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The Black Sword (Turin

F om the edges of the Anfaugli, Turin was snatchedfrom Morgoth's

grasp by the Elf Gwindor, who took him back to Nargothrondon the
Narog. Here he dwelt at the court of Orodreth the King, and was held in
The host of the Noldor was destroyed on the field of Tumhalad, and the fair
C i of Nargothrondsacked and laid waste by the DragonGlaUNng. Turin
had played his unwittingpart as the agent of Morgoth's curse, and had
honour by him and his people. Thus it was that the Evilfate which enmeshed brought destruction ever in his wake. But Morgothwas not yet finished with
Turin, was to spread out and weave the destruction of Nargothronditself. the son of Hurin. Still he hounded him as he fled North to Brethiland joined
Turin became mighty in Nargothrondand was called Adanedhel, the Man- Elf with the Haladin in that place. HereTurin called himself 'Turambar' or
by the people. He rose in power and esteem and calling himself 'Morrnegil', Fatemaster, a title of miserableirony, in view of his final acts; for Glaurung,
The Black Sword, was to lead the war-hosts of Orodreth against the armies although slain by Turin, had bewitched Nienor his sister, and she, ignorant
of Morgoth. under the Dragon spell, of who she was, had wedded Turin and conceived
his child.
It had long been the practice of the Noldor of Nargothrond,to husbandtheir
resourcesfor war with great care and to fight the Enemy by means of stealth Glaurung, in a last fulfilmentof Morgoth's curse, had lied the spell upon his
and the setting of ambushes. This was not to The Black Sword's liking who, own expiry, whereupon Nienor becameaware of who she truly was and slew
ignorant of the Doom that he was fulfilling, bridged the Narog and led out the herself. Turin, upon learningthis and unableto bear the weight of Doom
War host of the King in noise and splendour. longer, took his own lie with the evil blade Gurthang.

1- M239

I' lirp(il
Orodreth of Findzz
and Gwindor
When Turin came to
Nargothrond, the heart of
Finduilas, Orodreth's daughter
Nargothrond. He is armoured in was turned from Gwindor, her
plate and chainmail. Originally an previous suitor, to Turin who for
insignia used by captains to his part, did not return her love.
distinguish themselves to their Finduilas' costume is
hosts in the field, the wings gradually embroidered with the waterlily
became a symbol of Kingship emblem, albeit much slenderer
amongst many of the Elven kindreds, than previously and with no
worn by some upon a silver circlet, central diamond. The sleeves of
but by most of the Noldor, on an
ornate war- helm.

He carries a long sword, jewelled at

the hilt. Orodreth's cloak is decorated
her gown likewise have a 13e lily
flower rnoti as part ofthe paltern.
She wears an ornate circlet of
silver about her head. Gwindor
wears a tunic which comes to a
-I I

with his own insiania. the waterlily which is decorated with the motifs of his own
point at the front in traditional Elven ;tyb,
and the diamond. The traditional emblem of his house was an eight spoked wheel house. His cloak-clasps are decorats I with spoked wheel patterns, showing him to have
surrounded by a golden disc, but when his brother Finrod relinquished the crown in his been of Finrod's household before hi capture at the Nimaeth Amoediad. His sword has
favour, Orodreth instead used his own emblem of the water Lily, rather than adopt that of a handgrip decorated as an unfu ing bud, a popular moti among the Noldor of
his brother who yet lived. Nargothrond.

M238 Turin 'Black

Sword" mounted
Turin was shown great favour by Orodreth of
Nargothrond,and was the only Man ever to lead an
Elven host. He is arrayed in Elvisharrnour, a mixture
of plate and chain-mail. His helmet is also
distinctively Ehren, with characteristic wings at the
sides. He wears a Dwarf-mademask on the front of
the helmet. The foreplate of his armour carries the
insigniaof Orodreth, in the form of a stylised
water-lily inset with a diamond, a motif common
amongst all the Noldor. He carries the great sword
Gurthang, Beleg's weapon of old and now re-forged
by the smith's of Nargothrond,and whence he
derives his name 'Mormegil', the Black Sword.
M242 Hithlum M246
Easterling Angband Orc
warrior Captain
This warrior wears his hair long and swept Like all the Orcs of this age this
back, and with long moustaches His figure is garbed in primitive dress
sword, whosescabbard attaches to his bet and crudely beweaponed. (see
by means of a heart-shaped piece of thick fig M222 Morgoth Orcs). His
leather, is long and of the cavalry sort His clothing consists largely of pets
mail is formed of squares of metal sewn and fur-scraps, but with some .I
onto an undertunicof leather. He wears leather armour on his upper
greaves made of thin iron strips and torso. The features that most
has a small, semi-circular shield with a clearly distinguish him from his
spiral motif, characteristic of the Moon underlings are his helmet, whip and
worshipping Easterlings. Bright primary iron-headed axe. The helmet, of a
colours are favoured among the dull iron colour, and axe have been
Easterling bibes, principiy reds, yellows forged in the smithies of Angband
and the whip, even at this early
M245 Niniel the II period was used by the Orc leaders
to instill discipline and obedience on their less intelligent followers. It is unlikely that at this
Bride stage, the Orcs would have been sufficiently skilled in metallurgy to produce their own
Niniel was, through Glaurungthe dragon, Morgoths
utimate tool for the destruction of Turin Deprived
by Glaurung of all memory of her previous lie she
fled naked to Brethil and was tended and cared for
M244 Turin
by the Haladin of that place. Her costume is simple Turambar
and she wears double skirt, a common custom
amongstthe women of the Edain Each is decorated When Turin came to Brethil after the

with embroidered flower patterns around the rim. wreck of Nargothrond, and joined the
Her hair is adornedwlth flowers, acommon practice people of Brandir, he set aside his fine
for weddings amongst the Haladin in their poverty, Elven mail and the evil sword Gurthang,
lacking as ihey do, the refinements of jewellry and and took for his weapon, the spear. The
Haladin of Brethilwere cowed and small in
rich cloth. b number, and their ways of fighting were by
ambush and trap. The only items of Elvish
origin that remain to Turin are the short
M243 Brandir sword at his side which is decoratedwith the
lily emblem of Orodreth, and a part of his
the lame Elven chainmail, which is worn underneath

a leather jerkin. His clothes would be green
Brandir was the leader of his people, the and brown in colour, suitable to the secret
Haladin, in Brethil, during the years warfare of the forest.
following the Battle of the Un-numbered
tears. Brandir's costume is simple and
coarse made, reflecting the harsh times
that had befallen his folk. His cloak and M241 Brodda the Easterling
tunic will be brown, green or the
The chieftain of an Easterling tribe who
parchment colour of unbleached cloth.
were allied to Morgoth during the Baffle
He wearsashirtofsoftleatherashisonly
of the un-numbered tears, Brodda was
armour and carries a Northman (Edain)
rewarded with lands in Dor-Lomin after
sword, an heirloom of the second house
the conflict. His rank is denoted by the
of the Edain from a time before the
fortunes of his people fell at the Nirnaeth
Arnoediad. Brandirwasfalselythought by
Turin to have caused Niniel's death and L!
II many golden chains of office which hang
about his neck, each depicting
suzerainty over a sub-chief who would
present him with the chain as a sign of
was slain by him.
his own feaHy. He wears an embroidered
belt, the ancestor of the long decorated
M247 Elven belts of the Third age Sagath, and
warrior greaves of bronze. The patterning on his
clothes and cloak is angular, another
(Noldo) characteristic of Easterling design.
Easteriings fight predominantly from
This figure represents one of the horseback and he wears a long cavalry
retainers of Orodreth, who fought sword which has no cross-piece below
under Turin at the battle of Tumhalad.
Heis clad mostlyinfine Elven mail,
the grip. His long swept back hair and A
moustachesare also characteristic of the
but with some plate armour on Easterlings
his arms and legs. Like Turin
and Orodreth his helmet is
r winged. His gauntlets are
decorated with the
'unfurling-bud' design and his This text is sup ort material for Middleearth
longsword has a diamond emblem on figurines rnanukctured by Mithril Miniatures
the pommel, both characteristic Noldo Ltd., Macroom, Co. Cork, Ireland, under
symbols. His cloak is decorated with licence from Tolkien Enterprises Inc.
the waterjily motif of Orodreth, the These figures are available from good hobby
leaves of which would be red and the and games stores.
surrounding semi-circle coloured gold. Trademarks and mpynghts 1991 Tdken Enterprises lllc MERP 1s mpynght 01 iron Crown
Enterprises Inc 1991
RUNES.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . f .4
Stewart gives a mission statement and talks about direction.

ITEMSFOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
Spike Y. Jones gives us some magic items modelled in our own image.
THESILICON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Jim Trunzo lets us in on what's hot and what's not in computer
games, including a peek at the new Wizardy.
V . . .16
A new live action roleplaying scenario by Roger Spendlove
of the Dream Park Corporation.
NATIVESOF THE BIG EASY . . . . . . . 25
C.R. Shaver &Jason Rush bring us seven new Archetypes in the
second of their five-part Shadowrun series detailing New Orleans.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
A Crossover Story for Vampire:The Masquerade and
Werewo1f:The Apocalypse by Chris Hind.
FEATURE DREAMPARK. . . . . . . 50
Stewart Wieck gives us the highs and lows of R. Talsorian's new
Dream Park Game.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 54
David Martin, our cover artist, shows us an overview of his work
JOURNEYS . . . 56
Rob Hatch lets us in the newest release from E. Gary Gygax
and Game Designers Workshop.
LICENSEDTO THRILL . . . . . . . . . . . . 59
A look at the plusses and pitfalls of licensed game products.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67
Staff reviewers take a look at hordes of new products.

JulylAugust 1992 Foster, Matthew Gabbert, Phillip Hess
Publisher: White Wolf Hind, Sean Holland, Daniel Huber,
Editor-in-Chief: Stewart Wieck Allen Mixson, Charles Peirce, Herb Petro, Thomas
Layout and Design: Chris McDonough Riccardi, David L. Pulver, Anthony Ragan, S. J o h n
Assistant Editors: Ken Cliffe and Robert Hatch Ross and J o h n Setzer.
Art Director: Richard Thomas Art Credits: Josh Timbrook, Tony Santo and
Production: Sam Chupp Richard Thomas
Advertising Director: Wes Harris Editor-in-Spirit: Stephan Wie
Cover Artist: Dave Martin Deutsch Sprecher: Mark Rein
Poster Artist: Tony Harris Printed in the United States of America.
Cartographer: Chris McDonough
Staff Writer: Jim Trunzo Special thanks this issue to:
Line Reviewers: Gene Alloway, Donnie Collette, R. Talsorian Games for providing a prepublication
Steve Crow, Christopher Earley, Keith Eisenbies, Jim copy of Dream Park for the Feature Review.

Garou and Kindred mix it up in The Dark Tower by Chris Hind P. 34

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candle continues to burn (a maxi- icon; poking it
mum of one turn per inch of the with a pin or
candle’s height). This magic candle dipping it into
can be extinguished and relit like a boiling water
normal candle, but the wax will have no
melted from it cannot be effect on the
- reformed into candle-form to individual the
extend the maximum icon is linked to. Finally, harming the individual
“lifespan” of its smoke- magically is not as easy as simply destroying the icon

\ spirit.
While it’s possible
that almost any creature
with a fireball or disintegration spell; if the spell cast at
the icon destroys the icon, its ability to transfer magical
effects to a distant person is destroyed as well. Even a
relatively weak damaging spell such as shocking grasp or
could be represented by a
candle of smoke-spmts, it is heat metal is likely to affect the icon enough to render it
unlikely that any wizard an inert piece of wood, metal or bone.
would expend the Instead, it gives a mage greater range and control
effort to carve and dip for his spells; spells with a range of “touch” like protec-
an eight-foot long red tion from evil can be cast at a distant person through the
dragon candle; man- near-to-hand icon, while “area” effect spells such as
sized creatures are the haste or slow will only affect the subject of the icon.
usual limit, with the The casting of clazraudzence and clairvoyance spells on
occasional “L”-sized the icon allows a stay-at home mage to follow the
monster being the progress of a friend, enemy, henchman or hireling as if
Icon of Identity
This magic item takes the form of a
small, man-shaped statuette crafted from
any common sculpting material. While
highly decorated examples are often
found, the decorations serve no intrinsic
purpose; the magic of the icon of identity
can as easily be imparted to a plain,
almost crude statuette as to a beautiful
work of art. In order to function, the icon
must be magically linked to a person by
attaching a personal effect of that
individual (such as a nail-clipping or
strand of hair) to it. Once that is pre-
formed, certain spells cast o n the icon
will affect the person it is now linked to.
While this effect is similar to that
attributed to voodoo dolls, there are some
important differences between the two.
The first is the fact that the icon is
completely reusable, and the subject of
the icon’s effects can be changed in a
moment’s time by merely removing the
personal effect tying the icon to one
individual and replacing it with one
attuned to another. Second, only magical
effects can be transferred through the


h e were using a After Paca’s death his collection of puppets was split
crystal ball, and up, and as few more have been created over the years,
he could aid or the chance of finding more than a single puppet in any
hinder the one person’s possession is slim.
individual spied The thieving abilities of pilfering puppets vary; each
upon at will. has 70 points to spend on any of the following thieving
skills: Pick Pockets, Open Locks, Find/Remove Traps,
Move Silently, Hide In Shadows and Climb Walls, and
Paca’s Pilfering Puppets the nonweapon proficiency Appraising (each 5% spent
This item takes the form of a carved wooden on this proficiency gives the puppet a 1 in 20 chance of
m ~ i O n e t t e(almost always in hUmanold shape) from performing this skill). As 70 points is not a lot to spread
one to two feet in height. While it can be used as a out over seven skills, most puppets have only a few
normal Puppet in a show, when the Proper Command skills at a relatively high chance of success (such as
word IS spoken it becomes animated and, trailing having 35% each in Climb Walls and Open Lo&,
its now useless strings behind it, will per- producing a puppet proficient at “second story work”).
form thefts at the direction of its owner. The original collection of pilfering puppets had the full
The puppet can only stay animated for range of abilities distributed between them in a number
a period of half an hour per day, after
which time it becomes once again
an unmoving construct of wood, s no innate intelli-
paint and strings.
The creator of the original
band of pilfering puppets is
unknown, but it is known master has described

criminal puppeteer facsimiles and well-

named Paca the
Showman who prepared in advance
commissioned a by the puppeteer and

mated puppet are all

Appraise items o n its own can be given

ore general commands such as: “enter
hat store and take the three most
valuable items you find”. They see by
way of a special magical sight that
works as well in darkness as in light
but have n o sense of
travel from town

each town when capture or destroy if one

knows about their presence.

AC 7 and can take 10 hit points of

They take normal damage from

discovered rose. weapons and spells, except that

they are immune to chrm, illusions and other spells the troops
affecting the mind of the victim, or any spell only would take up
affecting living creatures, such as stinking cloud. Pilfering battle forma-
puppets resist dispel magic spells as 12th level, but if they tions (eerily
fail their saving throw they return to their inert form mimicked by
and cannot be reanimated for two days. the miniatures
XP Value: 500 on their table),
and then they
Otto‘s Obedient Armv #
could either be commanded conventionally or by orders
(Wizard) made to a mage manipulating the statuettes.
In order to guard against the possibility of the
While the commanders in most small-scale battles
troops on the field being disrupted by an accidental
take the field along with their men, in large-scale
disruption of the table holding their linked miniatures,
engagements it isn’t for a general the miniatures were so constructed that the only
to stand outside of the
movements they would pass on to their linked
battle and command from
soldiers were those imparted by the force of a
a position where he can
telekinesis spell. Inhibitions on the movement of
see more clearly the
the miniatures are magically built into them so
overall situation, as
that the telekinesing mage cannot force the
opposed to having his
figures to move across the tabletop at a
vision restricted to the enemy
speed faster than the linked soldiers can
within sword’s reach. But one of the
-Cmoveon the real field. Thus, while the
greatest difficulties of this command
Z mage could pick up a linked minia-
style is that it can take time and effort
ture with his hand and hold it over
for the commander’s orders to be
the table without imparting the
relayed to his troops, and often
power of flight to the soldier repre-
the situation on the field will
sented, he would not be able to
change too fast for his d
Itelekinetically lift it unless the soldier
couriers to cope with. had the power of flight
In order to overcome
y. (An example of this
this difficulty, Otto, one o
magic item in use is shown on
the famous wizards of
page 113 of The Complete
Greyhawk, was commissioned by a warring
Fighter’s Handbook, with one
king to produce an army of miniature soldiers
of the two depicted com-
whose movements on a tabletop would
manders presumably a
duplicate those of the ruler’s real troops on fighter/mage of some sort.)
the battlefield, and which could themselves Although Otto only
be manipulated in order to change the produced one Obedient Army
position of the real troops on the field. In
(a collection totalling some 500
short order the wizard produced his Obedient
miniatures; his commissioner
Army, a collection of inch-tall sculpted Id hardly afford to pay for
soldiers that could be magically linked to
a larger army (at about
the king’s troops a short time before a
100 gp per statuette), and
battle and then released from their
used his magically-controlled
linkage after the fighting was done.
soldiers as shock troops, in difficult terrain or condi-
Each “toy soldier” was sculpted from precious tions, or interspersed with his normal troops in large
metals and stones to represent an average soldier in the
battles), his methods have since been duplicated by
army, with a number (some 5%) On horseback* other mages, so that a collection of 50 or more figures
Each miniature had to be linked to its real-life counter-
in a wide array of can be by any
Pa‘‘ individuallY, a Process Performed having the serious commander with a minimal effort (but possibly
soldiers (and horses, in the case of cavalry) march in
with considerable expense), or a new set offigures
single file through an arch Otto had constructed which
could be commissionedfrom a mage by a wealthyState
link them to an figure. Aftenvards, or ruler. Methods of linking soldiers to figures besides


mission or at the end of the spell's duration. The
shadow assassin takes the form of a shadowy outline of
the executed murderer (which isn't detailed enough to
developed since show a recognizable face) that contains only one bit of
Otto's time, and solidity - the carved bone hovering eerily within the
will normally outline in the same position it occupied in the
either be included in the price of fabrication of a new murderer's body.
Amy or can be easily discovered through research. This solid bone is the only vulnerable portion of a
X P Value: 400 per figure shadow assassin's body as all weapons pass through the
other parts of its body as just so much air. In addition,
Shadow AssasSin its mostly insubstantial form means that it can squeeze
itself through openings only large enough to admit the
(Alteration, Necromancy) bone, so that the tiniest of bones (those small enough
Wizard, 5th level to fit under a closed door) can follow a victim almost
Range: Touch
As there are over 200 bones in the human body, it
Components: V, S, M
would appear that components are common; however,
Duration: 1 turn/level or until completion of missiorl
there are three mitigating factors. T h e first is the fact
Casting Time: 1 turn
that most jurisdictions have laws against grave-robbing
Area of Effect: Bone touched
and some will actively work to prevent the trade in
Saving Throw: None
murderer's bones by cremating or breaking the bones of
The casting of this spell creates a one-time phan-
these criminals. The second is the fact that each bone
tom assassin which immediately sets out to kill a person
must be individually and expertly carved into shape
designated in advance by the casting wizard, relent-
before it can be used in the casting of the spell, a
lessly seeking out its victim at its maximum move of 9.
The material component for the spell is a single bone process taking anywhere from two to 24 days, assuming
that the caster has the Artistic Ability: Sculpting
taken from the body of an executed murderer of the
nonweapon proficiency and succeeds at a proficiency
same species as the assassin's intended victim and
check. A failed proficiency check means that the
carved into a likeness of that victim; the bone turns
sculptor has destroyed the bone he was working o n and
into dust after the shadow assassin completes its
will have to start again with another bone.
The final limit on the use of this spell is that the
dmntuahcim Qamcs Company abilities of the resulting shadow assassin are determined
Proudly Prsrmh: by the size of the bone used in its creation. Large bones,
such as the long bones of the arms and legs, make the
strongest shadow assassins, while small bones, such as
those making up the fingers or even those in the inner
ear, are much weaker; however, these assassins have
higher armor classes, as it is harder to hit these bones in
midair than it is to hit large bones. T h e armor class of a
shadow assassin is the same as its Hit Dice, with the
total range of hit dice and armor classes for bones in a
body going from 1 Hit Die and AC 1 to 10 Hit Dice
and AC 10.
A shadow assassin fights by attempting to strangle
its victim, doing one point of damage per hit die o n a
successful hit (minimum of one point). Because of its
highly specific purpose, a shadow assassin can do no
harm to anyone other than its intended victim (al-
though anyone can attack a shadow assassin at will),
nor will it attempt to attack others, even those that
interfere with its mission. 'tmd

10 JULY/AUGUST, 1992
A First in Fantasy
-. .
I his +piece
sourcepack from

the editors of Role

Aids'" includes:

the most

powerful spells in

fantasy role-

playing, never-


creatures, new

magic items, new

character classes Mayfair

and more!

rn . I


ray JimTrunzo
The software industry, like television, runs in cycles, and what gamers have experi-

enced during the past few months is akin to summer reruns. After the glut of programs
debuting in December and January, a software lull set in, aided and abetted by big-name
titles that simply failed to come anywhere close to anticipated release dates. Now a tidal
wave of products has flooded the market and consumers have a plethora of riches from
which to choose.
uinm UNDERWORD exploring every nook and cranny of your surroundings.
THE SNGlAN ABYSS The time normally spent managing the inventory of six
Origin, p.0. gox 161750, Austin, TX 78716; characters, tracking six sets of skills, and SO on shifts to
IBM & Compatibles, 3 8 6 s or
~ 386/486 machines; checking what your Single character IS doing at the
Requires 2 meg of RAM and Expanded Memory moment.
Manager; 256 color VGA; Suggested Retail: This switch in emphasis is also aided by the graphic
$69.95 scheme employed by The Stygian Abyss. The graphic

“through the eyes” fantasy game

1 will wipe away any preconceived
notions of what computer fantasy
gaming is all about. It’s that
Unlike other excellent first-
person perspective games, The

Stygian Abyss assigns you a
single persona instead of placing
you in charge of an entire party.
With only one character to worry
about, emphasis switches strongly
from party maintenance to

look takes some getting used to because although the world - the Stygian Abyss - survive its perils, rescue
graphics are rendered in 256-color VGA mode, the Arial and return.
style is different from the highly polished art of Eye of T h e Stygian Abyss requires diplomacy, bartering,
the Beholder and the upcoming Wizardry game or intellect to piece together puzzles, and of course,
even from the slick animated cartoon look of Sierra fighting. Combat, like all actions in the game, takes
On-line games. some getting used to. A “Power Gem” measures the
A t first glance, the graphics
may seem a bit crude. This is due
for the most part to the fact that
the main View Window in Ultima
Underworld takes in only what
could logically be seen at one time
by the human eye in a dimly lit
area. This limited immediate view
allows the window to portray even
small objects in perspective
relative to your proximity to them.
For example, a piece of cheese may
be an indiscernible shape from a
distance, but as you move close
enough to it to pick it up, the
graphic image of the cheese will be L
bigger than an entire character in
most games.
This enlarging/shrinking perspective is done so strength being put into each of the three types of strikes
smoothly that you really feel like you’re moving, that can be delivered. If the target cursor is high in the
turning, walking running, even swimming. Again, the View Window, an overhand blow will result; if it is in
constantly shifting size of every object in your viewing the middle of the window, a sideways slash will occur;
window (walls, floors, monsters, missiles, swung and if it is low in the window, a lunging thrust will take
weapons, magic spells, allies and so on) necessitate a place. You can opt for a quick but weak attack or a
different graphic style that takes time to appreciate but slower more powerful one. Knowing your opponent will
eventually thrills the viewer. often be the determining factor here.
Incidentally, all you ever see of yourself in the All actions in the game need to be “learned.” For
View Window is your hand and whatever is in it at the example, it took me a while to learn to jump. Yes,
time. If you have a sword in it, for example, you will jump. Jump over boulders, jump onto ledges, jump over
view the tapered blade increase in size as you bring it chasms, jump down shafts, jump up to reach levers.
near you in preparation for a strike and decrease as it And swim. And run. Origin prides itself on the fact
speeds toward its target. that Ultima Underworld is a true vicarious experience,
Although the graphics play a large role in the as close to virtual reality as you can get with a home
overall effect of this drama, the “game” part should be computer and a ten-inch screen.
given equal billing. The interface is completely mouse- The game isn’t cheap but you’ll be at this one for
driven (keyboard equivalents are available but not hours and hours and hours. The Stygian Abyss consists
recommended) and not a single word needs to be typed. of 25 actual miles of dungeon passages, chasms and
Command Icons, dialogue selection boxes and indi- rivers and you need to explore almost every inch of it.
vidual weapon, food, clothing, and spell icons relegate The game also contains (heavy sigh of relief) auto-
all other tasks to the click of a mouse. mapping and a really neat feature that allows you to
The plot of T h e Stygian Abyss appears to be take a quill and write your own comments on the map
straightforward; however, this time it appears that you itself.
have been brought back as an Avatar by a malevolent Ultima Underworld is simply the kind of product
force and framed for the kidnaping of the beautiful that you need to experience to fully understand where
young Baroness Arial. Your only chance to prove your Origin has taken fantasy gaming.
innocence is to brave the dangers of Ultima’s Under- Complexity (moderatehigh); Graphics (4);
Roleplaying (5); Strategy (4); Playability (5); Sum (5)
sort of mastery in a chaotic environment. T h e comput-
TWILIGHT 2000 erized version of Twilight 2000 places the gamer in
Paragon Software, Berkshire Center, Suite Poland in the year 2000 A.D., as the leader of a twenty-
402,Greensburg, PA 15601 ; IBM & Amiga (IBM man platoon whose goal is to free Poland from the grip
Reviewed); Retail $59.95 of a dictatorial madman, Baron Czarny.
Twilight 2000 is a product that has been long The game begins, like all roleplaying games, in the
overdue: overdue in the Sense that the game’s release character creation mode, allowing You to either Play
came approximately eight months after it was expected, * withaPreedes1gnedPlatoQn Or create your Own groUPl
and overdue in the sense that Twilight 2000 has kby man. For the inexperienced, the strong recom-
mendation is to go with the existing
group; if you are an ardent Twilight 2000
player and familiar with the nuances of
the system, you might wish to create your
own team.
Once you’ve decided upon the
composition of your platoon, you’re ready
to embark upon the first of over 50
missions. Each mission allows you to
designate which four members of your
platoon will comprise the squad for that
mission. Other members may be called up
via hand-held radio if needed during a
mission; however, if a new member is
recruited, an original member of the squad
must be dismissed to maintain the maxi-
established itself as one of the premier posteWW 111 mum squad size of four.
roleplaying games on the market. Numerous reasons Graphics vary in both type and quality, though all
were given for the delay of the computer version of of them are very good. Full-screen shots, 2-D
Twilight, the most frequent being that Paragon wanted overheads, 3-D through-the-scope views, and close-ups
to make sure that it was ready for the market when it are used to maximum advantage throughout the game.
made its debut. Game play is a two-sided coin. Heads: the action is
Unfortunately, the initial copies of the game were, fast, furious, realistic and guaranteed to give garners
ironically, full of bugs, making the game virtually sweaty palms. Tails: different aspects of the game can
unplayable. The people at Paragon quickly fixed the be quite cumbersome. For example, traveling long
problems, however, and the game now runs as it was distances can be handled with ease; yet moving around
intended (and if you happened to have purchased a bad within cities can be awkward due to the small area
copy, Paragon will courteously make things right free of depicted because the detail is so great and the images
charge). are so large. Other parts of the game run into the same
What’s the game like once it’s up and
running? It is safe to say that fans of the
pencil and paper version won’t be the
least bit disappointed, nor will those who
want to climb into real armor (as in tanks)
and play with real missiles (as in grenade
launchers). Twilight 2000 is as accurate a
military simulation as its progenitor.
For those of you unfamiliar with the
theme of Twilight 2000, the game is
based upon survival in a hostile, post-
nuclear world where formal governments
no longer exist and various military and/cr
mercenary groups struggle to achieve som
I- d

Where can you flnd TSR,Inc., Origirpwtems, Jnc.,West E n d Games,Sierra On-LheInc., White WOE New World
Computing, R T a l s o ~Chaosium,
, Flyhg Buffalo, Inc., Darkflower Enterprises, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE?


This multi-tasking menu-driven network

allows you to UPLOAD a n d DOWNLOAD
fdes simultaneously, while stdl having
complete control of up to FOUR LIVE
IBM compatible only. Modem must be
Hayes compatible.
Whether you’re a computer games fan,
role-playing devotee, or war game enthu-
siast, we have what you want.

For more information: Call 1-800-955-9957(VoiceLine)

Write SUMMIT GAMES NETWORK,3130 AntUley Road, AMlene, Texas 79606
To order by modem - (915) 672-2810 (7, Even, 1Stop)

inconsistencies. Please note, however, that even the MAGIC CANIJLE II:
down sides of Twilight 2000 don’t seriously impair this
(,vera11 strong product.
Mindcraft Software, Inc., 2291 205th St., Suite
To call Twilight 2000 a roleplaying game is a bit
201, Torrance, CA 90501; IBM & Compatibles;
of a stretch in either of its versions. Yes, you do have
Amiga (available soon); Retail: $49.95
nice individualism in each of the recruits and they do
When T h e Magic Candle came out several years
advance from stage to stage throughout the game, and
ago, it broke new ground (not an easy task in computer
yes, you do encounter NPCs who are helpful and with
fantasy games) and went on to garner numerous awards.
whom you establish a surface-level relationship.
Now, Mindcraft has refined the hallmark of their game
However, the nuts and bolts of Twilight 2000 is
line, and Magic Candle 11: T h e Four and Forty
combat and the essence of the game is using the men at
returns us to the fascinating and dangerous land of
your command, utilizing your tanks and weaponry to
Gurtex on an even more ambitious adventure than
their best advantage and implementing solid strategy
and tactics. Wargamers will he pleased to learn that a
The Guardians of the land have been iinprisoned
battle can often last an hour or longer due to the
in 44 black candles as the forces of evil try once again
attention Paragon has paid to details and realistic
to overcome King Rehnard of Deruvia. A band of
heroes must discover the multi-layered plot, find the
Twilight 2000 will challenge both novice and
guardians and set the ~ r l right.
d Dungeons, cata-
experienced gainers. Those tired of standard science
combs, mines, dark towers, dozens of t ~ w n and
s villages
fiction and/or high fantasy should investigate Paragon’s
- the entire continent of Gurtex is yours to explore
latest offering because it has a uniqueness not found in
during the course of your quest.
many games. Don’t he surprised to see a sequel in the
If the abo\re sounds somewhat mundane, be assured
near future; like its pencil ani1 paper predecessor, their
that the game play isn’t. Magic Candle I1 (MCII) is,
are many avenues open for computer Twilight 2000.
like its prequel, innovative, departing in a number of
Complexity (moderate); Graphics (4);Roleplaying
ways from other games of its ilk. For example, charac-
( 2 ) ; Strategy (5); Playability (3); Sum ( 3 )
ters, including the hero/heroine who you choose to lead
your party of six, are pre-set. There is n o character intricate nuances of the game rather than be encum-
generation segment to the game. Thirty-plus potential bered with these things themselves. It really comes
party members await your invitation to join you on down to a matter of taste.
your quest, all with different qualities and skills that It becomes obvious early in the game that
can be enhanced through training and experience. Mindcraft has opted for a deep, involved plot set in as
In MCII you can assign your adventurers different real a world as possible in lieu of graphics, animation
tasks, and even separate them from the main group. A and special effects. That’s not to say that these features
mage might be told to stay at a Mage Guild to learn are lacking: the graphics are nicely done in VGA mode
new spells, another character might be told to take a and depicted in a 2-D top-down view, and animation is
job and earn money for the group, and the rest of the present as is sound board support. Nothing about any of
party may continue o n in the adventure. these elements are going to make you gather people
This volatile party system allows for tremendous around your computer to look at the pretty pictures!
variation in party composition, and begs the gamer to However, you might well discuss the intricacies of plot,
use character management wisely to be sure he has the note that nothing is generic about the game (each
best people for the specific tasks that need to be village is laid out differently on the screen, for ex-
accomplished. Some garners, though, might see a down ample) or mention the artificial intelligence that makes
side because you do need to keep track of who’s doing the game so real.
what and where, but the program contains features to Overall, Magic Candle I1 is a product that will run
aid you in this endeavor. the gamut with game players. Most people will rank
1 In MCII you can assign your ad- MCII among the best fantasy games they’ve ever
played due to its realism, others will be nonplused, and
venturers different tasks, and even a few may even find it not to their taste due to the
separate them from the main group. attention that must be paid to minute details. If you are
looking for a game that has a somewhat unique ap-
A mage might be told to stay at a proach to fantasy role-playing and don’t mind less than
Mage Guild to learn new spells, state-of-the art visuals, Magic Candle I1 is just the
another character might be told to game for you.
take a job and earn money for the (Like Twilight 2000, Magic Candle I1 contains
%ugs”; some are simply quirks that don’t affect game
group, and the rest of the party may play; others are serious. Only early copies of the game
continue on in the adventure. are plagued by these gremlins and Mindcraft has a free
disk available that corrects the errors. The disk also has
Another feature unique to MCII is the Notepad. utility files that enhance the game and provide full
This feature, when activated, will retain every bit of mouse control. Contact Mindcraft for details.)
conversation, text and action as they occur. T h e Complexity (moderate); Graphics (2); Roleplaying
Notepad can be saved to disk, viewed via a text editor (5); Strategy (3);Playability (4); Sum (3)
or word processor or printed immediately. The gamer
never has to worry about wading through mounds of Silicon Dungeon Exclusive
scrap paper containing key information.
Mindcraft continues to pay attention to even the
A Sneak Peek at Sir-Tech’s
smallest detail in order to closely approximate live Cru
roleplaying. The clothing and supplies used by the (This “sneak peek” is based on an incomplete version
characters must “match” the weather conditions or of the product being reviewed. Its intent is to alert garners
there are consequences. On the same order, friendly to a special product about to be released and should not be
non+playercharacters may not respond if approached considered the final word on the product.)
by characters with weapons drawn, which makes sense, After the resounding success of Sir-Tech‘s Bane of the
but which also necessitates close watch by the gamer as Cosmic Forge, a “through the eyes” rendition of Sir-Tech‘s
to each character’s present state. acclaimed Wizardry series, garners have waited with
Details like the above make the game extremely anticipation for the much-publicized sequel. And waited.
“accurate” and believable and provide a real sense of And waited. They have been teased by advertisements,
reality in a fantasy setting. However, there are so many small blurbs in magazines, and 256 color VGA screen shots.
details to which one must attend that some garners may Well, the wait is almost over, and one look at an alpha
feel put upon, wanting the computer to handle the copy makes it clear that to say that it will have been worth

16 JULY/AUGUST, 1992 I
the wait is a gross understatement. Because this is a preview, this review is not going to go
Crusaders is determined to be “all that it can be” and into detail about all the features of Crusaders, nor will
to outshine the considerable competition that has recently ratings appear at the end of the article. Suffice to say that
redefined the fantasy adventure genre and set much higher all aspects of Bane of the Cosmic Forge have been
standards in all areas. To that end, Sir-Tech has continued supplemented, which means more monsters, more spells,
to delay release of Crusaders until it is as bug-free and full, and more weapons. Significant changes besides those
featured as possible. Considering the scope of Crusaders, already mentioned include outstanding realism in sound
that is a tremendous undertaking. and animation. Birds chirp, swords whoosh, spells snap and
Crusaders of the Dark Savant is a delightful mixture crackle and pop! Swords diminish in size as they draw away
of new and old. The game retains the strengths of Bane of from you and grow as the thrust nears you, missile weapons
the Cosmic Forge while adding considerable depth. If Bane do likewise. Between the graphics, sound effects and
animation, Crusaders produces an excellent visceral and
The non-player characters interact vicarious experience.
more frequently, more logically, and Probably the last thing needed to be mentioned in this
more functionally with the gamer’s “first look” is the depth of the story. While there is plenty
of combat, Crusaders is much more than just a hack-and-
group. The artificial intelligence slay adventure. The puzzles, character interaction and non-
appears to be state-of-the-art and combat encounters make the game play like a good mystery
tracks all interactions between your book reads. Crusaders unfolds a little at a time, providing
party and each group type with numerous mini-successes to encourage the player to
continue on for the more than 200 hours this game will
which you come into contact. take to complete in the same fashion as a good book builds
was a complete overhaul of the old Wizardry series, the needed interest to sustain a reader over the course of
Crusaders refines and augments its predecessor. The first 200 pages.
change is strikingly obvious: a full 256 color palette and Crusaders of the Dark Savant has certainly passed its
VGA graphics replace the dithered EGA presentation of initial test as far as the Silicon Dungeon is concerned. We
Bane. The new look equals and in some ways surpasses can only imagine the other delightful surprises that await us
most of the games on the market and exceeds all others in in the final version of the game. ’#J
The game offers multiple beginnings, including one for
those gamers who did not play or did not complete Bane. Magic Tricks
Regardless of which opening sequence plays, the actual on your PC!!
game will place your party of six (created from a
combination of 11 races and 14 character classes) in a Here’s a chance to
become a wizard in
wilderness outside of New City on the planet of Guardia. real life!!!
Here your party will encounter other races so unique that
they must be seen to be believed. However, all of you have Your PC will perform effects that will
amaze everyone!!!
one thing in common: finding the legendary Astral
Dominae, a device with the power to create a universe - For the first time ever, your PC will be
able to perform mindreading, ESP, pre-
or to destroy one.
dictions, X-ray vision, and more. Easy to
This short synopsis of the key plot element brings learn. Comes with instruction manual and
several other improvements of Crusaders to the fore. The props.
non-player characters interact more frequently, more 10-trick Professional version
logically, and more functionally with the gamer’s group. $48 +$5 shippinghandling
The artificial intelligence appears to be state-of-the-artand
tracks all interactions between your party and each group 5-trick Basic version
type with which you come into contact. For example, the $22 +$3 shippinghandling
Umpani don’t seem to care for the T’Rang; if you become Send check or money order to:
friendly with one group, the other may not be willing to MicroMagic Productions
175 5th Avenue Suite 2625
deal with you, making it necessary for you to use force New York, NY 10010
(212) 969-0220
rather than diplomacy when dealing with one or the other.
Word of your actions spreads among the inhabitants of Requires PC or compatible with VGA, EGA or CGA
Also available I-trick demo version $3 + $2 s/h

a Live Action Role-Playing game scenario

by Roger Spendlove of the Dream Park Corporation Design Group
Something in this town is not right.
Lately, people have been acting strangely. Not bizarre or outrageously, just -well, the truth is,
everyone’s too normal. Nothing unusual or interesting has occurred in weeks, and the citizens seem to be
acting out their lives without any emotion. There’s no passion in their actions, no volition except to preserve
the status quo. Everyone, that is, except yourself. You can’t figure out what’s happening, but you know for a
fact that you are not a part of it.
You’re not just paranoid! People really are conducting duy-to-day tasks with glazed eyes as if they’re
programmed robots. Or zombies? Maybe they’ve been possessed by an alien or demonic intelligence?!
But not everyone! There must be others who, like yourself, are unaffected by this mysterious force.
Thus begins the adventure of the lnfilcration of the Mind
Maggot from Planet V , a Live Action Role-Playing (LARP)
After assembling your guest list, ask one of the guests to act
scenario, in which mundane yet heroic gamers play themselves as
as your co-game-master. One GM is needed for each of the two
they attempt to outwit and thwart the invasion of an insidious
“teams.” Next, get two players who’ll agree to play the pre-
menace from outer space!
determined roles of “the Professor,” and “Simon Larvaplixos”
If you intend to play in this adventure, READ NO
(or Simone, if female). All others will be portraying themselves.
FURTHER! If you intend to Game Master this event, you’ll
For two of the encounter sites, you’ll need to use players’
need the following: (a) a group of six to 20 friends, two of whom
homes (be they houses, apartments, mansions, yachts, etc.). The
agree to play predetermined roles, and one who will serve as a
Professor and Simon are the best choices since the encounters
co-game master; (b) two players’ homes (preferably the two
deeply involve their characters, but any home will do. The two
playing the Professor and Simon); (c) two locations in the
GMs’ dwellings would be good alternatives.
wilderness such as a little-used public park; and (d) a few easy-
Assign two-thirds of the remaining players to the
to-make props detailed later. Oh, and of course lots of imagina-
Professor’s team, and one-third to Simon’s team. Send each
tion and creativity, but gamers usually have no problem
player an invitation which consists of the first three paragraphs
supplying these!
of this article, and one piece of background information listed


later. Feel free to amaze you.
make up your own However, you’ve begun to suspect that a threat from
additional bits of outside Earth has landed and begun to infiltrate the town you’ve
lore, to customize called home for several years. The local citizenry has been
the game to your acting strangely complacent, as if their actions were controlled
locations. For the by an outside force. Recalling the telepathic technique you
Professor and learned on Golga-Trameehs-8,you broadcast a message which
Simon, send their character’s description as well. should have been received by any and all humans in your
You will probably want to include an “out-of-character” vicinity who still retain their own personalities. All hope for
note explaining that you’re inviting them to participate in an your adopted home lies upon whether any unaffected humans
unusual Live-Action Roleplaying Game. The only skills they’ll remain, and whether they answer your summons...!
be allowed or able to perform will be real-world, true-to-life
skills they are personally capable of; furthermore, they must PLAYERS ON THE
perform their skill with a prop of some sort. Thus, if they
anticipate doing some rock climbing, they should bring rope,
PROFESSOR’S TEAM: Each should receive
spikes, pitons, etc. If they want to use computer programming the following paragraph as part of their invitation:
skills, they must bring a computer; music skill requires an This morning, as you were in the shadow-world betwee

20 J U L Y / A U G U S T ,19 9 2
less against your plan to infiltrate and consume the entire agree to it. This
population. Well, maybe not every one of them. Besides, they means no wrestling,
might make a nice, easily controlled legion for the invasion of boxing, fencing,
other, more powerful worlds! water guns, and so
However, you realize that some few individuals may be forth. (2) Whenever
immune (for some inexplicable reason) to your psionic control. players wish to leave
Such individuals could organize a resistance effort - as a home base and
happened during your last invasion attempt at the planet seek out an encounter site or perform some other major action,
If there are indeed Earthlings who are immune to your M to inform him or her of their plans.
hey work with you, not against report the outcome of each
ossible. ( 3 ) At most encounters, there
the exact function of the device(s)
ERS ON SIMON’S TEAM:each card, then read the appropriate passages
ive the followingparagraph as part of their invita- s containing sections for the
eyes only, due to their extraterrestrial
should sign all cards before placing them,

at actions are

It did not take you long to notice that, although the mind
controt failed on you, it succeeded upon every other human figure out on their own!
you’ve met since then. The mind-touch left a tenuous link with If the players seem confused about the object ot the game,
Simon, and you’ve used it to that he is hiding in his inform them that the object is, in part, to figure ()Ut what the
spaceshy, (cleverly disguised as a typical Eanhling home) at object of the game is, and then to do it! This is the essence of
[hn of pcSs honle], You’ve decided to him a \visit Live-Action Role playins - you make your OW game by the
at [insea date time game is to h i n ] to see what is going actions you choose. They W i l l eventually gather enough
on.Perhaps you will make him an offer: you won’t expose or informationto determine that the Primary gOa1 ofthe
thwart his plot in exchange for your being left alive dnd un- Protessor’s team is to eliminate the devices and allies by which
posesed... the Mind Maggot plans to infiltrate Earth. Simon’s tcam will
endeavor to eliminate Earth’s last resistance by possessing the
“free minds” and bringing them under Simon’s control. For the
THE TWO GAM€ players on Simon’s team, make certain they understand they are
MASTERS: ~ecauseseveral e d i t i o n s and not and cannot be mind-controlled by Simon. They retain
control of their actions at all times, and may even, it they
encounters could take place simultaneously, in very different
choose, join the team.
locations, a single GM could not possibly be present at them all;
nor is it possible to second-guesswhen some ofthe encounters
will actually take place. Therefore, two GMs are needed, one for PREGAME LORE
each team. However, since the players may decide to divide
their forces and seek out multiple encounters at once, the two & CURRENT EVENTS:
GMs may still be unable to go to every place they’re needed, so Aneuspaperarticle,~oneweekugo(eitherorboth~~:
they mqht have to stay in a central, easily contacted location U p 0 Sitings Appear Hoax
?he homesserving as Simon’s w s
ied Spaceshipand the by Richard Lovejoy
Professor’s house would be the best choices, because several S p e d to dte Post~Bsacon.
imponant encounters might take place there. If one GM does Two nights ago, wimesses from [name of players’ town]
decide to ;Iccompany his or her team on a major expedition, reported an unidentified flying object However, after
then the other GM must remain at a home base. initial claims, none of the witnews have corroborated their
Before the playefs get too far into the game, GMs mist Stories. Althou;9hseveral known and public People, such as
convey the fundamentat N~es:(1 here is to be b l u t e i y 110 sqmt Anthony of the r t e p m a t of Pubtic S~QJ and
phpapicol contact ot &G da all participantf hvdvd Lgnn Chandler of Maloppar observatory, initially and indepen-


dently reported the still remember pretty well where it fell [GM insert vague
UFO, not one of the directions to the location of the Meteor encounter.].
witnesses will
further confirm their OVERHEARD RADIO NEWS
Sgt. Anthony
REPORT (either team) : ‘‘Say Bo, speaking of Weird
now claims that “It Wednesdays, have you noticed that weird sculpture on display
in the park at [GM insert address of Transmitter encounter].
llective of individuals
Don’t know why the artist didn’t sign his name, cause it’s kinda
as a humorous incident. This person denies all claims he made
the previous evening.” Sgt. Anthony refuses to elaborate. He pretty.”
“Yeah Jo, weird but beautiful. Its graceful yet angular
will not or cannot supply the names of his collaborators in the
contours give it an air of alien beauty and aloofness.”
Initial reports claimed it came from south to north, “Ever’oneought to go take a look at it. Maybe then the
artist will show himself. So Bo, what other weirdness have you
meandering over the city as if looking for something. “It were
noticed on Wednesdays.”
movin’ too dang slow for any kind of airplane I ever seen,”
Mysterious postal package (Professor’s team only) : Yesterd
Sergeant Dean Anthony said at 12:32 a.m. “It were flyin’ just
the way a brick don’t,”he said.
Other witnesses reported sighting a “big but not ton deGuerrio” but sent to your own address. I
humongous, you know, like the size of a house” flying sphere ing note, hastily scribbled on a yellow legal p
come out of the south and settle into the forest east of [town]. “Marton - must get this to you before they get m
se my memory! The UFO I tracked entering Earth‘s
Ms. Lynn Chandler of the Maloppar Observatory tele-
landed in your city! These are my notes on its fl
phoned the offices of this newspaper to inform the inhabitants
e you can decipher handwriting and locate land
of [town] that she had tracked an object descending from due
north of the solar ecliptic plane. “It entered our atmosphere, I
would estimate, somewhere near the equator of the far side of
the Earth. It must have decelerated around the south pole

ler could not elaborate, as

he observatory failed. N

g eventful occurred tha

22 J U L Y / A U G U S T ,19 9 2
roleplay constantly - in other words, treat the circumstances of
the game as real for its duration.
computers (make
any sort of prop/box
As everyone discusses the situation, they’ll quickly realize with a panel that
they possess little bits of information, but no real concept of opens). If Simon
what’s truly going on. It would behoove them to compile notes places a Transmitter
and experiences, then decide the best course of action. They Crystal within the
will no doubt wish to discover more and better information as computer’s orifice
they continue to play the game. and works at reprogra
possible courses of action: (a) seek the meteor; (b) ) into a Psycho-Dominatus Amulet.
re in the park; (c) locate the player may engage another player
landing site (which will then lead to the location of ssor) in a test of wills. Any wielder of an
p disguised as a’home). The Professor may accom- n a card printed with the following rules
oup of players on an expedition, or remain at his to prove authenticity. Simon has this

ation Power -The challenger states a

COUNTER: SIMON’S ..” which the victim must


of an SDIsatellite s


details on how the material may be vaporized).



container) containing a marble. These are the power crystals,

which the Galactic Police affixed to the spaceship of con- and crystals must be equal to the number of players in the ga
demned criminal Simon Larvaplixos. If it were connected to the not including sinon Or the professor.
engines of Simon’sship, it would prevent the spaceship from Inside the light-proof containers, alongside the mar
functioning in any way and nullify all Simon’spowers, but
somehow it was disconnected and left here, at the ship’s origin itter’s beacon; however, since you just exposed
landing site.”
Tape to the bottom of the prop another card which reads:
“This is a digital readout on a computer-likescreen: Criminal
Simon Larvaplixos of the planet Vee’lshinkl-Pyrth,condemne
for enslaving and exterminating the species of planet Palinkee.
Said criminal occupant has managed to free itself from this
deactivation buoy. The Buoy will track the current whereabout
of the ship to a maximum range of 200 light years. Current

meteor radiates intense

24 JULY/AUGUST, 1992

3 J

rhe Second in a series of five articles & adventun
I detailing the New Orleans Area I


- 1

Seven New Archetypes for Shadowrun

by C.R. Shaver & Jason Rush

Hey, cher. You won’t see too much of me in dat city,

‘cause it ain’t my home. No, no. I been living on da bayou
all my life. Back dere on da real land, where none of dis
cyber drek matters. It’s just you, your boat, and da swamp.
I may not be much in da city, but you need help in da
bayou, who you gonna go to? Who tell you where da
gator are, where your boat can go? Me, dat’s who. On da
streets I don’t amount to much, but on da bayou . . . cher,
dere I’m king.
Commentary: The Bayou Dwarf is an odd case among
his kind. Spurning the bright lights and high tech of the
city, he has retreated to the bayous, living a quiet, bucolic
life. He lives off the land, and enters the city only when
circumstances force him to do so. But in his own environ-
ment, the Bayou Dwarf is unparalleled as a guide, tracker,
and hunter.
Attributes: Skills:
Body: 5 Armed Combat: 3
Quickness: 3 Bayou Stealth: 5
Strength: 4 Etiquette (Street):2
Charisma: 2 Firearms: 4
Intelligence: 3 Motorboat: 5
Willpower: 3 Motorboat (B/R):5
Essence: 6 Pirogue: 3
Reaction: 3 Swimming: 3
Cyberware: Unarmed Combat: 3
Dwarven Technician
Ammunition: 100 Rounds Regular (HP)
100 Rounds Regular (SG)
100 Rounds Regular (SMG)
t Survival Kit
Survival Knife
Ares Predator

Defiance T-250

Middle Lifestyle (3 months prepaid)

Ruger 100 Sport Rifle with
Magnification 3 Imaging Scope
Samuvani-Chriscraft Otter

The Bayou Dwarf has thermographic eyes and a bonus of

+2 to his Body against diseases only. Check for allergic

26 JULY/AUGU ST,1992

Welcome to the jungle, chummer. I used to buy into all

that Zulu Nation garbage, but I wised up. Seeing the streets 1

up close was what did it. Out here, there ain’t no room for
belief or pride in the past. A good gun in your hand beats
either of ‘em cold.
So, what’cha say? Don’t let my looks fool you. Under-
neath this hot body I’m all twisted steel. More than enough
to pull off any run you want. Forget the samurai: they all
run when they see a Zulu walking the streets.
Commentary: The Chromed Zulu once lived in the
Zulu Nation, but exposure to the streets has changed his
i ways. Forsaking the culture of the Zulus if not their
name, he is another element of the urban sprawl, trying
to earn a nuyen as best he can. I
Attributes: Skills:
Body: 6 Armed combat: 5
Quickness: 6 Athletics: 4
Strength: 5 Bike: 2
Charisma 4 Etiquette (Street):4
Intelligence: 4 Unarmed Combat: 4 L

Willpower: 5 Firearms: 5
Essence: 1.OS F
Reaction: 5 (9)
Cyberears with Hearing Amplification, Damper
Cybereyes with Low-Light, Organic Magnification ( 3 ) t
Retractable Spur
Skull Hardwire-Urban Stealth: 4
Smartgun Link
Wired Reflexes (2)
Gang Member
Street Samurai
100 Rounds FirepowerTM (HP)
100 Rounds Regular (SMG) 1
Ares Predator II
DocwagonTMContract (Platinum)
5 Smoke Grenades a
Harley Scorpion
lngram Smartgun with Recoil Reduction Ivl 2
Lined Coat L
Middle Lifestyle (1 2 months prepaid)
Survival Kit k



You seem surprised that one of the Awakened should

)e interested in jazz. You expect me to be limited to the
nusic and instruments of my own kind, eschewing the arts
i f humanity. Well, you are wrong. To me, jazz is the only
nusic worth listening to or performing. It rises far above the
imits of rock or Euroslag electro-pop. The low moan of the
)ass, the high scream of the sax, all are almost ethereal.
9lmost magical, you might say.
Unfortunately, club owners do not agree with this
?nlightened point of view. Few will listen to me, and even
'ewer will book me. So, on occasion, I am forced to look
?lsewhere for income. Then, I turn to the shadows.
Commentary: The Elven Jazzer is a rare sight on a
jhadowrun. Usually she will only participate if she cannot
ind a club date. But on a run her undeniable charisma is
Dften valuable, as is her knowledge of the streets. Whether
3n a run for cash or just the thrill, the Elven Jazzercan hold
her own.
Attributes: Skills:
Body: 3 Armed Combat: 3
Quickness: 4 Bike: 2
Strength: 2 Etiquette (Media):4
Charisma: 4 Etiquette (Street):5
Intelligence: 4 Firearms: 4
Willpower: 3 Special Sltills:
Essence: 5.6 Instrumental Music: 6
Reaction: 4 Musical Composition: 6
Synthesizer Link
Media Producer
50 Rounds Regular (HP)
Ares Predator
Instrument and Amps
Lined Coat
Middle Lifestyle ( 1 month prepaid)
Tres Chic Clothing

la The Elven Jazzer has natural low-light eyes.


I follow de old way, dat existed before you or I were

even born. Forget dis Awakenin’ drek. De real power’s in de
Loa, mon, and de Loa speak tru me. You go to de shamans
and de mages, see what dey do. It’s all one an’ the same,
dey just don’t give de real powers no credit. But when it
comes down, and dey be needin’ someone to talk wit’ de
Loa, call down der Spirits, who do dey come cryin’ to? Me,
mon. Like I always say, when dey need de real power, 1
dey know who to deal wit’. And dey’ll always need
me. My ju-ju take care 0’de demons. And you never
see de demons ‘til they come callin’.
Commentary: The houngan is usually a dark,
mysterious person. The voudoun tradition teaches
her that the Awakening has nothing to do with
her powers; the houngan believes she has been
touched by the gods and she acts accordingly.
Houngans tend to be aloof, shadowy figures, satisfied
with inspiring fear instead of goodwill and respect
instead of camaraderie. This does not mean that the
houngan needs to be evil; she just prefers to be at a
distance, more attuned to the Loa than to the mortals
around her.
Attributes: Skills: I
Body: 3 Biotech: 2
Quickness: 2 Conjuring: 6
Strength: 2 Enchantment: 5
Charisma: 5 Etiquette (Street):4
Intelligence: 4 Firearms: 2
Willpower: 4 Magical Theory: 5
Essence: 6 Sorcery: 6
Magic: 6
Reaction: 3
Any Street Type
Street Shaman
Talismonger I---

Ruger Super Warhawk
Temple Materials (4)
Spend 10 total points of force among the spells below:
Analyze Device Entertainment
Mana Bolt Chaos
Heal Deadly Wounds Mask
Clairvoyance Heal Moderate Wounds
Powerball Detect Enemies



Frag, hasn’t been enough ghoul activity lately to feed a

Touse. Guess I‘ve been doing too good a job. Ain’t seen a
;hod or a bloodsucker to geek now since I nailed that vamp
wo weeks back.
Yeah, that’s right , I’m a member of the Stalkers,
hummer. You see some ghoul scarfing an arm, I’m the one
he city sends to deal with it. But there just ain’t enough
ash in it, so I’m looking for a little overtime. You got any
Commentary: The Night Stalker is a member of an elite
quad of police officersthat is specifically trained to deal
with creatures of the night: ghouls, vampires, and their kind.
n cities where these beings thrive, the Night Stalker acts as
iunter and tracker, each member of the division working
done in fightingthe undead. However, when business is
;low, the Night Stalker will not hesitate to turn to
shadowruns to maintain his income.
Attributes: Skills:
Body: 4 Armed Combat: 5
Quickness: 4 ( 5 ) Athletics: 4
Strength: 4 ( 5 ) Bike: 2
Charisma: 1 Biotech: 3
Intelligence: 4 Electronics: 3
Willpower: 3 Etiquette (Street):
Essence: .75 Firearms: 6
Reaction: 4 (8) Throwing Weapons: 4
Stealth: 6
Unarmed Combat: 4
Cyberears with Damper,
Hearing Amplification,andSound Filter ( 5 )
Cybereyes with Electronic Magnification (31,
Low-Light, and Thermographic Imaging
Improved Retractable Hand Razors
Muscle Replacement (1)
Smartgun Link
Wired Reflexes (2)
City Official
Street Cop
Street Samurai
Ammunition:lngram Smartgun with recoil reduction Lvl 2
100 Rounds Fire PowerTM (HP)
10 IPE Offensive Grenades
100 Rounds Regular (SMG)
50 Rounds Explosive (SMG)
Middle Lifestyle (9months prepaid)
100 Rounds Regular (56)
Mossberg CMDT/SM Ares Predator I1
Survival Kit Armor Jacket
Survival Knife Harley Scorpion

30 JULY/AUGUST, 1992


1 am a hunter, but my prey is neither animal nor human.
My hunt is an age-old quest against evil, against the children
of the darkness. I seek the nosferatu - the vampire.
The vampire existed before the Awakening, before
history had ever begun. That age is their strength, for only
cunning born of millennia allows the foul creatures to
survive. But they have lost their greatest strength: everyone
now knows they exist, and it is my duty to see they exist no
Commentary: The Vampire Hunter is the survivor of a
bygone age. With the Awakening and the realization that
vampires are real, the Vampire Hunter's services are in
demand once more. Although he is no physical match for his
prey, the Vampire Hunter is a cool, clever person capable of
dealing with his unique foe.
Attributes: Skills:
Body: 2 Armed Combat: 2
Quickness: 3 Biology: 6
Strength: 2 Biotech: 5
Charisma: 1 Crossbow: 4
Intelligence: 5 Etiquette (Street):4
Willpower: 4 Magical Theory: 6
Essence: 6 Physical Sciences: 6
Magic: 6 Sorcery: 6
Reaction: 4 \
Street Cop or Night Stalker
Street Mage
20 Bolts
30 Rounds Regular (HO)
5 Antidote Patches (6)
Armor Vest
Low-Light Binoculars
Medium Crossbow
t2 Healing Fetish Focuses
Low-Light Goggles
Streetline Special
2 Tranq Patches (6)
2 Trauma Patches (6)
Spend 20 total points of force among the spells below:
Anti-Spell Barrier Personal Analyze Truth
Physical Barrier Heal Deadly Wounds
Personal Clairvoyance Slay Vampire
Heal Serious Wounds Personal Detect Enemies


- :


In the Zulu Nation, 1 am the peace-keeper and defender. No
me may walk its streets and break its laws, or threaten the safety of
:he Nation without answering to me.
Do not let my name deceive you. Yes, I follow the ways of my
Zulu ancestors, fighting the yoke of oppression that others would
ay on my neck. But I do not dwell in the past: I use the technology
>f today, as well as my warrior training, in defending my home.
On these streets, you answer to me. I suggest you remember
Commentaty: The Zulu Warrior is a product of the fierce
national pride all members of the Zulu Nation feel. They see
themselves as separate, both physically and spiritually, from the
rest of humanity. The Zulu Warrior patrols the streets of the Nation,
anxious to defend it against all attackers and any threat to its well-
being. They often participate in shadowruns against corporations
they think have treated the Zulu Nation unfairly. All Zulu Warriors
are members of the Defenders of the Zulu Nation (q.v.), a magical
Attributes: Skills:
Body: 6 Athletics: 3
Quickness: o Edged Weapons: 5
Strength: 5 Etiquette (Street): 2
Charisma: 3 Firearms: 4
Intelligence: 5 Unarmed Combat: 3
Willpower: 5 Stealth: 4
Essence: 6 Adept Abilities:
Magic: 6 Automatic Successes (Stealth): 4
L Reaction: 7 Increased Reaction Lvl 2
Cyberware: Pain Resistance: 2
None Physical Sensory Improvement:
Contacts: Low-Light, Flare Compensation,
Gang Member Hearing Amplification, Damper
Street Samurai
Street Shaman
Gear: Ammunition:
Lined Coat 100 Rounds Regular (HP)
2 Antidote Patches (5) 100 Rounds Regular (SMG)
2 Tranq Patches
Binoculars Trauma Patch (5)
Colt Manhunter with Survival Kit
Laser Sight Survival Knife
5 AFR-7 Flash Grenades 5 Smoke Grenades
Heckler &. Koch MP-5 TX
with Laser Sight, Recoil Reduction Ivl2
The Zulu Warrior may call on 2D6 other Warriors for help.
Defenders of the Zulu Nation
The Defenders of the Zulu Nation are all Zulu Warriors, sworn
to defend their Nation at any cost. The group is overseen by the
ruling council of the Zulu Nation, who also acts as its patron. The
group's goals are simple: to defend the Zulu Nation and ensure that
'Gs placein the world is secure.
Name: The Defenders of the Zulu Nation
Type: Dedicated
Members: 50
Limitations: Zulu Warriors only.
Strictures: Belief, Fraternity, Obedience.
Resources/Dues: Middle. No Dues.
Patron: Ruling Council of the Zulu Nation.
Customs: The Defenders are totally devoted to the Zulu Nation,
and will take any steps necessary to protect it. In urban areas given
over to the Zulu Nation, the Defenders are both the military and the
law. The group may initiate shadowruns against corporations they
think have given the Zulu Nation a raw deal, often hiring
shadowrunners to act as extra muscle or to provide diversions.
&isk 1
accent on the work. For your on-line fee of
$20.00, you get bur issues of our quarter-
ly newsmagazine Ka-ge. Ka*geis 48 pages
of chiptruth that covers the streets from
every angle, whether you want magic,
Matrix or Mossberg. We give you fiction,
new gear, spells, contacts, archetypes and
more, all wrapped around a tough sce-

Make all C&ks/Money able toOrders

Mail to:
AWOL Productions
2 101 West Broadway #305
PO BOX 6018
Columbia, M O 652056018
shadormn and Matr* am Q FASA Capommn
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Street Address:
city: state Zip:
Phone: If Renewal, list Membership #
0 Full Membership (U.S. 1* Class Postage Included).................................................... $20.00
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Total Amount Included............................................................................................. d-
by Chris Hind

This is a crossover story for players of both Vampire:

The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse. The
plot remains essentially the same for both games. However,
each scene provides separate guidelines for the actions of
A story for Kindred and Garou to take into consideration their differing
motives and abilities. The Werewolf material is set off in

VAMPIRE sidebars. There are also two introductions: “Mortal’s

Masque” for Vampires, and “Gaia’s Fold” for Werewolves.
A third section, “Crossover,” provides some suggestions
for those wishing to guide the story for a mixed group of
Kindred and Garou.
This story is fairly linear, as must always be the case
when space is limited. The story has been created along a
fairly static pattern, with scene progressing to scene in a
straight line. However, this does not mean that you must
play it as a linear story; the following events are merely
one way the story can unfold, and Storyteller improvisation
is encouraged.
The story takes place in late autumn, early spring, or
Ifat his council I should turn aside during a mild winter. It might make an excellent follow-up
Into that ominous tract which, all agree, to Ashes to Ashes if you are playing Vampire, or a
Hides the Dark Tower. follow-up to Rite of Passage if you are playing Werewolf.
-Robert Browning,
“Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came”

J The Theme
This story’s theme explores the danger of embracing
one’s dark half, whether one is Kindred, Kine, or Lupine.
This spark of evil - call it Rage, the Beast, the Shadow, or
Thanatos (the death instinct) - resides within us all. For


the most part, it is imprisoned within the Dark Tower of our Background Events
souls, distant and untouchable. But it can corrupt the very
walls of its prison, and occasionally it escapes. Those who Successive generations of harp-playing and tale-telling scops
wish to can usually recapture it.. . have exaggerated and elaborated upon the legend of Beowulf.
Not everyone is successful. Yet that epic poem is based on a kernel of truth. Beowulf the
The dark half is very persuasive, offering great rewards in Geat did indeed sail from the south of Sweden to aid King
return for its freedom. When seducing Vampires, the Beast Hrothgar of Denmark. He did wrestle with the monstrous
promises to fulfill all inner urges, to mold its host into the Grendel, finally ripping off its arm. The account of him
ultimate predator. Some individuals even seek out the Dark entering the underground lair and returning with Grendel’s
Tower with the intention of releasing its captive perma- head is also true. But the tales do not explain that Beowulf
nently. Herein lies the greatest threat that evil can pose. was a Kindred, and Grendel was his Sire.
During this story, characters witness three examples of Beowulf clung to his Humanity like a drowning sailor to
the dangers inherent in embracing one’s destructive impulses: a spar. He possessed great hatred’for Vampires who embraced
A mortal whose primordial, bestial instincts lie hidden the Beast, as Grendel had. He continued to lead his people as
under a civilized veneer. a mortal warrior would and soon became king of the Geats.
A Lupine family -human by day, but who undergo a During his lengthy rule, he fed off animals and bestial
terrible transformation when they give in to the Beast in Kindred. But eventually, the thirst for human vitae became
their hearts. difficult to resist. Beowulf feared that the Beast which stalked
Beowulf, the Vampire who sought to protect civiliza- his soul would eventually pounce.
tion from the monster he had become, but whose retreat into Then came the Wyrm.
the wilderness only furthered his degeneration. Was it really a dragon?Or the burning sun attempting to
This story is not meant to be a morality play. It is simply crush his immortality in its fiery coils? He no longer recalls.
an illustration of the dangers of total release. Those who Nor can he remember how he survived the inferno. The
choose to ignore the facts presented in this story can freely event - whatever it was -could not have come at a more
“turn down the dark path.” But they have been warned.... opportune time. Thought to be dead and lain to rest,


Beowulf left his people before the of North America, but has remained Beowulf has finally been able to
Hunger could hurt them. near present-day Tierburg for the past create a Childe.
For the next 200 years, Beowulf 300 years: a “place of power” drew It is at this point that the story
roamed northern Europe, always him, and there he makes his haven. begins.. .
distancing himself from the human
population. But Europe seemed much
He has been in a self-induced
torpor for the last fifty years. Upon
Mortal’s Masque
For Kindred, the story begins in
too crowded. Aided by Ghoul retain- recently waking, Beowulf realized his
Chicago (though it can be adapted to
ers (the most loyal being Erik the Red great folly: by shunning civilization,
any city). One night, the characters
and Leif Erikson), he retreated to he became increasingly bestial and
hear through a number of different
Iceland in 874, to Greenland in 982, less able to resist the Hunger, which in
contacts and sources that they are to
and eventually to Vinland by the year turn led to increased solitude. He has
meet someone very important at
1000. Beowulf found this New World come to understand that this
perfect. Mortals did live here, but i n A -- vicious cycle will
O’Leary ’s Rehabilitation Institute. In
fact, they are likely to hear this
message more than once -most of
missed his Viking retainers
the city’s Kindred, Anarch and Elder,
orders to discourage further He has chosen to
seem to know about it. Malkavians in
colonization. He has wan- Sire a replacement, a
particular seem to delight in passing
dered over much
along the full weight of the message,
especially the “or else” part.
important lesson which
However, nobody knows who
has taken Beowulf over
started this ubiquitous message. This
a millennium to learn.
will not stop the messenger from
But his Beast has
trying to frighten the characters and
sound in-the-know at the same time:
“Oooo, you in BIG trouble now ....”
able to success- The players could try to track the
message back to its source, but this
mortal. Each would be time-consuming and
difficult. Their best bet is to visit the
O’Leary Institute and hope for the
Gaia’s Fold
Garou characters begin in
Tierburg, Indiana (for more infor-
mation on this small town, refer to
“Scene Two: Wolf in Man’s Cloth-
discovered two ing”). It is assumed that they belong to
deer hunters in a tribe in this area or are just passing
his forest domain, through. Somehow the characters get
hold of a tabloid newspaper with a
body of one of his Herd very interesting cover story (see
Handout #l). An elder in the tribe
might ask them to investigate, or they
may decide to do so on their own.
hunters, who immedi- The man in the article might be a
/ Garou who has lost the ability to
shapechange (by losing his Rage), or
possibly even a Lunatic - one of the
few adult humans with Werewolf
potential. He should be brought into
Gaia’s fold. On their own accord or at

- - I

36 JULY/AUGUST, 1992
the urging of tribal elders, the charac- wrought iron fence and half-dead woman in an old-fashioned wicker
ters travel to Chicago to rescue him. bushes. The fence keeps in the wheelchair at the end of a hall. She
Chicago lies 50 miles to the patients; the bushes keep out prying stares at the characters for a moment,
north. In such a large city, you should eyes. At night, light shines from a and then slowly rolls around a corner.
make the Garou feel very uneasy - single window on the asylum’s second They reach the comer just in time to
here the Wyrm has its greatest floor. A Perception + Alertness roll see her roll down another hallway.
influence. You may improvise some (difficulty 6) allows that character to When, and if, they chase her down
urban encounters if you wish, but be notice a shadowy figure silhouetted that hallway, she appears once again
careful not to end the story before it against the light before it disappears at the end of yet another hallway.
has even started (the Vampires are from the window. The characters should have a
surely watching, but they take no How the characters get inside is chance to catch up with the woman,
action). By asking for directions up to them. They can Dominate the but it shouldn’t be easy.
(Charisma t Etiquette, difficulty 4) or guard at the gate, or sneak in
referring to a map of the city, charac- by climbing the walls
ters should have little trouble finding
the famous O’Leary House.
For a crossover story, simply use
both introductions and have the
characters run into each other at the
O’Leary’s house (see “Scene One:
Wight in White”). The Garou may
quickly realize that Edward Bemil’s
problem has nothing to do with
lycanthropy. However, his state is
highly unnatural and unbalanced, and
needs to be corrected. After all,
balance is the most important thing for
Garou, even among themselves.
For the rest of the story, combine
the Vampire and Werewolf material
where appropriate. Change scenes if
necessary. For instance, in “Scene
Three: Unsafe Haven”, Selene may
offer false clues to draw Garou away
from the slumbering Kindred, and
then double back to set the cottage
ablaze. A crossover story is more
challenging to guide but can ulti-
mately be more fulfilling and eventful,
since it uses all of the material,

Scene One: Wight in White

O’Leary ’s Rehabilitation Institute is
located in an older section of a
northern Chicago suburb. It is held in rooms they will see people in I d’\
high regard for its treatment of hospital gowns with their
patients with substance abuse disor- arms and legs spread-eagled
ders. Tendrils of ancient ivy cling to and strapped to their beds;
the dark old building. The house and their mouths are gagged.
large yard are surrounded by a After a time the
characters will notice a


Handout #I inner Beast, but the characters

will have to observe the
Man Possessed by Wendigo, madman closely (or use
powers like Aura Perception
Cannibalizes Hunting Buddy and score four successes) to
learn this.

By Scottie Cartwright Detectives have pieced together A Vampire (or perhaps even
the murderous events: Apparently,
TIERBURG-Five days ago, Bemil and a friend were hunting in a Werewolf) may attempt to
state police arrested a the woods near the small town of persuade the Beast to transfer
blood-drenched man on Highway Tierburg. For reasons unknown, itself into her body. Roll
41 near Tierburg, Indiana. Bemil killed his buddy -- not with a
One officer suffered minor rifle shot, but by strangulation. Manipulation t Animal Ken
abrasions and a broken wrist during Even more horribly, the killer against a difficulty equal to
the arrest. Declared this officer: feasted on the dead man’s flesh. the character’s Humanity (the
“He was a madm an... a wild animal. Bemil has been admitted to
He tried to rip out my throat with Beast is attracted to bestial
O’Leary Rehabilitation Institute for
his bare teeth.” acute psychoses induced by LSD or people). This extended action
The man was identified by his another hallucinogen. Family and requires 10 successes. A botch

driver’s license as 42-year-old friends deny that Bemil was a drug alienates the Beast, making it
Edward Bemil of Chicago. Later user of any sort.
that night, a local resident One of the country’s leading hostile toward that character.
discovered the remains of a body in experts on paranormal studies offers If successful, the Vampire
the woods nearby. an alternate explanation, one that now possesses two Beasts and
“Blood was everywhere,” this this reporter finds much more
source exclaimed. “His face was is twice as wired as usual.
believable: “Bemil is possessed by
gnawed off like chipboard by a Wendigo, the Amerindian spirit of Double all difficulties (maxi-
porcupine.” The deceased has yet to cannibalism.” mum 10) to resist Frenzy. This
be identified. Vampire had better be on her
best behavior .... (If the patient is
killed, the Beast automatically
merges with the Vampire with the
out of reach (she has an Obfuscate characters (equivalent to kick attacks). lowest Humanity.)
Discipline of 3). As the strange chase During this frenzied attack, the When the characters leave the
continues, characters should realize patient roars (in your best Exorcist cell, they meet the woman in the
that she is leading them somewhere. voice): “Whelp!...Thou hast come for wheelchair, who heard the whole thing
Eventually they turn yet another the vitae of thine Elder...But Ama- from the hallway. This old lady is
corner and run up against a large ranth will be mine!” Maureen O’Leary, a Kindred as crazy
metal door. Woman and wheelchair The characters should have little as any inmate in the place (see
are nowhere in sight. The door is trouble restraining the madman. After Chicago by Night for more informa-
unlocked and slightly ajar. a few minutes of observation - and tion). She throws a newspaper at them

padded walls, bare except for a cot. A culty 6) or

man in a straitjacket raises a slack face Medicine
to his visitors. He shuffles forward, (difficulty 8) ’
Werewolues in the Asylum
mumbling “ ...let me free...can’t roll - a charac- In rescuing the Lunatic, Garou face similar problems. If
breathe ....” Once freed - or when it ter can diagnose they sneak in at night, use the above guidelines with the
becomes apparent that the characters the patient as not exception of meeting Maureen O’Leary. They may also I

have no intention of removing the suffering from approach O’Leary’s house during the day. Posing as a
straitjacket - the patient snaps, any known 4 doctor, one character might trick the Institute’s head into
begins to scream insanely, and then mental disor- 3 transferring the patient into his custody; roll Manipula-
tion + Medicine (difficulty 9, or 6 with official-looking
attacks. Only three successes on a der; the
Wits t Alertness roll (difficulty 6) combination of documents). The characters could also pretend to be
relatives and plead for the patient’s release; roll Cha- 6
provide any warning. The surprise symptoms fail to
factor allows one bite attack (lacking make any sense. risma t Empathy (again, difficulty 9, or 6 with a fake
fangs, he does only two dice of The patient is I.D.). Finally, Gifts -particularly Glib Tongue or
damage); afterwards, the patient possessed by Ultimate Argument of Logic - may be useful. b
bounces himself off the walls and the some Vampire’s b

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mortal threatens the Masquerade, 41. A sign at the town limits reads: Church, a Town Hall (bridge every
killing him would be an incomplete WELCOME TO TIERBURG Saturday night!), about 30 or 40
solution. The Beast must be returned A Town With Heart homes, and a number of adjacent
to its rightful owner, and that Kindred Someone has driven a railroad tie farms.
punished “by authorization of the though the heart symbol. Tierburg’s An obvious source of information
Prince of Chicago” (this claim may or population has always hovered around concerning the recent murder is
may not be true). 1,000. A considerable portion of the Vollmond’s. Kindred who leave
If questioned further she will townsfolk descend from German Chicago shortly after dusk should
indicate that the search for a Beast- immigrants who settled in Indiana arrive before the 9:OO closing. It is a
less Vampire should probably begin in between 1830 and 1850. Visitors also weathered gray building “decorated”
Tierburg. If one of the characters has notice a good number of Amerindians. with rusting license plates and an
absorbed the Beast, O’Leary cackles These people do not fit the “wary-of- ancient Coca-Cola advertisement. The
and adds: “Then you’ve got your own strangers” stereotype; they are quite gas pump looks like a survivor from
reasons for going there, hmmm?” The friendly with outsiders, since summer the 1940s. When the creaky screen
characters may drag Edward Bemil brings many tourists and cottagers. door opens, a bell jingles.
with them, or absorb the Beast (as They operate a bingo parlor on their Vollmond’s sells everything from
discussed earlier). Maureen will cover reservation outside of town, and have fishing tackle to chocolate bars,
for the madman’s escape or death. been doing quite well financially for foodstuffs to ammunition. Also for
the last few years. They are very sale are “genuine” Indian crafts, such
Scene Two: Wolf in Sheep’s ready to give directions on how to get as moccasins, bead necklaces, and
to the reservation since they all share soapstone carvings. All prices are
Clothing in the profits from the bingo. 150%normal.
The small (and fictional) town of Geographically, this hick town is The store is owned and run by
Tierburg, Indiana, lies fifty miles little more than “Vollmond’s” gas one large family, almost a clan -
south of Chicago, just off Highway station/general store, Faith Lutheran Wolfgang and Barbara Vollmo

The Vollmonbs
The Vollmonds belong to the Fianna Tribe. A successful probe into Bemil’s brain reveals a
Wolfgang and Ursula are likely the elders who sent foreign spirit running rampant. The mind reader also
them to rescue Edward Bemil. With the aid of the hears a tiny voice begging for release. This is
Vollmonds, the characters study Bemil’s problem and Bemil’s psyche, locked away in a dark recess of the
attempt to unlock his Werewolf potential. As mentioned subconscious.
earlier, medical knowledge fails to offer any mundane After a little experimentation - and perhaps an
psychological explanation. However, Garou have more Intelligence + Enigmas roll (difficulty 6) - charac-
tools than the average doctor.... ters can define Bemil’s madness. He goes berserk in
Garou who use Gifts to speak to the Beast, a the presence of three stimuli: bloodshed or death;
malevolent spirit, receive some very rude replies. fire or sunlight; and Werewolves or Vampires.
Questions concerning its nature are answered with During this story, he is almost always in a frenzy or
enigmatic answers. For example: “Monsters we are lest an exhausted rage.
k monsters we become,” “This flawed Vessel is both All in all, players are likely to be more confused
virtue and curse,” or “May the Wassail-cup be ever- than before. Wolfgang suggests that they take Bemil
full.” An Intelligence + Occult roll (difficulty 8) to Beowulf, a powerful Garou shaman (thought to be
indicates that many of these terms are derived from an Uktena) who lives in the area. Unfortunately,
Vampire lore. nobody knows where to find him. Just last week,
The Beast has a Willpower of 9 for resisting though, a mortal named Roland claimed that Bigfoot
exorcism. If this is successful, the spirit leaves Bemil had been tramping though his backyard nightly. This
and enters the character with the highest Rage. That was probably Beowulf, who prefers his Crinos form.
person immediately gains 4 Rage points. All frenzies Roland’s property might be a good place to visit (as
favor the instinct of “fight” over “flight.” Further would the murder site, if for some reason players
exorcisms will simply bump the Beast back and forth decide to go there).
between vessels.

their “children”: Klaus, Ursula, Dolf,
Bern, Bruno, Selene, and little Colin.
The store is effectively managed by
19-year-old Selene, who is attractive
tion and horror. gaming convention
despite her bleached-blond hair and
overuse of makeup. She is working
Corn 111e this H a 1I ow een
behind the counter when the charac-
Oct 30.31, and h m 1 1992
special Guests:
ters arrive.
Depending on the characters, A‘
‘y \
-Mark Rein-Hagen
(creator Vamrire RPG)
friendly conversation is likely to
-Josh Timbrooh
ensue. Selene is always curious about -Wes Harris
strangers. She asks about what brings Dealers Room Video Room &nd Cheeks or Monev Orders to:
the strangers to town, where they are Gaming Room Art Room Nightowl Enterprises, 812 Camp Hill Mall
staying, and so on (but be careful not Cmvention Rates: Box 235. Camp Hill , PA 17011
to make the players edgy - Selene is BeforeSept30th $15.00 Far Hotel Reservatims Con-
At the Door $20.00 Sheraton Harrisburg East
being friendly, not suspicious). Live Action Game Rates 800 East Park Drive. Harrisburg. PA 17111
If the characters are Vampires, Before Sept. 30th $10.00 (717) 561-2800
after a few minutes of flirting with the
best-looking male Selene suddenly
stiffens. If the character in question Wyrm, Selene realizes that Vampires Senses and Beast Speech to discover
makes a Perception + Alertness roll are in their midst; when the characters the characters’ location). Sleeping
(difficulty 9), he notices a slight leave, she alerts her family. “Scene Kindred are allowed multiple rolls to
flaring of Selene’s nostrils and a Three: Unsafe Haven” deals with awaken, upon: 1) hearing Selene pull
dilation of her pupils - as if she further relations between the charac- up, poke around the outside of the
suddenly smelled and saw something ters and the Vollmonds. cottage, and attack any ghoul they
of which she was previously unaware. might have left on guard; 2) smelling
Characters who use Auspex on her gasoline; 3) becoming aware of the
will notice a cold black aura rising up
Scene Three: Unsafe Haven smoke and flames as the cottage
from the base of her head, covering The investigation will likely take
kindles; and 4) each round they burn
over the mixed green and white aura more than one night. Rather than (the damage is equivalent to a
she possessed before. Under not commute between their havens and bonfire). For further guidelines, refer
circumstances will she explain her Tierburg each night, players may wish
to “Awakenings” on p. 143 of the
change in feeling, and will resist any to establish a temporary camp nearby. main rules.
attempts to pry such information from (Of course, those with Earth Meld can Once awake, players must deal
her via Disciplines (the characters simply sink below the permafrost.)
with the fire, sunlight, and a Lupine.
may think her to be a neutral). Fortunately, the area is a summer The day is heavily overcast, so the
For the rest of the conversation, retreat for city slickers. Characters can difficulty for resisting damage from
Selene is polite but distant. She will reside in one of the many cottages that sunlight is only a 5 (see “Sources of
reluctantly give directions to the are vacant in winter. Some have Injury” on pp. 120-121);the charac-
murder site, mostly out of desire to get cement basements; virtually all have ters thus have a small amount of time
the characters out of the store (see some dark, cramped, and mice- to either fight or get away. Selene
“Scene Four: Rustic Waste”). She will infested spaces beneath the rafters.
transforms to Crinos form and attacks
also, with slightly less reluctance, Allow players to take all the prepara- any Vampires who survive the flames.
identify Roland as the “local resident” tion and precaution they wish. During If Selene is killed, the rest of her pack
from the newspaper account and their first day in this haven, a visitor
will be strongly motivated to avenge
supply his address (as can everyone in comes calling. her, but they may not know about it
Tierburg) - see “Scene Five: Childe Selene Vollmond has become for some time if the characters hide
Roland. impatient with her Lupine kin for their
the evidence (such as her car). Such an
The Vollmond family is actually delay in dealing with the Vampires. event should be orchestrated to occur
a pack of Lupines, and otherwise That morning, she packs two gallons during the climax of the story.
unrelated. Their influence over the of gasoline into her battered blue Preferably, the players know of - or
inhabitants of Tierburg is tremendous Volkswagen and drives out to the are close to discovering - Beowulf‘s
yet subtle. With her Gift of Sense cottage retreat (using Heightened haven.

Remember, this encounter is At one point, a pile of deadwood friend in a sand pit a few miles from
meant to seriously threaten the blocks the path. A Dexterity t town. A dirt road (partially washed
characters, but is not meant to be a Athletics roll (difficulty 6) is required out and poorly maintained at this time
death trap. If the Kindred play it to climb the treacherous tangle. of year) winds from Highway 41 to
smart, they should be able to escape Optionally, Strength t Athletics the pit (roughly an hour’s walk or a
with their unlives. Though they are (difficulty 3, five successes) enables fifteen-minute drive in off-road
facing a Lupine, they are up against the character to jump over the pile. A vehicles). The sand pit is quite large
only one of the forest breed, and fall reduces the character’s Health by - about 500 feet across and half as
through sheer numbers they should be one level; a botch on the Soak roll deep. A pool of water lies beneath a
able to overwhelm her - despite the means the character is impaled on a thin layer of ice at the lowest point.
increasingly deleterious effects of the branch and unable to move without Nearby, a patch of red dyes the frozen
sun. assistance. Also, half the Lupines sand. Police have cleaned up the mess
That night, as the characters carry shotguns and hunting rifles, so a so few physical clues remain.
continue their investigation by the running gun battle may ensue. However, for someone with Level 3
light of a gibbous moon, a howl The characters should reach Auspex, four or more successes on a
echoes though the woods. It is soon Beowulf’s haven - assuming they Perception t Empathy roll (difficulty
joined by others. Intermittent howling were running in this direction -just 5) triggers the following psychic flash:
continues all night. Allow Perception before the Lupines catch up. “A photo negative. White sky,
+ Alertness rolls (difficulty 3) to count Garou characters are likely have black stars. Dusk. Two men struggle
a dozen howlers and realize that they their own havens, or they can stay in a ditch. Frothy breath and steam. A
are getting closer by the hour. When with the Vollmonds. Unless you wish spray of blood frozen in the air. Rifles
the players’ nerves are completely otherwise, no significant events occur. in the sand. A startled deer in mid-
frayed (and their investigations are bound. The bear crouched on the lip of
the pit.”
nearing an end), the hunt begins. An
uncomfortable silence descends.
Scene Four: Rustic Waste The tramping of too many police,
In Vampire, the urban environ- reporters, and “concerned residents”
Characters feel they are being watched
ment is referred to as Gothic-Punk, (i.e. rubbernecks) have obliterated any
and soon notice movement in the
but North America’s wilderness is tracks which might have existed in the
shadows. The previous encounter with
best described as Rustic Waste - pit itself. However, a careful search
Selene showed the danger posed by
combining rural life from the turn of along the lip of the pit - and a
one Lupine. Now, faced with several,
the century with an environmentalist’s Perception t Survival roll (difficulty
they had better run. Characters must
nightmare of open-pit mining and 8, or 4 with Heightened Senses) -
make a Courage roll (difficulty 4) to
clear-cut logging. The wilderness will reveal some broken twigs and
resist terror, frenzy, and the urge to
around Tierburg is a notable example. disturbed ground. Use the tracking
flee. Those who pass the test or Ride
Logging has reduced much of the rules on p. 157. By following the
the Wave may choose a destination;
forest to “lumber stubble.” Black oil tracks for about 10 turns, the charac-
those who fail run blindly.
or rainbow-reflecting gasoline coats ters arrive at Roland’s home (“Scene
Follow the “Pursuit” guidelines
numerous ponds and marshes. Beer Five: Childe Roland”); tracking about
on p. 152 of Vampire: The Masquer-
bottles and oil barrels line the ditches the same distance in the other direc-
ade. The characters begin with a 15-
on either side of the dirt road. The tion leads to Beowulf’s haven (“Scene
success head start. Roll once for the
bears and wildcats which once roamed Six: Reunion”).
Lupines -they are sticking together.
this area have
Players each roll separately, but they
disappeared; deer,
will probably move no faster than the
raccoon, rabbit, and
slowest character. They need 20
squirrel populations
flus tic Waste
successes to lose their pursuers (this is Garou may use Gifts in place of Auspex to
shrink yearly due to
unlikely, since the Lupines’ Dexterity receive the psychic hint. Seeing the mysterious
the deteriorating
t Celerity t Athletics add up to 11 “bear” may hint at a deeper mystery than they
environment and
Dice). Should the Lupines lose the first supposed. Garou who use conventional
quarry, they begin to track with tracking skills (i.e. Perception t Survival) have a
Heightened Senses. They will difficulty of 8 to follow the trail; Perception t
inquiry, the
eventually catch up - it is only a Primal-Urge lowers the difficulty to 4.
characters learn
matter of time.
Bemil murdered his

the option of returning to society.
Scene Five: Childe Roland Now he feels completely alienated,
in Tierburg can not realizing that others like him and FINE PEWTER F I G U R I N E S
Roland as the “local resident” from BORIS VALLEJO TEE SHIRTS
his Sire exist. Characters approaching
the newspaper account. He lives a few as fellow Kindred have the best
miles from Tierburg, just off Highway chance of gaining his trust.
41. His rustic home sits on a four-acre
lot, along with a crud

F-21 F.23
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BORIS VALLEJO tee shirts and pewter
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barks at the slightest
noise or strange TFc+
Roland quickly war&<up and
- P suncatchers, posters, jewelry, key chains and
more. Send $2.00 for catalog (refunded with

scent, and growls at anyone who sets becomes a gracious host. He offers his Enrttylg Bassessiane Bnlimiteb
foot in the yard. Durendal attacks the DEPT. W. PO. BOX 9096, WYOMING, MI 49509
visitors a drink (“coffee or beer, or ADVANCED DUNGEONS a DRAGONS AND THE rsR LOGO ARE
strangers if they do not back off somethin”’), and then realizes his TRADEMARKS OWNED BY TSR INC

quickly. Characters can make a mistake (“Heh, I guess not, eh?”). So

Charisma + Animal Ken roll (diffi- long as the players remain friendly, he
culty 6) or use Animalism to gain the tells them his story (see Roland’s
dog’s trust. description in “Cast of Characters”
If Durendal has made any noise, below). Integrate this information into
Roland soon pushes open the screen a roleplaying session. If the characters
door with the muzzle of his shotgun explain that they have come to return
and calls out in a grumpy voice: Beowulf‘s Beast, Roland agrees to
“Who’s here?” If asked about the lead them to his Sire’s haven.
murder or his Bigfoot sightings, Roland has turned his basement
Roland assumes the characters are into a haven of sorts. He has painted
reporters and tells them to get off his the windows black and now sleeps in
property (he didn’t like the way he an otherwise-empty freezer (un-
was made to look by the last reporter plugged, of course).
he talked too). A more neighborly
approach will simply receive a more
polite invitation to leave. A Perception Scene Six: Reunion
+ Empathy roll (difficulty 6) hints that Pine Rock Ridge - is a tower of
Roland’s gruff exterior conceals a red-brown sandstone jutting from the
very lonely man. If the players black earth. The slopes are treacherous
Custom Hardwood TrEasurf ChEst 3x5 F i l ~ b 0 ~ . . . . > 1 6 ~ ~ ~
discover (e.g. through Auspex) or due to a carpet of rotting pine needles, storagr for RultbookslC~rds/Ditt.spttify: walnut, chtrry, or Mahogans
nandmadc, Brass latthtd, Hafural Oil linish Stf Brothurf for Dfhtfb
somehow guess that Roland is a but the huge, sap-sticky conifers offer
Kindred, they may appeal to these some handholds. One sheer cliff
emotions. He has grown increasingly overlooks Moon Lake. The top of the
lonely since his Becoming. With his ridge is clear of trees for a diameter of I
about fifty feet. A Perception +

self-imposed isolation, he always had


Survival roll (difficulty 4) allows Beowulf chose to Embrace the Beast does not hesitate to enter a
characters to realize that an artificial Roland, but each time he approached less human and more powerful host.
dirt mound - like those common in the mortal, hunger threatened to Characters with Auspex detect an
the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys overpower his mind and cloud his insubstantial form leave Bemil’s (or
- covers the ridgetop. purpose. Then one night, he chanced the current host’s) body and funnel
Kindred characters probably upon two hunters who were preparing into Beowulf‘s forehead. The shaggy
scramble up Pine Rock Ridge just to slay a defenseless deer - one of his Cainite arches his back and roars,
ahead of a pack of rabid Lupines. Herd and a subject within his Domain. immediately entering Frenzy. As his
Satisfied that their prey is trapped, the Just as the fury was about to wash energy returns, he appears to grow in
Werewolves surround the ridge and over him, Beowulf shunted his Beast stature, his fur becoming thick and
creep up the slopes. Just then, a furry into one of the mortals ...and slipped matted. Silver hackles rise. Claws
arm sprouts from the ground and away as Edward Bemi
begins clawing at the permafrost. By hunting buddy. Like h
the time Beowulf has pulled himself encounter with the
from the grasping earth, the Lupines Wyrm so long ago, th The events occur much as above (although
have topped the ridge. The bestial chance event became
Vampire shakily stands and addresses blessing in disguise.
the hesitant half-wolves: Free from the Beast
“Leave the intruders to me. I shall and much of his + Primal-Urge roll (Difficulty 6). Beowulf explains
deal with them. Alone.” urge for mortal vitae,
One frustrated Lupine lunges at Beowulf was able to
the characters...Beowulf blurs...and a Sire Roland without
pine tree rocks with the impact of a fear of accidentally
crumpled and bleeding Wolfman. The killing him. Growing
Lupines - disappointed and not a increasingly lethargic
little frightened - back down the by the night, Beowulf
ridge, dragging their wounded knew he had a limited time to educate his mouth like those of a saber-toothed
comrade. his replacement. Now satisfied that he tiger.
The Lupines gone, Beowulf has done all he can for his Childe, he With blinding speed - moving
crouches, exhausted. His silence is agrees to take back the Beast: “I broke so fast he is almost invisible - the
clearly an invitation to speak. He the Fifth Tradition and must do what creature which was once Beowulf
himself has nothing to say. As an little I can to undo this wrong. But I tears into the forest, spraying pine
elder, he owes no explanation, warn you, only a drop of Humanity needles and dirt into the air. He has
especially to neonates (although he remains in my body, like mead in a not left, as a Perception + Alertness
might talk at the behest of Roland). goblet after a long night of revelry.” roll (difficulty 4) reveals, but is
But you - as Storyteller - finally Beowulf uses a point of Will- stalking the characters from a dis-
deserve some background information. power to reunite with his Beast - and tance. Unexpectedly, he launches


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* ~ P O R X S and poRrRairs OF all YOUR c h a R a c r e R s
*Full COIOR map OF n o R t h w e s r e R n m i d d l e - e a R r h (ruRnS eveRg
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Charlottesvllle.Vlrglnla, theexcluslve holder of the w w ~ l h v l ~Fantasy
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himself at his prey, making a Dexter- accused squirm, and prosecuting guilty and
innocent alike. Hunting is his favorite
ity t Stealth roll (the difficulty being Conclusion hobby: nothing can match the God-like
the highest Perception t Alertness
The Vollmonds may not power found behind the trigger.
total in the group). He adds his
like Cadavers, but how do the Nature: Bravo Demeanor: Director
successes to (or subtracts his botches
characters feel? They may find Born: 1948 Apparent Age: 40s
from) the next initiative roll to
themselves protecting a Vampire Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3,
simulate the effect of his sudden from fellow Garou. Stamina 2
pounce. On a simple failure, roll Garou also gain a point of Social: Charisma 1, Manipulation 3,
initiative normally. Typically, he Appearance 2
Willpower, but Diablerie
rends his opponents for one turn and Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4
obviously doesn’t apply.
then disengages, continuing this hit- Instead, they may discover that Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 1, Brawl 1,
and-run, hamstring tactic until they Dodge 1, Intimidation 5
the mound on Pine Rock Ridge
weaken. He may also jump onto a Skills: Drive 1, Firearms 3, Stealth 3,
is a caern waiting to be recov-
character’s back, bearing down with Survival 1
ered, or that an ancient fetish
his weight and sinking in his huge Knowledges: Law 3
lies buried in the earth. You
fangs. He drains the victim’s vitae Backgrounds: Resources 3
should define this mystic power
(three Blood Points per turn) until Virtues: Conscience 2, Self-control 3,
to suit your Chronicle. Courage 3
beaten off. The players must destroy
this abomination. Humanity: 6 Willpower: 5
Look over Beowulf’s profile. If Image: Bemil appears to be the
you think your players’ characters reward themselves with Diablerie - archetypal Joe Average. He has dark hair,
Beowulf‘s blood is volatile but potent. brown eyes, and is of average height and
would not survive a battle with him -
build (although getting a bit flabby due to
because they are few in number or
age and lifestyle). He is equally comfort-
noncombatants - allow Beowulf to
request that the characters bind him to
Cast of Characters able in a suit or hunting jacket. While
[statistics in the new Werewolf The possessed, he is constantly wide-eyed and
the cliff face before being reunited flushed from exertion.
Apocalypse are listed in brackets]
with his Beast. This would prevent Roleplaying Hints: Smile evilly.
him from unintentionally hurting Edward Bemil
Gnash your teeth and try to bite anyone
anyone and ensure his destruction by His colleagues see him as a dedicated
who gets close. To simulate the Beast
morning. lawyer and supporter of justice. Deep
within, lower your voice until it hurts to
down, however, he simply enjoys
speak. When “cured”, take control of the
intimidating witnesses, watching the
confusing- situation
Conclusion and demand an
Only a few loose ends need explanation.
binding. One is the existence of
The Vollmonds
Roland. If the other Vollmonds are
To save space, the
anything like Selene, Roland may not nine members of the
be safe in Tierburg. Should the Vollmond family
characters introduce him to the Prince share the same profile.
of Chicago (and how will he react)? You may improvise
Will they help him adjust to the their personalities (and
difficult years of Childehood? And, if customize the profile,
the characters slew Beowulf, did they if you wish) on a case-
really have Princely support (as by-case basis.
Maureen O’Leary suggested)? Your Breed: varies
group may answer these questions in Auspice: varies
future stories. Tribe: Fianna
Characters should leave this story Rank: 1 for
more aware of the danger of the Beast “children”,3 for
and thus more confident in controlling Elders
their own inner urges. For this reason, Caern: Tierburg,
they gain one point of Willpower
Physical: Strength 3,
permanently. Rogue Kindred may also

I American. His parents He was reluctant to let Durendal - his

’ did not believe in

formal education.
’ They taught him to
only friend -outside, in case the skulking
creature was a wolf or bear. Then one night
the creature looked in his kitchen window.
read and write English It scared the hell out of him. He saw it for
but encouraged him to but a second. but the furry man-like
learn through practical creature could only be a Sasquatch!
experience. Indeed, Five nights ago, after about a week of
over the years Roland nightly visits from Bigfoot, Roland decided
has worked as to introduce the creature to his shotgun. He
carpenter, construction h e w the creature was nearby when
worker, farmhand. and Durendal hid under the kitchen table and
lumberjack. He has started to whine. Stepping outside with
seen much of Indiana flashlight and shotgun. Roland though he
and Illinois. and saw something up by the barn, but it
experienced a good moved so quickly - could it have been his
part of the 20th imagination‘?Suddenly he was grabbed
century. But he has from behind and felt a pain in his neck. The
always returned to shotgun went off. The flashlight rolled
familiar Tierburg. In around on the ground. stabbing the
his retirement. he darkness like a miniature lighthouse. As he
bought a small home lay on his driveway, watching the stars
near town and began wink out as the life drained from his body,
Dexterity 3, Stamina 3 hobby farming. he thought: “Now they’ll believe in
Social: Charisma 2. Manipulation 2, All his family and friends are dead. Bigfoot.”
Appearance 2 He has never been very social and is now Roland woke with a stiff neck. But he
Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 2 afraid to invest his feelings in others. A felt infinitely more alive and full ofenergy.
Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 3, Brawl 3, reputation for being a loner saves him the Even his eyesight seemed better than
Dodge 3, Intimidation 2, Primal-Urge 2, trouble of’dealing with people. Roland is before -he could almost see in the dark!
Search 5 actually very emotional but feels trapped Forgetting the strange events of earlier that
Skills: Animal Ken 1, Drive 2, Repair 2, by the traditional idea of masculinity. He night, Roland had a sudden urge to go
Stealth 2, Survival 2 refuses to admit that he loves children, and hiking. During this aimless walk he arrived
Knowledge: Enigmas 2, Occult 3. will not permit himself to cry. He bought a at an unused sand pit and discovered a
Rituals 2 dog to keep him
Disciplines: Animalism 1, Auspex 2. company, and
Celerity 2, Presence 1 Durendal has since
[Gifts: variable; all “children” have been a faithful friend.
starting Gifts, while the two Elders each During his long
have two Level 2 Gifts and one Level 3 life. he has witnessed
Gift in addition.] some strange events,
Backgrounds: Kinfolk 2, Resources 2, most of which occurred
Rites 2 near Tierburg at night.
Virtues: Conscience 3, Self-control 2, As a result, he readily
Courage 5 accepts the
Renown: Glory varies, Honor varies, “unnatural”. from
Wisdom varies ghosts to the Loch
Humanity: 5 Willpower: 8 Ness monster. These
[Rage: 5 , Gnosis: 51 beliefs were reinforced
For more information on Lupines. see page when, two weeks ago,
192 of Vampire: The Masquerade or Bigfoot started to come
refer to Werewolf: The Apocalypse. around his house at
Childe Roland night. At first,
Durendal would bark \\\\-
Roland was born in a farmhouse near
Tierburg. Although his father was of and Roland would
German descent and his mother had French hear noises coming Childe Roland
blood in her ancestry, they were both from the woodshed.


horribly mangled corpse. He immediately Blood Pool: 15
returned home and phoned the police. The Max per Turn: 3
rest of the night passed while he answered Image: An old,
their questions. When his roosters wrinkled man with a
announced the coming dawn, Roland tanned and wiry body.
realized he was exhausted and that the light He has a full head of
gave him a headache. Almost uncon- white hair, a white-
sciously, he ended up sleeping in a stubbled chin, and
basement closet. deep-set gray eyes. He
When "Bigfoot" returned the always wears green
following night, Roland was not afraid but coveralls, a red and
drawn to it. Since then, this creature and black checkered
Roland have spent every night together in jacket, and work
the wilderness, speaking of things which boots.
no mortal should ever hear. When his Sire Roleplaying
became too tired to visit the house, Roland Hints: Always appear
would walk out to Pine Rock Ridge for the grumpy. Speak
night. bluntly, convey your
Roland is much more than he first meaning in as few
appears: he is an old man, and at the same words as possible, and
time still a Childe; yet he is stronger and let others do most of
more knowledgeable than either. He claims the talking. Tell
that good eating habits. regular exercise, people to go away but at the same time Virtues: Conscience 2, Self-Control 1,
and the clean country air keep him healthy. detain them for as long as possible - even Courage 5
That may have been true when he was if it means complaining to them for not Humanity: 3 Willpower: 9
mortal, but now it has more to do with the leaving! Blood Pool: 20 Max per Turn: 5
potent vitae coursing though his veins. His Haven: Farm house located a few Image: Difficult to describe but easy
gruff exterior serves him well in this new miles outside Tierburg. to remember. Little is left of his mortal
existence by keeping humans away. He Influence: None form except bipedal movement. His
does not have to deal with certain urges, Beowulf appearance combines the size of a grizzly,
but can survive as a farmer (in more ways the grace of a cougar, and the intelligent
Clan: Gangrel Sire: Grendel
than one). eyes of a wolf. His fur moves from golden
Nature:Traditionalist Demeanor:Survivor
Clan: Gangrel Sire: Beowulf on the face and chest towards dark brown
Generation: 7th
Nature: Caregiver Demeanor:Loner on the back, with a silver mane behind the
Embrace: 561 (born 534)
Generation: 8th shoulders. He has a small tail and
Apparent Age: can't tell
Embrace: Five days ago (born 1914) prominent fangs. At 7' tall and 300 pounds,
Physical: Strength 6, Dexterity 4,
Apparent Age: 60s he is both beautiful and frightening.
Stamina 5
Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 2. Awesome is probably the best adjective.
Social: Charisma 1, Manipulation 2,
Stamina 4 Roleplaying Hints: Appear sad and
Appearance 5
Social:Charisma 3, Manipulation 1, weary. Take slow, deep breaths. Every
Mental: Perception 5, Intelligence 2, Wits 2
Appearance 2 gesture is a visible effort. At the same time,
Talents: Alertness 5 , Athletics 5 , Brawl 5 ,
Mental: Perception 4, Intelligence 2, Wits 2 retain some nobility -remember, you
Dodge 5 , Empathy 3 , Intimidation 3,
Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 2. Brawl 2, were once a hero from legend! Attempt to
Primal-Urge 4
Dodge 1, Empathy 2, Intimidation 1 keep your head up and look directly at
Skills: Animal Ken 5. Stealth 2, Survival 2,
Skills: Animal Ken 4, Drive 2, Firearms 2, those you are talking with.
Melee 4
Repair 3, Stealth 2, Survival 4 Haven: Pine Rock Ridge
Knowledge:Geography 1, History 2,
Knowledge: Medicine 2, Occult 3 Occult 2, Linguistics 2
Influence: The Lupines in the area
Disciplines: Animalism 1, Fortitude 1, think he is a powerful shaman, and are
Disciplines: Animalism 5 , Celerity 2,
Protean 1 [In Werewolf terms, Roland has loosely allied to him. His Herd consists of
Protean 3, Fortitude 4 [Translated, Beowulf
the ability to speak to animals, a t1 bonus the forest animals. While Beowulf is an
possesses: all Gifts of the Lupus, Ahroun
to Soak rolls, and night-sight.] Autarkis, the Elders of Chicago recognize
and Get of Fenris you deem appropriate,
Background: Resources 1 his power and respect his solitude. Prior to
two additional actions per turn, night-sight,
Virtues: Conscience 5 , Self-Control 4, the events in this story, Beowulf revealed
claws which do Strength t 2 damage, and
Courage 3 himself to every Kindred traveling though
the ability to Earth Meld.]
Humanity: 10 Willpower: 7 his Domain (much of the wilderness south
Background:Herd 5, Status 5, Allies 2
of Chicago).

I must admit right away that I have not read any of the novels participate in live-action games. With the help of the sophisticated
about Dream Park. Perhaps this puts me at a disadvantage when computers and sensors, these live-action gamers can experience a
examining the game, but I doubt it. R. Talsorian has done a very variety of adventures. They can become superheroes, wizards,
good of presenting this product in terms even the uninformed such spacefarers, or, in fact, anything they can dream up. Once they have
as myself can digest. The small size of the book (it’s only 128 pages) a role, they participate in a Game devised by a Gamemaster of the
certainly doesn’t leave room for too many complications. And park (1.e. the Gamemaster of Dream Park). In essence, when
Dream Park certainly doesn’t have many complications. playing Dream Park, you play a character who is in turn playing a
Also, this review 1 character at the “real”
is based on a pre, Dream~Park.~ . . ~ ~

release copy of the While R.

game, but R. Talsorian Talsorian claims that
assures me that I’m this is an innovative
getting a good look at concept in roleplaying
what will eventually be games, it has in fact
in the store (and been done before by
should be by the time Stellar Games in It
you read this). Bound Came to the Late,
into the back of the
perfect,bound book
I Late, Late Show,
wherein a player
will be a number of portrays an actor with
color characters cards. a role in a film. I
These are extremely personally don’t find
attractive, and the this to be a very
information is very appealing feature of
convenient and helpful either of these games.
for use in the “Quik In the case of Dream
Start Game.” The Park it allows you to
layout of the game use the game with
itself is a bit disturbing. other roleplaying
The format varies from games - e.g. your
three columns to two Cyberpunk characters
columns to one could visit Dream
column plus sidebal. 1 Park for a vacation -
The text is not uniform in size, and there seems to be a proliferation but in general I feel it detracts from the dramatic elements of
of graphics that disrupt the flow of the text. This is all to say that roleplaying.
despite being a relatively short book, it‘s not a painless read. The rulebook opens with an interesting “tour” overview of the
For those unfamiliar with the concepts involved in Dream park. Here we learn the basic layout of the park, cursory
Park, the premise is a recreation park of the future where visitors information about the technology used, and information about

some of the personalities involved
in the game as if they really
worked in the “reaFDream Park. L.
For instance, game designer Mike
Pondsmith is introduced as a Systems
Designer at the park.
Then the rules introduce the Quik
Start system of the game. Only 14 pages are
spent in this section, but the material does
serve to introduce Dream Park players to
the basic rules concepts of the game. What
this section fails to do is introduce players
to roleplaying games. Perhaps this game is
an attempt by R. Talsorian Games to reach
a broader market of players, but the Quik ’
Start system is a woeful attempt to explain
to newcomers what these games are all
The characters cards mentioned above
are integral to the Quik Start, though they
also serve the convenient function of play
aids for the Gamemaster. (The front and
back of one of these cards is reproduced
nearby to give you an idea of the art and the around the maze picking up magic items Character Sheet the players is directed to
game content on the back.) The game that may each be used once; certainly the answer questions pertaining to the character
system the Quik Start introduces is way in which you use the devices will concerning motivation, personal problems
exceedingly simple. For combat, the partially determine your success), all of the and other background establishing traits.
attacker rolls one six-sided die and adds his games On beating the bad guys* The meat of a character is then
skill in the attack form used. This is These mini-games can admittedly be established with Basic Skills. These are the
compared to the defender’s roll of one die fun, but there are better board games skills you find listed on the back of the

- -- -
plus dodge. The higher total wins. Damage Without a rolePhing aspect character cards - things like Athletics,
is then calculated by simply the involved in the scenarios, this is the only Knowledge and Willpower. While you can
strength of the attack to the quality of the create a character and his Basic Skills from
defense. Both of these range from None . scratch, the easiest method is
(or Very Light Attack) to A to choose a character’s
Cosmic. Cosmic Weapons profession (essentially one
include things like 4 of the cards). Each
professions has four Basic
nuclear weapons, II Skills with value 1, three
while Cosmic

defenses are with value 2, two with
possessed only by 4 value 3, and one with
such things as 4 1 value 4. Each profession
MegaHeavy 1 also has a formula for
Vehicles (Star determining Base Wounds.
Destroyers and the A r From this base, a player
like). may customize his character
Following this brief
with three additional points that
rules primer are three short may be used to add to the Basic Skills.
scenarios, like The Crystal Maze. That seems like too little flexibility,
Unfortunately, these scenarios consist possible way this scenarios can be judged. especially in a game system that uses these
entirely of small-scale battles on a playing I looked for the game to redeem itself Basic Skills in place of typical attributes like
field provided in the form of a square-grid in the sections which form the bulk of the Strength instead of in addition to such
map printed in the rulebook, While book, starting with Advanced Character. attributes, but you do have the option to
small strategies are involved in these mini- Here we do find some aspects of the game create a new profession.
games (e.g. in The Crystal Maze you run that encourage roleplaying. On the The heart of the character generation


system, the game, and therefore
the rulebook is the Options
section. It commands a full quarter
of the hook. Options are purchased with
Game Points, which are also the experience
point system of the game, and each
character begins with 20 Game Points.
These points are used to purchase Optional
Skills, like Hunch and Streetwise; Clerical I
Spells, like Invoke Gods and Purify;
Magical Spells, like Shapechange and
Thunderbolt; Psionic Powers, like Empathy
and PsiBolt; Superhero Powers, like Fast
Ground Speed and Invisibility; and finally
Gadgets and Gear, which includes
everything from handguns to Space
Gadgets and Gear have specific Game
Point costs, but all of the other skills and
powers have variable costs depending on
how good you want to he. This is a nice .

system that works based on the premise that scale of one to five, from Easy to Extremely A sample Game (“adventure” in
harder skills are more difficult to learn. The Hard, and while one Game Point buys one Dream Park lingo) called The Big Zombie
example given in the hook compares point of Skill in an Easy ability, it takes five Pirate Game follows the Advanced Rules.
driving a car to piloting a helicopter; while Game Points to earn that one point of skill Here we see roleplaying introduced on yet
a character can learn either of these skills, in an Extremely Hard ability. another level - one where characters are
because learning to pilot the copter is more Every single skill and power is rated on actually interacting with NPCs. However,
difficult, it will take more Game Points to this scale, so the system is a snap to use. the Game is essentially an action story, and
earn an equal level of proficiency in Thus, while the Conjuration Magic Spell it seems as if Dream Park encourages little
piloting as in driving. Skills are rated on a Move Earth is considered Simple (rating 2), more than creating an interesting
the Clerical Spell Resurrection is Extremely environment and background in which a
Hard. great action adventure can take place.
In general, this is a very nice system That’s fine, but it seems that the best
that is used effectively. In my mind, it‘s a aspects of roleplaying games are lost in this
saving grace for the game, for each game a story format; namely, the roleplaying is lost.
player gets to spend his 20 Game Points on There can be little extended campaign play
totally new powers and skills. So if the and no character continuity; characters
player wants to play a superhero during a merely move from one short term goal to
given game, then he can buy super powers. another.
Next time his character may wish to be a The bulk of the remaining 20-plus
holy man, so he can focus on Clerical pages of the book forms a section entitled
Spells. The system doesn’t solve the basic Writing Dream Park Games. This section
problems of the strange manner of play surprised me by presenting the game in a
where you play a character playing someone way that actually made me feel the format
else, hut it does at least make good use of of the game was indeed a blessing because it
that concept. offered the opportunity to play so many
Next is a section called Advanced different kinds of games. I believe that
Rules. This section introduces a number of playing Dream Park could be interesting,
nice modifications to a simple but otherwise but I feel that the format itself is too
i Send $1.00 for a year’s subscription to our catalog. relatively dull system. Of special note is the limiting.
i REFUNDABLEon your first order. Special Effects Attack rules. By using this In essence, Dream Park is a solid game
\ Museum Replicas Limited system, a skilled characters can make use of that does an admirable job of presenting a
i P.O. Box 840 A
Conyers, GA 30207
! Name excess skill points not needed to win a roll- concept flawed for roleplaying use. This
! Address
iciiy off with his opponent to achieve “special game is best left to a live-action format. ‘#d
j State Zip
effects” like disarming or pulling a punch.

Feature Review
With the emphasis of progressive game systems Psychogenics, Heka, STEEPS,PMSpd, Material
(such as GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, and Vampire) Subjects from Other Spheres (demons, for the
o n relatively clear, straightforward prose, DJ reads uninitiated), MPGs, Critical, Effect and Recovery
like a throwback to the days of Aftermath and other Levels, AP/Gs, SF points, FAC and Vril, I am forced
wargame-style systems. For one thing, the book is to conclude that it is not.
enormous (408+ pages) and correspondingly priced T h e sheer amount of rules in this book is stagger-
ing. T h e type is
tiny, and at
times there is n o
art for 15 pages
at a time; the
overall effect of
opening the
book and
flipping through
Heralded by an aclverti page after page
4 hlitz of astronoinical of rules, cases,
subcases, charts,
tables, subtables,
almost comical.
system from Dungeons & and sub-
subtables is that
of a muted
groan. T h e
highly-touted release of ers’ Workshop, P.O. Box index to the
1646, Bloomington, IL charts alone
through the basic rcilebook 61 702-1646 takes up a full
page of minute
least most of th type. T h e best
terms such as example of the
“armor class” priorities of this
and “cure light
wounds” made an\/iewed by Robert Hatc I game system is
the fact that the
sense once one chapter o n
read through them. Gygax has ignored the standard combat takes up nearly ‘ / O pages, while the chapter
terminology of the roleplaying community to create o n campaigns and successful gamemastering takes up
a parlance unique to DJ, which would be all right if only seven.
it were at all user-friendly. Unfortunately, after Character generation (characters, by the way,
losing myself in a labyrinth of Heroic Personas, are not called characters in this system; they are,

56 JULY/AUGUST, 1992
rather, Heroic Personas, or HPs for short) is rela-
tively straightforward in the basic game (known as
Mythus Prime), being handled by the simple divisio1
of 120 points among three attributes (Mental,
Physical, Spiritual); it is, however, an exercise in
number-crunching in the advanced system, where nc
fewer than 18 basic traits (with such evocative and
elegant names as physical neural capacity, spiritual
metaphysical power and mental mnemonic speed)
must be generated by individual dice rolls. Then, a
vocation (character class) must be chosen, based on
the Heroic Persona’s SEC (social class, which is
randomly rolled), and the STEEP levels for the
vocation’s K/S bundle must be calculated (in En-
glish, that means figuring out how good the HP is
with her skills). Again, the terminology hurts this
section - while it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to
figure out what “physical neural power” means, isn’t
it easier to say “dexterity”?O r “agility”?Or “re-
flexes”? O r something? Furthermore, the idea that
every HP of the same vocation has a huge bundle of
the exact same skills rubs me the wrong way.
Granted, players may choose a few extra skills to
customize their HPs, but the overall effect is still
somewhat “cookie-cutter.”


Although most Heroic Personas are human, this Hero, each new genre will also have the basic rules
is by no means the only option. Dwarfs, elves, reprinted in yet another $26.00 tome. Caveat
gnomes, alfen (“near-human personas of short emptor.
stature” - and hairy feet, perhaps?), and alfar Dangerous Journeys isn’t a terrible game, if
(Viking elves with attitudes) are other options. Very one can wade through the verbal swamp. But quite
little social or cultural information is given about frankly, it isn’t a good game either, particularly in
how to play these races, but I suppose that is unim- comparison t o other multigenre systems such as
portant, as they have been around since Basic D&D GURPS and the Hero System. There is nothing
anyway. The whole idea of “standard” races and new, innovative or exciting in this volume, and it
vocations in a supposedly multigenre system strikes certainly doesn’t live up to the hype. W h a t
me as behind the times. Dangerous Journeys has essentially done is to take
T h e magic system is based around spell points a lot of standard FRPG fare, increase it t o the N t h
known as Heka (which can be conveited into “vril” degree in complexity, and market the resulting
at a 5: 1 ratio, and which is subdivided into Preter- mass at a n inflated price. This is not a system for
natural, Supernatural and Entital Heka, each of beginning garners, and advanced players will most
which is 10 times more powerful than the one before likely find one of the aforementioned systems more
it. Confused? I was.). Each spell costs a certain to their taste.‘&
amount of Heka to cast, and spells are divided into 1
“Casting Grades” according to power and difficulty.
T h e spell list is skimpy and generic, but (of course)
the Mythus Magick complementary book will be o
soon with many more spells. Speaking of spells -
maybe I’m missing something, but two of the skills
(Sorceror and Witch), while listed as spellcasting
abilities, have no spells given for them in the basic
All of this is set o n the world of E r t h , which is
roughly analogous to our own world (except with
magic and monsters thrown in). Heroic Personas
can adventure in such realms as E g y p t , Francia,
Nippon and Scand; if they tire of the surface world,
there are also the subterranean realms of (I kid you
not) Shallowshadow, Midgloom and Deepdark.
Intrepid HPs may also travel to the “counter-realm”
of Phaeree, where the nonhuman population is much
stronger and more numerous. T h e setting is de-
scribed in only a cursory fashion, but the Epic of
B r t h book, soon to be released, will fill in the rest of
the details.
The list of Monstrous Personages (bad guys) is
adequate but unexceptional; the standard sword
fodder such as dragons, vampires and demons is here,
but little else. This is not necessarily a bad thing
(monsters should be few and far between in most
cases), but with all the hype about this game, DJ
could have at least included a few cool monsters to
The DJ rules, despite being touted as a
“multigenre system,” seem tied to the fantasy setting;
there are no rules for guns, space travel et al. Pre-
sumably these features will appear in later books, but
also presumably, instead of having one big basic
rulebook and supplement materials a la GURPS or

by Mark Jason Dural1
How many times have you put down a comic or a book, or walked out of a movie theater,
and thought: “Why isn’t there a game about this?” For hard-core roleplayers, this happens regularly.
Some of those garners are game designers, which explains why the field of roleplaying games has
recently become saturated with licensed products from almost all fields of interest - novels,
comics, cinema and others.

These games range from Chaosium’s excellent Call of Cthulhu, mu J J l t M Z ?

based on the moody and evocative stories of H. P. Lovecraft, through
Palladium’s runaway hit game based on the Teenage Ninja Mutant
s m s 7YmmIS F@t?3dtC233
Turtles comic series, to more recent entries such as the Amber Diceless From the largest companies in the industry to the smallest, great
Role-Playing game, which is based on the works of Roger Zelazny, and amounts of effort, time, and money are spent producing products based
the Aliens RPG, which enables characters to fight the nasty film on film, comic, and literary sources. There are many reasons that these
creatures with characters of their own. Through the phenomenon of games have been and will continue to be successful,and while this list is
licensing, you can fight supervillains and defend the Earth alongside the not complete, it touches on many of the malor points.
Justice League International, cross swords with Fafnrd and the Grey J Licensed game worlds are often of higher quality and greater
Mouser, smuggle vital microfilm through the crumbling Union of imagrnatlve scope than settings wntten by game designers If you had a
Sovereign States to London where it can be processed by M.I.5 and choice, would you rather play in a world written by a nameless (which is
passed along to a certain Mister Bond, or even manipulate the Force to not to say untalented) game designer, or would you rather romp and
aid the Rebel Alliance in their battle against the dreaded Empire. adventure through worlds you know, meeting characters who have
While this vast array of licensed products is stimulating and useful proven their entertainment value through their success in print or film!
for the gamer, it should in no way deter gamemasters from creating their In the context of TSRs Dragonlance games and novels, Raatlm is
own worlds. Trying to exalt licensed products over one’s own imagina, considered to be a powerful and tragic figure But can his plight compare
tion is not the purpose of this article. The processes of world-building with the truly epic passions and tragedies of Elric ofMelnibon6 (featured
and game creation have been covered extensively elsewhere, and this in Chaosium’s Stormbringer and based on Michael Moorcock’s Eternal
article is intended to examine the role that licensing plays in the RPG Champion novels)’
industry, and quite possibly in your gaming group. The focus of this 2 Many of these works are familiar to a wide range of people, and are
article is on licensing, and does not deal with gameaeated worlds such easier for new garners to understand and visualize Almost every gamer has
as TSRs Krynn or Dark Sun, Chaosium and Avalon Hill’s Glorantha, or had the experience of feeling “lost”in a game world, due to either a lack
Bard Games’ Talislanta. However, TSRs Dragonlance campaign world is of familiarity with the setting or incompleteness on the GM’s part.
notable as the forerunner of games which have gone the other way - While this can sometimes be effective for games like Call of Cthulhu,
licensed into other materials such as novels, comic books, computer where ignorance and fear are part and parcel of a campaign, it can be
games, etc. frustrating for a new player in the Traveller or Cyberpunk universes


While a player can Commonwealth series of books, David Brin’s Uplift novels, Philip Jose
become fully Farmer‘s Riverworld books, The Prisoner television series, and Andre
integrated into these Norton’s Witch World series, as well as the current comic-inspired Wild
worlds with Cards anthologies and collaborative novels.)
experience, it is far 6. You can experience the thrill of playing a favorite character or
easier to visualize the someone very similar, or meeting that character in a gaming context.
cinematic universe Palladium’sTNMT game provides proof of the first part of this
brought to life through George Lucas’ Star Wars trilogy. The primary statement, as do most games which feature statistics for literary
motivation for game publishers to develop licensed materials is often the characters. Many of them are intimately connected to the NPCs
fact that there is an established audience. Many authors or creators of presented in the source material, and are almost unplayable without
works will license their works for similar reasons, in hopes that they will them. Most licensed games offer this as an option, and while it isn’t the
develop a crossover audience of gaming enthusiasts, which will have a same as playing a character you’ve created, it makes for excellent one,
reciprocal effect on their original works if the game proves to be shot or limited campaigns, as well as exciting tournament or convention
successful. play. Most of the superhero scenarios for DC Heroes or Marvel Super
3. It’s easier to create characters and settings, and to wite adventures, Heroes are designed specifically for a particular hero or group of heroes.
based on what ha already been witten. Recent trends in licensed games The second part of the above statement is true for some of the same
take this to the extreme, such as Palladium’s Teenage Ninja Mutant reasons, as well as others - in a Stormbringer campaign, for example,
Turtles, which, despite having extensive character creation rules, is at its the characters have only to hear a rumor that Elric is coming to town
best when the players take on the roles of the four heroes themselves. before they’ll try to get out as quickly as possible. Phage Press’ Amber
Gamemasters using the DC Heroes or Marvel Super Heroes rule Diceless Role-Playing, while not completely dependent upon the
systems have a cornucopia of established villians, with their own motives characters created by Roger Zelazny, really shines when they are used as
and methods; this allows the gamemaster to concentrate on the incredibly powerful NPCs who occasionally interact with the fledgling
adventure itself. characters. It is the thrill of meeting fictional characters in the gaming
4.Established settings save the gamemaster time which can be better environment which perhaps makes the field of licensed products the
spent playing. If one agrees with this statement, then it can be logically most popular in the genre.
assumed that even more time will be saved though the use of characters
and settings already familiar to the group through novels, films, or T@P @‘Frlh3 N2AP
comics. I am fairly certain that most people are familiar with the world of
Despite all these benefits, there are many licensed products that are
Star Trek and therefore would not need extensive background material or
considerably less successful than game designeraeated worlds. Many
elaborate explanations as to why several different characters of vastly
projects are too obscure to warrant full roleplaying systems, such as
different races and backgrounds are united in a single purpose.
Chaosium’s Ringworld, an out,of,print science fiction system based
Gamemasterswho have had especially difficult times uniting groups of
mainly upon two hooks by Larry Niven, or British television seriesebased
characters who normally would have little to do with each other can
Doctor Who (from FASA).Has anyone heard of Jack Chalker‘s novel
sympathise. While disparate backgrounds and goals can occasionally
Midnight at the Well of Souls?Well, there’s an RPG based on it.
create elements of enjoyable tension and conflict, many players feel let
Sometimes games are based on source material that isn’t interesting to
down by campaigns which begin with all of the characters just happening
roleplayers, such as Delta Force from Task Force Games. Perhaps the
to be in a bar at the time that a wizard is in need of some assistants...
scope of the source material is too limiting, such as Chaosium’sElfquest,
Unimaginative beginnings like that will often elicit groans, while the
which nearly forces characters to take on the roles of Wolfriders in the
opening “You are all on the bridge of the U.S.S. Reliant when sensors
world created by Richard and Wendy Pini in their comic series, or Game
pick up...” is expected while playing the Star Trek RPG.
Workshops’Judge Dredd, in which all players are assumed to be law
5 . These settings and characters are often those which influenced other officers in MegaCity One. Perhaps one of the worst of this last type of
game designers and other games. Why settle fm the imitation? It would be
RPG was TSRs Indiana Jones, a game in which players merely follow
ludicrous for the designersof games such as Top Secret and Mercenaries,
Indiana Jones’footsteps, taking the roles of his followers from the films.
Spies, & Private Eyes to say that they weren’t influenced by the world,
Other failures in licensing are harder to explain, such as the fact
spanning adventures of Ian Fleming‘s debonaire master spy, and in the
that TSR marketed a poorlysselling roleplaying game based on Robert E.
first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, TSR admits that the
Howard’s Conan series long before Steve Jackson Games took over the
game was influenced by J. R. R. Tolkien’s works, as well as those of
license (though this might have had more to do with the rules system,
Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber. Thanks to such efforts as Victory
which lacked the grittiness one expects from a game based on the violent
Games’ (now defunct) James Bond 007, Iron Crown Enterprises’Middle
barbarian hero). TSRs original release of Lankhmar (based on Fritz
Earth Role Playing (and now The Lord of the Rings), Steve Jackson
Leiber‘s Fafnrd and the Grey Mouser series of stories ) was in 1985, and
Games’GURPS Conan, and TSRs Nehwon campaign world, garners can
only in the last few years has TSR given serious attention to the
adventure in the lands of their favorite heroes from books or films.
property, which the company now supports with an excellent range of
(GURPS, incidentally, should get a special notice in this article for
modules, sourcebooks,and other materials.
being the undisputed mogul of licensed products, with sourcebooksfor
All this considered, it is with some caution that a game publisher
Robert Adams’ Horseclans novels, Alan Dean Foster‘s interstellar
will commit the money to purchase a license these days. Knowing which

literary or film settings warrant a unique and specific game system and
which can be turned into a sourcebook for existing rules is a tricky
decision to make, and can turn into a windfall or a loss. The safest course
today seems to be the latter option; as a result, universal systems like
GURPS, Hero, and Rolemaster lead the field in licensed products.
Chaosium attempted this generic systemspecific world idea earlier than
most with their Basic Role Playing system (derived from Runequest), but universal systems, however, you can publish the rulebook and have
took a loss with poorly selling games like Ringworld, Elfquest, and access to a wider array of moreor-less compatible supplements, with the
Hawkmoon (also based on Michael Moorcock‘s Eternal Champion option of creating your own world in the future using the system.
novels). GURPS fans can play Conan one week, Riverworld the next, then go
straight into Camelot, Wild Cards, and Japan, while only having to
CJJ@OSOhYGV$m%JW@LY58T@ !@.z familiarize themselves with one set of rules.
Looking at the vast number of licensed products on the market
3. Is the world completely covered in his volume, or will you be
committed to buying a lot of sourcebooks and companion volumes to play?
today, a prospective gamemaster or player has a pretty big choice to make
Some campaign worlds are too big for one book. Garners love lots of
if he or she wishes to forego creating an entire world, and would rather
volumes, and will generally buy anything available for favored systems,
adventure in an pregenerated, familiar world from another medium.
but beginners might be reluctant to lay down so much cash just to try a
Some simple guidelines:
game out. Unfortunately, most game stores or libraries are a long way
1. Is this publisher one you can trust? Ask other customers or clerks at
away from lending roleplaying games out. While it has gotten a lot of
the game store where you shop. Look at other products put out by that
critical attention and praise from gamers and designers alike, I have seen
company. Is the company involved devoted to producing a quality piece
more than a few gamers put off by the number of books which West End
of work, or is it just trying to make a buck off a current fad? Be sure to
puts out for Star Wars. True, you don’t need all the books to play;
look for Mayfair‘s Batman in bargain bins everywhere.
indeed, you only need a couple, but that’s rarely obvious to novice
2. Is is a compkte game in itself, or a licensed supplementfor an existing
garners or people who haven’t bought the basic rulebook.
game system? Most companies are careful about labeling their games as
4. How much control do you want over this world? How faithful an
supplements, but be careful and check anyway. There are good and bad
adaptation are you looking for! Are you fond of crossing genres, or are
points to this. You can feel ripped off if you get home and find out that



The answers await you on

Originally published in 1985, this science-fantasy RPG set

standardsin character developmentand world background,
as well as featuring some of the finest artwork to ever grace
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you strict about and possibly inspiring roleplaying games like West End Games’ Paranoia
sticking to the and Avalon Hill’s Tales of the Floating Vagabond. The setting: the
guidelines set forth in wide and wooly Universe after the destruction of Earth for a hyperspatial
the game world?Both express route. The cast: a bunch of no-accounts, leftover Earthlings, a
of the major terminally depressive robot, and a perky, talking spaceship with the
superhero games personality of an Avon Lady. The four-part “trilogy”takes the main
(Marvel Super characters (and other innocent hangerpod throughout the galaxy,
Heroes and DC Heroes) are wide open for whatever the gamemaster thumbing rides on assorted spaceshipsand dodging through random time
wantS to throw in: time travel, aliens, natural disasters, comedy, horror, streams, to encounter the Big Bang, the end of the Universe, and a lot of
etc...,but can you get away with a pulp superhero flying through Call of funny stuff in between.
Cthulhu! A vampire in James Bond 007! Conan as a would-beJedi Tying the whole series together is the humorous and often
Knight! You get the picture... exasperating Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy, a computerized
5. If you’re a big fan of that world and feel that your players will enjoy encyclopedia of misleading and often highly subjective entries aimed
playing in it as much 11s you enjoyed reading or seeing it, then go for it. Ignore towards the less-discrimating(i.e. cheap) starfarer. Sample entry: Earth:
the rest of the rules if this is the case, and have a great time. Mostly hartnkss. The HGTTG offices employ thousands of reporters who
roam the millions of known worlds in search of action, adventure, and
A U l M l3osu: NZW P@sso~o&Ouo~s
P@@ free drinks in galactic press boxes.
Characters in a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy RPG could be
PUB&RSRZRS @R~ A ~ J ~ J ~ ~ S F Z ~ S roving reporters or others caught up in their travels, general riff,raff, or
While you might say that there’s already a glut of licensed material even the very hitchhikers the book is aimed at. The game system would
on the market, be certain that there will be a lot more. In an effort to have to be very free-form- fast and loose, aimed at maximum hilarity
broaden the field, and save game designers some time when looking for and minimum ruleplaying. Players of Toon, Ghostbusters, Paranoia, and
ideas, here are suggestions for eight world or campaign settings from film, Tales from the Floating Vagabond might enjoy this game, which would
comics, or books which are just aching to be developed into games or have to be set up with dozens of parenthetical entries in the Guide
sourcebooks. designed to be read at appropriate (or just plain funny) moments.
Since companies generally have a certain “feel”to their work, this Perhaps game modules would even be marketed with recorded versions of
listing is given in alphabetical order, based on the game companies Guide entries for those who would enjoy hearing the matter,of,fact voice
which would be appropriate publishers of the suggested licenses. If the reciting sheer lunacy. The game has already been adapted into a
suggestions make sense, and make you want to spend your hardeeamed computer game, which shows that author Adam is receptive to further
money on them, then write to the companies and ask them ‘(Why don’t interpretations of his work.
you publish , . . ?” If you’re a would-be bigtime game writer and designer, Avalon Hill has produced the hilarious Tales from the Floating
send them a letter beginning “I’d like to . . .” If you’re a do-it-yourselfer Vagabond, and puts out a quality piece of merchandise. The other home
and aren’t after fame and fortune (or what substitutes for them in RPG for this game is West End Games, creator of Paranoia and Ghostbusters.
design), you should pay a lot of attention to the last section of this The main reason that Avalon Hill was chosen is because West End
article. should be busy with their Dune project (see below).
As of this writing, these worlds have not appeared as either Source Material -The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy, &
roleplayinggames or supplementary materials (as far as I know...). Some Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Life, The Universe and
might be completely unsuitable for development, due to expensive or Everything, and So Lone and Thanks For All the Fish, by Douglas
unavailable licenses, a limited appeal, or similar products already on the Adams, as well asThe Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy, a television series
market. It is left to the would-be game designer, adaptor or publisher to by the BBC sometimes shown on public television. Records of the first
determine the status of these licenses if professionalpublication is two books are available from Hannibal Records.
desired; of course, for people who just want these settings for their own
gaming use, no permission is required. Just don’t sell it or call it your
4HA@Sl@JXu iM*
And so, without further ado, here are eight settings or suggestions Tfid n@RB@ @ 8 @ 8 @ S u
which I feel would make excellent roleplaying game products and the by E. R. Eddison.
companies which might develop them. Possibly the finest fantasy novel ever written, The Worm
Ouroboros surpasses even J. R. R. Tolkien’sLord of the Rines in scope,
3834YAMh18Ild5 @AJNd t@JXPAhW heroism, style, and wonder. The Worm Ourorobos is a towering
@a85T@ T&d@AMX%
8JlTtJ!~~lR~@S achievement in the field of fantasy literature. It is the tale of a mighty
war between the forces of several great nations on a world called
by Douglas Adams. Mercury, and each page breathes with vigor and wonder in an fabulously
This British radio showdtumed-bookset BBC television series ornate, often difficult-to-read language that has no equivalent in 20th
standards in humorous science fiction and fantasy, motivating dozens of century literature. Reading O u r o b G is a supremely consuming task,
writers to create books “in the Hitchhiker‘sGuide to the Galaxy vein’’ sometimes taking several tries, but is worth every iota of effort. Eddison’s

name belongs in the ranks of fantasy grand-masters,along with those of Internal Effervescence,
C. S.Lewis, Tolkien, Lord Dunsany, and James Branch Cabell (another Arnboult ‘s
great but sadly neglected fantasy author). Sequesmous Digrtalia,
The warring nations of the book are named for creatures of Earth’s and many others,
mythology and folklore. Heroic Demons (blessed with milk,white skin equally original and
and small, oftendecorated or jeweled horns) ride into battle against the bizarre. Vance’s
degenerate and sneering Witches, their former allies in a great war magical system is the root of the AD&D system’s spell memorization,
against the Ghouls. Other races include Goblins, Pixies, Imps; indeed, though the spells are far more powerful (magicianstherefore,are limited
most of the great fantasy monsters are present here, and the epic world, to fewer, more potent spells which always work) and there is no
spanning quest is nom de rigeur for this setting. What must be done to set equivalent to the level learning system. There are several species of
Mercury apart from standard fantasy settings is to increase the richness of magical beings such as the sandestins and daihaks, extraplanar creatures
the background and emphasize the heroic and fantastic elements of used by sorcerers to perform simple tasks or to power their spells. These
roleplaying. If a character wants to spend five minutes describing what beings must Se bargained with, making for excellent roleplaying
he is wearing, down to the last buckle on his boot, then let him as long possibilities.
as it is interesting. The gamemaster should detail non,player characters The focus of this world is on the magicians, who are as diverse,
with equal care, creating foes and allies worthy of strong, broadly-painted extravagant, and obnoxious a lot as can be expected. Using their magic
emotions. Heroism is to be respected and striven for, and treachery ranks for cosmetic effects and cultivating their own idiosyncratic styles, they
beside black magick as an action unworthy of noble men. It is not a are as much showmen as sorcerers. An excellent campaign could involve
world for meaningless abstractions like Law and Chaos. However, Good a group of these magicians, who are so common in the Dying Earth
and Bad are as easily recognized as white and black hats in old Westerns. (though not nearly so powerful as they were in past millenia).
What The Worm Ouroboros needs to be translated successfully Mayfair Games publishes an excellent series of generic game supplements
into roleplaying terms is a game system that emphasizes heroism, called Role A d , which has focused on specific fantasy races, presented
storytelling, passions, glory, honor, and the entire epic feel, without multiqstem game modules, and detailed characters and monsters from
getting bogged down into the gritty mechanics of armor class, saving myth and fiction. The setting would be ideal as a multl-systemproduct
throws, encumbrance, weapons range, or other mainstays of most fantasy with stats for using it in a few appropriate game systems. The b i n 2
systems. A basic,but,elegant system like Chaosium’sArthurian could also make an excellent alternative Ars Magica setting, but
roleplaying game Pendragon is the perfect example of these principles, would be difficult to adapt into other games’ rigid magic systems which
with emphasis on character passions, glory, and the lonpterm campaign. do not allow for the creation of new spells. Still, one pities the poor game
Chaosium is perhaps the most literary publisher of licensed products, designer having to allocate spell cost points and determine effects for The
with Call of Cthulhu, Pendragon, Ringworld, Stormbringer, and Inside Out and O w , a spell which inverts the building or landscape
Hawkmoon all based on novels, and Prince Valiant and Elfquest from around the caster.
comics. This game would provide American gamers an invaluable Source Materials -The b i n g Earth, The Eyes of the Ovenvorld,
chance to really use simply awful pseudwKingJames Bible/ Cupel’s Saga, and Rhialto the Marvellous, by Jack Vance. The Duest for
Shakespearean English, full of thees, thous, doths, and hasts, because in Simbilis, by Michael Shea. “Vance’s Evocation of Arcane Delight,”an
an Ouroboros game, it would be mandatory to speak like that. Dost thou article by Simon Nicholson in White Dwarf (issue 93, September 1987).
Source Material - The Worm Ouroboros, by E. R. Eddison, recently
reprinted in an annotated version.
&Jg6@)@@@ gj&/jy&4yP
JMIY?&M? 3%11WS* Ma written by Earl Mac Rauch and directed by W.D. Richter.
The ultimate collision of particle physics, rock and roll, Zen
a 2 m ! d G J&l$PJlJ* mysticism, and ’50s sci-fi movies, “BuckarooBanzai” is the tale of a group
by Jack Vance. of highly talented and diverse adventurers and musicians bound together
Set in Earth’s 21st Aeon, a world where the sun is at its zenith, by one man (a postmodern Renaissance man named Buckaroo Banzai, a
hanging red and bloated in the sky, this series of stories chronicles the sort of Doc Savage for the %Os), as they battle an alien menace that
adventures (and misadvantures) of a cast of characters such as Cugel the threatens the Earth with nuclear destruction. Besides being a repository
Clever (a rogue entirely too smart for his own good), Iucounu the for a surprisingnumber of fine actors, the film (and novelization) set up a
Laughing Magician, and Rhialto the Marvelous,conjurer extraordinaire. world of hip, competent heroes prepared for everything, with special
It is a world of baroque majesty, strange and magnificent enchantments, vehicles and a helpful network of backup assistants.
fabulouscreatures, and unlikely coincidences Players in a “BuckarooBanzai” roleplaying game would be able to
The books’ greatest interest to roleplayinggamers (aside from being take on the roles of characters from the films or create their own Hong
simply marvellously written and inventive), however, is the magic system Kong Cavaliers (Banzai’smusical band). The latter would be far more
Vance posits, with bizarre and imaginative enchantments such as The enjoyable,letting the players create diverse and interesting dream
Spell of Forlorn Encystment, The Green and Purple PostponementofJoy, The characters with few limitations, the only requirement being an ability to
Excellent Pnsmatlc Spray (sound familiar, AD&D fans’), The Spell of play a musical instrument. This setting would lend itself well to most


types of adventure, Source Material - Borderland, Bordertown, and Life on the Border,
allowing the anthologies edited by Terry Windling and featuring Bellamy Bach, Ellen
gamemeaster to cross Kushner, Craig Shaw Gardner, and many of the w a u t h o r s .
and combine genres
with impunity.
W h y Palladium?
The Palladium rules l3l4Vaffl
system is compatible with almost all of their games, allowing Buckaroo edited by Will Shetterly and Emma Bull.
Banzai gamemasters access to mutant animals from Teenage Ninja Actually based on a roleplaying campaign, this series of anthologies
Mutant Turtles, superheroes and gadgets from Heroes Unlimited, is similar to Robert Asprin’s Thieves‘ World (which has been adapted
martial arts from Ninjas and Superspies, and even giant robots and into a multi-system game supplement by Chaosium) though more with Robotech and Rifts. This game setting would imaginative,far more stylish, and more internally consistent. Stories are
appeal primarily to players of Tors or Dark Conspiracy, and maybe even set mostly in the city of Liavek, “city of luck and mystery,”an Arabian
some Top Secret S.I. or Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes fans, with Nights-influencedcity on the the edge of a great desert.
some possible converts from Call of Cthulhu and pulpadventure games Players can become one of the Scarlet Guard, fledgling artists,
like HERO’SJustice, Inc. Bedouins, or members of the Green Church, an order of suicides.
Source Material -Buckaroo Banzai, screenplay by Earl Mac Rauch Characters may steal, lead caravans across the wasteland or merchant
and directed by W. D. Richter. Buckaroo Banzai, film novelization by ships across the Sea of Luck, or engage in high society pistol and sword
Earl Mac Rauch. duels. Useful appendices in the first book in the series of five detail the
city, the monetary system, races, culture, religions, weapons, history, and
T4&S@RlAN64rnBp lNC a unique and interesting magic system which is free and powerful, yet
with some significant and logical limitations. All of the books are shot
B@R@gRr@UNp through with elements of poetry and legends or folktales from the land,
edited and created by suitable for inclusion as atmosphere and possible scenario ideas, and the
Terry Windling and Mark Alan Arnold. surrounding lands are often the settings for stories, making it less
claustrophobic than the Thieves’ World collections.w s cast is
In these collaborative anthologies, the premise is an intriguing one
wonderfully drawn, and the world is open for intrigue and adventure.
similar to the concepts explored in FASA’s Shadowrun. Something
GURPS is flexible enough to cover this world, which might not work for
undefined has caused the return of the forces of Faerie to Earth,
a full system, but which deserves a place alongside their Witch World,
manifesting itself in one or more major cities which have become mixing
Wild Cards, and Horseclans supplements.
places between the two planes. Elves walk the streets in gang colors and
mohawks, and the cities have become meccas for disenfranchised or
Source Material - m, Liavek: The Players of Luck, Liavek: Wizards
aliennated youth. Magic rules in the Bordertown, and the law is as
Row, Liavek: %ells of Binding, and Liavek: Festival Week, anthologies
edited by Will Shetterly and Emma Bull, featuring stories by noted
powerless and randomly effective as the technology it depends upon. The
authors like Gene Wolfe, Jane Yolen, Steven Brust, Alan Moore,
punk scene reigns in Bordertown, mixing the haunting melodies of the
Charles de Lint, and Walter Jon Williams, in addition to the editors and
Elfin kindred with the earthly chords of rock and roll. It can be a violent
a host of other authors.
or beautiful place, depending on who you run with, and the streets are
filled with a mix of runaway kids, street gangs, old residents, Elves and
other Faerie folk, private eyes searching for lost kids, and musicians of all @%srPJv@ 6&m!S
styles. @u@g
The roleplaying game would have to take into account the sporadic
effectivenessof technology and the magic utilized to take its place -
by Frank Herbert
enchanted spellboxes to run motorcycles,arcane amplifiers,and gremlin-
A science fiction epic based on themes of ecology,genetics,
religion, and Machaivellian plotting, Duns follows the story of a religious
run computers. The setting is one of a city in waste, with treasures to be
leader in the far future who unites a galaxy under his name. The fact that
had for lucky scavengers,and magical curses or death for those who steal
the only attempt to translate the immensely popular Dune into a game
from the wrong gang‘s turf. The tension of the gangs infiltrates all levels
was Avalon Hill’s strategy and card game is stunning. Six novels, a film,
of life, making this fantasy milieu one which has a real-world counterpart
a comic adaptation, toys, and a Dune Encyclopedia have left the setting
in New York or Los Angeles, possible sites for the unnamed Bordertown.
well documented, with alien and future human languages and cultures
Worthy of a system in its own right, Bordertown would work for R.
Talsorian, who have shown that they have the edge needed to pull off well developed.
The series spans thousands of years, encompassesdozens of worlds,
this game. Wild enough to publish Teenagers from Outer Space, they
and features alien races as diverse as Tleilaxu Face Dancers, technologi.
are also the creators of the grim and sleek Cyberpunk. Bordertown might
lure players away from Shadowrun, offering a less science-fictionbased cally advanced Ixians, and once-human Guild Navigators capable of
folding space. This vast sweep of setting gives roleplayersa rich
version of the same premise. It would bridge the gap between those who
environment for plotting with the great Houses of the Lansraad and
like high fantasy and those who enjoy films like “Escape from New
shaking the control of the Bene Gesserit, a religious order of women

64 JULY/AUGUST, 1992
possessing superhuman powers of body and mind. Technology is Heroic Worlds
reasonably devoped and even provides for the possibility of resurrecting (Prometheus Books,
dead characters (who become Tleilaxu gholas, apparently limitless clones 1991), an invaluable
of a deceased individual). Character classes like Mentat, Suk Doctor, and guide to roleplaying
Swordmaster add flair to the campaign setting. games. It charts their
The late Frank Herbert seemed to be laying the ground for such an history, catalogues
adaptation, with a dictionary of terms, history, and essays on the them by genre, and reviews thousands of RPG products. It is a reference
environment and technology in the appendices of the first book of the tool no serious roleplayingenthusiast should be without, and was
series. West End Games, with their proven winner Star Wars, would be indespensable in preparing this article.
a natural to release such a game, though GURPS or Rolemaster would If any of the ideas here appeal to you (or you can think of
also be appropriate using the sourcebook format. West End Games is able something else that I didn't mention) and you don't feel like waiting for
to put out a product that looks incredible -hardcover, fullTcolor someone else to do it for you, then do it yourself. Go through the source
photographs, etc... and would make a Dune RPG which would be well material with a fine-toothed comb, listing every detail that might have
worth the cost and a fitting tribute to Frank Herbert. some gaming application. Decide how the game might be played. What
Source material- Dune,Dune Messiah Children of Dune, God Emperor are the strong points of the world you want to game in! Choose a game
of Dune, Heretics of Dune, and Chapterhouse: Dune by Frank Herbert. system that will help you bring out the features which make the world
The Dune Encyclopedia.Dune, a motion picture directed by David worth the effort -don't subjugate them to the rules. If the game system
Lynch. can't be "bent" enough to fit into your idea of what it should be, then
make up your own rules. They don't have to be official; hundreds of
gaming groups have been using their own house rules for campaignsfor
In the end, the choice to play within a licensed game world or a
a film written and directed by Clive Barker. world created specifically for a roleplaying game is yours to make. This
This is a film about Boone, a man framed for murder and chased by article contends that the originals are probably more satisfying than the
both the law and his own dreams into Midian, a strange city inhabited by diluted creations within the industry, but licensed games are risky
halfahuman creatures of the night. There he becomes Cabal, their savior, propositions, so don't expect worlds unique to the roleplaying industry to
leading the armies of the night into the world, where they must hide suddenly disappear.
from the sight of man and the light of the sun. Though hardly a classic of
modem cinema, the film is original and imaginative,and would make an
excellent setting for a horror,based RPG. I
The original novella, a beautifully assembled photobook, and an PARANOI,
ongoing comic book series from Epic Comics all complement the world MINIFIGS
set forth in the film. Players would relish the opportunity to play these RAFM
strange, frightening,yet sympathetic creatures of the night, lending PRINCEAUGUST
mood and tragedy to gaming sessions. While the rules would almost
certainly emphasize roleplaying and storytellingover dice rolling and GURPS
game mechanics, the character creation system would have to be GDW
designed to handle almost anything! While the Nightbreed in the film 10% Off All Items!
end with a mission, this does not limit the gaming possibilities to merely CHESSEX
fulfilling that goal. The film is ripe for a sequel, which makes it quite
suitable for a roleplaying campaign. While not listed as an influence for
White Wolfs Vampire: The Masquerade, its portrayal of monsters as WE EVEN HAVE
heroes is very similar, and would make an excellent supplement or game COMPUTERGAMES! f
using the same rules. White Wolf, with Vampire: The Masquerade,
defines modem horror in roleplaying, and would be the proper home for
this product. I 11ALL THREE FOR ONLY

(This choice was a bit of a toss,up, as The b i n e Earth seemed

more appropriate for the publishers of Ars Magica, the definitive magic-
based RPG, and "Nightbreed" might breathe some life into the lackluster
Chill game from Mayfair.)
> 1 I $10
Source Material -Nightbreed, written and directed by Clive Barker.
Cabal, written by Clive Barker. Clive Barker's "The Nightbreed" i 09b College Avenue
Chronicles, written by Clive Barker and photographed by Murray Close. I;)lacksburg, Virginia 24060
Nightbreed, published by Epic Comics; various writers and artists. Bi 1-800-747-8607
This primary source of reference for this article, besides the listed
source material and the games themselves, was Lawrence Schick's
The 3rd in The Storyteller System-

4598B Stonegate Ind. Blvd. Stone Mtn. GA 30083



cover, with richly detailed information. However, Special notes on mechanics for the regio,
Ars Magica this points out one serious flaw: there is no index as well as placement suggestions and
and only a very simple table of contents That’s a story ideas for incorporating it into
Black Death shame because there’s so much useful material here, your Saga, conclude each chapter.
Rating = 4 if only the Storyguide can find it. And since Black As an example, the Battlefield is an
Publisher. White Death uses a very free-form plot structure, you will Infernal regio - a playground for demons who
Wolf, 4598-B probably find yourself constantly flipping through torment the lost souls of the warriors who fought in
Stonegate Industrial the book looking up stuff. a long-forgotten battle and who occasionallyseek
Blvd., Stone However, the wealth of Storyguide characters out living recruits for their evil sport.
Mountain, GA 30083 (NPCs), locales, and subplots makes up for any I enjoyed “Mythic Places” and look forward to
Author Thomas M. organizational weakness. Quite simply, the theme is seeing more supplements like it. Each regio could be
Kane thought-provoking, the plot is original, and the easily dropped into an ongoing Story or just as easily
Price: $12.95 roleplaying is challenging. All in all, “Black Death expanded to be the focus of a new Story. No matter
Reviewed by Matthew is one supplement you should tty to catch how they get there, your players will find that being
Gabbert in a mythic place is more than half the fun.
o n e of my favorite aspects of White wolfs Mythic places DC Heroes
Ars Magica fantasy RPG is its authentic medieval Rating = 3
flavor. Now one of the biggest influences on the Publisher: White Wolf,
Middle Ages, the Black Death, is the subject of a 4598-8 Stonegate
new story supplement Industrial Blvd , Stone
The story begins when word reaches the Mountain, GA 30083
Games, lnc , P.O. Box
players’ Covenant that a plague has struck the not- Author CarlSchnurr
too-distant town of Montrouge Even worse news Price: $9.95
arrives: a Covenant near the town has fallen, Reviewed by Matthew
apparently as a result of the same plague The player Gabbert
characters receive a plea for help from the survivors “Mythic Places”
of the devastated Covenant and must decide is the first in a new -
whether to send help to their brethren or to descend Series of supplements for White Wolfs Ars Magics
like vultures on the us-rich remains. fantasy RPG that develops the “regio”concept first
Once they arrive at the stricken area, the introduced in “Faeries” A regio is a multi-layered
playersdiscover that there are one of those
powers, both area that extends from the mundane world into a
magical and mundane, battling for control of the place dominated by one of the four supernatural
characterswho seems to be conslstent~ypopular,but
in a low-key kind of way. has produced a
region. Between terrorized peasants, scheming magi, powers. Provided in this first installment are two
sourcebook and adventure for those loyal
ambitious bandit leaders, the Faerie regio and one for each of the other realms:
fanswho have kept the Swamp nlng
Inquisition and shadowy demonic influences, the Magical, Divine, and Infernal,
player characters will definitely have their hands comic on the shelf and the series on the air.
After a brief introduction and a review of the
Author Ray Winninger guides the reader and
full, no matter what course they choose. regio rules for those new to the concept, the
‘‘BlackDeath“ IS almost a mlnl-saga. Even if player through the history of the Swamp Thing from
supplement gets to work and presents the mythic his throughhis later convoluted
the players do manage to put things right in places from whence It derives Its title. Each area
adventures through time. Following the history,
Montrouge, they will he embroiled in the area’s description chapter a standard, Wlnnlnger sectlons on how to roleplay the
reconStructlon and redevelopment for many years to format, starting with an overview, then progressing
come. The supplement is jam-packed, cover-to, Swamp Thing, his friends and lovers, enemies/
a SecrionOn each succeeding level Of the regio
opponents,and a brief data sheeton the swamp


itself. Following the sourcebook is a very playable conditions are removed. The “Fantasy Hero Companion II” is a 160-
solitaire adventure, something Mayfair does so well. Overall, 1 found the writing to be up to the page sourcehook for Fantasy Hero.
As usual, Winninger follows the comics well, usual high Winninger standards, and I enjoyed The first section, “Playing Fantasy Hero,”
and provides the reader with information on various reading it. The texts on friends and enemies do not, starts with a new race called the Winged People, 11
creatures, NPCs, gadgets, and powers in their however, provide descriptions of the NPCs, and new character archetypes, rules for ships and naval
appropriate sections. For example, the very first there are only a few illustrations of them, so the GM combat, and rules for barding and jousting.
group of characters we are introduced to are Alec is on hisher own for a description. I have mentioned The second section is “Locations,”with four
Holland and both the Len Wein/Berni Wrightson this before in earlier reviews, but 1feel illustrations, new mapped locations: a dwarven mine, a mosque, a
and Alan Moore incarnations of the Swamp Thing. especially in games like DC Heroes and its Marvel jail, and a stable. None of these are exceptional hut
The history is not exhaustive, but it is equivalent, are essential. The games are, after all, they could be quite useful for certain adventures.
interesting and well-written. It flows well into the based on a graphic medium, and description of The Magic section opens with a fairly useful
second section on roleplaying the Swamp Thing. individuals or creatures is every bit as important as one-and-one-half page discussion of the different
This section is perhaps the best in the book. Major the description of places. types of magic and is followed by optional magic
questions about Swamp Thing‘s attitudes and I do recommend this as an important work for rules with some interesting ideas, tables for the quick
descriptionsof his abilities are presented and dealt any individual or group using the Swamp Thing construction of magic items, and almost 40 ready-
with in-depth. character, or even interested in doing so. They will made magic items.
The following sections on friends and enemies learn a lot, and have fun as well. Following the Magic section is the Spell Book
is also well-done.The last section on the area itself Herr rlames with 19 new magic colleges including Kleptomancy,
includes information about the swamp and a map of the magic of stealing magic; Chaos Magic; Dragon
the town of Houma, the home of Alec Holland. Magic; and two new sets of priestly magic spells for
Fantasy Hero
The title of the solitaire adventure is “Racing the Church of Order and the Sun Priests, for a total
Companion I1
With the Rats”, and Swamp Thing, infected with of more than 300 new spells.
Rating = 3
toxic waste and trapped in a delusion, must keep Closing the book are the Guilds of the
Publisher: Hero
from going crazy and bring himself or itself back to Western Shores, ten organizations to add to your
Games/Iron Crown

reality. One of the differences between this campaign such as the Ashirashin (drug-using
Enterprises, P.O.
adventure and earlier solitaires is that when certain assassins, based on the historical Middle Eastern
choices are made, “conditions” are put into effect Assassins),the Brotherhood of the Holy Inquisitors,
VA 22902
which will also influence the results of your actions. and the Wolf Cult.
Authors: Mark
There are 15 different conditions, but how they Overall, the second Fantasy Hero Companion
Bennett, et al.
influence the game is never made clear, which is useful for both players and GMs, but most helpful
Price: $16.00
actually helps the user feel a sense of wonder or
curiosity about what will happen later. A number of
Reviewed by Sean
I for the GM; if you play or GM Fantasy Hero, then
it is worth a look.
conditions can be active at once, and at times



I‘ Out Time Days

a game of Time Tmvel in an alternate dimension
THE EXPERIENCE: OTD is a game of life on a
strange world. Although populated by a variety of
Space Combat
a game of pure tactical combat...
in a rather uniclue environment
oull br fighting in an cdgelcss contest zonc aboard liv-
semi-humanoid races, it is nothing like the Earth g crcaturcs. Spacc Combat is almost all combat, with
that your character left behind. Gone is the industri- ,meroom for diplomacy. OKcnsivc actions includc
al might of large nations. The multi-talented worker e creature’s Psychic Screams to mentally disrupt
is a thing of the past. Even your famed Time Jump hers. launching Inverse Mincs that will implode

ing skills have been cnecked to a certain degree. tar your enemy. freeing Spores to destroy inter-
1 ,
However, you do happen to be one of the few Tim ds, using Nerve Pulscs to prurrlyzc pesky scouts.
Jumpers on this world, and that in itself is a major strength. id Virally Infecting your opponcnt in the h o p s of
You’ll choose one of several sects to work with, or attempt to king over their alien. Each turn comes with a special full-page graphic
create your own from scratch, which will help set your general meth- printout of your cnding position to aid
od of operation. As each new time opens,there are new discoveries to you in planning.
1 make, new lands to chart, and new pzople to meet. The world awaits
change. and you are the catalyst. :pa= Combat was dcsigned to be
s y to learn, but difficult to master.
O W TIME DAYS is a highly interactive role-playing Play-By-Mail very game starts with ten playen,
game with turns processed weekly. It has received excellent reviews, nd as each is climinatcd, thc chanccs
Flagship and Paper Mayhem. Turn cost f the gamc cnding will incrcasc.
game is open ended and 99% computer ‘urnsheetsare custom made on a lmcr
The rulebook may be obtained for $5.00 rinter to aid you in tilling out your
le with startup). A special startup is cxt turn. The gamcs run about 12-18
able that gives you the rulebook. the startup ~ mCost. is $3.20 per turn. A rule-
, and five turns for only $15.00. ook (rcquircd before you can join) is
1.OO (frcc if you mention this ad!).
II Dependable, weekly, error-6ree tnrns since 1984
(e Twin Engine Gaming; Dept 145; 3254 M a p l e Leaf Ct.; San Jose, CR 95121 @
68 J U L Y / A U G U S T ,19 9 2
Heroes Unlimited a dime (with deadly effects)) to Slo-Mo (who slows World” humor is rolling strong once again (not even
down others), this is one of the most interesting vaguely).
groups in the hook. To be perfectly honest, the creators at West
Villains Unlimited
The Mighty Static Man - a comical villain End have created a new roleplaying game out of the
Rating = 3
who has complete mastery over the frightening ashes of Paranoia. It has the same name, but fans of
Publisher: Palladium Books, 5926 Lonyo Ave,
ability of static electricity. the old Alpha should heware. This is not Paranoia as
Detroit, MI 48210
a Triple Threat - three diabolical villains (a we know it. The Computer is back, but broken down
Author: Kevin Long 6.Kevin Siembieda (6.several
psionicist, a wizard and a hunter) all trapped in and into weak, easy-to-dupe“simplexes.”Much of Alpha
vying for control over one body. is in anarchy, without clearance levels, and playing
Price: $19.95
“Villains Unlimited is a hook which should out like yet another cyberpunk game (and not even
Reviewed by Charles Peirce
expand existing campaigns. It is a fair product, with a comedy cyberpunk game, it seems). The Paranoia
“Villains Unlimited is the first product
some interesting ideas. writers have instructions to “give the players the
released for the revised Heroes Unlimited. Though
spiky, almost-punk trappings they seem to crave, a la
earlier supplements are easily adaptable to the game,
Paranoia X-Men, Cyberpunk 2020,40K, etc.”
none were created with Heroes Unlimited
Like 1 said. A new game.
specifically in mind.
But is it a good game?To be certain, it is less
“Villains Unlimited” presents new powers, The Paranoia
intelligent than the old Paranoia. West End is
technology, rules, adventures and villains (and a few Sourcebook
clearly aiming for a much younger and more general
heroes, too). Also scattered throughout are clues to Rating = 2
market. They seem willing to sacrifice a lot of smart
the origin of certain organizations in Rifts. Publisher: West End
comedy to acquire that market. Their justifications
With eight writers sharing the credits, the Games, RD 3 box
fell on deaf ears with me - I’ve always used
characters range from the traditional to the silly to 2345, Honesdale PA,
Paranoia as a campaign game. Personally, 1was
the horrific. Some are very interesting, while some 18431
insulted. I found the style to be condescending
are utterly forgetable.There ate approximately 100 Author: Ed Bolme
(another first for Paranoia).Those less enamored of
characters in the book; these characters are roughly Price: $18.00
the old game may like it. Cyberpunk 2020 fans
divided into three categories: organizations, groups Reviewed by S.john
might get a big kick out of it. I strongly recommend
and individuals. Some of the more memorable and/ Ross
that any Paranoia fan or interested party browse
or interesting characters and groups are: This is a 128-page “Alpha Update,” the
through it. Get a friend to buy it so you may do so.
9 The Masters of Speed - a group of villains official word on what’s transpired in Alpha Complex
Do not, however, buy it yourself until you’ve read it.
who all have some degree of control over the power since the Big Crash a couple of years ago. The
of superspeed. From Hellbent (the parasitic leader) Computer is back (not really), order is restored
to Whiplash (who can run at superspeed and stop on (nope), and the intelligent, sharp, dark “Brave New

Afer years of design eflort and playtesting, Maelstrom Games presents n I

a game where individual characters control the fate of the galaxy!
Lords of Destiny is a 100 96 computer-moderated play-by-mail game
where many players compete in a galaxy packed with features such as:
-planetary defense shields composed of individual ground units
- many different ship types; economic and military technology levels I
- ancient alien artifacts with special powers known only to the owner
- neutral empires ranging from primitive cave men to extremely advanced
elder races; possessing their own military forces, characters, and artifacts
- special galactic locations to utilize such as black holes, secret societies,
training academies, worm holes, and the fabled seven wonders of the universe
- hundreds of named characters with abilities such as exploring, leading troops,
spying, researching, assassination, governing, diplomacy, using psionics, . ..


Turn fees are only $3.75 per turn; no “double” turns, no extra or hidden fees ever
Games last about 27 turns with 14 days per turn - 7 and 21 day options available
A basic version is available which provides an easy to learn introductory game.
I A A - a detailed combat system with free. battle reports for every conflict
L - population, factories, industrial complexes, crew types, plundering, alliances, power plays
- complete galactic map included with every turn showing every sector that you have knowledge of
- customized fill-in-the-blank turn sheets save time and guarantee. you don’t overlook something
- long range scanners, random galactic events, multi-class characters, and much more!
f A Y E
’ Maelstrom Games; P. 0. Box 5461; Oxnard, CA 93031 Ask for free rules and setup



ADVENTURES ON Return to the World of the

An entirely new Character Generation System

$10.95 (V.S.1
Available in better Game and Hobby stores
or write to:
United Kingdom IMY
6 WellingtonSt. via Paisiello No4
Aldershot, Hank 20131 Mano
G u l l 1DZ
E ” R I S E S , INC. 08029-Barcelona
King of kussia, PA Germany
19406-0668 BAUERHEIDE 5
Postfach 2143
PA residents please add 6% sales tax 4670 Liinen

Realms of the Unknown Realm Controller (RC),or Gamemaster, has leave the game largely in the hands of the players,
devised. A player still has one main character, the but as the person who controls the world with even
Realm Controller’s Manual leader of the culture he has created, but by extension more intimacy than in a standard roleplaying game,
Player’s Manual the player is responsible for the welfare and actions the RC has the ability to introduce story elements to
Rating = 4 of the entire populace. spark the life of the game.
Publisher. The Each player population is rated in a number of Some aspects of the game are perhaps a hit
Walnut Group, PO different ways. These are the strengths and unrealistic when considering that the mishmash of
Box 631, Itasca, IL weaknesses a player must consider when determining player cultures are supposed to have developed on
60143 the best course of action for his people. If your food the same world in about the same region, hut this
Authors: Timothv A. stores are low, for example, it’s probably time to can be rationalized. After all, this forces the players
Dohrer and Gerry direct more of your people to hunting and/or to discover the world just as a “normal”roleplying
Evenwell III farming. These ratings include an inventory of the character must. Also, the inclusion of Gateways,
Price (Realm goods possessed by the people, like warships and portals that move people from Realm to Realm and
Controller’s $15), weapons, but they also rate natural resources and region to region, is completely out place.
(Player’s $8) other raw materials. My personal experience with games of this
Reviewed bk Stewart W ieck The game doesn’t require all the players to be format has been very positive. Because it does not
Just as there are a variety of roleplaying game present around a table in order for the action of the require a relaxed environment in order to play (you
genres, so are there many different roleplaying game to progress, so ROTU puts an interesting can hand your orders to the RC between classes at
formats There’s traditional roleplaying, storytelling, social spin on “normal” roleplaying games. The game school and maybe have something back from him
live-action and now a new one as well The Walnut progresses by means of sheets of orders a player the next day) and because the format of the game
Group presents a format of roleplaying that a few ot submits to the RC. Each “turn” of the game, every often puts players at odds with one another, ROTU
you may have developed on your own during some player submits orders for his people. Unlike other has the potential to be thoroughly engaging.
time in your gaming evolution when it began to be roleplaying games where the input of the GM drives On the other hand, not all players will
difficult to get everyone together on a Friddy night the game forward, ROTU requires the input of the respond to such a format despite its advantages. And
Those of you not yet of this age are lucky, for players through these orders to advance the game. even if they do become comfortable with the format,
authors Dohrer and Evenwell hdve presented in While the concept of such orders may seem to there’s no guarantee that players will he able to
Realms of the Unknown (ROTU) an exciting reduce the game to a strategy or hoardgame, the create situations in the game that will not only
alternative way to roleplay rules of the game are too loose to warrant this entertain themselves but others as well.
Instead of controlling a single character in interpretation. In fact, rules don’t have much a place The RC’s Manual is pricey at $15 for 84 pages,
ROTU, a player actually directs the activities and at all in this game beyond the inclusion of various but your group only requires one copy of it. The
plans of an entire civilization This could be a feudal formulas and methods to resolve military conflict. publisher obviously priced the Player’s Manual at $8
kingdom, a horde of barbarians, a fleet of seafaring Also, the interactive aspects of rhe game are both to encourage every player to purchase it. There’s not
merchants, or whatever fits into the scheme the undirected and strong. These elements combine to a lot in the book‘s 24 pages, hut at that price why
not take the advice of the publisher!

Shadowrun Ancients. The evidence seems to indicate that they The first (and best) 20 pages of this 80-page
are instigating the current troubles, but there are product present a system for planet generation.

those who believe them to be, if not innocent, at Basically, you roll on (or choose from) a series of
Elven Fire
Rating = 4 least the victims of an outside conspiracy. Somehow, tables to define the planet-to-be. A table exists for
the runners must uncover proof of this conspiracy practically every aspect: planet function (is it an
Publisher: FASA
before the tanks start to roll and the city starts to abandoned colony or a trade world?);government;
Corporation, P.O. Box
bum. planet type, such as terrestrial, satellite (e.g. the
6930, Chicago, IL,
“Elven Fire” is an excellent scenario. The moon of Endor), asteroid belt, or artificial (e.g. a
characters are well-developed and intelligent, with space station); terrain; temperature; gravity;
Authors: Tom Dowd
clear motivations and objectives. The plot, while atmosphere; hydrosphere; length of day and year;
and James Reichstadt
refreshingly intricate, isn’t so convoluted as to be starports; population; tech level; and more! The
Price: $8.00
Reviewed by Matthew absurd. It uses a freeform structure that allows tables themselves are extensive but still have space
players freedom of action, but keeps them moving by for your own ideas.
Like the imposing a time limit. The artwork and player The system describes the effects of things like
multinational megacorps and crime syndicates that handouts are up to FASA’s usual good standards, non-standard gravity and poor atmosphere in rule
while most of the maps are atypically free of errors. terms. Sidebars discuss regulated environments,
constantly vie for control over the world of the
2050s, their smaller cousins, the street gangs, are an This one’s definitely worth the price of seasonal changes, tide locks, and elliptical orbits.
integral part of the cyberpunk genre. “Elven Fire,”
admission. The back of the book contains a wellcorganized and
the latest adventure for Shadowrun, goes beyond Star Wars attractive planet log on which to record planetary
the typical table-generated gang encounter and data.
The Planet Generation System is excellent.
allows the player characters to delve a little deeper Planets of the Galaxy
Just by looking over the tables I came up with ideas
into the violent life of one of Seattle’smost Volume One
dangerous gangs: the infamous Ancients. Rating = 3 for dozens of interesting planets. The rest of the
As the story opens, gang violence is increasing Publisher: West End book presents ten new worlds. Each follows roughly
dramatically, causing even once safe areas to Games, RD 3 Box the same format, describing the planet’s geography,
notable locations, flora, fauna, and sentient race(s).
resemble war zones. Lone Star forces are being 2345, Honesdale, PA
stretched to the limit and the city government is Each also provides a planet log and some adventure
preparing to mobilize the Metroplex Guard. They Authors: Grant S. ideas.
The most interesting planets are the trade-
hope that the imposition of martial law will be Boucher, Julie Bouchr
and agriculture-based Celanon, Gamib and its
enough to restore order, but some fear that such and Bill Smith
strange crystal sculptures, and the Void Demon
action will only fan the flames of unrest and incite Price: $13.00
pirate base of Isen IV. I liked that sidebars discussing
another “Night of Rage.” Reviewed by Chris
undersea action, hostile atmosphere, and navigating
Caught in the center of this maelstrom of Hind
madness is the powerful elven street gang, the

WRTlNlUM combine. hiatoricd. conventional and futuristic techdogie3 to create an

unparalleled fsntaay world where time-travel ia commonplsce. To aasiat you in
achieving your wdr. you will bedn with a character. city. espionage e m ! t a d t w o
diviaiom in esoh of the four a m on the planet Uacleria. Aayera may compete in all
time periods aimultaneomly. Technology from esch age ia readily available and can
be implementedin other age. through scientific reaearch. The struggle to become a
dominant player and Participate in the ‘Gathering of the Four’ createa an unpre-
cedented chdlenge.

* 100% computer moderated play-bymdl game

* Average of 40 doubledded pagea of quality laser graphica per turn
* Time-travel avdlsble at w e atart
* Over 24,000 aectora to explore in four ager
Scientiau provide reaearch and development capabilities
Over 300 attack and defenae weapon. avdlsbla
More than 160 life forms create over 4000 indigenous banda
No wizard.. maglc, apells. sorcerer. or demons
No hidden coau

WRTlNlUM is alm avdlsMe In two amdler version.; WRTlNlUM Lo-Tech and Hi-
Tech. Srndl games employ only one ape using 1 character, 1 city and 4 diviaiom.
(Espionage unit% mini-game. and time-travel not available1 Average of 12 double-
aided pages of output per turn.

Gome turns: WRTINIUM; $20.00 per turn (4-week turnaround)

Lo-Tech and Cli-Tech; $8.00 per turn (2-week and 4-week turnarounda available1
Initial Start-up kit: $26.00. Id-. High-glma Player’a Guide, start-up packet for
player poaitiona. free atart-up turn, plua one free turn, and subacription to game

Write or call for free brochure

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asteroids supplemented some of the strange, new “Adventure With No Name.” For the first time

worlds. since I’ve read Tales of the Floating Vagabond, I
While each planet is different and in some am looking forward to future Floating Vagabond
way interesting, for the most part they are good-but- releases.
not-great. Where are all the neat ideas from the
Planet Generation System?How about a space The Reich Stuff - 1
station?A planet covered with city-sprawls?Or a Rating = 1
death-world like our Venus! These planet types may Publisher: The Avalon
be covered in a future volume, but that is for Hill Game Company
another review. (Address - 45 17
If you like the idea of a Planet Generation Harford Rd.,
System, you might consider buying this first volume Baltimore, MD
of Planets of the Galaxy just for that - and the rest 21214)
of the material is not bad either. Author: Lee Garvin
Tales of the Floating Price: 13.95
Reviewed by Steve
Vagabond Crow
“The Reich Stuff’ is an 80-page adventure for
Adventure With No Avalon Hill’s comedy role-playing game, Tales of
Name the Floating Vagabond. “Reich also has a wrap-
Rating = 5 around cover/map, handouts, a page-page cast of
Publisher: The Avalon characters, and a registration card. The map has
Hill Game Company, such locations as “You Are Here,” “OK, You’re
4517 Harford Rd., Here,” and finally ‘‘I Guess You Were Here the
Baltimore, MD 21214 - Whole Time.” A bizarre Jim Halloway drawing
Author: Craig Sheelv adorns the cover.
Price 13 95
Reviewed by Steve
I; The plot, such as it is, has the players
travelling through time to defeat a Nazi plan to set
Crow up a floating space platform and rule the world in
“Adventure With No Name” is a 92-page 1936.
adventure for Avalon Hill’s comedy roleplaying Upon reading “Adventure With No Name,” 1
game Tales of the Floating Vagabond “No Name” had high hopes for this game. Finally, Avalon Hill
has a particularly funny Jim Halloway cover, and had published a high-quality, high-humor adventure
such goodies as handouts, a four-pagecast of for Floating Vagabond. Would “Reich Stuff prove
characters, and a registration card that “No Name” was the pattern for the future, or
In “No Name,” the Patrons ( I e , players) must merely a quirk! No such luck. You know you’re in
travel through time Their goal to prevent the trouble when the registration card is the funniest
widespread use of light beer and pretzels at the part of the adventure.
Floating Vagabond bar Of course, only the Evil That’s not to say that “Reich Stuff isn’t
life in a dramatically different diceless Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow could be behind funny. Character quotes are funny. The airplane
role-playing system! this plot The Patrons must travel through the Game flight with Rick N. Backer is funny. The dreaded
Zone, Atlantis, Newfoundland, 1870s London, “chicken curse” is funny. Hitler’s shtick is funny.
-256 Pages, beautifully illustrated! 1970s Washington, and into the very heart of the Oppenheimer, Einstein, and von Braun are funny.
*Stephen Hickman cover! Evil Geniuses’ stronghold to defeat this evil scheme Why isn’t Reich Stuff funny!
- A Complete System, with every “Adventure With No Name” is one of the l’m not sure. The adventure takes place
rule and power needed for creating the funniest RPG adventures I have ever read Author primarily on Earth, which negates my argument
next generation of Amber. Plus, three Craig Sheely has put his finger on how to write about why Avalon Hill should stick to humor its
funny adventures First, relate it to Earth audience can relate to. I thought about it, and came
versions of each “elder” character, and Originally, Floating Vagabond relied on funny up with five items:
three scenarios! aliens and funny skill names Humor works best 1) A lot of the funny bits are aimed at the
=The Attribute Auction lets you when your audience can relate to it The idea of reader, not the players. This is a problem with
create characters in a totally new way! Floating Vagabond adventures taking place on Paranoia, and it is repeated here. This is not the
* A m b e n i n e covers the Amber role- Earth may seem trite, but it works case with “Adventure With No Name.”
After all, which would you rather make fun of’ 2) One can almost imagine the author gritting
playing world with 160 pages, in a 6 by Aliens, or Earth‘s homegrown collection of his teeth and pleading, “This is funny. Really.
9” paperback book. Limited to 1,000 Victorians, spies, California governors, rules lawyers, Really, really, funny. Honest.” Somehow the
copies per issue, and available only by and game convention attendees?And the author is comedy just doesn’t flow naturally. Often we’re left
mail. $10 for issue #1or #2, or send $40 dead on target with his estimation of the average waiting for the rim-shot.
for a five-issue subscription. intelligence and gaming strategy of players and 3) Too many game mechanics. There’s a
gamemasters alike couple of paragraphs of humorous stuff, then a
*Free Information and a sample The layout is a hit tedious, and the artwork a paragraph of stuff like “The door is detectable by a
character sheet, just mail a stamp to: little sparse by the standards of previous releases Very Hard Notice Detail test, or a Hard Track With
The columns tend to blend a bit, with only the Unnerving Accuracy test.” Yawn.

Phage Press occasional blue subheading to find your place

However, this is good in a way If you lose your
place, you have to go back and reread In the process
4) The NPCs (particularly the Nazis) are
aware they’re supposed to be funny.
5) The “Hogan’sHero” Syndrome. Humor
P.O. Box 519 you usually uncover yet another in-joke about Nazis just isn’t that funny. See Charles
Overall, “No Name” is an excellent comedy Duming in Me1 Brooks’ movie To Be or Not To Be
Detroit*MI.48231-051! adventure and the complaints are minor I really for another good example.
can’t find anything negative to say about Buy “Adventure With No Name” and then
wait for other supplements for this game.
Torg I must admit a weakness for the “ancient
astronauts” concept. It’s a cliche of adventure fiction
City of Demons that has been largely ignored in games. Did
Rating = 3 advanced cultures from outer space visit the Mayans
Publisher: West End and Aztecs? Sure they did! It says so right here in
Games, RD 3 Box the Space Gods sourcebook.
2345, Honesdale PA, This is the sourcebook for the Akashans, an
18431 advanced, ancient race of aliens returning to earth
Author: Christopher after centuries of absence. In their earlier visits, they
Kubasik assisted the Mayans, Aztecs, etc. in building up their
Price: $12 cultures. When they left, they left a beacon that the
Reviewed by S.John humans could use once they had reached a preset
Ross level of development. This beacon was the signal
fire lit by the Possibility Chalice.
“...the intensity of the Amber game
A 64-page adventure supplement set in indicates Wujcik is on to something.
Tharkold-occupied Los Angeles, “City of Demons” IS Unfortunately for all concerned, the
an action-packed and vaguely exprimental adventure Akashans’ existence has been anything but idyllic in When success in every action depends on
designed to put a party of Storm Knights into the passing centuries. The horror of the Comaghaz, a the role and not the roll, players develop
temporary allegiance with Thratchen himself! powerful psionic hive-mind virus, threatens their a sense of both control and urgency,
very existence. When they saw the signal flare lit,
Thratchen, still “Regent” of Orrorsh, fears the
they hoped that we might have reached a stage
along with creativity that borders on
eventual return of the Gaunt Man, and so seeks to mania.”
join the newly-established Tharkoldu presence in where we could help them - they never counted on
L.A.. He has been secretly and carefully observing the Possibility Wars. Allen Varney, Dragon Magazine #Z8;
Jezrael, the current Tharkold High Lord, and has This is the setting as the Akashans return.
decided to win a place in her power structure. The They like humanity, and may be willing to help us, “While I would not recommend Amber
plan: the delivery of a rebellious demon lord to Jezrael but they want OUT help to fight the Comaghaz (and to novices, it is a must buy for
as a “peace offering,” and the accquisition of the lord‘s yes, they’ve brought the plague-mind with them).
They are a “non-invasive” reality, and without the experienced gamemasters and players
pride of demons in the bargain. The method: hire
deadly plague would certainly peacefully end the looking for new challenges.”
some Storm Knights to help.
The logic of Thratchen’s plans are detailed and,
as far as I can tell, sound. This is a mark above
Wars. They carry with them powerful biotechnol.
ogy, psionic powers, and reality-shaping technolo-
gies (the strange Reality Trees) that can end the
Steve Crow, White WolfMagazine#31

previous Torg adventures, which have often relied on “If you want to see what roleplaying
players and GM alike turning a blind eye to weak Wars with minimal loss of life. Whether they are
willing to share the technology with us under
might someday become, read Amber.”
scenario justification. His deal with the Storm
Knights is a fair one, and the resulting adventure
looks exciting - he proposes a race.
present circumstances remains to he seen.
Space Gods includes all the standard Torg
features (new character templates, axioms and world
Mark Rein-Hagen, VampireTMdesigne~

The “get-Storm-Knightsdied,with-a.High- ‘As a sourcebook, Amber is bnlliant.

Lord” approach is not the “experiment” I have laws, etc.), in addition to the very interesting Everything you could ever want to know
referred to, as West End has released two adventures Psionics and biotechnology rules. The culture of the
Akashans is outlined, as are the Comaghaz (and its
ibout Amber and its inhabitants is in
in a row with this theme. “The Temple of Rec Stalek” .here. I would recommend Amber to
likewise puts the Knights in a “lesser of High Lords” creator), the Star Sphere, and various alien
position. In fact, some similarities in theme are creatures. The nominvasive theme is refreshing, and Zelazny fans on that merit alone...”
embarassing - it isn’t recommended that you run would offer a lot of depth to any active Torg Robert Hatch, White Wolf Magazine
both adventures with the same group. campaign. I recommended this book to any Torg
GM, and 1 recommend it without reservation to
The adventure is a series of interesting fight
Torg GMs fond of science fiction and/or horror.
‘...the game would be less with dice.
scenes and genuinely dramatic roleplaying encounters The open format of the game would be
that build toward a fantastic climax. However, just at
the climactic scene, the adventure switches from a T h e Temple of Rec uined with complicated calculations and
dramatic narrative and becomes almost a simplistic Stalek ables of numbers.”
rating = 3
boardgame as the actual “race”commences. This is
achieved through a series of “Battle Computer
Screens” and a grid map of the area of the city the
Publisher: West End
Games, RD 3 box
. . . .- . , --
Steward Wieck, White Wolfpublisher

2345, Honesdale PA, ’The Amber game is absorbing. The

race takes place in. Frankly, 1think the approach mars

an otherwise gripping adventure, and wastes a great 18431 rery first time I ran it was magical...”
buildup. However, play styles may vary, and I have
not yet had the opportunity to playtest the adventure.
1 suspect that anyone running it would rate it at “2” or
Author: Shane
Price: $12
Lester V. Smith (Dark Conspiraciesm,

Reviewed by S.John
lend us a stamp, and we’ll send you
“4,” depending on the success of the “race” sequence. nore information. Or plunk down
You may want to give it a try. Ross
Space Gods A 64-page adventure supplement which 22.95 at your favorite store. By mail
Rating = 4 takes place in the Living Land, “The Temple of imber is $25. Amberzine is $10 an
Publisher: West End Rec Stalek” is a n adventure in four acts. The ssue, or $40 for a 5-issue subscription.
Games, RD 3 Box Storm Knights must confront a growing cult of
2345, Honesdale PA, death-worshipping Edeinos in their temple in
Authors: Greg Farshtey
northern Illinois. Failure will bring dire
consequences, as the Living Land would gain a Phage Press
Greg Gorden, Ed Stark
and Jim Bambra
new, darker, more battle-competent High Lord.
Stalek is a n all-but-forgotten god in the P.O. Box 519
Price: $18 pantheons of the Edeinos, a remnant of the days
before their present sensation-worshipping faith
Reviewed by S.John
Ross (the worship of Lanala). Stalek translates as

“death,” and this adventure centers o n Stalek‘s Tharkold previous sourcebookscan claim. The politics of the
attempt, through a devoted servant’s cult, to rating = 4 demonic High Lord and his deal with The Gaunt
eliminate Baruk Kaah and the (more or less) Publisher: West End Man are described, and the week-by-week history of
benevolent faith of the Edeinos. In other words, Games, RD 3 box Los Angeles’ invasion is superbly detailed. Each
the Storm Knights suceed in the adventure if they 2345, Honesdale PA, section includes many interesting adventure hooks.
help the Saar. It’s a question of “the lesser of 18431 The “Techno-Horror” angle is derived from
evils.” Author: Paul Hume the Cosm history, where a decline in the magical
The Storm Knights enter the scene in the and Greg Gorden axiom threatened to destroy the demons. LifeCyber,
small “resistance community” of Cicero, Illinois. Price: $18 demonic cyber-implants, were developed to allow
Stalek warriors - violent Edienos garbed in bone Reviewed by S.John demons to survive in an atmosphere of declining
armor - attack the town, and the PCs are drawn Ross magic. As technology increased, the demons became
into the plot. Thrakmoss (the leader of the Stalek Tharkold is “The Sourcebook of I echno- techno-demons, defined as much by their
cult) has crossed over to Earth and built a temple Horror Reality.” The Tharkoldu, among the original technology as their magical natures.
in an abandoned shopping mall. invading realities (they were defeated in Russia), My favorite section is the material on the Los
The adventure takes the Storm Knights have turned the Los Angeles area into a small realm Angeles area. Reasonably detailed maps, and lots of
through the wilderness of Illinois, to the burned of living hell. This 144-pagerealm sourcebook local color (local names for highways, brief histories
town of Great Neck, through a hellish swamp, details the Cosm and Realm of the Tharkoldu, as of some of the suburbs, etc), will allow any GM to
into the templelshopping mall complex, and well as the techno-demons’ magic, Tharkold recreate a believable Los Angeles without much
finally across a dimthread to Stalek‘s own cyberware rules, and more. The authors are Paul extra research.
domain, where they must face the dark god Hume, co.designer of games such as Shadowrun and The sections on cyberware and the computer
himself. The adventure is a tough one, and I Bushido, and Greg Gorden, the primary Torg grid are essentially the same as those in The
wouldn’t recommend it for novice play groups. designer. As might be expected, Tharkold does not Cyberpapacy sourcebook. The spells described are
“The Temple of Rec Stalek,” for those GMs disappoint. specifically demonic magic. One of the largest
who keep track of such things, is part of the major The format is nothing new. The history and sections of the book is the creatures section, which
“campaign game.” The last page of the book people of the invading cosm are described in detail, is, according to the ad copy, the largest creature
includes a Response Form. along with axioms, world laws, spells, character section yet. Included are the fearsome Tharkoldu
Overall, this is a well-paced and exciting templates, and so on - the usual mix. The Ghuls, Jackwraiths (ghosts in the Grid), and the
adventure supplement. It has a nice mix of Tharkold Cosm is a world where an ancient war is demons themselves, up to and including the terrible
combat, roleplaying opportunities, and waged between demons (the Tharkoldu) and Techno-Demon Lords.
investigation. It also has the distinction of being a humankind (“The Race”).The descriptions of the While not (strictly speaking) essential, this
major challenge for your group of Storm Knights. Tharkoldu culture, motivation and religion (and book is bound to satisfy any gamer who enjoys Torg.
such arcana as demonic sexual practices) give the Playing a member of the militaristic Race or even
home cosm more life and atmosphere than most one of the milder Techno-Demons promises to offer



1943: German V-4Atomic Missles devestate

London and New York ending the War of
2134: The Revolution begins. . .

In the dark, repressed future of an alternate reality,

the victorious Axis Powers have spread their evil
to the stars. Only a brave handful of outlaw idealists
stand in their way. The revolution needs You!

P.O.Box 12401 15 Uxbridge Rd.
Reich Star RPG ......Plus
.... $19.95
S tH $3.00
Gastonia, N.C. 28053
Hanwell, London
w7 3PX
(246 Pages, Softbound) Voice: (704) 866-7833
Available at your local game supplier, or order direct from
Creative Encounters.

Service: (704) 853-1809
Darzk magus
Dark Magus Production Inc.

P.O. Box 9 5 6 0 0 5

~ ~ ~ b ~

~ 2 ~
Modem (404) 9 2 3 - 9 7 3 3

new roleplaying challenges. The book, while very “Alien Hunger“ is also a mini-sourcebookof has lots of suggestions to the Storyteller on how to
long, is a good read nonetheless. The writing is a Denver. it does not deal with the city’sgeography or set the mood and get novice players into the
step above previous Torg sourcebooks, and both the history in any great detail (except a few specific “personal horror” aspects of Vampire. “Alien
atmosphere and humor have a mark of intelligence locations), but it does detail most of Denver’s Hunger” is mostly investigation and negotiation,
that other Torg products have sometimes lacked. Kindred characters. Most of the characters, although some combat can arise. The denouement,
Vampire: particularly Prince Edward, are much more with its explanation for the player character’s
sympathetic and easygoing than those who appear in vampiric origins, is a good semi-sciencefiction
The Masquerade “Chicago by Night.” However, this may be because touch, and much more believable than the “vampire
of the Kindred politics of the Windy City. plague” in the “SuccubusClub” adventure Death’s
Alien Hunger “Alien Hunger” LSan excellent adventure. It Sweet S W .
rating = 4
Publisher: White
Wolf, 4598-B
E4 b
Stonegate Industrial
Blvd., Stone
Mountain, GA 30083
Author: Jeff Berry
Price: $10
Reviewed by Steve
Crow . _.
“Alien Hunger” is a 64-page mix of essentially
two different products. it is primarily a jump-start
adventure for Vampire. However, it also is a mini-
sourcebook for the city of Denver. “TROLL” FREE ORDER LINE
“Alien Hunger” allows characters with little or

no experience playing Vampire to immediately start
a Chronicle. Most novice players will probably find
it hard to grasp all of Vampire’s game mechanics.
However, the adventure jump-starts them into a
Chronicle set in Denver. The situation is such that
they have just become vampires, and have little idea
of what is going on. They do not even remember
their change to a vampiric state.
Six fairly interesting pregenerated starting
characters come in this package. Alternately, the
players can create their own. Of course, if players are
going to create their own characters, the gamemaster
probably will not be using this adventure as a jump
start anyway.
Storytellers can use this adventure as the
beginning of a new Chronicle. The characters have 1699 HAMLIN HENR I E T A
to explore Denver to discover the reasons behind
their transformation. They get to meet most of
Denver’s important Kindred characters and HILTON NY 14468-9715 3047 W. HENRIETTA RD.
eventually discover the cause of their new status. 716-427-2190 THRUWAY EXIT 46
FAX 716-427-8182 ROCHESTER NY
Overall, “Alien Hunger” is a well-detailed “encounters” are psychological rather than physical. Prince’s wife. As with most Vampire adventures,
adventure that does an excellent job of setting up Once the characters have penetrated to the very little is what it appears. The player characters
the personal horror aspects of Vampire. Denver lower levels, they must fight the Elder Kindred and must investigate the bizarre killings. Eventually the
makes a better starting locale than Chicago for his attendants. If they can somehow succeed at this, characters become involved with a determined
beginning characters, although a little more Mictantecle’s blood is theirs. A final chapter deals Witch Hunter and the Lupine tribes that roam the
information on Denver would be useful. Because of with the consequences of the players’ actions. outskirts of Milwaukee. They also get to interact
the unique means of vampire creation used here, it After reading this scenario, my primary with Milwaukee’s major NPCs. In the last Chapter,
would be difficult to use “Alien Hunger” with more question was “why bother!” The basic effects of the player characters have to cope with a bizarre mix
established characters, although an enterprising Diablerie are such that it doesn’t really matter what of drug-induced dreams and reality, and have a final
Storyteller could use bits and pieces of this generation the victim is, as long as it is of an earlier battle with the “Vampire Killer.”
adventure in other stories. “Alien Hunger” works generation. Mictantecle is a powerful Vampire. Milwaukee by Night is an excellent
best as exactly what it says it is: a jump-start However, the benefits of feeding on his blood aren’t sourcebook and an above-average adventure. The
adventure that gets new Storytellers and players into great enough for the risks the characters undertake only reason I give it a 3 is because, despite the heavy
the spirit of the game. in this adventure. Mictantecle would be much more promotion of werewolves and their role in the city,
interesting alive than killed for his blood. Also, the Lupines are poorly detailed, and their role varies
Awakening: modern-day “punk vampires in the Yucatan didn’t wildly. Often, the werewolves are relatively
Diablerie Mexico
rating = 3
Publisher: White
I work for me.
Overall, I recommend “Awakening,” but more
for the Diablerie information and NPC background
insignificant to the events in Milwaukee. On the
other hand, they seem to violate the Masquerade
which both vampires and werewolves supposedly
Wolf, 4598-B undertake to conceal their existence. It is also

than for the adventure itself.
Stonegate Industrial unclear how the werewolves have so effectively
Blvd., Stone Milwaukee by Night trapped the vampires in Milwaukee.
Mountain, GA rating = 3 In short, werewolves are treated more as a p~
30083 Publisher: White device then as an active enemy. “Milwaukee by
Author: Nigel Wolf, 4598.8 Night“ would have benefited by being released after
Findley Stonegate Industrial White Wolfs upcoming Werewolf: The
Price: $10 Blvd., Stone Apocalypse. Potential buyers who hope to obtain
Reviewed by Steve Crow Mountain, GA 30083 information on werewolves should beware.
“Awakening”is a 56-page adventure for Author: Dustin
Vampire. It is primarily an adventure dealing with Browder
the characters’quest for the blood of an Elder Price: $12
Vampire. The Introduction tells how to use this Reviewed by Steve
book, and suggests how to tie it in. One mistake: it Crow
states the Vampire “has lain in torpor since before Milwaukee by Night is a 128-pagecity
the time of Christ.” We later find out this figure is sourcebook and story set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
off by about 600 years. Milwaukee is a city under siege, beleaguered by
Chapter Two deals with the practice of Werewolves from without and a dangerously erratic
Diablerie: the feeding on the blood of a Vampire of Prince within.
earlier generation. This section expands on the brief The sourcebook section takes up the first 73
description in the basic rules. It also provides a ritual pages of Milwaukee by Night. Like Chicago by
to allow more than one character to feed on the Night, it has three basic sections: a Historical
Vampire’s blood. Finally, it provides rules for Overview, a Geography piece, and a description of
detecting Diablerie and the punishments that the major Kindred of the city. The first two sections
Vampires inflict on those who practice it. are adequate, and the third section is up to the high
Chapter Three details the background of standards of Chicago by Night. The NPCs are an
Mictantecle, the Vampire whose blood the player interesting, individualizedbatch, each with their
characters are seeking. The information is extensive own history (some spanning millennia), skills and
and welLdeveloped. However, it does not have any disciplines. A new addition is that the character’s
real impact on the adventure. history is told in the first person by the character
Chapter Four provides ways for the player herself. Another handy item that was used in
characters to become drawn into the quest for Chicago by Night is here as well: flowcharts
Mictantecle’s blood. “Awakening” assumes that the detailing the relationship between the NPCs.
players’ base of operation is Vampire’s campaign Finally, a chapter on Politics details the various
setting of Chicago. This chapter is adequate. goals and schemes of the city’s Kindred and Lupine
However, it rather optimistically assumes that the factions.
characters receive a necessary map based on trust The sourcebook material is interesting. The
they may or may not have earned. information about Werewolves is limited, but the
Chapter Five involves a trip to the Yucatan, Kindred background is intriguing. The Brothers’
where Mictantecle’s pyramid tomb is located. 1 find War is particularly fascinating.
this the weakest part of “Awakening.”The The second part of the book is a five-Chapter,
adventure assumes the Vampires are travelling about twenty-five Scene adventure, Psychomachia, that
during daytime(!),thanks to a convenient Ritual. takes place in Milwaukee. While this adventure
Many rules are given for daytime travel, but doesn’t have to be for beginning characters, it is
absolutely nothing is said about what to do if the intended to introduce characters who have recently
characters travel by night. come to Milwaukee to the local political situation.
The trip through the pyramid is essentially a Prince Merik, the Kindred ruler of the
dungeon crawl. The pyramid has traps, although metropolis, needs them to hunt down someone
many can be avoided if the characters simply avoid committing a bizarre series of highly publicized
going along side branches of their main route. As “Vampire Murders.” The person responsible may
with many Vampire adventures, some of these also have been behind the disappearance of the

players to the latter). The Top Twenty on
the last page is something I hope will stay,
as will the Artist’s Spotlight (however, I

From the Pack think that might be a little too expen-

sive). Yet another amazing idea you guys
came up with is no advertisements
Letters From Ou Readers cluttering up the main articles, and that
was a great refresher to see. You guys have
Please send all letters to: really done the best I think a magazine
White Wolf, 4598.B Stonegate Industrial Blvd. can do, much better than Dragon or such
bII Stone Mountain, GA 30083 magazines have done in the past. I am
curious to see if issue 32 will be as colorful
and well thought-out as this issue, and I
hope you guys do your best to make every
issue just as good as this one.
However (this is where I take out the
pin and deflate those inflated heads of
yours), there are a few things that are
missing and one unforgivable typo in your
We received a number of letters of Dear White Wolf, editorial. I am sad to see that the list of
praise for the previous issue of WHITE I have advertisers is missing (I couldn’t find it
WOLF Magazine and while we would like just received anywhere), and that is something I look
to print them all (just one sample is issue 3 1, and I forward to seeing in case I missed a
printed below), we doubt that you readers must say favorite advertiser or new company. I
are as interested in the compliments WOW! This hope it returns in issue 32 and on. I also
extended by others as we are. This has issue is not enjoy hearing about 35 Pack and wish
always presented a small quandary where just an they have a bigger installment whenever
the letters page is concerned. We incredible you get information on them. While you
definitely want to run such a page, but to Improvement, guys have done wonders with your colors,
your eyes one compliment is probably the it is a near I hope to see more color artwork, such as
same as another (it’s a whole different impossible the type that graced the Shadowrun
story for us; each one’s a gem, so please one to installment. Your graphic layout in the
keep them coming). However, unless we actually believe. I thumbed through the Silicon Dungeon left something to be
print letters, few people will write as they magazine more times than I care to count, desired also, for you placed one of the
believe their letters receive no attention. and read many of the articles three or four Pools of Darkness screens right next to
The best catalyst for a letters column, times. Your use of color, especially in the the great red print of “Eye of the Beholder
of course, is controversy, and past “From Shadowrun supplement, was gifted. You 11.” This caused a small amount of
the Pack” columns have benefited from held true to the feel of Shadowrun confusion on my part, as well as most of
things like people taking exception to my products, and I felt as if I could pull this my friends that perused the issue. It would
advice for beginning games, attacks from thing out and use it as a normal purchased be helpful if you put the screen next to
Kevin Siembieda, and my “warning” to product, and all that was missing a the reviewed game or somewhere off to
publishers of new games. Alternately, we laminated cover. Your use of graphics, the side instead of deep in the heart of
can simply provide this column as a especially in the Amber review, your another review. As to the unforgivable
platform for discussing roleplaying in RUNES column and the Capsule Reviews misspelling of a very favored author’s
general or this magazine specifically. For (Star Wars and Stormbringer in name, I fervently hope that such
example, we would love continuous particular) was a far cry from the previous oversights never happen again.
feedback on what you think of our issue, and from the earlier issues (like #9- All in all, your magazine has vastly
Mission Statement, as well as what kind 12 especially). The table of contents improved over your previous issues, and
of job we are doing moving toward it. Do pages were similarly stunning, and though over other gaming magazines I collect. I
you agree or disagree with our Feature it seemed a bit sparse as to what was will continue to subscribe to White Wolf
Reviews? Did an interesting event occur where, it was still graphically pleasing. as long as it shows such remarkable
while playing a LivedAction scenario The segment on live roleplaying [was] improvement and depth. You are
printed in the magazine? Let us hear well written, though it went more along definitely the leader of the pack (to coin a
about how and why you roleplay and the lines of a Murder Mystery Party than cliche).
you’ll help us fulfill our Mission State- common Live Action fare (which is great Ian Boyd
ment. ‘cause it will introduce the former types of Albuquerque, NM


1. TSR: Aurora’s Realms Catalog 12. TSR: Magic EncyclopediaVol. 1
2. TSR: Greyhawk Treasures 13. Atlas Games: Chasing the Dragon
3. GDW: Mythus 14. White Wolf: Ars Magica
4. FASA: Never Trust an Elf 15. Task Force Games: Module R3
5. R. Talsorian Games: Dream Park 16. TSR: Dungeon Master’s Guide
6. TSR: Tales of the Lance 17. (tie) Flying Buffalo: Grimtooth’sTraps Lite
7. TSR: Player’s Handbook 17. (tie) Milton Bradley: Battle Masters
8. Task Force Games: Module R2 18. TSR: Goblin’s Lair
9. White Wolf: Storytellers Handbook 19. West End Games: Heir to the Empire
10. FASA: Battletech Readout 3055 Sourcebook
11. TSR: Character Record Sheets 20. White Wolf: Vampire: The Masquerade
Commentary: We have decided to list only actual game products on this list, so game,related items like TSRs Collector Cards will not be
included on future lists TSRs stranglehold on the top of the list isn’t as strong this month Two new games, Mythus and Dream Park (both
reviewed in this issue), push their way into the top five In total, the products of 10 companies are listed this month, as opposed to only s1x in
’ May
* This list is based on numbers of units sold in the month ofJuly Thanks to Hobby Game Dismbutors (3710 W Touhy Ave , Skokie, IL 60076) fm
~ provding this list

As practically unknown victim.

promised in this Stewart Wieck
section last issue, we will catch a game
did change our minds designer who’s had
on several of the one drink too
features. Many of the many at a Gen
articles slated for this i Con party and pry
issue will actually until h e knows
appear in WW33 every secret
(maybe. . .). Here’s a thought.
look at what we have 5. “The
coming. Scope of Magic”
1. “The Legend features Space Age
of Liosalfar” is a magic for
fantasy adventure for GURPS. Cross-
characters ready to genre games are
undertake their first adventure. For use with any fantasy hot right now, and Since GURPS 1s the Premelre univer-
game system, but with statistics provided for GURPS, sal game system, magic and space are a n easy mix.
MERP and Ars Magica, the story sets the characters 6. Our Feature Review will spotlight Werewo1f:The
searching for a lost miller. They’d best be careful, though, Apocalypsel the second game in the Storyteller (hme
for he’s wandered into a faerie forest. System, which began with Vampire:The Masquerade last
2. The third installment of five for ‘‘Shadows Across year. “Capsule Reviews” will include more supplements for
the Big Easy” is an adventure set in New Orleans. T h e Your favorite games, including a look at the new 2nd
characters are hired by a certain Mr. Johnson to extract a edition Shadowrun.
corp exec, but they have to get her off a party boat in the 7. A bunch of other great features, possibly including
Mississippi River. some of the following: a n article about historical magic in
3. “Creature Feature” will be our first Battletech Ars Magica, an encounter for Star Wars, new careers for
article for some time. T h e giant movie monsters (Godzilla Dark Conspiracy, and a “PeoPle of the Land” Cohmn
and the other poor imitations!) spawned giant robots that PresentW a non*?-olklen view ofdwarves. Otherwise,
have become even more popular. Well, it’s time to go these will appear in other future issues.
back to the roots, and this article will help you stage
battles between ‘Mechs and rampaging creatures. -
4. “Out of Character” will feature . . . some as yet

80 JULY/AUGUST, 1992
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winter, somehow making you individuals and concepts.
colder than normal.
Experienced game masters
To others it’s an entirely and players alike will be
different degree . . . a degree challenged by the realism
of terror that grips your heart inherent in this award-winning

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sh&e when--yauekpldre the

origins of voodoo, cannibalism
and other phenomena. And

In June, Woodoo comes to Chill. A 128-page
sourcebookkenario detailing the little
understood practice of voodoo. Dolls and
needles not included.
% * -
. .I