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Which part of the mechanical governor is manipulated by the servo-motor to increase or decrease

engine speed ?

The compensating spring.

The dashpot.

The linkage to the fuel rack.

The sensitivity band.

As a rule of thumb, the time interval for automatic desludging of lubricating oil purifiers fitted on
sumps of trunk-type engines should be set at _____ hours.

6 to 8

1 to 2

2 to 4

4 to 6

In the Main Engine sea water circuit why are the Lub Oil and the Scavenge air coolers fitted in
front of the jacket and piston water coolers ?

The Lub Oil and Scavenge air temperatures are lower.

The Scavenge air and Lub Oil coolers have by-pass valves fitted.

For ease of installation.

They need more cooling water.

In a four stroke cycle diesel engine, the four stroke of the piston required to complete one cycle
which must take place in regular order. The second stroke _____ .

compresses the air.

is the power stroke.

expels the burned gases.

draws air into the cylinder.

Engineering, Control Systems. Test 20

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How can crankcase overpressure be checked? 1. Checking fuel 1. Checking

pump tappet crankcase
seals. breather

How is expansion of the Diesel engine cylinder liner allowed 1. Liner absorbs 1. Liner is fr
2 for? stresses caused by expand at
expansion. lower end

On a medium speed four-stroke engine what is an indicator of 1. Compression 1. Peak cylin

engine performance? pressure. pressure.
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1. A fuel oil purifier 1. A fuel oil


What is item number 5 of this fuel arrangement schematic

drawing ?

Where will the Diesel engine exhaust temperature be the 1. At the cylinder 1. Before th
highest? head. turbo blo

1. A four stroke 1. A two stro

supercharged trunk-pist
engine. type engi

What type of diesel engine is shown here ?

7 Why is a by-pass fitted to the cooling water line of the charge 1. To prevent the air 1. To preven
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air cooler? temperature overcooli

going too high. the charg

Where does maximum wear take place on the cylinder liner of 1. At the top where 1. At the top
a Diesel engine? the scraper ring where the
changes direction. ring chan

1. A heater. 1. A heater.

What is item number 4 of this fuel oil arrangement drawing ?

When taking performance figures on a 4 stroke Diesel engine, 1. By the governor 1. By the
10 how is the quantity of fuel delivered by each pump position. position o
determined? each fuel

Engineering, Control Systems. Test 18

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What is the purpose of the injection pump delivery valve? 1. To adjust the 1. To mainta
1 injection pressure. injection
the HP fu
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The timing of the engine is delayed and the exhaust 1. Cause increased 1. Cause
temperatures are high. How would you expect this to affect the turbocharger increased
turbocharger ? revolutions. turbochar

1. The Sea Water 1. The Jacke

Cooling Pump. Cooling W

What is item "J" ?

What is the purpose of the crosshead bearing? 1. To transmit piston 1. To preven

power more con rod s
4 directly to the thrust be
crankshaft. transmitt
the piston

What could be the purpose of checking the fuel pump spill 1. To check the 1. To check
5 position on a 4stroke Diesel engine? amount of fuel the start poin
pump will deliver. injection

Lapping a valve and valve seat together means _____ . 1. machining the 1. grinding t
6 valve in a lathe. valve aga
the valve
to obtain
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In a trunk piston Diesel engine how is the piston cooled? 1. Separate piston 1. By the
cooling oil supply. crankcase
7 spraying o
the under
of the pis

Automatic shutdown of the main diesel engine always acts on 1. fuel supply. 1. fuel supp
the _____

Putting additives into diesel engine cooling water is primarily 1. overheating. 1. scaling.
designed to prevent _____

Why do diesel engine manufacturers recommend grinding the 1. To avoid sticking 1. To improv
valve seating surface with a half degree difference to the valve between valve sealing
10 seat? and seat during between
high load and seat.

Engineering, Control Systems. Test 2

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In a 2 stroke engine what controls the admission of charge air? 1. Camshaft position. 1. Upper edge
of piston.

If water is detected in the generator crankcase what is the 1. Leakage from 1. Leakage
most likely source? cracked cylinder from cracked
liner or perished cylinder liner
liner sealing rings. or perished
liner sealing

The best way to ensure engine speed governor stability is to 1. Compensation. 1. Speed droop.
allow a given ratio of what?

If lub oil analysis results indicate fuel dilution what should be 1. Locate and rectify 1. Locate and
the first action? source of rectify
4 contamination. source of

How is the timing (degrees advance) adjusted on a Bosch type 1. By the plunger 1. By the fuel
fuel pump? rotation. cam setting.

In the formula P.L.A.N. how is `N` derived for a double acting 1. Eng rpm/60. 1. Eng rpm/30.
two stroke?

1. should the 1. if the

actuating piston cylinder
leak. head air start
valve jams in
the open
7 position.

The relief valve is fitted in the position shown to prevent

overpressure _____
What is the most commonly used fuel injection pump on large 1. A Curtis type fuel 1. A Bosch type
diesel engines? pump fuel pump

When all preparations have been made to ensure that the main 1. Blow indicator 1. Blow
engine is operational prior to departure, what will be the final cocks, test indicator
test to be carried out ? reversing of engine, cocks, test
short firing kick. reversing of
engine, short
firing kick.

1. To act as collecting 1. To act as

tank from Main collecting
Engine scavenge tank for dirty
drains oil from the
Main Engine
intended for


What is the purpose of the Main Engine Dirty Oil tank ?