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Vlad “the Impaler”:

Match the questions 1-6 to an answer A-E.

1. Where was he from? A. He was called “Impaler” because his favourite type of
torture was the “impaling”.
2. Who was Rude “the Handsome”? B. His real name was Vlad Dracula.
3. Why was he in jail when he was a child? C. Vlad was from the kingdom of Hungary (modern Romania)
D. He was Vlad’s younger brother.
4. What could he see from his jail in Turkey?
E. When he was a child he was taken to prison because his
5. What was Vlad “the Impaler” real name? father gave him to the Ottoman Empire as a proof of loyalty
6. Why was he called Vlad “the impaler”? F. From a window in jail he could see impaled people

Bram stoker’s Dracula:

Watch the video and do the following activities: c) The common characteristic of all creatures related to vampires was the wings.

1. Read the sentences and say True (T) or False (F). d) The modern concept of vampires was born in Europe, in the 18th C.

a) The legend of vampires is as old as the human history. e) According to the people, vampires were human, nocturnal and shape-shifting.

b) Vampires were always associated to a human figure. f) Signs of people turning into vampires when they died were actually signs of a normal death.

2. Circle the elements Bram Stoker added to his story of Vampire.


Fear of Crucifixes

Weakness in
to kill Vampires Fear of GARLIC


Vlad “the Impaler”

1C 2D 3e 4f 5b 6a

Bram stoker’s Dracula:

1) a. T b. F c. F d. T e. F f. T

2) Elements that Bram Stoker invented: fear of crucifixes, weakness in sunlight, wooden sticks to kill vampires, no reflection in