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WinREG 3.

Software WinREG 3.8

Installation remarks
Date: 01 / 03 / 2010

A. Eberle GmbH & Co. KG

Aalener Straße 30/32
D-90441 Nürnberg

Phone.: (+49) 911 /62 81 08-0

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WinREG 3.8
1 Introduction
Hardware Requirements
The software package WinREG is an efficient tool that allows you to
handle all setting, administration and documentation tasks quickly and
safely. In order to work with this software package properly, your
hardware must meet a minimum standard and the software needs to be
properly installed by the installation program shipped with this package.
The following remarks are useful when installing WinREG.

The software package WinREG consists of the following components

• Control Center
• Panel
• Terminal
• REGSys- setting (REGPara)
• Settings and Connections (in Options Menu)
• optional REGView (Collector/Recorder),
WinT(ransformer)M(onitoring), WinDM

To run this software, your computer must meet the following minimum
• CPU 80386 or better
• 8 MB RAM
• 10 MB free hard disk space
• one serial port or USB with an USB-serial-converter or
network adaptor for devicec connected via TCP/IP
• Windows 95, build 950b or higher
Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista or 7
Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 installed.
Windows Server 2003 or 2008
(During installation Administrator rights necessary)

WinREG 3.8
2 Installation:
For installing the software please start Windows. Do not yet put the
installation CD-ROM into the drive.

1. Run the program "Software" in the control panel folder

(Start / Settings / Control Panel).

2. An alphabetical list of all installed programs is displayed. Please check

first whether WinREG is already listed.

If that is the case, you should uninstall it. This process will be described
now. If it is a first-time installation or WinREG has already been
uninstalled, please continue with point 6.
Attention: Please avoid to install a WinREG update into an existing
WinREG folder, which contains a version you do not want to delete. In
this case choose a different folder.

3. Click on the line „WinREG“ in the list of programs, so that the

background colour changes. After that click the button "Add/Remove".
You will be asked whether you really want to remove this application.
Confirm this please. When you are asked, whether shared files should be
deleted, please select “Keep all” (or “Delete none“), in order to keep files
that might be needed by other applications. The file CMMCONN.DAT
contains your connection data and should not be removed therefore.

4. A message that several parts of WinREG could not be removed, may

be ignored.

5. Deinstallation ends with the message "Uninstall completed


6. Now please insert the WinREG-CD into the appropriate drive.

WinREG 3.8

Important note for Windows NT installations: The installation can only

be performed by the administrator. It is not sufficient to be a user with
administrator rights on Windows system folder.

Normally the Installation program starts automatically now. If this

automation ist deactivated at your system, please start the program
“Install.exe” from your CD-drive’s root folder.

7. The installation screen appears. You can select the language during
all installations and then start by clicking onto the relating text.

WinREG 3.8
8. All further steps are being described by either orders or questions from
the installation program.

9. The program folder c:\program files\a-eberle\WinREG3 will be

suggested by default. You may change this, but we recommend to leave
it unchanged.

10. After the installation is complete, You will find the WinREG Control
Center in Start/Programs.

The WinREG Control Center consists of the buttons Panel, Terminal,

REGPara (setting), load desktop and save desktop.
If you have purchased addons, their icons will be placed between
"REGPara" and "Load", e.g. REGView (Recorder), Collector or WinTM
(WinT(ransformer)M(onitoring)) or WinDM.

WinREG 3.8

3 Troubleshooting

1. Error "OLEAUT32.DLL has not the correct version" (or similar)

This error can happen with Windows NT, when installation was not
performed by the Administrator. The update of this file is reserved to
the Admin, because NT itselft works with it. It is not sufficient to be
an user with Administratorrights in the Windows System Folder.

If this error occurrs deinstall the package and call the Administrator
to perform the installation. Once installed the program is startable by
everybody owning the corresponding rights in the installation folder.