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Your Name: Xin Miao Genre of the Book: Picture book

Book Title: A visitor for bear Author: Denny Becker

Publisher: Candlewick Press Date: 2008

1. Pre-K/ CCSD K-2nd Grade Core Standards:

4.K.2 Recall information from texts, pictures, and graphs.

2. Objectives:
SWBAT - Explain what the word “friend” mean to them.
Draw a best friend’s picture.

3. Materials/Equipment: Book- A Visitor for Bear; pencil, crayons.

4. Teaching:
A. Reading the book

Before I start to read this book, I will ask the children some questions.
“Do you know what is the visitor mean?”
“Is there any visitors come and visit your family?”
“Who are they?”
Today we are going to read “A visitor for Bear”. Let’s find out who is the visitor and
what happened between them.
Start reading the book and show the pages to the children, let them guess who the
visitor is.
While reading the book, make stops and ask questions:
• Why is the bear so mad?
• Can you guess the reason why the mouse wants to visit the bear?
• The bear does not want any visitors, what changed his mind?
When finished the reading, ask the children
• Are they friends now?
• What do you think friends should do together?
• Can you explain what does “friend” mean?

B. Extension activity:
Since we talked about friend today, we are going to do an activity about “friend”.
• First you need to think who your best friend is.
• I will give you pencil and paper, you can draw a picture of your best friend.
• We will share with small groups when you finish your job.

5. Closure:
• Read the story again.
• Ask the students where did the little mouse hide in the bear’s house? (recall
from the book)
• Explain how the bear and the mouse could become friends by the end.