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Fon Orrrcr.q.L Usn Om,v

N('S[ 2{}l: P.I]. Papcr 1l


Read the following carefully:

l. This paper consists of two (2) sections. There are forty (40) Multiple
Choice questions in Section I and six (6) structured questions in Section tr.

2. If it has not been completed already, fill in the following information on

the Multiple-Choice answer sheet using a2HB pencil only:
- School Name
- School ID
- Student's Name
- Student's Number
- Date of Birth
3. Attempt all questions in Section I. Record your answers on the Multiple
Choice answer sheets provided.

4. Answer all questions in Section II in the spaces provided in this booklet.

5. You should spend approximately fifty (50) minutes on Section I and forty
(40) minutes on Section II.

6. On the Multiple Choice answer sheet DO NOT

o Write anything on the top and sides
o Staple
o Punch holes
o Tear
o Make stray marks
7. Complete the following on the cover of this test booklet:

- Student's name

- Student's number

- School's narne

- School's ID

6. If you are finished before time is called, go back and check your work.


NCSE 20l5 P.E. PapuII

There are forty (40) questions in this section with four (4) options A, B, C, and D.
You are re{uired to:ilffii1""f#:ffii:fi"::ll:)" (r) option'

l. Why is it
important to teach Physical 6. The ICC World Cricket Cup 2015 took
Education in schools? place in
A. To set an appreciation for higher
order games only A. Australia and New Zealand
B. To build more basketball facilities in B. Barbados and St Lucia
C. To develop healthy lifestyles C. England and Canada
D. To increase levels of sport related D. India and Pakistan
fitness only
7. A coach was training his team using
) The BEST Health and Physical the same pace over a pariPi of time.
Education programme for schools should What method was the -cach using?
A. appropriate to gender onlY A. Continuous traiulng
B. appropriate to students age and those
of elite ability
B. Interval training
C. inclusive of all students including the C. Circuit training
differently-abled D. Fartlek training
D. exclusive of fun
8. During a Volleyball game, John
J. The highest concentration of energy is
committed a violation. Which of these
derived from
actions did John do?
A. Carbohydrates
B. Fats
C. Proteins A. Stepped on or over the line when
D. Vitamins serving.
B. Touched the ball with his hands.
4. Which sporting activity was recently C. Passed the ball with both hands.
given permission to offrcially use a lane D. Served the ball high over the net.
around the Queen's Park Savannah for
training? 9. Paul tries to do push-ups. The reason
A. Car Racing he does frve and cannot do anymore is
B. Running
that he needs to improve his
C. Cycling
D. Tennis
A. body composition
5. The current West Indies Cricket captain B. muscular endurance
is C. flexibility
A. Jason Holder D. balance
B. Chris Gale
C. Denesh Ramdin
D. Marlon Samuel

\CSE l()li P F P;rpcr Il

10. A teacher is conducting training 13. In the given diagram of the Respiratory
exercises and insists that all students System, which part of the system starts to
do the warrn-up session. He tells them filter the air we take in?
the warm-up session is very important
A. it allows the development of
B. it avoids the risk of injury.
C. it aids the digestion process.
D. it brings your heart rate back to its
normal resting rate.

I 1. Which of the following is the correct

sequence of events when conducting
a training programme?
A. Bronchi
B. Nasal cavity
A. Warm up, skills training, cool
C. Trachea
D. Diaphragm
B. Skills training wann up, cool
14. Which of these is the most important in
C. Cool down, flexibility, strength
treating an open wound?
A. Elevating the injured area
D. Warm up, skills training,
B. The control of bleeding
C. Moving the person immediately
D. The application of ice
12.ln a football match a player attempts
to shoot at goal from close range with
15. Shiva has a problemwith his breathing and
his/her body is leaning backward. The
visits the doctor. Which system in his body
instep of the kicking foot contacts the
is affected?
lower part of the ball. The ball might
A. Nervous System
A. travel low and hard. B. Circulatory System
B. travel high and over the goal. C. Respiratory System
D. Excretory System
C. swerve to the right.
D. curl to the left.
16. When running long distances, the rubbing of
the shoe on the skin can cause
A. blisters
B. shin splints
C. athlete's foot
D. sprains

NCSE 20l5 PE Paperli

17 Which ONE (1) of the following activities 22.Fred's training involves much physical
BEST contributes to a well-developed activity and coordination. Which area of
respiratory system? the brain is responsible for this
A. Cricket coordination?
B. Javelin throw A. Cerebrum
C. Swimming B. Cerebellum
D. Camping C. Medulla oblonsata
D. Spinal Cord
18. Which ONE of the following medical
conditions reduces the amount of air flowins 23. During the vacation, Lisa spends most of
to the lungs? her time playing computer games,
A. Asthma watching TV and messaging her
B. Arthritis friends. Which of the following reasonb
C. Eczema would BEST explain why she could
D. Malaria gain weight?
A. She exercises daily and eats large
19. On the diagram of the neuron, Area #1 amounts of food.
receives impulses. What is this area called? B. She does little or no exercise and
eats small amounts of food.
C. She exercises and eats small
amounts of food.
D. She does little or no exercise and
eats large amounts of food.

24. After an hour of training in the heat,

Steve complained of weakness and
A. Dendrites
dizziness. His coach then gave him lots
B. Axons
of water. What condition would BEST
C. Nucleus
fit the symptoms Steve showed?
D Cell body
A. Cramps
20. What are the structures that make up the
B. Concussion
Central Nervous System? C. Dehydration
A. Brain and Spinal Cord D. Sunburn
B. Brain and Nerves
C. Nerves in the upper body 25. Oxygenated blood refers to blood that
D. Nerves in the lower body contains a high level of

21. A group of students worked together to

A. oxygen
perform a gymnastic routine. This B. haemoglobin
displayed C. carbon dioxide
A. respect D. platelets
B. teamwork
C. self-control
D. aggression
\( \l . -)r,I i l' lr P;t1lCr' ..
26. Which of the following BEST explains 30. Food passes from the mouth into the
the term 'heart rate'? stomach by way of
A. The number of beats per minute A. the oesophagus
B. The number of beats per hour B. the rectum
C. The volume of blood pumped per C. the small intestine
minute D. the large intestine
D The volume of blood pumped per
hour 31. After food is digested, nutrients from
27. Naresh is performing a jump with a two- the food are absorbed
footed landing as shown in the picture A. from the intestine into the bladder
below. B. from the blood into the organs
C. from the intestines into the

t (,I
D. from the mouth into the stomach

T 32. Which of the following well-known

local football players became the
Minister of Sport in Trinidad and
A. Russell Latapy
What type of tissue served as the shock B. Brent Sancho
absorber in his landine? C. Dwight York
A. Cartilage D. Lionel Messi
B. Ligament
C. Capsule 33. Thomas is a
member of the school's
D. Marrow basketball team and is due to play a
game at 2:30 p.m. At what time should
28 David wants to begin a fitness he have his last full meal before the
programme What is the first thing you competition?
would recommend to him?
A. Check with his doctor. A. 1:30 p.m.
B. Buy a new pair ofjogging shoes B. 2:00 p.m.
C. Enter an aerobics class C. 12:00noon.
D. Begin by walking the block. D. 9:00 p.m.

29. While Stacy was playing she got a cut 34. During digestion, what is the liquid that
and the blood was not clotting. Which
is found in the stomach and mixes with
statement best describes Stacy's
the food?
A. Her blood had insufficient red blood A. Saliva
cells. B. Gastricjuice
B. Her blood had insufficient white blood C. Water
cells. D. Bile
C. Her blood had insuflicient platelets.
D She was dehydrated.

NCSE 2015 P E Plpcr II

35. A basketball game is being played. Who 39. Some basic supplies needed for camping are
is controlling this game? A. First aid kit, lighter, canned foods, rope
A. An Umpire B. Warm clothing, compass, water, stove
B. A Referee C. Stove, cooler, chair, potato peeler
C. A Coach D. Knife, cooler,lighter, rope
D. A Team Manager
40. Jenny wants to play badminton but she does
36. Why is doping banned in most sports? not know what a badminton court looks like.
A. To protect the athlete's health Which picture represents the badminton
B. So that no one is at a disadvantage court?
C. In order to maintain respect for
medical and sports ethics
D. All of the above A

37 Miriam is playing netball and wants to

make a long pass. Which of the following
ways can she choose to pass the ball?
A. Shoulder Pass
B. Overhead Pass
C. Chest Pass B.
D. Bounce Pass

38. The members of the netball camp were

given two days to rest from practice and to
get some needed sleep. Why is it
important for athletes to get adequate
(sufficient) rest and sleep?
A. To repair their body tissues C.
B. To recharge their body systems
C. A&B
D. To become initated and restless


NCSE 2()l-i P E PtrPcr il
Section II
In this Section, there are six (6) questions. Answer 1!!! questions.
Write your answers in the spaces provided in this booklet.

i. Ravi trains with a tack club. Name two (2) track events in which he can participate (take
part in).

(2 marks)

ii. Sam is a long-jumper. What can he do to increase the distance that he jumps?

(1 mark)

iii. From the names given below, select one athlete, give his main event and describe ONE
of his main achievements.
(Keshorn Walcotf Hasely Crawford, Richard Thompson)

a) Athlete and Main event for which he is known

(1 mark)
b) State ONE of his main achievements:

(1 mark)

TOTAL: 5 Marks

NCSE 2Ll I 5 P.E. PapcL ll

In a hockey tournament, David was struck with a hockey stick and was injured. Identify
TWO (2) pieces of protective equipment that David could have worn to reduce injuries
during the sport ofhockey.

(2 marks)

11. Fred is a member of the hockey team at his school. At a toumament, he tries to score, but
there are three defenders in his way. What TWO (2) hockey skills could Fred use to
avoid his defenders?

(2 marks)

iii. State ONE (1) rule of play that Fred's coach should remind his players of, in order to
encourage safer play in hockey.

(1 mark)
TOTAL: 5 Marks
J. Julie enjoys playing Netball for the school's team. However, she believes that she plays
better in positions other than the ones her coach selects for her.

i. Name any TWO (2) positions in which Julie can play.

(2 marks)
ll. Julie wants to make a pass to a player behind her. What footurork skill can she use to
pass the ball?

(3 marks)

TOTAL: 5 Marks

NCSE 2{)15 P.F: Papcr II

4. Mark is preparing to run the school's road race and wants to excel.

i. Which component of fitness is most important for his success?

(1 mark)

ii. What activities should Mark be doing in his training sessions three (3) days before the
race? Fill these in the Table below





(3 marks)
iii. State ONE (l) condition that Mark might experience by the end of the road race.

(1 mark)
TOTAL: 5 Marks

i. State three (3) food groups that form part of a balanced diet.




(3 marks)

ii. Gve TWO (2) reasons why is it important to eat fruits and vegetables regularly?



(2 marks)

TOTAL: 5 Marks

\L\l lirliPF irp;r'ii

6. During a game of football, Harry fell from a legal tackle while playing the ball just outside
the penalty area. He immediately reacted by pushing the other player down.

i. How will you describe Harry's reaction as a footballer?

(1 mark)

ii. What should be the Referee's response?

(1 mark)

I lr.

a) What penalty could be awarded by the Referee?

(2 marks)

b) State one (f) way that Harry's team can prepare to defend

(l mark)
TOTAL: 5 Marks


NCSE 2{rl5 P E, PaperII