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Week Class Time

Day Attendance
Date Lesson Focus Speaking
Theme Topic

World of Stories Unit 6 : The old house

Language/ Grammar focus home vocabulary, adjectives

Main Content Standard 2.2 Use appropriate communication strategies
Com. Content Standard 1.2 Understand meaning in a variety of familiar contexts
2.2.2 Ask for attention or help from the teacher or classmate by using
Main Learning Standard
suitable statements and questions
Com. Learning Standard 1.2.5 Understand an increased range of short supported questions
LEARNING OBJECTIVE(S): By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to
1. Talk about picture. 2. Rearrange the words correctly.
21st Century Activities Resources
Think-pair-share Textbook Circle Map
. . .
Learning Outline
1. Teacher guides review vocabulary for the home
2. Stick the flashcards around the room. Say a room and ppls point. Repeat
Lesson Delivery Post Lesson
1.Teacher reminds and elicits previous lesson. 1. Teacher briefly reviews the vocabulary on the
2. Teacher extend the quiz on p.81 and ask the questions flashcards.
orally. Pupils work in pairs to discuss the answers before 2. Distributes an envelope to each group contains
saying them. some sample sentences.
3.Introduce and have pupils practise expressions for asking 3.ppls work in groups and arrange the words correctly
for attention when they know the answer, e.g. to form sentence.
I know the answer! 4.Groups read the sentence to the class.
Can I try, please?
Can I guess, please?


____/____ of pupils able to achieve the LO and given enrichment exercise(s).

____/____ of pupils able to achieve the LO and given remedial exercise(s).

*Today's lesson will be carried forward due to :

___: Meeting ___: Course ___: CRK ___: Sick leave other:_________