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Your Name: Xin Miao Genre of the Book: Modern Fantasy

Book Title: A Big Guy Took My Ball Author: Mo Willems

Publisher: Hyperion Books For Children Date: 2013

1. Pre-K/ CCSD K-2nd Grade Core Standards:

4.PK.2 Recall information from an event, text, or picture.

2. Objectives:
SWBAT – understand what is the meaning of “big” and “small”
Compare several things and sort them by size.

3. Materials/Equipment:

Big paper (children sized), scissors, pencil

4. Teaching:
A. Reading the book
I will ask children some questions before I start to read this book.
• “Do you like to play with balls?
• Who do you usually play with?
Today I am going to read this book called “A Big Guy Took My Ball”, it is a really funny book,
hope you will like it.
Show the cover page to the class.
While reading the book, make stops and ask questions:
• Do you know why this little pig is crying?
• What do you think the elephant going to do?
• How come the elephant looks like he is very shocked.
• Do you know why the whale says the little ball?
• Are they going to play together and have fun?
When finish reading the story, ask one more questions
• Do you think friends can be different?

B. Extension activity:
For today’s activity we are going to match our sizes and compare them.
• Put children in groups of 2
• Let one friend lie down on the big paper
• The other friend draws the outline of his/her body.
• Switch the group when first group gets done.
• When children all have their body size, let them use scissors to cut down the
body on the paper.
• Encourage student to write done their name, if student having trouble to write
the name, teacher may help.
• Put all the body paper on the floor, let children compare their size, and sort
them by size (big to small).

5. Closure:

Put all the body paper on the floor, let children compare their size, and sort them by
size (big to small).
Recall the story again, ask the children,
• who is the big guy in this story?
• Who is a little smaller than the big guy?
• Who is the small guy in this story?
• Do they become good friends by the end of the story?
Today we learned “friend can be different, no matter you are big or small, short or