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Model and Evidence-Based Public Health Programs and Policy Websites


Organization Website URL Aim Priorities Notes

The Guide to http://www.thec Provides evidence-based Mental - Interventions reviewed by task force—look at relevance & economic
Community Preventive ommunityguide. recommendations using a health, plausibility and possible barriers of interventions
Services org/index.html scientific systematic review Obesity & - Reviewed interventions divided by topic
process to evaluate public Substance - CDC involvement
health interventions. abuse - Easy to navigate
National Association of http://www.nacc A database comprised of model - Large database
County & City Health practices that deal with Mental - ‘Promising practice’ can be searched by state, type, year and/or keyword
Officials odelpractices/da community health, health, - Categorized as a model or a promising model
tabase/ environmental health, public Obesity & - Notes intervention’s responsiveness, innovation, sustainability, community
m health infrastructure & systems, Substance involvement, etc.
and public health preparedness. abuse - Very easy to navigate and well organized
The Evidence for Policy http://eppi.ioe.a Offer reliable research findings Mental - University of London
and Practice based on systematic reviews in health, - Reviews found by topic or using chronological list
Information and Co- .aspx?tabid=53 both the social science and Obesity & - Short summaries with both ineffective and beneficial findings provided for
ordination Centre public policy realm. Substance each topic
abuse - Easy to navigate
Partners in Information http://phpartner Allows for research on published Mental - Connects Health People 2012 objectives to related PubMed peer-reviewed
Access for the Public literature related to the Healthy health, publications
Health Workforce dex.html People 2020 topics. Obesity & - Organized by topic
Substance - Geared toward gathering empirical data
abuse - Easy to navigate but not as beneficial for reviewed interventions or policies
New Tactics in Human Promotes innovativeness and Mental - Based on human rights issues (i.e. how to share critical info, strengthening
Rights provides reviews of mostly health, individuals and communities, etc)- some not applicable
ctics community-level interventions Obesity & - Can by category: prevention, restoration, intervention and building human
hat have worked in communities Substance rights cultures & institutions
throughout the world. abuse - Provides more quantitative evidence-based methods
- Reviews easy to comprehend
SAMHSA’s National http://www.nrep NREPP is a database that allows Mental - All interventions that have been rated/reviewed by individuals—but not all
Registry of Evidence- mental health and substance health, reviewed
based Programs and dex.aspx abuse interventions to be Obesity & - Limited amount of publications
Practices posted and reviewed by Substance - Available ‘compare option’, which allows multiple reviews to be organized
individuals. abuse side by side based on outcomes, ages, race/ethnicities and settings.
- Easy to navigate

The Community Tool Links to an extensive amount of Mental - List of websites that provide evidence-based interventions
Box /en/promisingap databases of best practices. health, - Easy to navigate
proach/Database Obesity & - Starts with generalized health- related databases and also has topic-specific
s_Best_Practices. Substance intervention sites
aspx abuse - Very helpful!!
The Center of http://www.cent “Designed to support the - Offers both research-tested and practice-tested interventions
Excellence—for er- planning, implementation, and - Has webinar series
Training and Research the evaluation of evidence- Obesity - Provided interventions are well summarized and organized.
Translation supported nutrition, physical - Good options!!
activity and obesity prevention
US National Library of http://www.ncbi. Includes MANY pieces of - Very easy to navigate
Medicine National— literature from multiple sources. Mental - Allows for related articles to be found
National institutes of med/ Can be used to find a wide health, - Search by title, key words, subject, author, etc.
Health-- PubMed variety of studies, interventions Obesity & - Not all peer-reviewed citations, but empirical and evidence-based
and tested programs. Substance - Not all interventions/articles/reviews in full text
abuse - Free database
- Very easy to navigate
MedlinePlus http://www.nlm. Works as part of the U.S. Mental - Like PubMed National Library of Medicine, health, - Access to thousands of studies
plus/ much like PubMed. Obesity & - Many interventions can be searched for, depending on subject, keywords,
Substance etc.
abuse - Free database
What Works for Health http://whatwork Works as an evidence-based - Suggested programs are Wisconsin specific
—‘Policies and sforhealth.wisc.e resource to supply a database of - Search by category—Diet and exercise section applicable
Programs to Improve du/ scientifically proven and expert Obesity - Somewhat easy to navigate
Wisconsin’s Health’ approved policies and programs. - Organized by type of policy/program, evidence rating and who the decision
maker is for the specific program
- Provides citations for each selected type of program
Centers for Disease http://apps.nccd. Provides ability to plan for Mental - Mostly focused on chronic disease and health disparity issues, but there is
Control and Prevention implementation and evaluation health, available literature on the three focus sections.
aps/Default/inde of community health Obesity & - Reliable source
x.aspx interventions and programs. Substance - Search by topic
abuse - Not all articles/journals are relevant
Alcohol and Alcohol http://etoh.niaaa A database focused on Substance - Can search by keywords, author, subject, etc.
Problems Science information pertaining to (alcohol) - Easy to navigate
Databse—NIAAA alcohol research. abuse - Provides many ‘hits’ on searches
- Alcohol- specific

The Cochrane Library http://www.thec Combination of seven individual Mental - Organized by topic/ search by category databases and is intended to health, - Systematic review source
m/view/0/index. provide evidence to inform Obesity & - Large database & wide range of topics and interventions
html healthcare decision-making. Substance - Easy to navigate and organized well
abuse - Very beneficial source!!
Agency for Healthcare (1)http://www.a Aims to improve the quality, (1)
Research and Quality safety, efficiency, and - Not organized too well
—‘Advancing Excellence (2) effectiveness of health care for Mental - Can search by topic (under ‘Browse’ button)
in Health Care’ novations.ahrq.g all Americans. health, - Appears to offer more on current research on illnesses/issues vs. current
ov/innovations_ Obesity & interventions
qualitytools.aspx Substance (2)
? abuse - Well organized
categoryID=5480 - Provides sources for all three topic areas
5&taxonomyID= - More to offer than the evidence-based practice center portion of the site
Blueprints for Violence http://www.colo Aims to provide resources Mental - Not too applicable, but possible outlet for substance abuse and possibly
Prevention surrounding the causes and health & mental health related programs & publications
prevention of violence. Substance - Looks to focus on interventions at the youth level
Abuse - Possible for secondary research (sub-topics of above priorities)
The California http://www.cebc Provides child welfare related - Rates programs on scale 1- 5/NA: (1) Well-supported by research evidence
Evidence-Based programs to inform the Mental to (5) Concerning practice, and (NR) Not able to be rated.
Clearinghouse for Child community about the research health & - Well organized & easy to navigate
Welfare (CEBC) evidence for programs used or Substance - Search by topic area or by specific program
marketed in California. Abuse - Programs focused on children, adolescent but some also for adults
Find Youth Info http://www.find Aims to promote the goal of - Site rates programs on a scale of 1-3 positive, health outcomes for Mental - Focused on youth programs
youth by create and supporting health & - Search by keyword
this site, identifying and Substance - Programs well organized and easy to comprehend
disseminating promising and Abuse - Good site for youth-based intervention/program opportunities
effective strategies and
promoting enhanced
Promising Practices This site offers resources that Mental - Looks mainly at youth and family relationships
Network misingpractices. are credible, research0based health, - Ranking: (1) proven programs, (2) promising programs & (3) other reviewed
net/ information on what works to Obesity & programs.
improve the lives of children and Substance - Easy to locate specific portions of interventions (ex: ‘outcome’ or ‘issues to
families. abuse consider’)
- Can search but outcome area, topic, author, etc.

Public Health Law http://publicheal National initiative to promote Mental - Not the easiest to navigate & limited applicable information, but still a good
Research—‘Making the thlawresearch.or effective regulatory, legal and health, outlet for policies that are currently in place, for example, ‘obesity
case for Laws that g/ policy solutions to improve Obesity & prevention laws’ and ‘alcohol policy information systems’
Improve Health’ public health. Substance - Valuable for current practices in each area
abuse - Also provides funding opportunities (long-, short- and rapid- response
- a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program (like PHAB)
Social Programs The http://evidenceb Seeks to identify those social Mental - Interventions organized by topic
Work asedprograms.or interventions shown in rigorous health, - Ranking organization: from top to near top tier intervention
g/wordpress/ studies to produce sizable, Obesity & - Can view complete intervention list with brief abstracts—very useful
sustained benefits to Substance - Limited number of programs within this database
participants and/or society. abuse