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K E Y F E AT U R E S :

•900 MHz Analog Cordless Phone

•2-Line Operation with 3-Way Conferencing
•Simultaneious Operation – Handset and Base
•Dual Keypad
•Speaker Volume Control
•Two-Way Intercom
•40-Channel Auto Scanning
•7-Day Standby Batter y Life
•Reversible Charging System
•Any Key Answer
•Handset Locator/Page
•Hold and Mute

Advanced Compandor Noise Reduction Long Battery Life (7 days)

Reduces static and line noise for clearer reception. A noise reduction Less worrying about leaving the handset away from the base. Less
circuit that compresses, then decompresses (or expands) the trans- chance of the battery running low during a phone conversation.
missions between the handset and the base unit, significantly reduc-
ing the static and noise. One Way Page / Handset Locator
Never again worry about a lost phone. Push one button and the hand-
Analog 900MHz Transmission set beeps to disclose its location.
Extended-range crystal-clear conversations and more channels to
reduce the crowding commonly found on lower frequency units. Programmable Digital Security Code
Unlike typical cordless phones which operate in the 46-49MHz range, Allows the user to manually set 1 of 65,536 security codes to enable
900MHz phones operate at a much higher and wider frequency range the handset to work with its base.
(902-928MHz). Sound quality is superior and virtually free of com- Reversible Charging System
mon interference or noise. Significantly reduces the chances of incorrectly placing the handset
Any Key Answer into the base. Models with Caller ID benefit by allowing the user to
Eliminates the frustration of trying to find the correct button to see the LCD readout even when the handset is charging.
answer a call, Toshiba phones will answer when any button is 3-Party Conversations
pressed. Allows for multiple party conversations to take place without addition-
Desk / Wall Mountable (Bracket Included) al phones connected to the same line. Ability to have a 3-way conver-
Toshiba phones include a wall mounting bracket at no additional cost, sation between the handset, base unit and incoming caller.
enabling them to fit into nearly every application. Voice Time / Day Stamp
Dual Keypad and Speakerphone Machine tracks day and time of every call to ensure timely
• Offers the freedom to use the base or handset to dial or response/follow up. By programming the answering machine with the
answer a call. correct time and day, the stamp records the time and day of the week
• Provides hands-free conversation or 3-way calling. a message was received.
• The speakerphone can also be used as a 2-way intercom
between the handset and base.
• The base can be used to answer or make a call if the hand
set is not readily available. May also transfer an incoming
call to the handset.
Hearing Aid Compatible / Hearing Aid Volume
Phones can be used by anyone, even those with electronic aid
assisted hearing.
Last Number Redial (32 digits)
Tired of dialing those long calling card numbers? Toshiba’s 32 digit
redial can remember the most recent phone number dialed in addition
to the calling card used.

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