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May 7, 2018 – May 11, 2018

Upcoming Dates:
5/16 – Happy Birthday Ms. Prieto!
5/24 – Happy Birthday Knox H.!
5/24 – Early Release Day
5/25 & 5/28 – No School!
Have a wonderful week!

Spelling Words for this week:

None this week

Note from the teacher:

 Students should read at least 30 minutes each night.
 Students can work on i-Ready lessons at home.
 Please check your child’s binder each night and sign/return any necessary documents. 

What we are working on this week:

* Subject to change i-Ready Lesson 17 Chapter 11/ Heroes Unit 10 Lesson 1
i-Ready Lesson 26
Tuesday Target Skill: Topics: Topics:
Math: Chapter 11 Test Point of View Topics: Identify the term Explain the basic
Science: Unit 9 Test Identify and name equal hero; and identify needs of a plant
Wednesday parts of circles and examples of
Vocabulary: people who may
SS: Heroes Test rectangles as halves, Vocabulary:
Thursday: thirds, or fourths be heroes Seed, germinate,
Math: i-Ready Lesson 26 seedling, cone,
Grammar: Vocabulary:
Quiz Vocabulary: basic needs,
Compound Sentences Hero, heroic, equal
Friday: Rectangle, rows, nutrients
ELA: Cold Read columns, halves, thirds,
fourth, equal parts,
cube, rectangular prism,
sphere, cylinder, cone,
face, edge, vertex