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Objective Writing for First Certificate

100 tips for Spanish speakers

informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus
Answer key
1 6
1 O C A L M L Y K T A H W
s i t u a t i o n
a d v e r t i s e m e n t S T R A N G E L Y F E O
o c c a s i o n U T P U R E L Y N O A N
c h o i c e D R R M X I O F G R V D
b u s i n e s s
o p p o r t u n i t y
7 E Q U I C K L Y T U L R
v o l l e y b a l l
r e s p o n s i b i l i t y N F D S R W E L L N Y F
g o v e r n m e n t L R L O E T O H F A N U
b i c y c l e Y O Y R A O O T F T A L
2 X O N I L E A S I L Y Y
1 or 2 because 3 when 4 whether 5 but T R U L Y S A D L Y P N
3 1 fortunately
2 suddenly / quickly
future I will never forget the day the electricity stopped. That day I 3 heavily
was planning to give a party to celebrate my 15th birthday. For 4 deeply / truly
that reason my refrigerator was full of all kind of sandwiches 5 Strangely
and desserts, and many bottles of cool beverages. At first, I 6 proudly / really / truly
past simple thought that the electricity would return in a couple of 7 wonderfully
minutes, as it usually did, but, as the hours went by, I 8 really / deeply / horribly
started to feel quite anxious and felt my sweat running down 7
past continuous my back. I should not only blame my nerves for my sweat, but
also the fact that it was the hottest day of that summer No answer necessary.
past perfect and, as I learnt later, even of the decade! Of course, I had
continuous 8
to cancel the party I had been planning for almost a year.
past simple You know, friends don't appreciate food poisoning and being 1 After the beautiful ten days I spent on the island I
invited to an oven (which was what my house had become returned to Santiago.
since the air conditioner wasn't working). I remember having 2 In fact, it was easier for me to search for the information
cried for almost a week. Eventually, I got over it, but I must on the internet.
say that, as long as I live, I will never forget that day. 3 (Correct)
past simple present simple past perfect 4 I am writing to you because I am interested in the
(Note also the good use of modal verbs in this story: would advertisement I saw on a college noticeboard.
return, should not blame, had to cancel, must say.) 5 For / During the first couple of hours everything was
very exciting.
4 6 I hope you are having fun on your holidays?
1 had tried 4 had been called off 7 It might be interesting for you to hear about some things
2 was feeling 5 was sitting that happened during / at this time.
3 had been dreaming 6 have/has spent 8 (Correct)
9 My job was to leave leaflets in shops and restaurants.
5 10 Referring to sports, I would like to choose swimming and
Check individual answers.

9 12
1 historic 2 historical 3 classical 1 a lot 2 any 3 every 4 much 5 lots 6 some / a lot of
4 classic 5 musical 6 educational 7 a few 8 another
10 13
1 A good book can make you feel that you are there with A B

the characters, inside the story. Dear Kim Dear Miss Ryan
2 Let me know if you want me to attend an interview for Sorry for not having written I received your letter and
the job. you in the last month. You want to communicate my
3 If we worked there, we could get some good / big / large know that I’m a little bit acceptance of the first
prize in your competition.
discounts on books and CDs. lazy, but the main reason With regard to / Regarding
4 It was great news for me to learn that you are coming for not writing to you has accommodation, I would like
here for a week. been the accumulation of a log cabin because sleeping
exams during this month. in a tent would be painful**
5 The show started later than I expected and I was getting for me.
irritated / annoyed / angry because I dislike lateness.
6 My tennis teacher / coach has gone off to Brazil without * Note that uncomfortable
may be a better adjective
saying anything. C to use here.
7 Most museums do not have a booklet giving a good
explanation of the pieces exhibited. Dear Sir/ Madam
I am writing with regard to your editor’s note at the
8 In many zoos the animals are kept in small cages, which
back of the Student Tourist Guidebook, in which you
is very harmful. encourage Guide users to send you some corrections
11 and new information we may / might have.


Letter C is the most formal in style.
I would like to tell you about the gerbil. A gerbil is like a
hamster but it has a long tail which has not got fur. 14
Another difference is that a hamster lives alone whereas
No answer necessary.
a gerbil is a friendly creature and prefers to live with
others. 15
I am going to tell you why I consider the gerbil an ideal
1F 2I 3I 4I 5F
pet. Firstly: they are very clean, you wouldn't be worried
about this. Secondly: they don't eat a lot. You can give 16
them bread, milk, and all kind of fruit and vegetables like 1 I would like to ask you for my £20 back.
grapes, bananas, tomatoes. Thirdly: it is such an 2 It was great to hear from you.
amusing pet. If you have a baby or a young child, they 3 I will be waiting for your answer.
can play with the gerbil because it is not dangerous and 4 When we arrived in Spain, we had to explain to our
children will enjoy it very much. Finally, the gerbil is
parents about our adventure.
cheaper than any other mascot.
5 I have to thank you for the letter you sent me.
Next, I would like to give you some important advice
6 I’d like to find a job in London to pay for my stay there.
about how to look after your gerbil.
7 People can keep fit and healthy if they really want to.
1 If I were you I would buy a big cage in order to give the
8 What do we mean when we talk about being ‘rich and
gerbil enough space to run.
2 Gerbils hate water. A famous scientist advised me that
a gerbil should never be cleaned/bathed with water. 17
I suggest you should buy "Nature" magazine, which will
All collocate except ‘8 line’ and ‘10 way’.
give you more advice about how you should take care of
your gerbil. 18
No answer necessary.
entertaining huge perfect sociable valuable
3 = 1 attractive, 2 delightful, 4 gorgeous, 5 lovely,
amusing big ideal friendly important

6 magnificent, 8 splendid, 9 stunning

7 = 3 funny, 7 plain, 10 ugly
allow feed offer
give the gerbil enough … give them bread … give you more advice …

20 23 26

I have read "Great Expectations" 1 Portuguese 2 Brazilian 3 French (Suggested order:)

by Charles Dickens. I like this 4 Swedish 5 Japanese 1 modern 7 previous
author very much. In the novel the 24 2 challenging 8 convenient
main character Pip tells his own 3 above-mentioned 9 practical
story, looking back on his life. 1 I would also be pleased if you could 4 negative 10 spacious
Estella is the second character in tell me about the other activities.
Great Expectations. The writer 5 different 11 important
shows her as a beautiful girl who is 2 If you get lost somebody can find 6 beautiful 12 suitable
being brought up by Miss Havisham you.
because she lost her parents. 3 (Correct)
Estella is a rude woman who is 27
4 It would be great if you added this
also arrogant. This characteristic is
shown when she looks down on hotel in your next edition. 1 The place is very dirty and full of
people who are not wearing elegant 5 This will not end unless the city rubbish and pieces of glass.
clothes. Estella shows that she traffic department starts to control 2 I helped them to set up the sound
has the power in the relationship the number of vehicles. equipment.
with Pip, for example when only
she permits that Pip kisses her. 6 (Correct) 3 It would help me to widen my
7 If I were you, I’d choose the more knowledge of different kinds of
From my point of view the last
chapter in "Great Expectations" expensive one. food.
was so awful. The end of the 8 I will not remain silent about the 4 You usually have to pay for (the)
book shows that Estelle probably matter unless you give me my parking.
learns that money and social life money back. 5 Children can do their homework
are not the most important things.
I think these topics are helpful 25 on the computer at home.
for anyone, especially for women. 6 (Correct)
No answer necessary. 7 Here is some advice, which I think
will be helpful.
8 However, there is some
(Suggested answers:) information about Lampton that is
Paragraph 2 incorrect.
• Information about Estella 28
• Estella’s relationship with Pip
Paragraph 3 No answer necessary.
• The ending of the novel 29
• Conclusion – what the reader can
learn from the book Dear Sir
22 I recently stayed at your hotel for two nights and had a very unsatisfactory time
1 The dates you have chosen are there. My room was kind of small and it had no windows at all. Well, this is
perfect. completely unacceptable! Surely you would agree that it is essential to have
2 I bought the computer in a small natural light, even in a hotel room.
shop in my town.
3 Maybe the money should be spent
Furthermore, the hotel breakfast was really disgusting. The coffee wasn’t warm
on building a new library. enough to drink and it tasted awful. On top of that, there was no fresh fruit and
4 When I was a child, my uncle the bread rolls were so old they were like bricks.
taught me all about this area. On paying the final bill, I found I had been charged more than the quoted rate for
5 She accepted and I paid her a lot of
the room. However, when I queried this, your staff refused to alter the bill. Your
6 I found a new place, where there hotel messed up big time and I am therefore writing to you to request a partial
are special rates for students. refund.
7 There lay Mrs Connors, in a pool of I look forward to hearing from you without delay.
8 Finally I woke up and to my Love
surprise it was all a dream. Archibald Grimethorpe
9 We didn’t finish the race because
Mireia fell off her bike.
10 (Correct) Check individual answers for rewritten letter.
4 Could you tell me when the
30 starting date for the job is?
Check individual answers. 5 Do you think you could tell me 1 She went there every single day,
how long the course is and what it waiting for him.
31 is about? 2 Thanks, I have never won any
1 whether 2 Even though 3 and 6 Please tell me how much it was or prizes at all.
4 if 5 or 6 despite at least where I can get a new one. 3 We only need to worry about this
7 Could you tell me how much the important point.
32 payment for this job is? 4 I accept that computers make our
1 disadvantage 6 unsuccessful 8 (Correct) daily tasks easier.
2 inexpensive 7 irregularly 41 5 As a result of that, everyone called
3 infrequently 8 irresponsible me the little blue duck.
4 dishonest 9 unfortunately No answer necessary. 6 Although no sailing experience is
5 impatient 10 disagree 42 needed, I know the activity very
33 7 I enjoy fashion so much that I have
1 exaggerate 5 beginning Report on: Public Transport
started to study fashion design.
2 representation 6 writer 1. Introduction 8 Sometimes you can earn enough
3 embarrassed 7 opportunity The aim of this report is to summarize money from those kinds of jobs.
4 (Correct) 8 professional the different ways in which you can 45
travel from one place to another by
34 public transport. 1 a precious Chinese vase
2. Buses 2 the stage lights
No answer necessary.
3 the number 50 bus
35 You have the chance to travel by bus.
4 her daughter’s room
This means of transport is not expensive
1 have 6 took 5 the starting time
and there are a lot of different lines
2 ride 7 speak 46
of buses covering the whole city. On the
3 making 8 made other hand, if there is a traffic jam, it
4 made 9 looked 1 You will never regret working like
can take you a lot of time to get to the
5 make 10 advertised that in the summer.
place that you are going to.
2 I hope to receive your reply soon.
36 3. Trains 3 Would you mind giving me your
This public transport is cheaper and email address?
1 B e 4 A c
faster than the bus. The main 4 I suggest shortening your working
2 C d 5 D a
disadvantage is that it is not very hours.
3 E b
safe. 5 (Correct)
37 4. Subway 6 The restaurant where I had decided
to have supper was closed.
The subway is the way to get to a
No answer necessary. 7 I also recommend providing this
place more quickly. It is safe and it is
38 area with maps showing the whole
not so expensive either. A lot of workers
use it, so you needn’t get worried about
Check individual answers. 8 I really enjoy having the whole
the people who travel in it.
39 family together for a good picnic.
In conclusion, you have many ways to
travel. You only have to choose the best 47
1 from other countries
2 young children way depending on the situation. No answer necessary.
3 under her feet 48
4 part of our lives
5 my favourite hobbies (Suggested answers:) 1 on 2 in 3 at 4 in 5 at 6 in
6 churches and castles 1 The purpose of this report 7 at 8 on
2 In contrast 49
3 The chief drawback
1 I want to know how busy it is in July. 4 To sum up 1 all kinds of information
2 Where am I going to live, with a 5 According to 2 one of my friends
family or in a flat? 3 for two reasons
3 I would like to know how many 4 every day
hours I have to work at the weekend? 5 after a few seconds

6 (Correct)
7 one or two years
8 a lot of aspects
9 millions of other things Dear Competition Director
10 ten women First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Lorenza
50 Sanchez. I am sixteen years old, and I am Mexican. I
have lived here in England for 5 years now, so I speak
No answer necessary. English very well, as well as Spanish, and a moderate
amount of French.
I would very much like to work for you in The Sports
1 faithfully 2 together 3 strength 4 with Competition this coming March, for the following reasons.
5 through 6 athletics Firstly, I am passionate about sports, and since my father
and brother have extensive knowledge of various sports, I
too know a lot about soccer, football, tennis and car
No answer necessary. racing. Secondly, I am an experienced hockey player and
also enjoy playing volleyball.
Furthermore, I would like to be involved in working with
1 It’s a good idea because there are many things to do here. people from different countries because I am particularly
2 I would like to ask you for toiletries like, for example, interested in learning about other cultures. I believe I
shampoo, soap, etc. would be an effective member of your international team of
3 I am a 16-year-old boy from Argentina. helpers, as I am a good communicator and I have a lot of
stamina, so I can work long hours.
4 The school could buy some up-to-date furniture.
5 My father asked me: “What would you prefer, a holiday Please consider my application. I promise I will not let you
in the mountains or on the coast?” down.
6 Next week I will send you the money – don’t worry, I Yours truly
won’t forget.
7 I think that no-one is able to do this.
8 It was hard to get used to the new university, the people 56
and the place.
1 it / that / this 5 each
54 2 it 6 It
3 us 7 it / this / that
B R U S H U P O N A G E 4 it 8 you
C U T D O W N L Y F E P 57
A N P B R E A K U P T U No answer necessary.
T O R U X I O F S R O T 58
C U O T R I B L E T N U The missing article is ‘a’.
H T U T C H L E T U W P 59
No answer necessary.

1 get on with 8 run out of

2 put up with 9 get together
3 finish off 10 back down
4 set off 11 cut down
5 catch up on 12 break up
6 go through 13 hang on
7 butt in

60 67
1 whole 5 waste Hi Maria,
2 buy 6 too
3 piece 7 read Thanks for your letter, I was starting to wonder if you'd
4 week 8 weather forget about our holidays together. I can't wait till the
2nd! I'm sure we're going to have a great time. I'm
61 supposed to get to Luton airport at half past eleven in the
morning, but you know how air traffic works so you’d
No answer necessary. better be there at midday so you don't have to wait for
62 too long. Don't worry about not recognising me, as I
haven't changed too much. I'm just about 20cm taller
(Suggested answers:) and I've grown whiskers on my chin, which is quite an
1 excellent, wonderful, fantastic uncommon look. Besides, I'll recognise you anyway.
2 consider, believe, imagine
Spending a week in Scotland sounds really weird, but I'd
3 also, in addition, too
rather be prepared for it. I've heard the weather is very
4 beast, creature, monster chilly there and it rains all the time, is that true? So,
5 describe, outline, summarise what kind of clothes should I wear there? Probably warm
6 awful, terrible, ghastly jumpers and a waterproof coat would do, don't you think
7 immediately, without delay, straightaway so? By the way, I reckon a nice present we could take to
8 build, construct, produce your cousins would be a bottle of Spanish red wine, which
is famous for its lip-smacking taste.
Anyway, I've been told the coast of Sussex is one of the
No answer necessary. best in the British Isles and, as you live quite near to it,
64 I thought we might enjoy staying there for a few days.
Write back and tell me what you think.
1 I would prefer to sleep in a log cabin.
2 He thought that the man would be punished. Lots of love,
3 (Correct)
4 I hope this information will be useful for you.
5 It didn’t work out as I thought it would. 68
6 The TV repair man is coming next Tuesday – I hope that No answer necessary.
will be ok?
3 = 4 normally, 9 necessarily
1 artist 4 physicist
2 pianist 5 biologist
(Corrected answers:) 3 scientist 6 chemist
1 sincerely 7 particularly
2 really 8 faithfully 70
3 unfortunately 10 definitely 1 I would prefer the route around the Lake Frene.
5 sincerely 11 extremely 2 For the last few years, my hobby has been the art.
6 actually 12 immediately 3 I think this is not true because in the museums we can
66 find part of our culture.
4 Nowadays, we think of the modern technology as
1 All these opinions and feelings change as you grow up. something usual in our lives.
2 If some people want to go shopping, take them to 5 I was working in Edinburgh, before beginning the
Serrano. university.
3 The police were very far from the house. 6 I will be able to prepare you the dinner.
4 Many people have started to work at home. 7 You know that the last month I enjoyed helping at the
5 Sometimes there isn’t enough information. Britney Spears concert.
6 I strongly believe that everybody loves both things. 8 In a tent I can feel closer to the nature.
7 Buying ready meals from the supermarket simplifies the 9 Problems such as the stress and overworking have a
day for me. direct influence on the health.
8 (Correct) 10 (Correct)

71 81
1 for 2 at 3 for 4 of 5 by 6 of 1 If you are used to riding a bicycle every day, you’ll be
72 more active when you’re older.
2 I used to go camping at the weekend when I was younger.
1 interested 3 (Correct)
2 boring or tiring 4 Remember what you used to wear in your childhood.
3 bored or tired 5 I’m not used to wasting my time waiting around.
4 interesting 6 (Correct)
5 bored or tired 7 I’m also used to doing hard work. *
6 boring or tiring 8 I used to play tennis for Chile in the Davis Cup.
(* Note that a more natural sentence would be I’m also used
No answer necessary. to hard work.)
74 82
No answer necessary. 1 I enjoy working with kids, in fact I used to teach in a
75 primary school. (children)
2 When you finish reading it you’ll wanna read it again.
It was dangerous, but I knew I had to do it. It was a (want to)
new challenge, and not only for me, but for 3 About the boat trips, they depart from King’s Bridge
everyone there. Nobody thought I was capable of doing rather than Trinity. (Regarding)
it. I wasn't sure of what to do, and the pressure of 4 The first thing we must think about is whether our way
everyone watching me was driving me mad. Finally, I of life ain’t too fast. (isn’t)
managed to move my right foot closer to the edge. I 5 It is important to have a reasonable consumption of
could hear the crowd shouting “Go, go”. That was my vitamins thru natural organic food. (through)
only chance. Only a few more seconds, otherwise my 83
time would be over. I didn't even think of looking
down. I was already paralysed, and that wouldn't help 1 could 2 can 3 could
me at all. Then, by some 'strange power' my left foot 4 can 5 might 6 would
was moving and I wanted to stop it, but it was too 84
difficult. The clock was running… tick, tock... And
suddenly everything stopped. I felt an enormous Do you prefer listening to live music or recorded music?
peace. Somehow I managed to jump out of the Nowadays we have different choices when we want to
airplane and I was flying! Those minutes, up in the listen to music. We can enjoy a whole afternoon sitting
air, feeling the wind in my face, were fantastic. But on a sofa listening to our favourite group or we can go
then I was terrified when I couldn't open the to a live concert where thousands of people will be
parachute! Fortunately, I wasn't alone. screaming and fainting, but you will have the pleasure
to hear somebody you like playing the guitar or singing
Check individual answers for story continuation. in front of you. If you are with a group of friends you
76 will enjoy a meeting listening to music at home, and
this has the advantage that you can hear as many
No answer necessary. different CDs as you want. However, on the other
77 hand, it is amazing to go to a live concert and feel
how the adrenaline bursts into* your body when the
1 work 2 work 3 work 4 job 5 job band is playing. In conclusion we can say that it
78 depends on the situation when you prefer recorded
music to live music. If you want to be relaxed, nothing
No answer necessary. is better than a recorded tape, but if you want to feel
79 some excitement, nothing is better than a live concert.

Check individual answers.

(* Note that a better choice of phrasal verb here would be
80 runs through, although the examiner was impressed that the
candidate knew bursts into!)
No answer necessary.

85 94 First of all, Above all
No answer necessary. 1 I was wondering about the kind of 98
86 clothes I will have to wear.
2 When we arrived at the hospital, 1 Will the offer still be available in
No answer necessary. there were no doctors or patients, September?
there was nobody! 2 If someone lives near the school he
3 I am looking forward to hearing could even go on foot.
Adjective Comparative Superlative 3 He will probably have problems
from you.
good better best with his heart.
bad worse worst 4 I just had to move my eyes from
happy happier happiest one side to the other and look as 4 I hope to see you again soon.
big bigger biggest though/if nothing had happened. 5 I’m writing to know if you are still
interesting more interesting most interesting interested in applying for the
5 He has been named as the best
88 Latin singer. London job.
6 So I can only pick the keys up at 6 They may also listen to the local
1 It is also true that overwork can 4 o’clock on the 5th. orchestra or visit a pub.
become a danger. 7 I think it is necessary to have a 99
2 Look for the things in life that are coffee shop with takeaway food.
really worthwhile. 8 I’d like to sleep in a tent because a 1 The play turned out to be just as
3 The only inconvenience is that log cabin isn’t as authentic as a tent. bad as I thought.
people are required to work there 2 I’ve just seen an interesting ad in an
for up to six months. 95 international newspaper.
4 The secret of this diet is that you have No answer necessary. 3 Could it be real or just a crazy
to be very optimistic. dream?
96 4 I just couldn’t believe it and it was a
5 One solution would be to build new
motorways so it would be less noisy No answer necessary. big shock for my boyfriend too.
in the city. 5 They are just eight minutes from
6 My last piece of advice is to visit college.
Lampton Castle. W H A T I S M O R E N F 6 The idea of doing an international
7 I couldn’t stand being watched and I U S D O N E L E F E I arts festival was just wonderful.
my fury led me straight to Pat. F N W T O S U M U P E R 7 I was so embarrassed I just ran to
8 They cause many accidents because N D E S P I T E T H I S
my room.
of their carelessness. 8 I will take my sleeping bag with me,
89 just in case.
No answer necessary.
90 P A S R E G A R D S O A No answer necessary.
No answer necessary. N E H A N N O N T O T L
91 X G A B O V E A L L T R
No answer necessary.
What is more, As well as that, In
1 compact 2 sad 3 cloudy addition
4 interesting 5 safe 2 COMPARING OR CONTRASTING
93 If not, Despite this, On the one hand © Cambridge University Press 2007
No answer necessary. SUMMARISING
To sum up, In short, On
the whole
ISBN-13 978-0-521-71905-6
As regards

9 7805 2 1 71 9 05 6