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(An Autonomous Institute with Permanent Affiliation to JNTUK, Kakinada)
Seshadri Rao Knowledge Village: Gudlavalleru
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Class Test – III 10
Class : II B.Tech Semester: II Subject: CS
Date : 12/03/2018 Duration: 40Mins. Max. Marks: 10

Name of the Student : …………………………………………….

Roll No. Signature of Invigilator

Section -I 3X1M=3M

1. The gain margin of a system is 0 dB, it represents a [ ]

(a) stable control systems (b) unstable control systems
(c) conditionally stable system (d) marginally stable system
2. At the phase crossover frequency [ ]
(a)  G(jw)H(jw)=00 (b)  G(jw)H(jw)= -1800
(c)  G(jw)H(jw)= -900 (d)  G(jw)H(jw)= +1800
3. At the gain crossover frequency [ ]
(a)|G(jw)H(jw)| =0 dB (b) |G(jw)H(jw)| = 1dB
(c) |G(jw)H(jw)| = -20dB (d)|G(jw)H(jw)| = 20dB
Section-II 1X3M=3M
4. A unity feed-back control system has the Transfer function, 𝐺(𝑠) = 𝑠(𝑠+2)(𝑠+20). Draw the Bode plot
(both Magnitude and Phase plot).
Section -III 1X4M=4M
5. (i) Sketch the polar plot of the transfer function, 𝐺(𝑠) = 𝑠(𝑠+1)
(ii) Find the transfer function of the system whose magnitude verses frequency plot is given below

******************Paper set by Dr. K. Alice Mary****************