pinsker. In this

video, Matthew Pinsker talks about how many women in the US started voting way

before Women Suffrage even started. In the state of New Jersey until 1807, but in most

cases many women were denied in the 19th centuries. So, in the 1840’s to the 1850’s

many women started to come along to fight for women’s rights, in Seneca Falls, New

York. Overall, this video would really help me with my project because Mr. Pinsker is

pulling out the main details and the important events of Women’s Suffrage. This helps,

because it is the important fact that can help me to understand my topic even more.

“National Women’s History Musuem.” Alice Paul,

resources/biographies/alice-paul. Accessed 22 Mar. 2018.

“National Women’s History Musuem.” Elizabeth Cady Stanton,

resources/biographies/elizabeth-cady-stanton. Accessed 22 Mar. 2018.

The Woman Suffrage Movement.

movement. Accessed 19 Mar. 2018. This webpage talks about the important fact about

the Women’s Suffrage Movement. The author points out the basic information about

what happen throughout the event. It talks about who was involved, where it begin, and

how the congress was able to make the law pass for the 19th amendment. Overall, this

would really help with me with my project because it adds another new information that I

am able to add onto my project.

Women’s Suffrage. 2009,

suffrage. Accessed 19 Mar. 2018. In this newsletter from it talks about how

the Women’s Suffrage begins....

Women’s Suffrage and WW1. Accessed 23

Mar. 2018. This webpage talks about the effects of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. It

explains how it affected the community. Not only that. but it explain how strongly all

women supports each other throughout the whole process. This webpage will help me in

my project because it explains the importance of what had effected the world as they tried

to fight for the 19th amendment.

“Women’s Voting Rights: 7 Events that Led Up To The 19th Amendment.” Newsmax,

events/2015/11/14/id/702199/. Accessed 22 Mar. 2018.

“Participants of the First Women's Rights Convention.” National Parks Service, U.S.

Department of the Interior,

first-womens-rights-convention.htm. this helped me by having really important

information on it and good pictures,

“Women's Suffrage and WWI (U.S. National Park Service).” National Parks Service, U.S.

Department of the Interior, This

citation was used for many pics and some quotes

“Woman's Suffrage Timeline.” National Women's History Museum, This citation was used for

our history day project. It allowed us to get some great information and pictures.

Accessed May 01, 2018

“Alabama Equal Suffrage Association.” Encyclopedia of Alabama, May 08, 2018 it was accessed this one

in particular helped us with the timeline and was able to get some good information