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Registered Nurse

Intensive care unit

By: Autumn Young

Why this career interest me!
● I love babies
● I am amazed
What I would be expected to do
● Deliver or caught babies
● Care for the mothers (before & after).
● Monitor the babies health.
What are the working conditions!

● Inside of a hospital
● 3 or 4-12 hour days
● All year around
Classes that will help me prep in High School!

● English
● Math
● Science
● Social Studies
What education will I need?
● Associates
● Bachelor's (not necessary)
● National exam
If I had went to Post Secondary School
● Shawnee State
Cost of College

● Associate’s ($10,120)
● Bachelor’s ($20,324)
Classes I will take In College
● One chemistry class
● Four health classes
● Two principles of human A&P
How to Train for this job while in High school !

● Job shadowing
Mental or physical requirements
● Should be rather fit
● Be mentally Strong
Special talents or skills you may need!
● Compassion
● Communication
● Critical thinker
● Confidence
How to get a job in this career
● Become an RN
● Ask for assignments
● Get the job
Can you move on up?
● Your pay can!
● Masters
Present Outlook
● There are many jobs!
● Salary $61,750
● $29.69 per hour
Benefits & Disadvantages
● Job opportunities ● Not all holidays
● Flexible Jobs ● Work 12 hrs.
● Career flexibility ● Witnessing sadness
● High salary packages
Related Jobs that may interest me & people I
know that do similar jobs!

● Traveling nurse
● EMTs
● Brittany Young
● Terasa Anderson
How do I feel about this Job now?

● I still love the idea

● Still Don’t like hospitals
● Have mix feelings
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