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Curriculum vitae

Name: Manole Voichita Ana

Date of birth: 17 - 10 - 1985

Mobile Phone: 0771453508


Graduate Studies: Art High School Dimitrie Cuclin Galati 2004

Faculty of Music at the West University of Timisoara 2008
The Year 2009 - 2010 of Sophistication Solemn Flute within
University - Lemmens Instiuut Leuven Belgium
1st Year Master
Graduate Master Music Interpretation
Music University of Bucharest 2013
The 2008 Masseur Diploma issued by the Romanian Ministry of Labor
Company S.C Business S.R.L Timisoara

Working experience: Mall Cinema City - bartender in March 2008 in Timisoara

Compex Srl Opinion polls and publicity in Timisoara year 2008
Professor flute specialization Sabin Dragoi Arad High School of Fine Arts
2008 - 2009
Maseur Deli's Studio Timisoara
Working part time 5 hours 03-2008; 09-2008
Entrepreneur Amway Marketing May 2009 - May 2010
Massage - Private Masseur 10-2009; 07-2010
In Belgium, in the city of Leuven
Maseur Elite Gim Galati Sports Hall
Part time 5 hours 01-2011; 05- 2011
Maseur Helen Studio Studio Bucharest
Full time 8 hours 10-2011 - 03-2012
Private Masseur in Bucharest at Home March 2011 - May 2014
Masseur Full Time Green Vilage Tulce Sfantul Gheorghe-May 2017
Masseur Therapist free working at home in massage therapy -2018

Massage Techniques:

Somatic Massage, Rejuvenation Massage, Therapeutic Massage

Anti-Cellulite Massage, Facial Massage, Reflexotherapy Initiation,
Swedish Massage with Honey or Coffee, Chinese Nail Massage , Deep Tissue Massage ,
Hot Stone Massage , Lava Massage , Thai Massage , Ice Lava Massage , Lulur
Massage .

Other working techniques:

Moxi Chinese Sauna, Heat Wrap,

Cavitation and Radiofrequency, Electro Stimulation, Thermocuvert
Bioptron Therapy with Light, Vacum,
Presso Symphony Presso Apparatus.

Diplomas awarded during studies and training:

The 2008 Masseur Diploma issued by the Romanian Ministry of Labor

Company S.C Business S.R.L Timisoara
Olympic Awards during the years 1996 - 2010 International Contests in Classical
Music Interpretation at the flute in the Romanian cities (Tulcea, Galati,
Constanta, Bacau).
Solo Artist Diploma Nationaal Fluit Contest Nederland - Netherlands April 2010
Honorary Diploma from the University of West Timisoara
May 2009
Honorary Diploma from the National Music Festival Piatra Neamt
June 2008
Diploma of Psychological and Pedagogical Methodology including Management
issued in 2008 by the West University of Timisoara
Project Manager Diploma, issued in 2014 at the CCSE Consultancy and European
Studies Center in Galati

Foreign languages: English and Italian

Computer Skills:

Advanced Internet Browsing and Word Text Editing.

Knowledge of written communication of two foreign languages ??to communicate
directly via the Internet in English and Italian.
Knowledge of several writing and typing programs for documents and especially for
advertising materials.

Cinema and art, music and painting. fashion, makeup and clothing,
travel and literature.

I understand that your announcement was sent to the database to be called for a
free job as a masseur therapist, and I wish you could direct it to the Spa
department? I wish we could communicate very easily online or via our phone
Thank you and I hope to have your positive response and to get in touch as soon as
possible, thank you.