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Title of position: HR Head Location of the job: Human Resources Position Code:

Number of subordinates: Level: 3H Reports To: Chief Executive Officer CEO

Mission/Core purpose of the Job: (Short description)

The HR Senior Manager position is a business critical role within the organisation and sits on the senior leadership team reporting directly to the CEO. Its core
purpose is in providing strategic and operational HR guidance to MTN Cyprus Ltd. It is a very active and hands on role requiring the ability to work closely
with all levels within the organisation and to deliver and support the business in all its operational needs working in alignment with the business strategy. The
HR Senior Manager will also have to work very closely with and at times guided by, the CFO.

 Leading the development of a clear plan for the provision of HR services to its internal customers;
 Drive internal MTN Culture through internal communication & other initiatives
 Leading on delivery of HR policies and practices, recruitment / retention, learning & development, compensation and benefits administration and
organisation change and effectiveness.

Context: (Global influences, environmental / industry demands, organizational mission, etc.)

 Changes in business strategy and competitor HR strategies

 Representation of diversity in company
 Scarcity of certain skills groups in national and international markets
 Alignment to group HR policies and processes
 Alignment to the local employment legislation
 Learning and Development, Talent Acquisition and Retention strategies

Key Performance Areas:

Core, essential responsibilities / outputs of the position (KPA's)
Role Complexity
 Manage Balance between cost control and people management
Job Profile

Task Complexity:
 Leading the development and monitor of annual HR budget
 Maintain sustainable Industrial/Employee Relations framework
 Establish and promote performance culture
 Implement and modify talent acquisition, development and retention strategy
 Identify opportunities for improvement in HR systems, policies, processes and procedures
 Guardian of the Vision people culture
 In depth knowledge of Telecom industry challenges in the area of HR
Supervisory /Managerial/ Leadership Complexity:
 Performance management of direct reports
 Identification of training needs
 Appointment of staff
 Succession planning
 Enhancement of EVP – the “MTN Deal” into employee experiences and HR PPPs

Lateral dimensions of the position

Creativities (improvement/innovation inherent)

 Maintaining appropriate communication and influencing, as well as balance between conflicting needs of various internal and external stakeholders
 Modifying current systems to enhance human resource value proposition
 Understanding of local environment, identification and leveraging of local factors/opportunities to company advantage
 Enhancing the differentiation of MTN as an employer of choice
 Able to recognize local trends and adapt current approaches
 Dependence on line management for effective implementation of HR strategy and values
 Conflicting values of shareholders and employee groups
 Understands the company’s internal environment

Responsibility towards:
 Direct reports: All HR team
 Matrix reports: MTNGroup Human Resources
 Key customers: Executive management, management, staff,
 Key suppliers: external contractors (e.g. consulting services, recruitment agencies, government agencies)

Discretionary Space

Job Profile

Independent thought and Judgment:

 Independent decision to modify implementation of HR practices
 Budgetary planning and forecasting with CEO and CFO approval and sign-off.
 As per delegated authority

Job Profile

Minimum Requirements

 University degree in HR and/or Social Sciences
 Post-graduate Degree in Human Resources will be considered as asset
 Minimum of 10 years’ experience in Human Resource management
 At least 8 years in a big international company
 Previous telecom/technology experience will be considered as an advantage
 Active role in IIP accreditation will be considered an advantage
 CIPD Accreditation will be considered an asset
 Relevant training on HR practices will be desired


 Proven solid financial understanding
 Business/commercial understanding
 Policy/Process Formulation
 In-depth knowledge of labor law and HR best practices
 Recruitment best practices

Skills / physical competencies:

 Influencing skills
 Able to communicate efficiently with all levels
 Excellent Management Skills
 Able to work under pressure
Behavioural qualities:
 Flexibility
 Diplomacy
 High Emotional Intelligence
 People Oriented

Job Profile

General working conditions

(e.g. shift work, drivers license, specific tools, special clothing, environmental requirements, etc.)
 International travel (minimal)

Quality Standards

 Positive ER Climate
 Retention of key staff
 Availability of current skills and development of current labour force for future skills requirements
 Adherence to budgetary parameters
 Positive perception of MTN as employer of choice in the market place
 Positive relations with government and industry stakeholders as well as employee representation
 Entrenchment and maintenance of a performance culture

MTN Values

 Leadership
1. Lead by example: walk the talk
2. Dependable: dedicated and focused to meet obligations as promised
3. Provide vision and guidance: being committed in guiding the organisation to achieve its goals through its vision, mission and values
4. Accountability: Being answerable for the consequences of actions and decisions
5. Ownership: taking responsibility for fulfilling commitments – personally and at work
6. Inspiration to others: being a good example, caring and uniting people behind the visions and goals of the organisation and team
 Integrity
1. Honesty
2. Deliver on promised: follow through on commitments
3. Being reliable: honouring decisions and actions
4. Being trustworthy: can be relied upon by being true to word
5. Doing what is right: being ethical and applying sound judgment / adhering to company policies and procedures
6. Being truthful to others and yourself: truthful words and actions that are not misleading in the context which they are used

Job Profile

 Relationships
1. Working together: through diversity achieving goals
2. Respect: treat others as want to be treated
3. Friendliness: being supportive and encouraging
4. Teamwork: work hard and play hard while having fun
5. Co-operation: positive support for each other and other departments
6. Sharing ideas: sharing information and learning with and from each other
7. Caring: having compassion and understanding for each other
8. Passionate: the passion to be part of or associated with people/company
9. Communication: good communication and respect for one another
 Innovation
1. Thinking out of the box: the ability to think out of the ordinary
2. Unique new ideas: to think and do definitely beyond the present or status quo
3. Doing things differently: doing something that has never been done before. Leading, not following
4. Solution focused: finding different ways to transform problems into opportunities
5. Being original: ability to bring new ideas and new ways of doing things without complexity
6. Being creative: coming up with new ways to improve e.g. service. Linked to the surprise element – giving customers more than they expected.

 Can-Do
1. Can be done: there are no difficulties, only opportunities
2. Self belief: anything is possible if you dint give up
3. Willingness: ability and positive motivation to achieve results
4. Endurance: focused, positive, goal oriented actions – never give up
5. Courage: determination to bear and withstand the odds till the end
6. Being positive: positive attitudes and positive communication and actions to deliver on promises made

Sign-off / Approval

Line Manager: Employee: HR Manager:

Date: Date: Date: