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Internal Circular: Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) (Also known as Intelligent Tracking system (ITS)) is an Electronic device
fitted inside every Passenger vehicle (with Yellow plate registration used for commercial purpose), which
operates as a Taxi / Fleet for carrying passengers. As per Govt. of India regulations (AIS: 140), it is
mandatory to fit VTS in all above-mentioned vehicles registered on or after 1st April 2018.


a) Efficient management of Transport System in the country.

b) To provide quick response & help in case of emergencies like accidents.
c) To provide a safety switch to driver / passengers to send message for help in case of crimes /

Function of VTS:

The VTS system consists of an Electronic controller, Emergency Switches & Wiring Harness. The Electronic
controller monitors the vehicle Status like Speed, Location, direction, time etc and sends the vehicle data
to servers operated by Emergency Services run by Govt agencies like traffic management, Police etc.

The VTS system has a permanent SIM, which sends the vehicle data to Govt agencies.


We are pleased to announce Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) solution for below vehicles, which has been
approved by ARAI.

1. Bolt & Zest BS4 XE / XM vehicles with 75 PS Engine produced from 19th Jan 2018 beginning with
VIN Cut-offs given below:-
a. Zest XM : MAT624031JPA01676
b. Zest XE : MAT624004JPA02294
c. Bolt XE : MAT611601JPA01988
d. Bolt XM : Fresh Vehicles produced based on demand
2. Sumo Gold BS4 CX / EX vehicles produced from 10th Mar 2018 beginning with VIN cut-off

Note: - a. All other versions of Bolt/Zest and Sumo Gold and the vehicles prior to the above cut-off need
to be primarily retailed in personal segment only as this solution of VTS is not applicable to these
b. Other models such as Indica, Indigo, Tiago, Tigor, Hexa, Storme & Nexon should not be offered
in commercial segment as VTS solution for these models are not presently available.


1. The following are the Kit part nos. for VTS :-

MRP in
Model Part No Description NDP in ₹

Zest/Bolt – XE/XM 542200000101 10262.52 13920
Sumo Gold – CX/EX 543454600181 ITS Security Kit Sumo 11425.13 15497

2. These orders for VTS kits need to be placed through regular spare parts orders prior to 31st Mar
2018 for the required quantities based on demand estimated at your end for the month of Apr’18.

3. The installation procedure with required tools and mandatory precautions to be followed will be
shortly provided to all dealers along with necessary training (through videos / training sessions)
as per the volumes of commercial sales handled.

4. Only the personnel familiarized with procedure need to carry out the fitment of VTS on the
identified vehicles prior to registration.

5. During fitment of VTS, the following details need to be captured by the dealership from the sticker

6. The details of the VTS controller Model No., Serial No., IMEI Number and SIM Number to be taken
and stored for future reference and for RTO declaration and furnished on declaration letter from
dealership signed by dealer authorized signatory

7. Post confirmation of the VTS fitment on the vehicle, the activation process of VTS need to done
by the Customer Advisor (Sales) as per the process laid out in the annexure – Device Activation
Process Flow Chart.
8. Post the activation of the SIM, the owner/customer & driver’s need to be updated on Key features
of the Vehicle Tracking System using the VTS Owner’s Manual Supplement (One copy is available
with the kit) and the same handed over to the customer.

9. The dealership need to take an undertaking from the customer that “He has been explained on
the features of VTS, Do’s & Don’ts, Emergency Procedures and Data Plans for the SIM provided
with VTS and he has understood the same”.

10. The declaration letter from dealership signed by dealer authorized signatory to be submitted to
RTO for registration with below details
a. VTS Controller Details
b. Details of the vehicle
c. Conformation that SIM Activation has been done
d. In case if any RTO ask then Ref no of ARAI certificate

11. Dealer shall maintain record of each vehicle fitted with VTS, same need to be provided to Regional
office / TML visiting Team for Audit / Verification purpose. The record should have
a. Vehicle VIN no
b. Registration number
c. VTS Controller Details
d. Date of fitment
e. Signed copy of the customer’s undertaking on dealer’s letter head
f. Dealer certificate ( issued to RTO) duplicate copy

Warranty on VTS Kit: OE warranty as applicable