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Objective- Students will describe the rights protected in the Bill of Rights.

Standard 2 - 6.2.3 Examine key ideas of Magna Carta (1215), the Petition of Right (1628),
and the English Bill of Rights (1689) as documents to place limits on the English monarchy and
how they have affected the shaping of other governments.
Assignment- Create a poster that includes all ten amendments contained in the Bill
of Rights. Include the following in your poster:
 The poster should be creative.
 The poster should include color.
 The poster needs to include all 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights and
must be large enough to read it from a distance.
The poster needs to have any additional information that you deem important for
this project.
Making A Poster: Bill of Rights

Teacher Name: Ms. Balch

Student Name: ________________________________________

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Graphics -Clarity Graphics are Most graphics Most graphics Many graphics
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Knowledge Gained Student can Student can Student can Student
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questions questions 75% of insufficient
related to facts related to facts questions knowledge
in the poster in the poster related to facts about the Bill
about the Bill about the Bill of in the poster of Rights
of Rights Rights. about the Bill
of Rights
Content - Accuracy The poster 6-8 of the 3-4 Less than 3 of
displays all 10 amendments of amendments the
amendments the Bill of of the Bill of amendments
of the Bill of Rights are Rights are of the Bill of
Rights. displayed on the displayed on Rights is
poster. the poster. displayed on
the poster.
Use of Class Time Used time Used time well Used some of Did not use
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project done.
Required Elements The poster All required All but 1 of Several
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elements as poster. included on missing.
well as. the poster.

Kind of Assessment Reliability Standardization Validity Practicality

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Authentic Assessment: assessed because completely on projects is
______________________ consistently everyone has to the Bill of very cheap,
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