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From saggers gone wild.


Sagging is a term used to describe a style of dress. It basically means wearing your pants
below the waistline. In many cases, undergarments like boxers are visible. Individuals
who wear saggy pants are known as “saggers”. When sagging began around 1992, the
style was mostly popular among African-American and Latino youth. But in the decade
and a half since then, sagging has become more and more popular among suburban youth
and adults as well. There are saggers of all races now and people are sagging all over the
world! Rappers like Tupac, Ice-T and Too Short used to sag…and remember the group
Kriss Kross? They helped make the style even more popular by wearing their pants, not
only baggy, but backwards too! R&B and hip-hop groups like H-Town…. and even the
girl group TLC began wearing baggy pants with their boxers showing. And rapper Nelly
still continues to sag today.

America’s love-hate relationship with sagging continued when

Marky Mark helped push the style into the spotlight after appearing
in Calvin Klein ads with model Kate Moss. It’s funny how people
allegedly hated sagging so much yet one of the world’s top
designers embraced the style. Some say sagging started in the
prisons…There are several reasons for this theory. When inmates
are first processed, their belts are taken away so they can’t be used
as a weapon on others or to hang themselves. Sometimes inmates
were simply given pants that were too big…and some believe sagging was a way to
encourage sexual activity with other inmates. Also, in some communities where families
were poor, younger kids were given “hand-me-downs.” Sometimes the pants were too
big, and so they’d sag.

WWE Pro-wrestler John Cena is well known for sagging during wrestling matches. But
sagging low in classroom could get you a trip to the principal’s office. That’s because
sagging is banned in many school districts across the country. In fact, some cities and
states have tried to pass laws banning sagging. In February 2005, the Virginia House of
delegates passed the “droopy drawers” ban but it was killed by the senate. Saggers would
have been fined 50 dollars.

In May 2004, Louisiana passed house bill 1626 which would have
made it a crime to show your underwear in the Bayou State.
However, the senate said “sorry”. Meanwhile, individual cities in
Louisiana have taken the matter into their own hands. Saggy pants were outlawed several
years ago in the small town of Opelousas. And in June of 2007, Delcambre, Louisiana
banned baggy britches. If you’re caught sagging in this small town of 2,000 in Cajun
Country, you could face a $500 fine and 6 months in the slammer. Delcambre’s
ordinance touched off a frenzy of saggy pants bans as other Louisiana cities and parishes
jumped on the “banning bandwagon” within days. In Louisiana, baggy pants that expose
underwear are now banned in Lafourche Parish, Pointe Coupee Parish, Desoto Parish,
Lake Charles, Mansfield, Alexandria, Bogalusa, Shreveport, Abbeville, Minden, Eunice,
Merryville and Breaux Bridge. They’re also prohibited in Pine Lawn, Missouri…Opa-
Locka, Florida…Riviera Beach, Florida…..Hawkinsville,
Georgia….and Flint, Michigan.

In the northeast, officials in Stratford, Connecticut struck down a

proposed saggy pants ban in late August 2007. They said it would
unfairly target minorities. And a proposed ban in Brazoria, Texas
fell through the “cracks”. The mayor dropped his proposal and
council never voted on it. And in September of 2007, the small
town of Brookhaven, Mississippi took a stand when it refused to implement a saggy pants
law that was considered after someone complained about saggers. A number of
communities have voted AGAINST laws prohibiting sagging including: Natchitoches,
Louisiana ….. Lauderhill, Florida….Lauderdale Lakes, Florida…. Pine Bluff, Arkansas..
…Baltimore and Charlotte. For several years, State Senator Gary Siplin (D-Orlando) has
tried unsuccessfully to pass a state law in Florida banning public school students from
sagging on campus……... In April 2008, lawmakers refused to sign his bill into law yet
again and instead decided to let local school districts make their own rules….a similar
bill was shot down by the Louisiana legislature that same month….sagging would have
been prohibited throughout the entire state, not just on school campuses.

Many, many communities across the nation are currently considering bans on
sagging….far too many to list…from Atlanta to Dallas…to Yonkers, NY and Brunswick,
Georgia…the controversy has been reported by media in countries around the globe
including Australia, Finland and Iran.

So much for our Constitution, which is supposed to protect our “Freedom of Expression.”