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In this assignment, we have learn how to solve a problem that had been faced in
doing the group assignment. There are several problem when solving on this task
especially on the theory calculation and implement CPU. Without team mate’s help
maybe we can’t solve our own problem.

For the task 1(a), it required to solve theory calculation about a fundamental
concept of computer architecture and organization. So there are three main memory
address such as 7FB110, 0A2234 and 5DDBBE in which we need to figure out the
corresponding tag, cache line address and word values for direct-mapped cache.
With the characteristic given, we can point out for tag, cache line and word values on
8Mbytes of main memory address. In 1(b) also required to give any example main
memory addresses in which different tags that map to the same cache line in a
direct-mapped cache. So there’s two example that we had found such as 00143C and
02143B in which both of the main memory address are mapped in the same way on
their size cache line but differ in word offset. Next step also required to identify the
corresponding tag and word values for two main addresses such as 7FB110 and
5DDBBE in fully-associative cache. In fully-associative word, the cache is split up into
a tag and a word offset field and we no longer need to identify which line a memory
block can be in any line and we will search each line n parallel. The word values must
be 5 bits to address each individual word in 32-word block. For the last part 1(d) is
required to give the corresponding tag, cache set and word values in two-way
set-associative cache. In this part, the cache value must divide into two due to
two-way set-associate cache, so the value of bit in cache line and the main memory
address will changed.

In question 2 need to create and simulate a machine based on the instruction

given. The format is given to easier the simulation of machine for assemble and the
program execution of the instruction. So, there are 6 instruction have need to
executed. Each instruction have 2 steps per instruction to make exactly 12 steps in
simulation of the machine.
The most challenges faced while doing this assignment is when doing on the
calculation in question 1 and also there’s some error machine after assemble and
load on the simulation of the machine. To overcome this problem, we get help from
other group to teach us how to fix the error on the simulation and also for the
calculation, discussion had been made with teammates and review on tutorial
question in which helping on our assignment.