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GAUDI M1. The basic model in the series with

collapsible armrests and ergonomic features,
specially designed to facilitate maximum comfort and
occupy the least possible space. Fixed or
Informative map: A-131/4181
GAUDI M1 with adjustable anchoring
All the extendible and adjustable device
models available in the market can be
Informative map: A-131/4181 (single)
B-131/4370 (double)
Police transportation units.
Reclinable GAUDI M1. Its stiff rear housing
allows for the installation of optional
elements (magazine rack, small table,
glass-holder and, as shown in the
photographs, stands for safety helmets).
Informative map: A-131/4181
GAUDI M1 seat with folding leg
In the folded position, it permits the vehicle to be entered through the side door.
Informative map: A-131/0074
Informative map: A-420/4017

Informative map: A-420/4269 Informative map: A-420/4025 Informative map: A-420/4029

The examples of vehicles with the GAUDI M1 Pivoting, Folding model (Fixed or Reclinable Back) show that our
Engineering team can resolve all types of installation, however complicated they may seem.
Intensive care ambulances
The folding, pivoting Gaudi M1 seats permit the medical
staff to assist patients in complete safety, from any
Minimum occupation of space, maximum free space.
Informative map: A-420/4029
The GAUDI M1 folding, pivoting seats occupy minimum
space, with solutions specially studied for each position in
the vehicle
Vehicles adapted for transporting prisoners. Each
GAUDI M1 seat is fitted with a double safety belt. Once
closed, the buckles can only be released by a control
operated by the police officer.
Police intervention units.
Seats fitted with drawers for
ammunition, special supports
and pivoting devices.
Informative maps:
Police intervention units.
Extensible, pivoting, collapsible seats with folding tables
Police intervention units.
By means of a simple operation, the vehicle is converted into a mobile office.
Medical transportation
The different models in the range allow for highly versatile
combinations to facilitate medical transportation using
stretchers and wheelchairs.
Group transportation
The versatility of the different GAUDI M1 models enables the seats to be installed in any position, with solutions
specially studied for each particular case: Seats with adjustable-extendible, pivoting or folding anchoring elements, or
with folding steps in the case of the wheel being too high.