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Your Name: Xin Miao Genre of the Book: Poetry

Book Title: Sheep on a Ship Author: Nancy Shaw

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company Boston Date: 1989

1. Pre-K/ CCSD K-2nd Grade Core Standards:

Literature K–5

Identify words and phrases in stories or poems that suggest feelings or appeal to the

2. Objectives:
SWBAT – Write done three words to describe a sheep.
Use playdough to make their own sheep.

3. Materials/Equipment: pencil, worksheet, playdough

4. Teaching:
A. Reading the book
Before I start to read this book, I will ask the children some questions.
• “Do you like ocean?”
• “Tell me something about the ocean that you know.”
Today I am going to read a book, that tells us ocean sometimes could be dangerous
too. “Sheep on a Ship”.
Show the cover page to the classroom.

While reading the book, make stops and ask questions:

• “Look at those sheep, are they look happy?”
• “The sheep are still sleeping, but the sky is getting dark, do you know why?”
• “What does the sheep feel right now?”
• “Do you think it is a good idea to jump off their ship right now? why?”
• “What are those sheep look like by the end?”

B. Extension activity:

“Who is the main character in this story?”

“Yes, we are going to do some fun activities about sheep.”
Pass the work sheet.
• First, we need to think about three words to describe a sheep.
• Write them on the paper
• Share with the classmates
Then put students in small groups, each group can have some playdough to share
Each student can make a sheep for themselves.

5. Closure:
When student finish their work, let them share it with the classroom.
Also, we will vote which sheep looks the best
The winner will get a gift.