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APPE Precepting

Summary of Student Evaluation of the Resident

Resident: Elizabeth Young

Please complete the following assessment items to provide feedback to your resident about
his/her teaching skills.

Strongly Agree (SA), Agree (A), Undecided (U), Disagree (D), Strongly Disagree (SD)

Feedback Item June 2017-

June 2018
1. The resident was readily available to assist me when I needed. 5
2. The resident provided me with constructive feedback to help me learn. 4.91
3. The resident motivated me to improve my performance. 4.82
4. The resident allowed me to express my opinions and raise questions. 5
5. The resident did an adequate job of facilitating discussion and explaining 4.91
concepts related to the topic.
6. The resident is an excellent role model for students. 5
7. Rate the resident’s overall teaching skills. 4.91
N = the number of total feedback sheets received and compiled
Strongly Agree (SA)=5, Agree (A)=4, Undecided (U)=3, Disagree (D)=2, Strongly Disagree (SD)=1
Question 7: Excellent=5 Poor=1

Please list 2 areas of strength for the resident

 Helpful and available – made this a learning experience and made sure I understood
before letting me try on my own
 Attentive – asked to be sure I was on task or doing something or if there was something I
could do so I was not sitting around.
 Most welcoming rotation I’ve experienced.
 Constructive feedback on rubrics
 Available for questions but also gives autonomy
 Gives advice/experienced tips on compounding
 Facilitated a good environment for asking questions and encouraged us to look up
answers while still providing an appropriate level of guidance.
 Excellent ability to teach, and when we made mistakes she was not critical at all. This
made us more comfortable and it was easy to admit our mistakes so she could help us
 Elizabeth did a great job of fostering a learning environment that encouraged
exploration of topics new to me and development of skills. I appreciated her availability
and willingness to answer any questions I had.
 Very patient in showing me how to compound
 Approachable so I could ask all of my questions comfortably
 Very helpful in providing feedback, providing direction without being overbearing, and
always being willing to help with a question/project. Also gave me freedom to choose
what I wanted to learn about/do, which I greatly appreciated.
 Asking critical thinking questions
 Great resource to ask questions about operations and pharmacological questions. She
was very helpful and easy to reach out to.
 Communication with students
 Organization of rotation activities
 The resident is very knowledgeable and is easy to talk to.
 Fantastic role model this month.
 Timely, organized, respectful, kind, driven

Please list 2 areas for improvement for the resident

 Feedback/criticism – occasionally I had to ask if I was doing alright, or if my
assignments/work/etc. was okay or if it could be better.
 The modules might need to be updated.
 I think providing more orientation as to where drugs are located in the pharmacy would
help students be more efficient at pulling drugs
 Something I have found helpful is when a preceptor quizzes me while I’m working on a
 Sticking to scheduled dates was hard, but I thought we always found a time to do it.
 Knowing expectations and operations of the pharmacy on the 1st day could have been
better. I didn’t know how to fit into the workflow until later in the rotation
 Introduction/Explanation of new activities: some assigned tasks could have benefited
from clearer instructions.
 I would have liked to go over the midpoint evaluation a little sooner in the rotation, but
ultimately I though Elizabeth did a great job.
 The only area I could see potential improvement is in the firmness towards students in
the classroom when there is push back.